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Celebrities / Re: Happy 45th Birthday To Genevieve Nnaji by funkemary(f): 10:09am On May 03
Happy birthday mama
One of the few celebrities that has little or no interest in social media criticism. May you continue to age in grace
Celebrities / Re: Davido's Fans Visit Wizkid's Childhood Home In Surulere, Lagos (Video) by funkemary(f): 10:07am On May 03
Idleness is disturbing some people sha
Romance / Re: Woman Describes Her Ideal Husband: A 100 Percent Submissive Man (Video) by funkemary(f): 7:45pm On Apr 29
Lol she want 1,000 yards husband material and luckily for her some men can now be bought with money. The guy will be the wife and she as the husband.

Good luck in your search
Celebrities / Re: “it’s Don Jazzy’s Fault That Wizkid Called Him An Influencer” - Verydarkman Says by funkemary(f): 7:30pm On Apr 29
Disrespect of the highest order. Well I trust don Baba he will just laugh over it
Politics / Re: Aderemi Adeoye: My Firm Worth N20bn, Will Give Dangote A Run For His Money by funkemary(f): 10:52pm On Apr 27
This has further expose him to piercing eyes. EFCC will be waiting for him


Celebrities / Re: Churchill Acquires 2024 Brand New Chevrolet Blazer For Daughter, Amelia by funkemary(f): 2:50pm On Apr 13
This life... Another man misfortune (I don't know the appropriate word to use) is another man blessings. This is a bitter lesson that life has taught
Look at Churchill, despite all the public ridicule and embarrassments he chose to leave everything behind and we can say he is doing well now.
Food / Re: Locally-produced Foods Now More Expensive Than Imported Ones by funkemary(f): 2:34pm On Apr 13
This is nothing but greed and Nigerian are our own enemy. If you buy a product a week earlier then go back to purchase that product the price will surprise you. I think the government should bring up price control scheme to control some traders
Family / Re: Married Nigerian Ladies No Longer Take Shit From Their Husbands (Pictures) by funkemary(f): 10:27am On Apr 13

Tell that ur colleague that green grass not always greener at the other side o!

1.How did she know that, those suitors really want to marry her? Or just to taste from honey in the pot and abandon the pot.

2.Even if she eventually married the suitor, is it every wife that married rich man that really enjoy the riches? Go and ask several women that once married the likes of Dino melaye, Femi fani kayode etc.

3. Which man will absolutely trust a married woman that he snatches frm her husband?

4. That ur colleague, if she finally goes for man that better than her present husband, what will happen when she now meets another richer man than the one snatched her from present? because richer man won't finish til thy kingdom come o!


Your words are of wisdom but the last part...
Family / Re: Married Nigerian Ladies No Longer Take Shit From Their Husbands (Pictures) by funkemary(f): 10:56am On Apr 11
It takes discipline and grace to stay faithful in marriage coz there are temptation everywhere and if you are unable to control it you may fall victim.

A colleague at work said that suitors far better than her husband are now asking her out and if not that she really love her husband she'd have left him


Politics / Re: Are Customs Officers Who Steal From Smugglers Senior Criminals? - Fisayo Soyombo by funkemary(f): 12:41pm On Apr 02
In as much as criminality of any kind should not be supported but we should be careful of spreading unverified propaganda without any concrete evidence, those officers are human beings and have families, you don’t sit at the comfort of your home or even far away from the shores of the country and write anything just because you can write and ruin the reputation of others.

Custom officers are attacked and killed on regular bases by smugglers who carry sophisticated weapons and this smugglers are some times the locals from the border communities but you can’t see them report this incidents but when customs officers engage them, because of the sophisticate weapons they carry you will see those locals with encouragement from some press crying blue murder and if the officers reluctantly leave some of this smugglers because of the casualty it may result you will see the same press raising all kinds of unsubstantiated allegations, what then should these men do, there is a lot going on behind the scene, no body wants to die and leave behind helpless families and love ones, we should not allow people to manipulate us with unverified allegations just because they can put English alphabets together.

On another thought is it compulsory that customs officers/government workers must live in penury, let’s not forget that some people already are from very wealthy homes that have access to other funds other than their salaries and some have had opportunities to invest in something that is heavily profiting them.

Let us not be unfair to our security agents that are paying the supreme price in other to secure us.

This same individual alleging all these things have been invited by the police multiple times to come with proves he has been on the run hence him been declared wanted by the police.


NB: Neither do I support Anti behaviors

You have spoken well grin please are you a custom officer?


Travel / Re: Meet Toyin Olajide. Coo/chief Operating Officer Of Air Peace. by funkemary(f): 12:24pm On Apr 02
Beauty + brain
A woman in power

I also want to be in the league of women with power

Happy birthday mama
Romance / Re: A Nairalander Takes A Beautiful Bride by funkemary(f): 12:13pm On Apr 02
Your wife is gorgeous and she looks calm. I think you have found a virtuous woman grin

May the Almighty bless your new home
Politics / Re: "God Told Me Tinubu Will Do 8 Years In Office" – Dave Umahi by funkemary(f): 4:45pm On Apr 01
Una don start again
Romance / Re: If She Has Any of These 4 Red Flags, run away from her Immediately by funkemary(f): 9:49am On Mar 31
Kudos to the write-up BUT guys of today doesn't care about most of these red flags as long as you have yansh every other thing is secondary

Don't get me wrong okay, I did not say this to justify what is bad. I'm just stating the fact.

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Education / Re: Dear Ex-classmates by funkemary(f): 11:39pm On Mar 27
This is deep. Las las it is only God that can crown our efforts with success
Romance / Re: I Sent Her Out Of My House Late In The Night: Did I Do The Right Thing? by funkemary(f): 11:28am On Mar 25

Then why did she go to the house when the guy clearly told her he wanted to cuddle? He didn't leave anything for the girl to assume. He told her what he wanted and she agreed!

It's like you don't understand the meaning of cuddle. The guy wanted romance ni! He wanted them to be lovey dovey in each others arms and the girl came! Is that not asking for trouble?

I got it perfectly well. Remember this is not the first time she's coming over without them having anything together. I'm sure if he had spoken well she'd have willingly agree to whatever he wants

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Romance / Re: I Sent Her Out Of My House Late In The Night: Did I Do The Right Thing? by funkemary(f): 4:50pm On Mar 24

Any girl born even yesterday knows when a guy is interested in her.

If a guy invites you to come over and tells you he needs to cuddle and you don't get the 411 then you are certainly on a long thing.

As for the behaviour of the guy, he has the right to invite and eject whoever he likes from his house. If you don't want to be sexually assaulted you dont dine with the devil period. If you choose to do so with a long spoon, come prepared. The guy in question asked the girl to leave. He didn't force himself on her or beat her up.

So the girl should just assume things in her head that this guy is interested in her without the guy saying anything of the sort just because he gives her stipends

Sheh you know the handwriting are written on the wall that this said guy only wanted her for the night and there is every possibility that it won't stop after one night. She is wise not to accept fling that has no direction
Romance / Re: I Sent Her Out Of My House Late In The Night: Did I Do The Right Thing? by funkemary(f): 8:12am On Mar 24

So you as a babe if a guy that has been giving you gifts asks you to come to his house to 'cuddle' will you honestly go there not knowing what could happen? Why agree to go and cuddle someone from the opposite sex and not expect anything to happen if you are really smart? The worst part is that the girl went there and did not even go with her TP just in case something goes wrong? And you call her smart? Perhaps you are also as 'smart' as her! No free lunch anywhere my sister. If you think you've been smart all this while eating men's money and getting away with it, it's only a matter of time before the cock will come home to roost!

He invited me over and I accepted. Fine. Do you have to rub it on my face? Manner of approach matters a lot you know right. The fact that you are buoyant financially doesn't mean you should not checkmate how you approach people coz your intention may be right but I tell you this, your approach can make it look bad.

P.s I never supported her for not going with T.P and I wonder why you are not seeing what the guy did wrong. Are you saying you can even do worse?

meanwhile this is what you get when you are completely dependent. For me, I rather learn with peoples mistakes than wait until it gets to me

Happy Sunday
Romance / Re: I Sent Her Out Of My House Late In The Night: Did I Do The Right Thing? by funkemary(f): 9:54pm On Mar 23

Lots of hypocrisy on display here.

It's ok for the girl to receive gifts from the guy but not vice versa?

Is the girl that stupid not to understand the poisoned chalice she was drinking from going to spend time alone with a guy in his house and accepting his gifts? Did she imagine the boy was father Christmas?

Where is the hypocrisy? Where is it coz I can't find any

Of course it's okay for the girl to receive gift(s) did he mention that she has been denying him material gift? Oh, i get you... The gift you are referring to is her body. You are not serious.

It's a gift remember she did not force him to extend his act of generosity so why forcefully ask her to pay back with her body?

You may be right in the sense that she isn't stupid to spend time alone with a guy but hey, she isn't stupid either to know that this guy only want her for the night and probably as a fling so she declined. I think she is a smart girl who know what she wants

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Romance / Re: I Sent Her Out Of My House Late In The Night: Did I Do The Right Thing? by funkemary(f): 9:52pm On Mar 23


Romance / Re: I Sent Her Out Of My House Late In The Night: Did I Do The Right Thing? by funkemary(f): 4:35pm On Mar 23
You are wrong and it doesn't speak well of you. Based on how you define she is just someone you assist with one thing or the other, no intimacy or whatever connection attached you now call her one day to cuddle and probably lay with her. Haba would you have succumb to it if it was to be you

Not all persons are cool with friends with benefits kind of thing. I'm glad your conscious took a better part. Please apologize for sending her out that late in the night


Romance / Re: Come In And Share Your Experience by funkemary(f): 3:33pm On Mar 17
to be shy is to be nervous ...

They practically mean the same thing..

I disagree
Romance / Re: Come In And Share Your Experience by funkemary(f): 8:56pm On Mar 16
No, I'm not shy to speak in public. I am just usually nervous


Romance / Re: Do You Trust Your Current Boyfriend/ Girlfriend? by funkemary(f): 8:29am On Mar 16
There is this guy I trusted so much with the whole of me but down the line the trust was shattered and It hurt so much. It's good to trust but still have some iota of doubt just incase things go sour
Romance / Re: Name One Thing You Learnt How To Do Without Being Taught. by funkemary(f): 8:50pm On Feb 03
1. How to braid hair
Thanks to my mom who always force me to try braiding with her hair. May God bless and keep her for me

2. Cooking
I learnt by looking at what she is doing. People don't believe if I tell they I started cooking in primary 6 buh it's the truth. I even started pounding yam in JSS. Of course I made lots of jargons the food may be good and the soup bad and vice versa. Everyone will complain ooo but they will still it. Lol grin My major challenge was getting adequate amount of salt needed in soup. Chai my people chop salt no be small grin grin grin. MAY THE BOND WE SHARE NEVER BREAK God bless my family
Romance / Re: I Have Decided To Stay Single The Rest Of My Life by funkemary(f): 10:44pm On Jan 29
S.O.R.R.Y sis I know it hurt deeply coz it deals emotions and feelings most especially when your world revolve round that person. I was once there so I know how you feel.

It hurt though but don't think about it. Please heal. Yours is coming to stay


Romance / Re: My Ex Girl Friend Sent Me Note Of Suicidal Threats by funkemary(f): 10:54am On Jan 20
You are not serious o, how can you say you are through with something yet you still keep it as before. Ask yourself what the meaning of breakup is

See, if you want that your freshness and glowing that people care commenting about to last you better block means if having her around else the toxic will come back to you
Romance / Re: What's One Thing That Reminds You, You Are Not Getting Younger? by funkemary(f): 10:44am On Jan 20
When I see by T.B photos
Politics / Re: Jubilation In Kano On Affirmation Of Governor Abba Yusuf By The Supreme Court by funkemary(f): 8:56pm On Jan 12
Finally everywhere will be peaceful

Congratulations to my Kano connect angry
Romance / Re: Know Your Birthday Twinny!!!! by funkemary(f): 9:38pm On Jan 03
11 November
Romance / Re: Obinna Chukwuma Weds Nkiru Emenike by funkemary(f): 10:53pm On Dec 21, 2023
Poverty miss road
Health / Re: 22-Year-Old Arabic Student Commits Suicide In Kwara Because God Failed Him by funkemary(f): 6:42pm On Dec 10, 2023
For someone reading this

If you check properly you will see that you are living inside one of your answered prayer. Do you remember sometimes ago that you are praying to be where you are right now?

The thing is, [b][/b]prayer looses it's potency when faith is lacking. I implore you, don't loose hope, don't give up, don't stop believing.

Even when it seems like God is silent, he is still passing a message.

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