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Politics / Re: Hypertensive Man Dies As Bribe-Chasing Lastmamen Seize Vehicle by ChiefSweetus: 1:55am On Jul 26, 2022
This is a very very sad way to read about the demise of someone you know. I am very sorry to hear of the unfortunate passing of Alhaji Modibbo. He was a genteel and trusted business associate over a decade ago when I worked in finance. Terrible news.
Politics / Re: Kemi Nelson - Former APC Women Leader - Is Dead ! by ChiefSweetus: 9:59pm On Jul 17, 2022
Celebrities / Re: Mr Spellz Takes Kenneth Aguba To Shopping (Pictures) by ChiefSweetus: 12:16am On Jul 09, 2022
Anything they both touch should be sterilized
grin grin grin grin
Health / Re: Corpse Allegedly Hijacks The Ambulance Conveying It In Benin (Video) by ChiefSweetus: 3:42pm On Jul 04, 2022

this is nonsense and ingredient...

corpse wan celebrate him exit from this shit hole in style.. grin grin grin
grin grin grin grin
Romance / Re: Canadian Lady Excited As She Arrives Nigeria To Meet Her Nigerian Lover by ChiefSweetus: 9:39pm On Jul 01, 2022
Family / Re: Share An Unforgettable Act Of Sacrifice Or Selflessness Made By Your Father by ChiefSweetus: 8:29pm On Jun 19, 2022
He sold his shares In Intercontinental Bank PLC for me to be able to attend the Secondary School of my Choice.
That money for liquidate by now if e no sell am. Look at God grin

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Crime / Re: 300-Level UNN Student Stabbed To Death By Suspected Armed Robbers In Anambra by ChiefSweetus: 2:50am On Jun 15, 2022
Beautiful Igbo toto wasted like this so,may her killers never have peace..........
What you bloody fùcking idìots do not realise is that mourning family members trawl the digital space for information or for comfort after these tragedies. And end up seeing crass, crude and unfeeling comments as this. Keep at it. Y'all gon learn.
Crime / Re: Marriage Is Not A Do Or Die Affair! (Viewer's Discretion Advised) by ChiefSweetus: 2:36pm On Jun 11, 2022
WTF is this

I had a chance to meet my cousin's boyfriend and i was on my Big stout that day when she was introducing him to me.. I acted like a sadist (probably odeku working)

And I'm like young man, u can break her heart, cheat on her, frown at her, don't eat her food bla bla bla. But the day i notice or she tells me u hit her. I will find you, tie u on a car and drive you from PH to Jos until i see your bones hanging on the ropes.

I was saying it with one confidence i dnt even understand. Odeku na bastard.

But domestic violence is evil..
Very stupid. Always the impòtent idiòts shooting for masculinity with soft targets.
Family / Re: What Marriage Advice Would You Give Your Younger Self? by ChiefSweetus: 11:24pm On Jun 06, 2022
I am married for about a decade now, and I am enjoying my marriage. Honestly, if the worse happens and I became a widow, I will not marry any other man, I will train my kids alone. That is how much I love my husband and cherish my marriage. Since childhood, I have always been close to my grandmother, I grew up with her since my mum died when I was a child. I learned a lot from her. I can still remember the advice she gave to me when I wanted to marry my husband, and I will tell you exactly that.

1. Look at the qualities and characters of the man you want to marry. Most ''shine shine'' men, as my grandma will put it are not the real men. `Just as sugar is sweet but unhealthy, lots of men are like that. That bricklayer that sends his mum money in the village every month, that doesn't go to a club, doesn't smoke and buy expensive designers, he might not even give you butterflies, those are the real men. Ten years from now when you are pregnant with your third child, his masculinity will be like an umbrella to protect, provide and be the best father for your kids.

But you see those ones that are doing fine boys only, care more about the phone they use and the girl they sleep with this weekend than their future, those you must avoid. They may be attractive now, but when the difficulties of marriage come especially financially, then you realize that truly, internal beauty (characters and virtues) is what keeps marriage. So do not sacrifice the future due to your youthful exuberance.

2. Look at his patterns, those are the secrets to his future and of course, your future. Does he wakes up and go to work every day? What is the relationship he has with his family? How does he handle stress? is he hardworking? Do people around him respect him? Where does he go after work? What is your assessment of his friends? `What are his goals? etc. You might be clouded with feelings with this assessment especially when you are in love, so you might ask people you trust for advice. I saw this thread some few years ago by pansophist, where he wrote about qualities you should look for in a man for marriage, I implore you to check it out. The guy is on point. As I read through it, I kept nodding my head in affirmation because my husband easily covered all these qualities.


Also when I first met my husband, I wasn't that interested. He appears so ordinary (if you know what I mean), but as I scratch further, the depth of his manliness opens up. I was not attracted at first, but everything fell into place, and I was glad I didn't just brush him away. But I couldn't see his qualities quickly, it was my grandma that pointed it all out. So you should really have someone older, that have walked the talk of marriage, to advise and guide you.

3. Support him. Men are at their best when their wive are supportive. For example, my husband never asks me about my income, but every of my penny goes to my household. The idea that a man has to carry all the financial responsibilities is a self-defeating adventure. Such a woman punishes herself due to her short-sightedness and selfishness by reducing her worth in his eyes, making her easily replaceable.
Politics / Re: Oyegun: Only One Aspirant Rejected Consensus Except He Is The Candidate by ChiefSweetus: 8:53am On Jun 04, 2022
It's simple then.
Pick a consensus from the aspirants that had keyed into it, then let the annointed candidate slug it out with the ONLY candidate that refused the consensus option.

Does that not make the job easier with less of bad blood?
You and king Solomon na primary school seat mates, no lie

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Travel / Re: Today Is The Tenth Anniversary Of The Dana Air Crash In Lagos by ChiefSweetus: 10:36pm On Jun 03, 2022
In the 16th paragraph I suddenly paused and said, no now, this is naptu2. I wasn’t wrong. smiley

Funny I’ve been thinking of this flight for months now - maybe because I’ve been on at least 50 flights since March/April.

Cannot get over how human error led to sooooo many destinies being altered or actualised, not only dead but those they left behind. Life is a mystery indeed. Dana has been a shadow of itself since then. They were the top airline at the time. I used them on my last local trip because I couldn’t get my regular and marveled at how the mighty art fallen - plane was 20% full even with a 20% fare discount. Meanwhile I thought it was one of my smoother flights in recent times. I guess not only the internet that doesn’t forget sad
Nairaland / General / Re: Does Anyone Know What This Oil Is For? Pix by ChiefSweetus: 9:55pm On May 29, 2022
Put that bottle into a hole in the ground and a tree would grow from it and become a bullion van.

grin grin grin
Romance / Re: Visually Impaired Lovers Wed In Anambra State (Photos) by ChiefSweetus: 7:57pm On May 22, 2022
They are both attractive individuals. Bless
Sports / Re: PSG's Idrissa Gueye Causes Stir By Refusing To Wear Jersey Supporting LGBTQ by ChiefSweetus: 10:43am On May 19, 2022
Forcing a minority’s opinion is now somehow freedom of speech. Idrissa Gueye basically said I’m not against you but I’m not with you.

That’s not good enough; according to the “free world”

We stand with you, brother Idrissa Gueye
Romance / Re: Oromidayo, Ibadan Poly Student Dies After Taking Drugs To Have 11 Rounds Of Sex by ChiefSweetus: 11:17am On May 17, 2022
Haaaa! Awo loo

1 Million gun salutes for him; he died in active service as a civil engineering student. He drilled till he got filled

He was fulfilled grin grin grin grin

Health / Re: Beautiful Kenyan Lady, Monny Muthoni Commits Suicide (photos) by ChiefSweetus: 12:05am On May 16, 2022
because of one preeq u waste hips, breast nd kpekus wey hundred guys for enjoy. no rip for u
grin grin grin
Events / Re: My Experience At A Wedding Ceremony by ChiefSweetus: 11:11pm On May 13, 2022
Poor people and Anger! . You are so pained you withhold your happiness, well you can't give what you don't have!
Romance / Re: My Girl Wants Me To Get My Own Apartment Or She Leaves by ChiefSweetus: 2:24pm On May 11, 2022
U took loan to take a girl out. Lol u are finish
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Politics / Re: Osinbajo: How I Learnt Of My Nomination As Buhari’s Running Mate by ChiefSweetus: 9:48am On Apr 28, 2022
If I be buhari, I would work hard and make a south west person be next president.
Because they have the habit of worshipping their leaders.

You see how they worship and appreciate awolowo till tomorrow.
Hence buhari would be worshipped by them as he supported them to be president.

NL honestly needs pre-registration IQ test
NYSC / Re: Missing Corper Stephanie Se-Ember Terungwa Is Dead, Her Vital Parts Removed by ChiefSweetus: 11:30pm On Apr 27, 2022
I sure say this girl no Sabi talk to person... I'm sure she would be very insultive to men or unknown strangers when she was alive... See her end now!!
You are a waste to your umunna. Please believe me.

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Celebrities / Re: Iyabo Ojo’s Daughter, Priscilla, Acquires New Benz (Photos) by ChiefSweetus: 9:56pm On Apr 24, 2022
Business is good. Benefits of early kickoff.
She will be greater than her mudda
Celebrities / Re: Mr Macaroni & Kemi Okuseedun 'Mummy Wa' Wedding Pictures by ChiefSweetus: 8:51pm On Apr 24, 2022
Money still on it being a skit


Celebrities / Re: Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde Reacts To Her Daughter Meraiah's Bikini Photos by ChiefSweetus: 2:22am On Apr 12, 2022
Will soon snatch her momma's customers
Family / Re: My Experience As A Married Woman Being Best Friends With A Married Man by ChiefSweetus: 11:55pm On Apr 07, 2022
In pure undiluted scriptural standard, you've committed adultery with him already. Just so you know that.

But rather more important is your very last paragraph of advice to other women who might be going through similar temptation as you. Here, let me quote you:

"Just cut off the relationship. Stop conversation, chatting, or physical contact. Then pray for God to help you overcome those lusty feelings"

Now, here's the irony buried in the paragraph before last:

"Right now, he chats once in a while, just general "how are you". I say "fine"

While you still keep the door ajar for prospective adultery with this same idiot, (most likely when you and hubby have a fight) you are advising other women going through similar challenge to cut off chats totally. You know the intention of this iniquitous pig and your own abominable longings and vulnerability towards him yet you still entertain his obviously probing "how are you's." You're still an unrepentant adulterer and you need counseling and deliverance before entertaining the idea of climbing that virtual pulpit you just did by preaching this sermon. And may GOD help your husband who's ignorant enough to permit that stupid work of yours that has no respect for matrimony to post you outside his location.


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Romance / Re: Help! My Masturbation Addiction Level Is Out Of This World by ChiefSweetus: 12:38pm On Apr 01, 2022
Pm good people of naira land. I really need help.

I'm in my early twenties and I'm very addicted to pornography and masturbation. My own level of addiction is so severe that when I see people here complaining of being addicted I just laugh.

I started since 2017 and I have been masturbating since then even when I didn't have a mobile to satisfy my addiction, I borrow just so I'll be alright.

Right now, I just finished masturbating about three times in a row since yesterday, even after today I vowed never to masturbate again, went to my history to clear off porn pages. I mistakenly clicked on one and I masturbated again. I really need help all round, when I mean help I mean actual help.

Your suggestions and insults are welcomed. I deserve them.
grin grin grin grin grin
Politics / Re: Obasanjo Receives The Olu Of Warri, Ogiame Atuwatse (Photos) by ChiefSweetus: 1:25pm On Mar 31, 2022
First time in a LONGGGG WHILE (since this body odor administration) I'm seeing Obasanjo smiling while with guests.

Noticed he is always 100% deferential to any local royalty, no matter how young, he will prostrate fully for you. I respect that. And even better, when with foreign dignitaries, he then shows his pride and prominence as an elder and 1st class African president - they are then the ones to show him homage. Chai.

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Crime / Re: Popular Area Boy, Tommy, Killed By Cultists In Abeokuta (Graphic Picture) by ChiefSweetus: 7:53pm On Mar 26, 2022
Happy birthday to all of them
grin grin grin grin grin
Business / Re: How Can Somebody Be Selling Catapult For A Living by ChiefSweetus: 12:19am On Mar 23, 2022
God forgive me last week I saw an advance man hawking catapults on the way in the hot sun I began to wonder apart from birds do they use catapults to kill bush meats too?

Is better I start begging on the road side than be doing such a business that he sure me say for a whole year na only 2 catapult he feel sell.

If I ever see the guy again am going to buy all the catapult with 100k and burn them right in is presence . Forget hunger this business at Present 2022 no normal rara
grin grin grin grin

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