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European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Official Manchester United Fan Thread:''20 Times EPL Champion by LordAdam16: 8:36pm On Aug 13

Beats me how just a few people get this angle clearly.

He's been saying it that they should prove themselves

He wants to gradually ease in his new signings

The truly sad part is that no team can survive 3 or more players having a bad day.

Unfortunately, this team is consistently having at least 7 bad performers every match day. McFred was sh*t in the last game. McT was dropped and DDG decided to pull devil's advocate. Eriksen, a bright spot from the last game, just looked out of sorts all game.

Now ETH will have to replace Shaw, Martinez in the next game. And hope that DDG, Dalot, Maguire, or Fred do not f**k up against LIV. Who here is willing to take that bet? Will Rashford, Sancho, and Bruno suddenly recover their form within 7 days?

I do not envy ETH right now. This is a legit nightmare! I mean, the club is trying to get Adrien fl*pping Rabiot on 200K+ to shore up this midfield. Astounding, really! Astounding!


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European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Official Manchester United Fan Thread:''20 Times EPL Champion by LordAdam16: 8:01pm On Aug 13

Simple question, who should replace him?


European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Official Manchester United Fan Thread:''20 Times EPL Champion by LordAdam16: 7:45pm On Aug 13
Good bye Naija...

USA be good... Thanks to the japa geng henchmen (afr*doc2, r*land17, exp*rt17, Nihil*stjnr, ib*me, r*umdeuter and others for their encouragement)..

Gratz! Stack enuf paper!

European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Official Manchester United Fan Thread:''20 Times EPL Champion by LordAdam16: 7:36pm On Aug 13

Is the coach not aware of how useless he is with his feet?

Is he not aware of our losing record with Fred as DM?

Most coaches would want to see for themselves before it's made out to be like they never gave certain players a chance to prove themselves.

Safe to say the "DDG playing with his feet" experiment is shelved for the time being.

Fred starts over McTominay. Malacia over Shaw. Varane until he gets injured again. Bruno needs to make way for VdB. The likes of Sancho, Rashford, and Dalot have to continue playing in spite of their poor form because there are no replacements.

ETH needs lots of luck going forward. It's out of his hands really. I'm rooting for him tho'.



European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Official Manchester United Fan Thread:''20 Times EPL Champion by LordAdam16: 6:35pm On Aug 13
It's almost as if DDG purposely threw this game

ETH should suspend playing from the back with DDG until there's some stability. Dude is like a deer caught in the headlights with the ball at his feet.

European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Official Manchester United Fan Thread:''20 Times EPL Champion by LordAdam16: 6:31pm On Aug 13

Foreign Affairs / Re: US Enters Technical Recession After Two Consecutive Negative Growths by LordAdam16: 9:20pm On Jul 28

I expect better than this Russian piece. This is what happens when you bring too much politics into economic matters.

Q1 GDP decline was 1.6%. That predates the Russia situation. Shall we say Russia helped the GDP from -1.6% to -0.9%?

Inflation was already 8% before the Russian invasion and had been climbing steadily since October.

For the last time, Russia has absolutely nothing to do with American GDP decline and I won't dignify this Russian write-up with engaging it too deeply. A whole 12 years of financial quantitative easing and an unprecented fiscal response to a pandemic has happened which require unwinding, not because oil is $100 which America carried easily for half a decade in the Arab spring, nor natural gas at $8 when America has been carrying natural gas at $20 for most of the 2000s. Knowledge of numbers and price points is key, narrative is just lazy. These are political talking points that appeal to Joe the Plumber level.

The unwinding did not have to be this severe. You're being dishonest if you discount that.

QE lasted from 2008 to 2014. In Europe, it lasted from 2015 to 2018. QE was understandably restarted in 2020 because of COVID. The initial fiscal response to COVID was necessary. It was the extra sh*t and ret*rded public health policy that primarily f*cked the economic structure.

Not some phantom 12 years of QE. Not even the fiscal response. Strict lockdown policies even after the vaccine had been released for those who needed it destroyed economic activity. It wasn't too long ago that folks wanted to stay home for "as long as necessary" to save grandma. That was a public health policy pushed by your side of the divide that didn't give a d*mn about economic consequences. No surprise paying folks to stay at home and maintain high-level of consumption for years will lead to record inflation.

You're clearly conflating issues and espousing a gross underappreciation of the factors that precipitated this downturn. If you're talking about unwinding, 2018 was a sh*t year for the markets. The worst in over a decade. There was no recession tho'. So talking about QE from 2008 as a primary contributor to a recession in 2022 is poor analysis.

And hard as you may try to dismiss the Russian debacle, it made a bad situation worse. Do you have any idea what the pressures of a sudden halt of cheap Russian energy to the West have wrought on the economy? While we were already dealing with supply chain drama and newer strains with grossly exaggerated responses. Sure, the exposure of the Europeans are higher, but it isn't the 2000s anymore.

Heck, during the Arab Spring you speak of, American energy production was breaking new records, Russia was feeding Europe all the energy they could have, and China was not pursuing an aggressive zero covid policy. Of course, it felt like America was weathering $100 oil "easily" as you put it, when the rest of the world was humming along. I need not point out how different things are now.

Foreign Affairs / Re: US Enters Technical Recession After Two Consecutive Negative Growths by LordAdam16: 8:43pm On Jul 28

Keep crying, Biden is still the President...i hope you've contributed your €5 to that loser because all this your empty noise doesn't help the serial LOSER.

Badge of honor indeed, when republicans have threatened to stop paying his legal fees, once the loser decides to run in 2024. Don't you have TV in Europe?

Biden will be in his 80s he sure won't run, so what is your wahala, ain't you in Europe? Why is that your headache tongue tongue

Eh ya, e dey pain you; even if 100% democrats don't want him to run; he did the job he came to do, remove that embarrassment from office. Biden is already in the history book for having the largest vote in the history of any Presidential election.

'Stealing an election'? You iidiots think this is apc vs pdd election, was it stolen on the way to INEC office? Odenson grin

Your loser is a one term, twice impeached CLOWN.

Is that all?

Biden will also be a one term failure like Carter. After apparently getting the "most votes" in history.

The election was stolen. More Americans, including Democrats, accept that now than they did at any point in the last two years. Democrats just waive it off as a necessary evil to avoid living under Trump. Well, as the slang goes, "hand don touch everybody".

I really do hope the recession doesn't hurt you that badly. Diasporans are responsible for over $30b in inflows every year. Insult Trump as much as you want, but keep cashing that check. Best of luck to you!

I'm thankful for the Trump years and BIDEN can't GTFO soon enough. You guys had Warren, Klobuchar, and co and you had to steal the election for that senile "Pedo Pete" f*ck. Very annoying!


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Foreign Affairs / Re: US Enters Technical Recession After Two Consecutive Negative Growths by LordAdam16: 8:19pm On Jul 28

I don't play politics with economics but you do. As no President is responsible for the start or end of a business cycle. They are just lucky to be there at the start or middle of a cycle, or at the end of one. Same reason I always absolved George Bush of 2 recessions during his tenure. The world has been on a bullrun since 2009 fuelled by Fed printing money, and a major Covid fiscal response that accelerated the cycle to it's end. The cycle is simply over.

You and I both know the Ukraine War did not need to happen.

Biden's attack against oil drilling did not need to happen.

If Trump were in charge, Putin will not have invaded and he would not shut domestic drilling to go beg for oil from the likes of MbS and Maduro. Both actions have exacerbated the downturn worse than it should have been.

Interestingly, this is intentional. The establishment wanted to cut ties with Russia and bleed their economy for having the gall to do away with Yeltsin. Trump halted that plan in 2016. So they had to make up for lost time when Biden got in. One of the better reasons is geopolitical. America does not share power. It's primacy is its #1 priority. So a resurgent Russia, China, Iran, and whoever else must be cut to size as a matter of centuries old foreign policy.

On the second count of oil drilling. For better or worse, ESG is a thing now and the entire West is moving on from fossil fuels. Strategically, it makes sense to cut domestic supply, use foreign supply as a transitory stopgap, and let high prices encourage change in consumer habits.

The problem though is that the establishment and yourself would not be caught dead embracing the positives and negatives of these pivots.

So in the first case, Russia is the aggressor even though Ukraine had killed more than 10,000 ethnic Russians in the east in an 8-year civil war. In the second case, the high prices are Putin's fault, even though that was the desired outcome all along.

When I point this out, you see it as me playing politics with the economy. You're an American with Nigerian ancestry. I'm not. I think a multi-polar world is better for Nigerians and Africans, in lieu of the hierarchy of Western Liberalism.

For instance, the entire climate change brouhaha is using a fairly valid issue--if you can harness energy sustainably, why burn finite fossil fuels and cause needless pollution--to rewrite the rules-based order; such that the West's foes and anyone who isn't aligned with it will get burned. It'll also be a pretty huge stick to coerce non-Western countries into compliance with America's dictates . Currently, Americans and Europeans are encouraging Nigeria to fill in the oil and gas shortfall while simultaneously cutting financing for Nigerian oil and gas projects.

Then Biden sends $55m as subscription fee under the guise of aid that'll be funneled to Imperial operatives like our beloved dual-citizen House Speaker as a pat in the back for job well done.

Curiously, I think the world needs a strong America. As it does a strong Russia and China. Same way the world needs a strong Iran to counter the excesses of the House of Saud and the Zionists. Unfortunately, for the hawks in D.C, tolerance and liberty are only feel-good buzzwords. Germany is currently committing economic suicide because the hawks in Washington D.C cannot fathom a world where German industry and Russian energy make them co-dependent and give the Europeans dangerous ideas about independence or autonomy from American hegemony.


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Foreign Affairs / Re: US Enters Technical Recession After Two Consecutive Negative Growths by LordAdam16: 7:40pm On Jul 28

He's on his way to jail. 2024 is the least of his worries, 35 lawsuits and counting; but let the clowns keep giving him money... grin grin grin

On his way to jail since 2016. Who should the Reds give their money to, the people who call them deplorables and neanderthals.

Focus on Biden who 78% of Democrats want to replace in 2024 after stealing an election for him. Oga "Most Votes" in history.

The lawsuits are a badge of honor. Keep them coming.


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Foreign Affairs / Re: US Enters Technical Recession After Two Consecutive Negative Growths by LordAdam16: 7:32pm On Jul 28

[s]DeSantis would be the 2024 republikkan nominee, and there is nothing you or anyone can do about it. Get that into your empty skull. grin

Trump belongs to the old people suffering from dementia's home.

- Jimetagabo[/s]

Heard you. Now move along!

Foreign Affairs / Re: US Enters Technical Recession After Two Consecutive Negative Growths by LordAdam16: 7:25pm On Jul 28

[s]Democrats do not care about Trump that much more. They have some their part through the Jan 6. DeSantis is now the republikkans new bride. Republikkans know that Trump is bad business for them now.

Even Murdochs has started turning the heat on Trump, and Trump is very much aware[/s].


Trump will be the 2024 Republican nominee and there's nothing you or anyone can do about it. Get that in your head.


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Foreign Affairs / Re: US Enters Technical Recession After Two Consecutive Negative Growths by LordAdam16: 7:07pm On Jul 28
Any sane person living in the US knows the US is in recession. This just makes it official. Ibime how far?

Ibime does not play politics with his money. He'll accept it is a recession.

It wouldn't matter though. As far as democrats are concerned, no price is too high to pay to make certain Trump is not in the White House.

In November, they'll expect another 2020 election night "fortification" that'll magically preserve Democrat control of House and Senate.



Foreign Affairs / Re: Namibia Is One Of The World's Emptiest Countries (Photos) by LordAdam16: 10:06pm On Jul 27

Yes sir.

Those places are mostly mountainous areas. I guess that is the reason for been cold. And because it is mountainous/very high land above sea level, water flows north instead of south.
Example - Congo river flows out to the direction of nigeria instead of south africa because nigeria is low land/below sea level while river niger flows out towards cameroun unlike flowing towards lagos.
So when going from lagos to luanda, you gain more speedfrom PH due to guinea current of gulf of biafra but lose speed at congo due to benguela current and congo river current pushing you back.

You're on to sth. The colonialists preferred Jos for similar reasons.


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Foreign Affairs / Re: Namibia Is One Of The World's Emptiest Countries (Photos) by LordAdam16: 8:37pm On Jul 27

Fine bro.
Beautiful. i was just taken to hotel from airport after which i was taken to walvis bay to join my vessel.
What i observed here is that right from angola (Cabinda/Malongo area) down to south africa, it is always kind of cold. Their dry season is not that hot for my standard.
presently we are observing dry sea (from march to september which is nigeria own raining season) and the sun is just as hot as nigeria 6pm sun or 7am sun at most with outside humidity is high - high wind or breeze that is blowing cold.
Bro, i dey suffer for here. The office i work, oyinbos plenty for inside so they alway put on the AC. I will be feeling cold, make i run go outside go collect small heat, my brother, na that one sef worst pass.
I have been drinking hot teas of about 6 cups per day during my 12 hours watch, hot shower 3 times minimum, sweater, head warmer, hand gloves etc.
it is well bro.

@bolded: Na why White Africans wan die on top Southern Africa. They'd never leave. Even though Europe, Canada, and Australia will accept them with open arms.


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Foreign Affairs / Re: Namibia Is One Of The World's Emptiest Countries (Photos) by LordAdam16: 8:23pm On Jul 27
Still one of the most beautiful countries in Africa. I will buy a house there

Houses there are expensive af! Better off buying in MidWest US. At the very least, you'll be certain of appreciation.

Romance / Re: Reality Every Guy Need To Know ( STRICTLY REDPILL) ... by LordAdam16: 4:19pm On Jul 25


The Musk men are immune to oneitis. They are notorious.

Elon's genes are literally preventing him from reaping a whirlwind. That is why he was able to escape Heard, Grimes, his first wife and numerous others we'll never hear about.

It's not about money either. A few weeks back, his father had a kid with his stepdaughter. For the second time. Elon himself has 10 kids. The latest from an executive at Neuralink, another company he owns.

It is very possible that he could go back to his ex-wife or beg an ex-gf. He's been on an on-off with Grimes for a while now.



Romance / Re: Top Four Most Handsome And Beautiful Men And Women For Me by LordAdam16: 10:42am On Jul 06
Nathalie Emmanuel, she is my all time most beautiful celeb

I love women that are effortlessly pretty

She's breathtakingly gorgeous. It'll be interesting to see if her beauty holds up like Halle Berry or Monica Bellucci. Ageless goddesses at 55 and 57 respectively.

That's the thing about beauty. Everyone peaks at different ages.

The likes of Megan Good, Regina Hall, Gabriel Union, Christina Milian were to die for in their hey days.

Many would look at Amy Adams today and think she isn't much to look at. Not knowing that she was enchanting in their 20s. Meanwhile, Gal Gadot was forgettable early on in the Fast and Furious movies. But became a sex symbol after Wonder Woman.

The likes of Zendaya, Claire Grace Moretz, and Isabela Merced, while enthralling, can only hope to match what the likes of Megan Fox, Kayley Cuoco, and Jennifer Lawrence did to teenage boys.

If Malia Baker were to become more beautiful in her 20's, she'll be the gold standard for an entire generation.

That said, there are beautiful people everywhere. To the point that it is technically impossible to have a top 5 list. Sometimes on a vacation your stunned gaze transfixes on a creature that is distractingly and almost painfully attractive.

Romance / Re: Reality Every Guy Need To Know ( STRICTLY REDPILL) ... by LordAdam16: 4:48pm On Jul 03
Oga Ade, Rollo Tomasi is known as Redpill Godfather

That's how he described himself in his Amazon Author Bio. 'Sometimes called the "Godfather of the Red Pill"...'

I will not begrudge him for self-promotion, but the manosphere predates him. As such, I'm at a loss as to why you're using that promotional writ as a statement of fact.

Perhaps, this should be a PSA, but TRP is not a cult of personality. Most of us here think for ourselves. We don't espouse TRP tenets because someone said so, but because we've made our own observations and come to the same conclusions as many of the veterans.

There is no Daddy G.O or Prophet. Tomassi is married. I'm never getting married. Still, I'll accord him his due and reiterate the points he makes.

and This Your Long Epistle you don't really need to type it because i already know this is what y'all will keep saying.

My posts are for a wider audience. Quoting you is immaterial.

Sometimes, the concepts shared here may be startling to a cross-section of readers. Many of whom would need a more fleshed-out version for thorough, deeper understanding.

There are way too many men still stuck in the matrix that I can't be bothered that you're getting your knickers in a twist over consensual sex. Cope and seethe!

Just Two Questions i ask the two other no one can give accurate question instead they choose not to answer because they don't have.
Cave.Adullam that i don't ask the questions give me accurate and understand because he understand my question if i ask you those questions am sure you won't have answer.

No one is under an obligation to answer your question.

Besides the questions you brought up have been properly answered. You either didn't comprehend the answers or didn't like them.

No offense, but no one here is trying to convince you or force you to accept uncomfortable paradigms.


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Travel / Re: Update Pictures Of My ROADSIDE Trip From California to Las Vegas by LordAdam16: 3:25pm On Jul 03

The first bold: Demand and supply. Hotels/motels/guesthouses in Nigeria are patronised mostly for sexual escapades, unlike other places where tourists dominate as major patronisers. Economics of scale would greatly benefit the industry. Relative to the GDP size, tourists don't travel to the country unlike South Africa or even Namibia (see attached picture). So, the demand is low compared to the population size and economic output (GDP), so the industry has to depend on sugar daddies' patronage for survival.

Second bold: Not just power (high diesel prices have further contributed to the cost of providing power for their facilities) but punitive taxes and provision of security which their counterparts in other countries don't spend on or spend too much like those at home. Also, due to the dysfunctional system in Nigeria, hospitality outfits are trying to replicate some semblance of developed serenity for guests, something they can only get/experience in such establishments. Most Nigerians only get to experience 24-hour electricity when they lodge in hotels. This is not applicable in other countries.

I'm sorry, your explanations aren't completely valid.

The first makes sense. But basic economics stipulate that if demand is low and supply is high, as is the case with hotels in Nigeria, cost should be low. If the average rate is lowered, there will be a significant uptick in local demand.

To be fair, the massive devaluation in the past few years shrunk the average $ rate of run-off-the-mill hotels in Nigeria. I recall, when the rate was N100-150/$, a decent room in a standard hotel cost about $100/night. Still, at current depressed rates, how many days can minimum wage get you in a budget hotel/guest house? And how does that compare to "bedsitter" rent?

If the rate was lower, I can assure you that folks will stay in hotels more when they travel. Rather than put up with hosts, they'll prefer to spend a middling percentage of their wages for convenience, comfort, and privacy. The pool of customers will be far more diverse than h*rny folks. I put it to you that the size of their main clientele will increase as well. Take a look at the restaurant industry. There's a service tier for every price range in most locations, with the exception of the top 3 cities. And, more importantly, it stacks up quite fairly to doing the cooking yourself at the budget echelon.

The heap of reasons in your second paragraph are not convincing. I agree that power is a major challenge. The others--taxes, provision of security, and serenity--are non-issues. Certainly not significant enough to warrant the high gulf in prices between what is obtainable in Nigeria and elsewhere.

I've never stayed in a budget hotel room in Nigeria, but I know they're nothing to write home about and the going rate will take a chunk out of the minimum wage (which isn't enforced or applied nationally/liberally). I also know that hotel workers are poorly remunerated. The managers make out like bandits, but that's capitalism in a third-world country.

I have no issue with the international chains and the luxe bracket. I mean, your dollar goes further in NA and Asia. However, I'm particularly irked by the budget to premium segments.

Romance / Re: Reality Every Guy Need To Know ( STRICTLY REDPILL) ... by LordAdam16: 3:33pm On Jul 02
I am sick and tired of people trying to bring into disrepute the MGTOW philosophy.

The MGTOW philosophy has never been against men having sex. There are two rules to follow when it comes to MGTOW and I'm sure that those who identify with this philosophy will agree with me :

You can have as much sex as you want but make sure you never commit to any bittch.

I am Pro MGTOW and I love having sex.

MGTOW Monks are the only branch of MGTOW who want nothing to do with sex but that is a voluntary decision and I respect them for that.

Let the misinformation please stop.

The character that impelled you to make this post is a troll. New account.

They'll try to co-opt camps to foist their views on others.

The manosphere is big enough and has persuasions for everyone, but some folks want their way to be the only version shared or accepted. Well, we've had enough of these elements. Whenever they flare up again, they'll be strongly and resolutely countered.



Romance / Re: Reality Every Guy Need To Know ( STRICTLY REDPILL) ... by LordAdam16: 8:59pm On Jul 01

Guys learn from this thread on Twitter as posted by someone.


Folks should be careful about who they do business with.

A**holes will be a**holes regardless of gender. Billabong and ABC Supply were started by couples. Conversely, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Zuckerberg all tried to screw over their male founding business partners.

What would it have cost the man to put himself on the Board of Directors of the company he was starting for his "wife"? Or to own a controlling stake and be a silent partner? Jeff Bezos gave his parents shares in Amazon when he started for their seed capital.

The way a lot of men relate with women make it difficult to commiserate when they've been served hot breakfast. I'm pretty sure when the wife earlier in the relationship was sh*t-testing him with the 'my money is my money, but your money is our money' line, he overlooked it and didn't set his foot down. A few pages back a commenter here shared how he gave his wife an ultimatum after she grumbled over taking care of a bill.

If you like, let your decision to marry or enter a committed relationship be guided solely by virginity, her figure, or her submissiveness. If you forget you're dealing with a human being and don't watch out for your interest because she calls you daddy, you go collect wotoporously.

Lastly, when he is ready to deal with the ingrate, he should get on with it.

PS: Everyday husbands open shops for wives in this country, men do business with women they're not married to, he should enter vawulence mode and learn the right lessons from his mistakes. One of the first things you should learn about money, is that you should be cautious about friends and family. Whether it is just a 5k loan or a multi-million naira business.


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Romance / Re: Reality Every Guy Need To Know ( STRICTLY REDPILL) ... by LordAdam16: 8:17pm On Jul 01
This one has ears but clearly doesn't use them to hear anything!!!

No one should quote him please!!!

He should be quoted. He should at the very least apply decorum in disagreement.

We always have these "altercations" every few dozen pages or so. It'll pass.



Romance / Re: Reality Every Guy Need To Know ( STRICTLY REDPILL) ... by LordAdam16: 3:37pm On Jul 01

I'm thinking of *kpanshing* her, but I have this feeling that she would start asking for something serious.
Most girl I meet always started like this, they just want to have fun and after the sex they want something serious. The cycle always repeats itself. This have affected most of my relationships with females. Some now hate me for reasons best known to them.

What do you guys feel ?
Destructive and creative criticisms are welcome.

Everyone, inclusive of both genders, want it all.

The same way men want a woman as beautiful as Jasmine Matthews, as intelligent as Marie Curie, as sexually explosive as Moriah Mills, and as morally astute as Mother Theresa in one package. Women want the same.

So if she's entertaining your advances and lets you kp*nsh, of course she'll want more. The only exception is when they're really just all about finding a release; then yes, it's only for the fun.

The average woman getting all involved with the "bad boys" in their youth are clearly hoping it becomes permanent. There's no sexually active guy only y*nshing thrill-seeking women, especially in this part of the world. So you're not in the minority.

To your question, personally, I don't think there is a right or wrong way to go about it. Even when you inform them beforehand, they'll agree to get a foot in the door, with the misguided belief that they'd change you later on. It's happened to you. It's happened to me. It's happened to many guys.

Women do truly believe their v*gina is their superpower.

I'm picky about what green lights I acknowledge for this reason. It's exhausting to have a ret*rded convo with a skirt who has selective amnesia. But that's just me. You can chop and block numbers later (it's a small world sha). In two words: Do you.


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Romance / Re: Reality Every Guy Need To Know ( STRICTLY REDPILL) ... by LordAdam16: 2:48pm On Jul 01
Nope he doesn't and you Talking about society illustrates.
Red pill Godfather is married and Most of redpill coaches are married as well if they are against ( Society Illustrates ) why are they married they even probably marry the girls they disvirgin.
And they are in control of their house which is why everybody need Redpill to understand life and especially woman nature.

Ogbeni, calm down.

There is no "Red Pill Godfather." There are veterans and quite a number of them are married or in LTRs.

However, the manosphere is diverse and the red pill unites several sects, because of its core message. Which is to put yourself (as a man) first and comprehensively understand female nature.

I'm MGTOW. @Martinez39s is a monk. @Luminouz is a purple-piller/trad-con. @Ubunja doesn't do camps, AFAIK. There are PUAs (pick-up artists), MRAs (mens' rights activists), and so on. We usually hold back and keep things strictly constrained to basic red pill musings on this thread.

Most of us here know Woman most valuable asset is her virginity and we're talking about it now as if it's nothing.
The truth here You're the one that damaged your girlfriend and later you dump her without cheating on you ( just saying ) she then get married to another man in future but she still want you to be fvcking her based on virginity-break law i bet you will come here to say she is cheating on her husband with you meanwhile you're the one that she is attached to because sex and soul is with you.

Can you tell me now that is Red pill or Wickedness.

I avoid the "virginity" debate because I'm MGTOW. I really do not give a flying f*ck about the sanctity of a tissue somewhere in a woman's tw*t. Nonetheless, for those seeking relationships, I approve of the sentiment that if one gets the option to choose between a used car or a new car, conventional wisdom says, go for the new car. It's common sense.

That said, buying a Toyota Matrix new does not mean you can't or should not upgrade to a Lamborghini Urus when you can.

@XshegzzyeeiX girl is 19. Her "body count" is 1. She is completely into whatever both of them do as consenting adults. I've read the kinks. They're not extreme. Those clutching pearls about the 'pee' kink should consult those of us who've been with squirters. It's the same sh*t. When a gal squirts on your c*ck, fingers, or face during orgasm; you are being pee'd on. You wash it off; @X.shegzzyeeiX girl washes it off; life goes on.

The key takeaway tho' is that she is into it. Every woman has her own kinks. He's unlocked the freak in her. That's what different commenters on this thread have been harping about since page 1. It's page 1516 now.

Be that as it may, virginity, sexual compatibility, and a liberal sex life are not the only factors considered when men weigh commitment. I've seen virgins become total nightmares post-commitment with the men who tore the sheet.

Besides, in 3 years, when she's 22, if she believes this fellow is not serious about commitment; she'd be the one who'll start hedging her bets. Whether its double-dating, not telling a random chyker that meets her spec that she's in a relationship, or what not. She'll tell these men that she's been with only one guy who didn't value her, and they'll be bragging with their gees that they've found a "good, modest, virtuous girl".

Oh, and she'll play that role to a t. Most guys will fall for it. And @X.shegzzyeeiX will receive an invitation card. This has happened so many times it'll make your head spin.

Now, the kicker is that if @X.shegzzyeeiX does not expand her sexual horizons, someone else would. It might be now when she's 19, or with a side-dude when she's in a "serious" relationship or marriage. Or if it's the West, after her first divorce. The difference is that you would not hear a peep about it. Not from the gal or the guy. For good reason. Look at the steady barrage @X.shegzzyeeiX has received for sharing his experience on a supposed redpill thread.

When we say the red pill is a tough pill to swallow, most folks think it's hyperbole. Nature is brutal. It does not care about your principles. If you only want to do missionary with every woman you're involved with. You're doing that for yourself or to score brownie points with your deity. That would not scratch her b*tch itch though. And unlike the past when women could grow old thinking there are only 3 sex positions, and the matriarchy could pointedly opine that exotic sex positions and acts are unladylike, the modern woman has been sexually emancipated.

The best she'll do is do her thing in secret and be a mirror to you (present what you wish to see). Meanwhile, you'll be here almost popping a vein trying to defend the honor of a woman writhing in coital bliss under a golden shower.

Know this and know peace. If you're getting into a relationship with a woman, you have to accept that she will not open up about anything in her sexual history she knows or believe you will not be okay with; virgin or not. You'll have no way of knowing unless someone's a loudmouth, you're a telepath, a psychic, or something. And that's one of the caveat emptors of pairing up within a species that is not innately ultra-monogamous.

If that reality is too harsh to take in, then you can choose the 'ignorance is bliss' approach. Whatever keeps your sanity.


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Travel / Re: Update Pictures Of My ROADSIDE Trip From California to Las Vegas by LordAdam16: 9:13pm On Jun 30

u mean the Airbnb's?

Na. I mean actual short-term apartment rentals.

Essentially serviced apartments, but without full-term tenants.

With regards to pricing, I've never understood the relative high cost of hotels in Nigeria. It's almost absurd when you compare rates and what you get with what is obtainable overseas. For instance, in the US, you could stay in a motel, low-cost hotel, or budget extended-stay lodgings for about or slightly higher than the going monthly rental rate for the same configuration. Which is handy in lots of scenarios, like when you move to a new city and haven't found an apartment/house to rent yet or you temporarily move out during a domestic crisis. In Nigeria, that is a pipedream.

Curiously, besides power, expenses are lower here PPP-wise. It's why everyone tries to build hotels. I'm exploring what it'd take to disrupt the market here like OYO did in India.


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Travel / Re: Update Pictures Of My ROADSIDE Trip From California to Las Vegas by LordAdam16: 3:46pm On Jun 30

This is like an apartment than a hotel room with a kitchen and All. Nice

In Nigeria we would pay and arm and a leg to get this type of hotel if at all available here.

Apartments are available in Nigeria. They're expensive tho'.

Dislike paying for them as you ain't getting your money's worth, at least compared to apartments in NA and Asia.


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Romance / Re: Reality Every Guy Need To Know ( STRICTLY REDPILL) ... by LordAdam16: 9:52am On Jun 24
If we are not going to be hypocrite all these Sexual Fantasy Men/Women have been doing it exist back in the days.
It doesn't start years ago all the the things we see today have exist before.
So i guess sexual fantasy have existed way back since 18AB but to prove my point/comment correct/right i went wikipedia.com to make a research about bdsm only to discover it been around since 5th century BC ( 409 ) grin in etruscan in Italy.

Of course, it has always existed. Humans have had no major genetic alterations in 100,000 years. So the fantasies of the individuals who founded the first cities like Jericho at the very start of the Holocene epoch, are pretty much still the same today. What has changed is access. Especially for women.

In that instance by Jeshal, consider how long and inconvenient it would have been for him to get the same responses if he had put forward that statement in person before the proliferation of connected mobile devices.

In the past, it was possible in the relatively small communities, for women to grow old without ever encountering someone who even tickles their wild thoughts. They married early, life expectancy was low, and leisure activities/opportunities were far and in between.

What do you think women do with all their spare time and privacy? They're not reading Plato's The Republic.



Romance / Re: Reality Every Guy Need To Know ( STRICTLY REDPILL) ... by LordAdam16: 9:38am On Jun 24

I know that almost all women (men too, by the way) have wild fantasies. But how many of these fantasies are realised? By how many women? That's where the debate was.

Women by nature do not have an incentive to willfully acknowledge not to mention share the wild fantasies they've realized.

They are also the biggest proponents of the argument that having a fantasy does not necessarily mean they'll act it out. As it offers a veritable cop out.

More importantly, to thoroughly work out just how much women engage in their fantasies, it is pertinent to ask, what stops them from actualizing it? In todays age where a ward under a watchful guardian can take a 30 minutes to 3 hour detour to collect at the back of a shop and free/affordable data allow women to engage with all manner of elements, what exactly stops them from acting out a fantasy?

Unlike men who can have fantasies and go years looking for an outlet, babes do not have such restrictions. Unless of course it's a jarring fantasy like non-fatal asphyxiation or pegging a guy. For most fantasies and kinks, there's always someone (or squad) who is willing, heck, who will pay her, to put it to practice.

And she'll keep it to herself. Why should she go broadcasting that she likes to be gangb*nged? Everyone tries to cultivate a positive image. The sisterhood would love to make you believe that most women have never acted out their wild desires. It's just an innocent desire they masturbate to but have/will never put into practice. Ask why? And you get sly responses like, 'What do you take me for'? Instead of the truth, which is that, with the right person and under the right conditions, they're game.

And hell will freeze over before they admit to doing it or planning to, if you'll not be the object of their fantasy. Because accept it or not, most men relate with women based on perception and their image. Even blue-pilled men who are fond of excusing their excesses get PG-13 versions of their sexcapades.

Lastly, and this is crucial to note, in life, hope for the best, but expect the worst. Let a woman surprise you by her unscripted reactions. Discard how she describes or portrays herself. You do not go to an interview in singlet and boxers.


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Romance / Re: Reality Every Guy Need To Know ( STRICTLY REDPILL) ... by LordAdam16: 9:00pm On Jun 23

With women, there is nothing like sex styles and kinks for hoès/bad chicks/prostitutes/ slay queens and sex styles and kinks for good girls. Such distinction and classification don't exist with females, they only exist in the minds of naive men due to society upbringing. With females it is either they enjoy it or not, shikena!

Every boy who has crossed puberty needs to be shown this as a rite of passage.


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Romance / Re: Reality Every Guy Need To Know ( STRICTLY REDPILL) ... by LordAdam16: 8:51pm On Jun 23

I don't understand pidgin man... Sorry, I can't get you.

Pidgin is our lingua franca. In any case, here is an excerpt. Backed by research.

Having a party

89 percent of the 4,175 Americans surveyed by social psychologist Justin Lehmiller, Ph.D., for his book Tell Me What You Want admitted to fantasizing about having a party with other people (those in relationships did say that one of those people would ideally be their partner).

...That could be why around 57 percent of women actually fantasize about having sex with more than three people at a time, according to the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

Nothing further.


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Romance / Re: Reality Every Guy Need To Know ( STRICTLY REDPILL) ... by LordAdam16: 8:34pm On Jun 23

I get the message, but let's be realistic guys. I think that we tend to exaggerate things sometimes. How many girls have had such experiences? 1 in 100 000? You're making it seem more common than it actually is.

Type "top female sexual fantasies" in Google and you'll see threesomes in most of the top 10 lists. Scientific research shows the same.

The women who are the subjects of those articles and research papers are not different from the Chinaza or Titi or Amina that you know.

A good number of women who look at that pic would want to be the lady if they haven't experienced same in the past.

1 in 100,000. Na opportunity make am no be 3 in 10. And on the list of troubling sexcapades, MFM no even follow. Na 2 guys wen she for gree for at separate times dey collect at the same time.

There is an inner wh*re in most women. Men in general have a hard time internalizing this factoid, unless you you don do things yourself.

Na lack of opportunities dey hold back women. If they go to tertiary institutions, work certain occupations, have lackluster parenting, get unsupervised leeway, meet boys wen sabi, them go display. In today's world, regular, basic bitch*s are exposed to every naughty sh*t that people had to hunt for Karma Sutra for in the past.

Even the virgins. Read their chats and overhear their conversations, you go humble. As boys tk spoil in their multitude, na so gals follow spoil. Abi u feel say gal wen dey watch porn na only missionary she dey watch? Mk una stop dey put gals on pedestal with "exaggerations". Na so you go enter NYSC or dey school or be bachelor with your own pad no see anything press, meanwhile everybody around you dey collect wotoporously. If dem 1 align you, you go feel say na "exaggerations."

Last last, vaj no get meter. He that hath an ear, let him hear...


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