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Politics / Re: Mr Macaroni Is An Igbo Man ?? by calyx: 1:35pm On Feb 13

The oppression in Akwuzu SARS in Anambra where Peter Obi was fingered is what?

The killings in Oyigbo and Orlu is not oppression right?

You chose to pick out Lagos and cry, destroy things while you pretend that the ones mentioned above never happened. You're being hypocritical here and we won't allow you or your kinds mess Lagos up and run back to your villages.

Please note that there as many Igbos or at least close to it as Yorubas in Lagos (ok let me just say the urban areas).
And outside Federal & State Govts., in share numbers, Igbos have the next largest investments in Lagos. Once you achieve this feat in Anambra and other places you mentioned, then you can come back and make this comment again. Nonsense
Politics / Re: Wike To Chairmen: If IPOB Flag Is Hoisted In Your LG, I Will Sack You by calyx: 12:03am On Oct 27, 2020
Those deceiving Wike are not telling him that majority of Igbos sympathise with IPOB.

PDP should advise him. They're about to go down. This time around, we won't need Kanu to say 'don't vote'. But trust me, we'll lose nothing big without Nigeria losing something bigger.
This is a joke right? Many Igbos sympathized with IPOB at some point but not any more. IPOB has turned to a complete nuisance and now does more harm than good. I hear some of the things the man says and I think that the group is gradually becoming another Boko Haram. Many people that associate with the group currently are hoodlums, bitter unemployed young people, artisans, and the rest. He does say some things that make sense sometimes but man he needs to stop. It’s getting really overboard.
Politics / Re: Anambra 2021 Governorship Election: Soludo Gets APGA Ticket by calyx: 5:52pm On Oct 14, 2020

Yes! He was Chief economic adviser to Obasanjo, CBN governor for 5 years and adviser to Buhari since 2019. No federal looting happens without the knowledge or approval of the CBN governor, he is the country's banker. Why do you think they removed Sanusi? When you hear they found $200m, $100m in mint unopened dollar bills in a flat somewhere etc, the money did not come from a commercial bank, it came from the central bank!! You dont release those kinds of sums without the signature of the CBN governor!! What effect did his being CBN governor have on Nigeria, what effect did his being adviser to Buhari have on the economy? These are the questions right thinking youth should be asking instead of wanking over resume, thesis and CV. There is a difference between qualification, theory and practical results!! Your vote is your power, you are free to use it as you wish but understand that whatever leadership you get is a consequence of who you put in office, not just him but his ideas, his antecedents and that of those who surround him. If i have to explain this thing to you, then I am wasting my time. A people will always get the government it deserves. His only experience in Government is experience of corruption. I am not saying he himself is corrupt but his experience is an experience of succesive corrupt governments. if you want to elect a man based on experience, then look for a man whose experience in experience of demonstrable positive results. In any event I am not against Soludo per se but the idea that you are still talking of electing the same old guard that have been at the helm of affairs for years, whose only experience in government is experience under corruption and whose time in office has never led to better things.

Oga don’t say what you do not know next time.
1. The reason you gave above is not why Sanusi was removed as CBN Governor. Very far from it.

2. You also do not know how the CBN works. The CBN is the Federal Govt’s bank. Any Agency of the Federal Govt that has allocation duely budgeted for and approved can get such money’s from the Central Bank and it’s not the business of the CBN Governor. The CBN only keeps the money for Federal Govt or it’s agencies to withdraw with due approvals. Do you need the MD of a commercial bank to withdraw your change in that Bank?
Next time before you accuse people of corruption, be sure you understand what you are saying or have your facts clear.
Politics / Re: Anambra 2021 Governorship Election: Soludo Gets APGA Ticket by calyx: 12:31pm On Oct 14, 2020
I believe Soludo is the person Anambra needs at this time in her history.
With the continuous dwindling of allocation from center, Anambra needs a thinker and a visionary. A disruptive mindset with bold ideas to engineer a complete shift from the normal. That’s where Soludo is miles ahead of the other contestants.

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Politics / Re: Onitsha Dry Port: Ohanaeze Extols Buhari, Amaechi by calyx: 7:52am On Oct 11, 2020
There is no known organization like Ohaneze Youth Council (OYC).
Ohaneze Ndigbo has repeatedly said that organization neither exists nor expresses the views of Ohaneze as an organization or Ndigbo as a group.
Some newspapers will quickly run to the impostor Okechukwu Isiguzoro for comments just to create some sensation... knowing he doesn’t represent any known group.
The launch of the dry port is a good thing I believe and my clarification as per OYC has nothing to do with that development.
TV/Movies / Re: Dr. Chinyere Ohiri: Willie Willie 1980s Horror Film Actor by calyx: 9:42pm On Sep 18, 2020
Very terrifying that year... especially with the sound track that usually indicates that Willy Willy’s appearance is imminent


Politics / Re: Governor Obiano And Ndi Igwe Crisis:* *the Genesis Of The Problem?* by calyx: 2:50pm On Aug 20, 2020
Anyone that is anything close to progressive understands that Chukwuma Soludo is the best human being to be the next governor of Anambra.

You can collect money from APC but don’t come here to spew nonsense. Both you and Arthur should know that Anambra LG elections is currently a matter of legal dispute.

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Politics / Re: Do Not Be Deceived: Igboland Is Landlocked And Will Face Economic Hardship. by calyx: 5:35pm On May 19, 2020

If you know how to read, go ahead, read gently and comprehend massively for your own good.

Your rights are not absolute, it doesn't supersede the rights of the sovereign Nations and the rights of transit states because at the end of the day, they call the shots, not the UN or even you.

So I don’t get why you are taking Panadol for Igbo people’s headache.
You are championing this landlocked thing everywhere. They have said we know we are landlocked & we are having a go at it regardless... how is that your problem?

Don’t you have your own things that bother you??
Business / Re: COVID-19: Ebeano Supermarket, Lekki Starts No Mask, No Entrance Policy by calyx: 8:23pm On Mar 23, 2020

Face masks are NOT for people who are not infected. It's for people who are already infected to prevent them from infecting others

Problem is... at this point, how do you know who is infected and who is not? Considering that you don’t necessarily have to be symptomatic before you can infect others.

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Politics / Re: Emir Sanusi Faces Dethronement As Kano Government Commences Investigation by calyx: 2:47pm On Mar 04, 2020
[quote author]
Religion / Re: Apostle Suleman Mobbed By Church Members After His Release From DSS Office. PICS by calyx: 7:24pm On Jan 30, 2017
Abeg, where is his Church?

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Politics / Re: Why Buhari Should Be Commended For Amending The Budget to suit the masses by calyx: 7:33am On Jan 15, 2016

But less outrageous than the first. I choose to focus on that. I have seen both.

No you can'tc choose to focus on misinformation.

Where the president reduced the BMW budget from N3.4 bn in 1st version to N340mn in 2nd, he added an outrageous N3.9bn for maintenance of the villa in 2016 in the 2nd version...for a villa that was just tastefully refurbished. In addition, he added a N795mill website update for solid minerals ministry in 2nd version amongst others.

How is the 2nd one better
Politics / Re: Why Buhari Should Be Commended For Amending The Budget to suit the masses by calyx: 7:16am On Jan 15, 2016

Nobody is disputing d fact it wasnt properly done. But House of Rep never complained. It was also presented to house of rep. Senate alone does not make up NASS.

My post is more on the fact that the president made adjusted base o d masses request.
Only d presidency knew why they choose to do it d way they did.

There is no illegality in d Act. No law was broken. Yes, proper protocol wasnt followed. But no law was broken.

Oga the second version is already in public space. Go to BudgIT and see for yourself the comparison of the original and second version. The second version appears even worse than the first.
Politics / Re: Presidency Submitted Fake 2016 Budget – Senate Panel. by calyx: 7:42pm On Jan 14, 2016
Now this is really really sad!

So instead of the president owning up to errors in the budget he presented and writing NASS with a modified version, he opted to do it illegally, backdoor, through his aide?

Lol! Nigeria!!!

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Politics / Re: General Buhari Shares A First Shot With Prof.osinbajo His Running Mate. by calyx: 5:36pm On Dec 17, 2014
The pastor is looking too intimidated...

I dont blame him though considering all the horse-trading that has gone into his selection and the fact that Buhari even rejected him at some point. The pastor also understands he has just been placed there to protect Tinubu's interest, considering the top shots that easily would have clinched the position.

Buhari was not helpful at all...Its soooo easy to see Buhari does not like this guy and is not comfortable in this picture. He clearly would have preferred someone else (just put this side by side his picture that circulated sometime with Fashola)


Politics / Re: Rotimi Amaechi To Become Buhari's Campaign DG - Dele Momodu by calyx: 3:36pm On Dec 17, 2014

This is arrant nonsense. You have postulated that Igbo hate Hausa fulani and that Yoruba nation is home and dry by an alliance few Yoruba are into with the core North and that Igbo have lost out? Do you in your widest dream think that Gmb will win Jeg? I suppose Igbo nation by her stance is on the right path. The working alliance bw Ss and Se took others napping. If it is sustained,they will hold Nigeria by the balls economically and politically.Ss/Se will never vote Gmb because the Hausa Fulani version of Islam is anti education,anti progress,anti development,so oppressive that they are against what Se/Ss stand for now. It is even embarrassing to most Yoruba as progressives seeing few religious bigots pulling them towards Core North. Water and oil don't mix well. Gmb Achilles heel is the Middle belth.plateau,benue,taraba,nasarawa,adamawa,southern Kaduna,kwara,kogi,southern bauchi,niger,gombe, then in Sw ekiti,Lagos ogun.watch out in next and get back to me. Performance is not the criterion,ethnicity and religion are still at the forefront when the chips are down.He that stands need no fall.I think Igbo have crawled back to the centre and you want them come out and be fighting from the fringe. But in all honesty,what I think you should be concerned is to amend the constitution to devolve power at the centre for the component units to develop at their pace and priority. I assure you with the present setup of this country,no body no matter how disciplined,religious,astute,ethnicity will give you the Eldorado you so much yawn for.

Thank you! I think there are only a few people that really understand this country or that can be as honest as this to themselves. I maintain that Nobody and No saint (and I believe in saints) and No ex-military or ex-civilian or current military or civilian person can save Nigeria as currently constituted. Until we get to the point in this country where we see/have less of Abuja and more of our Local Governments/States, we will continue to go round in a vicious cycle.

Devolve powers from the Center to constituent Regions/States/Local governments, so people can own their developments or lack of it. And I didnt forget, find an acceptable way to ensure the resources from oil (this is running dry anyways) is put to use to develop whatever available resources in these other parts. We can discuss what works best, and finetune as we proceed. 2015 isnt a bad time to start.

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Politics / Re: Nigeria Grants Citizenship To 174 Foreigners by calyx: 6:15pm On Nov 07, 2013
careytommy: i can understand for syrians but what does a south korean need a naija passport for? grin

So he can qualify for Local Content Contracts.

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Politics / Re: Tinubu - FG Practising Voodoo Economic Policy by calyx: 10:31am On Mar 08, 2013
omonnakoda: Foreign reserves are not FG funds . Foreign reserves are the substance or validation of every Naira in circulation. Naira notes are just paper and it is those foreign reserves that give them any meaning. In Nigeria we produce little and import much and it is foreign reserves that give the Naira any value/power to pay for imports. If we produce what we need we would need less foreign reserves and our foreign reserves would be in trillions.
So where do our foreign reserves go? On Brazilian hair,Kim Kardashian and mobile Phones and rice and frozen fish etc. These are decisions made by Nigerians. Government can refuse to provide the forex for that but what would happen to exchange rates. We need to start producing. Every time ANY Nigerian buys imported Items he is spending the foreign reserves.

In summary Foreign reserves are not funds held in an account belonging to the FG and in this respect TINUBU shows a misunderstanding of foreign reserves. Foreign reserves are if you like the counterweigh to the naira in your pocket and so it belongs to anyone who has any naira. It is basically a good way of measuring our capacity to import. It does not BELONG to government but to the Central Bank and CANNOT be used to pay debt of Government.

Of course government can increase its share of the Foreign reserves simply by printing more naira ,a move that has its own peculiar consequences

God bless you. Am so shocked by Tinubu's brazen ignorance of how Foreign Reserves work!

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Phones / Re: Do You Like The Porsche Designed Blackberry? by calyx: 12:58pm On Feb 03, 2012
Features are exactly the features of Bold 5. This is just a lot more expensive and looks horrible
Properties / Re: Various Property Available @ Lekki & Environs by calyx: 3:25pm On Dec 07, 2011
Pls call 07086450601 for any nice 2-bed apartment between Ikate and Agungi. Urgent
Politics / Re: Ojukwu (Dim Chukwuemeka Odimegwu) Is Dead by calyx: 5:27pm On Nov 27, 2011
A great guy. Even greater in death!
Business / Re: N150,000 Withdrawal Limit: Court Can’t Stop Me, Says Sanusi by calyx: 6:26pm On Jul 13, 2011
Truth is, the cashless thing was going to work some way sometime when this economy is ready.

No CBN forced us to use internet banking, ATMs, PoS etc. Everything happens at its own time. People will willingly apply methods when they see the value therein for them

This our attitude of 'we must treat them like animals' is really getting out of hand.

Very soon they will force us to eat only once a day to reduce inflation based on food items!
Politics / Re: Okorocha disguised as an accident victim by calyx: 7:57pm On Jul 12, 2011
story story story. . .all d way from abuja
Business / Re: Looking To Connect With Nigerian Retailers (no 419) by calyx: 1:02pm On Jul 11, 2011
Can you email me an idea of some of the goods you have transacted with peeps in Nigeria and the details?

I'd need to look them up and work out the ROI. I reckon some of those goods can also come in from China at cheaper rates. I am aware though that a certain target market will be more susceptible to buying from US than the asian parts.

calyxmezie@yahoo.com. Lets see how we can partner
Business To Business / Re: Patnership Needed by calyx: 12:10pm On Jul 11, 2011

Send me the details of all products available.

Business / Re: Ngozi: Islamic Banking Is Ok by calyx: 1:39pm On Jul 07, 2011
People are spreading lies all over the place due to sheer ignorance. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala did not mention Islamic in the whole of her presentation.

She said non-interest banking is okay and practised in different parts of the world. This position is not different from what we have ever had. I work in the product development of a bank and in 2007, we introduced the non-interest banking as a financial product though it didnt do well and we shut it down.

The issue here is that the CBN has modified the system and created two versions of the non-interest program. One he called Islamic banking and the other will be the normal secular non-interest banking.

The Islamic version has been the bone of contention like someone pointed out.
Politics / Re: Okorocha Empowers Royal Fathers by calyx: 12:10pm On Jul 06, 2011
Good ideas. . .
Politics / Re: Children Of The Poor Can’t Break Even, Says Soludo by calyx: 12:05pm On Jun 16, 2011
Obi, Soludo agree on adoption of schools

Anambra State governor, Peter Obi, has has expressed his support for the idea of former Central Bank governor, Chukwuma Soludo, on the adoption of schools by wealthy individuals in the communities.

Meeting formally for the first time since both men slugged it out in the bitterly contested 2010 Anambra governorship election won by him, Mr Obi agreed with Mr Soludo's idea and expressed his readiness to encourage wealthy Anambra people to adopt schools in their communities as a way of giving back to society what they have gained.

The occasion was the launch of the biography of Ben Nwazojie (SAN), held to commemorate the 10th year of the death of the jurist and the launch of the Ben Nwazojie Foundation at the Nigeria Institute of International Affairs, Victoria Island, Lagos.

The guest speaker, Charles Soludo, said wealthy people in the society should adopt schools in their localities instead of lavishing their wealth on inanities.

But Mr Obi, whose friendship with Mr Soludo had been strained by the latter's energetic campaign to win the 2010 elections, commended the idea as a good one.

"The Anambra State government would quickly devise a legal and conceptual framework on how the adoption would take place and send letters to wealthy people from Anambra to adopt schools," Mr Obi said.

In the absence of any defined framework yet, the governor said that the adoption would entail the adopter taking care of the schools, making sure they are in good shape, and providing other services that might be necessary.

"It is infinitely better for humanity and more satisfying to people when they deploy their wealth to things that will add value to the state, including education, rather than deploy them for epicurean indulgence," Mr Obi said.

Politics / Re: George Kerley Responds To El Rufai's Rascally Rant by calyx: 8:08pm On Jun 15, 2011
A jobless Kerley looking for cheap contract. Sycophant!
Romance / Re: Why Do Bachelors Avoids Financially Comfortable Spinsters.? by calyx: 6:58pm On Jun 13, 2011
My kindda girl. . .and am comfortable too if you must know
Politics / Re: Ogboni To Make Up Rochas Okorocha Cabinets by calyx: 7:35pm On May 09, 2011
Okorocha denies being Ogboni memberPromises social welfare

There was a bit of drama on Sunday at Assumpta Cathedral, Owerri where Imo State Governor-elect, Rochas Okorocha, worshipped with his family members to mark Fathers' Day as he stepped onto the altar and took a vow as directed by Catholic Archbishop of Owerri diocese, Anthony Obinna.

He promised to focus on the welfare of the masses who voted him into power.

Before then, Obinna had sighted Okorocha and called him out to face the congregation.

Obinna told him to make a statement on or denounce his rumoured membership of  Ogboni cult.

Okorocha, holding a crucifix handed to him by Obinna, said he has never been a member of Ogboni and will never associate with any secret society.

He vowed to worship God, affirming that as a Christian who believes strongly in God, he never sought the services of any occultist during his campaign.

He said all the reports  about his involvement in a secret cult, including Ogboni, are false.

Obinna reminded Okorocha that the people voted for him because of their expectation of good governance and urged him not to disappoint.

In response, Okorocha pledged that his government will focus on the welfare of the masses who also protected the votes they gave him, adding that his priority is to transform the state and empower the people.

He expressed gratitude to outgoing governor Ikedi Ohakim for accepting defeat and congratulating him (Okorocha) on his victory.

Obinna later called on pupils from nursery, primary, secondary schools, as well as on university students to tell Okorocha their expectations during his tenure of office

Politics / Re: Ogboni To Make Up Rochas Okorocha Cabinets by calyx: 7:30pm On May 09, 2011
Am not member of any secret cult- Rochas Okorocha

On May 9, 2011 · In News , 
By Chidi Nkwopara
Imo State Governor-Elect, Chief Rochas Anayo Okorocha,has denied belonging to any secret society, including Ogboni Fraternity, as recently peddled by those he called his “political opponents”.

The Governor-Elect made the denial at Maria Assumpta Catholic Cathedral, Owerri, where he attended the Fathers’ Day Mass, which was concelebrated by the Archbishop of Owerri Ecclesiastical Province, Dr. Anthony J.V. Obinna.

He disclosed that all his earthly acquisitions were acquired through his honest endeavours and God’s abundant blessings and wondered why he should embrace occultic powers at this point in hs life time.

“I serve the only living God, the giver of life and wealth, nothing more and nothing less”, Okorocha declared before the congregation.

Meanwhile, Okorocha says he is fine-tunning plans to tackle what he termed “the challenges and enormous responsibilities bestowed on him by Imo people”.

Making his stand known in an interview in Owerri, Chief Okorocha said he would stoutly resist the attempt by anybody to drag him into pursuing sectional or group interests but would rather focus and pursue programmes that will ultimately uplft every citizen socially and economically.

While appreciating the congratulatory message and extension of a handf of fellowship he received from Governor Ikedi Ohakim on his success at the gubernatorial poll, Chief Okorocha equally commended Imo people foir giving him their mandate.

He urged Imo people to see themselves as one people and work together with him in his bid to toch the lives of ordinary people, adding that his area of emphasis would be how to improve the lives of the down trodden.

Okorocha expressed delight that democracy has taken root in Imo State and promised to run a government of the people and by the people.


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