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Crime / Re: My Story As A Cult Member........initiation Phase Included... by Graxie(f): 8:54pm On Sep 02
Satan is a bastard, look at how people's children are celebrating killings on this thread, parents needs to have a rethink, is it worth it? Should you birth children that you won't be able to give account of? Where do we draw the line? I mean, talking about killing human as though you are killing chicken. You will still find women getting married to people like this, what of your kids? Isn't obvious that same thing will happen?


Crime / Re: My Story As A Cult Member........initiation Phase Included... by Graxie(f): 7:09pm On Jul 07
Please reach out to your younger ones in school, today according to OP exposure, many kids will be initiated. Please make that call, he might not even survive the initiation before the lost of freedom. Pastors, imams reach out to members. Lecturerers, community leaders please deliver your territory. May we not bring forth for sorrow.


Family / Re: My Son Want To Contact His Father On Fcbk by Graxie(f): 3:51pm On Apr 21
So the shameless "christian" woman who adviced you to abandon your son, came here to judge and advice you again? Wonders shall never end. Idiot judged your 11yrs as thief and she is here to form virtous. Uchu. The animal was expecting you to be a beggar and it didn't happen, now she is projecting her evil on your future inlaws, tueh. She will be the winch MIL. Stop engaging demons, learn to delete or report.

Vivian you are doing well, may God reward you. Love you!!!


Family / Re: My Mother Wants Me To Rent My Own House by Graxie(f): 6:04pm On Nov 27, 2022
Welcome to nairaland where every nairalander left their father's house at age 16, became millionaires at 20, doesn't need their parents money or entitled to it. A home of hard-working youths, self made millionaires. They're not entitled to their siblings wealth, they don't also see the need to help love ones. The motto is: Go and make money, by all means don't depend on any man.

Reality: life outside nairaland is different. Majority of folks here are not what they are projecting.
Crime / Re: My Story As A Cult Member........initiation Phase Included... by Graxie(f): 3:21pm On Aug 29, 2022

na Taiwo dey ground so like ram. This guy na twins o and him dey do security for Uselu there. Out of 10 children, Only two remained and now Taiwo is gone too. Seems the guys who killed him had enough time to do a video recording, na wa o... Taiwo na Eiye man confirm, na him uncle side him be dey stay and hide but bad mouth nor let am stay one place. Even if na cultist, I still believe nobody deserves this type of painful and disgraceful death. Heard they killed him close to his living quarters and took his head back to the area where he work.

The person you are calling a vulture is actually a human and I know his uncle. After killing someone and making their family weep how will you ever clean your conscience? What If you grow old and bear children whom you love so much and then suddenly death starts snatching them away in a gruesome manner.. do not cry, know it's karma!

"out of 10" Abeg their mama still dey normal? What kind of unfortunate life is this? May we never bring forth for sorrow.


Crime / Re: My Story As A Cult Member........initiation Phase Included... by Graxie(f): 3:16pm On Aug 29, 2022
What is this? Which one be this? Human being be like chicken. No wonder Nigeria be like this.

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Politics / Re: Adeboye Visits Uzodimma, Assures Him Of Divine Intervention Over Security by Graxie(f): 1:52pm On May 28, 2022
Why didn't he go to zamfara? Is God only interested in imo?


Family / Re: Is It Okay For Wife To Initiate Sex Always by Graxie(f): 2:11am On May 27, 2022
Why do you hate yourself so much?Some idiots are even advising you on how to cope, some claimed sex is not food.

I thank God for consistent men here, they will never support evil.

Society and parents don damage many women, church finish others. See Osinachi sister, asking for sex in order to keep her dog.

Madam, marriage ends here, on earth! You can't find happiness outside you, you can't find fulfilment outside you, your emotional stability is in you.

How can you give another person the power to control your life? What if he sends you packing? Or if he dies, will that be your end?

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Romance / Re: I Am Confused. by Graxie(f): 3:19pm On May 06, 2022
Welcome to nairaland where you will be told your wife is cheating, your marriage will take a different turn after this thread.


Crime / Re: Say No To Cultism,how I Joined The Supreme Maphite,and Almost Got Killed By NBM by Graxie(f): 7:13am On May 02, 2022
Ndi it have advantages, why not create thread to post the advantages. Why do you hide under someone story to sell your group?

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Family / Re: Burnt Out - Any Advice? by Graxie(f): 4:40pm On Apr 30, 2022
Ndi virtuous, I hope you are learning. Most lazy men in abuja are church goers. Speaking in tongues thieves. Ladies shine your eyes, no excuse for laziness. Aboki men dey sell okro, tomatoes and even pepper just to make ends meet. But my portfolio "heaven candidates" are always at newspaper vendor stand for berger junction, arguing osibanjo and buhari.

As for you poster, you can't win this war. Not in Nigeria, just assume that you are a widow. Your pastor will not help, in fact he will turn you to ATM machine. Better hide yourself from pulpit bandit. All the best.

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Family / Re: Dear Nigerian Women 2 by Graxie(f): 2:27pm On Apr 30, 2022

angry How will someone focus when you check, only to see loooonnnggg annoying texts in history lessons nobody asked for? The thread says Dear Nigerian Women and people who are not women, will not go away or post positive content. They are just making the thread looonnng for nothing and the essence of it will soon be lost. I dey provoke

Don't worry, they know what they are doing, nairaland is a large family, they know how liberating this thread will be for some women. The fear of freedom. Just ignore, our women must get it right.


Family / Re: Dear Nigerian Women 2 by Graxie(f): 2:07pm On Apr 30, 2022
Focus, focus my sisters.

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Family / Re: They Want Me To Marry Her Corpse, I refused by Graxie(f): 7:50pm On Apr 29, 2022
Op, get a lawyer.

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Family / Re: Dear Nigerian Women 2 by Graxie(f): 7:08pm On Apr 29, 2022
The low Lifer's are already here, to derail as usual. Learn to ignore, don't quote them, be focus.


Family / Re: Yul Edochie: Dear Nigerian Women by Graxie(f): 4:04pm On Apr 29, 2022
Where is that crackguy? He would have been everywhere by now. Anyway, online Nigerian men are strong, brave and alpha. Offline na different story.


Family / Re: My Father Dragging My Mom's Property With Me, how the Issue Was Resolved by Graxie(f): 9:58pm On Apr 18, 2022

And you see this as okay? You even sound proud of an injustice and unfairness that should have been abolished ages ago, no wonder your men will continue to buy and see you igbo women as mere property.

Exactly, and she even claimed it's planned.


Family / Re: My Father Dragging My Mom's Property With Me, how the Issue Was Resolved by Graxie(f): 9:56pm On Apr 18, 2022
I don't know why you are bothering yourself with people whose root you can't identify.

Some of the males who attacked you imagine themselves in your dad's shoes.

They believe it is their right to collect their wives inheritance and don't mind killing their son to take over the property

Such are males and not men. They are already preparing to depend on their kids.
I supported you on the first thread because I know how irresponsible some men can be with money and inheritance.

Most of them are Igbo. Igbo culture that leaves no land or properties for women. Little wonders why the women die in abusive marriage. When you don't have father's house to run to, you are forced to remain in husband house praying that the man doesn't die on time because of wicked brothers. Ndi uchu, they want Biafra while they treat their daughters like trash.


Education / Re: Chrisland School Accused Of Covering Up Rape Of 10-Year Old Female Student by Graxie(f): 8:17am On Apr 18, 2022
They steal our money, lavish it carelessly on their kids. Expose the kids to all manner of immorality. Then expect me to cry justice.

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Family / Re: Should I Report A Cheating Husband To His Wife? by Graxie(f): 11:10pm On Apr 16, 2022
Imagine the hypocrisy, mind your business because na man, assuming it's the other way round, story for change.

Una go do DNA tire, women are also minding their business.

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Family / Re: My Experience As A Married Woman Being Best Friends With A Married Man by Graxie(f): 7:00pm On Apr 15, 2022
Women should beware of posts that look like they come from Christian men, but actually come from the darkness within woman-haters who use Christianity to mask their unholy desire for the abuse of women.

Some on this thread are degenerates year in and year out, bitter and hateful of themselves, unfulfilled and thus full of bile. Yet they will come up to post about family life, something they lack. Don't let foolish men guide you. Especially not the ones who have grown old and are well rooted in foolishness.

On this thread you have a very good example of such a thing.

You have grace to be responding to some people. I avoid them, wasting my data is a no no no but I like how you exposed their immoral nature.


Family / Re: My Experience As A Married Woman Being Best Friends With A Married Man by Graxie(f): 6:13pm On Apr 15, 2022
See heart break everywhere. Madam even acknowledge say na spiritual adultery but men want die. The polygamous in nature group of companies can't believe that "born again" sisters have emotions. The husband too must be born again, serious man full of spirio, no time for frivolities, just straight to house matter. Uwa don change, home building is now for everybody. Make una better wake up.

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Family / Re: Shocking Response Nigerians Gave a Woman Whose Husband Raped Her 15yrs Daughter by Graxie(f): 5:54pm On Apr 15, 2022
Here on nairaland, Vivian was told to discard her son of 12 years because of marriage. When she stood her ground, the religious folks called her names and even told her how her future will be.

Check out the names of those women in that group, what did you see?

Marriage for some of our religious folks is life. They are ready to forsake everything including their uburu to remain married.


Crime / Re: My Story As A Cult Member........initiation Phase Included... by Graxie(f): 11:39am On Apr 15, 2022
One week, one........


Family / Re: Is Cheating Enough Reason To Leave A Legal Marriage ? by Graxie(f): 1:34pm On Apr 03, 2022
Weak men, dishing out what they can't take. Women don be pro for cheating, the real polygamist. Una dey learn work.

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Family / Re: How Do I Deal With An Emotionally Cheating Husband by Graxie(f): 9:43pm On Apr 02, 2022
Imagine if it were a man that wrote this, you will hear things like, go for DNA test, bla bla bla. Just read the hypocrisy. Leave his phone has become gospel instead of hack her phone.

Oh yes, penis can wander but pussy should be locked. If this is marriage, I would have gladly opt out.
Thank God for the man he gave me. I don't even deserve him.


Romance / Re: I'm Married But I Want To Help My Ex Financially by Graxie(f): 1:31pm On Mar 31, 2022
Tell your wife and get her opinion.

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Romance / Re: My Story. Sexlife,cultlife And All. by Graxie(f): 2:33pm On Mar 28, 2022
Science everywhere, Atheist left the group chat.


Family / Re: My Son's Behavior Is Getting Out Of Hand by Graxie(f): 12:43pm On Mar 26, 2022

I have no problem receiving constructive criticism now and then, but when you dive into cheap condescending insults is where I draw the line. If it was about my ego, I wouldn't bring the topic up in the first place. People calling others stupid because you seek for advice reeks of pettiness to me. And I don't blame them. It's the world of social media we are in. I don't take it lightly when you tell me I'm putting my kids through hell just because I haven't tried an option yet. All I came here for was opinions from other parents on issues like this, not for people to slander me on their high horses like they know better.

Only if you know the onye ara ngwo you were trying to reason with. Avoid that moniker for your sanity.


Family / Re: My Son's Behavior Is Getting Out Of Hand by Graxie(f): 12:39pm On Mar 26, 2022

It's clear you made it about your own ego first. It's not compulsory to respond on every thread. Sometimes, you just shut your mouth when you don't know enough, okay?

The person you are quoting is suffering from bipolar. Don't waste your time, op is yet to know.

She is on med. Everything to her is..... You understand?


Celebrities / Re: Ibiere & Julius Agwu's Marriage Crashes. Wife Relocates Abroad by Graxie(f): 10:38am On Mar 26, 2022
Thread for failures to insult women.

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Romance / Re: My Story. Sexlife,cultlife And All. by Graxie(f): 10:34am On Mar 26, 2022
When I remember my youthful days, how I would have been ifeoma, I scream GRACE!!!

Those promoting cultism, kindly open your thread to show us advantages, I am yet to see.


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