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Romance / Re: “no Matter What Happens, Never Lay Your Hands On A Woman” by Oblivionz5(m): 5:41am On Jun 07, 2022
A joyless man like me lol punch me I punch you clean


Romance / Re: “no Matter What Happens, Never Lay Your Hands On A Woman” by Oblivionz5(m): 5:39am On Jun 07, 2022
What are some examples of manipulation?

“No matter what happens, never lay your hands on a woman”

You've most definitely heard this statement a million times. It wouldn't have been a bad statement were it not for the first part that says “No Matter what”

Is this gender equality? Is this your definition of the word? Parents advise their daughters to be strong and not take shit from any man, which is okay, but on the other hand; boys are advised to take shit from women because that's what makes them real men. Are you kidding me?

This is why we're gradually raising boys who will end up getting abused by their partners and see nothing wrong with it.

The media keeps peddling garbage quotes like "the day you raise your hand on a woman is the day you cease to be a man" but a woman dosent cease to be a woman the day she hits a man.

Now, in case you haven't gotten it yet, this post isn't about promoting gender based violence; it's about teaching our guys that it's okay to defend yourself if she starts hitting, it's okay to shove her if she won't stop hitting you.

Some people will quickly jump in and say "why don't you be the man and walk away". Let me tell you something; the only way to take care of bullies is to stand up to them, if you walk away, they'll come back for you.

"No matter what happens, never hit a woman", Anyone peddling this statement is trying to excuse abuses on one side, anyone making such statement is trying to silence the other side from standing up for themselves.

I'll always remember the story of Amber heard and Johnny depp; that's a prime example of what happens when you let abuses from the female gender linger, all in the name of being a man.

I also recently remembered something about the case; it wasn't Johnny who came out first, it was Amber. That means, if she hadn't come out to falsely accuse him, johnny would have remained silent and kept suffering.

That's what will happen guys, if you allow an abusive partner to continue, it's not going to stop until you address it.

This dosent only have to be about relationships, tell yourself you're worth it, and that nobody, not even a girl has the right to hit you, and if she does, defend yourself.

Defend yourself! Defend yourself!! The law will always excuse self defense, I don't know why so many guys don't seem to understand this. If a man tries to attack a woman, she's advised to go for the weak points, use any weapon around her to inflict as much pain as possible (rightly so), but when a man is being attacked by a woman, he's advised to be the bigger person and walk away.

It's shown in movies a lot, a woman hits a man first, and as the man's about to hit back, the woman goes "you're not really going to hit a woman, are you?"

Scenes like that make guys feel it's okay to be hit by women but it's an abomination to hit back.

Another statement I hear from people trying to excuse shit like this is "you can't really compare a woman hitting a man to a man hitting a woman" oh really? That statement is the most archaic thing I've ever heard; no matter how ripped you are, if a 13yr old girl punches your nose, or your eyes, or your throat, you're going to go down! Gender has nothing to do with it. Guys feel physical pain too

Never ever excuse abuses from the female gender. Here's the thing about human beings;

If a baby is sucking it's mom's breast, there are times when the baby tries to be naughty (usually due to boredom as a result of it no longer being hungry) by biting on the nipple. Now here's the thing, when it bites her, it usually looks at her face to see her reaction, if the mom looks at the child sternly, the child will know better than to try it again, but if the mom ignores it, or even worse; smiles, the child will bite on the nipple next time—harder!

That's humans for you, give them an inch and they'll take a mile. It works for all genders but I'm being specific here.

Defend yourselves guys, never excuse abuses because you want to be a gentleman. When I say "don't excuse abuses", it doesn't only have to be physically, if the situation allows you to walk away, you can walk away and file a lawsuit, but if the situation dosent allow you to walk away, hit back

This post isn't encouraging guys to hit girls, it's encouraging guys to hit back (if there's no other choice).

If I have sons, my advice would be "boys, the day you become the aggressor and hit a woman first, you become a disgrace to the male gender and a sorry excuse for a man. But if she hits you first, defend yourself however you can"

If you're a guy and you were too lazy to read this, at least take this home; never ever lay your hands on a woman, but if she does first, make her no longer a threat.

If she's man enough to throw a punch, she should be man enough to receive one as well. Nobody has monopoly of madness.


Lol them never born her well


Romance / Re: How Hurtful Is It by Oblivionz5(m): 3:43pm On Jun 06, 2022
To be ignored by the only girl you cared about. I love her so dearly but I am afraid to be in a committed relationship with her over the fact that I am financially constrained and this type of girl needs mad maintainance gentle men she is HOT!

It's not that I do this often o in fact I don't keep female friend at least for now but this one is hard to let go so I just kept her contact around and call her once a while to check up on her. Normally she bills me and I sha send the little I have and so on.. But recently she does not pick my call again o hmmm. Both whassap and voice. I will call her and she will busy my call. Now I am having a melt down right here.

Now I am having a melt down. I think she finds me of no use and have moved on you know new guy and stuff (her wassap status tells me).

If I have the money I will marry this girl today so that I can keep her to myself because she is damn worth it.

But alas I am not man enough and its killing me. I am weak and I need some one to talk to. I'd call my momma later today. Her emotional support is needed here.

You guys wouldn't understand fully the details of our friendship. And i do not have the strength for the article. You just have to note that I don't FAFF around with a girl for games or shii.. If I got it I flaunt and if I don't then no show kinda guy.

Wetin you smoke wey dey make you reason like this
Romance / Re: Please Help! Should I Attend The Wedding Or Not? by Oblivionz5(m): 7:21am On Jun 02, 2022
Dear Nairalanders, Good evening to you all. I'm in a state of delima right now and I'm so confused on what to do that's why I decided to bring the issue here.

I have a Cousin, he's wealthy and we used to be very close to each other, we do alot of things and talking together. Even when we do meet at Villa during festive periods, we are always together 24/7 that people do think I'm the one eating his money. (If cousins were to marry each other, we would've married ourselves)

So fast forward to 2020, things began to take a new turn, he began to change towards me completely, he hardly picks my calls, neither does he reach out to me thereafter to know why I called (Mind you, I'm not a leech to him, as my family were very comfortable too) When I lost my mom (May her soul rest in peace) this my said cousin never called me to sympathize with me, and I didn't hold it against him either. He started giving me space, I tried everything possible to know why the sudden space from him, but to no avail. So I kept my cool and distanced myself from him.

So fast forward to this 2022, his fiancee (Whom I knew her from him) called me on the 20th of last month to tell me that their wedding is on the 18th of this month and she would so much like me to be in attendance! My cousin never bothered informing me about it even till now!

Now my question is,' Should I honour the said invitation by his Fiancee and attend their wedding or I should stay back and call her to wish her Happy Married Life after their Wedding? embarassed

LALASTICLALA, MYND44, please help me push this to front page so I'll get a wider audience to share their opinions.

Thank you.

Respect yourself and stay where you are appreciated

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Family / Re: I Feel Depressed! My Cousin Beat Me Because Of N100 Biscuit by Oblivionz5(m): 9:41am On Jun 01, 2022

I can't fight him
He is older than I am

He is bigger than I am
Forget his age.... His stature is like that of a giant

Person wey you go carry pako format him head sharp sharp. I no Dey like vawlence but if it’s the last resort then so be it

Education / Re: UK-Based Nigerian Took Aboniki To School, Classmates Use It On Their Eye (Video) by Oblivionz5(m): 9:37am On Jun 01, 2022
Aboniki Dey learn for Benzyl benzoate side

That shit almost burnt me alive
Family / Re: Are Introverts Born Or Made? by Oblivionz5(m): 7:57am On May 30, 2022
They are born

But lack of money has turned some people to introvert


I think you’re right


Romance / Re: I Would Be 29 By October And I'm Loosing My Mind by Oblivionz5(m): 7:54am On May 30, 2022
God will eventually make you so great for
And your father will come back to apologize… just be consistent. You will be ok
Romance / Re: Help! This Dark, Tall Igbo Boy Wants To Make Me Lose My Home Training by Oblivionz5(m): 7:48am On May 30, 2022
God created dark tall men specially. I mean...

Especially dark men that are over 6ft tall with beard embarassed

God safe your daughter from these sons of Adam.

He's active on nairaland but a guest, very mature, not a redpiller, got his shit together. For a while we weren't talking but recently we started talking and I think I'm falling in love.

Please I don't want to fall in love with this guy because when I write my final exams after the strike, I want to join an international order and become a Reverend sister then get sent abroad. When I go abroad I will join a more strict convent and become a nun and shut out the world and its material pleasures. Amen!!!!

So, what do I do? Block him? Marry him?

E be like say your head Dey touch in the morning
Romance / Re: My Instinct Is Fighting Me After These by Oblivionz5(m): 5:38am On May 29, 2022
Good evening nairalanders full of people with great thought,there is these very beautiful 21+ girl that comes to a school within my area and always pass through infront of my house there is not a single day which these girls doesn't say me hi while passing through,..but sign out of senior secondary school last year,and since then have been trying to get her number which has become very difficult for me to get i even tried to ask her friend that lives within my street to give me her number but she refused to which i believe she hates me for nothing meaningless,..with a great surprise i saw her today looking more beautiful than while in school standing at the Middle of her school mate but am not so brave to approach her in that moment she is the even the first to say me hi and i also replied with same hi and left in a swift manner,but my instinct is fighting me and i felt somehow for not been able to approach and start a good conversation with her am so pained right now, cry cry

Go and make money and make your family proud … not everything be love love love
Romance / Re: She Cheated With A Married Man Now This. Please Advice. by Oblivionz5(m): 8:21am On May 27, 2022
Good day Folks, I am not going to bore you with all the details. Ok, I have been a member of this Forum but I really need matured advise cos I am in a dilemma right now. I met this cute babe in 2021. She is from Edo I am Igbo. I was really thinking of getting married to her but I have some serious concerns.

Firstly, sometime last year she came visiting. While she was sleeping on my laps her phone screen lit up so I was tempted to look and I saw message delivered to Mariam. So something whispered to me to check the content of the message. When I checked, I discovered that the message was deleted after it was sent. So being a Guyman, that discovery spurred my curiosity. What I did was to copy the number and checked on Truecaller, lo and behold a Man’s name appeared. So I checked his name on face book and checked on WhatsApp too and I saw it was a married Man with five kids. So I waited till morning and confronted her. Initially, she denied it was a man but when I confronted her with my evidence she confessed it was a married man. I enquired further and she told me they have had s*x like 4 times while we were dating ooo. I butted her out of my house and blocked her completely. But this babe will be using other pple’s phones to call and be sending msgs telling me she is sorry. So at a point I forgave her and we continued, but, I was not ready to start trusting her again. So last week, I was trying to see if she has truly turned a new leaf before making a major move by going to see her parents. I was shocked what I saw in her WhatsApp. There was this random dude asking her out. From their chats she told the guy that she has a boyfriend so she can’t have anything to do with him. But, she sent him a video of her touching her Vagi*a. Telling him she wets and squirts very well. When the guy demanded they see so he can feel her she told him no that her Vagin* is only for her boyfriend. Also I saw so many guys asking her out but she kept telling them she is in a serious relationship and she can’t date them. So I am really confused. She is 22 and I am 33. It pains me so much cos this girl is so loving and caring and also a good cook. She treats me well and has never disrespected me. I am really hurting inside cos I feel this is not the kind of woman I wanna marry like how do u expose the most intimate part of ur body to someone else. Is it lack of maturity or she is jst loose and I didn’t know. I have refused picking her calls but she keeps on begging and sending msgs seriously. I am tired. Please I need matured advise cos I am no longer getting young and I wanna settle down ASAP.

Young girls and hoeing are like 5&6
Look for the matured ones that have retired from hoeing and manage one if you really want to get married

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Romance / Re: Things Shame Will Not Allow U get yourselve. by Oblivionz5(m): 7:02am On May 27, 2022
Ok guys,dis should be fun though.
What are those things shame won't let u go purchase urself unless u send kids around u.

Mine is:
Groundnut and sugar(if I must buy it myself,it must be from different store grin grin grin)

Shaving stick wink

Satana(popularly known as akpu,6 to 6 etc)

One cup of rice or beans grin

Oya drops urs

Shame na bad tin sha undecided

Bfor I forget

Condom self join d list

Very childish of you tho
Phones / Re: Help!! My Phone Has Been Giving Me Serious Headache. by Oblivionz5(m): 6:57am On May 27, 2022
I pray this gets to the top

Good morning everyone
I’ve been a member of Nairaland since 2017 but I was just here as a guest. But today I had to sought for the knowledge of experienced people here on the issues I have been having with my phone. I am using an iPhone X and I started using it August 23 2020 and it has never had issues or I have any had any cause to take it to a repair store. But not the 16 of April I fell down and the screen broke and as I went to fix it the guy changed the screen and said my phone couldn’t on because my battery was not picking charge, and said it need to be changed and I obliged (that was because my old battery has degraded to about 78%) he finished fixing it that day and I paid him 45k both for the screen replacement and the battery replacement. Just while I was heading home, I noticed the phone was seriously over heating and the charge in the battery was going low very fast like from 40% to 30% in 1 minute even without pressing the phone it was still over heating and still charge was going down. I had to wait next day to go back and complain to him because he (the phone repairer) was at onitcha and I was staying at awka (yeah in Anambra state) so I went back and he did what he did and the phone on again (mind you the phone over heated and just died couldn’t power up again). I went home with the phone back to awka and the phone did Same thing again, this time I was annoyed I called him and told him he said I should Bring it the next day again back to onitcha. I did and as I went there he did what he did and again the phone one and was still over heating so he said I should go that he will call me when my phone is ready I obliged. 2weeks down he told me to come a pick it that it’s fine now after series of calls and scolding. I went took the phone again came back and to my disappointment it happened again. It time I wasn’t annoyed I was just weak and tired cause I have not been working because my work really really requires my phone. I decided not to go back to him at onitcha again and I wanted fixing it at awka where I stay cause it’s close to me. Yesterday I went to another guys place and he said the battery that was there wasn’t original and that I need to buy another one. I agreed and bought another battery 10k and fixing is 2k and the phone came on and I was happy just to reach home as I noticed same thing again.
-phone is overheating.
-charge was going down gradually but wasn’t as fast as the previous one.

I am now confused and I yearning for a lasting solution cause I feel like the phone wants to rob me off my joy and work.
Even if I want to sell it I still need the phone to be on and move things mostly my documents that are there of which some I don’t have the hard copies again. I am just frustrated. I have spent close to 65k on the phone and just transport fare, money that is hard to get, for a phone that this is the first time I am fixing it.
I called the man that is fixing it and he said I can come today but due to the lock down and the heavy rain I decided to not to go today but tomorrow.

I really would appreciate any form advice that would lead me to fixing the problem permanently

Ps: I really sorry for the typo errors and the lengthy write up

I’m quite sure he fixed an LCD screen than the normal OLED screen. So it’s consuming the battery. I’ve had similar issues on my former 11 pro after changing the screen
Romance / Re: Help Advice On Quiet Nature by Oblivionz5(m): 1:06am On May 27, 2022
Ladies and gentlemen
Please I need your help

Am kind of quiet person to the point that girls who crush on me
Come to me for a chat
Like whenever the talk to me I don't even know what to say .
Some think am being proud not knowing sometimes I wish being deaf and dumb than being quiet
Please if you have been in my shoe before or you have any advice for me please
I want to stop being quiet
Am losing alot of opportunities like girls wanting be my friend but I don't even know what to tell them
Even at my Workin place people think am rude

Accept yourself. Don’t fight it. It is who you are so make the best of it.

…from a fellow solo person

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Phones / Re: Boys Wearing Slippers, Tee Shirt And Short Nika With Iphone 11,12,13. by Oblivionz5(m): 9:03pm On May 25, 2022
I hate it when I see boys with short Nika above there knees and with slippers and to worsting it they carry big iphone.

If seems they spent all their money on the iphone. Some of them cannot even afford a bottle of beer.

They don't spend money on other things other than that iphone thing.

People without the iphone even dress well, spend well and look rich richer. But the iphone is what those boys are using to cover up.

I smell premium tears

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Romance / Re: Do You Look Better In Person Or In Pictures? by Oblivionz5(m): 8:58pm On May 25, 2022
Do you look better in person or in pictures?

Person I think …
Romance / Re: Why, For God Sake, Does Every Woman Believe All Men Want To Sleep With Her? by Oblivionz5(m): 8:31am On May 25, 2022

You see a woman and you people are just discussing about life and what is passing through her mind is that she is so attractive/sexy that you want to sleep with her, whereas in your mind, she is nothing close to being called attractive/sexy.

Women have so much deceived themselves to the extent that you hear a woman saying: I have something that men want (ie my pussy) while a man doesn't have anything I want. Therefore I am higher than men.

How did women get so deceived to the extent that so many of them are filled with self worship?

Please let women know that not all men want to sleep with them.

I have seen many cases whereby men refused to have sex with women even when they offered themselves to the men.

So stop deceiving yourself. Stop being so proud. Stop your self adoration/worship and embrace humility for God sake.

It’s becoming rampant these days.
Romance / Re: Reason Why All Men Should Be Simp by Oblivionz5(m): 8:14am On May 25, 2022
it is really troubling, truly disheartening.

A guy will spend on his girlfriend, you call him simp.

A guy will ask for advice, you call him simp.

A guy will beg his girlfriend, you call him simp.

What is wrong?

Take a look at nature

The male counterparts makes the move, display some funny steps, and chases the females all around. Some animals even fight just to win the affection of the females.

It is just nature.

Men are created to droll over women they like and chase them. It might be simping to you, but if you were in there shoes, you might do worse.

To them it is love.

Please let's not disturb the order of nature. Let the females chop males money joor.

Simping is just like the food chain. If the mouse claims to be too smart and avoids the hawk, the hawk will go hungry.

If the deer, no matter how smart fails to fall foolish at some point in time, the lion would go hungry. if the spider sets its web and no fly fall on it, what will it eat?

You see, simping is part of the food chain. Allow men to simp. If not for simping boyfriends, many Nigerian girls will never have a smart phone. If all guys swallow one carton of redpill, tell me, who will be admiring the girls and stopping them?

Do you want these girls to die of depression?

No matter how they deny, girls love attention.

So, allow simps to be joor.

If there are no simps, many girls will die of hunger.

If there are no simps, many marriages wouldn't work. Talk of two overly smart lovers in a relationship.

Many marriages of the past work today because the men are what you call ''simps''.

It has started happening, many women are accepting to be the wife of a single man. 9 women agreed to may that Brazilian guy. A guy in Kenya married three ladies, triplets!. Many, many examples.

If all men become wise, who would spend on these broke girls with bad character?

Men are getting scarce, if there are no simps, who would carry them go their husband house?


If there are no simps many girls will die of hunger

Romance / Re: My Brother Warned Me - Say No To Drugs by Oblivionz5(m): 6:47pm On May 24, 2022
Shea you think say I will be telling you all my life history ....

Bro forget am ... E too long .. you no fit read ...

All I have to say is .... My brother gave me the key to his house .... He went to Lagos ... To stay for like 3 months ....

He told me ... Bro anything Weah you see for my house don't smoke it .... I say okay ....

Last month ... I took some cleaners to go and clean the place ... I saw some smoke ... Weah he smoke half way ...

I collected some ...

So few weeks back ... I decided to try it .... I bought lighter ... I lighted one of the smokes .... I drag am ... Dear .. within 3 mins ... The whole place begin to shake ...

I no know wetin happen ... Untill like when I wake up .... I dey in midst of maggots ... I don shit for my body .... I don dey inside shit for like 2 days ...

Should I call it coma or death ... I don't know ....

As I wake up I check date ... Na that time I know say .... I dey on top maggot for like 3 days !!! .. yes 3 days ...

Just 2 drags of unknown weed grin grin grin grin grin

The weed is Kolorado .....

Say no to drugs

Colorado knock you out for 2 days ?
Lol 10 puff no Dey carry me pass 4 hrs
Romance / Re: If Your Gf Tells You She Was A Former Sex Worker by Oblivionz5(m): 7:29am On May 24, 2022
If your girlfriend confessed to you she was a former sex worker and she narrates all her sexual escapade with you to the extent that she sleeps with an average of seven men a day and she was also into drugs, will you still give her a chance. Even though she still sleeps around with some men after leaving the brothel, she told the guy that it was a thg of the past after meeting him, and she doesn't want to go back to her past.
Because I was at a bar with a friend when we met this other guy narrating his story to us. Well I decided to bring it down here to seek multiple opinion amongst the good, the bad and the ugly.

Cc: seun, mynd,
lalasticlala no worry your own na snake matter.

Once a soldier .. always a soldier
Phones / Re: Itel New Device P38 Comes With Big Storage Space by Oblivionz5(m): 11:50am On May 23, 2022
Big storage space lmao
Romance / Re: As A Woman What Will U Take Back 4rm Ur Boyfriend If He Decides That It Is Over? by Oblivionz5(m): 11:40am On May 23, 2022
wink cheesy

Romance / Re: Drama As TV Gets Stuck On Thief’s Head — Video by Oblivionz5(m): 11:07am On May 23, 2022
A video circulating on sees shocking moment a television set a suspected thief had stolen from a businessman got stuck on his head.

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Reports have it that the alleged thief and his colleagues broke into the house of the man and stole his monies and other valuable assets.

The businessman subsequently visits a native doctor to assist him to retrieve the stolen items.

Just after seeking the help of the witch doctor, the suspected thief stormed the crime scene with a television where he allegedly stole it from.

A lot of people praised the owner for seeking assistance from a native doctor to retrieve the items because theft cases have been rampant in the area.

However, some residents also claim it was a trap to lure people to seek the services of the witch doctor.

Watch the video below;



Romance / Re: Which Business Can I Start With 30K. by Oblivionz5(m): 11:04am On May 23, 2022
ASUU bin holding us down, I manage to raise this 30K to get a violin and learn but the mind keep reminding me to start a biz, I don't know what 30K can start.

My fellow, which profitable business Can I start with such amount?

Dollars or Naira ??
Romance / Re: 8 Traits Of Strong Men That Women Can't Handle by Oblivionz5(m): 9:06am On May 23, 2022
I really like No 1
Romance / Re: 8 Unique Traits Of Introverts by Oblivionz5(m): 8:40am On May 23, 2022
smiley99% correct

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Romance / Re: Can I Offer Sex To A Female Friend As Birthday Gift/Present? by Oblivionz5(m): 2:53pm On May 22, 2022
Good morning elders and youths on the forum.

I have a close female friend who recently celebrated her birthday on friday. Its my intention to give her a gift but I don't feel like giving her cash or getting her any gift with my money.

We have never had sex in our 13 months of friendship. She wil be at my place on wednesday, so I'm thinking allowing her have sex with me will be a nice birthday present.

What do you think? I'll appreciate your comments.

1 condom would have prevented this nonsense I’m seeing this Sunday

Romance / Re: A Day That I Can Barely Forget by Oblivionz5(m): 9:48pm On May 21, 2022
grin cheesy

My broda na real foolish thing we do that night o, buh e don go and I learnt my lesson right away

Go testify o. I no Dey like Wahala my house /room is enough for me
Romance / Re: What's With Nigerian Youths And Sex? by Oblivionz5(m): 9:47pm On May 21, 2022

I completely agree with you. Even in my class, it has become a normal thing. Sometimes you would see a few girls and boys engaging in serious discussions that you would think they're debating and arguing on the decisions that could vitally help in the improvement of the country if made only to walk up on them and realizing that they're talking about sex.
I almost unleashed my anger on one of the girls in my class who was asking me about my favorite position.
I'm expecting Seun and Lalasticlacla to do more to filter out all discussions related to sex the moment they're made and the accounts making them completely banned.

Lmao that’s not going to stop them. It’s their choice..just a very destructive choice tho
Romance / Re: A Day That I Can Barely Forget by Oblivionz5(m): 5:36pm On May 21, 2022
So on one particular night like that in d year 2009 a group of guys on bike � drove into our area, it was around 1am in d midnight, my guys and I were chilling and gisting outside,unknown to us ,d guys that passed by on bike were robbers, so after like an hour sha, dey were done with their operation and was heading back out on their bike, they already drove past us ofcos my guys and I were still outside our crib, our compound no get fence then and no gate sef, so as dey left the victims house, d victim came out of their compound and started shouting Ole *7 note: dose robbers already tied up the gateman of that house, so while outside we heard noises and d woman who got robbed informed us that dose boys going on bike just robbed her of d money she brought in that same night and it was for business purpose blah blah blah, so on our part we decided to try and help out by giving those robbers a hot chase cos our road for area was really sloppy and not too smooth for bike ride so deir bike can’t run all that fast, we sha knew if we chased dose robbers we’ll sure catch up with em, so me and my guys started chasing d robbers, we were almost catching up I was second in line, one of my frnd was in front of me now about 20feets away from d bike, naso dese robber guys observe say pple dey run after em, so d guy at d extreme of the bike brought out his one loader gun and flashed it to us and was saying E pada meaning we should retire and not chase after em, we called it a bluff and continued chasing and we were almost catching up with em, suddenly I believe d guy got really mad at us for daring him that’s how he turned towards us while on d bike and shot his gun, omoh my pple mk una kon see as I use freeze for my track lmao,i kon dey try find out weda grin I still dey alive or not or weda bullet touch me, as I regain my composure lasan I dive inside gutter straight begin dey thank God for my life, my other guys too didn’t get hurt, they also Jumped inside d gutter, na inside that gutter we dey till d robbers disappeared finally with their bike
Omoh what a night, bad day devil drink water lmao

You’re a foolish man lol and you’re lucky to escape. Even NPF no Dey pursue theif like that

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Romance / Re: What's With Nigerian Youths And Sex? by Oblivionz5(m): 5:32pm On May 21, 2022
I think it's getting out of hand. Every direction and corner you go on this forum, you see boys and girls discussing about sex. I don't get it. Is it because of the high unemployment rate in the country that has caused this amongst our Youths? Everywhere you go, you see them in their thousands, talking about relationships, drilling, best positions, ashawo, mouth action etc. Its getting out of hand. Each time I see the average Nigerian girls I begin to weigh withing me "what's the probability that this girl hasn't had sex a couple of times?" don't blame me because I'm beginning to think the president was right when he said Nigerian Youths are lazy. Because If the Youths were channeling this energy into things productive, this country wouldn't have been how it is. If they were using the money they spend on hiring people with kpekus to have fun, instead spending them on businesses, they probably would've lifted themselves out of poverty. If you've the time, ask one of our Youths if he can give just an estimate of how much he's spent on sex, you'd be surprise to hear 3 million at minimum.

I am still a teen, I certainly aren't happy with the fact that the Youths of this country, who are the people are look up to, are wasting their precious time on things that wouldnt bring about any form of development whatsoever

Me sef no understand. I’m usually surprised when I see lil boys and young guys like me always thinking about nothing but sex.
And these hoes ain’t helping the situation.

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