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Investment / Re: Treasury Bills In Nigeria by LordAdam16: 10:23pm On Feb 21

Hey everyone he's a scammer who regularly emails people asking for a loan. Watch out for this guy. See attached the email he sent me, and he's sent such emails to other people

Once upon a time, I may have been tempted to respond to all your mentions of me on however number of threads you cared to copy-paste at. But for the life of me, I can't tell what good that'd do.

You clearly are on a self-righteous, guardian of the galaxy crusade. When you believe a private loan request is so horrifying and unconscionable, there's obviously nothing I can say or do that'd stop you on your tracks. So, godspeed!

Since he has brought it here: If you're reading this, you have disposable cash, and can afford to extend a loan for one month, please hit me up. If you have concerns, I'll do my best to assuage them. If for any reason you can't, kindly ignore.

I understand many, if not most, are firmly in the get from friends/family/'every other source but me' camp. If that's one of your financial principles, I totally respect it and I wish you the best. My one word response to that is "circumstances."

However, if you can help, please do.

Warm regards to everyone. Sorry for derailing the thread.


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Investment / Re: Us Stocks Pick Alert by LordAdam16: 7:43pm On Feb 21
Why didn't you solicit on this platform, in the first place? The fact that you made it private is questionable. Not just private but also targeted those who have exposed a sizable amount of their investment portfolio here.

There's a word for privately reaching out, it is called "discretion." It happens tens of millions of times a day everywhere on the web.

All I did was make a loan request. That, as I repeat for the umpteenth time, anyone has the choice to accept or refuse. Job seekers do not only use the front desk. They often also reach out to prospective employers privately or via informal/third party avenues.

The few I contact generally empathize or do not respond. Most recognize my moniker. Case in point, see attached.

I thanked him for his kind consideration and wished him the best. There is nothing complicated or untoward about it. You may have your reservations, I'll give you that, but that is personal.


Investment / Re: Us Stocks Pick Alert by LordAdam16: 7:08pm On Feb 21
No reasonable savvy investor would like this your soliciting post, so it's suffice to say you used your three other scamming monikers to like your post. You are a scammer and no one here is going to give you a dime. If you doubt me, show us proof of someone who gave you a loan after you emailed them. I doubt anyone is that stupid to throw away hard earned money. Leave this page for investors and stop entering people's dms.


You've said it all.

The good thing is anyone who does their due diligence and searches for LordAdam16 scam will come across these posts and be sufficiently warned.

He is busy using bold face, grammar and alternate ids to appear genuine undecided Mr LordScam16, you are nothing but a cheap scammer in case no one has told you. Your f**ks are supposedly in short supply but you are busy sliding into people's DMs soliciting for funds, smh. Uncle, your agenda is dead on arrival, people on this thread are not daft.

- LordScam16




Investment / Re: Us Stocks Pick Alert by LordAdam16: 11:59am On Feb 21

Nobody should listen to this fool. See attached the stupid email he sent to me


We got a scammer here emailing random people and asking them for money. Beware of this crook that calls himself lord

Tell him to ask his pastors and family


I'm trying to alert everyone about this guy who calls himself lord but they keep taking down my post. He's emailing random people asking them for money. Don't fall for him.


I think dominique is the mod for this section. Would be good if the hidden posts can be unhidden so people are aware of the scammers here - both the ones masquerading and the ones on full display. What a shame.

Maybe Dominique is one of the people emailing people and asking them for money. Else why take down a warning post (three times now) about a guy asking strangers he's never met for 300,000 Naira. You got to be a first class mor0n to give that guy a single kobo . . . smh


I'm thinking it's the bot as a few people have complained about their posts being hidden and they getting banned, which is why I hope the mod unhides those comments.

There are a number of them parading themselves here under different guises. It's just a shame.


I concur with what you said. I also received a similar solicitation for funds from him sometime last year.

See attached proof

I can imagine the number of other people he's sent such emails to. He and some others clearly come here to identify potential targets - I would advice people to be careful showing screenshots with their account balances or similar.

LordScam16 would be a more fitting moniker.

It looks like you're one of them too


The internet can be such a dangerous place with wicked people willing to use another person without any touch of sympathy. Great stuff for calling the moniker out.


I guessed as much that it was the bot.
Thanks for unhiding the posts.


I had to allow ample time for commentary before responding.

Silence is not always golden. Posting this for posterity.


A nairalander solicited a loan from another nairalander. That is not shocking. There are numerous public loan request threads and posts in this section. I sent a private loan request in confidence because I need a loan. That's the primary reason normal people ask for loans, be it publicly or privately: Because they need it. The potential creditor can choose to accept or refuse the request.

Do I regret sending a dm with a loan request? NO! I'm not naive. I understand that when I send a mail, the choice of what to do with it, is up to the recipient. Whether to ignore, respond, or use it as a meme online is not my call.

Well, it's out here now. Thanks for that. If you're reading this, you have disposable cash, and can afford to extend a loan for one month (at a very good rate for a short term loan), please hit me up. Whatever concerns you have, I'll do my best to assuage them.

The Investment/Business sub-community on Nairaland is small. My post history is public. Anyone can read my posts (and possibly glean insights from them). If you want to get a notification every time I make a post, join my queue of followers. Want to quickly identify me, I always sign off with "-Lord."

I'm productive enough to make my own bread without stealing from anyone. If I need help momentarily, I'll respectfully ask for it. I need a loan today: I'll definitely have an account surplus later this year. Change is constant.


PS: If you got this far, you'll notice I did not respond directly to the crusader and ensemble. That is intentional.

Why? Because my f*cks are in short supply.

Anyone who wants to help, please do. If you don't want to help, you don't have to. If you think your time is best spent circle-jerking about a private loan request, by all means, continue.


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Investment / Re: Us Stocks Pick Alert by LordAdam16: 12:30am On Feb 20

Nobody should listen to this fool.

You should quote the entire message:


I've said it repeatedly, HODL (to borrow a crypto term) cash.

Wait this pandemic out. The stock market is not going anywhere and FOMO isn't a vaccine for sustaining huge losses.

The NYSE President argued it's not a good idea to close the market. I'm indifferent. What I'd back is suspending shorting like Italy has done. That'd relief some of the bear pressure.

But overall, if you want to buy the dip, then be prepared to go long because the zig-zags have not ended. If you want to JIJO the market, the Lord is your muscle.

Lastly, about the health side of things. Don't panic. Health experts are stoking fear to scare the average Western citizen to take this seriously. Because if they don't do that, the average person will continue doing dumb sh*t; like go to a club during a f*cking global pandemic. The downside is that Wall Street hears the same thing and act like it's the end of the world.

PS: To be fair, there are good arguments to enter now. For instance, vaccine trial just started today in Seattle (and I believe simultaneously in Australia) and historically it's almost impossible to accurately time the best days (that's why informed people say buy the dip, so as not to miss out on the best days). However, for the sake of your blood pressure, know your limit. While buying the dip is potentially the most profitable thing to do, staying out is unarguably the safe thing to do.

And that was in March 2020. Almost a year ago. My analysis was legitimate at the time because of the peculiar uncertainties.



Foreign Affairs / Re: American Politics Thread - Joe Biden’s Presidency by LordAdam16: 11:14pm On Feb 13

MAGA crowd will never win the popular vote so I don't understand the rationale behind mentioning that.
The fact you think Sessions "stabbed" Trump in the back shows how some of you people think. Good thing Dems aren't stupid enough to welcome clowns like that.
Trump won narrowly in 2016 and all of a sudden thought he was a big shot and didn't need the centrists/moderates.
Now that he got smacked around, we start hearing excuses of "rigging".
Trump will never face a candidate as unpopular as Hillary Clinton. So no "her emails" to bail him out.

Don't flatter yourself. You guys needed a once-in-a-century pandemic to rig the election.

So you agree that Sessions is a clown and Dems would be stupid to accept him. What's your argument then?

Never-Trumpers are grifters. Good riddance. Just look at the clown show that is the Lincoln Project scandal. If the Democrats want that, we'd pay you guys to take them.

Foreign Affairs / Re: American Politics Thread - Joe Biden’s Presidency by LordAdam16: 11:00pm On Feb 13

Please don't quote me, mad fellow. Haven't read this nonsense above and don't wish to read your long ramblings.

Go f*ck yourself with a cactus!



Foreign Affairs / Re: American Politics Thread - Joe Biden’s Presidency by LordAdam16: 10:59pm On Feb 13

The same "refugees" that made him lose Arizona and Georgia.
Democrats need them and will be foolish enough not to take them.

Oh, that was necessary.

They outed themselves. The Trump movement tried to be welcoming post his election in 2016. The likes of Nikki Haley, Tillerson, Mattis, Sessions, were welcomed into the fold and yet they repeatedly stabbed the movement in the back.

This is a long-term project and that means grifters will have to be regularly ejected.

We know them including many of those who didn't even vote for convict or impeach like Crenshaw and Thune.

These same Never-Trumpers were in the party when the GOP lost 5 of 6 popular votes. Democrats have open borders and demographics going for them, a bunch of old gringos in purple states are immaterial to their success.



Foreign Affairs / Re: American Politics Thread - Joe Biden’s Presidency by LordAdam16: 10:46pm On Feb 13

Democrats and their gullibility
Very naive
Very weak, irrational , and dogmatic
Can't see reality for what it is
Mc Connell won't want to finish his career but these leftist dummies were hoping for the worst

McConnell that wants to be Senate President in 2022 will ditch Trump supporters who form the bulk of the GOP.

Smooth-brained ret*rds. The only reason McConnell is mad at Trump is because President Trump took away his Senate Presidency title. in a tit for tat.



Foreign Affairs / Re: American Politics Thread - Joe Biden’s Presidency by LordAdam16: 10:41pm On Feb 13
If Moscow Mitch thinks this farce of a speech will get the Never Trumpers back he is incredibly deluded.
Unless Biden turns this country to Somalia in 3 years - those guys are not going back.

Who needs those refugees?

The Trump GOP does not need them. The Democrats do not need them. The Libertarians do not need them.

Their only expertise is twerking for donors! They're just miffed their days of controlled opposition is going out with a whimper.

Foreign Affairs / Re: American Politics Thread - Joe Biden’s Presidency by LordAdam16: 10:29pm On Feb 13

So you taught he would be stupid enough to behave like a typical Democrat working with dogma and hatred
He might be a RINO but he's no fool
Good judgement on his part

When we tell them, this is all theater and they're being taken for a ride, he'd be foaming in the mouth.

The same McConnell refused to accept the impeachment articles while Trump was still in office. If he really wanted to convict Trump, he would have accepted the impeachment articles not postpone the trial until Trump was out of office.

Dude is a RINO through and through. Grifter playing both sides like the Lincoln Project pedos.


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Foreign Affairs / Re: American Politics Thread - Joe Biden’s Presidency by LordAdam16: 10:24pm On Feb 13
The difference between GOP senators who voted to convicted and those who acquitted fall into two categories - those scared for their legacies who convicted; and those scared of having their careers ended by his cultists who acquitted.


These are the 7 RINO rats who voted to convict.

Romney: Avowed Trump hater who has Utah Mormons in his pocket and fears no repercussions.
Sasse: Avowed Anti-Trumper who was making a play for 2024. Begged for Trump's endorsement in 2020 and isn't due for re-election until 2026.
Cassidy: Re-election in 2026. Almost did not run in 2020 and waited until the last day to sign up for re-election, so he may not run for re-election again.
Collins: Re-election in 2026. Avowed Anti-Trumper. Needs democrat votes to win, so Trump and Republicans in general usually excuse her objections.
Murkowski: Only Republican Senator President Trump vowed to campaign against. And that's saying something since he endorsed Sasse and Collins in their re-election bids.
Toomey: Not running for re-election.
Burr: Not running for re-election.

There is no mystery to the GOP vote. More than 80% of Republicans wanted Trump to be acquitted. More than 65% said they'd leave the GOP if he starts his party (along with 15% of Democrats).

This is politics. You don't go against the wishes of your constituents. Well, except Democrats and RINOs who treat their constituents like special needs children who can't think for themselves.

Foreign Affairs / Re: American Politics Thread - Joe Biden’s Presidency by LordAdam16: 9:54pm On Feb 13
ACQUITTED motherf*ckers!

Now let the Shadow Presidency begin!

Foreign Affairs / Re: American Politics Thread - Joe Biden’s Presidency by LordAdam16: 8:25am On Feb 10

The problem now is bigger than the Republican party, it is now a national issue.

Some of these wannabes can join to destroy the country from within just to have their way.

Nobody is ready to work towards national growth anymore.

Can you imagine that most Republican members of both houses rather destroy the country than allow Biden work towards growth? That's how bad the country is right now.
Mitch is trying to be a patriot right now but forgot that he held important bills in his office because he felt it would benefit democrats.

How many Democrat "members of both houses" worked with Trump towards growth rather than destroy the country.

My only pain is that China is already trying to lead when they are not ready to allow freedom.

If I were you, I would not be bothered by China. China is extraordinarily patient.

Firstly, this is their introductory attempt to achieve global dominance. Egypt, Assyria, Persians, the Greeks, Romans, et al; did not all rise to the top through their first confrontation with the contemporary dominant power. It took time and strategic patience. And for every one of those successes, there were dozens of failures like Carthage (vs Rome), Khwarazmia (vs the Mongols), Nubia (vs Assyria).

Secondly, the Chinese "miraculous" rise is nuanced. After Mao gained prominence in Greater China, the CCP floundered for at least 30 years.

That was until globalist-oriented Westerners had the "bright" idea of turning China into the World's factory, inviting them into global trade, and thereby increasing their wealth and control. China did not come up with this idea unilaterally. Even if they did, they had to convince the globalist Westerners to get onboard.

Every dollar that China lays claim to originated from the Fed/European Central Banks. It was a crafty plan that paid dividends for this class of globalist-oriented Westerners. It is this class that dominates modern Western aristocracy. They've dethroned the erstwhile nationalist, eurocentric faction

Go check, the top 10 Forbes List of Billionaires. Besides Musk, who now has a gigafactory in China, all of them benefited directly from China-centered globalism. And that doesn't include all the old money who try to keep a low profile, like the banking families.

As such, this idea that China's attempt to "try to lead" somehow exists in a vacuum is naive. In fact, the globalist elite explicitly endorse China's drive and are complicit.

Let me put this in plain English. A strong, authoritarian China is not a bug, it is a desirable feature for this class. Why? Because, go look at every GDP projection until 2100. The US will remain in the top 3. The EU (if they survive as a bloc until then) will remain in the top 5.

With China and India firmly tethered to Western-directed globalism, the thinking goes, there is no other geopolitical power that can conceivably challenge the de-facto globalist establishment.

Besides, the authoritarianism by China provides a template for the Western globalist elite to exert control over their own populations.

For instance, Biden reversed a Trump order for academics in the US to declare foreign funding sources, halted a Trump order that keeps China out of the US electricity grid, and halted a Trump order blocking Chinese influence in the States via state-funded Confucius Institutes. None of the low-information zombified aphids on this thread have said anything about those, because they've not been brought to their attention by their overlords who control the entire mainstream narrative. And if it doesn't come from the mainstream media, it'd be called a "conspiracy theory."

Like kids distracted with toys, you can see them animated by inconsequential rubbish like impeachment of a former President, minority appointments, re-entry into the Paris Accord, and Jill pet social media posts.



Foreign Affairs / Re: American Politics Thread - Joe Biden’s Presidency by LordAdam16: 2:04pm On Jan 26

Do you think it is possible for dems to nuke the filibsuster as many have been saying.Nothing is getting done they are so slow they are yet to confirm half of Biden's nominees.Republicams still chair committees there are a lot of bills Pelosi sent to Moscow mitch that Schumer can pass including the voting rights act.What is wrong with them nuke the filibuster and get to work if Schumer cannot lead he should be removed.No time to waste if the dems mess up they deserve to lose in 2022 and I will want them to lose badly they better get to work.Biden is doing his part and we are seeing that he is willing to work the senate should do theirs and dems should step up and help Biden's agenda.Biden will not get a bipartisan support for the relief package pass it through reconciliation and nuke the filibuster people want reaults dems should stop playing nice.The GOP in Georgia and other states they control are actvely working to try to suppress votes they should pass the voting rights act in the senate the house passed it long ago.Let the work of the Georgia voters not be in vain.Mcconell is irrelevant he should be sidelined and ignored.Bernie is already warning them to step up even Warren.

Innocent child! You're about to have a rude awakening.

These are career politicians. They screw up. They always do.

First off, Manchin and Sinema nuked the idea of ending the filibuster yesterday.

You'll eventually understand why Trumpists call Washington D.C., The Swamp, and assert that both Democratic and Republican establishment politicians are in a Uniparty. They're all role-playing in one giant theater. And the likes of you are cheering...

But thankfully, not for long.

Foreign Affairs / Re: American Politics Thread - Joe Biden’s Presidency by LordAdam16: 8:32am On Jan 22

That guy is not worth your effort and time
You are one of the few people here that posts coherent logical facts and arguments

Leave the brainwashed marxist leftist alone
Most are stupid and they don't know

He quoted me.

Once in a while, you have to play catch with a nitw*t so he knows his place.

Foreign Affairs / Re: American Politics Thread - Joe Biden’s Presidency by LordAdam16: 8:06am On Jan 22

LMFAO! Look at this absolute slowpoke, who gives a shìt what makes you bored you shìt eating worm? I am not answering your dumbass question. You lied that throughout Trump's presidency ISIS didn't strike until Biden took over, now you want to cover your tracks with your usual loquacious nonsense. Nah men you failed, own it worm.

Eku idoti

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Foreign Affairs / Re: American Politics Thread - Joe Biden’s Presidency by LordAdam16: 10:06pm On Jan 21

Shut the Bleep up you bloody worm. You lied that after ISIS was crushed there were no more attacks until today, now you want to deflect to a meaningless distinction. You'll never admit that you lied because the remaining geriatric brain cells in your quarter to empty head have expired. What a shit eating worm.

Isalẹ alajerun aran.

Canceled until you answer the questions. Even if you're a troglodyte, you can pretend to be civil. The word for it is mimicry.

Those are simple questions.

If your next comment is not an answer, I'd strike through it. And again, and again. Until I'm bored with you.


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Foreign Affairs / Re: American Politics Thread - Joe Biden’s Presidency by LordAdam16: 9:16pm On Jan 21

Your brain that is on life support is what needs the aid. ISIS was defeated in 2017, staged attacks in 2018 and 2021 and you are trying to make distinctions because Biden took office on the same day of the attack. You sound like the stupid brainless beast you are.

Nik njẹ ẹranko

Answer the questions.

I need to put your stup*dity in a frame.

You lied about when ISIS was crushed and now don't want to answer clear and simple questions. You answered my first question. It was a wrong answer, but you're ret*rded, so that's no surprise. Continue answering the questions.

Pajero! Silly br*t!


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Foreign Affairs / Re: American Politics Thread - Joe Biden’s Presidency by LordAdam16: 8:43pm On Jan 21

So now that you have again reiterated that ISIS was crushed in 2017, how is the attack in 2018 now different from the attack in 2021?

Aṣiwère aṣiwere

Don't cop out.

Answer the very simple questions I asked.

Since your brain is still using MS-DOS operating software, I need to condense your education so your head wouldn't overheat.

F*cking koala. Hijo de perra!



Foreign Affairs / Re: American Politics Thread - Joe Biden’s Presidency by LordAdam16: 8:36pm On Jan 21

Trump starting a new party will be a one way ticket for the dems to win every election, personally i don’t think it’s a good idea floating another party now,

Look, TImi, the GOP can’t kick him out, in fact, he saved the party, he is the most popular republican ever, someone in the GOP has to appeal to his base now, weather you like Trump or not, that man has the numbers.

30% His base did not turn Up for the senate rerun in Georgia, it’s cost the GOP the senate.

No party stays forever. And this duopoly system needs to die already. In France, Macron formed a new party En Marche and won the election. That's what saved France from Le Pen.

Parties like the Whigs and the Democratic-Republican are no more in America. These parties at one time produced presidents and controlled congress. Everyone agrees the GOP needs to die. Let it die. If it means Democrats winning the election for the next two to four election cycles, so be it. They'd face a reckoning if they waste the opportunity. That's better than pushing this corpse down the road.

By the way, it's not the first time it has happened. FDR won election four times, heaven did not fall.

The GOP is not a party. That's an insult to parties. They have no platforms. When your best political channel is Fox News, and your leading Conservative publication is Breitbart, you have a bigger problem than splitting votes.

For heavens sake, this is a party that was telling everyone that didn't have a hearing problem for years that they'd repeal Obamacare. They got total control in 2017, Trump was all in, and the party was like, "we ain't doing sh*t." This is a party where the majority leader insisted on $600 checks during a pandemic after replenishing aid to businesses multiple times, one f*cking month to a special election for control of the senate.

Or are you really falling for the GOP establishment performance. Opposition is their bread and butter. Look at me, I'm making statements against the Democratic party, donate to me. Trump signed an EO and lawsuits were flying from all angles. Biden signs 17 overriding the Trump EOs that are part of parcel of the party's manifesto and all they have to show are Twitter commentary and press releases. Do you think people are not watching. The orangutan Cruz thought the Paris Climate Agreement was about creating jobs in Paris. That's one of the leading Presidential candidates and senior GOP Senator.

This is the party that should be too big to fail. I'm just looking them, because I know human nature! Antifa and BLM burn houses and shops. The right go straight to the seat of power fully packed. Trump is the one holding them back because he has an international real estate empire and he believed he could reform the party by practicing "scratch my back, I scratch yours".



Foreign Affairs / Re: American Politics Thread - Joe Biden’s Presidency by LordAdam16: 8:06pm On Jan 21

You remain a calcified dunce.

17 November - Iraqi forces recapture Rawa, the last town held by ISIL in Iraq



The Iraqi Prime Minister did not announce the coalition had crushed ISIS in Iraq until December 10 when the Iraqis secured the western desert & the entire Iraq Syria border.


Now that I've corrected you on LIE #1.

On to the next question: When was the last bombing attack by ISIS in 2018? And how many weeks/days from December 10th was it?



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Foreign Affairs / Re: American Politics Thread - Joe Biden’s Presidency by LordAdam16: 7:41pm On Jan 21

You didn't read article and are arguing like the stupid dunderhead you are. The article says they were crushed in 2017 but here you are arguing so foolishly against what is clearly written. Go and ask for a refund of all the money that was spent on your education since you cannot read and recall a simple sentence. You are here twisting the story like the craven worm you are. They were driven underground in 2017 and struck in 2018, was it not from the underground they were driven that they struck from and today's attack was from the moon. The shit worm is trying to make it look like there is a difference between the 2018 attck and this one. What a stupid loudmouth.

When in 2017 were they crushed?

Let me use you as a mop! It seems your id**cy is factory-fitted.


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Foreign Affairs / Re: American Politics Thread - Joe Biden’s Presidency by LordAdam16: 7:11pm On Jan 21

You remain a deadbeat dunce. You said ISIS was crushed then staged a last attack so who is attacking now, the same crushed ISIS or its another ISIS? What a loquacious dumbo.


Did you read the article?

Do you understand what the meaning of the word driven underground means?

Or have you never heard of the term sleeper cell in your entire meaningless life?

Or did you never hear that the last Nazi unit to surrender kept fighting for 4 more months after the Fuhrer died?

The Iraqi PM said they'd driven them underground. And seized all territory. Those who went underground had their last attack less than a month later as an act of defiance and that was it. There was no other bombing for the rest of Trump Presidency. No other sleeper cell dared incur his wrath.

What other word would you use to describe that other than crushed?

What an asinine f*cktard! Pendejo!


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Foreign Affairs / Re: American Politics Thread - Joe Biden’s Presidency by LordAdam16: 6:58pm On Jan 21
[quote author=budaatum post=98298064][/quote]


So how did Reagan win 49 of 50 states in 1984. Twenty whole years after the Republican Party became the Party of Southern Whites?

And why did Trump get the highest black vote for a Republican Presidential candidate since Reagan in 2020 if he's the embodiment of racism. This is the same party and President that ostracized Rep. Steve King after his unfortunate remark in 2019.

RINOs will say and write whatever to get a pat on the back and push book sales. He shouldn't worry, the GOP will die, one way or another and something better that actually cares about the values and livelihoods of Middle America will rise in its place.

This a$$hole should share with the world these amazing "domestic and foreign policy proposals" he helped develop that led to the success of modern Republican Party.

Would Reagan's amnesty for 3m illegals that set the worrying precedent for DACA be one of them?
What about the Iran-Contra affair? What about the wise decision to join Clinton to admit China into the WTO?
What about the outsourcing that destroyed American manufacturing that their rich corporate donors championed and they turned a blind eye to?
What about the Iraq War and the War on Terror?
What about Hurricane Katrina?
Or George H.W. Bush's disastrous economic plans?

While we are at it, he should explain how they were so brilliant that while the Soviet Union was collapsing and the GOP was winning supermajorities, the Democrats stole control of the intelligence agencies, the TV stations, the newspapers, entertainment, academia, tech, the entire political apparatus of every major American city, officers of the military, and more; right from under their f*cking noses!

These bloody imbec*les after sinking the GOP, trying to outdo the Democrats in f*cking up the lives of American rural patriots who vote for them every f*cking election year without fail with f*ck all to show for it, are looking for a Priest to conduct funeral rites. Well, you're in luck, Trump will oblige you!

Make sure you tell Mitch, Sasse, and Graham tho', they should know their careers of grifting and posturing is coming to an end since they're ret*rded.

Cr*tinous f*cktards!


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Foreign Affairs / Re: American Politics Thread - Joe Biden’s Presidency by LordAdam16: 6:07pm On Jan 21

You are a dunce of the lowest common denominator. This excerpt:

There was no immediate claim for the bombings, which have become rare in the Iraqi capital since the Islamic State was largely defeated in the country in 2017. The last took place in Jan. 2018, according to The Associated Press.

Proves you are a silly loquacious dunce.


In December 2017, the Iraqi PM announced ISIS had been cleared from Iraq and the remnant fighters driven underground. https://www.theage.com.au/world/islamic-state-completely-evicted-from-iraq-iraqi-pm-says-20171210-h01x2r.html

In January of 2018, these underground figures mustered their last attack. It was a dead cat bounce. And they were swiftly dispatched with.

And that was it. ISIS was crushed. Nothing else.

That's until 2 whole years later, yesterday, when there were two suicide bombings with over two dozen fatalities and over a 100 injured. The Iraqis are saying it was the job of an ISIS sleeper cell.

So an ISIS sleeper cell decided to chill out for the last 2 years of Trump's Presidency. Then conveniently decided to reawaken from their slumber for the first time since they were crushed and sent into hiding two years ago and what exactly is your argument? That Trump was President then. Of course he was President. A legitimate President, mind you, not this impostor. He cleared Obama's ISIS mess. He crushed them and made sure their shadow did not even contemplate such brazen atrocity throughout the remainder of his Presidency.

ISIS saw the weak, demented buff**n that needed 25,000 guardsmen to guard a virtual "inauguration" and resumed their party.

You think I'd quote every information source I read because you have difficulty understanding the English language or doing your own research.

F*cking tw*t!


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Foreign Affairs / Re: American Politics Thread - Joe Biden’s Presidency by LordAdam16: 5:28pm On Jan 21
If established Republicans that have been republicans or conservatives for decades are no longer conservative enough for you, then you are no longer a conservative but something else.

Donald Trump himself started only claiming conservatism just over a decade ago.

Perhaps that is why Trump is looking to Establish another political movement.

Congratulations, you just understood the gist of Trumpism (which is an iteration of the Tea Party movement) after 5 years.

Trump is a populist. Some of his policies are not even conservative. Getting out of wars is not historically conservative. Being pro gay marriage is not conservative. Running up the deficit to fuel growth is not conservative.

He ran as a Republican because the simple majority of his base were disaffected Middle Americans who had historically been voting Republican. Along the line he tapped some Bernie Bros, former Obama voters, Democrat union voters, politically-orphaned independents, and minorities. That's the Trump coalition.

Along the line, he also sidelined key establishment conservatives like the McCains, Ryans, and Bushes and their proteges who were very comfortable with the lucrative controlled opposition, these are the first RINOs and Lincoln Project loons.

Someone like Pence, Sasse, Rubio, Mitch can not get the vote of every Trump voter. Half of Trump's minority voters will not vote for any of those slimy p*gs. That's the crux of the civil war in the GOP. Trump is using his voters who have no affiliation with the GOP as leverage, while the establishment is using the legitimacy of the two party system as leverage.

Every MAGA community wants the GOP to die. All the Republicans care about is abortion, war, and we're separate from the Democrats. It's a racket.

You have this style of conversatism elsewhere in the Western world. Where conservatism is simply whatever is right of the dominant left party. That's why the Canadian conservative leader is pro-choice, but no American conservative who has national aspirations will dare say he is pro-choice. Even Trump that is pro-LGBT and pro-choice for much of his life, retained his pro-LGBT stance but became pro-life in 2015.

In the US, conservatives say pay for your own healthcare. That's taboo in Scandinavia. You say that and people would think you stepped out of a psychiatric hospital.

That's why you'd never believe that Merkel is conservative. She makes Hillary Clinton sound like a far-right, but in Germany, she's a moderate conservative. Even Macron that was a socialist is now a Libertarian edging to the right. But that's in France. If he was in the US, people will pick Sanders before him. In America, most average Libertarians voted Trump.

That's your recap of Western conservatism.

It also explains why most establishment politicians on both sides of the aisle across the Western hemisphere are not fans of Trump. Trump is a populist. The only other first-rated populist party in the West is Nigel Farage's Reform UK (formerly Brexit) party. Like Trump, Farage is not well liked by establishment politicians either. He's actually despised. Yet he's been in politics for about 3 decades.

The urban-dominated Western political system is liberal. Conservatism is simply a brake pad.


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Foreign Affairs / Re: American Politics Thread - Joe Biden’s Presidency by LordAdam16: 4:11pm On Jan 21

Why do you people like posting easily fact checked lies? It's right there in the article you linked that the last bombing was in 2018 when Trump was president. Are you so dumb?

Read my post again, BAT!

Or wait, day go soon dark so you can use echolocation to decipher simple, clear English. See as e rush quote me like say na COVID palliative I dey share.

Brainless communist!



Foreign Affairs / Re: American Politics Thread - Joe Biden’s Presidency by LordAdam16: 3:35pm On Jan 21

She's a leftist leaning conservative appeasing liberals

Forget that cuck.

Establishment conservative politicians in the Western world are all the same. Controlled opposition.

Trump ran on not being a typical RINO. Which is precisely what those who elected him wanted. If they wanted a conservative like Ambrose, they'd have given Jeb Bush the nomination.

The Ambrose that he's genuflecting about was on the NAFTA advisory board set up by Trudeau to provide feedback. Trump was still able to tear up that useless deal and renegotiated a better USMCA deal for the US.


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Foreign Affairs / Re: American Politics Thread - Joe Biden’s Presidency by LordAdam16: 3:07pm On Jan 21

Lots of ignorance in this post. If not that I am at work, I would have given you a robust reply that you deserve.

Yen yen yen...

By the way, your ANTIFA partners in the Middle East have resumed from where they stopped:


Obviously, celebrating the exit of President Trump. First suicide bombing in Baghdad since Trump crushed ISIS.


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Foreign Affairs / Re: American Politics Thread - Joe Biden’s Presidency by LordAdam16: 2:50pm On Jan 21


How is your afternoon going

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