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Politics / Re: Obasanjo: Nigeria Has No Business With Poverty, Insecurity by Focusmind: 9:18am On Sep 25
People are here, castigating Obasanjo. The man remains the best president since the inception of the fourth republic. The rate of recruitment from 2002 to 2008 has not been seen in decades. I was opportuned to have graduated within that time and had plethora of aptitude tests invites from corporate organisations. My father's business was equally doing well. Likewise my cousins that were into trades and other businesses

Now, companies hardly recruit because of economic crunch and the difficult business environment. Joblessness is an at all time high and the government seems clueless on how to tackle it.
Car Talk / Re: I Was Charged $1840 (₦800,000) To Change Brake Pads - Lady Cries Out by Focusmind: 6:44am On Sep 25
It doesn't change anything, we will still japa according to most Nigerians grin

But on the second thought, why do most Nigerians abroad always try to discourage folks back home from traveling abroad? Even some well to do people here also don't like to hear that one struggling fellow or brother is about to leave for greener pastures.

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NYSC / Re: Done With NYSC, 500K On Hand. Advice Needed by Focusmind: 6:50pm On Sep 24

I get your point but I love the corporate world and I have my eyes set on some companies that are only located in Lagos.

Big 4 audit firms, management consulting firms, investment banking firms and oil and gas firms are concentrated in Lagos, when I get into them I will start processing my japa dream having gained experience in them. You see why I want to go there now....

Hope you have minimum of 2.1 and have strong aptitude for numbers because the first three organisations you mentioned up there don't take any thing below 2.1?? All the best.
Crime / Re: Family Seeks Justice As Soldiers Reportedly Kill Their 25yr Old Daughter (Video) by Focusmind: 10:26am On Sep 24
Don't pray to have any emergency, requiring urgent medical attention. Nigerian hospitals would happen to you. See how they were referring her from one hospital to another
Family / Re: When Last Did You Send Money To Your Parent? by Focusmind: 8:23pm On Sep 22
Sincerely, i always pity people that wants to send money to their parents but are unable because of economic hardship. Those struggling and cannot please their parents. They will feel disappointed in themselves and their parents may also worry that their children they struggled to train have not been able to do things like their fellow men. Some fathers have gone into depression because their sons are unable to take care of them or meet their needs after passing through difficulty to raise and train them. May we continue to be blessings to our parents.


Family / Re: Couples Hiding Their Phones: How True Is This Statement? by Focusmind: 8:15pm On Sep 22
My phone is always open and not locked. My IPAD that locks on its own after one minute of inactivity, my wife knows the password as she uses it also. My wife can see anything she wants to see. I dont hide anything, neither does she hide her own phone.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Why Physically Commuting To Office Everyday Isn't Worth The Stress! by Focusmind: 4:16pm On Sep 22
The comfort, freedom and health benefits of working from home made me to resign from my job and went solo. It has not been easy but I am enjoying the comfort of working at my own pace.


Politics / Re: Bode George: If We Can’t Unify PDP, No Guarantee Atiku Will Unite Nigeria by Focusmind: 12:58pm On Sep 22
Honestly, I am suspecting Obasanjo's hands in these PDP issue grin. Though, what Wike is fighting for is correct but all those PDP 'renegades" are core OBJ men. He wants them to destabilize PDP for Atiku and pave way for his anointed candidate, Obi to win. I doubt if PDP will be able to reconcile these difference before going to the presidential election. Atiku may want to call the bluff of these Wike's men and go solo, which will have a disastrously consequence for him, especially down in the South. Check out all those men that gathered at Wike's country home at Obio-akpor in Rivers state - Jerry Gana, Bode George, Jonah Jang, Donald Duke and host of others. They are core OBJ's PDP men.

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Politics / Re: 2023: APC's Muslim-Muslim Ticket Is Demonic - Ex-SGF, Babachir Lawal by Focusmind: 9:41am On Sep 22
Obi and his Entourage should secretly meet lawal, dogora etc and draw them to their fold.
Let him go round table with them cos they are crucial in the his election.

Any body that is close to Obi should send this msg to him.
Before Atiku will buy them over.

If you read the interview very well, Dogara and Babachir are already "Atikulated". He did not want to mention that they have settled for Atiku

Babachir is also from the same state as Atiku, and Dogara from Bauchi, is in the same geo -political zone as Atiku

Most northern christian politicians may want to side with Atiku but the majority of the common northern Christians will go for Obi.
Politics / Re: 2023: Lawan Out, Shekarau, Akpabio In As INEC Publishes Final List Of NASS Candi by Focusmind: 4:20am On Sep 21
This is pure corruption...

I am beginning to believe that this INEC top officials are working for Tinubu....

But if they try to change the figures and refuse to announce Peter Obi as the winner....The endsars protest will be a child's play....

You are just plain stupid. You don't know that you are demarketing your candidate. This is why Peter Obi has been begging you people to be civil in your utterances.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Ghana Kings Gifted The Queen Solid Gold Palanquin Miniature In 1961 (Video) by Focusmind: 7:04pm On Sep 20
The British government, represented by the crown benefited greatly from their empire. Imagine the quantity of pure gold the British must have taken from Ghana. I swear, if oil had become that significant in the world in 1960, Britain wouldn't have agreed to an independent Nigeria.


Crime / Re: Photos Of Notorious Bandit Kingpin, Bello Turji In Zamfara Community by Focusmind: 4:40pm On Sep 19
He even has a phone and could make calls. What is the essence of the NIN?

That Pantami, the Minister of Communication is not doing his job. Why haven't they been able to track his calls?


Crime / Re: This Man Is Ready To Help Dorothy Dike & Son (picture) by Focusmind: 9:57am On Sep 17
Deep down me, I knew that this kind of thing would just happen. i knew that somehow, a helper would come after their reinforcing story went viral. Trust me, the helper would most likely give the young man a sound bus to drive. Kudos to him. I love Nigerians.
Career / Re: Stephanie Busari Promoted To CNN's Senior Editor For Africa by Focusmind: 7:52pm On Sep 16
I so much love international Jobs.
Politics / Re: Atiku Travels To Europe On Business Trip by Focusmind: 7:47pm On Sep 16
This his media guy is not smart. grin

"From there, he would branch to Dubai to see his family". Make dem kukuma tell us say him dey go Dubai
Foreign Affairs / Re: Caption This Photo Of President Putin & Other World Leaders Together (Photos) by Focusmind: 2:16pm On Sep 16
They will still not eat all those things on the table. Why bring them in the first place??


Travel / Re: Widow, Son Cry, Beg As They Win Bid To Buy Back Their Car For 450,000 by Focusmind: 7:23am On Sep 16
Lagos will reset your brain. I don't go anywhere in Lagos with my car if I am not conversant with the road networks there. Forget Google maps. I rather enter bus and save myself stress and lastma problem.

Last two Sundays, my wife wanted me to take her some where in Idumu for her friend's Child dedication. I just didn't know that route very well and I told her I would follow her on condition that we have to use public bus. Though she didn't like it but this is Lagos. Law enforcement officers here are wolves.

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Travel / Re: Lagos Task Force Auctions Impounded Car For ₦400,000 As Owner Cries by Focusmind: 8:14pm On Sep 15
Latsma is full of wicked and frustrated fellows. I don't like people breaking the law but auctioning the car of that struggling man was quite excessive. He must be a " drop taxi" or car hire service man. His cry touch me sha. That may be his only source of livelihood in this repressive country.

I hope when our politicians are caught looting, the punishment should also be severe.
Politics / Re: Sanwo-Olu Attends Commemoration Service For Queen Elizabeth, Signs Register by Focusmind: 8:46am On Sep 15
Nigeria and eye service

Kai. You noticed it sef. Once we see Oyibo people, we start forming civilized, intelligent and incorruptible. Some will even start struggling to speak like the whites with their heavy Nigerian accents.

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Travel / Re: Why Do Nigerians Abroad Stay Several Years Without Visiting Home For Once by Focusmind: 2:03pm On Sep 14

What of those that studies Diplomacy, Law And Global Change?? Do they fare any better. Any respond given will be appreciated. I am applying for this into conventry uni

Let me help you. Please abort mission on that program except if you are from a wealthy home. Leave all these fancy courses with names. I will rather you pick Social work, Community and gender studies, if you are that interested in social sciences. If you are lucky with any health care related course, please go for it. Dont waste your money in any other social science course apart from the ones I mentioned. Good luck!

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Politics / Re: 2023: Atiku Proposes $10bn Economic Stimulus Fund For MSMEs, Unfolds Blueprint by Focusmind: 8:51am On Sep 14
This man keeps making sense with his sound economic policy unlike the two men down south that are fighting themselves. They will keep attacking themselves without knowing when Turaki would take away the presidency from the.

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Travel / Re: Netherland Or Canada - Where Should I Go? by Focusmind: 4:38am On Sep 14
Honestly, I don't understand our obsession with this citizenship of a thing. See, if you live in Europe and work in a professional jobs, earning good pay, you would enjoy yourself well and still retain your original native citizenship without caring about being the citizen of your host nation.

Your children, who were all born there or migrated with you, will still grow and acquire the necessary skills for a successful careers in EU without still being a citizen of the host nation as long as you are doing well. Lots of foreigners are living and working in EU without being the citizen and still enjoying the best Life could offer.

For me o, enjoying my life still remains paramount. If I have the same job opportunities in Canada or Ireland or Holland, I will definitely choose Ireland and then Holland in that order. Europe is too connected and you could easily drive from one European city to the next and the quality of life is not bad with Clement weather. Just as some one mentioned, transportation and commuting in EU is the best. You don't need car to get by. Europe is good just that there are no tailored migration policy, except for highly skilled people, as we have in Canada.

Europe is bae
Travel / Re: 2-Day Hailstorm Hits Katsina State (Photos) by Focusmind: 9:12am On Sep 13
A vote for Peter Obi will direct future hailstorm to Yorubaland

You are just plain stupid!!!

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Politics / Re: INEC Delists 1.1 Million Voters Over Double Registration, Ineligibility by Focusmind: 9:00am On Sep 13
Dont this INEC have seasoned IT expert? There are ways to isolate multiple registration and validate just one from the same registration.

I just finished doing a thorough reconciliation exercise with an institution where we had duplication and multiplicity of the same data from my Clients account but with different reference numbers. We noticed it and reconciled back, invalidating multiplicity and selecting just one in each case where we verified duplication. Here in INEC, it is outright cancellation, which will result in disenfranchisement of peopel and some people are here supporting it because it is perceived that greater percentage of "casualties" will come from the opposing side. Nigerians and their backward thinking.

We criticize bad things when it affects us but clap when it affect the other person. Greed and envy in all facets of our national lives. We should all endevour to hold government to an account to do the right thing at all times. The discuss above is so disgusting.


Politics / Re: COVID-19 Palliatives Discovered In A Warehouse In Osun 2 Years After (Video) by Focusmind: 9:57am On Sep 12
Nigerians and wickedness

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Politics / Re: Anambra State Declares State Of Emergency On Illegal Structures And Shanties by Focusmind: 4:00pm On Sep 11
I so much love this. Environmental and building codes are not respected in this country. We can't boast of any standard world class city in Nigeria. please, don't mention Abuja and Lagos to me. You will always see the Nigerian factor in those places

I was watching a program on Euronews, showing the progress Algeria had made in developing their fintech. The reporter also showed a tour of Algiers, the capital of Algeria. I was marvelled. The city could pass like any European city. See beauty, serenity, aesthetics and trappings of a modern city.

Here in Nigeria, we glorify slums and praise our politicians to high heaven for the ghettos they throw at us. Soludo should not relent.
Travel / Re: Pictures Of Opi-Nsukka Dual Carriageway, Enugu State by Focusmind: 5:55am On Sep 11

I think the great Christopher Okigbo and Major Kaduna Nzeogwu also died in the battle of Opi-Nsukka.

Yeah, Opi junction was a place of blood bath during that unfortunate war.

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Politics / Re: Dino Melaye Drives Out In A N280 Million Naira Rolls Royce by Focusmind: 9:25pm On Sep 10
Nigerian politicians disgusts me so much. Ask him what he does for a living, he would not be able to point out at any tangible thing. This one will massively loot to stupor if his Principal, Atiku wins the presidency.
Travel / Re: Pictures Of Opi-Nsukka Dual Carriageway, Enugu State by Focusmind: 8:44pm On Sep 10
My Uncle died at Opi in June 1967. A fresh mint graduate of UNN, drafted into the civil war to defend the University town of Nsukka.

Any time Opi is mentioned, his smiling face flashes in my memory. On our way to UNN with my Dad in mid 90s for admission then, he gave me the detailed history of the great battle at the Opi Junction, where his brother was killed by the advancing Federal troops.


Business / Re: Naira Likely To Weaken Further - Zainab Ahmed (Finance Minister) by Focusmind: 9:42am On Sep 10
Why is she saying it?? You don't say this kind of thing in a country where there is no confidence in the local currency. A finance minister saying that she expected her country currency to depreciate. People will soon start taking position in foreign currencies, making the Naira to depreciate even further.

This finance minister is the least qualified. She always behaves and talks like a typical civil servant instead of an authority in microeconomics and fiscal policy. See how people will soon start offloading their Naira assets in favour of dollar.


Nairaland / General / Re: Man Shares Photo Of The Gaboon Viper He Killed At His Backyard by Focusmind: 7:13pm On Sep 08

She is already dead

My brother, Just seeing it on Euronews now. It seems you were expecting her death lipsrsealed
Nairaland / General / Re: Man Shares Photo Of The Gaboon Viper He Killed At His Backyard by Focusmind: 7:05pm On Sep 08
Lala grin
Lala and take Snake thread to FP is heaven on earth.

Let that snake drag UK queen to underworld where millions of Irish, Africans and Indians are waiting to deal with her and her husband.

It may not happen anytime soon. She is a cat with nine lives. I heard she is making a good recovery.

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