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Health / Re: Please How Do I Get Rid, Of This Health Issue. by Goldiness: 2:00pm On Dec 31, 2021
Enter the internet,and see Doctor Lee, the pimple pEnteropper on you -tube,she surgically removes All those things , it doesn't grow back, tell your father to remove it, but test first should be done to check if it's cancerious or not before removing it. It's a small case
Health / Re: Please How Do I Get Rid, Of This Health Issue. by Goldiness: 1:59pm On Dec 31, 2021
Enter the internet,and see Doctor Lee, the pimple popper on you -tube,she surgically removes All those things , it doesn't grow back, tell your father to remove it, but test first should be done to check if it's cancerious or not before removing it. It's a small case
Religion / Re: My 2021 Wins — A Testimony by Goldiness: 10:52am On Dec 19, 2021
This has been pending for a while and I feel the urge to share before it's too late. I promised God I would testify if he granted my heart desire of a good job. My story goes thus;

I graduated from the university since 2014 and had no job. During this period, I equipped myself with handwork (fashion designing). When job wasn't forth coming, I decided to enrol for masters but continued the job hunt. The Masters was also a hurdle but I am glad I finally scaled through and graduated. Most people I hoped on to help me secure a job failed me. I kept applying for different jobs through online job sites. I was invited for tests and interviews most of which I didn't scale through. I was always sent REGRET MAILS.

I managed to get one small job last year September and as time went on, I felt I was wasting away. This wasn't what I intended for myself. I soaked my pillow with bucket of tears. I felt like a failure.

So in February 2021, I turned to my GOD.I was so tired of struggling. There was no one to lean on except God. I told God that I was tired and that if he was indeed my God, he should prove it from March.

In March ending, I got promoted in my workplace to a managerial position.

In April, I got another good job but I rejected it because I weighed the pros and cons and I felt I needed to work and gain experience in my new role.

In May/june, I got called by an organisation to redo my medicals and join them. You see,I actually got to the medical stage last year and then I didn't hear from them again so I moved on. Anyway, I resigned and joined them since it was a much more better place.

In September,God gave me a special birthday gift. I got my dream job; a multinational firm with great career prospects.

God didn't end there. Same September, I got a call from the HR of another multinational group. I wrote their test in October 2019,did their interview in February 2020 and I also didnt hear from them. Then in December 2020, they sent me a REGRET MAIL. I was so angry then. Now,the HR called me and she said "you did an interview with us in February last year. Would like to reconsider the job?.If yes, let's have a chat".

So in 2021, I got a PROMOTION and FOUR GOOD JOB OFFERS. All jobs were through online applications...there was no connection.


I say a big congratulations to you and I thank God to what he has done in your life. And say the same blessings become my portion in Jesus name. Amen!

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Romance / Re: Was King Solomon able to satisfy all his wives and concubines? by Goldiness: 10:37am On Dec 19, 2021
How on earth did one man cope with a thousand women as wives as well as concubines..? Just imagine one man with a thousand of these wonderful creations of GOD in different colours and curves.

I have tried to fathom how he satisfied all of them sexually...

Anyone with an idea?

He was not having intimate time with all of them, a lot of the women were just there for fun, like dancing, merriment, drinking, worshipping idols, doing sacrifice, just Making Solomon to have a nice time and be happy..etc.. . while some other women were for sex. So don't be wondering how he managed them all. grin cheesy


Celebrities / Re: In 2022 Every Celebrity And Public Figure File Will Be Opened – Kemi Olunloyo by Goldiness: 2:20pm On Dec 18, 2021

0 8 1 7 9 1 4 6 0 3 4

Help your family members to win the game and get the money, rather than bring it to strangers. cheesy grin
Celebrities / Re: P-Square Postpone Concert Due To Illness (Photo) by Goldiness: 7:53am On Dec 16, 2021

I think it is time we stop the denial, Corona is with us fully, currently 80℅ of people I know are down with " malaria " because that is what they call it, it has never been this bad.

God will help us all oooh, although someone was saying or suggesting that I take the covid vaccine, that since she took it, she has been fine,I don't know what to say or think. But am fine since my malaria and tyhoid treatment. Am considering the vaccine, it's just the theory around it that makes me scared. But I think I will consider it. sad sad undecided
Celebrities / Re: P-Square Postpone Concert Due To Illness (Photo) by Goldiness: 10:18am On Dec 15, 2021
I don't know if am the only one that noticed, almost everybody is down with malaria since we entered this December, one thing I know is that we shall all end this December, 2021 will not end our life AMEN

Amen oooo

Hahahaha, I just finished my own drip days ago, four drip and to many drugs, all typhoid and malaria treatment, I have never been this sick, it's really terrible. Thank God am fine now.


Celebrities / Re: P-Square Postpone Concert Due To Illness (Photo) by Goldiness: 10:18am On Dec 15, 2021
seriously I noticed too, all my family member
are seriously receiving malaria treatment.

Hahahaha, I just finished my own drip days ago, four drip and to many drugs, all typhoid and malaria treatment, I have never been this sick, it's really terrible. Thank God am fine now.

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Celebrities / Re: P-Square Postpone Concert Due To Illness (Photo) by Goldiness: 10:17am On Dec 15, 2021

I learnt its mostly people with genotype AA.

Even me sef dey battle fever as I write

Hahahaha, I just finished my own drip days ago, four drip and to many drugs, all typhoid and malaria treatment, I have never been this sick, it's really terrible. Thank God am fine now.


Education / Re: Man Withdraws His Kid From Boarding School Over Bullying (Pics) by Goldiness: 8:24pm On Dec 06, 2021
Very good action.

Some of these problems na we parents dey cause them! We fail to observe, give listening hear or even pay attention to our God given children. It's only when we give them time to confide in us we get to know about things they are going through.

Dear parents, we need to be very heedful of our kids.

Did you finish from Ebsu...?
Religion / Re: The Synagogue, T.B Joshua's Church Resumes Services (Photos) by Goldiness: 5:19am On Dec 06, 2021
The Synagogue Church Of All Nations (SCOAN), founded by late Prophet T.B Joshua, welcomed back its members for physical services on Sunday after 21 months of closure.

Worshippers trooped in for services at the headquarters of the church located at the Ikotun Egbe, Lagos.

P.M. News correspondent who attended the service observed that despite the crowd, the church adhered to the COVID-19 protocols.

Regular Sunday services were put on hold in March 2020, following the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, long before the sudden demise of the founder and General Overseer of the ministry, late Prophet T.B Joshua on June 5, 2021.

Till his passing on June 5, the church remained under lock.

The late cleric had insisted that the church would only be re-opened when there were divine instructions to that effect.

Today will be the first physical service globally under the church’s new leadership of Prophetess Evelyn TB Joshua who had also maintained the position of her late husband on the reopening.



This is good news
Education / Re: Schoolmate Of Sylvester Oromoni Reveals How He Was Tortured By Senior Students by Goldiness: 5:14am On Dec 06, 2021
I saw the faces of the boys, and looking at their faces, you would know they are hardened. Those boys have started abusing drugs at their young age. @parents , money is good , no doubt but dont neglect your children while looking for money, because if the monsters you are raising do not harm you, they would harm someone else. Bad parents, and parenting. Awon omo irankiran

Please, were did you see their faces, let to check them out as well
Business / Re: Shoprite Building A Mall In Kaduna (Photos) by Goldiness: 8:48pm On Dec 05, 2021
Shoprite, Silverbird Cinemas and other high-end outlets begin setting up office at the new Galaxy Mall in Kaduna with 3 cinemas , 48 line shops and 6 restaurants . Shoppers going to Abuja and Kano for certain goods and services will now get them in Kaduna. IGR will rise.

The mall is sitting on 11, 000 square meters along Waff Road and it is designed to accommodate 48 line shops.

Instead of the government to build more industries and factories, let youth be gainfully employed in all production process, they are building what will make the population spend more money, and they will be gaining from their ignorance.

What a pity!

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Business / Re: Kennedy Okonkwo Celebrates 12th Wedding Anniversary - Pictures by Goldiness: 8:22pm On Dec 05, 2021
Good marriages are worth celebrating.
How sweet.
Education / Re: Don Davis: Deeper Life School Principal, Others Remanded In Prison by Goldiness: 12:54pm On Dec 03, 2021
Fear woman, what did this woman really want. The way she is going my fear is that the son may even turn against her one day. Some of us while growing up weed grass in school, fetch water in school, go to farm for our class teacher, then we taught it was punishment but I bet you, those training made us to be whom we are today. So what this woman gaining from dragging people down.

You are a child molester suspect, I pray you or yours be in her shoes some day, what a pertetic comment..... Sometimes I wonder how a lot of you were brought up at home, if indeed the way you discribe how you were brought up is true you will not be saying ....... What does this woman want...? By dragging people up and down......, whoever you are, let me tell you..... She wants justice, and justice she shall get at the end. Besides did her son tell you he is complaining about the mother fighting for him,why would you think he would go against his mother,or have you gone against your own mother.....? For reasons best known to you....? Pray not to see trouble in this life you come so..... Pray hard oooo, I tell you. sad angry

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Romance / Re: Is Two Months Too Short To Start Asking For Sex In A Relationship? by Goldiness: 10:57pm On Nov 19, 2021
I meet this girl around September we got so close and have always spent on her, going shopping and all that and always tell her how I feel.

She do make demand from me and have always responded..but I suspected that she has lots of suitors trying to get her and even her ex..cos she told me he is trying to get back so I decided to demand for sex so we can get serious but she refuse and said she is not ready and that I should wait but she keeps requesting for assistance and e sadven wants me to get her a new phone cos her previous phone got spoilt and all..

So I need your advice should I wait for her to be ready to give me her body and keep on assisting her or should I just give up on the relationship cos she might actually be trying to scam me or something?

You come here to this forum, seeking for who will support your acts of fornication, how terribly disgusting. Why would you give out gifts to a girl in the first place when you are not sure of her, relationship of weeks, angry and why would you ask for sex in return. You little men will never seems to stop your amazement. If your gift to her is for sex exchange and not for real love, stop it. And tell her off when ever she demand for cash or material. You both should know we're to draw the line. angry Now you see her as someone with lots of men baggages, end the friendship now, so you don't get used, and you regret later and start looking for advice.
Family / Re: Advice Needed, My Wife Is Driving Me Crazy by Goldiness: 9:00am On Nov 19, 2021
smileyThe beginning of every good marriage is sometimes tougher than expected. Relax don't worry this phase shall pass I tell you, most marriages faced even worst than this at the beginning, but later on they overcom and became stronger and wealth came. The one thing I would say is that both of you should love and co-operate with each other, prayerful and move forward. Don't let anyone here or there discourage you about your marriage.
Education / Re: UNILORIN Expels Salaudeen Waliu Aanuoluwa For Beating Lecturer To Coma by Goldiness: 7:12pm On Nov 16, 2021
This is how you know wove beaters. May God help him overcome this temptation.
Travel / Re: Deportees How Did You Blend Into The Society? by Goldiness: 6:58pm On Nov 16, 2021
I made $2m legit from home in 2 months. Who needs abroad when you can work abroad from home.

Please brother link me. I have been finding ways to do that working from here to abroad. Please help me. Thanks!
Romance / Re: My Girlfriend Gives Me Money & Foodstuff From Her Mum's Shop For Free; Help Pls! by Goldiness: 2:47pm On Nov 16, 2021
You know in your heart that it's not good, its stealing, because if not you will not come looking for advice, I don't know how old you both are, but I think you both are just being to infatuated about each other at the moment. See talk to her to stop it,since you are not comfortable about it, because she is running that business down, if she wants to give you something, it should be from her own personal money, and her mother's shop money, it bad because if the mother finds out, it's a problem for you, it will look like you manipulated the girl, so watch it.

And you to, don't you also give gifts out to your girlfriend as well....? Can't you reciprocate the same kindness to her as well....?

Again if you both are of marriageable age, marry that girl, she is Good,she has you at heart.


Romance / Re: I'm 30yrs Male In Love With A 19yrs Old by Goldiness: 10:22am On Nov 15, 2021
I'm presently working with a reputable company. I met a girl I really flow with. She's matured & understanding. She's in her 400level in school & I said within myself never to let her pass me by. We've come to a compromise that she should finish before I take her to the alter. Want to do so when She's 22yrs of age. I'm 11yrs older than her.

Please I need your Advice if I'm doing the right thing?

You can marry her, after she is done with school, the age Gap is not that bad, provided you don't do her harm or take advantage of her. Don't beat her or be abusive to her in the marriage simply because of your age Gap, you just have to respect her and respect yourself in the marriage. Be a bigger person in the marriage. If you do well to her, that beautiful character you are seeing now in her will be better later in marriage, it all depends on you to treat her right.


Celebrities / Re: Tonto Dikeh On A Date With Mayor, Prince Kpokpogri’s Friend. She Clears The Air by Goldiness: 9:59am On Nov 15, 2021

You play the betting game and win the money,put it inside your pocket, don't give anybody Bros.
Politics / Re: Nine Years After, Zulum Reopens Bama-Banki-Cameroon Road by Goldiness: 7:31am On Nov 15, 2021
I think i like this man smiley
Crime / Re: Father Arrested For Killing His Son For Money Rituals, Corpse Exhumed (photos) by Goldiness: 6:32pm On Nov 14, 2021
Blame the Nigerian movie industry, they promote ritual, prostitution, indecency and armed robbery with their stale movies.

No, not at all, rather the movie industry only act what they see society doing.
Politics / Re: Yahaya Bello, Moghalu, Lead Atiku & Others In Silverbird Tv Presidential Polls by Goldiness: 6:01pm On Nov 14, 2021

Abeg is the laviathan a film or what.... ?
Family / Re: Her Parents Sponsored Our Wedding, Should I Be Worried. by Goldiness: 5:51pm On Nov 14, 2021
Instead of you to be happy and thankful to God for such help that others are looking for you want to do ego man, see the only advice I have for you is to respect your in-laws and be good to their daughter, don't do things that will put you on any wrong spot light in the marriage,be a man of yourself. If they don't love you they will not render such kindness to you at all and all I see is that every body contributed to the wedding which is normal,you to did your best contribution,so don't feel treathened by their own contribution alright. Happy married life. Enjoy your home

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Travel / Re: Shortcut To Death: Abuja Residents Shun Pedestrian Bridges by Goldiness: 5:43pm On Nov 14, 2021
Whenever I use the pedestrian bridge, immediately I get to the part that crosses the road, I always hear the whispers of the village pipo asking what next should the bridge collapse. angry angry. Despite that, I don't take the risk of crossing the express road because I cannot come and kee myself by myself.

Rebuke that thoubth and evil imagination in your head at that moment, don't let it get hold of you, because nothing of such will happen alright.

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Travel / Re: Shortcut To Death: Abuja Residents Shun Pedestrian Bridges by Goldiness: 5:41pm On Nov 14, 2021

0 8 1 2 2 7 2 1 8 1 1

Come brother no vex oooo, this three odds available now, instead of telling the public, why don't you tell your relatives, like your brothers and sisters, so that they can play and win it, or better still you play the three odds and win, put the money in your pocket.

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Politics / Re: Buhari Condoles With Sierra Leone Over Fuel Tanker Explosion by Goldiness: 7:23am On Nov 07, 2021
grin :Dhow funny, this president is so funny, like seriously....? cheesy
Politics / Re: Governor Zulum Disguised As A Patient, Caught Officials Collecting ₦10,000 by Goldiness: 9:21am On Nov 05, 2021
I don tell una, politicians only contribute just 5% of our problems, the remaining 95% is contributed by average Nigerians you see and talk with on daily basis.

Yes you are very correct. I always say it to people, that our problem is not leadership majorly, our problem as a nation are the citizens, if the citizens decide to get it right, Government will adjust, after all were does government come from is it not from citizens.....? sad
Politics / Re: Anambra Election: ₦400 & A Can Of Malt Shared To Electorates (Video, Photos) by Goldiness: 2:46pm On Nov 04, 2021
It means you sold a year for #100

Honestly speaking true,I also suspect that there is a spiritual meaning to that 400 naria, because why 400 of all amount, may be the shrine and native doctor they went to say they should give people each that amount, 100 naria for 1yr and 400 naria for 4yrs, evil people and the poor people are even collecting it ,they have sold their mandate already for just 400 naria and malt.my God .....ooooo cry cry sad angry undecided

God forbid evil, God will scatter their plans all of them that mean evil for his country.
Education / Re: My Friends Abuse Me Because I'm Schooling... by Goldiness: 8:53am On Nov 04, 2021
I will advise you that as you are schooling learn trade oooh, learn a skill or two, only school noadays don't help a person, that is what your friends should mean, learn skill something that after school if no job you can start with to get money, because Nigeria has gone to the dogs along time ago. So don't be depressed alright. grin

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