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Politics / Re: Godwin Emefiele Resumes Duty After Annual Leave by Cotton(m): 12:32pm On Jan 17, 2023
Look at the way APC is running this country, Buhari said old age as limited his performance as President, yet you think we should give another older person to continue from where Buhari stopped?

The must funny thing, majority of APC supporters are really suffering. For your own sake, vote Peter Obi.
If they are suffering, allow them. You think you are the sole custodian of knowledge, bad mouthing anyone for their choice of President. We, that support APC know why we are supporting that party. We know what Nigeria suffered under PDP rule and suffered to rescue this country from the hands of the PDP. We can also see the giant strides the nation has taken in the last eight years. yes there is insecurity, inflation and other social ills but we are addressing them with time. We know our problems and the solution but most of you young people believe that the fortunes of a country can be changed in 4 or 8 years. No it can't but most of y'all are too ignorant to possess vision. You can't describe colours to a blind man. Now we have Peter Obi, a core PDP member who was shafted and decided to cross carpet in order to achieve his ambition. Most of you believe that when he becomes President he will wave a magic wand and everybody will be rich. The problem I have with this young generation is that they don't read which makes them ignorant and ripe for fucking over-and they don't even realise it!

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Education / Re: My Inability To Speak Fluent English Is Costing Me Huge Opportunities. by Cotton(m): 10:42am On Apr 01, 2022
Help! I am about to finish my 300L stage in one of Nigeria state polytechnics but I am losing many opportunities due to my inability to speak fluently in English language. Although, I am good in typing/writing and I can compose my self in good English in my brain but it is very difficult whenever I open my mouth.
Any suggestion for improvement are welcome.
Thanks Nairalanders.

Watch cartoons. May sound strange but cartoons always use good English. It is usually better for the younger ones but if you enjoy cartoons then hey, why not?
Politics / Re: Andrew Yakubu: Court Acquits ex-NNPC GMD In Whose House $9.8m Was Found by Cotton(m): 10:59pm On Mar 31, 2022
Our youths don't have thinking skills. Everybody here is shouting but nobody has mentioned the law. He was charged with a particular crime and the EFCC could not prove it so he has to be acquitted. He said the money was accumulated gifts from persons. No money was found missing in the discharge of his duties. It is not enough to be sensational and shout, you also have to provide evidence. Giving gifts to public officers is not against the law. It is only against the law when it is given for them to do or not to do their duty. EFCC would need to show that the money is not his and where it came from. He can simply say that it is accumulated cash savings, he doesn't have to prove otherwise. The same thing with Tinubu and bullion van...it is not an offence for bullion van to enter your compound o! You have to prove what it was carrying and so many other things. The way the law works is different from emotional sensationalism. The law is meant for both the innocent and the guilty.
Politics / Re: Turaki Reacts To Exoneration From Alleged ₦715M Fraud Charges by Cotton(m): 1:03am On Mar 29, 2022
Na Aboki, the judgement must Favour am. Even Abba Kyari Judgement go Favour am, just watch Nigerians.
So Justice Ekwo na aboki?
Travel / Re: NUR Raises Concerns Over Lagos-Ibadan Railway Fares by Cotton(m): 7:40am On Jun 16, 2021

No it’s not actually. The thing is our people want free things and don’t want to pay. A lot of us have absolutely no idea how things work in the other world. Train fares are also on the high side in UK, at least I know that. Without chnaging this mentality, we can’t go anywhere

Please tell them o! Youths be displaying their ignorance on the net!. Cheapest indeed. People wey never escort person reach airport dey comment say na cheapest form of transport!


Crime / Re: Yangy, Babcock Student Accused Of Raping 24 Women. He Reacts by Cotton(m): 12:15pm On Jun 03, 2020
This case is obviously ganged-up blackmail and a case of some frustrated hoes and gold-digging losers, who felt so stupid after discovering a smart player has successfully shined their congos in succession, one after the other.

By the way, most Nigerian ladies do not know the difference between rape, hardsex and consensual forced sex. That is why 90% of Nigerian ladies who have had sex before always ignorantly claim to have been victims of rape at one time or the other. They always have fake stories to tell. Chasers of cheap clout.

Consensual forced sex? You are sick!

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Politics / Re: Fulani Residents Reject Eviction From Bushes In Delta by Cotton(m): 10:27am On May 25, 2020
But the north is like 2times the size of the south, why can't these people stay in the north.

Kogi state is close to Delta, even Niger state and Benue and they have large land mass why can't they relocate there?

Or If possible relocate to ondo or oyo state they have a very large land mass that's fertile with lots of grasses.

Your thought processes are representative of your generation. Go and study the cattle routes. Markets are in the south. Onitsha is the largest market for that Asaba herder settlement. Secondly who are "these people?" Let me tell you, they are Nigerians so your ethnically inclined statements are not progressive. Hausa communities have been dotted throughout Delta State for many many years. It isn't a today thing. When you start chasing out any tribe from anywhere, but just on the grounds of their tribe then you are wrong. Not only is it illegal, it opens room for retaliation.
Politics / Re: Akinwumi Adesina: U.S. Treasury Urges Independent Investigation Into AfDB Head by Cotton(m): 12:02am On May 25, 2020

They are an insignificant shareholder
They had the option of pushing their position through on the inside. They could have called for an independent investigation at the beginning

Nigeria is the largest shareholder with 9% And Nigeria is content as are the majority of shareholders.

The question we should ask is what exactly are the allegations?

What is he supposed to have done
Please stop misleading people. The US are a very significant shareholder being the 2nd largest shareholder.


Politics / Re: Buhari Signs Bill On Financial Autonomy Of State Legislature, Judiciary by Cotton(m): 4:31pm On May 23, 2020
I'm just wondering how this financial autonomy will play out. Any ideas?

Yes, both state legislature and judiciary will receive their funding directly from the federation account. It weakens the powers of the governor to an extent.

It is a good thing. What is the worse that could happen after implementation? Even if current legislators may show indifference or feigned loyalty, going forward legislators can be more effective in passing laws that would benefit their constituencies rather than those that benefit the governor.

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Politics / Re: Buhari Signs Bill On Financial Autonomy Of State Legislature, Judiciary by Cotton(m): 3:40pm On May 23, 2020
What about State Executive. This is Divide and Rule Strategy. You don't give Responsibilities without Authorities. The State Executive should have the Autonomy for all Authorities and Responsibilities begin from the Autonomy of the Constitutional States.

Oga what are you saying? State Executive already have financial autonomy. If Legislature and Judiciary can have financial autonomy at national level then why can't they have it at state level?
Family / Re: Do I Build A Small House Now Or Keep Saving? by Cotton(m): 5:36pm On May 16, 2020
Up for sell
Hp elite book820
4gigram 320hdd
Good battery
Follow come charger
Price please? What operating system?
Family / Re: Do I Build A Small House Now Or Keep Saving? by Cotton(m): 12:11pm On May 02, 2020
Change your money to USD and wait.
Inflation is going to skyrocket soon. US is printing money. We are still import dependent.
Subsidy has been removed. The pandemic won't last forever so by late this year most economies would have recovered. Oil price will rise and so will the dollar. Maybe early next year you can assess the environment, hopefully your money would have moved from 11m t0 13m.

The business sector is too volatile right now. Just buy USD and wait.
Health / Re: COVID-19: Lockdown Or No Lockdown - Which Side Are You? by Cotton(m): 10:07am On Apr 28, 2020
What do you mean testing based on pools?
Instead of testing individuals they take samples from a group and that sample represents the group. It is acceptable but not the best method. Especially with an unknown virus.
Health / Re: COVID-19: Lockdown Or No Lockdown - Which Side Are You? by Cotton(m): 8:55am On Apr 28, 2020
dubai relaxed it lockdown yesterday my men dey dere dey flex now
If not for this late visa I for dey dat way
Dubai had 24 hr lockdown. If you are seen outside you are in problem. We can't do that here.
Health / Re: COVID-19: Lockdown Or No Lockdown - Which Side Are You? by Cotton(m): 8:51am On Apr 28, 2020
I don't understand what you mean!

Lock down is not a solution in its self!

It's testing and quickly isolating Coronavirus patients to be treated that is most important.

Your country only tested 10,000 people in the four weeks lock down period, while the rest of African countries did nearly 8 to 12 times of that number in the same period and are ready to open up their their respective economics e.g.



South Africa

These countries are testing based on pools and not individuals (at least Ghana is). Nigeria is testing individuals which takes more time but is more accurate.
Health / Re: COVID-19: Lockdown Or No Lockdown - Which Side Are You? by Cotton(m): 4:28pm On Apr 26, 2020

Like I said, Nigerians flouted and are still flouting it

If the Government removes the lockdown, nothing spoil

But if(God forbid) bodies begin to litter everywhere, obviously a lockdown will be slammed on us. And by then, nobody will care about the death of the economy

You've said it all. We can be here talking rubbish about the economy but when things overcome us we will be begging for lockdown. Do you worry about the economy in the middle of a war? Yes people will suffer and die but more people will die if we don't get this under control. If ever we lose control we will need intervention from outsiders and that would come at a significant cost. Is it the outsiders that would not enforce a lockdown before they get control? Even if a vaccine is discovered, do you know how long it would take to vaccinate all Nigerians? Before that vaccine can be successfully administered there would be a lockdown. It is operational protocol.


Crime / Re: Who Was The Murderer? by Cotton(m): 8:41pm On Apr 23, 2020
Education / Re: No BVN, No Payment Of Withheld Salary - FG Replies ASUU by Cotton(m): 1:07pm On Apr 23, 2020

Just return your certicate to your school if you have any at all!
You are just too ..... I don't want to say it but very sure you are from bottom-right of Nigeria!
Oponu people everywhere
He doesn't have! I was so upset by his post. Ignorance faking intelligence.
Politics / Re: Governors Agree On 14-Day National COVID-19 Lockdown by Cotton(m): 9:15am On Apr 23, 2020

You think those patriotic and obedient citizens will be patriotic and obedient if they get the same crappy and bullsh*t leadership and treatment we get from our leaders?
It's very hard to be 'normal' if you are a citizen at the lower end of the ladder in Nigeria
I am sorry sir but you are wrong. A government can not be better than its people. We as citizens are terrible. We have a national crisis yet some people will say "I must go to church/mosque" or "nothing like Corona virus" thereby compounding the problem. It is a simple directive. Stay at home and no gatherings yet we flout it with our "I too sabi" sense of false security.

If we as citizens cannot do better by way of social cooperation, ethnic and religous tolerance then don't blame the leaders that emerge.
Politics / Re: Governors Agree On 14-Day National COVID-19 Lockdown by Cotton(m): 8:36am On Apr 23, 2020

is Nigeria a developed country?..mind u countries are now resuming normal activities while we claim lockdown.mtcheew
so because Nigeria is not a developed country we should not lock down? Please list how many countries have resumed normal activities. Your foolishness is a crime.
Sports / Re: Blessing Okagbare Files For Divorce From Igho Otegheri by Cotton(m): 8:53am On Apr 14, 2020
Why do most couples who travel abroad end up getting divorced same thing happened to my auntu
Depends on the circumstances. but generally when you go abroad, the power balance shifts. The man is not expected to be pampered by the wife. The wife is not expected to be a servant to the husband. Everybody has to pull their weight. Women don't have to take shit. In Nigeria women take a lot of shit. Again it may be the woman's fault. Some marry just to be able to travel then they get divorced as they had ulterior motives.


Politics / Re: We Can’t Lock Down North — Northern Governors by Cotton(m): 8:47am On Apr 14, 2020

Point of correction, Yams are not farmed in the north.
Don't argue this one, I Sabi pass you for that one.

Go check the people that do new yam festival and you'll know where true yams are farmed.
Charleys, that the fact that new yam festival is held annually in the east doesn't mean that is where the majority of our yams come from. The yam they call Onitsha yam is from the North. While we do farm yam in the south east, it is certainly not in the quantities that the north does.
Politics / Re: We Can’t Lock Down North — Northern Governors by Cotton(m): 8:44am On Apr 14, 2020
They don't farm else where na only north dey farm please say something else or mind your fucking business
Oga, most of what we eat comes from the North. Stop displaying your ignorance.
Politics / Re: COVID-19: FG May Extend Lockdown As Cases Rise To 305 by Cotton(m): 8:59am On Apr 11, 2020
[quote author= post=88313413]We believe It is for everyone's good health.
If LOCKDOWN came early in Italy, USA and the other countries severely affected by Coronavirus, it won't be as deadly as this.

Palliative measures is all we ask for, for the poor among Nigerians and those that make their daily bread selling on a daily basis.

We wish the last 2 presidents before our darling Daddy were named Obama and Clinton Bush that left trillions of dollars in America treasury before they left and nothing like looting or theft was heard of.
That is the only way Donald could ever had something to fall back on to be able to share 2 trillion dollars for all Americans in this pandemic period.
The 2 trillion dollars being shared was not left by anyone, it is being printed by the Fed.
Celebrities / Re: Police Take Funke Akindele To Court With Her Husband, JJC Skillz Over Lockdown by Cotton(m): 12:16pm On Apr 06, 2020
While FUnke and her husband did not do well, i don't think there's any law that can convict them as they have not committed any crime.
There will be a law under which the police are acting. Emergency powers have been invoked by the Federal Government and basically it is as if we are at war without the violence. She could be termed a saboteur, flaunting emergency regulations or something like that, but trust me, there will be a valid charge. A lot of us think that we don't have laws in Nigeria but we do. It is the enforcement that is lacking and once the law is enforced albeit sparingly, people are surprised.


Politics / Re: State House Clinic ‘Unfit’ To Treat Abba Kyari, Despite Gulping 13bn In 5 Years by Cotton(m): 11:51am On Apr 06, 2020
So because you expected Buhari to be different,

When mentioning the cause of the problems you pardon your pdp friends abi?

And you hug them and don't mention them abi?

This is the reason why i say that we are worse than our leaders.

Far worse!
You are going off on a tangent................

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Business / Re: Lockdown: I Visited Ogba Market In Lagos (Photos, Video) by Cotton(m): 10:29am On Apr 04, 2020
Is ogba market that busy?
I thought I was the only one thinking that.


Politics / Re: Governor Obiano Orders Anambra Tailors To Produce Three Million Face Masks by Cotton(m): 11:38am On Apr 03, 2020
Hope they know that facemask is not just made from a piece of cloth o.

It should have particulate filtration and microfibre media filter to stop the virus and other tiny particles from penetrating. Hope they considered this

Meanwhile is mass production of masks right now the priority? Governors are hiding in their houses giving "orders". Are they even thinking of the economic costs of the ban on movement on citizens? Do these people even think??
So please what is your suggestion? That they shouldn't do it at all? They shouldn't ban movement? The economic cost is being felt by everybody but preserving as many lives as possible is paramount. It is better for an afflicted man to starve to death in his house than to go out and infect people while looking for food thereby spreading the virus.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Wild Goats Take Over Welsh Town Amid Coronavirus Lockdown (Pictures) by Cotton(m): 10:09am On Apr 01, 2020
E don be grin
This is so powerful.
Travel / Re: Video: Onitsha Head Bridge Closed by Cotton(m): 11:27am On Mar 30, 2020
Always making things difficult for the people.
They have the power to shutdown bothers against coronavirus but couldn't close against fulani terrorist who has killed more people cry cry
So, Mr Professor, I didn't know that there were borders between us and the fulani.
Politics / Re: The Act That Gives The President The Power To Lock Down Lagos, Ogun & FCT. by Cotton(m): 10:39am On Mar 30, 2020
Hope you know that during that period we were been ruled by the westerns and also the military so it's quit different to democracy, he needs the national assembly of Lagos State to approve and it's only Sanwo-Olu that can deaclear such in Lagos and more so if Buhari wants to order for State of emergency he needs the Senate to approve but unfortunately senate sef no sit down so he has no power too no be military era we dey bros
Oga, you go school so? Somebody has taken pains to show you the constitution and the powers available and you are still typing shit. Just reread what you typed? How can Nigeria progress with youths spouting this crap?
Travel / Re: Entry To Delta State Blocked. No Movement ( Photos) by Cotton(m): 3:23pm On Mar 29, 2020

Even China that started the virus only Wuhan the origin was on lockdown. But Nigeria wants to lockdown everywhere.

Forming busy
why are you so dull?


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