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Politics / Re: What's The Light Situation In Your Area? by Focusmind: 7:47pm On Sep 26
My solar is always on the beat. No time for NEPA. I use my gen to pump my water.

Bye bye to dirty NEPA; welcome clean solar energy

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Properties / Re: Landlords And Landladies Share Your Experiences With Tenants by Focusmind: 12:24pm On Sep 26

This is where we find ourselves in this country bro. They believe those guys can pay any amount requested from them within second

Just today, an agent came to make enquiry and agreed with my friend for his cosy 3 bedroom apartment for N1.5m. However, the agent said he is collecting 700k from each yahoo boys that would occupy the three rooms, making his money to be N2.1m. A gain of N600k!

He said the agent knows how to deal with the yahoo guys when they messes up and the agent is the one managing lot of properties for people within the estate.

You would agree with him on annual return and give him the free hand to bring tenants and charge them what he wants.

Imagine collecting N1.5m from the agent and the agent will collect N2.1m from boys he put there. My friend said it is a win win situation for everybody. He hardly worry about his rent and have no business with the tenants ( yahoo guys).It is the agent that interacts with them.
Properties / Re: Landlords And Landladies Share Your Experiences With Tenants by Focusmind: 8:19pm On Sep 25
All the tenants within my neighborhood are you boys. Someone finished converting his duplex to mini flat and rented all the apartment to yahoo boys. I asked him why and he said the yahoo boys are the only ones now with capacity to pay rents. Indeed, across the estate, most of the houses are being rented to G-guys unlike when some Landlords would prefer working class.

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Education / Re: Meet Ogugofor Obianuju Anastasia, UNN Pharmacy Best Graduating Student (Picture) by Focusmind: 5:59pm On Sep 23
Next thing na scholarship abroad and you won't see her again. The way we are loosing our trained professionals is ming boggling.
Science/Technology / Re: Kangaroo Rescued From Freezing Lake in Australia (Pix, Video) by Focusmind: 5:54pm On Sep 23

You nailed it on the head....

People don't know that this is what western civilization is built on.

Wish we could have a renaissance of the mind in Nigeria and africa as a whole.

Good points you have there. Sadly, the renaissance may not happened. The stark difference between developed and developing country was made manifest during my days as a student in Uk.

There were noticeable differences between the way the Scots behaved and their Nigerian counterparts. We were always too rude, forceful, combative, cunning, always looking for ways to beat the established system. That was not so with the Scots and other students from the EU and developed world.

Development is about people's behaviour. Period! It is not about the country having gigantic buildings and cities.
Science/Technology / Re: Kangaroo Rescued From Freezing Lake in Australia (Pix, Video) by Focusmind: 4:54pm On Sep 23
Development is indeed about people. It is not about knowing the current trend or high rise building. It is about civility, decency, decorum, peace, progress and humanity. It is about people's cognitive ability and reasoning.

All these are lacking in Africa, Nigeria especially

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Nairaland / General / Re: Big Snake Killed By Soldiers In Frontline (Picture) by Focusmind: 4:26pm On Sep 23
very dangerous. It's gaboon viper. In ika/Agbor language, it's called ajuani. Rarely bites, but if u touch its tiny tail, e don be for d person, death comes almost Swifty, if no immediate treatment.

In my town, we call it Avuani

very poisonous, death is swift. My father told a story of how his father was bitten by the snake while trying to climb palm tree to tap his wine. He mistakenly matched the viper. The man tore his clothes and wrapped it on his knee to avoid the toxin reaching the upper part of the body.

He walked home and the native doctor was called to administer the herbal concoction. After the treatment, the native doctor said he had 50 50 chances of making it or dying. My dad said they all remained awake at night to know what the inevitable would be. In the morning, his father was ok.


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: NPOWER: Trying To Redeploy To Another State? Let’s Gather Here. by Focusmind: 1:32pm On Sep 23
The problems in this Npower is just a glimpse of how difficult it is to get anything done in this country. My wife went for verification last week only to be asked for practicing license... License was never part of the requirements for N-Health in the first place. License on top Npower o. Omo! Country don cast finish. Little things are the ones the government is using to drain the energy of our young people. angry

My wife that applied for N-Teach was asked to select N-Health. She was deployed to state hospital. She has education qualification. I told her to go there and teach the nurses and doctors how hospitals are run smiley. She has no license or basic health qualification .

I guess she may be posted to the admin section to be carrying files up and down

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Phones / Re: Universal Charger: Do People Still Use This? by Focusmind: 1:28pm On Sep 23
Go to North.. U go see am tire

Fear North! undecided

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Business / Re: Man Publicly Drags Nigerian Businesswoman For 1000$ Debt In Istanbul by Focusmind: 1:16pm On Sep 23
I hardly transact business or deal with the opposite sex. I only do if I could forfeit the debt or the debt is something I could easily ignore. For high ticket transactions, mbanu! To even harass them to pay is a problem.

One was coming for us to team together and import cheap clothing from 1$ shop in US and resale to traders and boutique people in Nigeria when I went to US. The shop were disposing thousands of unsold materials, and she happened to get connection. She was once a customer service agent at the Houston warehouse of the shop. It would have sailed through but my guts did not allow me to proceed further

Today, she doesn't talk to me again, saying I killed a good business idea she brought. Who cares? undecided
Education / Re: Students Wear Isi Agu As School Uniform In Anambra (Photos) by Focusmind: 9:43am On Sep 23
Bubendorff Memorial Grammar School, Adazi Nnukwu, Anambra state

Boys school in Adazi Nnukwu

Adazi Nnukwu, the center of Catholic evangelism after Onitsha in the former Eastern Region. It ranked second to Onitsha.

Bubendorff baptized lots of converts in that area from 1940 to 1965, covering many towns within that vicinity. I think my Dad was part of the people baptized by the Irish fathers that made Adazi Nnukwu the cradle of catholic evangelism and center of learning in the East.

God bless Bishops Shanahan, Charles Heerey, Bubendorff etc.


Properties / Re: The Making Of The "4 Bedrooms Contemporary Style Duplex" (2 units) In Anambra by Focusmind: 5:08am On Sep 23

The rods you see on the ground there cost over 2m. Decking costs are still being calculated, but it might be very high considering what building materials are being sold for now.
We move.

We are not even talking of cement, granite and other things use in decking. It will be up to N5m at the end.

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Properties / Re: The Making Of The "7 Bedrooms High Ceiling Bungalow" In Anambra by Focusmind: 4:40am On Sep 23
the movement of the gate isn't much of a problem sef. Even with designs, gate can still be rolling.

For any iron work to last, let the cutting and welding be at the barest amount possible. Once you cut, the durability of the area has dropped. Even when you weld, you will jump some areas and those areas make it vulnerable to aging.

Think of it like a person with a fracture. The bone can NEVER be as good as it was.

Our people will say that the wound of a cut will heal but the mark is permanent

Most people won't understand. For Nigerians, the more complicated and over designed a project is, the better. I don't know if it is me, I like my things to be of minimal design.

My new gate is just a thick black plain metal sheet. It is going to be sliding. You only have the pipe welding only at the four sides of the plate.

I even like the back of that Spyder's gate more than the front with those designs.


Properties / Re: The Making Of The "4 Bedrooms Contemporary Style Duplex" (2 units) In Anambra by Focusmind: 4:16am On Sep 23
Whenever I remember the total cost of the rods I bought for this decking, I shiver............

Bros, please tell us. How much did you buy the iron for this deck and what's the cost of this decking?.

There is something I want to start on a land and I am torn between a decent 3-bed bungalow and a mini duplex suggested by my woman.

Cost and simplicity is making me to tilt toward the simple 3 bed bungalow.
Romance / Re: Men, Share 3 Words You Like To Hear More Than "I Love You" by Focusmind: 12:56pm On Sep 22



These are the words I like to hear based on my trade as a Solo Consultant.
Education / Re: Father Followed His Son To Check His Result On Notice Board (Video) by Focusmind: 8:19pm On Sep 21
What a doting father! That is how it should be.

My father, God bless him, followed me round. From when I did the federal government college and common entrance exams, he followed me to check the results where they were pasted.

When the final list of graduates came out after my University, I was in Lagos doing vacation job, he was the one that went to my school to confirm that the list was out and handed my documents over to our town man in the school to help with my clearance.

When the list of PTDF scholars were published in 2008, he was the one that called me that he saw my name under our State in the newspaper he was reading. I had to quickly check for Thisday newspaper of that day to confirm the good news.

Fathers play vital role in the growth and development of their children.

I follow my kids academic and moral education bumper to bumper. You just have to be involve in their all round development.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: What's That Situation That Motivated You To Hustle Harder? by Focusmind: 8:02am On Sep 20
The kind of friends I keep.

I have always tried to keep highly-focused people as friends. Right from my primary school, through secondary to University, you must be within the top three in class for me to associate with you.

When we started working, successful people and those with potential became my motivation as their successes and achievements were what I wanted to get. So, I am always motivated when I read profile of successful people and the kind of lives they live. I would equally want to live like them.

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Agriculture / Re: Udom Flags Off The Planting Of 300,000 Special Breed Of Coconut Seedlings by Focusmind: 4:28pm On Sep 19
Mehn, I need just two to plant in my compound

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Politics / Re: Obadiah Mailafia Is Dead: Former CBN Deputy Governor Dies In Abuja by Focusmind: 12:23pm On Sep 19
You are joking right?

That means ortom is not safe either..

They will give Ortom the Joshua Dariye treatment. Our courts hardly convicts corrupt people from the core north. Only those from the core north that have fallen out of favour with the government are jailed. Ortom may not escape being jailed.

Dariye, though corrupt, is paying the price for challenging the status quo.


Career / Re: Female Bosses by Focusmind: 7:48pm On Sep 18
Your emotional intelligence is sky high.

You should write an ebook to tell others how to do it.

Well done.

People are here lambasting me. But they won't understand. Immediately I got what I wanted, I left her sharply. People don't know that sometimes, you have to play "mugu" to get what you want and move on. That same woman wrecked some people's career in that bank. Some left out of annoyance and shredding and couldn't find their footings again in the corporate environment.

I was just an Executive trainee that just started his career and wouldn't want any sadist to truncate my progress. I had to do what I did without any regret and the return was worth it.

For those claiming Alpha male and degrading my person, you have your choices to make and I made mine when I did, considering the awkward circumstances stacked against me. I am sure some people learnt something from the experience I just shared.


Career / Re: Female Bosses by Focusmind: 10:48am On Sep 18
Just find a way of "ass licking" them. My first boss when I joined the banking sector was a woman. I would praise her to high heaven. Sometimes she came with food from home and while eating it, I would be like, " Madam, this food smells nice and your husband must be enjoying". She would laugh and always found ways of trying to tell me things so that I would give her the kind of answers she would want.

I would praise her and her kids to high heavens to the extent that I had to come to her house to coach her son that was preparing for Federal government college entrance exam then. She was so impressed that I was favored among the staff under her. She was mean to the core and was dreaded by all, but I found favor with her. Sometimes, she sent me to her house with driver to pick up something and I practically warmed myself to her. It was a game I played very well since I could not change or select my boss. She was the one doing appraisal and a lot of things are taken into consideration. If you have been into corporate world, you would understand.

There was time she did 10 years marriage anniversary and invited everybody, including staff. I was practically serving food, doing every chore. When people left that Sunday evening, I went to the back of the house and started washing plates and coolers with her Nanny. She came to the back of the house to drop some plates and found me and shouted that I should leave the place and stop washing the plates. I said, " madam, don't worry, it was nothing." She stood there and was looking at me.

It was around, 8:30pm and I was about to go. She was staying in a massive duplex in festac, while I was leaving at Ire-Akari estate. She insisted that I should not go, that I should go and sleep at their boys quarter. But I told her that tomorrow was Monday and I needed to go home and prepare for work. She said I should not bother coming to the office in the morning and should take two days off. I did stay in their house, helped her kids with their weekend homework and other things.

In the morning, before leaving, the husband gave me N10k and one new Turkish suite that he has not used before. The man is well to do anyway. Since that day, I was one of the most favored staff, recommending me for promotion. This was someone that everybody saw as "wicked" and feared by staff. She could shout to people anyhow and woe to you if you fail to balance your investment account after close of business.

When an opportunity came for someone to be recommended for a new project, she didn't waste time and put me forward. It was not that I was not good on my job, but I needed to build good relationship with her to help my career. In life and in corporate world, your boss can determine the trajectory of your growth. You must manage the person and play to his/her sentiments and massage ego.

But you must know your job and be dedicated. Adding interpersonal relationship and managing difficult bosses are just the icing on the cake.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: How Do You Respond To "What Interests You About This Job?" by Focusmind: 6:24pm On Sep 17
The job provides me real chance to add value and improve the company's bottom line based on my skills and past experience where I worked on similar role.
Politics / Re: Picture Of Buhari, Okorocha & His Son, Amen And P.A. Ebere by Focusmind: 1:13pm On Sep 16
Mehn, Bubu don lean kpatakpata. Governance is taking its toll on his health

I am sure he cant wait to go and rest in 2023. He has certainly lost weight
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Still Unable To Download Your N-power Letter? Try This. by Focusmind: 9:29pm On Sep 14
My wife just collapsed grin grin

She has been trying to download this for the past one week. I just sent her this link now and she did it. Voom!! the thing showed. She used my printer to print it out.

Power of Nairaland! The main source of information. That was the original value Nairaland was giving to members before ethnic and tribal warlords took over, hurling insults to themselves because of useless politicians and political divide

Nairaland was where I got all the info regarding the aptitude test of the investment bank I joined in 2005 after my service. Nairaland provided all the platform and information I needed why preparing for the PTDF examination in 2008.

Let us restore the dignity of Nairaland once again as the bastion of information and knowledge in Nigeria.

Well done bro. We appreciate you

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Politics / Re: Imo Residents Disobey IPOB's Sit At Home Order (Photos) by Focusmind: 3:28pm On Sep 13
And some idiotic E- warriors will be here defending IPOB. Some of all these e-warriors are in other states doing their businesses and saying people shout sit at home in SE.


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Should I Quit My Job While I Haven't Got Another One? by Focusmind: 3:13pm On Sep 13
Private security organization's in Nigeria are worst in terms of staff welfare. Very heartless. You will see their Ogas in SUVs and porch suites but hardly pay as at when due. My Oga told the security company that guards his company and his house that he must pay his boys within 3 days after receiving their monthly fee from my Oga.

Since that time, they have been consistent with paying those guards. The one that scattered our head one time was when my client then paid those security guards Christmas bonus from his pocket. Their security company withheld the December salaries because the security guards have collected bonus from the company they are guarding.

Nigerians at all levels could be heartless, selfish and inconsiderate at times.

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Romance / Re: Proposing Through The Phone; Would You Accept? by Focusmind: 12:25pm On Sep 13
I finally made my intention known to her via phone. It is 8 years already and the young lady is bubbling and chopping life. She couldn't have made a better choice. I am too informal just like her. No time. She could be very funny to a fault. In fact, she is a comedian grin grin

She sometimes used to crack joke about it, telling me that I entered and got her via direct entry, where as other people that came were writing Jamb. grin

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Sports / Re: Medvedev Beats Djokovic To Win US Open by Focusmind: 5:41am On Sep 13
I am a big fan of Djokavic but wanted the Russian to win. I like siding with the underdogs in sports.

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Politics / Re: Who Was The President Of Nigeria When You Were Born? by Focusmind: 10:05pm On Sep 12
Alhaji, Aliyu Usman Shehu Shagari
Family / Re: How Long Do You Think Courtship Should Take? by Focusmind: 9:10pm On Sep 11
I didn't do any courtship with my current wife. We fixed wedding after meeting 2 times. We are now 8 years in marriage. I never married those I courted.

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Family / Re: Is Happy Home By Luck Or Character? Share The Secret Recipe Of Your Home by Focusmind: 9:07pm On Sep 11
Hehehehehehe!! If you are not the patient type, please forget about marriage. Once you guys survive your first 5 years of marriage, the chances of the marriage lasting increases. That first five years are the most turbulent.

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