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Family / Re: A Spirit Is Loving Me, I Need Help. by nnamdibig(m): 11:49am On Sep 03
I was my grandma's favorite child before her death last year. Since her death I am the only one seeing her in my dream. She always visit with gifts and bunch of money and always advising me to be strong.

Since her death I don't go to her house again, last time she visited me in my dream complaining how I don't visit her house again, she said she came to stay with me in school, after her death, with multiple dreams of her giving me money, to some extent I started having small pocket money in school.

Last time I dreamt, I was frying sweet potatoes and she came to give me money. Sometimes, in my dream, she will call me to her room and gave me bunch of money to count, immediately I finished counting the money, she will smile and disappear before I return the money to her. She is always coming to give me money and gifts in one way or the other, she is always complaining that because she died that is why I am hungry that I shouldn't worry.

In the whole family, I am the only one seeing her in my dream since her death, sometimes I get really scared. Can grandma love her grandchild even till death? Can anyone explain these things happening to me? Could it be spiritual love? Please I need explanation.

Familiar Spirits. This is not your granny.

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Family / Re: Is My Wife Correct On This Matter? by nnamdibig(m): 10:09pm On Mar 11
I still cannot understand why you are not very angry with your wife when she vomited that trash that your mum is fetish. How fear allow am talk am for your presence beats my imagination.


Family / Re: I Broke Up With Her by nnamdibig(m): 10:34am On Mar 04
When you are a man and you want a another man's daughter to live with you, you should be responsible for her. her contribution to the running of the house is out of her own discretion.

even as a husband, you are completely responsible for your family even if your wife works. Her money is non of your business. if she decides to help you, good for you if she decides not to face the responsibility of providing for your family as a man and boss you always want to be called.


Family / Re: . by nnamdibig(m): 2:51pm On Aug 27, 2020
our grandfathers and great-grandfathers did alot of things to protect their children and children's children. When those normal sacrifices are no longer offered because of time and generations has passed, these thing come to hunt the grand and great grand children. I have seen where a pastor told a lady that her grandfather made some sacrifices that non of his family member will ever die in a accident. Now generations has passed the young lady is just without direction. The pastor prayed and some things was done and this lady now is happily married. In as much as our generation don't believe in these things, still go and ask that your uncle some questions atleast, know the prayer point you will give to your pastor or better still know where to start from.
Crime / Death Of Tolulope Arotile: Neither Freak Nor Accidental, She Was Murdered by nnamdibig(m): 1:28pm On Jul 17, 2020
More importantly, she was taken out for her audacity to conduct successful combat missions against Boko Harams. The NAF attributed Arotile’s death to a freak accident to cover up the heinous murder. NAF believes that by saying she died of freak accident, that is, an accident which is unpredictable and unpreventable, it will not ignite any great public outcry.

Tolulope Arotile, Nigeria’s first-ever female combat helicopter pilot, was killed Tuesday. According to Nigerian Air Force spokesman, Ibikunle Daramola, the 24-year old Arotile died as a result of head injuries sustained from a road traffic accident at NAF Base in Kaduna State. She was hit by the reversing vehicle of an excited former Air Force secondary school classmate while trying to greet her.

Can any truth come out of this jagajaga country? I am not a physician. I am not a forensic pathologist. I am not a police officer. But consider:

A friend was reversing her vehicle to greet Arotile. Boom! The friend ran over her and killed her on the spot with injuries to the head. What’s the name of the friend? What was the speed of the reversing vehicle? How could the friend reverse without using the rear view mirrors? How did the friend run over Arotile without knowing? How could Arotile not seeing the coming vehicle? Who witnessed the “accident”? What did police report say about the “accident”? The whole thing was odd. The whole thing was out of character. We need answers to these questions.

Nigerians believe Arotile was not killed by any freak accident. We suspect a foul play. She was murdered by an assassin sponsored by Fulani terrorists. Lately, the Fulanis have engaged in frenzy, systematic, and systemic killing of Yorubas. This is a grand design by the Fulanis to wipe Yorubas off the map of Nigeria. The murder of young, talented and gifted Arotile by Fulanis is yet another means to snuff out our best and the brightest.

We believe the Fulani terrorists murdered Arotile in order to end abruptly her promising upward mobility career with the NAF. More importantly, she was taken out for her audacity to conduct successful combat missions against Boko Harams.

The NAF attributed Arotile’s death to a freak accident to cover up the heinous murder. NAF believes that by saying she died of freak accident, that is, an accident which is unpredictable and unpreventable, it will not ignite any great public outcry. Baba nla mistake! Also, by linking Arotile’s death to freak accident caused by a friend’s inattentiveness or stupidity, there will be no need for investigation. There’s nothing freakish or accidental in Arotile’s death.

Nobody is buying the rooster and bull story of the NAF. We hold the Chief of Air Staff Sadique Abubakar responsible for the murder of Arotile. We demand immediate and full independent inquiry into her death. We request for prompt autopsy. Both the report of the independent inquiry and the autopsy be made public as soon as they are ready without any hanky-panky.

Her parents have suffered the greatest tragedy. Our prayers and thoughts are with them.

Tolulope, good night and rest in peace.


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Autos / Re: N1,200,000 or Less Tokunbo Cars by nnamdibig(m): 10:57am On Jun 13, 2020
I think I have read somewhere that OP said that if someone indicates interest in a particular car that full details and inspection will be arranged.

Why all these back and forth??


Politics / Details Of President Buhari's Only Media Chat In December 2015. by nnamdibig(m): 8:16am On May 18, 2020
Moderator was Channels TV man, Kayode Akintemi. He introduces the President. Introduces others Ngozi Anyaegbunam, Dan  Ali of Daily Trust, Ibanga Isine of Premium Times.

The Questions have started. As expected the first was on corruption.
Question: How do you think you are doing with the fight against corruption?

Buhari; Urges cooperation from citizens in the fight. Says times are different from when he was a head of state in 1984. Urges for patience.
Says money was found in private accounts.

Has money been collected?

Buhari: We cannot prejudge what the court will do. But we are presenting documents to the court. Money is being recovered. says the evidence of stolen money will be presented in the court.

Anyaegbunam: Asks about the need to make the war a national movement, in which everyone will be involved. And plans to rejig anti-corruption agencies.
Buhari: We have to cross check our documents. Cross check records. For example NNPC, which ships loaded, where etc.  We are going far. By the end of first quarter next year, we will tell Nigerians how far we have gone.

Question; How far can you go?
Buhari: I said at the beginning that I do not belong to anybody. I have sworn on the Quran. We are not going to put anyone above the law.

On NNPC probe:
Buhari: We are seeking the cooperation of banks, countries, to cooperate with us because Nigeria is in bad shape

Question: On his own asset declaration

Buhari: I have declared my assets four times. As Governor of North East state, member of Supreme Military Council and Minister of Petroleum, as Head of state, when I was removed, I could not declare because I was under house arrest for three years.

As elected President, I have also declared.

This information could be gotten from Ministry of Justice. If they cannot produce it, they have questions to answer.
Challenges the media to ask for the documents.

19.22: Question still on corruption; accusations that the fight is lopsided as members of his party who are ministers have cases in court.

Buhari: I do not tolerate corruption. I did not appoint any of the 36 ministers who has a case in court. Tell me one

Question: Have your ministers declared their assets

Buhari: I expected them to have declared their assets. It is a constitutional issue.

19.25: Question moves to Chibok Girls, Boko Haram. When are we bringing the girls back?

Buhari; My fourth time of answering questions on Chibok girls, Mentions a Boko Haram contact that approached the government. We wanted the girls intact, but we are told they have been dispersed. We are still in talks, but we have made it clear without preconditions.

Question: Do you have intelligence that the girls are alive?

Buhari: We are still waiting for a credible Boko Haram leadership that will tell us that.

The question of Chibok girls is on our minds all the time. But we do not have any information on where they are.  The Honest truth: we do not have.

Question: The IDPs going back home in first quarter of 2016. Are they going to be like sitting ducks? Any psychological counseling for them before they return home, their integration etc

Buhari:  We have about 2million IDPs in various camps. Over 70 per cent of them are children and women. Over 65 per cent of the children are orphans. A committee was set up, the Danjuma Committee. Over N25billion was collected. If you recall, when I went to G7 meeting, I raised the issue, they asked me to send a shopping list.

They have come, with promises to help.

What concerned us most are the orphaned children. We are trying to find out where they come from.  Mentions a committee headed by Governor Adams Oshiomhole.

Question: The Shiite clash with the army  and the warning that if mismanaged it could be like Boko Haram:

Buhari:I am awaiting the army and the Kaduna state government to submit their report before the Federal Government takes a stand.

When it happened, I was in touch with the Governor of Kaduna State. The President of Iran called me , but I told him that we have a system that it happened in one of our states. The Army that was involved has its own system of investigation. I am waiting for the investigations to be concluded and the Police also have their own system of investigations. It is extremely serious. How can you create a state within a state? There are some teenagers I saw stoning Generals. I don’t want to talk too much about it. The deaths are not justifiable, but you have to wait till the end of the enquiry.  I expect a judicial commission of enquiry to be constituted by the Kaduna State government.

The President says there are a lot of allegations against Shi’ites which he will wait for the enquiry to unveil

Pressed further: President says from some of the clues he has seen, How can a group constitute a state within a state?

Question: from where will the report come from?
Buhari: I expect a judicial enquiry from the Kaduna State government.  There are a lot of allegations. But I will wait for the report.

19.48: Question; Boko Haram war being technically won and the terror unleashed in recent days

Buhari: What I said was that the Boko Haram ability to attack institutions, police posts, army barracks has been degraded. What they are doing now is using girls to carry explosives.

Hijab issue: Why has it not been banned in Nigeria?

Buhari: It may have to be banned if this killing continues. We are taking a lot of security measures. At the parks, they are using metal detectors to screen people.
19.51; The Shiite question comes on again

Buhari: says the people of Zaria came out openly to talk about what they have been going through in the last 20 years under the group. Still says the way to get to the depth of the problem is via a Judicial Commission of enquiry.

Moderator’s question; Big issue on foreign exchange, people taking their money out, devaluation of the Naira.

Buhari: I do not support devaluation. When we came 84/85, people did not know how much debt Nigeria had accumulated under four years of civilian regime.  Don’t talk about foreign reserve. It had disappeared. the situation now  is aggravated by downturn in oil prices, down now to 35, 36 dollars a barrel.

And  we have a lot of commitments.

We are trying to reform NNPC, to know what goes in, what goes out.

We are using Treasury Single Account. We have  N1.45 trillion in Central Bank.

The previous budget, over 92 per cent on recurrent. People just sit in government and chop money. We are in bad shape.

Devaluation question again:
Buhari: Devaluation of Naira against Dollar, pound sterling etc? In developed countries, when they devalue, their currencies become cheaper, their goods and services become cheaper. But in Nigeria, we import even toothpick. If we devalue, what are we sending out?

What we are doing is that we shall make money available to industries, the real sector, those who are going to produce goods and services, and employ people.

We need power. We need roads. We need railways. We want to fight insurgency.

Moderator  raises Foreign Exchange problems  again,  including difficulties withdrawing money from domiciliary account:

Buhari: a  promise to ask the CBN for clarifications.
Question on oil  subsidy:
Buhari: says oil sector infrastructure destroyed by past regimes. Why can’t people maintain what they inherited? They failed to maintain tank farms, oil depots, refineries etc.

Today the cost of fuel is low, we are not subsidising any one now.

Our first priority is to get our refineries working. If we get them working, we can take care of 60 per cent of our needs. Then we use swap to take care of 40 %.

Buhari: we had 42 ministries, 42 permanent secretaries and only God knows how many directors. The new permanent secretaries have just taken over, the ministers have just taken over.

A lot of things cannot be done overnight.

8.15 pm: Budget; Nothing appears to have changed; the presidency and National Assembly have taken a chunk. What has changed?

Buhari: I will see if I can stop lawmakers from buying over N48 billion cars

The first thing I turned down were N400 million for vehicles when I came in. The vehicles I have is good enough for 10 years. But I understand we have to buy vehicles for protocols in case we want to host other Presidents. On the N50 billion for cars by the National Assembly, I think I will have to have a close door meeting with them. I hope they have not bought them yet. The President also said the National Assembly is not willing to be part of the TSA. The President said he will explore the possibility of stopping the National Assembly from using over N47 billion to buy cars in spite of the transport allowance they are getting.
Question of Forex comes on  again: About People unable to get forex for their kids in school abroad.

Buhari restates the need to get our priorities right. Fix the infrastructure, insecurity, fix the economy. “It is a very nasty situation we are in. We cannot fold our hands, We have to do something. ”
He mentions the  agreement on rail with the Chinese,  Nigeria could not pay counterpart of 30 per cent, the Chinese are paying 70 per cent. It is the best deal you can get anywhere in the world.
20.25 pm: Moderator says floor is being thrown open to the social media, questions coming in through a hashtag #askBuhari.

First question on why government is borrowing to fund budget

Buhari: says government has no alternative, if it wants to create jobs and fix the infrastructure.

Question: Government position on Corrupt judges
Buhari:I think I will discuss that with the CJN. It takes two to tango.. There are allegations, but government needs to discuss with the judiciary itself. Judiciary is a sitting duck; it takes what the police bring to the, what the lawyers take to them.

When the Tribunals were to be established they were told to shun corruption. The Judiciary is a sitting duck, they work with what the Police and lawyers take to them. There must be participation from other institutions for the judiciary to be corrupt. It takes two to tango, somebody must be offering and somebody must be taking. You have to prove that there is corruption.

Question: will government sustain the N18,000 minimum wage
Buhari: says it is not a question he can answer off hand. When we came 27 states could not pay salaries. CBN had to use ways and means to get them money to pay salaries.

Will FG support merger of states?

Buhari; we have to look into the constitution on whether this can be done.

Question: How will government collect data on unemployed graduates?

Buhari: It is in our manifesto. says the Ministry of Labour and Productivity will handle this.

Buhari also promises to get CBN, Ministry of Finance and Education Ministry involved to sort out the forex needs of Nigerians now outside, so that they can complete their education.
Tertiary education:

Buhari: The standard of our tertiary education is poor. There is  a number of things that need to be done in terms of building new classrooms, laboratories. New classrooms have to be built, the teachers have to be comfortable.

On agencies like NIMASA harassing NLNG:
Buhari: Promises to look into the issue. But adds:

The question of agencies like NIMASA, NNPC earning money and giving government the change has to stop.  

Moderator switches back to the panel: It’s 20.50

Ngozi Anyaegbunam has the first shot:

And she asks about government efforts to get civil servants mobilized to support government objective of change

Isine: Security agencies disobeying court orders

Buhari:Technically, you can see the kind of atrocities those people committed against the government. The former President just called the CBN governor to give him N40 billion. if they jump bail, it will be a problem for this country. On Kanu,  he has two passports, one Nigerian, one British. He brought in sophisticated equipment for his radio Biafra. There is a   treasonable felony charge against him. And I hope the court will listen to the case.

On Igbo Marginalization:
I am limited by the constitution. Says every member of the Nigerian state is represented in government. Reels out the Igbo in government and asks ‘who is marginalizing who?
President Buhari to round off, asks the media to do investigative journalism on important issues, rather than being sensational.
The program ends at 21.01.


Family / Re: What Secret Is My Husband Hiding? by nnamdibig(m): 4:00pm On May 16, 2020
I actually thought you are just acting up until I read this line

"He cares so much about what she thinks of him"

He is keeping this relationship as a tool to persuade you when you finally finds out what he is up to.


Politics / Re: Femi Adesina: Obasanjo Would Have Insulted Those Demanding Presidential Address by nnamdibig(m): 2:26pm On May 15, 2020
There would be no need because he was addressing Nigerians and was having media chats so there would no need to demand that he should talk to Nigerians.


Family / Re: My Wife Is Too Insecure by nnamdibig(m): 8:48am On May 14, 2020
A quiet woman without many friends and likes to stay home all the time. Every other thing can be managed.
You are blessed sir. Don't look for unnecessary drama where there is not.


Politics / Prof. Ibrahim Gambari Appointed The New Chief Of Staff To The President. by nnamdibig(m): 2:31pm On May 12, 2020
Breaking News!! Prof. Ibrahim Gambari has been appointed the new Chief of Staff to the President. Gambari, from Kwara State was a former Under-secretary of the United Nations

Family / Re: Should I Forcefully Take Possession Of My Daughter? by nnamdibig(m): 11:56am On May 12, 2020

I am hardly concerned about the OP... If he wants, he should go claim paternity of the child or if he decides to forget it, still his cup of tea.

It's the other man who married his ex and is playing daddy to a child he didn't father, he's the one in my mind... I just don't know why.

What a tool.

What if the lady had sex with the current husband the same period and the lady have assured the man that the baby is his, you now blame the man for trusting someone he loves(if he actually do)?
Family / Re: Should I Forcefully Take Possession Of My Daughter? by nnamdibig(m): 11:53am On May 12, 2020
Paternity fraud!
Another case of a woman pinning the other man's child on her husband.

Well, it takes both sides to build a bridge. Both of you are at fault here.
She wasn't good enough for you to marry because she's an illiterate. At the mention of marriage, you took to your heels.
She was already pregnant with your child but another man was disturbing her for marriage. Since you went AWOL on her, she thought it wise to get married to the man who was ready and pin the baby on him.

In as much as you are sure the child is yours and she isn't refuting the claim, do well to get involved in your child's life. You have to be diplomatic about it since her marriage is at stake.

I only pity the innocent man who is raising another man's child as his.

The innocent man will probably don't know what's going on. And when you tell these ladies not to insist that a man must marry you with another man's child, they will start shouting "you must accept the total package or nothing".


Family / Re: Should I Forcefully Take Possession Of My Daughter? by nnamdibig(m): 11:49am On May 12, 2020
You want your baby, the lady most likely did not tell the current man the true state of things. Only God knows how this your calls to this your ex might have distracted her from her current husband.
I kept telling ladies in this situation to always tell their husband the truth incase something like this happens.
If he had lied to her husband about this or may be insisted that the man must take her with another man's child, is this not the beginning of the end of the marriage if there is no true love between the lady and the current husband

Some will still be here shouting "You take the mother and the baby as total package" as if they are goods for sell.

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Family / Re: My Husband Never Listen To Anything I Say by nnamdibig(m): 11:37am On May 12, 2020
An irresponsible man sighted. He will be worse if he see the opportunity.
Travel / Re: Nigerians Evacuated From Dubai Protest, Say They Are Treated Like Prisoners by nnamdibig(m): 6:24am On May 10, 2020
They are suppose to even pay for the hotel accommodation sef
Family / Re: My Wife Betrayed My Trust by nnamdibig(m): 5:10am On May 05, 2020
"as a man with some change, ladies will always come for you and somehow you can't reject all"

In this your statement, remove "man" replace with "woman", remove "ladies", replace with "guys"....after doing that, look for a dictionary or use Google and find the meaning of of the word "karma". Then ask yourself honestly have you been a responsible husband??

Until then dey your dey make she dey her dey.

When you are ready to fix your home, you know what to do.

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Car Talk / Re: Wrong Overtaking: Who Is At Fault? by nnamdibig(m): 9:09pm On May 04, 2020

Oga this is Nigeria o, how will 1 and 4 be overtaking?...we are using the left hand drive so we keep right always
reason why I said all are wrong and all in the wrong lane na
Family / Re: . by nnamdibig(m): 12:56pm On May 03, 2020

Then it’s not true love. Her child is part of her, they are a package. You can’t say you love the woman but not the child that came out of her, sorry that’s no love. People love their adopted children like their own, to talk less of a child borne of the woman you claim to love. The OP is way better off without such ‘love’ and man.

OP, there’s nothing wrong in searching for love or a man on the internet or on a forum. To echo what has been said up thread, do a thorough vetting and protect your child. I hope you find theone.

nothing is wrong in doing that but have you also thought of a case where the real father will start showing up after many years of absence??
and how that could affect marriage especially when the man have accepted and trained the step child. and the real dad is telling the step child that the mum purposely hide the whole thing from him so she can remarry(which might be lie ooo).
Family / Re: . by nnamdibig(m): 8:33am On May 03, 2020
Thanks on your view. Although I don't want too many discussion/drama in the direction you're going on this post
I am not vulnerable, self pited, desperate or lazy young woman looking for a man to shoulders all my problems.
Sorry about that. I know and believe there's someone out there who wouldn't mind to willingly offer what I stated above. Besides, it's just one person I'm looking for. Happy Sunday

I understand you. The reason I said so is to avoid being blackmailed with it later in life.
To avoid stories like "I am not the biological father", "My own biological children comes first", "it's you that I love not your child", "take the child to her biological father".

like I said, if he loves the child naturally, fine. if he choose not to fine too but you won't be bordered because you are already taking care of the child with your business.

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Family / Re: . by nnamdibig(m): 6:15am On May 03, 2020
You said you are setting up your business and upgrading yourself.
In that case, if you are truly looking for love, don't put your child in of the conditions for someone to love you(to avoid stories of he hates his step child or the real father has been disturbing my marriage).
Take care of your child through your business and if he loves the child along the line fine if not fine too. Look for love for yourself alone and let the lover know you have a child and not with condition to love your child also.


Politics / Re: Kano Government Relaxes Lockdown, Announces Free Days by nnamdibig(m): 6:49pm On May 02, 2020
Kano is working against Nigeria.
Family / Re: My Fellow Married Women And Mothers, How Do You Deal With A Husband Like Mine? by nnamdibig(m): 4:22pm On May 02, 2020
You are the man dear marrying him as your wife.
sorry about that.

But one thing I will assure you is that if you don't leave this man, you will most likely die before your time.


Family / Re: I Never Wanted To Get Married: My Ideals Crashed In My Very Eyes by nnamdibig(m): 10:04am On May 01, 2020
That she fits to what you saw in your vision is to show you that no marriage is perfect. You have seen your wife and it's left for you to manage what comes with marriage. No marriage is perfect and your own little cross is to convince your wife on the need for regular sex for couples.

You have to always take the lead if you see those flashes, go after them, if she no like am, she go cover them. She like to see you salivate over her body.

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Family / Re: My Is Now Living And I Care Life, She Hardly Come Home. What Can I Do? by nnamdibig(m): 12:52pm On Apr 30, 2020
After reading this story,
if the lady happens to be my daughter, to be honest with you guys that boy is lucky to still be alive.
I don't care what anyone thinks about it but he should be going for Thanksgivings for being alive right now.


Car Talk / Re: Wrong Overtaking: Who Is At Fault? by nnamdibig(m): 12:19pm On Apr 30, 2020
if 1 and 4 are overtaking, all of them are wrong. 2 and 3 on the wrong lane, 1 and 4 overtaking from the wrong side(impatient).

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Crime / Boko Haram Leader, Shekau, Ready To Surrender, Says Military by nnamdibig(m): 9:29am On Apr 21, 2020
Military authorities said yesterday that with the grand offensive mounted by the Armed Forces of Nigeria against Boko Haram and the Islamic State for West African Province (ISWAP), the body language of terror leader, Abubakar Shekau, is that of surrender.
They also confirmed the killing of key Boko Haram commanders during airstrikes on Durbarda, Borno State.
The Defence Headquarters (DHQ) also said it had produced 18,000 hand sanitisers and ventilator machine, “Dicovent” in support of government’s effort to contain COVID-19 pandemic.
It called on federal and state governments to patronise the products produced by Defence Industries Corporation of Nigeria (DICON) to enable mass production.
Speaking at a briefing in Abuja attended by the leadership of DICON, led by Major General Victor Ezugwu, the Coordinator of the Directorate of Defence Media Operations (DDMO), Major General John Enenche, said while there was no official contact with the terror leader, his body language showed that he was ready to surrender.
He added that Boko Haram has been degraded by the ongoing pounding of its forces and structures.
“If you talk about body language, the body language is there. If he makes any move in that regard, you will know but from the onslaught from troops, they can’t hide anymore”, he said.


Family / Re: I Need Advice Pls by nnamdibig(m): 6:16pm On Mar 19, 2020

He is not the friendly type, he treat outside better and his children that aside , he can sleep with anything under skirt, aged and under age to the point of harassing my close friend.....
He also accused me of seducing his friend some years ago even when I never knew what they call boyfriend.
Before I left his place he had actually sent me packing twice and the third time, because i asked him why he treat his children badly, that I'm always scared when he is around, that instead of that he should let me know if he don't want me to stay with him,that despite all his attitude I stayed even when the rest ran away. So, he sent me packing. I'm 26years old now, I have a child but he is not aware of it

He is obviously not ready to be a Dad. So no need telling about your child.


Family / Re: I Need Advice Pls by nnamdibig(m): 5:14pm On Mar 19, 2020
Start talking first. every other thing comes next.

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Family / Re: I Need Advice Pls by nnamdibig(m): 5:14pm On Mar 19, 2020
Start talking first. every other thing comes next.
Family / Re: We are been intimidated by a CEO by nnamdibig(m): 5:09pm On Mar 19, 2020
Desperate evil CEO.
But why will your friend allow a man in his 40s rent a whole one bedroom flat for a girl less than 18?? and still allow her accept such gift??
These moves are recipe for disaster.
When they knew the man is impotent and all that was the time they should have kept the relationship as platonic as possible. Come work go home and get paid.....while staying where other staffs stays. highest na to sack her.
Family / Re: My Husband Doesn’t Want My Son To Come And Stay With Us by nnamdibig(m): 12:55pm On Mar 13, 2020
i was reading this as a guest,bcus of this i have to login and quote u,which i normally dont do..u r very stupid and most foolish person to ever come across...u r an ass hole..idiot

You feel better now right?

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