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Health / Re: Help !!! I Just Swallowed A Mango Seed !!! by Emeraldgreene(f): 6:16pm On May 01, 2021
[Please please I'm begging you, please help Osejie17,a nairalander too,his father just died last week due to doctors negligence, he is the first
child of 4 children,and they are all in school.he graduated 2019 , studied accountancy,since then no job, please money is not everything,if u can give him a job through people u know please help him..

authoricky post=101273433]I had wanted to at least send u small thing but when I went to ur profile I discovered u just registered this account 28th you have also spent 7 hour 44m today you are asking for help already. 7 hours data is how much?. You people should place allow people to help people who are really in need.[/quote]
Education / Re: Chiwueze Kingsley Is Missing In Owerri (300 Level IMSU Law Student) by Emeraldgreene(f): 5:50pm On May 01, 2021
[Chaii...im so worried,so sorry...i pray he s found alive and well in Jesus name.
quote author=dionflex post=101279417]Missing In Owerri. Please If Seen Contact His Family

In the Wake of the Crisis in Owerri I hope and pray you're safe Saraki

This is Mr Chiwueze Kingsley (aka Saraki) a 300 level law student in IMO state university from OGUTA LGA, updates has it that he went home to visit his family on Monday the 26th of April 2021 and has not been heard from since then, all his lines are not going through and he is not responding to any texts, we plead with the general public that if there's any information about him to reach out to the Family on 08137800804
He is an aspirant for The National Union of Imo State Student, Senate Council

Please we can't loose another IMO student, be your brothers keeper

you can reach out to me also 09071157773[/quote]
Celebrities / Re: Davido's Chioma Received A Surprise 26th Birthday Party, Hosted By Clark Adeleke by Emeraldgreene(f): 11:07am On May 01, 2021
[Hahaha....nairalanders,una get mouth ooo.....from assurance to endurance? Lol....unkept Hag? Hahahaha..Na Wah oh.

erquote author=ceejay10 post=101280277]that second class engine is 100 times better than the unkempt hag u are dating. you will never ever date a girl close to Chioma's level, you swine.[/quote]
Family / Re: My Wife Wants To Kill Me. What Should I Do? by Emeraldgreene(f): 2:00pm On Apr 30, 2021
SO U WANT TO RUN AWAY? Is this how u will pay that Woman back for her loyalty and love to you? Chai u're very wicked selfish, childish and immature.its all about u and how are feeling. How old are u please?

That Woman stood by u and took care of you wen u were sick in hospital until u we're strong enough,had nothing,were poor and broke,she ran away from her family to be with you after her family rejected u. So this is how u want to pay her back,by running away and abandon her and YOUR unborn child? You are Wicked.

How many ladies of this generation,how many slay queens will agree to abandon her family and be with a man who is struggling,and be going to farm everyday? How many want to suffer?


Ur immaturity and childish mentality is wat u want to use to kill ur wife. Ur are the problem here not ur wife.At her pregnant stage,you still want her to follow you to farm, can u see how selfish u sound?
You want to kill her and the innocent child,u want her to have a miscarriage.

Marriage is for mature minds,not because u have fully developed male organs and beards.ur wife is pregnant and going through so much,coupled with no money.Give her a break.

If u're smart this is what u will do, from now henceforth,show that Woman love,love ,love.she is shouting, screaming having mood swings ,hold her,hug her,pet her, pamper her.

Fill her with lots of love overflowing she can't contain it. Whatever she does, don't complain,don't quarrel,overlook her.continue showing her love,even in her mood swings, continue to encourage her,tell her sweet things,how things will change for better and how u will shower lovely gifts on her.

Do the house chores,cook,clean, wash,take care of her,urself and ur home.You are the head of ur home.Then after a some time casually mention it to her that u love her so much and how she acts hurts u terribly.U tell her that please my darling stop being harsh with me.

Pray to God for success and work hard,double ur efforts,it's not only farming u can do, their are other jobs u can do,anything legit to get money ,as soon as u get money,go and meet her family and pay her bride Price.You need parental blessings,it's very very important.You cannot build a marriage that we without doing the needful.

Lastly,both of you, quickly go for counseling,in church,a therapist or an elder...you should enrol in another church if ur church banned u and don't want you.pray to God to show u which church ge wants a to be.

Winners church is a good place,they have a heart of helping those in need anda they support u in this trying time to bounce back.Pray and invite God into ur home and ask him to direct your affairs,ur steps and help you to be the head of your home he created you to be.

Marriage is not easy,but u are lucky u have a good woman bby ur side to make life's journey easier.
Life is not easy,life is full of problems,there are tougher challenges ahead.what are u gonna do wen they come? You must stand up as a man,fight and conquer ur problems head on.

I didn't want to type ,cos I have no strength but I had to reply u wen u said u want to run away.
Romance / Re: Egboh Ifeyinwa: Lady Embarrassed In A Restaurant By Boyfriend Reveals The Truth by Emeraldgreene(f): 11:03am On Apr 30, 2021
Liar,wat happened to you was real ...it's not a skit,I just analysed the video, from body language to tone of voice to emotions to actions to the speech of your boyfriend who took yesterday wig off and that of the recorders to reactions of other sitters there,and the lady who walked up to you , consoling u and the utterances of the other guys sitted, Ma'am u are a bloody liar.

Even your body language here on this second video u made to save face,as u're trying to cover up with the foul lies that it's just a skit gave u away .

Any intelligent person grounded in non- verbal communication can see right through you.
If u we're smart enough,you should have just kept quiet and let this one slide.In a few weeks time,they will be talking about someone else...Those your hands and face though,u looking like roasted plantain.
Celebrities / Re: Photos Of Cubana Chief Priest In His Shrine by Emeraldgreene(f): 12:37pm On Apr 29, 2021
[Please I have swollen feet and Uncontrollable weight gain,I keep increasing everyday inspite I'm not eating because I have no appetite..I have pain that never goes away on
my two sides of my abdomen.I went to hospital for kinds of Test they couldn't find anything wrong and the Doctor advised me to seek for Spiritual solution that it's a Spiritual attack.Please wats ur opinion

uoteeor=KingAzari post=101225916]Those his swollen feet should worry him. His kidneys and liver are performing below par.

His check engine light is on while he is running.[/quote]
Health / Re: I'll Be Undergoing Colon Cancer Surgery Soon by Emeraldgreene(f): 9:01pm On Apr 27, 2021
[please help Osejie17,he lost his father on 23rd this month,he is a graduate since 2019,No job,he is the first born of four little siblings.everything about the burial is on his head.he studied accountancy.please if you know someone that knows someone who can help him get a job.please.

uote author=priceaction post=101181267]Sorry. And if there is a way we can assist you financially, don't hesitate to ask after being verified of course and using same moniker and probably thread. May God go with you. [/quote]
Romance / Re: Ladies: 7 Ways To Tell If A Guy No Longer Fancies You by Emeraldgreene(f): 8:38pm On Apr 27, 2021
[He doesn't have a job...since he graduated 2019...he studied accountancy.please if you know someone that knows someone please help thus brother...I just spoke with him,to sympathise with him...He is the first child of four siblings...

Please let's find a way to help him.quote author=MrEgghead post=101168202]It's very difficult to pull through especially for the first few days..Relish the good memories you both had and have the mindset that your Dad was not going to live forever afterall, then you'll be fine..At this time, you have get busy especially with your work..This will help you reduce the time you'll spend grieving. Just be strong brother �[/quote]
Politics / Re: Omokri To Army: Eliminate Boko Haram Leader Just As You Crushed Ikonso by Emeraldgreene(f): 10:27pm On Apr 26, 2021
[it was not failure of GEJ adminstration,its one word only, SABOTAGE...DONT BE DECEIVED,NORTH HAVE NEVER BEEN ONE WITH SOUTH.uote author=seunmsg post=101118495]Reno was in Aso Rock for six years with Jonathan. They had the chance to eliminate not just the leader of Boko Haram but the entire sect but failed to do so. This advice wouldn’t have been necessary if they had done the job when they had the chance. [/quote]
Politics / Re: Police Kills Ikonso, Commander Of IPOB Insurgents In Imo Attack by Emeraldgreene(f): 10:21pm On Apr 26, 2021
[Just shut up...never say what you don't know....u believe lies Nigerian govt tell on media and newspapers?? Let me shock you,I didn't want to say this,It's coming from a very high profile source.

The burning of police station was done by Nigerian govt.
1.The north is being damaged by insecurity,there was only peace in Southern region of Nigeria.So they came against southern region to create destruction and chaos,so South won't have peace,and investors,foreigners and international community will also see South as dangerous, run away from South and not invest in it.So South will not benefit.as North is on fire, south will not have peace and suffer too.

2.To use the chaos they created to destroy ESN by making Esn look like they ATTACKED the police station,hence the need to kill/destroy /fluah out/ eliminate ESN.

mbprofileuotehor=RMoneyInTheBank post=101085234]At first, they said they were protecting their forest from killer herdsmen... And it was kind of cool...not until they started attacking security personnel and facilities ... I just hope the new security outfit created by the south east governors will be able to tackle the activities of killer herdsmen and kidnappers

And as for IPOB, no sane human will support their recent activities against security personnel [/quote]
Celebrities / Re: DJ Switch Celebrates Her 37th Birthday (Video) by Emeraldgreene(f): 9:35am On Apr 26, 2021
The best birthday wish here....welldonequote author=AfroKnight post=101122899]DjSwitchaholic my hero.

Switch the Bold.

Switch the fierce.

Scourge of the inept leaders of Nigeria.

A Pennant of justice

A beacon.

The wicked people in Nigerian government and their idîotic doomed supporters will not snuff out your flame. They will not silence your music.

May your days be prosperous on planet earth.

Happy birthday.
Politics / Re: Military Technology Is Beyond Native Doctors’ Protection, APC Warns Youths by Emeraldgreene(f): 9:42pm On Apr 25, 2021
[ Africa(Nigeria) has a Shaky foundation,because of wickedness, abominations, iniquity and evil.The boom of the great country couldnt blossom,thrive.Shaky bad foundations lead to crashes,collapse.

This era is gone for good, it can never repeat itself.
Now the reverse is the case and even worse reverse for that matter.

Can you see how confident and proud Alhaji Abubakar was, Nigeria was the pride of Africa and among the world good countries then.

I lack the words to describe this country now. We are at a very critical point right now.

Crime / Re: Yahoo Boys Bathing On A Burial Ground (Video) by Emeraldgreene(f): 4:42am On Apr 24, 2021
I keep asking people,

That if you were to assume the role of God, who would you allow into the heavens if you were to make a choice between the BLACK MAN & the WHITEMAN ?[/quote]
Travel / Re: Cow Imported From US By Ekiti Government Breaks Loose At Lagos Airport by Emeraldgreene(f): 8:42am On Apr 23, 2021
[I swear down,up,left,right, front and back.Exactly my thoughts.Their Stupidity is heartbreaking!...This is my first life in Africa,after my past lives in Europe as a man.

I wake up every day and hear the news,I say to myself,this people are filled with hatred for themselves,so babaric,stupid,wicked and evil.I remember one time I watched the news and saw how

They sent a failed satellite to Space...U haven't conquered the poverty,insecurity,and unemployment ravaging ur country,u're sending satellites to space.How Stupid!

eor=catfrog10 post=101033431]You see these creatures called black people, they are are very very useless. They don't have sense at all. How can someone with a right mind import cows?[/quote]
Celebrities / Re: Ada Jesus’ Death: Rita Edochie Reacts To Backlash by Emeraldgreene(f): 12:49am On Apr 23, 2021
[Google Bill Wiese and on YouTube ,I never really was sure of hell until I read his experience,and all his words are backed up by scripture verses,every single one of them. author=Daniel058 post=101022997]

I have a question for you please, when Jesus Christ Died ,did he asscend to heaven immediately?

If no , then where is the paradise he promised to be with the repented thief in Luke 23:43

"Jesus answered him, "Truly I tell you, today you will be with me in paradise."[/quote]

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Celebrities / Re: Ada Jesus’ Death: Rita Edochie Reacts To Backlash by Emeraldgreene(f): 12:20am On Apr 23, 2021
[Yes,Pray always... AND MIND YOUR BUSINESS.
uote author=PraiseGodNoTime post=101021359] She was Cursed for her action and when a heavy curse landed upon a victim like that, her body from inside will never remain the same. That is why it is advisable to you all to say the truth always. if she wanted fame with the names of those two people she would had contacted them for such, so that she can use their names for but she want alone and she received a no nonsense satanic bullet. Odumeje is no man of God, he is a strongman and they don't hear sorry if you tarnish their image nationwide without their permission. She would have survived it, moreover the girl is not a good follower of Jesus Christ, not strong enough in prayer, she doesn't know her right in Jesus Christ; it is really a pity. A lot to learn here! She went too far! The bullets fired into her, had around gone inside her body and there's nothing she can do about it, her body was weak and everything went off! Learn to respect people, don't invite devil that is on his mission to come against you without him knowing that you do exist. Pray always! Pray always! Pray always! [/quote]
Crime / Re: Lawyer’s Corpse Disappears From Mortuary During Burial In Cross River by Emeraldgreene(f): 8:11am On Apr 19, 2021
How does this happen? Please explain uote author=Godbless3 post=100918890]I know very well that nobody remove that corpse from the mortuary.
This is highly spiritual case which the man was a spiritual man, using spiritual means to win and earn case and as such its spiritual engagement has taken over his body after dead.
They should have look for a good pastor or a powerful native doctor to bring back his body.[/quote]
NYSC / Re: Has NYSC Destroyed Your Relationship Before? Tell Us Your Story by Emeraldgreene(f): 11:03pm On Apr 16, 2021
[Spot On!

quote author=angelfallz post=100815041]Lol. its not NYSC's fault. Loose girls would remain loose no matter where they find themselves. It was good that, you ditched her immediately.[/quote]
Religion / Re: Nigeria Is A Scam - Pastor Paul Adefarasin (Video) by Emeraldgreene(f): 5:13pm On Apr 13, 2021
[how won't I be sure u won't hack me..when I contact u with my phone number?
Quote author=Jonson111 post=100760232]Wow[/quote]
Politics / Re: Crush IPOB, ESN Members, IGP, Muhammed Adamu Orders by Emeraldgreene(f): 2:54pm On Apr 06, 2021
It's very clear to all that the government was behind the attacks In imo State.They have been looking for a way to destroy ESN who have been fighting back the terrorist Herdsmen.

ESN operations has been an obstacle in the way of herdsmen taking over South East,hence the order to take them out of the way by all means.

Their sponsors has been so pained that ESN has been a stumbling block in their path and a thorn in their flesh.

Why crush and attack without a group defending their lives,people,land and properties without concrete evidence?

A building of police station is more important than the bloody massacre of innocent helpless men,women and children which has been ongoing and recently occurred in Ebonyi and Uzo uwani? How many orders have u given to crush the criminals?

Face ur real enemies and leave IPOB alone!
Wicked Nigerians who hate and kill their own.Blacks killing blacks,and later accuse white man of racism.poverty-stricken continent being a burden on the world, dragging the world backwards.

Later, you steal from your Country and come over here and spend ur blood money buying houses and real estate, helping us develop our country further.
Evil,wicked, babaric Judas Iscariots.

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Health / Re: Nigerian Lady Dies After She Fell & Hit Her Head On A Hard Surface (Pictures) by Emeraldgreene(f): 8:08pm On Apr 05, 2021
I remember when I had an demonic fall like this,in May 2014 .It was like a hand pushed me .I turned 360 degrees and hit a side of my face, nose,mouth and teeth on the wash hand basin, before I hit my head on the floor.my nose was bleeding blood profusely,and the side of my face I hit on the sink before falling to the ground had a huge cut and became swollen like a balloon.

I was screaming in d bathroom,my elder sister heard me calling her name,she rushed in,with d others and they carried me to the hospital.I thought I had lost most of my teeth and was surprised not one was broken or missing.

My brain was in a state of shock by such force with which my head on d floor.Then I thought about accident victims and how they suffer such trauma, sudden force,pain and injuries.

The enemy wanted to take away my life but it was only some blood I lost and not my life..It was a push of death.
I could have died.What I believed saved me was shouting Jesus with all my strength as I fell.

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Travel / Re: Nigerians In Oslo, Norway by Emeraldgreene(f): 6:26pm On Apr 05, 2021
Please dear do they give admission to women who are pregnant and or nursing mothers.Im planning on getting pregnant and schooling.I don't know their educational policies in Norway ,please help me...enlighten me .I'm awaiting ur response ok.

author=Arinze001 post=100057843]

Actually, a 2:2 can!

It's too early for that range to get offers, but, some will definitely get.

Spread your applications and be hopeful.[/quote]
Romance / Re: He Vowed To Destroy My Life Either By Charm Or Any Means. by Emeraldgreene(f): 10:23pm On Mar 23, 2021
[Go and tell ur mother to shut up, idiot that lack home training.I was chatting and exchanging ideas with thinking u're a mature mind.u cant discuss issues without being rude.ure very childish and foolish in ur response. In my post I expressed my views rationally and intelligently I only talked about gender equality,u twisted it to superiority.Its ur mother that is a daft, confused bitter feminist.get lost abeg.Ewu.

quote author=LINTUNE post=100150987]just shut up..u are just a typical bitter feminist, always trying to chip in gender war in any discussion...you claim u need protection from men, yet u still want to claim superiority, aren't u daft or confused?..[/quote]
Romance / Re: He Vowed To Destroy My Life Either By Charm Or Any Means. by Emeraldgreene(f): 10:15pm On Mar 23, 2021
[Why are u insulting me.are u insane?? Its like u're mad.do u think everyone on this forum is a teenager as u are? I have been respectful to you since chatting with you , replying ur messages.chatting with kids here who feel they are grown,because of some beards on face.U don't know wat ha

Go tell ur mom to shut the bleeps up.i won't reply ur messages,ur disrespect and lack of decorum is disgusting.according to the definition of man I posted,u are not a man..ure just male.i won't reply u.

author=LINTUNE post=100151123]STFU, why complicating ur statement, how can a piece gotten from parent matter , be more superior than the same parent matter it was created from?..don't u sound so daft with this your statement?...how many Superior beings or God's that are females?...[/quote]
Celebrities / Re: Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde And Husband, Matthew's 25th Wedding Anniversary Pictures by Emeraldgreene(f): 7:22pm On Mar 23, 2021
See the way he's smiling like a saint! DZ Gee bangs fellow flight attendants,airline passengers and other chicks during layovers.The Woman stealthily and codedly doing her own by d side.
As they say marriage is a union of two good pretenders.
Romance / Re: He Vowed To Destroy My Life Either By Charm Or Any Means. by Emeraldgreene(f): 12:55pm On Mar 23, 2021
[God created women from the ribs of man so that they will be similar in form...its you who is saying wat u dont know.yes it's true man was made first,but he is nothing without eve,hence the need for God to make the woman.A woman is a gift to a man....he that findeth a wife findeth a good thing and obtaineth favor from God.

Let me shock u,women are the carriers of wealth,open doors and favor.Go and ask ur babalawo.

quote author=LINTUNE post=100108384] remember that even God created women from the ribs of men..madam calm down, say what u know..man was God's first human creature, don't come and confuse us here...[/quote]
Romance / Re: He Vowed To Destroy My Life Either By Charm Or Any Means. by Emeraldgreene(f): 12:49pm On Mar 23, 2021
[it's inly little boys eno will argue with this fact.mature enlightened men wont!
WOMEN are more powerful.FACT!

FIGHTING for gender Equality wouldn't happen if men were Noble in the first place. A couple years ago ,girls were not allowed to go school,to get education,to work,to vote,no human rights. Women were oppressed.

If men acted right from the beginning there will be no need for feminist movement and gender equality.




ACT)quoteor=LINTUNE post=100073501]I knew u will involve the "womb" talk , abeg leave story..u guys are not only fighting for gender equality, obviously u guys are fighting for more, superiority and control..can u imagine the rubbish u are spewing out, that women are more powerful spiritual , and probably physically too, cos they have womb?..y u ppl like this?[/quote]
Romance / Re: He Vowed To Destroy My Life Either By Charm Or Any Means. by Emeraldgreene(f): 6:33pm On Mar 21, 2021

Read my post with a mature mind.u didn't read my posts very well.I said there are numerous other reasons,I didn't have strength to type.Womb is just one of Dem.

It's just the truth.women are Spiritually more powerful,God put Xtra Xtra something and Time making woman.

knew u will involve the "womb" talk , abeg leave story..u guys are not only fighting for gender equality, obviously u guys are fighting for more, superiority and control..can u imagine the rubbish u are spewing out, that women are more powerful spiritual , and probably physically too, cos they have womb?..y u ppl like this?
Romance / Re: He Vowed To Destroy My Life Either By Charm Or Any Means. by Emeraldgreene(f): 11:57am On Mar 21, 2021

You are very ignorant and Naive.Go and Ask occult men and those involved in Esoteric Spirituality how powerful women are in the spirit world.Let the occult men be open to u and tell u the truth, you will be shocked.

Women are more powerful than men, Spiritually.

No.1 Every woman is like a witch because every woman has a womb,the womb is a portal to the spirit world.,no power,spirit,or personality can enter this world without a woman.u can see this principle in action in d case of Jesus.he could have jump down from heaven,but he had to pass through the gate/tunnel(womb) to enter this world....many other reasons,I'm not in the mood to type.This is wat white men culture understand,and always respect women.

y do u gals feel, swearing in the midnight while naked, is only potent for u guys, why do u even think the universe or heavens can shake for your sakes, simply cos u a woman..my dear open ur fucking eyes, this is not nollywood...if u like go to the moon , naked a d swear from now till eternity, nothing will happen... don't think cos u are a woman, u have certain super Powers, u don't have shit ok......I see women this days, the way the post on their status, asking for gifts and money from ppl they don't know, believing as a woman, those ppl ought to give them those things, just like that, nothing goes for nothing in life..
Romance / Re: He Vowed To Destroy My Life Either By Charm Or Any Means. by Emeraldgreene(f): 11:43am On Mar 21, 2021
. Only you spoke the truth, you sound d so mature.That guy is a very wicked. Of all the blessings we receive in this life how many have God ask us to return? Of all the help good natured people have rendered to us ,how many tell us to return back?

She should quickly report him to the police ASAP, report to her madam,and find a spiritual head she can report to.be it her pastor,babalawo,white garment prophet.,dibia..Never take threats lightly.That boy is very wicked.

If in your heart to heart you know that no commitment was involved when he gave you that 50k. Get him to threaten you again. Go to the nearest police station with his threats and make him sign undertaken. Trust me he will be so scared of you. Men like that idiot are a problem to a decent mind. Make sure you record his voice and give it to the police. Only useless men blackmail a girl with gifts. Forget about jazz, who jazz help. Go and report that good for nonentity useless fool.
Politics / Re: Ben Murray-Bruce Remembers Evelyn, His Late Wife, One Year After (Photos) by Emeraldgreene(f): 11:16am On Mar 21, 2021

Lol, hahahaha,.

I don't know why most guys here are attacking this lady called zzor, I always see guys comment negative about her, but I always wonder who she is, until this post made me look more to see her in the comments section, and all I see is the guys bashing and commenting against her are actually in love with this zzor girl, even if they may not know her in person or even see her. How funny. She seems to be a threat to the guys via her comments, they just love her for her ways on naria land that is why they look forward to replying her comments, instead of passing by her posts or reply. Hahahaha how funny. Guys if you like Zzor, marry her instead of abusing her, in the comments section. ����
Politics / Re: Ben Murray-Bruce Remembers Evelyn, His Late Wife, One Year After (Photos) by Emeraldgreene(f): 10:11pm On Mar 20, 2021
[Dont pay any attention to the idiots attacking you...people close to the man knew they always had serious fights and quarrels abut his dog habits.

quote author=Zzor post=100046848]She was faithful, loyal and yen yen yen yet you reciprocated by impregnating Tina Vuckor Quashi as a reward for her faithfulness, God knows I can never slave for any man in the name of marriage.RIP to her[/quote]

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