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Travel / Re: Flying Green Africa Airways For The First Time And A Review Of Akure Airport by Oiza131(f): 12:57pm On Jul 05
I'm also considering flying green Africa to Phc from Los, I'm an airpeace fan but was told this is cheaper but slower. Reviews are negative, especially inconsistent boarding times. Yeyegbami, do you have any contact in pH?

I've flown with them about 3times. I wouldn't even allow my enemy use their airline again. My first two flights were delayed. First was delayed for about 5hrs from Los to Abj. Second was rescheduled till the next day. They are about 15-30mins slower than airpeace. Cheap? Yes. But omo, when you need to catch up with something important, green airways no follow at all!... When you add your luggage money to the price, it's almost equivalent to airpeace. Better fly your airpeace jejely.

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Events / Re: Wedding Dance Video Of An Asian Woman & Her Nigerian Husband From Edo by Oiza131(f): 10:12pm On Jan 23

What is omeya please?

"How far, how are you..."
Romance / Re: What Is The One Thing That Always Gets People Attracted To You? by Oiza131(f): 10:24pm On Jan 22
My bowlegs and smiles.. I don't know if they're whining me sha, but most persons tend to compliment my legs than my beautiful face. I don't take it as a compliment though.

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Food / Re: Can You Finish A Full Pack Of Spaghetti In One Sitting? by Oiza131(f): 2:04pm On Jan 20
If I say yes now, it'll look like I'm a glutton, whereas I'm just a foodie cry
My love for pasta sha.
Peppered spaghetti with smoked fish. Fada lawd shocked


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: 2022 Graduate Trainee Program At Sterling Bank Plc by Oiza131(f): 5:53pm On Jan 05
Omo the test was very difficult
On God!
We mouve....
It was fair though
Religion / Re: Are There Any Dance Steps From Hell? by Oiza131(f): 9:33am On Dec 28, 2021
Good morning
Please I sent you a mail. Kindly check


Religion / Re: Are There Any Dance Steps From Hell? by Oiza131(f): 7:11pm On Dec 22, 2021
How do I drop the number you can call now because I don't want people disturbing the lady.
You can send it to my mail.
Education / Re: 8 Types Of Food For Broke University Students by Oiza131(f): 9:20am On Dec 20, 2021
My love for beans and garri is undiluted

Perfect combo wey you go use hold body until another meal drop
You're blessed
Religion / Re: Are There Any Dance Steps From Hell? by Oiza131(f): 10:26am On Dec 16, 2021
Good morning, the job is an office assistant job, the lady who you will likely replace just recently got married and may likely take in soon hence you could take her position as a secretary and PA to the boss. You will have to work as an office assistant to understudy her.
Good morning
Thanks so much
Got your previous mention too.
I'll be waiting for it.
Thank you.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Looking For Job by Oiza131(f): 8:05pm On Dec 12, 2021
I don't do DM. If you can work as an office assistant in Isolo do let me know so, I can give you a number to call and they book you for an interview
It's fine
I'm.in for it.
Thank you

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Looking For Job by Oiza131(f): 9:18am On Dec 12, 2021
The job is on the mainland.
It's fine
I stay on the mainland too.
Just sent you a mail

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Looking For Job by Oiza131(f): 4:41pm On Dec 11, 2021
Are you in Lagos?
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Looking For Job by Oiza131(f): 6:53pm On Dec 09, 2021
Are you currently working?

Can you work in a blending plant?
Please if it's still open and not gender sensitive, I'm interested.

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Romance / Re: What Are The Red Flags You Can't Overlook In A Relationship? by Oiza131(f): 7:57pm On Dec 08, 2021
So guys what are the things or signs that can make you quit a relationship without looking back?

There are some signs we see in our partners that are easily ignored or overlooked, maybe because these signs don't affect your relationship with your partner or maybe you think with time your partner will change.
But then there are the signs that can't be ignored or overlooked, so I'd like for you guys to share so people who exhibit some certain habit that's considered a redflag can readjust and learn to change some undesirable things about themselves.

Verbal abuse
Amongst others...
Family / Re: Which Year Took The Most Important People In Your Life ? by Oiza131(f): 11:05am On Nov 08, 2021
My biggest fan and super hero; my dad. 2014. How I survived it is what I can't explain. RIP my daddy. Still feels like yesterday.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Are You In The Wrong Career? Here’s How To Tell And What To Do About It by Oiza131(f): 8:55pm On Oct 25, 2021
If you're not happy with your career, it's hard to pinpoint what you might want to do instead. But as long as the job gives you a sense of purpose and fulfilment, sticking around may be the best option for now.

Here's how to figure out if you're in the wrong career, and what to do next.
1. Look for careers that are similar to your current job
If you're not happy with what you do, it's tempting to assume there must be something wrong with the career. But sometimes, it's simply the job itself that you don't like. If you start to look at other careers that are similar to what you currently do, you might find one that strikes a chord with what you want to do next. Do some research on the internet and talk to any contacts you may have in that space to get an idea of what the career is like in reality.

2. Consider taking a course in something related to your field
Many careers are not directly related to what you studied or do now. There may be other opportunities that are more aligned with your interests but have less of an obvious connection with the job you have now. It might be worth looking at a course that is related to your current job, even though it's not directly related to the field you do now.

3. Take a vacation from work and try something new
It may be just that you need a break from the constant activities and tasks of your job to experience something new and different. It may be the catalyst you need to find a more interesting career path or give you a stronger connection to your job.
If you're in your job because you feel trapped, it might be time to take a break from the routine. Try taking one month off and trying something new. For example, if you have been working for two years as a product designer at a tech company and have gotten quite used to the monotony of the job, taking a vacation will do a lot of wonders to reawaken your senses and make work exciting again.

4. Find out about other careers that you might like
Another way to find a new career is by finding out what others who do similar jobs do and their salary compared with yours. If you want to become an architect, for example, there are public forums you can ask to know what architects earn and if it is a good decision to make a career switch.

In conclusion, don't be afraid to ask for help when you feel stuck. Seek someone experienced that you can talk to and who is willing to guide you in making the right decisions.

Source: https://www.thejobhunch.com/article/are-you-in-the-wrong-career-here%E2%80%99s-how-to-tell-and-what-to-do-about-it
I've always wanted and liked to teach; children precisely. Because of the passion for teaching children, I decided to combine my subject area with education. I don't want to say I'm regretting sha because deep down, I feel good teaching kids. So I'd say I'm in the wrong place, in fact wrong country!!!. Looking forward to pursuing a career in a different field. undecided

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Family / Re: Help, My Child Is Already A GENIUS @ 3! by Oiza131(f): 2:05pm On Oct 12, 2021
I teach a child of age 3 who writes to 400 on her own in less than an hour. I'm sure if she has her way, she'd have written pass that. She reads the alphabet, identifies and can sound from a-z. In fact ehn, after learning for an hour, when I tell her we're done, madam starts crying that she wants to continue. I've never seen such a child. She blends three letter words and even read them as a sentence. The girl dy fear me sometimes. Funny enough, she didn't come out 1st or 2nd position in class last term. I want to meet the child who came out first. The child must be extra genius. These children ehn, they're something else. I must have an intelligent child o. God abeg!
Hello friends, my daughter is very far ahead of her peers (class mates and outsiders) academically and otherwise. She started school when she was 2yrs. 3wks in school she had already knw how to write 1 to 10, A to F (I mean write not just to read).

Now she is 3yrs and she does things extraordinary. She can write 1 to 200, Aa to Zz without anybody assistance. She does her H/W alone, can read and spell two letter words. She sings a lot. I wanted her to play at least one musical instrument b4 she turns 5.

Two yrs ago, I had this vision of grooming "exceptionally intelligent" kids btw 9-12yrs to study outside their normal school curriculum. I mean a 9yr old kid in JS1 answering physics and advance maths question. Am still working on it. But my child is just 3yrs old and i am begining to be afraid. Married with two kids, an average of 30k monthly income as a private school teacher, I think, I lack the financial resources to push my daughter to where she deserves.

I need proper advice on how to guide her now.
Romance / Re: Have You Ever Cried And Begged For A Relationship As A Woman? by Oiza131(f): 5:48am On Oct 05, 2021
Yes!!!... Not direct beg sha, beg with style. I'm sure he knew what i wanted; the relationship was on the verge of crumbling then. Well, it still did... If one had told me I'll be that way, I for curse the person. Love is powerful. He wasn't my first man, but my first love.


Religion / Re: Are There Any Dance Steps From Hell? by Oiza131(f): 10:40am On Sep 26, 2021
Imagine dancing "one corner" or "twerking" in the church?
Something's are just common sense. You don't need someone to quote scriptures for you before you know what's right and wrong.
Dance is a language.
Imagine been in a club and clapping hands "one two one two" I'm sure someone would ask if you're in a church.

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Health / Re: My COVID-19 Vaccine Experience by Oiza131(f): 9:37pm On Sep 16, 2021

Moderna says you shouldn't trust their Vaccines in fact they said this yesterday.

Read here


AstraZenica is not to be trusted due to blood clots.

There no long term data to prove that the vaccine works.

If you die they, the manufacturer are exempted from getting sued.
It is well... Thank you
Health / Re: My COVID-19 Vaccine Experience by Oiza131(f): 9:35pm On Sep 16, 2021
I recommend that you read this
I'll check it out. Thank you
Health / Re: My COVID-19 Vaccine Experience by Oiza131(f): 7:11pm On Sep 16, 2021
I took mine today too. They've been administering Modena at the center where I took it because my colleagues took there as well. Checked my card after taking it and discovered that I was given Astrazeneca... Though I've not felt anything strange in my body.
What's the difference between both vaccines? I would have preferred the Modena because most persons recommended it
Events / Re: Wedding Dance Video Of An Asian Woman & Her Nigerian Husband From Edo by Oiza131(f): 6:44pm On Sep 15, 2021
omeya ke madam. so you be anetuno. nice to meet you. have a wonderful day.

Mà dashi... Yes o, anetuno. Nice to meet you too.
Events / Re: Wedding Dance Video Of An Asian Woman & Her Nigerian Husband From Edo by Oiza131(f): 4:22pm On Sep 14, 2021
My village people...
OP, its Igarra not Igharra.

You're welcome grin


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Npower: Physical Verification To Commence On The 10th September by Oiza131(f): 5:56pm On Sep 03, 2021
I've gone to my ppa and my letter has been signed and stamped already. Na to upload remain. Should I wait after the physical verification or should i upload?
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Npower: There Will Be Physical Verification Before Deployment And Not Vice Versa by Oiza131(f): 11:23am On Sep 02, 2021
Can I use a private school as my ppa??
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: List Of N-Power Batch C Focal Officers by Oiza131(f): 8:03am On Sep 02, 2021
Anyone posted to Owan sec school?
Ovia N/E Benin
Travel / Re: Flooding In My Area In Asaba And Government’s Negligence by Oiza131(f): 8:12pm On Sep 01, 2021

Sha! Sharrap! North wey no dey get rain, will the flood come from your shadow?
No sir, it will come from your shadow. Gracias!
Travel / Re: Flooding In My Area In Asaba And Government’s Negligence by Oiza131(f): 5:38pm On Sep 01, 2021
I got to understand that y'all in the south are your own problem. Come to Benin, the drainages are refuse ground. In the north, tenant and house owners take turns to clean the drainage outside their building. I didn't know anything about flood until I left the North. Construction isn't the problem, una fit maintain am?? Mtcheew
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Npower: There Will Be Physical Verification Before Deployment And Not Vice Versa by Oiza131(f): 2:30pm On Sep 01, 2021

I'm posted to ovia N/E too
I just sent you a pm...
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Npower: There Will Be Physical Verification Before Deployment And Not Vice Versa by Oiza131(f): 7:50am On Sep 01, 2021
Anyone from Ovia N/E Benin?
I swear I need partner. This process is frustrating
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: N-Power Redeployment Issues. by Oiza131(f): 7:26am On Sep 01, 2021
Abeg, is there anyone under Ovia N/E in Benin??
I still can't download the letter. Can I just go ahead with the physical verification?

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