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Politics / Re: Judgment Is Unconstitutional, Premeditated, Says Onnoghen’s Lawyer by LordAdam16: 5:03pm On Apr 18
Onoghen YNWA! The better south thanks you for your service to the nation.

APC should remember power is transient. Because when we resume...


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Art, Graphics & Video / Re: 517-Year-Old Leonardo Da Vinci's Portrait Of Christ Sells For ₦162.3b (Photo) by LordAdam16: 2:01pm On Apr 18

Other than being rude (reference to the blue in the quote above) or presumptuous (reference to the red in the quote above) I would be most obliged if you are able to point out that which is embarrassing in the article.

I should also like to seriously ask if the reasons I found it worthwhile to draw to your attention (after so long) are entirely lost on you sir?

Many thanks.

I'll indulge you. The premise on which the article was written is deeply flawed. I see it a lot amongst millennial far-left leaning writers even in more prestigious publications and it's infuriating.

The premise of that article is akin to saying that since the developed world can afford to send billions of dollars in aids to developing nations, then it means everyone on the entire planet can be fed. It is not just asinine, it is downright stupid.

Both men are economic overachievers. The rough nine million French people below the poverty line, and I say this compassionately, are economic underachievers. No one ever says because some people have an IQ of 130+, then everyone should be able to solve algebra.

Eliminating poverty as well as providing universal healthcare, affordable housing, and proper education to everyone is a noble goal. But the only reason we've even gotten to a point where only 13% of the French population is below the poverty line, which by the way are among the top 25% of the world's 8 billion, is because of the economy. It used to be much much worse in the past.

And as with anything in all of nature, there'd be those who overachieve and those who underachieve. You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong. France has a national budget of 1.2 trillion euros per annum. That excludes the budget of lower levels of government. France's welfare program cost 500b euros annually. Yet it's Bernard's $90b or Pinault's $30b (note total wealth, not annual) that somehow rubs the writer and like minded ilks the wrong way.

The world's 2000-odd billionaires have about $9t, if you took all of it and shared it leaving them penniless. It'd cover the annual budget of only the top 2 countries by budget size. What money would you guys share then for the next year and for people in the other 180+ countries? Would you confiscate the wealth of the millionaires next?

The financial illiteracy is appalling. The smartest way you guys can seem to think of to solve any problem is to take money that's never enough from someone else. China has 250+ billionaires, more than 4 million millionaires. They and the government have raised over 500 million people out of poverty within 30 years (poverty rate fell from 88% to 7%) and GDP per capita in the same time has gone from $350 to $8800, a 25x increase.

Yet, in spite of this amazing transformation, the heading of an op-ed that ranks high on Google for poverty in China from a so-called progressive writers has the following title: "Despite China's Fast-Growing Wealth, Millions Still Remain Poor."

Whoever reads that headline would not imagine this is a country that took 500 million people out of poverty. You always have to focus on the those who are currently poor by pitting them against the minority who create all the jobs. When people ask why the rich act like they don't give a sh*t about the poor, this is why. And for all the issues I have with unabated income inequality currently running in tandem with rising cost of commodities while wages largely remain static, I simply wouldn't subscribe to emotionally-charged viewpoints that sound like they were conjured by toddlers in kindergarten.

He has more than myself. Therefore, I must take. And maybe you guys weren't told this when you were young, taking what's not yours is stealing.

Romance / Re: Why Poor Guys Leave Their Longtime Girlfriends When They Become Rich by LordAdam16: 12:57pm On Apr 18
do u know Denzel washington? The black american hollywood star that featured in a number of hollywood blackbusters. The guy won an oscar in the mid 2000s for his act in dat movie Training Day. He won it alongside Halle Berry dat year.He's an elite actor of the highest echelon bracket. Have u seen his wife? If u see his wife u will be shocked.she looks like average looking housewife than a slayqueen. Denzel met his wife b4 he became a hollywood star and till today they still together. This is d same hollywood dat stars divorce on a routine basis oo. Because of his love for his wife it is said dat denzel refuses to have sex scene in a movie set. So u see money cannot change a man's mindset about u when im don hammer. For jezreel case it might he wasnt really dat into his wife even though d woman might hv loved him. There are some men who marry a girl just for marrying sake or cos their parents forced dem into marrying her or like i said b4 d girl was probably givin dem issues when they were broke.

Money can change anyone.

And don't act surprised that men can be jerks, assh*les or more appropriately douch*bags. When it comes to loyalty, a lot of it is personal rather than gender-specific.

A lot of females stick with a guy because there's no better alternative in the offing in the same way many guys stick to a female because they don't have enough yet. When you are upgrading to newer cars, newer clothes, better living space, meeting fancier ladies, some just go the whole mile to upgrade their SO as well. It's a sh*t thing to do, but humans are inherently selfish.

The only reason this doesn't happen often enough among the wider society to be pandemic is that social mobility is low. And when finances improve, it's often moderate. Like formerly eating 3 square meals was a problem, now you can rent a flat, buy a tokunbo sedan, and you're comfortable by Nigerian standards (enough to have funds to start thinking about buying land, building your own small bungalow, or opening a provision store).

The vertical shift is not drastic. And it's not like the distribution of women now available to you is now somehow night and day compared to your former situation. So sticking together isn't something you have to actively think about. You just do it, like moving from one level to another in school. Ditto for the elite.

For guys who go from struggling to having more money and influence than they know what to do with it, it can be a rude change. Like from high school to college. Especially if it happens quickly. All of a sudden all the ladies from hotel lobby attendant to flight attendant to bank reps look at you approvingly; the women you see at the ball, the etiquette, the experiences they've had, their taste. It's just radically different. Within this crowd, people like Jonathan and Denzel are not a large majority. Women who stay often have to deal with sh*t they wouldn't take if he was because of the financial security.

This entire topic is nuanced, but people don't typically do right by other people whom provided value at some point. If they did, we wouldn't have the saying "failure is an orphan" and "success has many friends." It's f*cked up. But so is life.



Art, Graphics & Video / Re: 517-Year-Old Leonardo Da Vinci's Portrait Of Christ Sells For ₦162.3b (Photo) by LordAdam16: 10:37am On Apr 18

@ LordAdam16 -

I hope this write up concerning donations made by the rich for the restoration of Notre Dame may raise a few pointers for you about some of what I tried to convey in this thread. - Mind you, neither I nor the writer condemn the donations - I do hope you are able to distill the useful points.


That article is an embarrassment. Don't quote crap for me to read. My time is far more valuable than yours.

Business / Re: Jumia: 'africa's Amazon' In Landmark Stock Market Listing by LordAdam16: 9:09am On Apr 14
But isn't Mall for Africa also involved with Jumia?

I think they're competing with Jumia launching Jumia Global to take on Mall for Africa's core business model.

But don't take my word for it. I don't follow our local tech scene as much as I used to.


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Business / Re: Jumia: 'africa's Amazon' In Landmark Stock Market Listing by LordAdam16: 9:06am On Apr 14
"Jumia began operations in Nigeria in 2012".
Says a lot about the operating environment then.
I think Konga too was founded around that same period or thereabouts,but at least pre 2015.
ShopRite stores too with JustRight.
Infact pre 2015 was when big supermarkets made a re entry into Nigeria with massive expansions round the country.
These and many other such companies brought a lot of foreign exchange and jobs most especially.
I maybe mistaken,but I can't recall ShopRite opening any new outlet since 2015 or 2016 when a certain leader started discouraging investments through his hogwash,but most times non existent economic policies.
I also wish Konga well and would welcome other major players entering the online retail business.
Jobs,direct and indirect are aplenty in that field.
The next big area either banks,other financial outfits or big time retailers should delve into and indeed conquer, particularly financial institutions,is the credit market industry.
There is a lot of money to be made in this field, especially with BVN now in play, because it would drive up the consuming perchant of Nigerians,knowing they can pay for their needs in instalments,freeing up cash for other more immediate concerns.

The BVN for the credit industry is a smart idea. But Nigeria is not yet ready to support a credit industry. Anyone who goes in now will face untold hurdles and should simply open a line to a pharmaceutical to replenish drugs daily for insomnia.

I'm not saying it can't be done, I'm just saying for most capital investors, there are other avenues with far less baggage.

Credit mainly works in the West because it's a way to expand the economy. Debt creates money. In Nigeria, beyond FG workers. workers for international non profits, and private sector workers of select coys in Oil & Gas, Finance, and Construction; the rest of the population is a nightmare for credit initiatives. The target market is too small.

Which is made worse by the double digit inflation and double digit MPR. Go check out what RenMoney and the dozen plus micro financial lending institutions charge in interests and their term conditions. Hell will freeze over before casual credit catches on with rates in the same bracket.

Nigeria needs to get the fundamental right; infrastructure, strong institutions, respect for rule of law. All other things will be added in due time.


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Business / Re: Jumia: 'africa's Amazon' In Landmark Stock Market Listing by LordAdam16: 8:51am On Apr 14
"The DHL Africa eShop brings together more than 200 American and British retailers and will deliver directly to homes, something Jumia has struggled with."

Ope o, so I can finally ditch Amazon and AliExpress knowing that there is an international retailer made SPECIFICALLY for the Nigerian market grin grin grin

Not quite. Amazon and AliExpress still have their place.

But the laudable part of DHL Africa eShop is that Mall for Africa is the technical partner making it happen behind the scenes. Always been a fan of that business outfit and another--Circuit Atlantic (later Shippyme). The latter failed to make a mark for several reasons, but it's nice that MfA is finally hitting strides on the global scene.

I think one side to MfA that doesn't get enough exposure is that they also facilitate the reverse. Having Nigerian sellers vend their wares on US/UK sites to access a wealthy market. The pilot program was for eBay. e-Commerce isn't my cup of tea, but I expect some silent movers are taking advantage of that opening.



Travel / Re: Aliko Dangote's Yacht: Inside The ₦15.5 Billion Super Luxury Yacht by LordAdam16: 8:44am On Apr 14

It's a joke to mention Bin Salman and Dangote in the same sentence when you're talking liquid wealth.

I'm sure there are up to 10 members of House of Saud alone, who are more liquid than Dangote. If we're talking about the entire Arab World, then make that at least a 100.

I think quite a number of people are disillusioned about the wealth of the Arabs and Russians because their template is not relatable.

Bezos is wealthy because of Amazon. Gates, Microsoft. Buffet, Berkshire Hathaway. Aliko, Dangote Group.

Bin Salman is wealthy because he's the leader of the family that owns an entire oil-rich country. 3% of Russia's elite own 90% of the entire country's wealth.

Saudi Arabia's 2019 budget was $285b. At that amount, $5b is a rounding error if Bin Salman or another leading Royal chooses to pad. Likewise in Russia. The entire budget is pork for the Oligarchs. That's not Class 'X' company shares, that's spending cash.

That's why the Sheikhs can buy megayachts like Dubai, Azzam, Al Said, and Topaz; have their respective states pay the running cost; along with their lavish state private jets, gigantic palaces, and lifetime security provided by the state.

Ditto for the Russians, except much of the running cost is put on shell companies fed by the proceeds of government contracts or earnings from privatized state companies they bought on the cheap. Security is provided by branches of the state security apparatus and/or the Mafia.

To preserve this lifestyle, they practice a scorched-earth campaign with any sort of opposition. Nip it in the bud lest it festers. Because they know the day it all falls apart, they'd be lucky to still be breathing afterwards. So their spending is just as much about showing off, as much as realizing the transient nature of their wealth.

Mubarak's family was sitting on about $100b in direct wealth, Mubarak himself accounted for $70b. That was until the Arab Spring snatched most of it from their grip.

This is not something Forbes has interest in discussing.


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Travel / Re: Aliko Dangote's Yacht: Inside The ₦15.5 Billion Super Luxury Yacht by LordAdam16: 11:36pm On Apr 13

Dangote actually makes lots of liquid cash.

The after tax profit of Dangote Cement in 2013 if I'm correct was 124.4 billion.. This was at a time the Naira exchanged at 155 to $1. That's about $800m and he owns 50% of it.

I just checked after tax profits for last year and it was N390b, which is over a $1bn. The man is quite liquid but like every good business, will prefer to invest his money than keep it lying idle.

One year, he chose to buy for himself a $45m Gulfstream for his birthday.

Yes, he's not stupid with his money and humble not to be in a show off competition with anyone.

No money miss road for this guy o!

He actually owns 85.2% of Dangote Cement. And no, that does not mean he owns 85.2% of the after-tax profit. It's not a simple arithmetic.

And the Gulfstream was primarily for business, not a treat. It was an essential purchase.

Travel / Re: Aliko Dangote's Yacht: Inside The ₦15.5 Billion Super Luxury Yacht by LordAdam16: 11:07pm On Apr 13

I select who I argue with on Nairaland but let me humour you.

Forbes is the authority on wealth ranking in the world and he is how their billionaires fared in the 2019 ranking.

Dangote is 100 gradually. Only one Arab ranks higher than him.

White money maybe. Black money, no chance in hell.

The top ranking Sheikhs of the wealthy Arab kingdoms (mainly Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, and Kuwait) have criminally understated wealth and they're illogically liquid.

Dangote can't buy the things Bin Salman has purchased over the last couple of years. From the $450m painting to the $500m yacht. Dangote would have to divest his holdings and lose voting rights to make the same purchases that bin Salman made on a whim.

Moreover, the Sheikhs understate their wealth to maintain a tight leash on public opinion in their kingdoms. Only one Arab blue blood Bin Talal usually makes a fuss over his valuation and Bin Salman used him as a scapegoat during the fake anti-corruption crackdown.



Travel / Re: Aliko Dangote's Yacht: Inside The ₦15.5 Billion Super Luxury Yacht by LordAdam16: 10:52pm On Apr 13

Thats my point. More about his personality than any so-called investments. Dangote no sabi chop money. Even ordinary Kola Aluko has a real yacht, one that is far more luxurious and far more expensive than this Dangote's boat (Otedola owns the same boat, by the way.).

Or there are two other compelling reasons.

The first is uncomfortable but plausible. Dangote is not that liquid. A yacht is not like buying a hourse, jewelry, hyper cars, or art. It's a money pit. Sure a $250m yacht would be befitting of his status, but he'd be looking at no less than $25m in running cost annually. Most of his wealth is tied to the valuation of his shares in Dangote Cement. The actual money he makes annually is two orders of magnitude less.

Kola Aluko may not own the Galactica Star alone. Dude is a front for black money.

The second reason has to do with being smart. As a Nigerian billionaire, it's not in his best interests to be ostentatious. So what, he's going to moor a 200ft yacht off a marina in a country that continues to outdo itself on negative metrics? It's bad optics, will build resentment, and he'd spend more time justifying his wealth and choice of opulence display than enjoying it.

It's similar for American billionaires. With wages staying relatively static while inflation and inequality rise exponentially, the last thing Bezos or Larry would want to do is buy a 400ft yacht. It'd just feed the recent calls for 70% marginal tax on the wealthy. That's why most Western billionaires buy multiple mid-size yachts rather than go on a pissing contest with the Arab Sheikhs and Russian Oligarchs.

The latter have more control, largely draconian, over their perception in their local population. The former needs to suck up to the populace to preserve their wealth. That's what's up with all the philanthropy.

The Rotschilds learned this lesson the hard way.


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Celebrities / Re: Daria Radionova Covers Her Lamborghini Aventador With 2Million Aventador Crystal by LordAdam16: 10:07pm On Apr 11

Russian men pay well too

the oligarchs

She must be really darn amazing tho'. Competition is fierce to land an oligarch.

That said, her car collection is modest. She doesn't need an oligarch to afford those. A really well to do nouveau rich (not wealthy) can splurge on a Continental GT, Huracan, and Aventador for a mistress or favorite escort. Heck, he may just hand over car keys from his own collection. Europeans love their supercars and Russian men in particular make Nigerian men look like misers with the way they spend on skirts.



Crime / Re: Road Safety Officers Flee As Angry Man Attacks Them With Plank In Delta. Photos by LordAdam16: 8:38pm On Mar 30
We ready to give Wahala "Problem" grin

You don't intimidate a true Deltan and walk freely.

2 seconds.



Romance / Re: Hypocrisy Of Society When It Comes To Gender Equality. by LordAdam16: 8:08pm On Mar 30
I have done that. Such stubborn irrationality, off point talks and shaming so far has been linked to only one set of people in this thread. wink


You should have continued. If person never craze follow una, una sense go just lost. I wonder if your a$$ ever gets jealous of the copious amount of sh*t conjured by your pea-sized brain.

I promised to make you regret your error, puta barrata! Next time you'd pay particular heed to Law 19.

Racist c*nt! Irredeemable f*ckwit! Incongruent dickasaur!



Romance / Re: Hypocrisy Of Society When It Comes To Gender Equality. by LordAdam16: 8:02pm On Mar 30
I am not a racist, what have I said that's racist? I am a black man as well and I condemn racism in all forms. All I did was state facts. You were using the norms of the hiphop culture to justify Cardi B's crime and I bashed that. Not only that, I established a link between the adopted standards of the hiphop culture and crimes among the African American community.

Get your facts right and don't ever unduly brand me a racist. Dull fellow. This is the last time I would respond to you.

Wait, are you calming down like a violated b*tch?! Go look up internalized racism, you ignorant m*ron!

Crime is high in every low-income neighborhood around the world regardless of race. And it's survival of the fittest from dawn to dusk. Yet a soy middle-class mangina holed up in a carton-sized hostel room dare to judge a girl who had to live on food stamps, strip, rise through the gang hierarchy (did what she had to do), and blossom into a successful A-list rapper.

You didn't stop there, you made it an African-American thing, linked it to police brutality by calling it deserved, and you have the audacity to say you're not a racist. Guess what, I'm spitting facts too.

F*CKING COW! You really thought I was going to go PG on you?! Despondent pendejo!



Romance / Re: Hypocrisy Of Society When It Comes To Gender Equality. by LordAdam16: 7:53pm On Mar 30
I was actually being lenient and indulgent in spoonfeeding your dull ass. "A crime is a crime" is actually enough to pass my point across, that's if your IQ were large enough to even approximate π in mathematics.

Lol. I don't know how to respond to this. The stubborness of this guy's stupidity has rendered me speechless. grin

Hallelujah. What a reason to justify crime.

That's my government's and police force problem. I am a student and not a detective. However as a good citizen, I would anonymously report any suspicious activity to the police.

grin Look your self in the mirror and repeat this. grin

grin A case of irredeemable irrationality shall we say? Such loathing for moral uprightness. Good night. grin

Did you just type out the "a crime is a crime" once this time. Expected you to Ctrl+C - Ctrl+V it many more times like the verbally-challenged ret*rd that you are.

Racist POS!

Guys do gangsta sh*t and brag, and you go cowering. A gal does gangsta sh*t and brags, all of a sudden you find your lost voice. F*cking warthog-faced baboon. Later you'd be calling yourself a self-styled alpha-male. You should go get a genital reconstruction surgery and send all your testosterone in a vial to Cardi B. You want to report anonymously, que care-chimba.

Where are you off to? This is how you're wasting your parents money on education that's lost on troglodyte. You should be in a zoo, asswipe.

Next time you see my moniker, you'd have PTSD-level anxiety, motherf*cker!



Romance / Re: Hypocrisy Of Society When It Comes To Gender Equality. by LordAdam16: 7:27pm On Mar 30
Are you minding the stupid boy? They keep letting the hiphop culture and rappers who glorify drugs and violence set the standards for them. No wonder, despite forming the minority, African Americans populate most prisons more than any group and are responsible for most of the gun violence even against their fellow blacks.

No wonder the cops keeps wasting their useless criminal ass. Later you will see them shouting "black lives matter. Cops are the problem." How someone would think violence makes them cool and meaningful beats me.

Isn't it great.

Now you've extrapolated all the way from Cardi B to ragging on the entire African American culture. And then you turn around and call hip hop racist. Eff*ng mangina!

What are you going to do next, rag on South American culture for their cartels, on Russian and Italian culture for the mafia, on Japanese culture for the Yakuza, or Chinese culture for the Triad. Or do you just reserve your internalized racism for black americans?

See how hard you pivoted from being a menist to being an internalized racist? And if I call you a constipated orangutan, it's seem as though it's an insult even though it's actually an insult to the entire global population of orangutans.

Ranting like you've got a panocha where your phallus should be. IMBEC*LE!

Romance / Re: Hypocrisy Of Society When It Comes To Gender Equality. by LordAdam16: 7:16pm On Mar 30
The core of your stupidity in this discussion is this idea "since it's part of hip hop then it's okay." So if hip hop glorifies rape, misogyny and racism then it's okay because it's hip hop? I don't know how many times I have to drum it into your empty skull, it doesn't matter who or what endorses crime, crime is wrong. There should be no free pass for criminals. The glorification of crime and the ego of building a street cred are part of the most absurd vanities that humans engage in. Crime is crime you dingbat.

Singing about drugs is different from doing drugs. The former is allowed under freedom of expression while the latter is a criminal offence and the offender doesn't get a pass because he/she is affiliated with hip hop. A crime is a crime.

So if the whole realness of hip hop happened to be participation in racism, rape and misogyny, would you approve of that? It seems you approve of crime because it's part of hip hop. Who made it so that the hip hop culture and street credibility are the standard for classifying what crimes are okay and get a pass? A crime is a crime. Wasting someone else's life because of street cred and realness is a very stupid and wicked thing to do. Even more stupid is thinking these things are okay because it is the prevailing hip hop culture.

Do you think the rape and human trafficking at the American border are okay because it's part of the ways of Mexican gangs? angry

Now look yourself in the mirror and say this loud "I, LordAdam16, am a f00l."

SMH. What stupidity. If you can accept crime because it's what the hip hop culture define as realness and paying your dues, then you are not alright in the head. A crime is a crime, why is this too difficult to understand?

that "but" began your stupidity. A crime is a crime.

Hurray! She gets a pass. undecided

Lol. A crime is a crime. It does not matter who you are. A lot of catholic priest don't have time for "sexual assault of a minor is a crime."

Of all things for many black people to glorify, it's gang violence and other crimes. No wonder cops keep wasting your sorry criminal asses only to have you people screaming "BLACK LIVES MATTER." grin grin

SMH. The stupidity keeps expanding. In life everyone has to pay their dues but that doesn't mean you must indulge in violence and other crimes. You need to start setting better standards for yourself or get a rational and responsible mentor. Violence is not the standard. A crime is a crime. grin

Except in the case of self defence, those girls should be arrested and prosecuted if they assaulted anyone. There is no free pass or justification for them. I hope you don't mean to tell me that those girls should be given a free pass?

And what's the point of this story? She was willing to trade her body, how does this justify crime or gives her a free pass? undecided

For the umpteenth time, a crime is a crime. *yawns* grin

Of course, when you have a culture and a group of people who glorify crime setting the standards for others, this is what you would expect. A very stupid and shallow lifestyle grin. Start setting better standards for yourself or go find a reasonable and responsible mentor. A crime is a crime. grin

Being resourceful doesn't have to be in a criminal way and it does not give any a free pass to anyone when it comes to crime. Off point talks.

You and who danced to 50cents' music? As I have said, singing about crime is not a crime but doing the crime is a crime. Also dancing to a song about crime is not a crime. Get these into your weak brain.

Bill Cosby admitted to his crimes too, where is he?

grin Hallelujah.

Start reasoning properly, educate yourself and learn to take corrections rather than acting like a f00l. grin A crime is a crime.

Lol. Keep letting a culture and a group of people who glorify violence and a life of crime set the standard for you. Hope your face now has tattoos all over it like the doodle notepad of a schizophrenic patient all in the name of realness? Yeye dey smell. grin

What an id*ot! All you've managed to do is repeat "a crime is a crime" and said nothing else of note. Doesn't surprise me because your IQ is in the negative range.

Dude, go f*ck yourself if you don't get hip hop culture. No one owes you no f*cking explanation. And please do rat out your local gang and see how long you last before ending in a ditch. It'd be really poetic if it's a gal who cuts off your tongue and shoves it up your assh*le. Fl*pping g*t.

Rap is as big as it's ever been. Cardi B has her street cred. She's balling. Nigg*s on the street are still hustlin. And here you are whining like the b*tchy c*nt that you are because some gangster did her gang sh*t on an unfortunate victim. One would think you've somehow solved the problem of all the thousands of people who disappear in Nigeria weekly. You should pull your head out of your a$$, it's not a hat.

If you've bopped your head to a gangsta rap song, then you're a extemporaneous mor*n! Keep sitting high up in that moralist stratosphere and see how long you survive before hypoxia kicks in.

F*cking soy jew bast*rd!

Romance / Re: Hypocrisy Of Society When It Comes To Gender Equality. by LordAdam16: 6:05pm On Mar 30

Are you fukking serious right now undecided

Op was right, men like you that gives these b!tches stupid passes are the muthafukin problem cry

If you can't understand it within the context of how I used it, get the GTFO my mention. St*pid a$$hole.

Why didn't you also point out the other instance where a guy narrated a crew raping a guy to get him to pay a debt.

In case you're so thick to not understand anything I've written. This has got nothing to do with gender. Read about what some female South American gangsters have done and Cardi's exploits would seem tame.

Cardi is a gangster first and a woman second. If male gangsters are lauded for bragging about their criminal exploits, same sh*t applies to female gangsters as well. Anything else is hypocrisy. It doesn't surprise me that the irony is lost on you and that puta OP.


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Romance / Re: Hypocrisy Of Society When It Comes To Gender Equality. by LordAdam16: 5:26pm On Mar 30
As I have said, a crime is crime.

SMH. Do read what you type? People already have the right to brag about their past deeds by virtue of living in a western world that supports freedom of expression. It seems to you that some are more equal than others. It does not matter who you have become, what you have been through or whether you are a male or female, a crime is a crime. SMH at this nonsense.

Hip hop glorifies crime. The whole idea of having street cred is having a bad rap sheet. Which if I have to spell it out for you, since you're dumb af, means committing crimes. It might be anything from moving a bicycle to selling drugs and engaging in gang war.

Much of Rick Ross "Hustlin" song was about drug dealing. It's a felony. The whole realness of gangsta rap actually boils down to have you ever engaged in a criminal activity or be an accessory while out on the streets?

Understanding this nuance is critical when evaluating Cardi B's statements. It's all about that realness venerated in hip hop culture. She's saying all of that to mean she's paid her dues, done all of those f*cked up sh*t, and ain't fake. It's got nothing to do with gender.

That's why I started my first reply with "I heart calling out the hypocrisy. But..."

She's a f*cking gang member like many mainstream rappers. Tekashi ordered a hit and was arrested. It wasn't his first. Dude is about getting out and he's getting witness protection because he ratted out and heads are expected to roll. When he releases a new album, it'd defo go platinum. So stop repeating your f**lish crime is a crime BS! Ain't no one got no time for that cr*p.

Don't bring your misunderstood hood sociology to gender warfare. Because out on the streets, everyone has to bleed and pay their dues. And this is not some US centric sh*t. Back then in sec sch somewhere in the SS. When there was inter public school conflicts, it was all hands on deck. I vividly remember the girls with one of our allied schools arriving with battle axes, daggers and sh*t.

That's why I say I respect her and her craft. This is a lady who told an industry heavyweight on air that he could f*ck her but when it comes time to promote her much he'd start making excuses. Dude was flabbergasted. She's a straight shooter. Which you'd have to be when you've got both latino and black blood coursing through your veins.

So for her, a crime is not a crime. A crime for her is like a kill for a cartel sicario. Feel me, p*nk a$$ bit*h n*gga?!

So she drugged and raped a pu**y a$$ n*gga. And so what?

I watched a doc where a British street collector narrated an account when a crew was tasked with obtaining a loan repayment from some hothead. The guy was beaten at first but refused to pay. Much like that Sapele smallie "dem go flog dem go tire." The next time the crew pinned him dropped his trousers then a$$-raped him and captured everything on camera. Gave him a deadline that if he didn't pay before then, they'd release the video. Dude paid within a week. And committed suicide soon after. The loan collector said it with a straight face on camera. I didn't give a sh*t cos I know of worse cases.

A peer of mine back in sec sch anal-raped a minor as part of conditions given and was going to use him for ritual. Fortunately for the young boy, he was caught under circumstances I'm not willing to share. Last I heard, dude was still free.

So yea the street is unforgiving and it's why I said Cardi has earned the right to brag about her exploits. It's a gender-neutral concept.

The rest of my text is about women, who like Cardi B, proved themselves to be as resourceful as any man would under the circumstance and in so doing received utmost respect. Much like Cardi B is getting immense support and respect from the street for her statement.

When 50 was knifed then shot nine times over a hip hop beef, then retaliated and made a song about it; we were all jamming to it and giving him props. Cardi owns up to her own misdeeds and you want to use that to make a point on gender. Get the f*ck outta here, you st*pid whiny c*nt of an a$$hat.

NUANCE, f*cktard. NUANCE!

Next time read and if you don't understand ask questions politely rather than act like a cr*tinous dipsh*t!

You asked for this! I'll tear you a new one if you keep this idi*cy up! You barked up the wrong tree, f*ckface!


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Romance / Re: Hypocrisy Of Society When It Comes To Gender Equality. by LordAdam16: 4:41pm On Mar 30
SMH. The irony considering that you came with many irrelevant and irrational offpoint talks that were not related to our discussion. In your spear time, read that post of yours I replied to and ask yourself if someone with a proper thinking faculty would type the rubbish you typed. Since stupidity rarely catches up, I give you many chances as you want. You'd regret it.

This is how daft emotional fellows behave. When they can no longer reply, they say rubbish and leave. I dare you to answer the questions I asked. I am sure intelligent people think going through a lot and making it gives you a free pass when it comes to crime.

Oh well. You had a chance to rewrite your mistake and you failed to. Now I'd relish going gung-ho on you! F*cking POS!

Romance / Re: Hypocrisy Of Society When It Comes To Gender Equality. by LordAdam16: 4:38pm On Mar 30
What I see here is that women easily cheat and ride on men and get away with it.

If you've worked under a female boss before, you will realize that male workers tend to suffer in the hands of female bosses (with exception to a few women who occupy leadership positions yet they are not bossy or rude)

However, MOST women will misbehave when they find themselves in position of power or authority. Not only that, women cannot handle the amount of power nature has bestowed unto men without trying to use it to oppress both men and their fellow women.

This is the reason why women will drag shoulders with their husbands and sometimes disregard them when circumstances turn them to the bread winner of the family. This is the main reason why every man strives hard to provide for their families because only money and position of authority puts a man under his wife

I was in a public transport yesterday when a woman cheated the conductor. The woman heard him shouting the fare was N250 before she entered ooo and she came into the bus and insisted she would pay N200, and that the conductor should do his worse

During the heat of an argument, the people in the bus shouted at the conductor asking him to shut the fcck up and show some maturity while the woman was busy raising her voice and standing on her right. You can imagine!

The truth is, this kind of debate will lead us nowhere because it will only cause more division than unity. That's the way it has been and that's the way it will always be. Nothing can change it

That's the kind of world men have come to

I think that's a defeatist mindset. And I think your submission which is akin to the whole idea of avoiding conflict with women because that's just who they are actually feeds off the savior complex that most men have unfortunately not been able to wean themselves off.

That savior complex made our species thrive for tens of thousands of years. It is the complex that made men shield the women and kids from the barbarism of warfare while they made the ultimate sacrifice. It's why the men led potentially one-way expeditions and only invite the women and kids if they're successful. It's why the men continued to advance civilization to increase comfort for their immediate family.

Today, it is this complex that's making men (especially in the Western world) want to satisfy women holistically even at their own detriment. That's just hundreds of thousands of years of evolution. They want to make the workplace conducive. They want to avoid conflict every chance they get. They want to involve the wife/gf in every decision to assuage her feelings. They want to avoid any nagging or sullen face by yielding to any demands she may have, however outlandish. They want to be seen as the ultimate protector. The white knight phenomenon.

But it is misguided. It is a mistake. Stop treating women like eggs. Back in time it was necessary, now they don't need it. Treat them like you'd treat a man in every sense of it. Treat everything on its merit. Stop inflating the value of their validation. Stop placing them on pedestals. Stop trying to satisfy every of their whims and caprices. All of this "na so women b" sh*t has got to stop.

Bottom line, stop entertaining their bullsh*t. Don't tie your happiness to her cooch or comfort.

And I know we can do it because we do it in business for the most part. Bezos, Musk, late Jobs are all nightmares to work for regardless of gender. They built billion dollar empires. It's no surprise they have more men who are willing to put up with the immense pressure and demand, but that's exactly what should be done. Stop creating bubbles for them.

In that account you shared, the driver/conductor should have stopped the bus and asked the woman to alight to send a message or accept the loss as a cost of running business. Not let himself be screwed over by someone who'd later claim to be historically oppressed.



Romance / Re: Hypocrisy Of Society When It Comes To Gender Equality. by LordAdam16: 3:40pm On Mar 30

Bro how and where do you read?

Perks of being a polymath.

Romance / Re: Hypocrisy Of Society When It Comes To Gender Equality. by LordAdam16: 3:35pm On Mar 30
As I have said, a crime is crime.

SMH. Do read what you type? People already have the right to brag about their past deeds by virtue of living in a western world that supports freedom of expression. It seems to you that some are more equal than others. It does not matter who you have become, what you have been through or whether you are a male or female, a crime is a crime. SMH at this nonsense.

cry cry cry this one has finished me. So being a star and making millions gives you a free pass when it comes to crime? Go read up what gender equality means and stop disgracing yourself. What ignorance and stuρidity.

SMH. What load of nonsense. The world doesn't reward competent women by giving them free passes when it comes to crime. You are so full of irrationality. undecided

What's your point? She was allowed to own horses, she hired a team(given freedom to acquire wealth) and her team won, what's your point? How does this relate to our discussion? She should be given free passes when it comes to crime?

Lol. So a woman is rewarded by lying to history students cheesy grin. Did men not hire teams too? Why don't they have their statues? Lwkmd grin Again what is your point? how does this relate to our discussion?

By the story you gave, her honour is just a case of sentiments. What did she really do to deserve these things? She was allowed to own horses, she hired a team and the team won. Why does she deserve all these awards? It's just a case of sentiments.

Had she disguised herself, participated in the event and won gold then she would have been worthy of any accolades. Didn't men hire teams too? Did society prevent her from hiring a team? What's your point? Did society give her a free pass when it came to crime? I can't believe anybody with a brain would type all the rubbishes you've been typing. Do you realise how stuρid your write up is? Are you bleeping kidding me? angry

So society rewarded her with giving her a free pass when it comes to crimes? The praises and recognition she got is just the same other top soviet male snipers got. SMH. What's your point with this? How is it relevant to the discussion? If there is anything more she got, it's more fame because it was unusual then to see women taking such jobs and being excellent at them.

The only sensible thing you've said. If it irks you, why give a free pass to Cardi B? Men spend years in jail for doing what Cardi B did. If it irks you, why give a free pass to Cardi B? What's worse is that you did this using an utterly ridiculous excuse/argument. SMH, you are the embodiment of hypocrisy. angry

Are you sure you are not a female behind a male moniker because this is how most nairaland females react to this issue ------ talking off point. What is the relevance of this? What's your point? Should society give a free pass to them? Just what is your point? undecided angry

They earned what they deserve by choosing to work hard and take responsibility unlike most lazy women. What is your point? Did anyone say that there are no competent women? What is your point?

Yeye Lord. Who ever said there are no female STEM graduates? How is that relevant to the discussion? angry You example serves no relevant purpose. Walk into any university around you and will she girls studying Physics, Engineering, Medicine and other STEM fields. Is Frances Arnold deserving of a free pass when it comes to crime? What exactly is your point? sad angry Ron Larson, the author of my calculus text and professor at Pennsylvania State University, was a dish washer, so what's your point?

Did Marie Curie not win the Nobel Prizes in Physics and Chemistry becoming the first person and woman to achieve such feat ? Did her daughter not win the Nobel prize as well? Did May-Britt Moser(2014) and Ada Yonath(2009) not win Nobel prizes? Who said women don't study STEM subjects? You are talking off point.

You are a female behind a male moniker or a simp. I am more inclined to believe the former. So much dose of bullsh1t this early morning.

I'd hand you a mulligan here. I'd give you one chance to proofread this load of horse sh*t you wrote. One! And please don't tempt me with your edited/proofread reply. You'd regret it.


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Romance / Re: Man Reveals His Friend's Girlfriend Of 6-months Is A Married Woman Of 2 Years by LordAdam16: 1:38pm On Mar 30

Guys have been doing this for generations. As far as I'm concerned, the guy should take it on the chin. And the "friend" should stop painting an entire gender with the "scum" brush. What's good for the goose is good for the gander. If you're too pissed, head to the gym and let it all out.

No point in disturbing the peace, we've got more important problems to tackle... Like why is it still socially unacceptable to hit a woman if she screws up but it's okay for a lady to hit a guy if he screws up? If chivalry is dead and male privilege has to end, that's got to go too.


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Romance / Re: Hypocrisy Of Society When It Comes To Gender Equality. by LordAdam16: 6:44am On Mar 30
Whether one is being real or not, a crime is a crime.

Yea, and OG's commit crimes every day in the projects (most of them men of course) and hip hop culture celebrates it as hustling.

All I'm saying is that if a lady is competent enough to live that life, come off relatively unscathed, then goes on to launch a multi-million dollar career; she's earned the right to brag about it. She's no different than the 50s and the Rules. F*cked around, built something, now living the life.

This is not about the genitals, it's about competence (actual gender equality).

The world has rewarded competent women since time immemorial.

In Ancient Greece, women were not even allowed to set foot in the Olympics stadium. However, they were allowed to breed, own, and train horses for the equestrian event. Cynisca, daughter of King Archidamus II and sister of Agesilaus II, acquired wealth to her name and became appropriately skilled. She hired men to join her team and even though she was not present at the even, her team won the wreath in chariot racing.

For achieving this feat, Cynisca was honored by having a bronze statue of a chariot and horses, a charioteer and a statue of herself in the Temple of Zeus in Olympia, and an inscription written declaring that she was the only female to win the wreath in the chariot events at the Olympic Games.

In her native home of Sparta, a hero-shrine was erected in Sparta at Plane-tree Grove in her name. Only Kings received this honor. So she wasn't just the first woman, she was the first person of either gender who wasn't a king to have a hero-shrine erected in her name at Plane-tree Grove.

Or about Agnodice or the female Soviet snipers who made Nazi men sh*t their pants. History has no shortage of examples in virtually every culture.

Today however, modern feminists want rules to be relaxed specifically for women. They want to do less push ups to get into the military. Have spots preserved for them just to ramp up gender representation. They want to be able to walk 100 yards carrying banners or write articles and expect to have goodies land on their laps in platinum platters. It is this entitlement mentality that irks me more than anything.

All of the competent women I know kicking ass don't ask for handouts. They don't need it. They get what they want because they prove themselves and they receive utmost respect from their peers regardless of gender. Whether they're astronauts or miners.

Frances Arnold went from a cocktail waitress and cab driver to becoming a Nobel Laureate in Chemistry in 2018. She earned her Ph.D in 1985. Almost 35 years later, you still have some ret*rds complaining that women don't go into STEM because the environment is toxic for women. I guess Frances is a man.



Romance / Re: Hypocrisy Of Society When It Comes To Gender Equality. by LordAdam16: 5:33am On Mar 30

People are staning for a mad woman who openly bragged about drugging, raping and robbing men. They say her life was bleeped up and people don’t know half of what she went through for her to stick to such life style.

Why didnt she work 2 or 3 jobs combined ? Or raping, drugging and stealing is the only way out of poverty ? These set of people are the first to call out Bill Cosby for an allegation and man be chilling in jail now, nobody staning for him.

People still fail to understand that what is good for the goose is good for the gander.

That mad woman is cardi b that loves shouting

I heart calling out the hypocrisy. But please give Cardi B a pass. Not because she has a vagina; but because she's the realest hoodrat turned A-list celebrity since forever. She owned up to her Bloods affiliation, said she'd ZERO regrets about being a stripper, she's comfortable in her own skin, and will punk a** without calling the authorities or social justice retards (omerta FTW).

I respect that. She a bad ass. A real one at that not like the Rosses. So since she's got the street cred, she gotta flaunt it. She's all about that life. So what if she rats on herself and people make excuses for her. She's f*cking earned it.

Now if some fake-a** tw*t like Ellen Page, Amy Schumer, or Whoopi Goldberg so much as insinuates any of that; then yeah do take the safety lock off.



Family / Re: Chinese Woman Gives Birth To Twins From 2 Different Fathers by LordAdam16: 7:35am On Mar 29

Perhaps they are reluctant to share because it seems you just want to mock or gloat.

I am a message believer and something tells me you were once a believer too.

The doctrine of the serpent seed and the original seed is not a fringe on Christianity, it's the core of Christianity which was muddled up by the mother church.

I am aware of folklores about lilith and the rest but they are all folklores which have been disproved and are still being disproved. For the doctrines of the End Time Message Believers, they keep being proved daily so which would you rather hold on to ?

Why should I be surprised the freemasons also believe a perverse version of the serpent seed doctrine? They are the most enlightened of the lost souls. grin

Lutherans worship the devil that's why they are called lutheran aka luciferans aka satanists aka pantheists(in all their sects and forms) aka new age religionists

I was going to reply every point you made until I read your last paragraph and face-palmed.

WTH! How are Lutherans who follow the teachings of Martin Luther satanists? What would it cost you to look up Lutheranism.

This is a prime example of why if given the choice I don't f*ck with religious people.


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Family / Re: Chinese Woman Gives Birth To Twins From 2 Different Fathers by LordAdam16: 10:47am On Mar 28

Lolz, I'm a Christian, not a Brahamite
Branhamism is a Christian denomination like Pentecostalism.

To rephrase, what's your Christian denomination?

Serpent seed dogma is fringe in Christianity, and I'm only being inquisitive.


Spot on, but someone will soon call you a Branhamite like we worship the prophet

Don't bother. I have my answer. I'm at a loss as to why you moderate Branhamites are fiercely protective of the nomenclature you go by. I'm positive you'd rather be called a message believer.

Saying being called a Branhamite means you worship "the prophet" is akin to Lutherans objecting to the adjective because it means they worship Luther. If you follow someone's teachings or interpretation, it shouldn't come as a surprise if you're named after him. Christians for followers of Christ. Confucians for followers of Confucius. Buddhists for followers of Buddha. Calvinists for followers of Calvin.

And why go on the defensive even. Very few denominations subscribe to the serpent seed theory. To the best of my knowledge, aside Branhamism, one of the few other religious denominations that exalt that viewpoint is higher degree freemasonry. Except the masons believe the serpent wasn't Lucifer but Samael--one of Lucifer's lieutenants (which in Judaist mythology is regarded as both good and evil and accorded the title Satan; and in Islamic mythology Iblis). And that they are descendants of that god-like bloodline.

This account is unsurprisingly somewhat different from the main Judiast mythology where Samael is Yahweh's reaper and ruler of the fifth heaven. He bedded Lilith (Adam's first wife who was created from clay), who later left Adam to be with Samael outside Eden. Samael and Lilith had several children according to the folklore.

Bottom line: I couldn't care less what folklore you believe. Virtually all of them have ancient archetypes and interestingly the characters in the stories however varied are the same or related. Been there, done that. I was only curious because you guys rarely share your cuckoo theories in public.

Family / Re: Chinese Woman Gives Birth To Twins From 2 Different Fathers by LordAdam16: 10:16pm On Mar 27
Mother Eve did it, its not a new gist

What is your belief system?

It's not everyday you find someone online who's willing to be vocal about their belief in the serpent seed theory. As far as I know, Branhamites (and their affiliates) tend to make this a central part of their creed. Are you one?

Family / Re: Chinese Woman Gives Birth To Twins From 2 Different Fathers by LordAdam16: 6:02pm On Mar 27

The responses on this thread make me want to give mass shooters a medal. Like what in the actual f*ck!

Is it that most people are so lazy to read to the last f*cking paragraph. Copy the term "heteropaternal superfecundation." Open a new tab. Paste the copied term in Google. Then click on the Wikipedia "Superfecundation" entry.

And if one's so busy, how about bookmarking the page and setting a reminder to read later today.

And we are surprised Nigeria is a sh*thole.

Like what in the actual f*ck! We really do not need 8 billion people on this planet. Eugenicists have a f*cking goddamn point.


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Business / Re: Top 5 Richest Igbo Men In 2019 by LordAdam16: 8:23am On Mar 27
Elumelu and Ben Peters are not Igbo men per se. Stick to the South East. And besides, Elumelu isn't as rich as many of you think. He is full of packaging and fluff. Leeching and feeding fat on UBA till date. UBA even pays for his condoms and slay queen sessions. That's bullshit.

The good book states:

For thou shalt eat the labour of thine hands: happy shalt thou be, and it shall be well with thee.

Every financial advisor, accountant, or bean counter will tell every UNHW that you should pass on as much expenses to your company as is possible. This is not just good advice for the billionaires. It's terrific for even SMB owners. If you use your car for business errands, you can write off the maintenance and fueling under pre-tax company expenditure. Bought a new laptop or a new phone, that gets filed under pre-tax company expenditure.

This explains why Facebook has a $10m per year security program for Mark. Also explains why Dangote in an interview with a Western journalist said with a straight face that he prolly made less monthly expenses than the puzzled interviewer. This is a guy who has a Sunseeker Predator boat, a Gulfstream, and over a dozen houses with personal staff; and those are known assets.

Having your business pay for your personal expenses is the ultimate 1% perk. It is one secret to maintaining wealth. But before you think it's leeching. Recall that high level private employees and civil servants also get generous perks from housing allowances to paid vacations.

Understand how money works and you'd have a lot less bile in your system.



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