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Celebrities / Re: Burna Boy Shows Off His Tattoos (Video) by LotusFan: 8:17pm On Apr 24, 2020
Only burna boy has packs on top pot

Thought I was the only one who noticed ���
Culture / Re: Igwe Umenyiora Donates Food Items To His Community In Anambra (Photos ) by LotusFan: 10:33am On Apr 21, 2020
Is he the father of that American football star that plays for New York Giants?

Yes, he is!


Culture / Re: Igwe Umenyiora Donates Food Items To His Community In Anambra (Photos ) by LotusFan: 10:31am On Apr 21, 2020

Na.... he is rather the father of Okwudili Umenyiora, the founder of Dilly Motors and Eric manny entertainment(The record label that brought Runtown to limelight)

You are right and wrong he is father to BOTH Dilly and Osi Umenyiora...


Celebrities / Re: Churchill Celebrates Son, King Andre's 4th Birthday, Writes Open Letter To Him by LotusFan: 12:05am On Feb 21, 2020
Where is Tonto Dike

Is she still in Dubai serving her time?

shocked shocked shocked shocked shocked shocked shocked

Nope, she is in her house in ABuja.

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Celebrities / Re: If You Are A Side Chic To A Married Man, You Better Be Cashing Out - Mercy Aigbe by LotusFan: 8:52pm On Feb 14, 2020
Mercy I really liked you, I did but this is tacky!!!

I defended you when all BVs tore you down I celebrated your success... Nne what kind of advice is this? I thought you were tactical, wise, honourable but misunderstood... Mercy Na wa! You fall my hand, is this the best advice you could offer to your fans today?

On the other hand it might be tactical to promote herself but comes across as tacky! It doesn’t even sound natural she sounds and looks like it’s an act. She needs to watch TokStarr Toke is a natural.

Mercy doing a video to Advise side chicks on how they should collect money rather than how to build a career so they can have a proper relationship with a single man that cal lead to marriage ....with all the other causes she could lend her voice to just makes no sense to me.

Mercy is this really who you are beneath all that makeup � ��‍♀️ and weaveon, and clothes ?
Family / Re: My Wife Doesn’t Respect Me Since I Lost My Job by LotusFan: 12:04pm On Jan 28, 2020
how come that your sister that duped you of your money didn't make you have suicidal thoughts,is rather your wife's actions that is making you suicidal. your sister duped you knowing fully well you have three kids to take of under this harsh economy
you comfortably skipped the way your sister's actions caused you a lot of pain and rather focused on your wife's shortcomings knowing fully well she was not aware you no longer have a job and you kept on deceiving her to make her think otherwise
there's no way she can turn your kids against you in such a short period of time.be sincere to yourself you were not close to your kids from the onset.

channel your anger to your sister biko or you go get another job

Poster read this ☝�
Celebrities / Re: Angelique Kidjo Dedicates Her 2020 Grammy Award To Burna Boy (Video) by LotusFan: 9:37am On Jan 27, 2020
That woman is a legend... Burna boy is just starting...
indomie Generation will not understand

#Wombo lombo wombo lombo
Most of us sang this song but Never knew it was Angelique kidjo

If the nomination were lifetime achievement award your argument would be valid, but nomination was for an Album just one album. Obviously Angelique herself, thought BurnaBoy would win.

All the same...Congratulations to both of them!

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Family / Re: If You Were To Marry Again, Would You Marry Your Current Spouse? by LotusFan: 6:39pm On Jan 16, 2020
The little research I made also showed that many people are not happy in their marriages but will come public to display their marriage or spouse as the next best thing. A woman can be receiving consistent beating from the husband on a daily basis but would still display her husband to the outside world as the best man on earth. Thats the kind of society we find ourselves. Nobody wants to be ridiculed for having a bad spouse or union.

The worst part is that people will praise her and call her a good wife for covering up and enduring and forgiving etc. Forgetting that she’s only trying to get public validation of her marriage and the admiration of the singles...

If you know you know...
Health / Re: Please Help Diagnose This Scalp Disease (Disturbing Photos) by LotusFan: 6:43pm On Jan 13, 2020
Your daughter needs a Savlon Bath using a fresh towel on the affected area twice or three times a day. Within 3 days you should observe improvement and after a week it should be dried up.
Celebrities / Re: Ik Ogbonna Shares Dope Pictures To Celebrate His Birthday by LotusFan: 11:16pm On Jan 11, 2020

A baby in a man. Too focused on self, he neglected the very needs of his wife. One of the most selfish person on Nollywood.


Stop being so judgemental, you don’t even know him personally. Wish him happy birthday and move on.
Romance / Re: I Love Her But She's Not Intelligent Advice Me Please by LotusFan: 5:48pm On Dec 26, 2019

I also noticed you aren't intelligent too. Your write up says it all. You are incoherent and unfiltered with your punctuation and grammar. Ordinarily, I wouldn't have put effort into noticing your errors but if you can summarize a girl for not being intelligent, I reserve the right to also spot the difference.

Both of you should consider yourselves as dumb and work together to uplift eachother. You both need eachother.


Savage !!!

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Religion / Re: The Journey Of Soul by LotusFan: 3:27pm On Dec 26, 2019
Since 2016 a member here behind the moniker Benodic, has shared seeds of contemplation for us all to enjoy daily. I have found them very refreshing like a glass of cold water on a hot day.

In appreciation for this act of benevolence, I have compiled a list of my favourite quotes from his thread “Journey of Soul” to share with you all and say thank you!!!

P.s I am not an adherent of Eckankar by the way, but I choose to focus on the message and not the messenger.

"Where love exists there can be no fear; and where there is fear, there can be no truth."
--Harold Klemp

“Love others more. Then, loving yourself just happens."
-Harold Klemp

"People must pay their own debts. They must reap their own rewards."
--Harold Klemp

There is usually somewhat of a struggle when we move into a higher state of awareness, and that is natural. The problems in life can be dreaded with fear, or they can be seen as opportunities for growth—and a challenge.

You must make up your own mind as to what you want to do. Consider all parts of your life, the financial and emotional included, and do what seems to be common sense. Then plan and work carefully.

—Harold Klemp
The Language of Soul
This is how we work with Divine Spirit. We try to look at life and find the laughter wherever we can, whenever we can, because laughter is the healer.

—Harold Klemp
The Language of Soul

"The key to bringing divine love to us is to first give selflessly of ourselves in some way, without any thought of reward."
-Harold Klemp

"Most people who live divine love speak about it very little."
-Harold Klemp

"As one develops the inner link with Divine Spirit, one's ability to take charge of his own life increases."
--Harold Klemp

Without humility, all forward progress on the path to God is stopped."
--Harold Klemp

Before we love God, we must love all things with the high kind of love, which is called charity. We become the best we can be through the discipline of divine love.

—Harold Klemp
The Language of Sou


Romance / Re: Wife Caught Cheating With Her Husband's Best Friend, Posted On Social Media by LotusFan: 9:37am On Dec 26, 2019

There is a price to pay for adultery which may not be only divorce but also a disgrace. There is so little a man can take from a woman who lies with his best friend.

A woman in marriage rarely cheats until after many tries to get her husband's attention to the issues that bothers her. She is not wired to fall off the cliff unless if you help push her to the edge.

A real man regularly or at intervals engage his wife in honest and heartfelt conversations. In so doing, he unlocks her deepest wishes and sadness. Pivot towards her happiness, for a lighthearted woman is a husband's greatest gift.


RichDad for president !!!
Celebrities / Re: Why Is Fela So Respected Despite His Shortcomings? by LotusFan: 9:35am On Dec 26, 2019
I think the masses may not consciously agree with all Fela said but the subconsciously know he spoke the truth. The truth many could not admit at the time, even now. He displayed extreme bravery and he died very early. Most people who die early are revered. If he were alive till now Like Charley Boy, his message might have faded and our impression of him might not be clouded in the sentiment of a life cut short.

He was an entertainer, a very talented one who uses his platform to genuinely get a very important message across to the Leaders and the led despite his privileged background. He was the Davido of his time.

If davido decides today, to start speaking against the government and societal norms advising the poor and downtrodden and gets locked up for it, and eventually dies, he would be seen as not just a hero but a martyr. Music has a way of unifying people of diverse backgrounds.

Btw, there is a lecturer in Unilag who’s license plate is “Fela” he also named his son Fela and has a shrine to Fela in his office. When asked why, he said it’s because Fela did more for him and his ppl than Jesus ever did.


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Celebrities / Re: Etinosa Idemudia: My Boyfriend Is 10 Years Younger And He Is Huge Down There by LotusFan: 9:59pm On Dec 14, 2019
May you never birth a child in the likes of Etinosa. Not a good thing. They bring dishonor to their Fathers and shame to mothers. A good child soothes the bones of aged parents and bring gladness to the heart.

I rarely comment on her because it is of no use. She chose her path but it is certainly one that is likely not going to end well.


Don’t be so quick to judge she could turn around tomorrow and even become a First Lady a la Melania Trump where there is life there is hope.
Religion / Re: Contemplation Seeds From Eckankar by LotusFan: 11:56pm On Dec 11, 2019
No post today? undecided
Celebrities / Re: Husband Turns Himself Into A Human Chair So His Pregnant Wife Can Sit by LotusFan: 9:27pm On Dec 06, 2019
May he be honoured even more by the child she is carrying and his children’s children.


Career / Re: Marriage Or Career Which Comes First: Ladies Question For You All ... by LotusFan: 9:41am On Dec 04, 2019

The noise about choosing a career before marriage or vice versa makes no sense. What should concern you is balancing the two phenomenon.

I have seen women put in the hours at work and rose to the top of their dreams without any effect on how they run their families. You can work hard without closing too late and you can further your studies and still save your family the suffering. The pitfalls comes when you invest your whole entirety into one thing.

The joy of a successful woman is the story of a supportive family but a woman who neglects hers will be lonely at the top. Victory is sweetest in the company of genuine cheers.

It is the duty of a man to support her dreams and the wife's to balance her duties. What a woman needs to flourish in career is a supportive spouse. Why can't you imagine both my dear.


Richdad for President!!!!
Education / Re: How Do You Interpret This? by LotusFan: 9:38am On Dec 04, 2019
From the top. 1. Victims of Sexual abuse by the church 2. victims of social media abuse by the media 3. widows/victims of the war in the Middle East 4. victims of the healthcare system 5. Victims of terrorism and last but not least 6. victims of the food industry/junk food ....It’s really a very touching visual thanks for sharing.


Romance / Re: Muslim Uniabuja SUG President Proposes To Christian Girlfriend On Signing Out by LotusFan: 9:11am On Dec 03, 2019

I am not too comfortable with the news. A young 100 level undergraduate between 17-21 years old probably does not have the stamina or maturity to embark on such a tumultuous journey of parallel faith but mutual love.


“Parallel fail but mutual love” Richdad, when are you publishing your book?

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Family / Re: How Can I Stop Helping My Cousin Without Feeling Guilty About Her Kids? by LotusFan: 1:16pm On Nov 26, 2019
I'll wait here for the elders







Celebrities / Re: Pretty Mike Rides On Horse To Armani BuzzBar’s Birthday Party (Photos) by LotusFan: 10:00pm On Sep 17, 2019
Self made celebrity! He is so original, you have to give it to him . Well done PM


Romance / Re: Lady Reacts After Seeing Photo Of Her Dad With A Man In Bed by LotusFan: 9:04am On Sep 15, 2019

It is easy to tolerate Lesbianism than gay. 90% of gay young men are suicidal. It tells alot about a lifestyle even the gays find appalling but pretentiously practice..

A woman's body was carefully molded out of a man's ribs by God. It was not made of dust like man. And when Adam saw Eve, he was blown away by her cuteness, heaping praise on her. Any man who cannot admire such a work from God can never admire anything good in life. No wonder they are the most depressed sex and social group in modern history topping citizens of Iraq and Syria.


Richdad I really enjoy reading your posts but this one really let me down. The undertones of hate and those unverified exaggerated statistics, where in the world did they come from? These statements are what promote hate in a world where we are already loosing the war against peace. Suicide is horrible and mostly committed by people who could not find a way out. So many more poor people, childless people and heartbroken people wind up suicidal.

Can’t you see that the world is changing. The world your grandchildren will live in is very different from the world you grew up in and that is why we should promote tolerance. Just the same way we promote religious tolerance.

I am not homosexual by the way, but let’s think and act in an uplifting manner.

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Religion / Re: Leave The Devil Alone Today by LotusFan: 7:16pm On Sep 14, 2019

I think this is you smiley. I Lost contact. Please are you you cheesy ?

Lol! yes I am me ! cheesy

Are you, You?

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Celebrities / Re: Busola Dakolo Lists Matthew Ashimolowo As Witness In Rape Case Against Fatoyinbo by LotusFan: 6:38pm On Sep 09, 2019

I like what is happening. God is cleaning his household. A dangerous precedent would be set if justice is not done. She deserve more than 10million. As a matter of fact, no amount of money can equate the level of damage done.

In cases of rape and maltreatment, the victim is free to and should demand for compensation. Not everyone have the heart to send someone to jail for a crime committed decades ago but a compensation is an option if he or she is wealthy. And if you do not know what to do with the money, give it to charity.


Hmmmmn...Is Billionaire behind this Richdad moniker?
Religion / Re: The Journey Of Soul by LotusFan: 11:00am On Sep 01, 2019
"Where love exists there can be no fear; and where there is fear, there can be no truth."
--Harold Klemp

Feel like reporting this post on the grounds that you read my mind and circumstances so accurately that I feel my security might be at risk shocked
Crime / Re: Full List Of Nigerians Indicted For $1.1B Internet Scam In The US by LotusFan: 7:41pm On Aug 23, 2019
hmmmm where do i start from? right before my eyes Nigerians were not like this - Nigeria was home to Ghana,SAs, indians , Arabs etc. Nigerians were not interested in' going abroad' ; Pentecostal churches were not deliberately mischievously calling ' mystical organizations ' secret cults- a deliberate poisoning of folks' minds to win them to untruths; no hate speeches even after the civil war , life was simple until ....it is a long complex story . A careful study of the elite's political approach to serious national issues, vis a vis the pre and post civil war realities; the effect of the military rule on democracy especially the IBB years where the seed of scam was watered and nurtured to a tree- the epitome of years of misrule culminating in the June 12 criminal annulment and the subsequent death of MKO under the nose of CIA of Clinton's administration; commercialisation of religious centres to the extent of stifling them of their esoteric essence, etc a dangerous socio-cultural and religious or rather spiritual disaster mix of poverty was born. And unless a mystic at heart leads Nigeria ,then the end to the journey may not be near. Ask me what country gets billions of dollars from oil proceeds but make sure her citizens go to bed hungry with no electricity nor any social amenities while keeping the oil proceeds in foreign economies and toilets? ehn!!!

1 Million likes bruv!!!

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Celebrities / Re: Toni Braxton In Lagos For Prince Nduka Obaigbena's 60th Birthday by LotusFan: 9:45pm On Jul 16, 2019
Someone asked where Nduka saw money. Well, he just started his money laundering business squarely! Dapo is his close friend and the governor of Imo has been his bestie since they were 11yrs!

Nduka brought the top US artistes to nigeria years back when he was laundering money for Saraki, the two cowboys of Access bank and Ona Otideko then he fell ill last year and almost died!

BTW, Toni Braxton is now a Z-list artiste and she needs the money to settle part of Birdman’s debt!
tongue I fear pesin wey no fear you

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Family / Re: #savethefamilysection by LotusFan: 11:11am On Jul 14, 2019
I concur, can we also save the religious section while we’re at it? embarassed

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Family / Re: How To Avoid Embarrassment In Life. A MUST READ!!! by LotusFan: 7:43pm On Jul 04, 2019
Some very wise words from Helen Paul!
Family / Re: How Much Is ‘too Much’ To Spend On ‘aso Ebi’ by LotusFan: 2:34pm On Jun 29, 2019
How long is a piece of string?

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