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Business / Re: I Mistakenly Transfer N10,000.00 To A Wrong Person I Don't Know. by ChiefSweetus: 9:44pm On Oct 20
Ideyi Okoro Joseph right now...

Family / Re: Her Family Says I Can't Marry Her Because I'm An SSCE Holder by ChiefSweetus: 12:53pm On Oct 19
They may never respect you.

Just move on.

Especially since your babe couldn't even defend you.

She's been dating you all these while and she knew your educational background.

If I were your babe, and I've made up my mind to go ahead and marry you, I wouldn't have even mentioned it.

It's not their business. Because if I do go ahead to marry you knowing what they know, I wouldn't want to deal with my folks disrespecting my husband on a ground like that.

It's possible she's using that as an excuse to leave you.

That crying she's doing is mere theatrics.
When he gets BSC, they will say they need MSC. When he gets MSC, they will say they need PHD. She should honestly fokof. If his surname was Dangote or Offor, would they ask for dirty certificate that cultists and blackheads have two for five naira
Family / Re: Her Family Says I Can't Marry Her Because I'm An SSCE Holder by ChiefSweetus: 12:50pm On Oct 19

no bro, am a business man.
finishing Ssce is enough, am 36 years old I should upgrade myself because her family refused to accept me for who I am.
if this is the end of our relationship, so be it.
They should fokof.
As if we dont see BSc holders on 40k/month and illiterates on 400k/month.

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Autos / Re: 2008 Camry - 2.1m by ChiefSweetus: 9:39pm On Oct 17
Call/WhatsApp me

I will. But. In the spirit of full disclosure. As I watched my fiancee pull out of my house this evening (gave her to use while around), I suddenly started hankering for some registration renewal activity embarassed
Autos / Re: 2008 Camry - 2.1m by ChiefSweetus: 9:34pm On Oct 17
Sweet ride
Thank you, boss
Autos / Re: 2008 Camry - 2.1m by ChiefSweetus: 9:34pm On Oct 17
Chiefsweetus this ya sales pitch dey sweetus��
Selling a good product makes marketing easy because you don't need to lie. smiley
Autos / Re: 2008 Camry - 2.1m by ChiefSweetus: 8:08am On Oct 17
2mil. Serious buyer in Lekki
Good morning boss. 2.1 is deliberate. A solid solid car at a fair price. Theme of this sale = Na mumu dey go boutique dealership.

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Autos / Re: 2008 Camry - 2.1m by ChiefSweetus: 6:55pm On Oct 15
Can you do 1.9. I have cash now
2.1 and you can have the nearly full tank of fuel. smiley appreciate the offer, but flirting with thought of keeping the car. Honestly and truly an emotional attachment present so only 2.1 will sway me.
Autos / Re: 2008 Camry - 2.1m by ChiefSweetus: 6:51pm On Oct 15
I have 2 million.. 1.5 cash now and 500 by month end.. gree?
No please. Didn't plan on negotiating hence my fixing firm price instead of starting at 2.3/2.4 like I'm seeing on IG. Anyway, I guess dealers there factored their margins. smiley
Romance / Re: This Is What I Did To A Young Lady Who Told Me She Was In A Serious Relationship by ChiefSweetus: 6:33pm On Oct 15
Met this beautiful girl at shoprite, I approached her and we exchanged numbers. After a week, I began asking her out she told me she had a serious boyfriend and she doesn't double date or run paro. I said no problem and I never disturb her.

3 days ago she called me that she needed to do one month sub that her sub has finish. I told her to tell her boyfriend na! She said she was too shy to ask him for cards. It look some how that it don't want to look like she was bothering him. I said OK no problem that I can't access my account at the moment that am at offshore in the middle of a sea that she should send me #200 naira mtn so I can call my bro to sub for her, she send me the card and I text her thank you very much for the card that she is a nice person.

After like 6hrs she called to tell me my bro has not send her the card. I told her I DONT have one kobo to send to her and cut the call.

Did I do wrong my fellow nairalanders sad
Crime / Re: My Close Encounter With 419 Men by ChiefSweetus: 6:25pm On Oct 15
Very very old format. I'm amazed they're still using the format.

The last time I was in their middle, I told them I was married to a Ghanaian and didn't really know my way around Lagos. Meanwhile I was buying time, waiting for them to get as close as possible to my nearest bus stop because no way in God's green earth was I going to pay for this particular trip.

I smiled serenely while the fools jabbered away in excitement (they thought they don catch maga), occasionally nodding my head in agreement to the horse shït they were spewing. The recurrent motif in their antics is the bewildered French man who doesn't know he is supposed to pay for services with Naira, not USD, or the more common fleeing thief who has fled with his oga's box/bag of dollars. They are willing to give you a cut but you must go to one baba's house to swear an oath of secrecy.

As soon as I got to Ikeja Along, I hopped out of the vehicle James Bond style, spread my two hands at them and shrieked waka!! The driver asked me for fare and I screamed "All of una dey craze. 419!!" I then proceeded to quickly cross the expressway like a seasoned NURTW thug and went on my merry way.

Hediots. Them wan scam Omo Eko. Their very fathers angry
grin grin grin

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Autos / Re: 2008 Camry - 2.1m by ChiefSweetus: 6:15pm On Oct 15
Nice car.
Nice write up.

Happy sales man... cool
Thank you kindly, sir.
Autos / 2008 Camry - 2.1m by ChiefSweetus: 5:30pm On Oct 15
My Full Option 2008 Camry SE fondly called Mpetempe (don't ask) is looking for a new home.

This V6 2GR-FE is the most reliable car I've ever had. Has rewarded my utmost (and slightly expensive investment in it) by Never ever giving me issues. Have only used Mobil 1 when servicing. Engine is silent as a dream, you can keep an egg on it. I've put about 100,000 miles on it. Willing to give a post-sale warranty. A real winner this one. I thank it for all the amazing memories.

Location is Lekki.


Phones / Re: My Wife Was Robbed Of Iphone 11 Yesterday In Lekki. How Can I Track It? by ChiefSweetus: 3:12pm On Oct 10

Awoyaya is Lekki phase 6 na cheesy
grin grin grin grin
Literature / Re: Abdulrazak Gurnah Wins 2021 Nobel Prize In Literature by ChiefSweetus: 3:03pm On Oct 07
Science/Technology / Re: The Moment 200lb Hyena Pounced On An Elderly Man In India (Pics, Video) by ChiefSweetus: 8:52pm On Sep 15
I never read am finish but I know say e no go pass India.

Na this same India I see tiger abi na leopard de chase okada like say e owe am change grin grin

Na that place be the original zoo republic
grin grin grin grin
Health / Re: Ever Had A Bone Dislocation? Share Your Experience With Traditional Bone Setters by ChiefSweetus: 8:48pm On Sep 15
When I was little, I slid on a banana peel and fractured my arm. I remember I had POP and sling over my arm for some time.

On a second occasion, I was playing daddy and mommy drama with my childhood friend, and she was piggy-backing me when we both fell and I broke my arm again (can't remember whether it was the same arm or the other one). I had POP again for a while, it seems I also remember red mud and pepper rubbed on my arm.

But the main one I will hardly forget was in JSS1 when my classmate went for my leg rather than the ball. My left knee got dislocated and I was left in real pains. I could neither move around nor go to school. My parents opted for traditional bone treatment. So my first mission to the expert was on the Nkwor market day of my village. We met this old man who did the massaging: I cried my eyes out because it was so painful. My voice nearly go. So after treatment, we returned to PH and watched out for improvement for some time; but I no see much. Then, my father decided on a second visit to the village bone healers on a different market day. This time, we met a different person - a young man. My heart sank when he said that the old man didn't do anything. Before I knew it, he called some able-bodied young men to restrain me by seizing my two hands and two legs. When I saw the situation, the leg wey no good begin fyn where im go run go. The restrainers pulled my left leg straight, while this huge guy pounced down on my knee with all the might of his upper body. I screamed and the entire market stood still: then I saw my ancestors begin to pass by one-by-one. There was no more energy left in me to cry. At this point, they applied the usually red mud and pepper paste all over the leg after which me and my dad returned home.

The truth is that I don't know how I managed to survive that day, but not too long after that I was able to use my leg perfectly again.
Politics / Re: Three Bodies Recovered As Flood Ravages Abuja’s Trademoore Estate by ChiefSweetus: 1:19pm On Sep 13
Romance / Re: My Girlfriend Cheated And She Told Me, How Do I React? by ChiefSweetus: 12:22pm On Sep 13
A cheating woman wouldn't confess unless she is looking for a reason for you to man up and break up with her, she doesn't want to do the break up herself...before she cheated she must have been very disrespectful to you, it's her body and mind trying to push you away, but since you couldn't break up with her she has to do the next best thing, which is cheat and tell you, if you forgive her she'll still cheat and break up with you herself.

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Celebrities / Re: Chimamanda Meets Merkel, Talks About Her Late Mother by ChiefSweetus: 11:04pm On Sep 11
Nna. The beauty is damn too much I can't lie
Investment / Re: Eatrich Investment Fails To Pay Billions, Investors Protest, Blame Influencers by ChiefSweetus: 8:32pm On Sep 10
Politics / Re: Fayemi Bows Down For Olu Of Warri, Tsola Emiko (photos) by ChiefSweetus: 3:05pm On Sep 06
Nigeria is a funny country. Behind the king is a picture of the current governor (by law his boss). By law every King needs permission of the local govt chairman before he can leave his Kingdom. A local govt chairman is a boy to a governor, A governor can dethrone a King and here is a Governor (of another state) bowing down before a King under the guise of upholding tradition.

who are we fooling? We really have messed ourselves up.
Politics / Re: EFCC Questions Yewande Sadiku, NIPC Boss, Over Contract Fraud by ChiefSweetus: 12:11am On Aug 10
Since the current head of the NIPC who happens to be the first from the South was appointed, Yewande Sadiku has been embroiled in one legal tussle or the other since she assumed office as NIPC Executive Secretary. This is usually instigated by the usual quarters.

Ali Sani versus Yewande Sadiku.
Yusuf Mustapha versus Yewande Sadiku
Babangida Nguroje versus Yewande Sadiku

Aura Maisamari versus Yewande Sadiku

If you check the writer of the petition the Efcc is acting on, you will see that it will be from the usual suspects. They are pained that a Southerner occupies a position that has never been occupied by a Southerner.

Here's the list of former Executive Secretaries of the NIPC
Mustapha Bello
Abdulkadir Hassan
Saratu Umar

This is the same thing they did to Mrs. Azinge of the Corporate Affairs Commission until she was hounded out of office. She was the first Registrar General of the Cac from the South in more than 2 decades.
See how they are messing this superstar up. What is an NIPC to someone with her track record. I feel so embarrassed on her behalf. Even dolts are commenting "look at her face". Mahn. Na ignorance sha. When you do 40k/month factory work for many years, why wont you punch your cheap keypad and insult your betters so casually


Crime / Re: Have You Ever Been Assaulted By A Conductor? Lola Okurin Shares His Experience by ChiefSweetus: 11:35am On Jul 10
A guy was in a hurry in Aba some years ago,he boarded a bus that the loaders were shouting port "2 chance" and they collected money from him immediately.
When one person enter,someone comes down,and it continued like that,then it dawned on him that it was the agbero staff that filled the bus.
The man that was in a hurry ended up spending over an hour there.
So he was shouting at them to give him back his money and the refused.

When the bus finally got filled,the agbero gave him back his money and asked to come down beche gas been shouting since and the man refused.

The agbero gave him a dirty slap,as he came down to fight they put another passenger in his seat and gave him back his money and the bus moved.

Since then I always open my eyes and observe anytime I visit aba to buy goods.
Romance / Re: My Girlfriend Wouldn't Detach From Her Siblings. A Bad Sign? by ChiefSweetus: 8:37pm On Jul 05

That's an exaggeration to express the extent of love she has for her siblings
No woman plays with her child excerpt Tiwa Savage that swears with her child's life.
Lmfaoooooooooooooo grin grin grin grin
Crime / Re: Man Nabbed For Stealing Fruit Juice And Milk Drink In Bayelsa by ChiefSweetus: 9:22pm On Jul 02
I am around the area now, transfer the money to my account let me pay for the stolen items on your behalf..
Politics / Re: Alex Nwankwo 'Alexreports' Emerges Anambra Accord Party Governorship Candidate by ChiefSweetus: 8:31pm On Jul 01
Car Talk / Re: Seller crashes Customer’s Ferrari in Abuja, just before it was purchased. by ChiefSweetus: 8:44pm On Jun 26
This is why you must greet old women on the road when leaving the house to work.

Even if them no reply you, you done remove your hand from their wahala.
Crime / Re: Usifo Ataga: Chidinma's Father Arrested, Lecturers, Classmates Shocked by ChiefSweetus: 8:06pm On Jun 25
That lecturer that repeatedly talked about Chidimma's beauty should be arrested as well.

Only God knows how many times he has jerked off with her picture in mind.

BTW, the DPO of that Police station should be investigated because from the way all of them are focused on that girls beauty, her hole region doesn't look safe in their care
Crime / Re: Chidinma Ojukwu: How I Stabbed Michael Usifo Ataga To Death (Video) by ChiefSweetus: 1:38am On Jun 25
I watched dt whole interview clip 4 17 mins js 2 get a good glimpse of d girl dt wasted such a great man nd I just can't help but keep on wondering why pussy is d ultimate weakness..."d Achilles's heel" of d greater majority of men..both great nd poor..js like d story of d crab dt swam mighty oceans nd seas only 2 end up in a woman's pot of soup..u went through a lot 4 decades building ur Empire..u fought nd won many battles.. financially..mentally.. physically even spiritually js 2 get 2 d very top only 2 die most shamefully nd painfully so..at d hands of one ugly pussyhole like that..
js imagine d kind shame d wife nd relatives go take bury ds one now.....what will they even write in their tributes sef
any man that can control his sexual urges by any means possible doesn't really know how much he's blessed honestly!!!
Politics / Re: SSS Takes Over Investigation Into Rape, Killing Of Iniubong Umoren by ChiefSweetus: 1:16pm On Jun 20

And I was thinking I was a psycho.
Imagine the length people go just for skin-to-skin.
So that girl just died like that because she did not want skin-to-skin?

I'm a skin-to-skin veteran but I'd never even consider hurting someone because she wants me to use a rubber. When you can jejely get up and masturrbate.
This is a tasteless and extremely asinine comment. It's all fun and games till a beloved family member is the victim.


Crime / Re: Two Traffic Robbers Apprehended In Lagos (Photos) by ChiefSweetus: 6:26am On Jun 18
Education is the key, even without being caught as a robbers their face appearances also carry gun and knives to be call a suspect.

Around 2006 I was once a victim of robbery attack, does armed robbers stormed the plaza with gun and asked everyone's of us to lie down, their appearances with suits and nice smell just like CIA, very good looking awesome guys, they spoke to us like flight attendance in a low soft voice " hello ladies and gentlemen we are armed robbers please don't panick we are not here to harm anybody just submit your valuables items then we leave in peace, I was very happy to submit my TRIUM phone due to their packaging.

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