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Family / Re: My Sister Completed Her House Without Telling Any Of Us Including My Mum by okine4real: 11:39am On Dec 23, 2023
I have built more than 6 houses, am evening building presently, my mama know say I dey build, my younger brother know say I dey build, my friends for my street know say I dey build, non of my business associate know say I dey build, my wife and kids knows there dad is building, if you like come ask me for 5k, shishi I nor get, infact the more you know am building, the more I will not give you shishi because you see watin I dey spend money do, my children done spoil my chair badly for house, I tell my wife say shishi nor dey to repair chair, but we dey pump money enter site. Na mentality, some people believe say if them tell you say them dey build, you go dey see them as big man and them go won dey tax you, the first rule I learnt when I started building was, even if I dey spend 10 Million Naira for foundation, if you come ask me for 10k, I go tell you say I NOR GET MONEY. Even my chair for house nor fit collect money for my hand because I nor send, even my mama know say, I go give her, her money steady, but thinking say because I dey build, you go come bill me, omo na story you go dey collect steady


Properties / Re: Strict Tenancy Agreement With My Tenants by okine4real: 4:57pm On Dec 07, 2023
oga lala, pls help move this wahala when dey my head to frony page and 9ja people give me better ideas.
Properties / Strict Tenancy Agreement With My Tenants by okine4real: 3:56pm On Dec 07, 2023
This is the issue i have with my tenants. When they moved into the house, the tenancy agreement i gave them states yearly tenant, but after their rents expires, they dont pay yearly rent, its either they pay three months rent, or they pay 6 months rent. My issue is this, since their Tenancy agreement states yearly tenant and they pay rent for three months or six months, if am to give this tenants Notice to Quit, can i serve them 3 months Notice to Quit instead of 6 months Notice to Quit? My believe is, since they are not paying yearly rent, they should not be treated by a yearly tenant when issuing Notice to Quit.

Second issue, in my house, every tenant pays a Yearly service charge, tenants either deliberately delay rent and service charge and thereby keep enjoying the benefit of service charge when they are even yet to pay for it. Service charge covers cost like pumping water for the whole year, Purchasing prepaid meter units for pumping water for the whole year, powering the whole security bulbs in the compound for the whole year, sweeping the compound for the whole year, providing generator and fueling the generator for pumping water only for the whole year, also providing an extra pumping machine for the borehole, so that should the submersible inside the borehole gets damaged, the extra pumping machines is used to replace the faulty one at know cost to the house, this are just a few among the items the service cost covers, so am thinking, someone rent expires lets say Jan 2nd, 2024 and even as at March, the person is yet to renew his rent, and also enjoying the benefit of service charge that he/she is yet to pay for. So am thinking what is the best way to handle such tenant? what is that thing i have to disconnect the tenant from, once he fails to pay his service charge? how do i structure my building in such a way that, the moment the tenants rent expires, i disconnect the tenant from the usage from the house facility either manually or automatically.

This are the two issues i have for now
Career / Re: Should Children Be Their Parents' Retirement Plan? by okine4real: 1:09pm On Nov 15, 2023
nothing on this earth will make me spend all my money on my children. i must plan for myself and my wife for old age. i repeat nothing in this world, i must reserve money and fortunes for my old age, cant be begging my children for 100k and them go dey tell me story. as i be big baller now when i dey young, i must be a bigger baller for old age and till i DIE.


Technology Market / Re: *******Licensed JBL Sales Merchant 24HR Delivery Anywhere In Nigeria>>>>>>***** by okine4real: 4:12pm On Nov 08, 2023
How much is JBL partybox 310?
Technology Market / Re: *******Licensed JBL Sales Merchant 24HR Delivery Anywhere In Nigeria>>>>>>***** by okine4real: 4:54pm On Nov 06, 2023
how much is party box 710?
Romance / Re: Men Will Treat You Base On How You Portray Yourself, by okine4real: 4:07pm On Nov 06, 2023
I used to have an urgent 2k parasite. Because she was parasitic, she always came to prepare dinner for me. Imagine dinner making dinner. After I'm done with the first dinner, I will then eat the main course meal. She dared not say no. Where she wan get 2k from? These days wey guys go use super pack noodles take collect 3 rounds with better thank you o. Dem go even suggest say dem get friends in case your friends are as useless as you.
My current babe rejected my 30k support when she lost her phone. She said she's an adult like myself, and she has a job. Why would she save up her money and exploit me because I'm her boyfriend.

Dem no born me well to disrespect person wey get sense.

I swear, na you make sense pass. This ladies don't understand that they are damaging themselves by not making themself useful. I always tell ladies, learn handwork and go school, learning the handwork will be stressful, while jumping from one dick to another is easy, but in the long run, those dicks would run from you because, the dick would need a helper at home(wife that works) so don't allow men deceive you, work and make money, and most importantly learn to spend your money on yourself, not working, keeping your money and waiting for your BF to buy you IPhone. If you work and you save your money and you still want your bf to take care of you, you know different from that girl that doesn't work and her bf take care of all her bills.


Family / Re: How Would You Handle A Partner's Drastic Personality Change During Hard Times? by okine4real: 3:17pm On Oct 31, 2023
There is nothing new about what you wrote, this is while i tell guys, no woman on earth loves you like your mother. every woman that loves you, loves you because you are higher than her in wealth, academics etc the moment you fall below her levels, you a goner. Naturally women goes for men that are higher them them, while the men goes for woman that are lower than them. In marriage never ever, i mean never ever allow your women to me wealthy than you, if she is wealthy than you, lets say you earn 2M and your wife earn 3M, you are still good to go as a man, because your 2M would cater for your family, but if she earns 3M and you earn 500k, na sorry be your own. woman are built to worship men because of wealth, so if you deny yourself of her worshiping you because say you poor, na your fault.


Properties / Re: BUA Distributors In Edo, Sokoto Start Buying Supplies at 3,500 by okine4real: 6:20pm On Oct 16, 2023
Nairaland children, allow people wey dey buy cement steady talk if cement is now cheaper or not, stop occupying the whole first page with talks that are not related to the topic.

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Properties / Re: Current Prices Of Building Materials In Nigeria by okine4real: 10:42am On Oct 04, 2023
house, i need 30tones granite in Apata shomolu lagos. 07087776267 i await your calls.
Properties / Re: Current Prices Of Building Materials In Nigeria by okine4real: 8:40pm On Sep 26, 2023
All expectations are high to the October 1st drop in Cement price & High in the Granite price...

We are waiting...

Is the govt planning on reducing cement anytime soon?
Family / Re: Am I Being Unreasonable Or Is My Wife Selfish? by okine4real: 10:18am On Sep 17, 2023
OP send me a nairaland mail. I go mail you back, then I go ask you to send me your phone no, no worry, I go call you, even if we dey on one hour call. I nor fit say make you put your phone no here. Me done marry for like 11 years and get 4 children, so may be my advice for help you.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: A Letter To Unemployed People by okine4real: 10:12am On Sep 17, 2023
I swear you dey mad, but nor vex... you summarized it all. You are one million correct. But add, if you dey progress them go say na juju you dey use....
Family / Re: I Want To Divorce And Live Alone by okine4real: 3:03pm On Sep 13, 2023

From the OP's tone, I doubt a conversation has been had. He insisted his wife is a good woman so this is not a case of 'give a dog a bad name and hang it'.

And this is about 5 to 7 years running. 'Don't kill me with sex' is not a conversation. If her boss or a team member complained about something for two months, she would engage them for clarity and feedback out of regard for them. She should extend same courtesy to her husband.

Hopefully, when he complains again, the wife would engage him like an adult and they reach a compromise.

Boss what are you saying? You dey injure your woman for pussy, you dey use your dick dey disturb her system and you say make she nor complain? While una dey blame OP wife? While una nor ask OP say while him won kill him woman with long hour sex?
Family / Re: I Want To Divorce And Live Alone by okine4real: 12:44pm On Sep 13, 2023
Make una understand the woman now, OP wife nor say she nor dey Bleep ohhh, she only say she can't match OP libido sikina. Not everybody has the strength for long sex, as e be for man, na so e be for woman. Open my only advice for you is, engage yourself more with task so your libido go drop... Don't spoil your marriage because of Bleep, when you reach OLD AGE, na this your same wife go take care of you ohh, she nor go say because you shit for body and your shit dey smell, she nor go clean you up ohh, she go still take good care of you. This is the reason while 9ja marriages nor fit survive for advance countries. OP remember tomorrow ohh, that your papa nor go dey to clean your shit ohh.
Family / Re: I Want To Divorce And Live Alone by okine4real: 12:22pm On Sep 13, 2023
I done read the OP statement, but this is my issue with the OP, how come your prick still dey strong even after up to 10 Years in Marriage? Then I saw the area where you say, you dey earn like 700K and yet you dey pay like 100k for feeding monthly, I swear this is where the OP dey do the mistake. I nor accuse you ohh, but what I want to tell you is from my personal experience as a man and as a father and husband. 700KX12=8.4M. I think I make around that money yearly or double of that yearly, but my prick nor dey strong like OP own because building project when I task myself to do yearly is more than 18M, the 18M I nor get, but I set a TIME, for myself. Most times I set A YEAR, to complete a project of like 20M for myself, when you set A TIME, for your project OP, see make your wife OPEN PUSSY for you, your dick nor go stand, and if e stand, as you dey in action, your mind go carry you go remember say you never meet up with last month quoter for your project, you dick go fall.

The problem I see here is, OP you have less stress bothering you, so a quick format for you to use to drop your libido and match it with that of your wife, occupy yourself with heavy task, occupy yourself with a yearly task that the cost would double your yearly salary, eg your salary is 8.4M, mandate yourself to successfully complete a project that is like 15M yearly, naturally your libido go come down and match that of your wife. You earn a good salary, but person when dey earn that kind amount nor suppose to dey get high libido. Because I believe you do a Corporate Job.

And a serious note, if you earn 700k and your family feeding cost monthly is 100K, then I put it too you, you are underfeeding your family.


Properties / Re: Current Prices Of Building Materials In Nigeria by okine4real: 12:51pm On Sep 07, 2023
whom is a cement distributer around shomolu? abeg contact me. 07087776267 on whatsapp or call me
Career / Re: How Do Entrepreneurs That Use Petrol Engines Cope? by okine4real: 3:10pm On Jul 03, 2023

If you are in Lagos I fit run am for you , the carburator is 25 k for small one and the big
one is 35 k, workmanship is 6k.

Pls explain the difference between the small carburator and the big carburator. Abi the small one dey chop gas more? Pls explain.
Career / Re: How Do Entrepreneurs That Use Petrol Engines Cope? by okine4real: 3:05pm On Jul 03, 2023
I have converted to using LPG. It gives more run time than petrol.

Don't just type two lines, explain how it gives more run time, how much gas do you buy and how many hours does it last?
Properties / Re: Current Prices Of Building Materials In Nigeria by okine4real: 9:47pm On Jun 25, 2023
While the house quite? Nobody dey build house again?

Abeg how much be one tone of 12mm iron.
Family / Re: Should A Man Live In His Parents House After Getting Married? by okine4real: 8:57am On Jun 23, 2023
When I got married, I stayed in my family house, wahala plenty sha ohh, but we survived, my mama and my wife drama today drama tomorrow, one dey I come back from work, and I go pick my wife for like two streets to my street, my wife dey cry, I calm her down, we where not up to two years in our marriage then, serious dramas ohh. As time dey go, them my family members come dey leave the house on after the other. But when we got married, I had money to rent 5units of three bedroom flat self, but I just wanted to stay in the family house, the reason I wanted to stay in a family house was to care for my extended family while I care for my wife, I know want make only my wife dey chop the money, but I know see am say, my extended family get wahala plenty.

Today myself my wife and 4 kids stay in the house now. We where able to achieve alot because the house was fucking cheap, Also I decided to stay in the house because the rent was cheap, as at that time the rent was 122k per year for a two bedroom flat, I was of the opinion that while should I be paying high rent, when I still have a cheap house, later the house was moved to 144k and later 250k, now am paying less than 450k for a two bedroom flat, a very big house ohh, my room is 11 by 14 feet, my parlor is 14 by 22 feet, everywhere big, so I come look say while I go leave this kind house come go rent more expensive house, also I was just getting married, small money dey then ohh, but the future was pregnant, I don't know what the future would look like, what if I rent an expensive house and tomorrow business come get K leg, how I go take dey pay rent and take care of my family? So today myself and my humble wife get at least 35 tenants for Lagos, yes you heard me, 35 tenants and counting by Gods grace, we are still living in the same two bedroom, wey I grow up, I have leave in this house for like 33 years now, I know sick, my wife nor sick God dey bless us.

You can stay in your father's house, but remember while you are there, stay focus and achieve your dream.


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Business / Re: Naira Float: Dangote, Abdulsamad Rabiu Lost $5.85bn, Say Bloomberg Index by okine4real: 10:41am On Jun 16, 2023
you very wrong.. Nothing reduced in your own money value because you don't have access to the CBN Window Dangote and Samad has access to 99.5% of Nigerians were sourcing their own money from the black market.. So no change in value oga.

The person giving you likes na Olodo. Before you have 465k in your bank acc, and that 465k is 1000usd. After floating the dollar, your 465k can't purchase 1000usd, now you have to add like 140k to make it 700k before you can purchase 1000usd. Tell me, your 450k reduce in value or appreciate in value?
Business / Re: Naira Float: Dangote, Abdulsamad Rabiu Lost $5.85bn, Say Bloomberg Index by okine4real: 10:32am On Jun 16, 2023

Petrol importers were getting dollars at N460 at the CBN window. Now that the exchange rate has been merged, petrol importers will be getting dollars between N640 -N750. This means that prices of things will further increase, thus reducing the value of the Naira in every Nigerian's bank account.

Guy meet me for Iya basira spot by 9pm tomorrow make I buy you pepper soup. E b like say na only you go school here, with like just few people like 4 people. This is the simplest fact, Nairaland name should be changed to POORLAND.COM. We have too much uneducated people here, just simple thing you guys don't know everybody money done devalue? Things would start going up for now, BUT MAY BE LATER YEARS, MAY BE OHH, THINGS GO COME DEY COME DOWN. Everybody money done then change...... Your Naira in the bank and your Naira under your bed is devalued.

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Business / Re: Naira Float: Dangote, Abdulsamad Rabiu Lost $5.85bn, Say Bloomberg Index by okine4real: 10:26am On Jun 16, 2023

Lemme attempt to educate you a bit. Dangote and Rabiu have lost nothing literally. Before now their wealth was calculated from naira to dollar using 460 naira exchange, but now it has been re-based to 680 naira. It means every Nigerian has lost money including Tinubu if you're to re-calculate their wealth now in dollars.

Na only you and like two persons make sense.

The true picture is, everybody has lost money, the problem with Nairaland is there are too much of poor people commenting, poor people that are still spoon feed, so they don't even know basic Economics.

Official rate before was 460 to a Dollar, before now, Dangote and Bua would buy 1000usd for 460k, now they will have to buy 1000usd with 700k or so, so for every 1000usd they buy now, they lost 140k, Automatically things would start shooting up. Cbn is no more defending the Naira with Dollar, means Dollar would be scare, basic rule of life, whatsoever that is scare would be expensive, because you have too many people chasing it, if too many guys dey pursue one fine girl, the girl value go HIGH, She fit start to dey charge 500K to only see pant, but if guys nor dey pursue the babe, she go charge like 2k make you bang her, because her pussy got know value.

Dangote done lose money. Your 500k in your account done lose value because you will have to add 200k to the 500k before you can get 1000usd. Your money would not lose value if your money is in $$$.


Family / Re: Why Do Married Men Suddenly Lose Interest In Their Wives and try to avoid her? by okine4real: 4:09pm On Jun 14, 2023
Definitely not all men lose interest in their wives in future. However any woman who finds herself in this situation should calm down, draw the children to yourself alone, tell them the pain their dad is causing and make sure you have one or two sources of income. Then as the man begins to get older, then you can go ahead and punish him very well. This is where people begin to talk and blame women, they forget the man is reaping what he sowed. Matchew

See you don't even know anything punishing him at old age.... I laugh, that means your husband is poor, if your husband is rich even make he put you for reserve bench, so far he is rich, you can't do nothing, you go wash him yanch if he dey sick, even if the man na 75 years, widows of 60 years, 50 years dey wey won marry your husband sofar he get money. A woman can marry a gorilla so far the Gorilla has money, as a man just make sure you have lots of money, even on your dieing bed, I would not put the exact strategy here so you ladies would not see it and so also my wife can't stumble on my write up some day, but for that old age, I get a perfect plan when go make my wife stay by my side till I die.

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Events / Re: Who Is To Pay For An Introduction Reception In A Bride House by okine4real: 11:13am On Jun 14, 2023
You are lucky your wife's family contribute to their daughter's wedding with you? It's very rare in Igbo land.

When i wedded my wife, I gave them money for traditional, they added money too. I know do I troduction because myself and my wife dey leave the same area, we just do traditional straight. Introduction, if you give your babe family money for introduction, I swear the babe Family know get SHAME,( EXCEPT YIU KNOW SAY THEM DEY VERY VERY POOR) Don't forget when you going for Introduction, the babes family gives you date, they giving you date means they have prepared for your coming, introduction self, highest 10 numbers if the Grooms family, shy na that one the babe papa know fit run? Well powerty dey sha, but even if the Groom run the payment, the fact is, that is not the way it should be, the babes family takes care of there guest.

Then for traditional marriage, the Groom has there own guest, the bride has there own guest, First, the brides family takes care of the grooms family, that is there first priority, then what is left is, the brides guest and the grooms guest, now before the marriage the husband's prefers to give the prides family money to cater for food, because it's assume the husband's family are coming from a very place. Eg the bride is in Imo state, the groom and family are coming from Lagos, they can't cook and bring to the venue, so they give money to the brides family to cater for bride and grooms guest.

If you are doing a traditional marriage in Lagos, both bride and groom reside in Lagos, husband family go cook come while bride family go cook come, na there you go dey see say them go dey look face dey share food.

Business / Dvd Pack Needed by okine4real: 11:11am On May 26, 2023
Hello, anybody from Alaba market here? i need this item. Black 14mm dvd case. Normally i have a customer from Alaba that has been supplying me this items before, but i misplaced his phone no. i need someone that sells this item, if you do, pls contact me here.

Events / Re: Who Is To Pay For An Introduction Reception In A Bride House by okine4real: 2:00pm On Apr 17, 2023
when you won marry, marry enter family when get shame. If you come to my house, am to feed you, i cant come to your house and still be feeding you. its the wife's family that will feed ONLY the husbands guest, then all other guest invested by the husband, the husband will take care of his guest. eg John is marrying Susan, Susan's family is to take care of John's Family only. Then John invite about 50 friends, Its John's duty to take care of his friends. this is the Normal way before poverty come change everything. Till today, if i won cause wahala for house, i go remember the part her family play for our wedding, once i start, she go just change mood, me self go just shut up.


Properties / Re: Can 10M Naira complete a housing project(land Inclusive)? by okine4real: 11:57am On Apr 14, 2023

Several factors will determine that namely location, type/scope of building and quality of finishes.

If you are referring to a bungalow below is a rough guide (location-ogun state)

Size of plot - 36 x 9m ( half plot)-324 sqm
Cost of half plot - 600k - 1.5m depending on the are

Size of building - 25m x 7m (3 bedroom bungalow- one unit)= 175 sqm

Current reality is that 1sqm = 200,000 naira

Therefore cost of building= 175 x 200,000 = N35,000,000 (external works inclusive with average material finishing for the building)

Add the cost of land -1,500,000

Add contingency- 2,000,000

Total - N 38,500,000

Note that you can reduce the rate to 1sqm = 150,000 but not advisable

I hope this helps. Cheers

What is this one saying, you think say people when dey build nor dey Nairaland?

A one story building with 8units of a room self contain would take 25M, meaning 4units of a room self contain on the ground floor and and another 4units on the first floor, don't forget decking is involved, but your own three bedroom is bungalow, so it would be wey cheaper.

25M done cover settling of area boys and Lagos state govt wahala....
Travel / Re: Loko-Oweto Bridge Connecting Benue And Nasarawa Now Ready For Use (Pictures) by okine4real: 8:29am On Apr 05, 2023
See bridge, them know put TOLL GATE OHH, but for East Niger, them put TOLL, Easterners open your eyes... Easterners are there own enemy.
Properties / Re: Landlords And Landladies Share Your Experiences With Tenants by okine4real: 6:09pm On Mar 30, 2023
I always have issues with my tenants in ikorodu. I don't have issues with tenants in the city, but you see ikorodu tenants, demm, those one na another set of people. They will not want to pay NEPA bills, them know go gree sweep compound, they will not want to renew there rent, if compound is not floored or have interlocking, the grass go grow pass there head, they will not care, they will only just carve out a part inside the grass when them go follow enter there flat. if them sack them for work, them go say na the HOUSE when Dem rent dey give them badlock. If there wife nor get belle fast, them go say the Landlord dey use there wife belle renew him money ritual. Imagine where tenant dey pay 100k yearly rent for room and parlor self contain, yet I had to give each of my tenants individual prepaid meter, because of NEPA bill wahala. Them no get money, yet them go dey spoil your property. Them know go get Job, yet them go dey expect say make them dey progress for house while dey are jobless. The issue plenty, if you reading this, if you want to build house for tenants in ikorodu, make sure your land nor pass ikorodu garage, once you dey go areas like Sabo down to Imota, just know say the tenants go start to dey make you mad. You have to be mad to deal with them. If you know watch out for the NEPA bills, they will keep accumulating NEPA bills for you and they will finally leave when them have cost you lots of harm.. I have been dealing with them, and am still dealing with them, most of them very very very poor and have a very very very very very very very poor mentality.
Travel / Re: Lady Kicks Her Hubby Out Of His Own Home In UK After He Brought Her From Nigeria by okine4real: 2:14pm On Mar 14, 2023


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