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Politics / Re: Kaduna Winners Chapel Bomber Told Us His Name Was Mohammed, Not Samuel – CAN by DanseMacabre(m): 5:03pm On Feb 04
The fact that the Police were quick to state the purported name and Christian identity of the would be suicide bomber points to the fact that this was meant to douse the sectarian conflict being orchestrated by Nigerian muslins on Christians.

All of a sudden the Jewish controlled MSMs are now narrowing on the ethno religious killings of Nigerian christian population - something they've refused to broadcast since their annionted Buhari became President. Make no mistakes, the western Jewish controlled media was very instrumental in ridiculing Jonathan out of office and for also ushering Buhari into office.

Why are the Jews suddenly reporting on the plight of Nigerian Christians? Also, almost every article I have read from the Wall Street Journal to the New Jew York Times, have been subtly pointing accusing fingers to Turkey in arming and training both Fulani lunatics and their brethren in Boko Haram.

This may not be unconnected to Turkey's foray into Libya and sea grabbing in the Mediterranean that has pissed off Greece, Egypt , Cyprus and Israel.

I am not making excuses for Turkey under the control of the wannabe Sultan, Erdogan who like our own dear Dan Fodio wannabe (Buhari) has great delusions of reestablishing the Turkish Ottoman and Sokoto Caliphates respectively .

What I am driving at is that the Jews are exposing Turkey's terrorist links even though same Jews alongside Turkey and Saudi Arabia propped up and supported ISIS in Syria. And if we also consider that the Jewish media once praised ISIS and other Sunni lunatics as freedom fighters and also refused to report on the genocide, enslavement and serial rape of Christian and Yazidi populations just as they did with Fulani menace we must consider the Jewish Medias newfound need to report on the plight of Christians with every atom of caution.

This brings us to the Winners church attempted bombing or rather a bombing attempt that was meant never to happen so as that the Nigerian police will arrest a purported Christian so as to diffuse the fact that Muslims are attacking and killing Christians at will.

Why? Because, it provides the Buhari govt a sense of neutrality in their responsibility to protect all Nigerians irrespective of tribe or creed thereby absolving themselves from the complicity of aiding and abetting their Fulani lunatics. It also serves as taqiyya to absolve Muslims from the killings on hapless christian population.

In summary, do not assume the Jewish controlled Western media has suddenly developed a conscience to report on the plight of Christians in Nigeria facing a slow genocide at the hands of state sponsored and backed actors like the Fuani herdsmen, Miyetti and co. The Jewish media has a penchant for Muslim victim hood. We saw it in C.A.R. with the antiBalaka movement that rightly ousted the marauding Fulanis. The Jews never reported what led to the anti Fulani conflict but rather latched on the narrative that African Christians were wantonly killing Muslims. Same thing happened in Myanmar with the indigenous Buddhist population expelling the Rhoyingha Muslims back to Bangladesh. The Jewish media went all out to condemn the attacks without one moment telling the world what led to the Rhoyingha being expelled. The Jewish media is latching on the plight of Christians in Nigeria towards exposing Turkey's role in co-sponsoring the Fulani jihad over territorial disputes in the Mediterranean with Turkey.

As for the Buhari govt, this false flag was to douse and deflect from the real perpetrators of the senseless killings just as the APC did with CAN during the era of GEJ.

Do not fall for their lies.

Hmm. I would normally call most of your submissions conspiracy theories, but a good number are quite valid. The West was quite instrumental in installing Buhari. Why do they want to drop him after just a short while?

Methinks they underestimated his bloodlust and vindictive spirit.
Family / Re: If You Were To Marry Again, Would You Marry Your Current Spouse? by DanseMacabre(m): 2:18pm On Jan 16
In your mind now you’re sleek with insults right grin

What if you’re a fool?

This made me laugh out loud. Sleek.

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Romance / Re: Can You Date A Fat Lady Above Size 8? by DanseMacabre(m): 11:54pm On Nov 14, 2019
Lol. Mrcork your preference has changed from lightskin to size 8?
Celebrities / Re: Mompha Returns To Instagram Again After Sudden Disappearance by DanseMacabre(m): 11:32pm On Nov 14, 2019
Humans are so weak. Once you are down they run away and hide, the minute you get back they jump out from nowhere singing your praise. Why are we such cowards. Humans are overrated, i''ll rather be a flower.

Trust me I feel your pain. Sometimes I wish I was a sequoia as well.


Romance / Re: “see What Happened As I Went To My Husband’s Office Without My Panties” – Lady by DanseMacabre(m): 11:26pm On Nov 14, 2019
I would like to concoct stories for this Joro guy. Joro if you're here contact me. E no go too cost.

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TV/Movies / Re: NTA Staff Wearing Makeup On Live TV (Photo) by DanseMacabre(m): 11:20pm On Nov 14, 2019
We all agree that Nigeria is going to hell in a handbasket, but fact is these sort of bloopers are actually common in the media industry.


Politics / Re: Sowore: President Buhari Booed By Nigerians In London (Photos) by DanseMacabre(m): 11:16pm On Nov 14, 2019
Try this in Nigeria and get gunned down faster than you can say Jack Rob...


Romance / Re: COZA: Busola Dakolo Reacts To Court Judgement... by DanseMacabre(m): 11:12pm On Nov 14, 2019
If this case never tire me make I mad. Haba, e don pass im statute of limitations na. Una don awaken sleeping dogs way una suppose let lie already. Make una just drop the whole thing.

Meanwhile, who else didn't read that dissertation up there? angry angry
Crime / Re: Anambra Government Inspects Homes, Uncovers Baby Factories(photos) by DanseMacabre(m): 11:06pm On Nov 14, 2019
Nawa o. This baby factory thing seems to be a booming business in the east.

Don't their patrons know they could still adopt kids through legal channels?

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Celebrities / Re: Hushpuppi Gifted Signed Jersey By Mbappe And Mendy by DanseMacabre(m): 11:03pm On Nov 14, 2019
Lol. This one never still learn from Mompha.
Sports / Re: Tammy Abraham Scores First Goal For England In A Seven Goal Thriller Against Mon by DanseMacabre(m): 11:01pm On Nov 14, 2019
Honestly I used to think this kid was overrated, but after keenly watching his videos, I've come to the conclusion that Abraham is somewhat of an Eto'o in the making. A natural goal-poacher with a bloodhound's instincts, razor-sharp reflexes and superb finishing to top it all.

He's still raw though, and needs to work on his first touch.

Nigeria just missed out on a huge talent.
Celebrities / Re: Comedian Aphrican Ace Expecting First Child With Partner(photos) by DanseMacabre(m): 10:55pm On Nov 14, 2019
Gaskiya I no know am fa, but I guess congratulations are in order.
Celebrities / Re: Steph-Nora Okere And Omotola Jalade Meet For The First Time In 20 Years by DanseMacabre(m): 10:30pm On Nov 14, 2019
Stephanie Okereke
Sandra Achums
Lillian Bach
Regina Askia
Liz Benson
Chiege Alisigwe
Nkiru Sylvanus
Bimbo Akintola

These are the beautiful screen goddess that made us stayed glued to our 14inches TV way back....

The new crop of runs girls hiding under the umbrella of Nollywood had made the industry a laughing stock.

Good looking out to Omotola and Steph-Nora.

With Victoria Inyama too that year bro. But you sef na OG o. Respect.
Religion / Re: Lisa, Esther Ajayi Daughter's Birthday Party Dress (Photos) by DanseMacabre(m): 9:41pm On Nov 14, 2019
Na her mom God called now, no be conference call abegi

Mad o!

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Politics / Re: Show More Respect To Buhari, Goodluck Jonathan Tells Omokri by DanseMacabre(m): 7:04am On Apr 23, 2019
I'm sick to my stomach of this penchant for putting the 'an' article in front of any word with a 'h'.

Haba, only 'hour', 'heir' and 'hour' are meant for that. Maybe 'honest' too.

All this 'an hotel', 'an historic moment', 'an hospital' is rather cringeworthy.

And then Reno is a critic, being that he is one, not a 'critics'.

Nawa o.
Politics / Re: Audu Ogheh Mocked On 'The Daily Show' Over Pizza From Britain by DanseMacabre(m): 10:11pm On Apr 06, 2019
OP, its like you are confused. That episode aired days ago number 1. Secondly while i am no fan of Audu Ogbeh, how was he mocked?
It was wasteful Nigerians ordering Pizza from the UK via British Airways that were mocked.
So people should no longer talk in public, just because what they say may end up being used as material on a COMEDY show?
Stop creating nonsense headlines.

So far (at page 2 or 3), you're the only one who even understands the joke. Peeps on here are really dull men.
Family / Re: Pls Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by DanseMacabre(m): 11:18am On Mar 24, 2019

Ha no o. Nothing like that.

The moniker Comanche came out of my obsession with the North American Indian tribe of equestrian nomads in 2015.

Sorry for calling you out on a stale post: I couldn't help but acknowledge our shared interest on 'Red Indian' (how I got introduced to American Indians) tribes. My interest traverses the Comanche alone though - the Mohawk, Sioux, Cree, Cherokee, Apache etc. I LOVED reading about them and their poetic names, viz. Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse; as well as their bravery, nobility and savagery.

Have a great day.
Celebrities / Re: Kizz Daniel Rocks Army Camouflage. Photos by DanseMacabre(m): 2:22pm On Mar 19, 2019

No need - for your consumption thou

adorn definition: 1. to add something decorative to a person or thing: 2 . to make something more attractive

Oga accept your 'L' and move on. You're wrong.
Celebrities / Re: Annie Idibia Steps Out In Style (photo) by DanseMacabre(m): 2:17pm On Mar 19, 2019

They still have bed spaces in Yaba for your type. You really need psychiatric help. I can pay for the treatment if the Doctors can contact me.

I am one of the doctors. I am contacting you.
Politics / Re: IPOB Members' Corpses Found In A Bush In Abia - SunNewsOnline by DanseMacabre(m): 10:01pm On Mar 11, 2019
good evening, I saw this post u made in 2017. Today, we are in 2019 and you can't imagine the number of votes APC gathered in South East, most especially where this reported murder case took place

I think your signature says it all.
Religion / Re: Why Doesn't The Roman Catholic Church Recognise First Timers? by DanseMacabre(m): 10:49am On Mar 04, 2019

Well, you won't be totally wrong. It's not just a specific parish maybe the specific parishes I've attended. I'veattended a lot too, I'm not always in a place

Would I be wrong to assume that they were outstations as well, not cathedrals or other bigger churches?

But it's good to hear your point though.
Religion / Re: Why Doesn't The Roman Catholic Church Recognise First Timers? by DanseMacabre(m): 10:17pm On Mar 03, 2019
I beg to differ, I've been attending the Roman Catholic Church for twenty-something years now and there's no time we don't welcome the first timers. We sing for them after which they proceed to the altar where the officiating priest prays for them

Would I be wrong if I said that the bolded indicates the specific parish you've been attending for the past 20+ years? I believe I've attended over a dozen and I've never witnessed such an occurrence.
Religion / Re: Why Doesn't The Roman Catholic Church Recognise First Timers? by DanseMacabre(m): 10:11pm On Mar 03, 2019
Because they are not looking for new members.

I beg to differ bro. The mission/mandate given to the church is to win souls for the kingdom. This invalidates your assertion of the RC church 'not looking for new members'.
Religion / Re: Why Doesn't The Roman Catholic Church Recognise First Timers? by DanseMacabre(m): 1:38pm On Mar 03, 2019
What is your motive for attending the church? is it to be recognised as a first time comer? or to listen to the word of God? if the latter matters to you, then you should not be bothered about not recognised as a first time attendee.

Bros it's not about the motive of attending the church. It's about the church's reception of guests, to make them feel at 'church', if you'll excuse the pun.
Religion / Re: Why Doesn't The Roman Catholic Church Recognise First Timers? by DanseMacabre(m): 1:35pm On Mar 03, 2019
Bc they are not business entity like others
.come,worship and go.its not by force to make one a member

Not necessarily. Welcoming first-timers us more like showing Christian hospitality, the way I see it.

Of course, not the ostentatious type as depicted in your submission.

Good observation though.
Religion / Re: Why Doesn't The Roman Catholic Church Recognise First Timers? by DanseMacabre(m): 1:28pm On Mar 03, 2019
well all those times I was in the Catholic Church I didn't even notice that

Lol. It just occurred to me myself today.
Religion / Re: Why Doesn't The Roman Catholic Church Recognise First Timers? by DanseMacabre(m): 11:01am On Mar 03, 2019
Op just say you were expecting refreshments

Lol. It's actually one of the churches I frequent. The thought just hit my mind as the mass was ongoing, and I decided to ask. So what's your take?
Religion / Re: Why Doesn't The Roman Catholic Church Recognise First Timers? by DanseMacabre(m): 10:59am On Mar 03, 2019

Ohh that, tbh I think all these first timer stuff churches do nowadays is just to raise social interaction and all. The church is a spiritual gathering not a social one, but so many churches today are merely entertainment centers.

N:B This doesn't imply that churches that don't recognize firsttimers aren't entertainment centers or that some churches that do are entertainment centers

You have a very rational mind man. I concur with your submission.
Religion / Re: Why Doesn't The Roman Catholic Church Recognise First Timers? by DanseMacabre(m): 10:08am On Mar 03, 2019
They actually do... Baptized babies are technically first timers

Lol. Good sense of humour. But I mean like adult people visiting the church for the first time.
Religion / Why Doesn't The Roman Catholic Church Recognise First Timers? by DanseMacabre(m): 9:09am On Mar 03, 2019
Safe to say, I've attended quite an array of denominations: Roman Catholic, Anglican, COCIN, ECWA and all the pentecostal churches too numerous to mention, etc.

However I noticed that amongst all these denominations, it is only the Roman Catholic church that doesn't partake in that tradition of specially welcoming and recognising people attending for the first time. That is, calling them to the front row, and offering them refreshments after the service.

Please does any one, Roman Catholic or not, know why this is so?

OAM4J, Ishilove, naptu2, dominique, would appreciate if you guys help shed more light on this.

Have a great Sunday y'all.
TV/Movies / Re: Name A Movie You Can Never Get Tired Of Watching by DanseMacabre(m): 10:30pm On Feb 25, 2019
V For Vendetta.


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