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Sports / Re: Tokyo2020 Male Basketball: Nigeria Loses To Italy 71 - 80 by mrlycan: 6:16am On Jul 31
That's how to do it boys...Take it to them
Sports / Re: Tokyo2020 Male Basketball: Nigeria Loses To Italy 71 - 80 by mrlycan: 6:03am On Jul 31
These guys no good at all... Seems scared to take a shot and risks
Education / Re: Phone Of Missing UNILORIN Professor Adeniyi Found At Lafiagi, Kwara by mrlycan: 10:27am On Jun 19
My former HOD...............Department of Mathematics. This man is gentle to a fault....Approachable and super nice.
Satellite TV Technology / Re: Free To Air Satellite Tv General Thread by mrlycan: 2:50pm On May 02

Call.me let.me. teach you. 081 3966 490 nine
Religion / Re: Help! I Always Dream Of Snakes! by mrlycan: 3:37pm On Jul 12, 2020
Hi there, if.youre opportuned to call or Whatsapp me,please do. I battles with snakes for almost 4 years... It wasn't easy for me back then especially during my undergraduate days. I can't share some things here.
081 39 66 four nine zero 9

I'll tell you things I did. WhatsApp me... Don't worry...I won't ask you for money.


Politics / BREAKING NEWS: Governor Rotimi Akeredolu Tests Positive To Coronavirus by mrlycan: 3:28pm On Jun 30, 2020
Ondo State Governor, Rotimi Akeredolu, has tested positive for coronavirus.

Akeredolu confirmed his status via his Twitter handle on Tuesday.

He tweeted, “Today, I tested positive for #COVID19. All is well. I’m asymptomatic and have been self-isolating. Work continues. Your continued prayers over my well being are most appreciated.”

In a video attached to the tweet, Akeredolu said he took the COVID-19 test after being treated for malaria.

The governor explained that he was advised to take the COVID-19 test by a governor at the All Progressives Congress National Executive Council meeting held on Thursday in Abuja.

He said, “My good people of Ondo State. It gives me great pleasure to address you at this moment. I had malaria two days ago and was treated. I did get over it.

“At the APC NEC meeting, one of my colleagues spoke with me. He advised that malaria should not be just treated as likely. That I should go ahead and have a test for COVID-19.

“The result came out today, June 30, 2020, and I tested positive. But I am asymptomatic. I am not feeling sick nor feeling odd in any way.

“But my doctor has said that I should take the necessary steps and self-isolate. I believe that supervised home management would be ideal for me for now.”

Details later…


Politics / Re: Power Minister's Claim: What's The Electricity Supply In Your Area Like? by mrlycan: 1:30pm On Jun 11, 2020
When you get to Ondo Town, ask of Christland Crescent. We have light as if TCN lives in our area. 23.5 hours per day. I doubt if I can leave this place. We get tayad sef.


Celebrities / Re: Patoranking Celebrates His 30th Birthday Today by mrlycan: 8:41am On May 27, 2020
30 indeed. First to comment....Others follow


Travel / Re: My Chat With A Chinese National On What Really Happened. by mrlycan: 8:32am On Apr 11, 2020
We can drag this to.front page and you'll see different views.
Travel / Re: My Chat With A Chinese National On What Really Happened. by mrlycan: 8:30am On Apr 11, 2020
Before you crucify me, I never said they are not dishonest even the Chinese guy said so. But he only hammered more on illegal immigrants.

Bullshit! My best friend was Chinese- WAS! OP give yourself brain and stop being stupid. They are very dishonest.
Travel / Re: My Chat With A Chinese National On What Really Happened. by mrlycan: 8:27am On Apr 11, 2020

Travel / Re: My Chat With A Chinese National On What Really Happened. by mrlycan: 8:25am On Apr 11, 2020

Travel / Re: My Chat With A Chinese National On What Really Happened. by mrlycan: 8:23am On Apr 11, 2020
Read more

Travel / My Chat With A Chinese National On What Really Happened. by mrlycan: 8:15am On Apr 11, 2020
So I had a chat with my friend in China on issues surrounding how Nigerians are been treated. I will paste the screenshots here for all to see.
What are your views.

Business / Re: If You Live In South Africa, I Have A Business For You. by mrlycan: 10:22am On Feb 03, 2020
Use your brain before you comment. Not everyone smokes weed like you. It digital marketing and dont spoil peoples lives with your generational madness.
Business / If You Live In South Africa, I Have A Business For You. by mrlycan: 9:48am On Feb 03, 2020
I need someone from South Africa to contact me on whatsapp. My number is 0 8 1 3 9 6 6 4 9 0 nine.

You must live in South Africa please.

Chat me up on whatsapp. Its a lucrative business and it only needs few minutes of your time.
Family / Re: He Got My Sister Pregnant, Rejected It, Now He Wants The Child 16 Years After by mrlycan: 12:14pm On Dec 30, 2019
God bless you for this comment....... You spoke the mind of someone who have two brains, the natural and the supernatural. Thumbs up

The truth is that u cannot take d love of a child away from his father or mother, but we most undstd in other way round that d same people that denied d child wen at womb are d same people coming to claim d child now @ 16. for instance a friend of mind was once a victim of such at, he was 28 but most of time people do accuse him that he does not no his father, on one faithful day he went straight to his mother and demanded to no his real father, d mother taught it was joke not until he brought out insecticide, that moment changed everything d cry of his mother attracted neighborhood but eventually d same man that said no wen he was in womb turn round to say yes and at 28 he has finished primary, sec. sch. and even went further to server as apprentice at main market onisha, and became master of his own, so my brother u have done well by her up bringing and best u do for her is to reunite her with her real father she will ever remain greet full but that does not stop u asking d man to pay for her up bringing if u wish.
Family / Re: He Got My Sister Pregnant, Rejected It, Now He Wants The Child 16 Years After by mrlycan: 12:11pm On Dec 30, 2019
Thats some piece you just said.. Weldone...True talk

any boy can impregnate a woman but not every man that can father a child. fatherhood is earned. you pour sperm inside woman toto no mean anything. you have to do the right thing to be called a father, legally or traditionally speaking.
Family / Re: He Got My Sister Pregnant, Rejected It, Now He Wants The Child 16 Years After by mrlycan: 11:59am On Dec 30, 2019
Boss forget all these IGBO this IGBO that.. While growing up. I watched NTA very well, ladies come after 30 years plus looking for their father, all because the mother lied about their birth. Whether bride price or not. If the girl finds out that the mum is at fault , thats the last day she set sights on her

fatherhood should not only be defined by blood. he is not the girls father though he got the mother pregnant illegitimately. what if the foetus was aborted how would he be claiming her now?
op stand your ground, give him no access. in the Igbo Culture if you dodged the bride price the children are not yours. he who paid the bride price is the father.
Family / Re: He Got My Sister Pregnant, Rejected It, Now He Wants The Child 16 Years After by mrlycan: 11:52am On Dec 30, 2019
Well, if thats the case, fine.............You win..............But if not.................. And the OP is not also telling the whole truth.......... Have you thought about that also.
Family / Re: He Got My Sister Pregnant, Rejected It, Now He Wants The Child 16 Years After by mrlycan: 11:47am On Dec 30, 2019
I did..........It will just be nice to know the truth of the matter before crucifying the guy........ I had a similar personal experience, trust me, if you hear her side of the story, you setup fire and burn me, but if i told you what truly happened, you'll ask me to go to church and share my testimony.But she will never tell anyone the truth.


Its always the victim's fault. Im not sure you read the story properly sef
Family / Re: He Got My Sister Pregnant, Rejected It, Now He Wants The Child 16 Years After by mrlycan: 11:14am On Dec 30, 2019
Hmmm.. This issue is a serious one but with all the comments I have been reading none seems to move me. Here is my pick:

During the time of courtship, does anyone know what truly transpired between the two love birds before it resulted into pregnancy?

While she got pregnant, what was the discussion between the two love birds?

Did he outrightly deny the pregnancy or told her to get rid of it or he was scared.

For the parent deny such, then there is something the lady in picture is not telling us.

If she decides to hide the truth from the child, there must be a reason.

Don't be too hasty to judge the guy in question.

Let the daughter seek the truth at both ends individually, you''ll be surprised the mum might be the culprit.

That doesnt mean the guy did not mess up, but let the daughter make her findings.

Women can cook stories that will last till eternity only for you to find out none were ever true.

There are many reasons why the guy is coming back after 16 years:

It might not be spiritual, but it might be to find a closure to what really hurts him.

Do you even know if he has been trying to see her daughter for years even before she clocked 2 and she has been denying him.

I can go on and on............but all the same............they should both let the poor girl know the truth and open up.
Religion / Re: Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke is Dead! by mrlycan: 4:05pm On Dec 07, 2019
Only fools write like this , were you there. Such a stupid comment

His crusade in Benin helped eight people to meet an untimely death via a Stampede. On that day it rained cat and dog. Some attributed it to his refusal to pay a courtesy call to the Oba.
Webmasters / Can I Really Make Money With Online Marketing? by mrlycan: 9:04am On Nov 29, 2019

Have you always wanted to become an online entrepreneur? Online marketing is getting bigger and bigger, this makes it an interesting area to start as a beginner.

The concept has only existed since the internet became known to the world’s population in 1996.

In other words, if you grew up with that, you have a big advantage towards older people who don’t

understand the whole process of social media, Search Engine Optimization and online persuasion.

You can fill this gap in a way that can make you quite a lot of money. In this article we will show you how to make money while using online marketing.

What does an online marketer do?
As an online marketer you often have two goals, making more people familiar with a company and making those people buy more from the company.

You do this using the internet, this is all possible from behind your laptop with a good wifi connection.

As an online marketer you will see if you can increase brand awareness and sales online.

How you do that depends mainly on the strategy that you and the company want to follow.

The most important aspects that play a role in this are how the website of the company is indexed in Google (creates more website visitors) and how the website seduces these visitors to make purchase.

Advertising also plays an important role in online marketing.

Think of advertisements on Google, Facebook, Instagram or any other medium.”


The work of an online marketer is therefore enormously broad. Especially when you work for smaller

companies, you are expected to be an all-rounder and know everything about it.

Although you can also choose to go into more depth in a part of the online marketing field.

If you define and communicate this well, you can also make a lot of money with online marketing.

How can you make money with online marketing?
In order to make money with online marketing you have to make sure that you can increase a company’s sales.

You don’t have to be educated to do this. After all, you can also immerse yourself in the profession by simply reading books and articles and you will learn the profession as you go along.


The dangerous thing about online marketing is that it’s so broad that you can have the feeling that you only know half of what’s going on.

The most important thing is to at least understand the basics of the profession and then know some specializations to specialize in a particular area.

For example, there are numerous people who opt for content marketing to make money with their phone or laptop online.

The income of an online marketeer
When the result of your work is visible to a company, the chance that the company will be happy to pay your invoice is very high.

There is a good chance that the company would like to outsource more online marketing to you. After all, a good online marketer generates more money than it costs.


The earnings of an online marketer are priced around 35.00 per hour. If he or she is freelance it’s even more and if he or she owns their own company the sky is the limit.

But at the same time, this amount can quickly increase if you can work for larger clients and therefore yield more revenue from your work.

These are basically the same activities, but because of the scale of the company, they have a greater effect.

Imagine that you are allowed to work with the web texts for a large web shop.

A small difference on a sales page can have a big impact on the number of sales, this allows you to make more money with online marketing.

Learn more about making money online
One of the best ways in which you will learn how to make money online is to follow some courses.

These online courses allow you to learn all the ins and outs of a particular part of online marketing.


There are for example great courses of Clickbank University and courses of Partner With Anthony that you can follow. To learn more about Clickbank University, visit the link below.

Taking these courses will help you with making online money on the internet. This allows everyone to learn more about the new way to become rich with the internet.

Career / Re: Online Training Or Physical Class Training: Which Is Better? by mrlycan: 1:35pm On Nov 20, 2019
If i show you my CV, you'll wonder where I got my experience from. Its all online and I dont pay for anything. If there is a training that will be expensive for you. I can help you get the videos even if they ask you to pay for it. Let me know what you need. Online makes a lot of sense

Send me a mail and we start from there


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Jobs/Vacancies / Earn Your First Income Online With Just 2 Hours Per Day. Works For Me by mrlycan: 1:47pm On Nov 03, 2019
Dear Nairalanders,
If you can spare yourself 2 hours of online work even with just your mobile phone. I can show you how i dey make my jeje income online. The sweetest part is that I work less and I partner with the creator of the program, so when he earns I earn also. I dont work more than 2 hours per day.
Visit the product section the below website


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Family / Re: My Genotype Is AS And My Fiancee Is AS; What Do I Do? by mrlycan: 4:05pm On Oct 08, 2019
All the comments I have here shows how far our knowledge is from our normal way of thinking. All these answers makes no sense at all.
My brother, listen to this. There is a way out for you but its expensive but you can afford it. Your fetus can be checked withing few weeks of pregnancy to determine the genotype. They do it here in Nigeria. Go online and check. Nigerians, we think one way. I wonder if the whites that brought this still think the same way we do. I am out of here.


Health / Re: Please Help, Insomnia Is Killing Me by mrlycan: 5:14am On Oct 04, 2019
Pal, call me 0 8 1 3 9 6 6 4 9 0 9. I had the same issues, I will tell you the solution.
Computers / I Need 50pc Of Complete Desktop Computers For A School by mrlycan: 2:52pm On Sep 19, 2019
Kindly provide a quotation for 50pcs complete desktop computer for a school. Its urgent. The system must be new, even if it is assembled, it has to be new. Whatsapp 0 8 1 3 9 6 6 4 9 0 9 or call. Thanks
Education / Anyone Here Teaching English Online To Make Money by mrlycan: 9:26am On Jun 27, 2019
I discovered so many sites that pays to teach English online. Are there Nigerians doing this job. Please lets relate.
Crime / Re: How I Was Defrauded Of N3.2 Million And Almost Depressed by mrlycan: 3:30pm On May 31, 2019
Send me your number or whatsapp me 0 81 3 9 6 6 4 90 9

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