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Politics / Re: Photo: Major Contenders For Edo Governorship Election Have Yoruba Affiliations by Edeyoung: 7:31am On Mar 29

Yen yen yen. Yoruba man must rule Edo. Edo belong to Yorubas. Yorubas been ruling Edo from ages past.

Haha Abi is the other way round
Politics / Re: Photo: Major Contenders For Edo Governorship Election Have Yoruba Affiliations by Edeyoung: 7:29am On Mar 29

Edo cannot do that because they cannot reject their Oduduwa ancestors.

Edo is Yorubaland so we are just reclaiming it back with the governorship mantle.

Shinedu will never rule Lagos. Any Shibuzor that do anyhow will be dealt with on Election Day in Lagos. If you like call am Stone Age, we no care.

Oduduwa in your dream that you couldn't defend in culture thread but you came here to peddle lies
Politics / Re: Photo: Major Contenders For Edo Governorship Election Have Yoruba Affiliations by Edeyoung: 7:28am On Mar 29

The only way I can go to Edo is when Oba of Benin agree to stop bleeping two sisters.

Until then, there is nothing in the barrenee Edo that I want to go and take.

We Yorubas are reclaiming the Edo crown ship and as soon as we have our son Ighodalo or Akpata on that mantle as governor, we will banish every spirit of Igomidodomidoremi from the Edo palace.

Clown 🤡🤡🤡
Politics / Re: Photo: Major Contenders For Edo Governorship Election Have Yoruba Affiliations by Edeyoung: 7:27am On Mar 29
Edo is fully a Yoruba land. We are taking back what rightly belongs to us. It’s a Yoruba governor in Edo or nothing else.

The current president is a yoruba man is a trend for them to start getting yoruba names even if it came from their distance ancestors
Family / Re: Are We Been Insensitive Or We Should Just Help Our Neighbour. by Edeyoung: 7:31pm On Jan 01
Don't mind your business we live in, communal society so speak up, because these mother that wanted you to mind her business is the one soliciting for funds from all of you now, what does that tell you
Politics / Re: Why They Think Burna Is Yoruba? by Edeyoung: 8:13pm On Dec 30, 2023
i no get time to school u boy... Happy new year in advance...

Keep the greetings to yourself, stop the tribe claiming, when our oba claimed lagos even with fact you all were throwing tantrums on him

My question remains
If truly yoruba or oromiyan came and found Benin obaship, why is there any yoruba corrupted names, title from chiefs that ls found in the oba palace, why is the oba and the chiefs not dressing like yoruba? why is the oba palace not speaking yoruba and why is there no yoruba idols in the palace, why is at that after leo ferbenous who did an excavation at the orun oba site in Ife found nothing, I begin to wonder if the yorubas are using this cheap lies to win an argument over the Benin people, lastly have there been anyone who will deny is father for any reason if truly the oba of Benin is from Ife why is the oba of Benin saying otherwise
Politics / Re: Why They Think Burna Is Yoruba? by Edeyoung: 6:39pm On Dec 30, 2023
stoo repeating yoir lies.. even in main benni kingdom... We have yorubas that are indigenous to benin town ...

The yorubas that came with oranmiyan to beni did not go back with him . Dey married and established them self till date.. that's why u see a benign man bearing yoruba name but can't speak purely yoruba language

Which main Benin kingdom abi dem tell you say yoruba can be found in the oba place or their names or dressing or even their tradition in the Benin Palace

Please think before you talk

Benin people can be found in all yoruba lands because we conquered the yorubas you can find Benins in ondo, ekiti lagos and co
Likewise you can find yorubas in outskirt of Benin because they share boundaries with edo state but Benin people are found as rulers in yoruba lands.not as boundary neighbours

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Politics / Re: Why They Think Burna Is Yoruba? by Edeyoung: 6:29pm On Dec 30, 2023

Usen, utese and Egbeta people in Benin speak both both Benin and Yoruba fluently.

Are you on weed
Politics / Re: Why They Think Burna Is Yoruba? by Edeyoung: 6:29pm On Dec 30, 2023
edo is yoruba

U dey mad
Romance / Re: Please Help: My Girl Has Messed Up My Head. by Edeyoung: 6:23pm On Dec 26, 2023

My head was spinning, I was high. It was messing with my head.
Normally, I'm this I don't Give a fvck kinda Guy.
But she ticked all the boxes, and played me well.
I stopped doing all my vices to please her.

It happens we all, are fool when we love, I get 3 babes fine girls before they said yes to me dey were lamenting I have not spent money in them to impress them after all d complains I didn't still send dem still talk yes and we knack

If she likes u dick game would be the least thing of her worries, if a man can stay with barren woman for years vice versa then dick game is smallz

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Romance / Re: Please Help: My Girl Has Messed Up My Head. by Edeyoung: 6:12pm On Dec 26, 2023

I dey sort her bills normally. Me I be baddo, im an alpha, but when I fall in love.

U dey sort her bills, then she has seen a better person she likes, just like d way u dated other girls without affection she may had dated u like that too

So let her go don't fight it, if she comes around after u may have left her u can have her back

Dick game is not always everything, money is more rated I believe so, if she can leave u even when u sort her bills, then she was never into u that's what I think, I had a girlfriend who left me even when I sort her bills bcus I left the state we were and she moved on so quickly, while at the new state she broke up I tried all means to get her back to no avail she even told me we can never be together again unluckily for me I couldn't even get a new girl and her new guy broke up with her reason unknown when I got back to the state she was we got back together one thing I know her new bf then would have suffered if I never back out from d picture bcus she truly loved me taking her away from her new guy would have been so easy for me sometimes I do remind her about her words when she called it off
Romance / Re: Please Help: My Girl Has Messed Up My Head. by Edeyoung: 3:11pm On Dec 26, 2023

Prior to this, I have blocked her everywhere. I'm trying to move on. I just need a Reality check.
Thanks. I'd have been busy, but my company is on holidays and i added my off time to the holidays. I don't really have who talk with. I'm a closeted person.

U dick game maybe Good, a girl who likes you even if u dick game is bad she will teach u how to Bleep her, and she can endure it as well, unless u nor dey try monetarily

So just let her be, her real reason you msu not know you can only guess
Romance / Re: My Girlfriend Made Me Beat The Hell Out Of Her. by Edeyoung: 8:50am On Dec 25, 2023
The words you use in your write up, to describe your gf shows how much of a no good person you're

Learn to use polite words in your write up,

It save to give your gf one or two slaps once in a while, you don't have to go all in to beat her to pop before you pass the message
Romance / Re: Why The Craze About Female Boobs? by Edeyoung: 10:15am On Dec 15, 2023
Biologically, a woman's breasts are to for lactation and to feed babies.

Why are same body organs so much objects of attraction to men?

I'm very guilty of this obsessive desire.

How can I stop this? How can I overlook those seductive things and move on as a man?

Genuine and honest opinions will be appreciated.

Those boobs are too soft for breastfeeding only

God did it for dual purpose


Romance / Re: My Sex Life Is A Mess by Edeyoung: 10:11am On Dec 15, 2023
At age 25
girlfriends; 0
kisses ; 0
sex; 0
hugs; 0

it's not that am not attractive, infact girls even make advances at me but what can I say, I think I'm the worst introvert on earth

Rest life pass all this one's

It's normal at your age not to have any get to 30 first na u go run
Sports / Re: CAF Congratulates Victor Osimhen In Yoruba by Edeyoung: 7:10am On Dec 12, 2023

Ur mother dey mental

Na your papa I blame, d stupid man nor dey use condom on you mom kpekus
Sports / Re: CAF Congratulates Victor Osimhen In Yoruba by Edeyoung: 7:01am On Dec 12, 2023

Edo is partially Yoruba, some % of them are Yorubas

Which yoruba u dey mental


Sports / Re: CAF Congratulates Victor Osimhen In Yoruba by Edeyoung: 7:01am On Dec 12, 2023
Too early to give those people Blood pressure na

Correct. Edo state has several provinces and tribes.

But Benin Kingdom is a territory under Yorubaland.

You dey mad


Culture / Re: Oba Of Benin Went To Ile Ife To See Where They Buried Past Oba's Of Benin by Edeyoung: 4:38pm On Dec 11, 2023
The place is known as Orun Ọba Ado

They didn't show him visiting the fake site they only merged different videos to potray their narrative that is how they will cut the oba Benin speech on his coronation to pass their false narrrative, this yoruba people can't just accept the Benin people once dominated them in the past, inother to hide their shame they will try to claim the benin monarchy, just thesame way we dominated the yorubas
Same way we did for the igbos, but the yorubas are so cunny not to accept the past fact

this same site was dugged by leo ferbenous in 1914 and nothing was found the yorubas are trying to so hard to claim the oba of Benin as yoruba to hide their shame that Benins once dominated them

The historian who first came out with such a fallcious statement that the oba of Benin heads were being buried in Ife, was a benin historian with the name Dr jacob Egharevba.
Egharevba earliest work is a mix of oral traditions and speculation which he corrected in his later works, however as a matter of fact it's a traditional practice in Benin that kings of the various vassals state, under Benin control would come back to bury the previous king heads in Benin in order to notify the oba that the previous monarchy was dead this journey to Benin can only be carried out by the incoming successor who will stay in Benin for months or years to learn the ways of the Benins before going back to take his father's position as king. however this practice was never a tradition in ile-Ife as no other of the supposed oduduwa sons had a burial site making it suspecious and fallacious from Egharevba who was equipped with the Benin oral history and had mix oral tradition of the Benins with his imagination to forge the orun oba ado tradition which he termed in his book `Ile Ife the final resting place of the oba of Benin' Egharevba had writing with no consultation or whatsoever and was not even close to the palace to begin with, his works lacked referencing other than just pure selfish intrest he could derive from the then watern region the edos where under at that time, Frank Willet a french historian did an excavation on the very orun oba ado site in 1969 hoping to find some truth in what yoruba belive to be an historical site, all nine site the excavation took place was empty and nothing was found in them it is of most importance to note that at the time the supposed myth of oromiyan visit to benin, her name was still called igodomigodo and not yet ado that originated from oba ewaure a long distance predecessor of oba eweka 1

The history of oromiyan in Benin was formed and forged in the old western region to intergret the Benins and the oba as yorubas even to the extent of giving him the second position and displacing the alafin who was originally the second after the ooni of Ife although tho the oba of Benin accepted this offer at first but things didn't go as planned the other yoruba monarchs and together with the alafin of oyo was not happy with this new arrangement that the oba of Benin who is second after the ooni of Ife can't even speak yoruba language and so many other complains ensued from there, again the oba of Benin had a fall out with awolowo and other benin political aspirants and as a result pulling out of western region became thinkable and as soon as Midwestern region was created the oba of benin refuted the false history and the yorubas kings fired back and soon after the oba of Benin forged a counter history of ekaladeran and since then the history that started on falsehood became held seriously by many people who are unaware
Culture / Re: Issele-uku, The Address By Obi Osemene III To Oba Erediauwa 15th March 1982 by Edeyoung: 11:54am On Dec 11, 2023
The difference between original Asabans and their Ibo immigrants as explained by Ajayi Crowder who visited Asaba in 1875.

I find this document come here, I know you're the expert when it comes to the ibo culture
Career / Re: How Do I Deal With Nepotism In My Workplace? by Edeyoung: 5:01pm On Jun 26, 2023
I understand this is Nigeria where people are crazy about connections. People think that because you're from their village, you're supposed to give them a free pass. They won't go through the normal process, and when you refuse, they start to hate you and spread rumours about you.

It is happening to me at the place I work. It's becoming too much because I won't budge. Sometimes I feel like crying. How do I get around this? Why won't people just do things the right way I've never expected anything from anyone because they are from my village or because I know them.

I feel like I won't be able to stand my ground any longer.

Oga if i am from your village and you nor help me , i go vex for you

In life there will always be nepotism live it or take it

You will feel safer around your tribe men than oursiders
Its just life....
Celebrities / Re: Popular Nollywood Actor Uche Maduagwu Found Lifeless In Hotel by Edeyoung: 7:14pm On Jun 21, 2023
This gay looking for attention again


Romance / Re: Pls Help! My Girlfriend's Family Are Showing Me Olosho Vibes by Edeyoung: 6:31pm On Jun 21, 2023

She i an akwa ibomite

Ok not what i thought ,akwa ibom are very expressive people anyway nothing to fear
Romance / Re: Pls Help! My Girlfriend's Family Are Showing Me Olosho Vibes by Edeyoung: 5:07pm On Jun 21, 2023

I would have loved to tell you that, but due to the rate of tribalism on am i won't grin

I know a tribe who is very free like that , and its my tribe reason why i am asking
Romance / Re: Pls Help! My Girlfriend's Family Are Showing Me Olosho Vibes by Edeyoung: 5:01pm On Jun 21, 2023
I met this girl last year june, and we start up something between us and it has been going smoothly.

But recently she has automatically became a nuisance always telling me how her family will like to to meet me, especialy her mother, everytime my mother this my mother that, so i brace up and agreed to meet her family, i told her to inform her mother about it, she was very happy that we end up having hmmm grin..

On the D-day we baught some goodies for them, and set off to their mansion, her father is not around we only met her mum and her two female siblings at home...

After all the formalities and so on. Later in the night, they turn their theater on and it started playing some sort of erotic songs, i started getting uncomfortable, cheesy they all went in, (including their mum) and later came back dressed so sexily, i was shocked to my bones, not bcoz of the girls but their mum cheesy...

The all started dancing to the song playing.

My gyal draged me up and stated rocking her a** on me, i was just stearing like zombie i totally lost the control of my brain at that critical time.

.her younger sis even ask if she could rock me, i was shocked when she said yes .

The way their mum is stearing at me hmm i could tell that even her will like to rock me and more she is se*y just like her daughters.cheesy

It has been two weeks after that shocking incident, and my girlfriend has not call, visit or even text me i don't know why, but i really need help on how to handle this matter

Pls mods should help push to the front page for more advice From relationship experts

Which tribe is the girl
Culture / Re: The Oba Of Benin's Palace Before 1897 British Destruction - PIC by Edeyoung: 9:34am On Jun 02, 2023

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Celebrities / Re: Hilda Baci Spends ₦1.1M On Lunch With Her Besties (pics/video) by Edeyoung: 8:47pm On May 22, 2023
She is now a verified millionaire so she deserve it.

You sound like a gay and simp thesame time

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Celebrities / Re: Hilda Baci Defends Her Dress Sense, Hints On Next Steps by Edeyoung: 8:35pm On May 22, 2023
Very digusting girl with her nonsense award


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