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Foreign Affairs / Re: I will not seek re-election as US President - Joe Biden by Mrlola: 9:49pm On Jul 21
[quote author=Righteousness2 post=131074297] grin grin grin

Nothing new! We Know you Must drop Especially after the real C-in-c and top candidate for the AC tweeted some days ago.

Watch out for the likes of Kamala Harris, Hilary Clinton, Gavin Newsome, Michel obama.
No matter who takes it, it will be a grave disaster on America

For America to have any form of Hope of anykind, Trump is the Last Chance before the total Collaspe

Guy, you full of BS! If you are not parroting your religious foolishness, you will be talking rubbish! Are you jobless or what?
Foreign Affairs / Re: Russia Strikes Children’s Hospital In Deadly Barrage Across Ukraine by Mrlola: 10:15pm On Jul 08
What a Deadly Strike!

This is the difference between the World's Moral Army, the apple of GOD'S eyes , ISRAEL and those who claim to human lovers but indeed and act they have no value for Lives.

ISRAEL will take the pains to Clear out the patience in that hospital before it strikes if at all it has to Strike.

ISRAEL would bring its own Medical team to help in evacuation before it strike.

ISRAEL would feed and take care of those kids.

Yet a Satanic world and people run their mouth against the Moral Army of the World, and become blind, deaf and dumb evil is done because they support it.

Where are the Eyes on Rafah people? Have your Eyes gone blind?
Where are the Humanitarian lovers lives?

I’m waiting to hear from the UN security council or the UN human rights council.

Where are the Lovers of humanity?

I am waiting for the march in the streets of London, South Africa , Paris or Madrid.

Nobody really cares about the Lives being Lost!

When it comes to ISRAEL, the Moral army of the world, Everyone becomes a Humanitarian expert. Even killers, Terrorists and their Sympathizer become lovers of human.

Who you are identifying and standing with is far more important than who the mob is standing for!

The Uniting Force of all the Noise Makers is the Satanic Planted Hate of GOD and CHOSEN Nation , ISRAEL.

How do you sleep at night, Mr? It is amazing how you shamelessly justify the killings of innocent Pastenian Chuldren and at the same time condemn Russia for doing the same thing in Ukraine. Obviously, your moral compass is deplorable and twisted! You don't serve the same God I serve. How do you call the current Isreali State the people of God when they did not even acknowledge Christ. Your god must have a double standards like the Americans. Shame on you.

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Family / Re: Why Nigeria Is Underdeveloped? by Mrlola: 2:15pm On Jun 29
We are underdeveloped because the British left us with a bad educational system. Our educational system was originally designed to help the British perpetuate resources exploitation from the colonies. When you get over to the UK Canada, and the states, you realize that a good portion of their citizens learned trades like plumbing, welding, and others. Things that actually actively improve their societies. In Africa and other colonies, our education stops at being able to read and write, do mathematics without knowing the application. At the end of the day, we just know how to engage in a service economy. This is why most of our "graduates" do not contribute productively to the economy. Nigeria has about 95% of its educated citizens who do not contribute meaningfully to economic development because of defective educational system. Unfortunately, this trend has continued because we don't have a functional system capable of doing an impartial assessment.
Family / Re: My Ex Asked To See Our Children And I Refused Please Help by Mrlola: 11:42am On Mar 16, 2023
For the sake of the children in the middle of this drama, let them have access to their father. It seems he is back to his senses afterall.


Family / Re: Man Removes Three Of His Wife's Teeth After DNA Confirms Paternity Fraud (pics) by Mrlola: 3:54am On Mar 12, 2023
He has no right to go physical on her, the best thing to do is to divorce her. Some women sha

You mean after deceiving him to raise three children that were not his? She deserves even much more. I think society and men in general need to set examples with this kind of behavior. You do this to me, you will bear the dire consequence!

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Travel / Re: Lagos Train/Bus Crash: We Begged Driver To Wait But He Refused — Survivor by Mrlola: 9:45am On Mar 10, 2023
Driver that is missing till now and came out unhurt?

I have told you guy sanwo olu and Tinubu use this accident drink blood .

The ritualists in government don chop


Whay are you this stupid? Must everything be politized? Even human lives!

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Politics / Re: Pastor Paul Enenche Reacts To 2023 Elections (Video) by Mrlola: 5:29am On Feb 27, 2023
More are coming.

Since FG does not know what democracy is all about everyone will turn to thug and let's see..let's see who will v peace...
Burn all of Dem devil's..

If gej behaved this way in 2015 will Buhari be president?

Opportunists and retards human beings.

We are locking down the country for 30 days.
Then un will arrive afterwards..

We are locking down everywhere , airports, expressways train station,gas stations in serious protests..
It's our rights to protest..

UN charter says after 30daysvof protest,they are welcome..

Let's see ..

Inec dey is fueling the burning of the country..

Benin is getting ready, Delta gallant ,fct already on the streets,Kaduna mobilising,
Rivers state already boiling..

Inec won't be allowed to further conduct elections since they are not ready even with all the billions they were given..


FG already destroyed the country and created unemployment for the youths who just want a better life..
No job,no money,no food,no fuel no opportunity.
Only fraudulent activities by all establishment across all sector..

According to okon Lagos,
Endsars protest na dress rehearsal..

When r set .. we go wan see una thugs for Street den we go know who own the city...

Seriously, you thought Obi would win, you are delusional.


Politics / Re: Atiku Wins Presidential Election In Osun State by Mrlola: 7:41pm On Feb 26, 2023
24 hours after election results were obtained, after results must have been manipulated to make a man suffering dementia to win to rule over all the 220m people in Nigeria.
Tinubu must not be made to win. If Tinubu wins, the rest of the world shall begin to laugh at every Nigerian anywhere in the world.

Keep crying. You have not started
Properties / Re: Is Our Landlord Using Our Glory While We Stay In His House by Mrlola: 6:26pm On Feb 10, 2023

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Family / Re: How A Pastor Stole A $25,000.00 Open Bank Cheque During Dinner In Member's House by Mrlola: 4:01pm On Feb 09, 2023
God bless you for sharing

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Family / Re: My Mother In Law Is Faking Sickness So She Can Move In My House With Her Twins G by Mrlola: 5:29am On Feb 09, 2023
Cut them off

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Family / Re: How Well Do You Relate With Your Inlaws? by Mrlola: 1:29pm On Jan 31, 2023
I have no relationship with them. They don't like me and I have given up on trying so hard to please them after ten years without success. We just tolerate ourselves these days.


Family / Re: 10 Reasons Men Find It Hard Marrying A Single Mum!!! by Mrlola: 4:51pm On Jan 16, 2023
Spot on!


Religion / Re: It Is Not By Force To Give Offerings And Tithe by Mrlola: 9:35am On Jan 08, 2023
Since the time I was born, I have never seen a pastor carry gun and force person to give offerings or tithe.

So why are churches getting bad rep? No be by force to give, if you do not want to give, then do not give. After all, na your own money, so it is up to you to give or not to give. If you feel pressure or you are reluctant to give, please do not give at all.

If they talk sow a seed of 10,0000 naira or 50 naira, and you do not have or you do not want to give, do not stress yourself at all. Give what you can give easily and cheerful and if you do not want to, then don't.

Pastor can use words to persuade someone to give. At the end of the day, it is up to individuals to decide to give or not. So leave the Pastors and let them be.

If Pastor fly private jet, well good for him. If he use body guards, good for him. The body guards are getting paid and the private jet is not free.

While giving is an important part of our service to God, I find the above OP quite arrogant and insensitive.
Family / Re: I Beat Up My Wife. She Cheated On Me. by Mrlola: 4:59pm On Jan 06, 2023
Why do we have many stupid men these days? You what? Are you this senseless? Why are you crying? I am A

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Politics / Re: Enugu’s Oil Status: My Biggest Joy Is That My Successor Will Excel - Ugwuanyi by Mrlola: 4:59am On Jan 05, 2023
North has OIL
South South has OIL
South East has OIL


Modified: only asking for educational purpose

Your level of ignorance is reprehensible and irresponsible!


Family / Re: Problematic Inlaw! My Wife Parents Don't Like Me & I Don't Want Or Like Them Too by Mrlola: 11:50am On Dec 26, 2022
I've been married for almost 2 years but I haven't really enjoyed my marriage due to excessive in-law interference in our marriage from my wife siblings and her parents. I blamed my wife for what is happening coz she's fond of telling them everything that is going on in our home. One day, I confronted my wife and she said if she doesn't discuss her marriage ups & down with her siblings and parents, who else will she discuss with? Instead of her parents to stay neutral or try to settle our differences as new couples, they rather believe everything she said which gives my wife effrontery to go against me. On the other hand, my own family are after our well being, they always stay neutral on any issue that concern us. My wife parents are terribly bad people due to their negative influence on my wife which is negatively impacting our marriage. Her parents constantly put her under pressure by comparing our marriage to others and by asking her how regular I credit her account even though they are poor. I recently saw a whatsapp chat on my wife's phone where her mother told her to keep denying me sex if I do not meet up with all her financial needs. My wife is jobless for now and all the financial burden lies on my shoulder yet, my wife's mother and father keeps doing everything to cause disunity in our marriage. I already know her parents do not like me and I also DO NOT WANT OR LIKE THEM either coz they have caused MORE DAMAGE THAN REPAIR IN OUR MARRIAGE. Since I noticed that her parents are INGRATE and only care about the MONEY they can get from me, I stopped calling them and stopped sending money to them except if I pay them a rare visit. Dear nairalanders, am I right to completely ignore my wife's parents and siblings like they do not exist and request for a temporal separation from my wife coz I am getting tired already? Plz advice on what to do on this matter.

Bro, you are in for a long and bumpy ride. You really have to pray and ask God for direction on this. I wish you well.


Family / Re: My Wife's Ex-Boyfriend Is About To Ruin My Marriage by Mrlola: 6:34pm On Aug 17, 2022
Sorry bro. Really a painful and unfortunate discovery.

You both should Seek Godly counseling from one who is Spiritually matured. Someone you both can Confindently pour out the truth of your home to.

I Pray for you! GOD Almighty Heal you, Heal your Home and Restore your Home in JESUS Name..

Guy, there is nothing to restore here! ensure you do DNA on your kids because two people are fucking your wife. Thereafter, divorce the woman and move on. But you won't, I guess. Your kind of men is the reason why women are so emboldened. You sounded too weak and lost. Just ask the woman to go otherwise you will be courting a certain death.
Politics / Re: I’m ‘Sweating’ Over High Cost Of Diesel – Obasanjo Laments by Mrlola: 8:07pm On Aug 02, 2022
Obasanjo nor well. This man been corruptly put he farm workers under federal government payroll. Workers dey work for am, while federal government dey pay them, then he go collect revenue put for pocket. Corruption at its finest.

He is the present darling of Ndi-igbo because he is supporting Obi while they castigate Tinubu for being corrupt. The Igbo wonder in Nigeria.

Anyways, OBJ and Tinubu are birds of same beak. No matter how OBJ pretends, he can't change the fact that he is corrupt. He is a master of corruption and never appealing to me politically, even if he speaks well of my candidate.

Peter Obi is my candidate and I understand the fact that, when you are in Rome, act like the Romans but PO should never take advice from OBJ because OBJ is a very greedy and selfish old man.

Are you always this stupid? Read what you typed again!
Crime / Re: Police Officer Repeatedly Hits Man With A Machete In Cross River (Photos) by Mrlola: 12:27pm On Aug 02, 2022
Vote in good Leaders for all this Nonsense stop

This only shows how shallow and uninformed you are in economics matters. Printing more naira during lockdown is not necessary bad. It depends on the velocity of circulation. Tinubu made this call when COVID was serious. The sensible consideration will therefore depend on the extent the government is able to stimulate economic activities during this period. I am not his supporter but I just can't stomach this level of ignorance!
Education / Re: Why A Nigerian University Professor Does Not Deserve More Than 200k A Month by Mrlola: 10:52am On Jul 20, 2022
Over 80% of these Lecturers are products of Nigeria's failed education system. You cannot expect miracles from them.
Family / Re: I'm 30 And Still Living With My Parents..smh by Mrlola: 11:11am On Jul 06, 2022
Tinubu that's into drugs smuggling yet you people are still drumming support for him to become your president.

Tinubu dey hustle... You better go hustle hard bro.. I'm telling you now.

Do you have evidence that Tinubu deals in drug?

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Politics / Re: Tinubu Certificate Saga: Leave The Matter Abeg - Shehu Sani by Mrlola: 6:54am On Jun 26, 2022

Chairman, You are very funny. Let me pander to the angle that you are insinuating assuming you have refused to find out for yourself. What we are saying is we need our president's academic qualifications to match that of Presidents of progressing western nations, so that people can see that we now serious in this country when it comes to electing people to our highest office. Reason being that there is a complete lack of confidence in the future of the country by the international community, that is one of the primary reasons why our naira is dropping at such high speeds, nobody wants to hold our naira. We need to repackage the country's image to give the naira a better future outlook.

So if oga Tinubu can help us with any of his international Qualifications whether its 2 minutes or 1 month so that we can use it to garnish and package his overall outlook, it helps his sellability. We are all fighting for the same thing.

Oga, are you sure you went to school with this beer parlour reasoning? How can you attribute the devaluation of the naira to the academic qualification of our president. You need to brush up and stop disgracing yourself nationally like this o.
Family / Re: I’m Livid With My Dad, He Hit My Mom Again. I Need A Solution. by Mrlola: 6:15am On Jun 21, 2022
Take your mum away from him before he kills her
Pets / Re: Talk To A Veterinarian by Mrlola: 7:35pm On May 07, 2022
Good evening Dr.

I noticed this wound on my dog's sometime last weekend. The Vet recommended that I should apply sawke cream. The problem is that the wound is spreading instead of healing. Kindly come to my rescue please.

Foreign Affairs / Re: Pope Offers To Meet Putin, Still Waiting To Hear Back by Mrlola: 3:12pm On May 03, 2022
Whatever that will bring an immediate end to the senseless killings is highly recommended, between,why is no one speaking about the senseless killings and silent dangerous war going on in Nigeria?

How is it killing? Are Russians not dying. Russia has been fighting the entire West and you think it is funny. I detest propaganda. I have stopped watching CNN for good.


Foreign Affairs / Re: Pope Offers To Meet Putin, Still Waiting To Hear Back by Mrlola: 3:10pm On May 03, 2022
I like the Pope, I really do. It's nice that the world has an icon that can broker peace amongst warring nations. But there is no talking amount of talks or prayers that can convince Putin to stop this madness. The only thing Putin Putin fears the most is NATO's military might.

Moreover, Putin has stage IV metastatic pancreatic cancer and just 3 months to live. A mad man on his way out, is going to take everyone down with him.

I will advise the Pope to avoid Russia like the plague if he doesn't want to get assassinated.

What's your source? Don't mention Western Media please. You all stupidly goaded Ukraine into this needless war. You are shameless.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: India Receives Military Supplies From Moscow Amid Russia-ukraine War by Mrlola: 11:55am On Apr 16, 2022

Putin the War Criminal would tell India to pay in Roubles...

So I don't see any future problems with their transaction...

The War Criminal should end his madness in Ukraine.

You talked like a deranged American puppet. How many war criminals do the US and the UK have inspite of the mindless killings in Iraq, Lybia and Syria? When they invade another country, it is moral! I detest this hypocrisy. The world is where it is today because of them.

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Family / Re: Anthony Joshua met Floyd Mayweather in my shop. by Mrlola: 10:29pm On Mar 20, 2022

I'm doing what God sent me to do preach the Gospel and how do u know I'm pretending cause I'm doing what everyone is supposed to do.

U used to go to church but people discouraged u?? Just listen to urself. Is it man that gives eternal life.
Everyone is running one race to make heaven don't be left behind.
Ur heart might be clean but if u re not in christ it's a waste of time. If e look like panadol e no mean say e b panadol

I detest fanatics like you. Who give you the right to derail this thread with your fake message?
Properties / Re: GLO Wants To Plant A MAST On My Land. What Are My Benefits And Its Hazards - by Mrlola: 4:59pm On Feb 20, 2022
You're playing with cancer!
Family / Re: Who Can Relate To This.. My Mom Is A Toxic Person by Mrlola: 6:13pm On Oct 19, 2021
My mental health is at stake and I dont know if there is anyone in this kind of situation.. I have no perfect words to describe my mom. Always have issues with my dad and the rest of my siblings, She speaks without regards to one's age or how you feel, there are times I cant control my anger and we exchange words.. Am in my late 20's, from a muslim home, yet to be married but in a serious relationship now, my mom clearly hates the guy am seeing just because he is married and a secondorian, a business man whom I know is a good man and can cater for the family. She use bad words like that illiterate, a ghanian and old man, someone who is in his 40's. I have told her severally, am not getting younger, living with you alone is hell for me. Why then do you hate someone who loves your daughter, I dont know how I survive the corona period, because she made my life unbearable, until I got a job, yet she still troubles me. How do you stand a mom that wishes your blessings go to your other siblings, she tells you to your face. She wished my elder sister was the one who got this job because she would hv given her more, and I told her as long as you dont appreciate what I give you, I cant be my sister, I can go and on and on, my mom quarells with everyone, my dad, my siblings, she doesnt know how to communicate or speak to a grown child, yet she claims you are challenging her or being rude to her. All my life, I have never had that mother to daughter relationship because you tell her something today, she insults you with it tomoro. How can a mother tell you that anytime my lover calls me, she feels so disgusted that what am doing with such a low class,
My mother is someone who doesnt know how to make sacrifice for her children without complaining, even cooking, she complains that I cant go to work and expect her to cook for me, how much am I giving her at the end of the month. Should a mother say this to her child.
I need to see a counsellor, my mental health is at stake. My mother has no plain respect for her children, she says mean words and yet expect you to swallow it because she is your mother. Yet cries wolf when you reply her
Am moving to a new place soon, for those of you who may think how can an adult still be living with her parents.. I live in the north and its very degrading for a single girl to live alone, I never wanted that kind of life, my reason fr even moving out its because my parents are relocating.
Ok what broke the camels neck yesterday was after work, came in so tired and sick, without even relaxing, my mom was telking me to take the gas out for filling, this was something dat finished since morning bfr I left for work. And I told her, I cant go, I feel sick, the next thing she said was but hope as you are sick, you would go to work tomorrow. I said ofcourse, this work is my saving grace. Its the reason I take care of my needs. That was how my mom started saying some mean things, things you will never say to a child.. Aaah my mother is my greatest frustration on earth.. How did I get so unlucky, if you have a mom who is your friend, you are blessed. I cant really blame her. Her mother was also absent from her life, she lacked parental love.
But I know so many mothers who didnt have it good but yet love their children equally. Pls advise me, correct me, my mind is full, my head hurts, my heart aches.. Who has such a mother like mine.

You have no idea how disappointing you are as a daughter. Leave the married man and there will be peace all around you. You mum is the best gift you but you will not know until she is gone. Keep moaning, idiot.
Family / Re: Her Family Says I Can't Marry Her Because I'm An SSCE Holder by Mrlola: 12:30pm On Oct 19, 2021
Am hurt, 4 years relationship about to go down the drain.first time meeting her parents was last week Sunday, they did welcome me with a smiling face.
After all the introductions and making my intentions known to them I like to marry their daughter.

my girlfriend called me on phone yesterday that she's coming over, which she did and start saying that her elder bro and her mum is kicking against our marriage. i asked why? she said because am an Ssce holder.

yes I might be an Ssce holder, but am self employed doing well for myself (I noi de beg to chop) isn't that enough.

can't an Ssce holder marries a bsc, msc or a phd holder.
why the discrimination towards a brother because of a white man education?
because of a white sheet of paper.

What is unfortunate about it? I will not like my daughter to bring home some half educated fellow. Marriage should afford one the opportunity to move up the social lader of life not the other way round. Beside, such marriage can be dangerous. Bros, move on to your fellow SSCE. Mtchew!

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