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Politics / Re: Lai Mohammed Wearing A Face Mask (Photo) by fantastic1: 3:56pm On Mar 25
The moment you realise that there is more to life than lying
Give a title to this picture


Health / Re: Suleiman Achimugu Is Dead! Coronavirus Kills Ex-MD Of PPMC by fantastic1: 1:05pm On Mar 23
Where are you getting this figures from?
I hope everyone takes this virus seriously. The U.S. was sleeping on the virus now NewYork alone has more than 15,000 cases.
As at Monday last week, total infected cases was 182,723 with 7,194 deaths. This Monday the number has almost doubled to 343,818 cases with 14,923 deaths.

Be cautious. Stay safe.
Education / Re: IPPIS: Some VCs Collected N58,000 As February Salary – ASUU by fantastic1: 12:34pm On Mar 19
So it's their fault that education here is nothing to write about?
They supposed to pay them #40,000.

They are nothing but glorified secondary school teacher
Politics / Re: The Only Tribe In Africa Colonized By Another African Tribe by fantastic1: 3:17pm On Mar 14
You are talking trash. When the OP wrote, he gave details, important events, what led to what and dates. All these can be verified if you want to. You just sit behind your keyboard and type what you like
The OP doesn't know what he is talking about.

The Binis colonized Urhobo, parts of Yorubaland, Parts of Igboland and the Eshan people.

The Igalas colonized Northern Igboland.

The Oyo Empire (Yorubas) colonized Dahomey

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Foreign Affairs / Re: US & Thai Soldiers Tear Snakes Faces, Drink Their Blood In Bizarre Ritual (Graph by fantastic1: 7:17am On Mar 08
O boy no dey spread fear. That one no join the gospel. If you wan preach Jesus, preach Jesus. All this kind things nai dey make people dey look us as if we stupid.

U go soon understand! No worry! De no de tell Blind man say Rain de Fall!

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Foreign Affairs / Re: US & Thai Soldiers Tear Snakes Faces, Drink Their Blood In Bizarre Ritual (Graph by fantastic1: 9:36pm On Mar 07
Watin concern rapture with watin soldiers do for here? ��
The things that will be happening on this Earth, once the saints are gone.... it is Better not imagined!!

Brethren, let's do all we can to ensure we have JESUS, so as to make the Rapture...

It will be unbearable Tribulations, pains and sufferings down here..

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Family / Re: I Have Been With Him For 5 Years, No Sign Of Marriage by fantastic1: 10:43pm On Mar 06
Babe let gokiss
Hi Famlanders, Please I need your advice. I beg you all to save a sister. I have to bring this here coz I know it's where I will get wonderful contributions. Again, I am using this new account coz I have friends and customers here. I don't want to blow my cover. Please this is real and not fiction. This will be quite lengthy, please bear with me.

I met this guy in 2013 when I was in year one. It was not a steady relationship coz we barely call nor see so I didn't take him serious. And whenever we see, it was always at one friends house or another. I accused him of being married but he vehemently denied it. Later on I figured out he had accommodation issue after he lost his job. He later rented a house when he got another job with one of our prestigious federal universities here in Nigeria and that was when things became serious (kinda).

We became very serious around 2016 that is why I count it as 5 years instead of 7. But then during one of my visits, I was sleeping in the room when I overheard him talking to someone but the only thing that caught my attention was when he said "I don't even have a girlfriend". Though I didn't confront him, but I thought about it deeply.

Two nights ago, I had a dream where he was getting married to another lady. I was crying while he was still saying he loves me but can't marry me. I confronted him yesterday, he said I am pressurizing him to marry me that was after he first asked what will happen if we don't end up together. He hasn't told me where the relationship is leading to after 5 years. We have been living for the moment. Just for the moment!

Few info about the relationship
1) He will be 40 this November while I am 27.
2. He has always had numerous girlfriends that when he's with them, he doesn't pick my calls though he always apologizes and he's trying his best this year.

3. He always send pictures of other women to his friends to let them know they are the people he wish to marry but never has he sent mine. Though he claims he's not doing it again.

4. From the look of things he's still searching while he wants to have me all to himself. Maybe a second option since the others are not accepting him and I love him foolishly.

5. The relationship is 50 -50 .We spend on each other. He believes it's the woman's duty to do all the house chores but not the man's duty to take care of the woman.

6. On his Fathers burial last year, 3 of his girlfriends came (me inclusive) and we all wore the burial uniform. Together, we served his guests even when we realized we are dating same man. His neighbors were giggling and gossiping but we all decided to be matured and work together.

7. When my sister that raised me died, he didn't come for the burial. his reason was he had supervision that day in school,same person that calls his colleague to cover for him during exam supervision so he could do other things. He also didn't send me any money but he questioned me for not giving him any money for his Father's burial. Even when I paid him excess for the burial uniform. I know why I did that. Mind you, he has asked me before if he can give one of his ex 10k during her Father's burial which I agreed and he sent her the money.

8. I have rejected some suitors who were willing to marry me coz of him. Though he has never encouraged me to accept any of them. In fact he gets angry hearing that another man is coming close to me.

9. He doesn't call often, I do more of the calling though he always return my calls. He can stay for days without calling unless I call. I know I have been the one holding the relationship coz I thought he will change.

10. Sine 2017 till last year, all I did was forgive him coz I love him. He keeps bringing new / different ladies into the picture. I have gone through a lot of emotional stress. He keeps asking me to stay that he loves me but he's confused.

His good side: He's understanding, motivates me to do my best, he doesn't hit me, he is gentle.

Me on the other hand is sometimes stubborn though very faithful coz I love him to a fault. I easily get angry but forgives easily. When I'm angry I talk so much but I don't abuse him. He is simply the cause of all my anger. He always say I am very understanding, a good girl, drama free but yet he doesn't want to marry me and won't let me go too. I have never involved a third party in our relationship except my late sister who said she wish I will walk away from the relationship because I love the guy more, that it won't end well. All my friends thinks I have a perfect relationship because I don't discuss him with them.

Back to last night, I told him I won't call him again coz he said I am pressurizing him to marry me. The truth is I have seen the hand writing on the wall, not today but two years ago but I keep going back. Please I need advice on how not to go back again. The love he proclaims for me is not enough for him to marry. I have wasted enough time already. Maybe hearing the raw truth here will help.
Romance / Re: MADOOO!... See The Mess A Landlady Found In Room She Rented To Two "Respectable" by fantastic1: 7:43am On Mar 04
At least this is neat na money dem never get. Dem no kill person
Alot of naija slayqueens are like these
Crime / Re: Food Vendor 'Mama Aroma' Burnt To Death In Delta For Cooking With Mortuary Water by fantastic1: 6:15pm On Mar 03
What if the mortuary worker lied? What if they had issues and he thought this was a way to punish her? Where are the evidences? Nigeria is a jungle aswear. I have seen worst allegations that ended up being false and if not for timely intervention, something like this would have befell the victims. You all remember the case of those 4 PH boys that mobs killed because they were accused of stealing laptops only for people to find out it was a false alarm?

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Phones / Re: Screenshot And Post Your Data Usage In The Month Of February by fantastic1: 9:21am On Mar 02
Thank u

Restrict apps from running in the background. Don't use chrome for browsing. Choose browsers that have the option of "no image" or can change image resolution to one with less mb. Like opera mini.
Religion / Re: Catholic Bishops, Parishioners Protest Killing Of Nigerians In Abuja by fantastic1: 10:14pm On Mar 01
The most irresponsible comment I have read all day. So it is ok for people to be shot in Nigeria because it is a regular occurrence in the US. So which group is responsible for the shootings in the US and where is their camp? Nonsense
People are being shot everyday in USA, Trump has not resigned because of that. Can anyone mention any week that there is no killing in USA in the last four years?

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Phones / Re: Screenshot And Post Your Data Usage In The Month Of February by fantastic1: 3:14pm On Mar 01
I used 25gb. Those of you that used less than 5gb, please tell me how you did it. Save a soul.

Politics / Re: Nigeria Would Have Been A Better Place If My Husband Did Not Die: Turai Musa Yar by fantastic1: 1:58pm On Mar 01

This is the only reasonable person that has quoted me.

It matters Chief, women have a certain level of influence on their husband.
That means she was a good influence because the husband made sound decisions in the few years he was president.
Politics / Re: Nigeria Would Have Been A Better Place If My Husband Did Not Die: Turai Musa Yar by fantastic1: 1:15pm On Mar 01
Does it matter whether she was a better first lady or not? So that question is very irrelevant. The husband had positioned Nigeria on a path of growth and development and that's the most important thing.
Yar'Adua would have set Nigeria on the right track if only he had lived long enough. But the question is this; would you have been a better first lady?
Family / Re: Celebrating A Good Wife by fantastic1: 11:46am On Feb 26
Oga how did you meet your wife ooo. Asking for a friend lol.


Romance / Re: In A Relationship With A Single Mom; Please Advise by fantastic1: 9:12am On Feb 24

I do graphic design and I sell social media followers and likes and affordable price for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.
Do you teach?
Politics / Re: Buhari Could Not Achieve More Because Nigeria Does Not Have Money – BMO by fantastic1: 2:30pm On Feb 17
If he was implementing policies that will affect the poor, why is it that is the poor that are suffering more?
Politics / Re: Obiageli Mazi: Nigerians To Donate Money To Borno Teacher With Governor Zulum by fantastic1: 8:48am On Feb 09
You see why hypocrisy is not good. Just because our Governor for political reasons acted to show goodwill to her, everyone now want to give her money.

The prophet Mohammed PBUH condemns hypocrisy. It's not the way of believers who want to go to heaven
Hypocrisy how? How will we have ever heard of her if the governor did not bring her to lime light? She deserves the kind gesture and more. Having served for 31yrs+, she still resumes work before 7am. You should be ashamed of what you typed there.

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Food / Re: The Urhobo Irhibotor Soup: A Life Saver (Photos) by fantastic1: 9:46pm On Feb 07

Well there is what we call Erhei in Urhobo language, honestly i don't know the English name.

Use Erhei.
Dry pepper.
Then you can use fish, preferably bonga fish.

First of all put the crayfish on a frying pan without Groundnut oil and fry it like that, let it become dry a little then Grind the dry pepper, the Erhei and the crayfish together.

Then roast your bonga fish separately.

Then add the grinded pepper and the Erhei and the cray fish that together in a plate, add little water, add little salt and Maggie and the roasted bonga fish.
Mix them together and there you have your Irhibotor soup.

Erhei is called calabash nutmeg in English


Crime / Re: Nathaniel Samuel: Failed Suicide Bomber At Winners Chapel Being Interviewed by fantastic1: 10:13pm On Feb 03
I never knew doing WOFBI in Winners makes you a pastor. By now I would have been a bishop. They should continue. Those who live by lies and propaganda will die by same


Crime / Re: Policemen Raid Lagos Hotels, Arrest Workers, Customers. PHOTOS by fantastic1: 10:11am On Jan 30
You know the dumbest person here is you right? grin its obvious u didn't comprehend my comment properly before spewing trash cus if u did, u wouldn't be here making a fool of yourself

read my comment again and point out where I said it's ok to arrest anybody
I read and comprehended. You said if not for the extortion of the innocent, then it would have been commendable making it look like going about cracking down on relaxation places is ok because of some cyber criminals
Crime / Re: Policemen Raid Lagos Hotels, Arrest Workers, Customers. PHOTOS by fantastic1: 8:59am On Jan 30
would've supported the action if they didn't harass and extort innocent workers & customers. many of these hotels provide shelter for a large number of Cyber Criminals and they need to be accessed. but trust naija police to always abuse every chance or opportunity they have. they re so unprofessional, they have no details or accurate information about who to and who not to arrest, they just storm a place. pick up anybody and accuse them of crimes they didn't commit
You response is so dumb. So because hotels provide shelter for cyber criminals, it is ok to arrest everybody. What happened to their intelligence gathering unit that will enable them track the real criminals instead of packing everybody?


Education / Re: How Many Times Did You Write WAEC Or JAMB Before Passing? by fantastic1: 7:19pm On Jan 29
Waec 1 Jamb 5. Graduated with distinction


Crime / Re: Uratta Owerri DPO Fighting With A Tricyclist Who Bashed His Car by fantastic1: 6:06pm On Jan 24
Let's say a word of prayer for the keke rider.
Foreign Affairs / Re: New Video Shows Ukrainian Plane Struck By Two Iranian Missiles by fantastic1: 1:20pm On Jan 15
I feel the CIA is involved.
this seems like a well planned operation by the USA..

my opinion though
After Iran owned up, what do you stand to gain by this or you just love conspiracies.


Education / Re: Firdaouz Yusuff-Awari Denied Admission By University Of Ilorin After Scoring 300 by fantastic1: 3:19pm On Jan 13
I wrote PTI entrance exam I think around 2010/2011. I emerged as the 3rd best. I was denied admission. I was almost depressed.
Jobs/Vacancies / Customs Recruitment by fantastic1: 7:27am On Jan 13
I got a mail this morning from Customs, inviting me for their exams. Who else got the mail? Those that have idea of the process, what are the important tips we need to know? Is the whole process worth it?

Education / Re: How To Achieve High Scores On The GRE by fantastic1: 6:35am On Jan 11
Hello @DanjaNinja,
Please add me to the facebook group. justinakusu@gmail.com.
Celebrities / Re: Andrew Dunbar Dies On Christmas Eve by fantastic1: 3:26pm On Dec 29, 2019
I wonder who has more sense between them now

Why this epistle on a harmless sarcasm


Health / Re: Why Are Weeds And Other Hard Drugs Illegal While Cigarette Remains Legal? by fantastic1: 2:29pm On Dec 14, 2019
Are you telling us cigarette has more harmful effect than weed?
Of course na. Weed is also medicinal. I'm not a smoker of any kind though. But I have asked this same question for years now. Why is cigarette that is a known killer legal and weed with some medicinal value illegal?

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Politics / Re: DSS Invites Danlami Nmodu, Newsdiary Online Publisher Over Investigative Story by fantastic1: 10:45am On Dec 12, 2019
What are you even saying? Because freedom of speech has limitations, the correct news shouldn't be reported? How do things get checked then?
Freedom of speech get limitations

Ode haters wouldn't understand

You can insult Trump but if you call for his death

Oga u have committed a crime

Too many illiterates in Nigeria, nothing fit shock me, look at them celebrating punch hahaha

If you want to know what's paining punch, Google punch vs efcc, it's a simple matter, make una dey educate unaselves

See how newspaper use una cruise

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