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Politics / Re: DSS, Police, Soldiers Attempt To Arrest Sunday Igboho — FFK (Video) by NaMeAboki: 7:17pm On Feb 26, 2021
They will get him if they truly mean it.

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Politics / Re: Kagara Abduction: Kidappers Threaten To Starve The Schoolboys To Death by NaMeAboki: 4:55am On Feb 26, 2021
Criminal Libyans came in through your town and you gave them protection.

Stop regurgitating! Nobody buys that your foreigners did it nonsense!

The proliferation of arms from Libya into to the sub-Saharan regions is a well researched and documented matter; a subject which your Broda FFK also relied upon in his article.
It would only take a click on google to confirm for yourself instead of wallowing in total ignorance and relying on infantile baseless assumptions and speculations such as the stupid crap you just wrote.
Politics / Re: Kagara Abduction: Kidappers Threaten To Starve The Schoolboys To Death by NaMeAboki: 8:31pm On Feb 25, 2021
Influx from Libya that found a home in northern Nigeria? Why north?

Will you stop such brainless questions?
Would you expect Libyan arms to be easily transported by sea all the way round the Atlantic to the south instead of the shorter direct overland route across the Sahara to the north?
Stop the mumuness; it does not look well on you.
Politics / Re: Kagara Abduction: Kidappers Threaten To Starve The Schoolboys To Death by NaMeAboki: 2:58pm On Feb 25, 2021
Allah he says provides guns.

My question is, why is it easier to get a gun in the north than to get education?

Silvernorgold Arrewa quotasystem Nameaboki Arewa1stSon Itsmeaboki thebosstrevor1

And yes, it's a threat. Why won't they brag? They have bragging rights!

Google is your friend and also try your broda FFK who once linked the trans Saharan influx of light arms into the country with the fall of Libya in north Africa.


Politics / Re: Fulani Herdsmen Caught With Guns In Onitsha Anambra State (Video) by NaMeAboki: 7:18pm On Feb 24, 2021
Why is it easier to get a gun in the north than get education?

Thebosstrevor1. Silvernorgold Arrewa quotasystem Nameaboki Arewa1stSon
Stop hyperventilating over irrelevance; if you and your ppl are not so ignorant and over reacting; you would have noticed that the said guns were ordinary DANE GUNS, which are totally legitimate and legal to carry as they do not even require licensing.

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Crime / Re: 12-Year-Old Boy Shoots His 15-Year-Old Girlfriend Dead In Jigawa by NaMeAboki: 6:42pm On Feb 24, 2021
What is happening, when did they legalize gun use for northerners?

For goodness sake, learn to read and comprehend before commenting in ignorance.
If you had read properly you would have noticed that it was a DANE GUN which is legal and does not require licensing.

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Politics / Re: Aborode Father: What I Told Sunday Igboho After My Son Was Murdered By Herdsmen by NaMeAboki: 7:18am On Feb 23, 2021
The antecedents of the Fulani marauders precede them. They have been killing and stealing around that place for a long time. That incidence happened since last year, why is makinde just knowing now that the killing was political? Where you there when the old man told the governor that his son was killed by politicians? Where is Makinde's evidence? His farm was earlier on destroyed by Fulani's as reported. Why did you think the natives burnt down the Sarkin Fulanis house if their cup wasn't full?

You are making the same mistake of ascribing a crime to an entire tribe without exception; just as I would be equally wrong to refer to the entire Yorubas as ritualists and fraudsters even such crimes pervades them.
Secondly, why would Makinde want to lie and what does he stand to gain by lying in this matter?
Furthermore; Makinde stands as a more credible person to believe (than the old man) because he had access to the various state security reports and was able to adduce evidence in support of his position (which the old man did not) including eyes witnesses to the murder, the okada man who conveyed the deceased to the site of the crime as well as his conversation with the said old man.
Likewise; were you there and witnessed Fulani herdsmen as responsible for the murder and similarly were you there and overheard to discussion between the gov and the old man contrary to what Makinde was saying?

The Sarkin Fulani's house was attacked due to incitement by Igboho after publicly and personally giving the Sarki quit notice thereby whipping enough hatred and hostile sentiments against the said Sarki - this is a no brainer.
Politics / Re: Sunday Igboho Burst Into Tears When Exposing People That Betrayed Him (video). by NaMeAboki: 6:42am On Feb 23, 2021

I am happy that you have started understanding what I meant but you are still far off which is not unexpected of little minds, meanwhile you didn't answer any of the questions in my comment, then I wasn't expecting any from you for obvious reasons: you comprehend before you reply. I wasn't expecting you to second guess what I said, certain things are meant for mature minds and there is a difference between a mature mind and a simple mind, and you are a SIMPLE mind, it's been actually fun wasting some time with you. Now try to know like minds as learn more with them, just that I think that your parents wasted a good money to pay school fees for ypu, if they had used that money to start poultry farming, by now they must have at least eating the eggs, but look what they still have

You assume to be intelligent but you are obviously not; this is evidenced by your trashy write ups which are riddled with illogicalities and self contradiction; no doubt an indication of your inability to self express and comprehend correctly; unfortunately only you seem to think otherwise as you continue to embarrass yourself on the pages of Nairaland with lengthy wishy washy posts that say one thing but meaning another - an indication of an uneducated and confused mindset.
You really need to do something about your communication skills; I suggest you should try night school.
Politics / Re: Sunday Igboho Burst Into Tears When Exposing People That Betrayed Him (video). by NaMeAboki: 7:19am On Feb 22, 2021

I have tried to explain as to a child but since you lack even the basic understanding of a child, I will explain as to an slowpoke, first I never regret that comment I made and I don't need to do any damage control on it, what I meant is that we will say here and everyone knows that """"igbos have no king"""" that doesn't mean that there are no kings in igbo land, there are kings in igbo land but people will never agree WITH them the moment they go astray, no one will listen or obey them the moment they found any selfishness im them, people will tell them what they want if they put their personal interest first, and igbo people DON'T see rich men as lords over them because in igbo land if you are rich, it is in your house, but if you want your people in, they will appreciate but will still not follow you sheepishly, like persons like you will do, people following KANU AND IPOB are not doing so sheepishly, he is the ONLY one with abaribe speaking and standing for the igbos and you want igbos to abandon him? IMPOSSIBLE. for a few days when mr sunday rose up to stand for you and your people, most of you followed and supported him and all of you started boasting that he is more fearless and stronger than kanu, and you were all happy, but when your governors and so CALLED leaders come AGAINST him like those from our side came AGAINST kanu, you all agreed with them and betrayed the one person who grew a little spine to stand against the fulani, if we are following nnamdi kanu sheepishly, what ans how are you following those that allow you to be murdered? You should we rather follow a person like PEOPLE who are bold enough to say that they invited the army to murder their own people when orhers are asking for amnesty for their killer and terrorists brothers?
KANU AND IPOB remains the ones igbos listen to and no outsiders will tell us who to listen to because our people are not stupid, they know what is happening,
ONCE MORE, I give no excuse for that comment,

The slowpoke here is the person who obviously has difficulty in expressing himself; a person with a penchant for writing what he does not mean yet foolishly expecting ppl to second guess him and be able to read his mind instead of what he actually wrote.

Just look at the self contradiction and foolishness of your opening statement,
"everyone knows that """"igbos have no king"""" that doesn't mean that there are no kings in igbo land, there are kings in igbo land"

It is quite apparent that you have a problem with comprehension and communication; you will be well advised to brush up on this otherwise you will continue to unwittingly be embarrassing yourself as a slowpoke.
Politics / Re: Aborode Father: What I Told Sunday Igboho After My Son Was Murdered By Herdsmen by NaMeAboki: 4:22pm On Feb 21, 2021
And it never occurred to you that the governor could also be lying?

Likewise, it never occurred to you that the old man was simply playing to the gallery and lying; especially as he was unable to point to any evidence towards the identity of the killers. On the other hand Gov. Makinde seemed to have more credible sources of information to adduce his claim: starting from the old man himself (who he claimed had confided in him), then witnesses who must have witnessed the murder and subsequently identified the killers as fluent Yoruba speakers; and finally the okada man who conveyed the deceased to the scene of the crime.

Perhaps it is possible that you may have more concrete evidence contrary to the governor's and reason as to why he was lying on serious matter such as this - if that is truth, pls let us hear it.
Politics / Re: Sunday Igboho Burst Into Tears When Exposing People That Betrayed Him (video). by NaMeAboki: 11:55pm On Feb 20, 2021

You lack understanding of simple things you should know what I said but WILL still be you, that [b]igbos DON'T follow anyone blindly [/b]is what I mean and every nigerian knows that, you can think wharever you like, it's your lookout, whatever else you think or want to believe doesn't change who we are, TAKE it or leave it, the truth is what matters not your opinion

No matter how much you try; you cannot wriggle yourself out of this one.
Unfortunately for you, your post is already out there for all to see and judge; furthermore, no amount of after thought spin or damage control can change what you wrote - we are not all that stupid to believe your excuses.

It is quite apparent that you cannot resist shooting yourself in the foot yet again.

According to you, Igbos do not follow anyone blindly; yet it seems that many of you cannot help themselves from blindly following Kanu while lapping up his infantile fairy tales of Jubril el Sudan etc. as gospel truth - how ironical.
Politics / Re: Aborode Father: What I Told Sunday Igboho After My Son Was Murdered By Herdsmen by NaMeAboki: 11:21pm On Feb 20, 2021
What would you expect from ppl who speak from two sides of their mouths; he told gov Makinde one thing (the murder was political and the killers were Yoruba) and now he is saying an entirely different thing - it is increasing apparent that almost any crime committed in the south is by Fulani. SMH
Politics / Re: Teenage Girl Chained By Mother Rescued In Abia (Photos) by NaMeAboki: 5:21pm On Feb 20, 2021
Another barbaric act from the wicked and evil ones.
Crime / Re: Bloodied Children Rescued From House Filled With Fetish Items In Anambra by NaMeAboki: 5:10pm On Feb 20, 2021
Wicked primitive savagery by so called advanced educated ppl - let them come and defend this one.
Politics / Re: Sunday Igboho Burst Into Tears When Exposing People That Betrayed Him (video). by NaMeAboki: 2:45pm On Feb 20, 2021

You avoided the main point intentionally, tell me why people should abandon someone who staked his life for them, what I actually mean by prostrating os that sunday was abandoned because of one man's ambition, which happens to be far less important than the life of a single person which mr sunday was trying to save, you are in denial and enjoying your ostrich, enjoy

the difference is that the great majority of igbos don't prostrate to any man,

No one forced your hand to type the above statement - which is a clear blatant lie.
You were not quoted out of context as your words were quite explicit in both intent and clarity; better learn to live with what you said or shut up.
Politics / Re: Sunday Igboho Burst Into Tears When Exposing People That Betrayed Him (video). by NaMeAboki: 5:15am On Feb 20, 2021
Well, I will not be surprised to see people coming here to blame kanu and IPOB for what happened to mr sunday, but STOP crying mr sunday, at least you tried you are better than THOSE who LOOKED another way as their people are murdered and raped and kidnapped just for a political post, there are many like that from our side too but[b] the difference is that the great majority of igbos don't prostrate to any man,[/b] let your consolation be that if you were igbo you will be celebrated even if they drove ypu into exile, people would have still celebrated YOU from afar, even as you tried to bad mouth kanu to please them, they sacrificed you to their god in the north, take heart my brother,
I am proud to call you a brother, it is not late yet

Maybe these are Fulani men prostrating before Kanu.

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Politics / Re: Six Children Killed In Attack By IPOB On Anambra Community by NaMeAboki: 5:45pm On Feb 19, 2021
The hypocrites will tell you that their IPOB organisation is unarmed and non violent; yet they have steadily shown capacity to kill policemen and burn their stations, and now the capacity to kill innocent defenceless Fulani children.

Should the Fulani regroup and come back to take revenge; they would be the first ones to be crying more than the bereaved - the cowards wouldn't confront adult Fulani, only children who are mere soft targets.

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Politics / Re: Buhari Appoints Ahmed Audi As NSCDC CG, Nababa Ncos CG by NaMeAboki: 5:09pm On Feb 19, 2021

You must really be so dumb to believe what someone posted about a process that was done behind closed doors by people of great nepotic refute

An educated illiterate will always expose himself.
The information was released from the ministry responsible for conducting exercise.
If you have contrary information against what was officially released kindly provide the evidence; otherwise shut up and stop expecting others to believe your bigoted wild imagination as factual.
Politics / Re: Buhari Appoints Ahmed Audi As NSCDC CG, Nababa Ncos CG by NaMeAboki: 8:51pm On Feb 18, 2021

Another nepostic appointment.

On a second thought, do you guys know that the North has strategically positioned and continues to strategically position their own at all levels of the civil service such that whenever you are looking for a pick, there is always someone from amongst them.

The selection process was transparent and the best candidate emerged.

I bet you didn't bother to read this part of the article before rushing to spew your bigotry - it seems some of you are born to wail without reason.

Ahmed Audi, emerged the top best candidate out of those that went through the transparent selection process initiated by the @MinOfInteriorNG through the Board to ensure that the most suitable among the top-ranking officers in the service was appointed to replace the out-going CG.
Politics / Re: Ethnic Crisis: Don’t Attack Southerners In The North – Northern Governors by NaMeAboki: 5:22am On Feb 18, 2021

So based on your write up now, you put the blame on the Southern governors and media but failed to touch the root cause of this.

Fulani herdsmen have been killing people right from time but we Yorubas think Buhari will be able to handle it and we kept quiet and remained civil. When we see that Buhari is indecisive and it is getting out of hand, then our governors had to rise to the occasion with Akeredolu banning open grazing.

I hate the hypocrisy of the North. If the Yorubas are killing people daily in the core North and burning the Fulani man cow in Katsina everyday, what will be the reaction of the North? Don’t you think they would have resorted to violence and attack against the Yorubas since?

The Yorubas are one of the tribes that always show a lot of restraint before reacting and a lot of people took that as cowardice. But when you push people to the limit, there will always be retaliation.

Lastly, the Hausa man is not peaceful, they are not just as barbaric as the Fulani yet. Check all the history of ethnic clashes in the West, most of them are always as a result of a Hausa man striking first.

What I expect is that you guys should condemn the activities of the herdsmen in the south using any means possible and find a way to pressurize Buhari your kinsmen to act. But you did not of that but only apportioned blame to the Yorubas that are the victims of circumstance.

You guys claim to be educated and sophiscated but unfortunately always seem to limit your thinking and reasoning to a shallow one dimensional tribal perspective.

First of all, Buhari is the president of Nigeria and not of the Fulani tribe; he neither speaks for them nor is he responsible for them and the crimes committed by them, including those the minority criminal herdsmen amongst them.
It is therefore ludicrous logic to assume otherwise; just as it would have been ridiculous to hold Obasanjo responsible for the many human rituals and 419 crimes committed by the Yoruba when he was president; and similarly, Jonathan responsible for the militant crimes of the Niger Deltans.
Besides, how can you honestly link Fulani herdsmen/farmer clashes in the bush/villages on the one hand and consequently justify the unprovoked Yoruba attacks and killing of innocent Hausa market traders and residents in the city?
Pls stop talking through your anus.
Crime / Re: Man Caught With Human Parts In Osun Paraded By Police (Photo) by NaMeAboki: 10:32am On Feb 17, 2021
As usual, typical primitive behaviour from the so called sophiscated ones.


Politics / Re: Ethnic Crisis: Don’t Attack Southerners In The North – Northern Governors by NaMeAboki: 10:28am On Feb 17, 2021
Northern governors should rather re-orientate Northerners traveling to the South on the need for them to refrain from using violence as the the first resort during disagreements.

If the Hausa man continue to use stabbing as a scores settling mechanism, they will always have problems with their host.

Lesson learnt for both sides. RIP to the victims and let’s rebuild Sasha market.

Pls shut up and don't add insult upon injury.
The Sasha incident was not instigated by northerners - try to find out the truth if you don't know.
If this country should descend into tribal conflicts southerners should squarely take the blame: recent irresponsible and inciting utterances from southern leaderships have been responsible for stoking hatred and distrust against northerners and furthermore fuelled by southern dominated media who have abandoned professional ethics of journalism for sensational reportage often tainted with distortion, ethnic profiling and dwelling on erroneous stereotypes and sentiments rather than facts.
The Sasha crisis is the consequence of the above; which is simply the clear transfer of hate and aggression against the criminal element of the bush dwelling Fulani herdsmen to innocent city dwelling Hausa community (no thanks to the said southern media propaganda) - simply because they are northerners and east targets to the hoodlums set against them.

The Hausas (northerners in general) are usually peace loving ppl and because of this often endure insults and other ill-treatment from southerners who often look down on them as inferior; this ability to endure insults is also mistaken by southerners as foolishness, without realising that it has a limit because the Hausa man is at the same time also a proud who values his dignity; and when push to the wall he has the capacity to explode violently and utterly without fear of anything including death itself.

There is such a thing as provocation - provoke the Hausa man to his flash point at your own peril.

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Politics / Re: Bagudu: Shasha Mayhem Not Tribal Conflict But Spontaneous Reaction To Emotions by NaMeAboki: 8:54am On Feb 17, 2021
What nonsense; how could Yoruba attacks orchestrated against the Hausa community and their properties be anything else other than tribal?

The governor was clearly trying to be politically correct by avoiding calling a spade a spade; out of fear of explosive reprisals from the north - which if allowed to happen would no doubt be extremely deadly.
Crime / Re: Gunmen Shoot At A Crowd In Anambra, Three Killed (Graphic Pix) by NaMeAboki: 5:05am On Feb 11, 2021
Fulani herdsmen again
Crime / Re: NDLEA Arrests Businessman, 1 Other With 3.027kg Cocaine At Abuja & Lagos Airport by NaMeAboki: 4:29pm On Feb 04, 2021
Why call him a business man when he is nothing more than a criminal?

Secondly, why not attach his tribe to the crime as they do to Fulani and similarly call him an IGBO DRUG PUSHER - let that be the practice from now on.

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Politics / Re: Abia Pays N100K To Herdsmen For Every Cow Killed In Clash With Farmers - Ikpeazu by NaMeAboki: 5:22pm On Feb 03, 2021
What sacrilege!
Igbo governor paying money to herdsmen?
I thought only El Rufai does that.
After playing politics and twisting the narrative into ridicule they have turned back full circle and doing exactly the same thing - what hypocrites.

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Crime / Re: Police Denounce Burning Of Fulani Herdsmen's Houses In Abia by NaMeAboki: 10:20am On Feb 03, 2021
Chest beaters targeting soft harmless genuine herders resting with their cattle in an open field; they wait and attack those ones with AK47 then we will know how brave they are.

Imagine the loss of 15 cows at approx 300k each; that is 4.5million - if only they know how much that means to the Fulani.

The media has been doing this nation's unity a disservice and those who fanning the drums of war should be careful because the north may also be forced to commence cleansing most of its sabon gari off their southern criminals
Health / Re: Kogi State Building Nigeria's Biggest Reference Hospital by NaMeAboki: 7:20pm On Feb 02, 2021
Kudos to Bello; however, the only problem I foresee is the land mass allocated to the structure does not seem enough to me, as community buildings are already too close to the perimeter, with little leeway for future expansion.
Celebrities / Re: Camera In Ayepe, Ogun Hotel: Femi Branch Calls On Police To Arrest Owner/Manager by NaMeAboki: 7:41pm On Feb 01, 2021
A few years ago I once lodged at Ibeto hotel Abuja; a few days after returning home I noticed a strange e-mail referring me to a time range of a video clip; fortunately the clip was already corrupt when I tried to access it.
It later occurred to me that it may have been a failed attempt at blackmailing me with my own nude pictures taken while undressing it was even more fortunate that there was no sex as I was staying alone without my wife.
People should be very careful; one way of locating a hidden camera is to draw the curtains, switch off all the lights and allow the room to fall into complete darkness; then using your phone camera and scan the room.
If there is a hidden camera you will notice a red spotlight from its infrared source.


Crime / Re: Woman Boiled Water 3 Times And Poured On Her Niece (Disturbing Photos) by NaMeAboki: 10:29pm On Jan 31, 2021
If I am to say what is in my mind some ppl will accuse me of tribalism. lipsrsealed lipsrsealed lipsrsealed
Politics / Re: 12 Governors In Nigeria Are Gay - Uche Maduagwu Says by NaMeAboki: 5:59pm On Jan 31, 2021
Drowning in his own filth; he wants to bring down as many as he can with him.
Imagine, being fvcked in the arse - tufiakwa
Crime / Re: All My Kidnappers Spoke Fluent Yoruba — Ekiti Oil Magnate, Akinbami by NaMeAboki: 8:34am On Jan 31, 2021
See how some ppl are twisting and turning and even summersaulting in order to avoid the bear reality laid down before them

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