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Health / Re: Jack Ma's Donation To Fight COVID-19 Arrives Nigeria by Chelseafan99: 7:19pm On Mar 24
Christians Should Start Paying Tithe To The Scientific Research Committee..

My mum that is a hardcore Prayer Warrior
Decided not to go to church again
I asked her to rub annointing oil and go to church
That Nothing will happen. God will save her
You need to see the way she look me..
I still dey laugh her

It's funny right? People like you who have no respect or fear of God always have eternal regret. Continue your mockery.

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Family / Re: I’m Pregnant For My Sister's Brother-In-Law. I’m Scared To Tell My Sister by Chelseafan99: 12:00am On Mar 24
I don’t know how to start, am very scared right now. I don’t know what to do about this pregnancy.

Actually I stay with my sister, her husband, her baby and her husband's brother who is a year younger than me. We have been sleeping together for sometimes now. Am now 8 weeks pregnant.

I told him he said I should abort before people find out. We went to the hospital together to remove it but the money they are asking us is too much. We are students depending on my sister and brother in law. We are both stuck and confused. Am scared if my sister comes to find, out she will send me back to the village. I don’t want to go back.

I need help please on what to do about it. The pregnancy is only 8 weeks, please no insult.

Do not remove it. Thank me later.
Sports / Re: Scene Of The Accident That Killed Ifeanyi George (Graphic Photos) by Chelseafan99: 8:11pm On Mar 22
Sick bastards of nairaland as usual posting sensitive graphic images. You all should be ashamed of your self.

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Politics / Re: Nigeria Re-emergence As Africa’s Biggest Economy, An Economic Scorecard Of PMB by Chelseafan99: 2:28pm On Mar 04
I call on the Nigerian government to shut down this site Nairaland. It has become a cesspool of people praying for the disintegration of Nigeria. They will never see anything good about their country....NEVER. I thought Nigeria was shit until o visited Ghana.


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Crime / Re: Food Vendor 'Mama Aroma' Burnt To Death In Delta For Cooking With Mortuary Water by Chelseafan99: 3:15am On Mar 04
I used to suspect the black race was cursed...however it wasn't until I read the Book of Solomon that I knew for a fact the black race is cursed. Even way back then the demons acknowledges the activities of the "dark skinned" people. We are a wicked race of people who hate people's progress. People will do anything to bring a fellow man down just so they can feel better about their pathetic lives.....and we have the other barbaric animals, useless bastards who are so frustrated with life their are nothing but a keg of gunpowder ready to explode. Politicians steal billions they applaud them. A hungry boy steals maggi from the market they put tires on him and burn him to ashes. The black race is cursed..that is why development is not possible here. We are the most backward continent because we as a race are the most vicious and wicked.

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Celebrities / Re: Davido: My New Private Jet Has Arrived by Chelseafan99: 8:18pm On Mar 01
Lord am not asking too much from you, all I want is a good life and settle my debt profile. Surprise me at this point when all hope is gone. And congrats to David, he worked for the money, if it were to be a politician, I would be raining curses on him right now.

Pray very hard. Hope your parents were legally married before you were given birth to. If not you are doomed. No hope. You will live a cursed life of suffering and confusion and stress.

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Crime / Re: Kenyan Government Deports Four Chinese For Whipping A Kenyan Waiter (Photos) by Chelseafan99: 2:37pm On Mar 01
It's time to BAN NAIRALAND. Nairaland has devolved into a cesspool for Nigeria hating saboteurs. They find a way to drag Nigeria into everything with derogatory remarks. If the government doesn't shut down Nairaland soon there will be problems.
Health / Re: Coronavirus Spreads To Algeria, Brazil, France by Chelseafan99: 8:51am On Feb 27

All I feel for you is pity considering how low your IQ is. Your type will be among the first victims due to ignorance. Every sane person would be wondering how your imbecilic response is even remotely connected to what I wrote.

Get behind me almajiri, I'm not responsible for your frustration.

Almajiri hehehe... You Biafra have made it a full time job badmouthing the country at every given turn. You never miss an opportunity to do so. Look how we handled EBOLA? OBAMA had to send the CDC to learn from us. Coronavirus never reach here you are already spilling your guts with nonsense. I knoq the truth hursts...once again I reiterate my point. If i ever become President the very first thing will be to call for a referendum to put an end to this nonsense. Igbo's and Hausas are the problem with Nigeria. You will all leave "Zoogeria" as you call it and go back to Aba and Enugu you dimwit. Stupid frustrated modafuxker.
Health / Re: Coronavirus Spreads To Algeria, Brazil, France by Chelseafan99: 7:27am On Feb 27
If this shit hits Nigeria with its notorious overpopulation, filthy living conditions, chronic lack of health facilities/equipment, corruption, ignorance etc, it will be nothing short of Armageddon. Lagos and Kano will be disaster zones. Right now, relocating to the village is appearing more attractive to me.

People like you are the reason I wish I could be President one day. The first thing I will do is a quick referendum after which I will kick all you Biafra fools out of the country back to Enugu. The Hausas were right..You guys are the biggest fools to ever grace the surface of this world. You probably live in Lagos..pack your backs fromfilthy Lagos and go back to Aba you fool.


Technology Market / Check Out South Africa's Super Advanced Rooivalk Attack Helicopter by Chelseafan99: 3:48am On Feb 19
Celebrities / Re: “There Are No Haters In London" - Mercy Eke by Chelseafan99: 8:53am On Feb 18
If you want to know why Nigeria is still not as developed as it should be just come to Nairaland land comment section. People get angry at other people's success and rain insults in them just to make themselves feel better. Some stupid frustrated people are here insulting this girl, calling her ugly and all..all because of what? They wish they could be in her shoes bit since they can't all they can do is display their bitterness in envy. This country is teeming with wicked diabolical him an beings. Enemy of progress. Once you are Sucessful in Nigeria you become a target. Nobody is happy over another person's success. So will go through any length to bring someone enjoying his/her life down. It saddens me. How can Nigeria ever develop when we had each other outbid sheer jealousy and envy

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Celebrities / Re: “There Are No Haters In London" - Mercy Eke by Chelseafan99: 8:48am On Feb 18
See how UGLY she looks.
Imagine waking up to realize this Face beside you. ..?
Why won't you CONVULSE... ?

Stupid hater.

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Religion / Re: My Presence Affecting Other People In A Psychic Way. HELP. by Chelseafan99: 12:43am On Feb 18

Lol. grin. If u know get dreadlocks, I guess to doorway must have opened so much that it allowed some spirits to come into ur life. Doorways include but not limited to: terminal sicknesses, drug abuse, trauma and torture, etc.

Anyway, have u contacted any spiritualist/pastor/alfa to resolve this issue?

What? !!!
Religion / Re: My Presence Affecting Other People In A Psychic Way. HELP. by Chelseafan99: 6:49am On Feb 17

I saw the exchange between CharlyG1 and one other moniker due to ur post. Hence, I decided to check out ur paranormal posts. Do u have natural dread locks? If yes, u are of the waters. Ur source is water. You get strong marine spirit(s). Prayers nor fit solve am. Your power is out of control. Ur talk of emotions repeatedly also shows that it is marine related cos water has to do with emotions. Embracing ur powers and understanding it will be of maximum help. If u don't like it, u tame it.

WTF!! WTF !!! You gotta be kidding me.
Family / Re: Things I Saw In A Coded Bar/motel, Bothering Me About Marriage! by Chelseafan99: 6:42am On Feb 17
Listen guys. I have been insulted and mocked here on Nairaland each time i give out this warning :

" If you like your self and want to live long please NEVER EVER, EVER, EVER EVER EVER GET MARRIED TO A NIGERIAN WOMAN"

Listen.. laugh all you want. What happened in the days of NOAH is exactly what is happening now. %90 of Nigerian women out there have Marine spirit and spiritual husbands. The devil is tenaciously worked hard to destroy the institution called marraige In NIGERIA. It has been compromised and will never be the same.

I myself discovered just last year that the man I thought was my father all along is actually not him. Apparently I am the offspring of an adulterous woman. It explains why my growing up was characterised by being called A BASTARD almost everyday and emotionally abused. When he is tired of calling me.a bastard or physically abusing me he switches to spitting on my face and uttering statements too vulgar to share here.

I ran away from home when I was a12 years old. That was when I experienced the phenomenom called walking in circles. I couldn't even escape 48 hours before I was caught by my "dad's friend" and taken back to that HELL HOLE to suffer more abuse. I left home 2012 and will NEVER EVER go back to that torture chamber.

Second Scenario (First Bank

I cannot count how many times i have been propositioned by married women. Majority of them from banks. I go to a bank (FIRST BANK). Pick up a transaction slip that required me writing down my number. Around 5 pm i receive a text message stating:

" Hello there. Would you mind hanging out with me tonight?"

Me : Who is this ? Do i know you?
Her: Hmmm..You may and you may not.
Me: lol ok just tell me.
Her: it's the lady at the bank. I liked your smile. Your smile tripped me.

Cut long story short...I agree to hang out with her. I couldn't believe such a beautiful woman would so directly ask me out. We met at a bar when she closed from work. First thing sue ordered was small stout. I'm not much into beer but I had to rise to the occasion. One thinking me, when I flirt I make physical contact. Didn't take long before stroking her chin and remarking how beautiful she is.

Then she drops the A-BOMB.

She is married with two kids. Her husband works in an offshore oil company that requires him being away for two weeks every month. Cut long story short, she noticed my shock and laughed at my uneasiness. She flirted with me for months after that but I refused to be enslared by "PORTIPHERS WIFE".

Scenario three (UBA)

UBA. Another beautiful banker and almost exactly the same scenario. This time she lies she's not feeling well and take time off..drives to my house where she hangs her suit in my room so it doesn't get rumpled.and jump in bed with me. God intervened in my life by not letting me sleep with her. Without God's grace I would have fallen in kid ye not. Again her story is the same. Her husband works in an offshore oil company that requires long absence from home.

This woman sends texts detailing her wet she is when thinking of me. Calls me when she gets home to let me know she's in the shower. Cries why issue so I love with me. This is no joke. Apparently her husband married her a virgin. She wrote me a note BEGGING me not to let her sleep with me no matter how hard she tried. She has no confident in her ability to resist and needed me to be strong for her.

Again it took Gods grace to prevent that from happening. Without God I would certainly have fallen.

Scenario four (Ex-Sterling Bank)

Again exactly the same scenario. This time around we have been casual friends for a while. She stopped working becayse of an illness that required her to go for surgery in the U.K. she she came back she was bored..lonely. As friends I visit her from time to time. Then the red signs appear again. This time she's confessing she has never felt his way. She asks me to follow her go pick up her kids. We tool a keke napep in one incident and right there she begins stoking my back.

Cut long story short, God intervened and saved me from adultery.

Scenario 5 (Ex-girlfriend[b][/b]

Ex girlfriend now married refuses to tell me she is married. All I noticed was she was away for a year or two and suddenly show up. She switches off her phone every night at 10 and switches it back on at 6. She comes to my house...First sign I saw were the stretch marks in her thigh she tried hiding. Was so suspicious but i couldn't really figure out why.

It didn't take long for me to discover via Facebook she has been married for two years and have kids.

There is scenario 4...

So I'm looking to buy a car and ask my friend to help me with this endeavour. He was to travel to cotonou but called me one day to tell me he saw a car for sale. Long story short upon inspecting the car I was amazed such a car in obvious pristine condition is for sale at such a low price (N1.4 million). Whoever was using the car bought it brand new. I couldn't help but ask the guy why he is selling such a new SUV. What he said stunned me . He said he came back home hoping to suprise his wife only to walk into his wife fucking another man right there in his bed room. He just recently bought the car brand new for her as a birthday gift.

There is scenario 4,6,7.....

My theory. These events are not isolated events. It's happening. I'm the second scenario ive seem that same lady with one of her mail co-workers at a club. Women have been compromised. It's like there is a special operation to obliterate the institution called marraige.Women are now the one who do the flirting. I can tell you categorically this is not normal. %80 of Nigerian women who marry these days commit adultery. It's not like they set out to be adulterous upon marraige. That spirit of lust follows them from childhood.

It happened to my close friend. Only the stupidly boy went ahead to Bleep her and was bragging about it. We were together when he shows me his BBM( This was when BlackBerry was the rave) showing his married ex saying she enjoyed the Bleep. Each time she sees her husband she feels like throwing up.

Dude.. This post is lengthy because this phenomenon is without precedence in Nigeria. The lives of men are being destroyed. The same forces that compromised earthly women with fallen during Noah' s days are at again today. This time they don't have bodies. Whoever marries a Nigerian woman these days is playing with fire. Like i said earlier I as a child am the product of one.

Stay away from Nigerian women if you like your life. If any of your child look so much like the mother please go do a DNA test.


Politics / Re: Nigeria To Send Astronaut To Space In 2020 by Chelseafan99: 2:21am On Feb 14
We are in 2020

2030 not 2020
Politics / Nigeria To Send Astronaut To Space In 2020 by Chelseafan99: 1:53am On Feb 14
Religion / Re: My Presence Affecting Other People In A Psychic Way. HELP. by Chelseafan99: 6:35pm On Feb 09

Hey, chelseafan99, came across this thread of yours recently. Are you still interested in discussing it? If you are, reply this with a yes. I am at work now, just breezed in to drop this. Let's meet here in the evening, that is, if you're interested.

Sure. Hit me up.
Politics / Over 300 Elephants Sighted In Boko Haram "Country". The United Nations Is Excite by Chelseafan99: 6:16pm On Feb 08
Foreign Affairs / Re: Battle Field Discussion (picture/video) Of African Military . by Chelseafan99: 4:21pm On Feb 06

Health / Coronavirus: Over 3 Million People Could Be Dead In 6 Months by Chelseafan99: 5:20am On Feb 04

Religion / Re: The War That Happened In Heaven by Chelseafan99: 6:06am On Feb 03
Hello man.

Saw your posts about your issues with psychedelic experiences.

Please don't tell me you mistook all that for Jesus calling you and further diving into Christianity?

Please let's talk. I have a lot to tell you

Whatsapp: 07067641438

Huh? Don't get you
Religion / Re: The War That Happened In Heaven by Chelseafan99: 4:33am On Feb 01

Do u serve God because he is a loving god and he deserves your worship or because he'll punish you if u don't, and send you into a lake of liquid fire?
If the former is your reason. Sorry, he's not loving, he's egocentric and very vindictive. Punishing someone just for not believing in him, all the while without any evidence but rather playing hide and seek, and depending on man to proof his existence.
If the later is your reason sorry, you're just a hypocrite and pretender, that means you're not actually good or better than unbelievers but just serving your slave master because of hell.
A god that promised his people health, wealth and walking on serpents and scorpions. There's no evidence that shows that Christians are better than others, they don't live longer nor are they richer, the miracles in the bible has never been replicated.. Lol even their prayers are not answered, they prayed against buhari yet he won, they've always been praying for a better Nigeria yet nothing.. Even poor leah sharibu is now pregnant for a terrorist, yet god didn't help her. I just pity her, if she had known and denounced that god of hers she would have been free just like the others. Her Christian god failed her. Sorry for her.

Listen..I want you to read again all you wrote and tell it makes sense. You talking like a baby. Do you know how many people are saved a day ? Do you know when he intervenes ? Do you know if you might have been dead long ago but God's direct intervention has spared your life? If God exacted judgement each time we sin you and I will be dead. Stop deceiving your self. You are playing a dangerous game and have no respect for your creator. You have the nerve to call God dumb and vindictive. Thing is it's people like you God protects the most. He knows you are a block head and on a first flight ticket to hell because of your disbelief..but God in his infinite mercy has given you grace...the very grace in which you are using to insult God. You think those who choose to follow Christ are illiterates right? Smart people don't believe in God.

While you open that mouth of yours to insult God you know deep down you are playing with fire. Nobody asked you to make any stupid comment. This video was not for you since you are an atheist. Instead of you to go your way you have decided to use this opportunity to make a fool of yourself and insult God. You have no fear. I urge you to listeb to that inner voice and apologise lest you become lost forever...but who am i anyway...You do your thing.
Politics / Re: Trump Finally Adds Nigeria To His Restricted Travel list - NY Times by Chelseafan99: 4:25am On Feb 01

Are you comparing Nigeria with Tanzania or Eritrean?

Diplomatically? Really??

Exactly ! Adding Africa's biggest nation and largest economy is an insult on Africa.


Religion / Re: The War That Happened In Heaven by Chelseafan99: 4:18pm On Jan 31
War in heaven??

This is 2020 ooo

People don dey wise up bro

Denying the existence of God to satisfy your freshly and sinful desire makes you wise? Carry on.

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Religion / Re: The War That Happened In Heaven by Chelseafan99: 4:17pm On Jan 31
He created the devil, knowing fully well that he'll go to war with it. Now man and other angels are the collateral damage. Dumb God angry

Know why I feel sorry for guys like you? It's because you are actually trying very hard to believe the crap you just posted. You want to believe so bad God existence is a myth so you do not have to give account for the life you have lived on earth. I know people like you, you think denying God and making fun of people who makes you appear smart. Now you can insult God all you want and deny, but deep down in you there is a consciousness that knows it's true. I pray for your sake you do not find out you were the dumb and stupid one. Pray very hard God is a myth when you die....just pray hard. Make sure you are %101 sure God does not exist when you die. %99.9 is jist too risky. Because if you are WRONG !! Hehe..If you are wrong by even a fraction of a percentage, the human mind is incapable of comprehending the level of terror and suffering you will have to endure for eternity. Mot 500 trillion years. If those in hell right now beneath this planet are told their torment will end in 500 trillion years there will be celebration trust me. But alas that's fantasy. You will scream with that mouth you use to call your creator "DUMB" for all eternity you dumb freak.

Tell me who is dumb? Those that pur their faith in Christ?..Who if when they die they discover it was all a myth....with nothing to lose, or DUMB people like you who gamble with your eternity knowing fully well if you are wrong you will curse the day you were born.

Remind me again how DUMB God is you ungrateful bitter person. Funny I hardly see anyone like fin at muslims...it's only Christians. You could have ignored the topic and move on , but NO...You just have to display your lack of common sense with that stupid comment of yours.


Religion / The War That Happened In Heaven by Chelseafan99: 8:52pm On Jan 30
Religion / Re: Church Refusing To Have Open Dedication For My Baby by Chelseafan99: 7:10am On Jan 27

@ Mouthgag, my son is not a bastard, don't you ever refer to him as such. You weren't compelled to respond to my post, I posted this question to receive valuable and wise advice from people and not to be barraged by uncouth and crass remarks such as yours. My son is blessed and loved, he's happily being raised by me, his mother AND his father and we are married by the grace of God. Do not ever refer to my son as a bastard!

Ignore that idiot.
Music/Radio / Re: Grammy 2020 Awards: Burna Boy's Fans Support Him Over Angelique Kidjo by Chelseafan99: 5:37pm On Jan 26
Nairaland should be banned before its too late. Please sign the petition #Nairaland


Politics / Re: Why Yoruba Will Leave Nigeria By Bayo Oluwasanmi by Chelseafan99: 11:17pm On Jan 22
At this point civil war is inevitable. Thank God I have my passport. I'm leaving this shithole.
Celebrities / Re: Davido Speaks On Fake Tweet About Ifeanyi Adeleke Not Being His Biological Son by Chelseafan99: 4:22am On Jan 22
This davido issue have taught me that the heart of man is wicked. People are waiting for you to mess up so they can humiliate you, it is a process that makes them feel better about their wretched selves.

Most human beings are like vultures, they will not hunt you down o because they are powerless, but immediately you you die they will come and feast on you. Alot of people hate successful people deep in their hearts, when the stupid rumors about peruzzi and chioma came out people started making jokes like the rumors were true, can't you even respect their relationship. People have hated this chioma right from the start, especially women even here on nairaland. Is it a crime that Davido loves her? Is it her fault your life is miserable?

Same thing is happening between Prince Harry and Megan, the heart of man is full of evil.

They are all jealous fools. IMAGINE THAT idiot nairaland calling Davidoa Son a Bastard. IMAGINE THAT

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