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Romance / Re: Please Help Me, He Has My Nudes by Edeyoung: 2:46am On May 28
Fake story to visit is website nudesblog

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Celebrities / Re: Hilda Baci Spends ₦1.1M On Lunch With Her Besties (pics/video) by Edeyoung: 8:47pm On May 22
She is now a verified millionaire so she deserve it.

You sound like a gay and simp thesame time

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Celebrities / Re: Hilda Baci Defends Her Dress Sense, Hints On Next Steps by Edeyoung: 8:35pm On May 22
Very digusting girl with her nonsense award


Politics / Re: The Moment Governor Sanwo-Olu Tasted Hilda Baci's Food (Video) by Edeyoung: 12:38am On May 16

I have never seen irrelevance and mediocrity more celebrated in my life.

Like wtf, GWR is what a whole giant of Africa and its leaders are celebrating .

Who use Nigeria do rituals?

D thing tire me to comment , i don yab them for fb

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Food / Re: Stunning Photos Of Hilda Baci by Edeyoung: 10:29am On May 15
When olosho they look for more customer's


Romance / Re: What Has Caused Hookup Culture? by Edeyoung: 1:32am On May 09

In aboard, you must work in other to pay your bills, nobody is ready to shoulder or accommodate you, not even your siblings.

Everybody is busy and occupied with work, both male and female.

The girls over there are earning pretty well that they can afford their basic life necessity, so using money to woo them will not work, unlike here where there is no source of income, that is why Nigerian girls has to compromise by selling their body.

Places like Canada or England, do you think you can afford to pay the services of a prostitute?.... When you can barely save more than $2,000 in a month.

You can ask new migrants whatsup with their sex life.... Some stay as much as 1-3yrs without sex.

More than 80% of girls into hookup/prostitution/runs or what ever you call it are not happy with the hustle, but are doing it because they have bills to pay.

You're getting it wrong. The western countries, with the way their systems works, should even encourage the ladies to go into hookups, You think poverty is not in the west. If you don't work, won't you face poverty even in that same west?
Overhere, our culture is even fair to ladies; there are jobs reserved for them: cooking, saloon, secretary, and nursing unlike in the west were there is no gender roll for job's, and where they don't get to share bils with the man they get married to or even pay for the marriage arrangement.

So what are you talking about, eblike you still watch home video around early 2000 when prostitutes gave this silly excuse? With this generation, most people work online, without transport costs or anything, and they get their money in full, but you see, most girls who sell online are into hookups as well, out of pure greed and a lack of good parenting.

You summarised greed on thier part and not poverty


Romance / Re: What Has Caused Hookup Culture? by Edeyoung: 1:10am On May 09
Of you stop patronizing them, watch how it will die a natural death. As long as there are buyers, there would be market.

Can you stop patronising water, if stop patronising them gradually we men will turn gay

They are somethings you can just tackle like that when its a natural calling , we can tackle it from the clothes they wear , government laws

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Romance / Re: Is It True You Can Use Gbola And Scatter Girl Head Abi Brain by Edeyoung: 3:15am On May 08
I get this girl like that , Qua-tar to albino , nice and curvy shape hundred level student in nursing . I’ m just a three hundred level student in computer science living in a room with basic amenities.
Whenever She comes around i entertain her with food and drinks with serious knacking at night and i only give her transport money nothing else ooo.Hoping she won’t come again she still show’s up bringing food along and serious knacking continues all through the night , which makes me feeling sleepy after lecture and extremely tired , i do feel extremely relaxed and numb in lecture after every encounter the previous night. sometimes if I don’t go for lecture a day I always sleep throughout that day feeling extreme weak.
I don’t buy her cards , clothes or even take her out apart for her transport the next day .
sometimes i ask myself wetin this girl see for me cause i be better bad person i do smoke hang around with not the regular kind of people i be bad influence “she once cried when she saw me smoking “ i just told her it’s something she can’t change in me that she shouldn’t bother trying,
omo she to dey mumu herself for my side . The truth is I don’t live or stay in the regular type of lodge in school i stay outside school . My lodge you will see prostitute , smokers , cultist , parents and single mothers making advances at you I’m already entangled with one already though she and this said girl of mine meet once i just introduced them to each other.

Stop writing love epitsoles on nairaland

Kids thesedays self

So you think everyone here dont have such babe

Thread like this should be pulled down


Romance / Re: Butt And Boobs Obsession: We Asked Men Which One The Love The Most by Edeyoung: 3:00am On May 08
Bwess oo
Politics / Re: Bola Tinubu Celebrates Victor Osimhen On Serie A Title Win by Edeyoung: 8:01pm On May 07

Victor Moses is not even from Benin self. Na Kaduna boy. Just let him enjoy the list

He is edo oo he only grew up in kaduna
Romance / Re: What Has Caused Hookup Culture? by Edeyoung: 7:37pm On May 07
The main inducer of hookup is the western influnce and her culture and not proverty, all blames goes to the ladies and not the men

The hookup thing was started by Americans Nigerian girls took it from there

They started buying skimming clothes to get mens attention revealing thier boobs and ass ,whenever we complain about thier indecent dressing they attack us and call it body positivism

Our ancestors in the past knew why they caged women and even circumcised them

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Romance / Re: Which One Is The Sweetest? (pix) by Edeyoung: 7:14pm On May 07
No 3, they sweey, its an evil sex but the sweetest
Education / Re: Tennessee Student Pepper Sprays Her Teacher After He Took Her Phone (video) by Edeyoung: 7:07pm On May 07
If a white person did that to her now the Internet would be on fire


Romance / Re: The Girl I Invited Over Was A Total Disaster (picture) by Edeyoung: 1:27am On May 03
lol women do that all the time and they say it’s them making a choice

Stop giving excuse you're a man not a woman you should be more reserved and leave the childish gang of alpha male formed by the same society that turns men into women....

The girl that came out with the voice message insulting a guy for being broke, black short was seriously abused for those words

Men ahouldnt do what youre doing
Romance / Re: The Girl I Invited Over Was A Total Disaster (picture) by Edeyoung: 2:00pm On May 02

Cyber what ?
Hear yourself

Yes cyber bully she could be on nairaland or even felllow ladies that can relate wouldnt find your post appealing

Stop body shaming people, if a woman body shame you like this or broke shame you ,you wont be happy with it

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Romance / Re: The Girl I Invited Over Was A Total Disaster (picture) by Edeyoung: 1:51pm On May 02
Pull down the thread

This is cyber bulying , how would you be so cold with words to someone ,you dont find her attractive doesnt mean someone is not out there killing himself to have her


Health / Re: How Do I Boost My Immune System? by Edeyoung: 1:16am On Apr 24
how can i get it nd i hope its cheap nd it works

Have you visited the hospital to do a total full health scan....you may have an underlying illness

Visit the hospital,
TV/Movies / Re: Egyptian Lawyer Sues Netflix For Depicting Cleopatra As Black Woman by Edeyoung: 8:47pm On Apr 23

That is not right

The Nubians were from Sudan mainly

But some Nubian Tribes were in Upper Egypt

Most black African Tribes descended from Nubians

Including Yorubas Hausas and Igbo too

It was the Nubians that produced the African Negros

Bilal Al Sudan means Land of the Blacks in Arabic

Even West Africa was called Western Sudan


Close your mouth yoruba Muslim i see what you're trying to there
TV/Movies / Egyptian Lawyer Sues Netflix For Depicting Cleopatra As Black Woman by Edeyoung: 11:36pm On Apr 22
An Egyptian lawyer has taken legal action against the popular streaming platform, Netflix. The lawyer filed a case with the Public Prosecutor calling for the closure of the platform after the release of the trailer for the upcoming movie, "Queen Cleopatra."
The film depicts the Greek historical figure as a black-skinned woman, a portrayal that has caused controversy and sparked outrage in Egypt.
The lawyer argues that the depiction is historically inaccurate and offensive to the Egyptian people.

According to Egypt Independent, Mahmoud al-Semary demanded that all legal measures be taken against those responsible for the documentary and the management of the streaming platform for its participation in “this crime.”

The complaint submitted against the streaming platform alleged that "most of what Netflix platform displays contradicts Islamic and societal values and principles, especially Egyptian ones.", Greek city times reported.

The case said that the documentary promotes Afrocentrism that is widely spread on social media, which have slogans and writings aimed at distorting and obliterating the Egyptian identity.

The complaint continued addressing Public Prosecution: "In order to preserve the Egyptian national and cultural identity among Egyptians all over the world… we ask and seek you to take the necessary legal measures against this platform."

It demanded stopping broadcasts showing all works aimed at obliterating and distorting the Egyptian identity, through films aimed at falsifying and distorting history in Egypt.

OAM4J , Mynd44 move to front page
Education / Re: That 11USD Twitter Is Charging In 12 Months Is What Most Nigerians Pay As Rent by Edeyoung: 11:30pm On Apr 22

Remember there was a time those celebrities made Twitter what it is today.

And you believe they have not had their own share of twitter advantage

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Education / Re: That 11USD Twitter Is Charging In 12 Months Is What Most Nigerians Pay As Rent by Edeyoung: 4:28pm On Apr 22
Make una pay una won bankrupt the man he paid billoons for twitter he needs to get his money back
What is akon saying if nobody patronised is music or people didnt help him to reach limelight would people have know him at all

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Culture / Re: Olu Of Warri Installs Chief Oma Eyewuoma As New Ologbotsere In Warri Kingdom by Edeyoung: 4:23pm On Apr 20

I actually consider that an honour to be seen as a teenager. But I wish our teenagers knew Graeco-Roman and Egyptian history, To understand your African history (especially as much was not written down) you need to understand how others operated contemporarily because a king as an Ogiso or whatever they actually called themselves in Benin in 313 AD faced many similar challenges as Constantine in Rome. You have clearly never done comparative history.

Your rather shallow understanding is that Africa had nothing in common with other races back then. Simply because you seem not to know.

You said Egypt was not purely black. What is pure black? Charcoal black like many Sudanese Nubians? Those fair skinned people from Igboland and Edo, fairer than many ancient Egyptians, are impure blacks? shocked shocked

The more you argue, the more you reveal a warped notion of being black that is very narrow and ultimately a disservice to Afrocentrism.

Black Pharaohs and their families are clearly represented in statues. If you haven't been there, go and visit and learn. Whatever the hue of their skin, they were Africans and black. Arabs from Saudi or some place now living in African lands will not tell me otherwise.

I never said anything about the density of eyptian blackness, egypt civilzation isnt just black africans
Alone its a mixture of greek, romians and african
That is what i mean about Egyptian not a pure black african civilization, because you can as well see atatue of white look pharaoh Egyptian

All what you wrote up there wasnt necessary

Stop downgrading benin or any african civilzation by on how far the western influence penetrated society

See as the both of you up there rushing to fight over who first accepted western Christianity between edo and itsekiri
Celebrities / Re: Davido Wife Chioma Set For D!VORÇ£ After Davido IMPREGNÄTED His Baby Mama Again by Edeyoung: 2:21pm On Apr 20


Eblike pidgin dey hard you to speak try speak yoruba eblike na wetin u sabi

See as u dey jerk as u dey speak d pidgin
Education / Re: My First Semester Result Without Any Expo (pics) by Edeyoung: 2:14pm On Apr 20

I am currently a student in one of the best federal University in Nigeria. My current cgpa is 4.63 and I got it without any form of malpractice aka expo. I achieved it with hardwork and dedication. I am not boasting in any way but I am trying to build the confidence of average students that they can get an excellent result without engaging in any form of malpractice or looking for short cut to pass. What they need to do is to work very hard and be fully dedicated to their studies. And lastly, school is not a scam because lots of great men have benefited from it. Great men like Peter obi, chukwuma soludo, wole soyinka, yemi osinbajo
Cc lalasticlala


Try do expo e fit boost to 5.0


Culture / Re: Olu Of Warri Installs Chief Oma Eyewuoma As New Ologbotsere In Warri Kingdom by Edeyoung: 2:02pm On Apr 20

That is what you don't get. Every great empire did not live in a vacuum but adapted. Religiously, technologically, socially, etc. The Greeks took good things like knowledge, art, medicine from Egypt, the Romans took from the Greeks and Rome spread education and culture to Western Europe as we now know it worldwide. So your talk of pride in Western influence is due to poor knowledge because the trinity story and creation story began in Egypt. That is where Moses (educated by the best scholars in Pharoah's palace) learnt everything he later wrote. Trinity story built on that by Christians later.
So don't use your shallow knowledge to judge other's underlying thoughts.

Constantine adopted Jewish religion. Jews were not white as they came to be mixing with Europeans after 70AD.
May be you are the one obsessed with white people.

Whatever outside influence came, use of musket guns to overpower enemies, or whatever, Benin knew how to retain own history and culture. Like any truly great nation.

Youre just talking of how europe influenced themselves, if europe influenced themselves what pride would a black man get from that

If africans influenced themselves the pride would be for Africans only the black skin ....

You speak of egypt that is not purely a black man civilzation ,

Is either you're a teenager or you dont know how the world works and youre obviously mentally enslaved

Stop priding with a whiteman thing youre just downgrading yourself and your people

The benin comes from the fact they never saw the whitemen above them , they fought them traded with them as equal , never accepted their religion

But here you're trying to downgrade them, with your pride for who got more influence the most

I would assume youre a teenager, if youre not sorry
Culture / Re: Olu Of Warri Installs Chief Oma Eyewuoma As New Ologbotsere In Warri Kingdom by Edeyoung: 12:00am On Apr 20

What led to the inter-regnum in the Oluship from 1856-1936? That will help towards shedding more light on the independence that you mentioned. Why did Oba Akenzua and grandfather of this current Olu place a curse on Itsekhiri people that this current Olu said he was reversing during his coronation? Why was that same Olu (granddad of current one) given 14 coronation beads by Oba Akenzua to crown the next 14 Olus of Warri, something current Olu used to partly claim validity when the old crown was stolen? Watch his coronation speech.

Dude, today we all do our own things independently but let's not twist history. It is well-known.

As for Christianity, you judge that Benin's own was for show. Many people became Christian in Iberia due to Spanish Inquisition. By force. Christianity became established in the West due to politics. Emperor Constantine wanted to use the religion of very obedient people (innocent people ready to die for their faith without much resistance, just the type of citizens ready to die him that he desired) to control Roman Empire.

The same people appealing to Domingo were the same that brought big time slave trade, so how genuine were even the Portuguese as Christians, never mind those they were converting?
Like Constantine, European kings at the time used Christianity for politics. Obas of Benin probably saw through that. They were in Portugal before anyone else.

Some argue that Constantine's Edict of Milan in 313 stopped killing and persecution of Christians, returned their seized assets to say how genuine his faith was. No experts/scholars believes that.

Breaking news: Constantine unbanned all religious sects, cults and groups. Not just Christianity. It was a much wider political move.

Oh by the way, as far as we can tell, Oba of Benin is the only King in West Africa who is also head of a native Christian Church, the Holy Aruosa Cathedral in Benin. Like King Charles II is the head of the Anglican church. Benin's long history means it has found ways to indigenise Christianity. Long before Aladura, Cele and others came along.

An indigenous church that has existed for centuries, long after guns for battles matter have gone, stand as a testament like a rock.
You know black man trying to be holier than the pope, like you have indicated in your post will also find another excuse.

I dont know what you both are trying to pride on

But the pride of benin came from that western influence couldn't infiltrate our culture not until nigeria started demonzing our religion

Our forefathers stood against western influence, they didnt welcome their writing of text we got ours artworks for documentation, we used them for our wars, we traded as equal men , Christianity
Couldnt penetrate us until after independence

So if you guys are priding on mediocrity then i am sorry you both are just not well read

If europe had influenced benin you think even the white men would cherish our culture today

So why are you both priding on who the whitemen influenced with Christianity the most
Culture / Re: Olu Of Warri Installs Chief Oma Eyewuoma As New Ologbotsere In Warri Kingdom by Edeyoung: 11:38pm On Apr 18

Benin had the oldest church in Nigeria as a whole and a street named at the Pope (Via Papa) now called Akpakpava Street in Benin. When did Prince Ginuwa leave Benin to become Ogiame of Ewere/Iwerre/Warri?

When did Europeans first reach Benin? Oba Esigie was baptised by 1504 just upon becoming king. He was a Christian nominally before that already. Esigie son (Orhogbua) was at Portuguese Royal military Academy in Lisbon, educated and was a Christian. He learned naval sailing from the Portuguese.

Domingo was in Lisbon by 1600. Orhogbua was in Portugal almost 100 years earlier.

By 1480s, King John II of Portugal already established strong links with Oba Ozolua of Benin. Oba Ewuare had already welcomed the Portuguese even before that.

Why do you think Oba Esigie had muskets (guns) from Portugal to fight Idah people in 1515-1516 War? Only Christian Kings/foreign rulers were given the new deadly weapon to use in war.

Oba sent them back politely in which year? Please be careful what you write in a public forum.

Benin accepted Christianity just for the idah war ,
Esigie with few chief's were hurrily baptised, the acceptance of Christianity was for the Portuguese military support
The Portuguese refuse to give benin guns until benin is a fully converted to a Christian kingdom, esigie who was willing to, but majority of the chief's frowned at the moves, they eventually baptised oba esigie and some few chiefs on the promise that after the war his full royal cabinet wil be converted and guns will be given to beninas to protect themselves, but after the war many other Europeans started visiting benins were willingly to give benin guns and the project was abandon

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Romance / Re: This Banny Don Hype My Preek by Edeyoung: 2:24am On Apr 17

Who told you I don't have a soft lips?

My lips soft die.

And when I handle you, you will cum under 20secs.

I know just the right places to touch wink

If they truly ask you to come out now you go dey fear, you abominations should keep living in fear for your safety if you mistakingly come out people like us are ready to call a mob on you
Culture / Re: The Kingdom Of Benin Was A Massive Slave Trader by Edeyoung: 3:05am On Apr 14

Perhaps. I think they were selling their own people too which probably destroyed the kingdom from the inside, many people ran away. What was the the real reason? trading none royal edo people for drinks and guns?

According to Ferraz (1978)The language that feature most prominently in the Sao Tomense Portuguese based creole are Bini, better known as Edo ....and Kongo.

Ferraz evidence shows that people from the Niger Delta and we can interprete his Edo in a broader sense to include other Edoid and related languages and dialects such as Edo(Bini), Isoko, Urhobo (all Edoid) Isekiri ended up speaking a kind of pidgin portuguese. Proof of this is supplied by the impressive list of words of Edoid (especially Edo orBini origin in Sao Tomense as reported by Ferraz (1978). Sao Tome and principe is an island on the Gulf of Benin and situated near modern day Gabon.


In the 16th century São Tomé and Príncipe became the first plantation economy in the tropics based on sugar monoculture and slave labor, while the slave trade was equally important for the local economy.


I am suggesting they sold their own first, then when the population got too small they went for other tribes

We never sold our people , the niger delta people were the people that wete sold first as slaves to sao tome
The niger delta people back in the days understood edo lamguage , we edo people ruled over them...

The niger delta peoples still uses edo words till date , the benins never sold themselves

At a time thr benin stoped selling of niger deltans and ventured into the west and east for slaves

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