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Education / Re: Graduate Kneels Before Her Idols And Gives Thanks (photos) by InvertedHammer: 10:50pm On Jul 22
And to think that some fellows who also knee down and pray to the picture of a white man in the name of Jesus,are castigating her beats my total imagination....

Come on,what's the difference between you Catholics who pray and idolizes the image of madam Mary and what this girl is doing?

The difference is clear. Her God is made of wood while the other is made of cement.

Foreign Affairs / Re: Donald Trump Donated To Kamala Harris' Campaigns Twice by InvertedHammer: 10:47pm On Jul 22
Again, the emergence of this fact has demolished the rumor that Trump is racist. cool
Trump donated to most of them. Trump donated $1000 to Biden in 2001, $5000 to Harris in 2011 and $2000 in 2013, $4800 to Sen. Gillibrand in 2010. Trump's family donated a total of $15000 to Sen. Booker in 2013. Other recipients are Sen Schumer, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, and the list goes on.
Trump used to be a supporter of Democrats financially.
But as soon as he entered politics as a candidate, he was labelled a racist and misogynist.


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Politics / Re: Edo APC Guber Candidate In Age "Falsification Scandal" With 4 Dates Of Birth by InvertedHammer: 1:52pm On Jul 22
That WAEC result though grin grin

A country where intelligentsia are subservient to idiots.



Foreign Affairs / Re: Barack Obama Refuses To Endorse Kamala Harris by InvertedHammer: 1:00pm On Jul 22
Who doesn't know that Kamala Harris is a place holder?!
Forward to Sleek214.

I always allow events to address morons.

Foreign Affairs / Re: I Will Do Everything To Defeat Trump & His Extremist Agenda - VP Harris by InvertedHammer: 1:27am On Jul 22
She’s black, I support her. I will never support racial Trump who doesn’t care about immigrants like he forgot his grandfather and mother were both immigrants from Germany and Scotland.
Blacks hoped on Obama. The only thing he did was that he tied economic assistance to Africa on Bobrisky lifestyles. The President of Kenya schooled him on the culture differences. What message did Kamala Harris bring to Africa that year? Promotion of Bobrisky lifestyles! Other races are playing politics of interests while blacks are stuck on identity politics that never offered them in succour in life. Thank God many black Americans are waking up to the deception of Democrats.



Foreign Affairs / Re: I will not seek re-election as US President - Joe Biden by InvertedHammer: 7:40pm On Jul 21
Lol. Their problem just started. Who will get the ticket, definitely no Kamal Harris... If they don't give it to Kamala, the blacks with revolt with their votes..... But the major donors don't want Kamala.... Irrespective of who gets the ticket, it's a landslide victory for Donald Trump...
Blacks are only 13% of the population.

If they give it to Kamala, guess who will work against her mostly? Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama. Women supporting women is a farce.



Business / Re: Dangote Calls Off Plan To Invest In Steel, Discouraged By The Government & Cabal by InvertedHammer: 12:12pm On Jul 21
It is pure envy!

If the government is indeed interested in fighting against monopoly, they will open up cement and sugar industry to other industry players.

Religion / Re: Anam River: "No Fanta For Mamiwater" Man Of God Says On Speed Boat (Video/Photo) by InvertedHammer: 11:35am On Jul 21
You took a risk on a rickety boat with no life jacket to prove a useless point. I believe that you have suicidal ideation but liver failed you. It ain't got nothing to do with Jesus or "mami water".

Religion / Re: RCCG 72nd Annual Convention: Heaven - 5th-11th August, 2024 by InvertedHammer: 11:31am On Jul 21
Preaching and campaigning about heaven to people who are barely surviving on earth grin grin And they must come with their wallets for extreme coercion and extortion.

He may as well organize a one-week crusade in Ungwan Zanjo and tell the impoverished people of the town about the wonderful life in Monaco.

Religion / Re: Men, Run Away From Women Who Worship Their Pastors by InvertedHammer: 11:22am On Jul 21
I've been meaning to write this for some time but keep procrastinating. But something happened recently that made me decide to write this today, I'll keep it short and straight to the point.

A friend of mine met this slim, tall, pretty girl and they've been getting along real good. But the girl is always very active in church, and I mean very active. She goes to church almost every day. After work, it's straight to the church whether there's service or not she must find an excuse to go.

Omo, it was a big red flag for me but I didn't say anything to my guy even though he's complaining about it to me. She practically neglect her own life. This church has like 4 services and she attends all 4 and still hang around afterwards, and also follow the pastor and his family back to their house to help with chores.

She entered one chance vehicle one night after her pastor kept her busy in the church until almost midnight and she got robbed of everything and flung out of the speeding car. She treated the injuries for over two months and she stayed without a phone until my guy eventually bought her a phone. Not a dime from the pastor

They'll be together and immediately she receives a call from pastor she gets up like a robot and leaves no matter what. Her excuse is that she's a worker in the church so she can't abandon her role (are you the only worker in that church??)

On her WhatsApp status, it's always pastor pastor pastor grin grin, never has she posted her guy's face on her status cheesy

She's always broke, not even a dime in her name and I'm pretty sure where all her salary is going... Church. She'll collect money from my guy to fulfill her pledge in church and goes back to being broke. It was so bad, I can keep going on and on.

Recently my guy jokingly told her about marriage and guess what she said, that he would follow her to her pastor, he's the one who will tell her if she should go ahead with the marriage or not. Omo e off me angry

She said because she doesn't want to make a mistake and marry wrong person and most people are in wrong marriage because they didn't consult their spiritual fathers blah blah blah

I laughed at my guy and told him point blank to dump her as$$ because even if pastor managed to approve, they'll give him conditions and still force him to join the church and the pastor will have a say in every aspect of the marriage. Her father is alive and she doesn't mention him at all, it's only pastor that makes all the decisions. It's a big turn off.

I've made up my mind that I'll scrutinize any girl I want to marry very well and see if she has this bad trait in her before I proceed.

A rational man's Rule 1 must be to avoid such ladies by all means possible. There are people that deserve to be left alone. Most of the time, such ladies enjoy the fornication with the pastor not any worship.



Politics / Re: LASG To Start Charging Cars Parked Outside Church Premises Per Hour by InvertedHammer: 11:17am On Jul 21
If they are willing to be extorted by pastors, I don't see why the State government cannot partake in the extortion scheme.

Politics / Re: The Hardship In Nigeria Is Too Much. Youths Must Protest Peacefully- VeryDarkMan by InvertedHammer: 7:51pm On Jul 20
E reach to laugh grin grin grin grin

Una stick una hand for inside fire come begin cry say e burn una.

After Buhari showed them shege, they enthroned shege Pro max.

Na to sit down one side dey enjoy the tragi-comedy.

Forewarned is forearmed. Nigerians can only learn the hardest of ways.


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Foreign Affairs / Re: Trump Danger To The World, A Liar – Soyinka by InvertedHammer: 12:20pm On Jul 20
Soyinka wants to export his iberiberism to the outside world. The old fool is yet to speak against the hunger Tinubu and APC have plunged Nigerians into. Useless old man! A fool at 90!
Why the outrage?

Do you really think any American cares about what Soyinka thinks? If the quote comes with his picture on CNN, most of them will think it is one crazy, homeless old black man talking.

Politics / Re: Tinubu’s Economic Team Worst Since 1999 — Coalition Of Northern Groups by InvertedHammer: 10:23pm On Jul 19
This Tinubu rain dey touch everybody.

Tinubu is feeling the heat like that employee that padded his CV/resume' to get a job.

Sooner or later, the employer will have to face the reality of his incompetence grin grin grin.



Travel / Re: Irish Citizens Express Displeasure About Nigerians Moving Into Their Country by InvertedHammer: 10:18pm On Jul 19
Its just envy. Nigerians tend to dominate

Yet you cannot dominate your country? cool

Living like cowards and slaves in your own country under the authority of less than 2000 politicians. grin grin grin



Travel / Re: Irish Citizens Express Displeasure About Nigerians Moving Into Their Country by InvertedHammer: 10:15pm On Jul 19
Nigerians are ingrates. They will never fight for Nigeria...only running to places that others fought to keep intact.
When they get there, it is either they try to mess up the system or in rare cases when they survive, they will jump on social
media to tell how the citizens of their host countries are lazy and idiots. I can only imagine what it takes to tolerate our
people. Remarkably what other countries hate about Nigerians are exactly what Nigerians hate about Nigerians---the unwarranted
"peacocking" over any little success. Everything will be "working codedly" until Nigerians show up.

If they are that educated as they claim due to unlimited number of degrees, if they are as wise as they claim, why can't it reflect
in their home country and make Nigeria great? It is all bogus. Nigeria is a good indicator that multiple degrees is a not a true
measure of intelligence. Many have come across many educated idiots and Nigerians are no exceptions.



Foreign Affairs / Re: ISRAEL'S Parliament Overwhelmingly Passes Bill Rejecting Palestine State by InvertedHammer: 11:06pm On Jul 18
Just one day in office, Trump will straighten them up.

Everyone has the right to continue misbehaving at this time.

Family / Re: My Wife Insisting That Her Pastor Must officiate our child naming ceremony. by InvertedHammer: 8:38pm On Jul 18
Good afternoon Nairalanders, my wife gave birth last week which was Saturday July 13th, that day was also my birthday, she gave birth through CS, this is our first child, and it's a boy.

This week Saturday is our baby's naming ceremony but my wife is insisting that her pastor must be the one officiate the naming the child, we've been disagreeing over this for some couple of days now,

she has called me all sorts of names, insulted me that I'm a very wicked man that I have no conscience, that after she pain and tearing she went through and still going through, I can't make this as a sacrifice for her, that I choose my family over her. She said so because my family also insist too that the naming must be done by our pastor.

But she's keying on the fact that she won't agree for the naming to be done in my church that it must be done by her pastor, she has cried and insulted me regarding this. Yesterday when we were arguing about this same particular issue she starting crying endlessly and calling me a wicked man.

I have finally agreed for her to use her pastor to do the naming, although I don't know her pastor and haven't seen him before, but I only agreed because of the CS operation she did while giving birth, her endless crying might affect her, if not there's absolutely no way possible I'd have agreed.

I must say that she doesn't know the repercussions of what sha has done by challenging my authority and always wanting to have her way with tears all the time. But time sha tell, I'm in so much rage right now, and I'm trying my possible best to control myself and not to loose my anger over this.
1. Do DNA test(the pastor may be the real baby's father)

2. She is pushing the boundaries to check your manhood. If you fold, you lose the authority in your home forever cool

Politics / Re: Stephen Ucheonye: LP Lawmaker Commissions Waste Bins To Mark One Year In Office. by InvertedHammer: 8:36pm On Jul 18
Actually this is one of the best gifts anyone can give to Nigerians right now since we seem to prefer to litter our environment and live like bush animals.



Education / Re: No More Admissions Into Higher Institutions For Persons Below 18 Years - FG by InvertedHammer: 12:09pm On Jul 18
The annual policy meeting is held to authorise the commencement of admission into tertiary institutions in the country and adopt certain admission benchmarks.

The meeting is chaired by the Education Minister, Professor Tahir Mamman

Why the rush to university? Parents choose courses for their children just to satisfy their ego and they end up graduating as quacks or worse, not interested in their discipline. It is not as if there are many jobs waiting for them on graduation.

Deborah Tolu-Kolawole

JAMB had in 2017 introduced the Central Admissions Processing System where all tertiary institutions upload the admission status of candidates offered admission in the institutions.

CAPS has centralised and automated admission processes between candidates and their chosen tertiary institutions.
Politics / Re: Fuel Price Rises To ₦‎750.17 Per Litre – NBS by InvertedHammer: 4:32am On Jul 18
Lastly, the South-South zone had the highest average retail price of N794.64, while the South-West zone had the lowest price of N696.42

No comments on South-South zone grin



Education / Re: University Of Ibadan Students Protest Against 10-Hour Electricity, Tuition Hikes by InvertedHammer: 9:04pm On Jul 17
On election day, some of them were waving the N5K they collected and were smiling.

No fvcks given.


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Politics / Re: Christopher Musa Vows To End Oil Theft Within 3 Months by InvertedHammer: 2:08pm On Jul 17
It is doable.

I don't see how difficult it is to stop the little bunkerers messing oil theft business up for the big players.

Foreign Affairs / Re: Helen Comperatore: Widow Of Trump Rally Shooting Refused US President’s Call by InvertedHammer: 6:14am On Jul 17
Where are those "it was staged crew" I guess this is part of the script too, they staged his death and instructed his wife not to pick President Biden's call.

I think she should have picked the call, albeit she already said she didn't blame him for her husband's death cos obviously he has nothing to do with it. She should pick the call and accept the Old man's condolences.

All of us go die one day!!!
Till then we move....
There are people who believe in something and stand firm on it. She is not a Nigerian.


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Crime / Re: FBI Arrests Kingsley Inegbedion For $1.5M Internet Fraud & Money Laundering by InvertedHammer: 8:43pm On Jul 16
Get Rich or die trying

Nigerians are still the smartest people on earth

Before you come for me nah AKON talk am ooo
That statement is like giving a standing ovation to a retarded kid on the graduation day in a School of Handicapped Children.
When you whip out your green passport, the whole world will treat you the way they truly perceive you. So far there is nothing in Nigeria that proves that intelligent people emanate from there. Sitting in classrooms and getting a million Ph.Ds does not cut it.

Intelligent people do not depend on other countries for every aspect of their existence. Still think you are special? As a Nigerian, you can be killed in any other country and your government couldn't care less. grin
Foreign Affairs / Re: Kenya President Accuses Ford Foundation Of Sponsoring Violent Protest & Unrest by InvertedHammer: 8:37pm On Jul 16
Some coup were staged in Burkina Faso and the masses came out in support of their leader. Do right by your people and outsiders cannot get in. If not for the protest, Ruto wouldn't have dissolved his cabinet and stopped the overtaxation. African leaders are very myopic and stubborn. You must match their stubbornness with extra stubbornness before they listen and act.

Crime / Re: Police Arrest Crypto Billionaire Blord Over Fraud, Terrorism Links by InvertedHammer: 3:19pm On Jul 16
Bring problem for him.

If it were EFCC, it is nothing serious but a shakedown.
But those NCCC personnel are not smiling.


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Politics / Re: Food Crisis: FG Donates 20 Trucks Of Rice To Each State by InvertedHammer: 11:14am On Jul 16
Let's break it down using a small state with 20 L.G.As
20 trucks of rice to each state.
1 truck per L.G.A
5 bags per town.
1/2 bag per village
1 cup per family. cool

They are really fighting poverty. Don't give them fish; teach them how to fish. Or the least, create an enabling environment for people to fend for themselves. Nigeria cannot survive a welfare state.



Politics / Re: FG Bought A $100million Jet While Asking Nigerians To Be Patient - Sowore by InvertedHammer: 9:09am On Jul 16
I don't see anything wrong about it

Why should the FG waste respect on the masses who have chosen to be fools and cowards? Nigeria is a classic example of when patience becomes a vice.

Politics / Re: PH Refinery Receives 1 Million Barrells Of Crude, Gets License For Take-Off by InvertedHammer: 9:07am On Jul 16
Following the mechanical completion of the Old Port Harcourt Refinery in December, last year, a total of one million barrels of crude oil has been…


Just the thought that there are people who still believe this kind of tales by the moonlight. grin grin grin

Foreign Affairs / Re: Donald Trump Picks JD Vance As His Running Mate by InvertedHammer: 10:49pm On Jul 15
Goodbye Dems.
Goodbye Wokeism
Goodbye Satanism
Goodbye Illegal immigrants
Goodbye immorality. 👋

Add genital mutilation of children to change their gender.
Religion / Re: Avoid Sleeping With A Married Woman by InvertedHammer: 10:45pm On Jul 15

How many married women or maids have you slept with?
How many men have you killed to collect their wives?
How many wives and concubines do you have?

Don't you see you have a lot to do with keeping up.

My God abhors such behaviour because it is a sacrilege. But feel free to discard your God and be chasing the perverted God in far away Israel.


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