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Business / Re: Hotel (short-time) by okine4real: 1:44pm On Jul 13
A situation where I choose to put all Foams on the floor, does this idea have a negative effect for Short-time customers?
Business / Hotel (short-time) by okine4real: 10:05am On Jul 13
Hello Guys, as you all know, building a house is good, but lots of problems comes with collecting rents. So i have decided instead of building a house, i would like to build a Hotel. I need guardians, in terms of how the house would be structured and how it would be organized. My goal is for the Hotel to be majorly run as a short-time Hotel, but if you want to lodge fine. There would be know bar, but just a cool place where one can drink and wait if the whole rooms are occupied. My orientation is for people to come in, do your things and move out, know big space for drinking beer and making noise. I also intend to have AC in all the rooms or most of the rooms, so while doing your thing or when you lodge, you would feel great. I Know am still missing certain things/ideas, so i decided to come here so most guys and babes can help me cheap in one or two ideas. I intend setting in up in Lagos, and the Location is a very densely populated area. Pls i want to know things i watch out for before setting it up.



Agriculture / Re: My Goat Farm Startup (my Diary) by okine4real: 6:25pm On Jul 12
I have 100 goats and 100 sheep for sale. I bought them at weaning last year June. I'm selling in bulk at rate of N10k each and not negotiable. You can come for inspection. Location is Oyo State

I go like see your goats. I go need some goats, I go even need the once I go like kill chop. Pls send to my WhatsApp 07087776267
Politics / Re: El-Rufai: Boko Haram, Bandits Are Different From IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu by okine4real: 7:41pm On Jul 02
From what I have read, Elrufai has stated it clear indirectly, Yoruba system of leadership is centralize under Tinubu, if Tinubu is caged, Yoruba is caged. Na expo he give una Yoruba so. Yoruba decentralize your power house and the Fulani would be scared of you guys.


Business / Re: Building A House Or Starting A Farm by okine4real: 6:14pm On Jun 29

Business / Re: Building A House Or Starting A Farm by okine4real: 6:11pm On Jun 29
I have successfully moved my goats to my supposed Ranch as i call it. Immediately i move them to the field, they started eating lots of Grass and vegetables, they where even eating leaves i even thought was weed. When i saw them eating those leaves i thought was weed, immediately i know say these goats go soon start to dey fat. I bought 45 goats, the people that bought the goats for me eat my money. Them chop my money know be small, but the truth is, since i cant go there with them because of my work, choping my money was bound to happen. I think some of the goats are pregnant, so i believe before Dec 2021, i should have started seeing kidds.

My main reason for opening the thread is to see the difference between building a house of rearing goats. Am a very practical person. So i want to see which is more profitable. Now back then exactly two years ago, if you are to build a 2bed room flats of 6units, it would cost roughly 45M and the land would cost 18M. Am using Jibowu Lagos as a case study. Rent for 2 bed room is 1M, so a landlord would get 6M yearly for rent. Now my calculation is, now lets take 45M + 18M=63M. Remember we have 6 flats so lets divide 63M by 6 flats, that would give us 10.5M. So it means it would cost 10.5M to build and buy a land just for 1unit of two bed room. So lets invest that 10.5M on goats or any animal husbandry and lets see if we can make more then the 1M the two bed room rent is suppose to give us yearly. In these case i have spend lets say 800k, those boys chop my money ohh, but even if you building a house, the people you would send to buy materials would also chop your money, so all of them na the same thing. i would try and add more goats to round up my expenses to 1M. Donot forget i need to be sure these goat business would fetch me minimum of 1M profit.

Also am trying to teach people to know that, you dont need to be going to lekki every morning for job hunting. These goats business i believe is a very lucrative one, all you need is proper planning. I would update you guys later.
Properties / Re: Why Renting An Apartment In Lagos Is So Expensive by okine4real: 9:21pm On Jun 27
Do you know of any available house around Agric, Aruna or Benson?

Come to Maya-Idafa. Would give a relative good price for my room and parlor self contain. In fact I wud rent it to you for 80k. The house has prepaid meter and light is good here.
Business / Re: Building A House Or Starting A Farm by okine4real: 5:07pm On Jun 26
My goats has arrived.

Business / Re: Building A House Or Starting A Farm by okine4real: 12:52pm On Jun 18
I wish to bring this to you guys notice. The rate at which people are buying goats now is very very high. I scouts have not been able to buy up to 20 goats for me. He is suppose to buy 60-70 goats for me. As am trying lots of people are going to the remote areas in the western states to buy 35units of goat, 20 units of goats, very soon goat for finish ohh. Its true there would be food shortage very soon. Its even on Nairaland front page today. I think in some western states, there is know cow to kill, so what they sell in the market here now is goat meat. As they sell goat meat also lots of people are going there to buy herds of goats to rear. Guys dont be caught unawares, i think this food crises would or might hit us hard next year.
Business / Re: Building A House Or Starting A Farm by okine4real: 4:15pm On Jun 16

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Business / Re: Building A House Or Starting A Farm by okine4real: 4:12pm On Jun 16
The thread is quite. Just to give you guys update. My goats would be arriving very very soon. I believe before the weekend. Already i have purchased three pregnant goats already but yet to take possession. i would upload the pics here also. All three goats are pregnant. total goats i will be purchasing would be 60-70units. either i buy 50 or 60 females, and 10 males. My desire is, at least 40 females should be pregnant at point of purchase. i have been able to construct were the goats would stay. Light is been worked on and also for my aboki to use light. My desire is, one day, i would like to have at least1000 female goats giving birth yearly in my Ranch.

I have already planted Ugwu worth of 20,000 Naira, on a plot and half. I have also planted about 100 suckers of plantain on the same one and half plot of land. I tend to feed my goats with the Ugwu and feed the goats with the plantain leaves. Am also working on planting Brachiaria grass and about two additional different kind of legumes. from what i observed, since the goats would be confined, i need to make available lots of grass and legumes for grazing. This is while, if you must do this business, make sure you have a vast area of land.

Also i have 21units of Turkey left, right now am battling with chicken Pox, my Turkey has Chicken Pox.

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Agriculture / My Turkey Has Pox by okine4real: 7:55am On Jun 13
Hello House,

My Turkey has Pox on there head. I have have used Pox cure, still the pox cure refuse to go. Pls I someone with practical knownledge to tell me the exact drugs to use.

Agriculture / Re: My Goat Farm Startup (my Diary) by okine4real: 12:24pm On Jun 11
Hydroponics is just raising seeds in a container without soil.
It's the same process used to prepare or sprout seeds for kunu (local drink)
I once used it on broilers after 9 weeks and it was ok for weight gain.

Hydroponics is the way to go for a modern farm but it will be profitable for animals with improved breed. Goats, Cows and even rams in this part of the world don't have improved breeds. They are just local as God created them.

Improved breeds of Pigs, Rabbits, Grass cutter will thrive well on fodder. Assuming we have improved breeds of commercial goats like the boer goats of South Africa, Kalahari red goats or the savavanah white goats known for fast growth and heavy weight, Intensive farming will have been extremely successful. Imagine matured boer goats reaching over a 130kg in weight.

Goats, Sheep and Cattle would have been best on fodder or hydroponics since they are 100% grass fed.

Good Afternoon, how are you doing? Hope work is fine. Please I need to contact you. I need to ask some questions ranging from how to cater for goats and what types of grass and legumes I should plant for my goats. My WhatsApp no is 07087776267.
Family / Re: I Want To Send My Wife Packing by okine4real: 4:38pm On May 28

The only solution you need is discloure...Let your wife know aw much you earn and show her the proof...Someone you go necked for, you are hidding your salary...O boy ure on a long thing...Let her know ur true picture and show her aw u spend ur money monthly...trust me, it works for me....Why having secret for someone u call ur rib bone...Women will alway assume u av money wen u dont dislcose ur earning to them....

I believe you are wrong here. When you marry your woman, I mean your own ordained wife, she know need to dey pester you to reveal how much you earn. Na you go see say this woman fit manage the secret when you won reveal. Eg you told her you earn 100K but you earn 200k, but the woman know even if manage 50k say make una use am plan for a month, in this case, while would I reveal say I dey earn 200k? But if I tell her say I dey earn 100k instead of 200k and I tell am say make we dey manage 59k per month and she call me say whether I dey mad nii, say 50k too much and make we dey rough 40k, and we have been leaving on 40k for long and she know blink, then I can even be giving her my salary to manage. Men are not fools, men always want the female gender to lead then dey would follow.

Let me use myself as example all my investment, dey pay to my wife acc. I tell am say make she use the money pay all my children school fee, buy cloths for them and herself, I tell her say, intact I have solve all your problems just leave me alone this woman, am talking of money running into Millions, I swear na only school fee money this woman dey pay inside, all the rest she say na me go still go dey do am, say that money we go still use am for investment, inside me I go dey vex say she this woman won kill me nii, so na work I come for inside this marriage ohh, but atvtge same time am happy say, my wife nor be like some babes when them see money, na Gold, lace, car go they there mind. Mind you my wife know be local girl ohh, she be full chick I swear, even me I be confirm learner for Igboro for were she dey, but we dey run things well.

Guys open your eyes when you won marry.


Family / Re: I Want To Send My Wife Packing by okine4real: 4:10pm On May 28
This is too much for me. I have had enough. I got married to my wife last year October 2020. I did both traditional wedding and white wedding, spent a million plus. I work with ministry of health.

My wife has been insisting that I disclose my salary to her from day 1 but I never, I just told her that am earning 100+. Before I met my wife, she already learn Fashion designing. Then while was rushing around, preparing for wedding, she was pestering me to open shop for her. I specifically told her that d money I have now is Solly for wedding and traditional rite, which cost me fortune.

Then after much pressure, her people contributed money and paid for d shop (Remember I have paid her bride price then). I have swallowed red pill. How can I open shop for a girl I have not finished marrying. Then when she opened d shop, I equally supporting her with other things like buying protector and chairs. Every day she is going to shop, I drop pocket of 1k. Some times she asks me money to buy tailor materials which I give.

Now within a space of 7 months my wife now has 14 apprentices. She collected like 30k from them. Then all the money she made in her shop, she put all in her account, she doesn't contribute anything at home. Infact decided not to apply for ATM card. Some time, I may go to. ATM to get money and d tell me no network, if I come to my wife to ask her for ordinary 1k, she will say she doesn't have it. I never asked her to help in our home finances before, and I don't really care about her money.

But now found out through her Facebook chat that she sent her male school friends 7k. She hid it from me, she said d guy needed d money to treat her father in d hospital. I was shock. Cos my wife always complained she does not have money. Now she is complaining that I don't support her in her shop. That she can do whatever she wants with her money.

This morning, she was raising her voice to the hearing our flat neighbors, that am a useless husband, I feel insulted. Am embarrased. That I don't support her. She said her shop rent has expired that I should give her d money but she have enough money in her account to pay it. While is asking me. Am d one that pays for house rent, I buy food stuff, I give her transport every day.

I have had enough. I will call her mum to come over and carry her daughter. I can never beat her. The last night I shouted at her she fainted not to talk of beating.

I swear I dey always wonder if guys of now a days dey close eyes before them marry. What kind of stupid talk you talking? Your wife dey do this, she dey do that, you know dey see before you marry? You guys think marriage is about pussy and dick? For marriage you go see dick and pussy, you go tire, reality would set in. What kind of women do you guys marry? Your wife is suppose to be chasing you andnt the other way round. So far your hustle tight, your wife suppose dey chase you. Guy husbands know dey outside, so for a fact that you dey even give her food, give give her roof, you suppose dey flex, if you never reach house by 8pm, she suppose dey use call dey chase you to confirm say you done dey come house know be say you dey hangout with one babe.

I swear my wife dey thief my money small small, although na 1k, 500 naira etc, sometimes the money go done reach like 10k, I swear na my children and myself she dey spend am on at the day. She know dey even use am for herself. Your wife suppose dey cherish you. Na only you suppose dey her head, guys open your eyes when you won marry, marriage is not a mirage ohh, na reality. You got bills to pay, if your wife is not working, its a different ball game, but she dey make money and she know fit assist for house, guy na another person wife you marry ohh. Last week my wife go buy sandals for my children, she spend like 15k plus, she call me for work say she done go buy scandals ohh but she go tell my children say na me buy am, when I come back from work, na from door three of my children dey thank me, after I finish with my children I come go find my wife trouble, I tell am say make she know think say na she buy those scandals ohh, say make she remember say na all my money when she thief ohh, we just laugh... As a man, your wife suppose dey adore you. As someone said on nairaland the other day, ONLY YOU SUPPOSE BE YOUR WIFE FRIEND. Guys when una won marry open your eyes. Marriage is not child's play, you can go to work, stress your head, plan how make money everyday only for your wife to dey mess you up, haba now... If you be female self, you can't even come close to meself because my wife na LION. She love me more than she loves herself. We have almost a perfect marriage. Even if I keep 10M for house, for like 1 Month, highest money when go miss inside know go pass 10k, and I guarantee you,inside that 10k, I done chop 5k inside one way for the other.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: 2016 And 2017 Graduates How Have You Been Coping? by okine4real: 9:45am On May 26
Did you graduate in 2016? How have you been coping?

After all these years all I can point at is a teaching job I Engaged in Fetching 15k a month. I quit tho after innumerable nonsense and pathetic experiences.

I feel like I am not doing enough. I feel like I am not trying enough. When I look at my dad and see his Grey hair, I feel like I have failed him because I am still eating his food bought with monthly pension. I am still sleeping and waking up under his roof at over 30years old.

As a child, I remembered the week when I was to enter Jss1, dad took me to a boutique and bought me a very fine white canvass. Now over the years I can't even afford to buy him a shoe. The last time I bought him anything was 2017 during my NYSC.

I feel I have failed not only him but a lot of people that hoped in me to become something reasonable. Laundry sef no work, always in the shop regretting my entire journey. Maybe I should have waited and studied another course or maybe I should have just chosen and engaged in a trade with with my 100 level tuition embarassed

I just regret everything. Under the hot sun, People will see me walking from one company to another establishment with my credentials. Most times i have to Beg for money just to move from one place to another online. The situation is that terrible

I have asked myself what I am doing wrong but I apply to jobs everyday. Or maybe I am afraid of starting a family on 15k salary just like most of my colleagues back in university. We do meet and they tell me how I am delaying in starting a family, and then goes ahead to tell me how poor their teaching salaries are and how they have had to depend on friends and family. But me I have no one to fall on.

A times I feel really sad and end up praying for those unemployed graduates going through the same phase I am phase I am passing through. Even though you don't know me, I pray for you

Dont know while am commenting.... but this is what i have to say... first comment and put your phone no while commenting. then call me on the phone. the reason i want you to put your phone no is because by the time you call me, i would cross check to be sure you the person calling.

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Sports / Re: Luis Suarez In Tears After Atletico Madrid Won 2020-21 La Liga Title (Photos) by okine4real: 7:10pm On May 23
Some months ago, Barca thought they could humiliate him, but today he's been a blessing to Athletico. The way he is looking at his phone, he might be selecting members of the Barca board who he will definitely bite soon.

I swear you dey Mad with that part when you say the guy fit dey select someone for barca board.

But I dey play ohh, but you really got me laughing with that line of your comment.

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Technology Market / Re: Blue Inec Type Of Batteries Are Available In Kano by okine4real: 11:20am On May 19
i would need these battery. but for all those that has bought, please confirm how durable the batteries are. are they working perfectly, for those that send cash, did you receive your batteries?
Business / Re: Building A House Or Starting A Farm by okine4real: 1:19pm On May 17
how come nobody is answering my question?
Business / Re: Building A House Or Starting A Farm by okine4real: 1:25pm On May 13
Turkey pics.

Business / Re: Building A House Or Starting A Farm by okine4real: 1:21pm On May 13
The block work for the goat and Turkey house is done, but na the zinc I dey fine. My plan is too buy fairly use zinc, new zinc are expensive. The room for the goat is approximately 10 feet by 15 feet, and I constructed 4 units, so I need lots of zinc, this is the reason am looking for used zinc. My Turkeys are approaching two months, so far I have 23 units left. The person putting me through for the Turkey messed me up, he wanted to wicked me, so he never came to administer them there vaccine, because of this, three Turkey died, but as a smart guy and also say I sabi use Internet, I did some research and investigation, so I have started giving them the vaccine myself. Tomorrow I would give them the third vaccine. My Turkeys are doing well, am still practising sha, I dey give them left over food very well and the Turkey dey do justise to the left over. Turkey stubborn and them like to fly.

I want to ask a question and I would like all my readers to pls contribute

Now, my desire is too buy minimum of 50-100 goats, but am also setting aside, another 100k for Turkey. My question is, I can buy a day old Turkey for 850 Naira each 100units would be 85k, then buy let's say 20units of Nuila chicks, let's say all amount too 100k.
If I rear this Turkey for a year and half. I believe I should be able too sell each for a minimum of 18k. The Turkey would be reared via feeding them and leaving them to roam in the compound. I have a very big space for them to roam about. Also don't forget, the females would be laying eggs and I would be taking them too hatchery. So it means I would be having lots of day old chicks to sale.


I would uses the 100k to buy goat. I can get goats for 15k each in Osun State. All 7 goats should be female. Goats gives birth twice a year, and let's say each goats gives birth to one goat the first time and another one goat the second time, means am getting 14 additional goats. Rearing this goats for a year and half ,I should be able too sell each goat for 20k.

Now the major point is, let's say am not ready too sell the goats and turkey the first year and half. Now remember I now have 21 goats and might have got lots of Turkey. Now let's say out of the 14 new born goats, let's say 10 is female, but this time the first 7 female goats would give birth to 2 kids the first time and another 2 goats the second time. So this time the first 7 goats would give me 4kid goats X7 =28kid goats. While the other ten previously new born would birth one goat per birth. Don't forget they would birth twice a year so this time it would be 2kids per goats X 10 Mama goats= 20kid goats. So by the second and half year, I would have 7goats+14goats+24goats+20goats.

Now my question is, which will you prefer I do, I should stick too only goats or I should invest the 100k into the Turkey business because the Turkey would be more profitable than the goats. Pls gives reasonable and explanatory reasons, I believe lots of people would be reading so they would be here to learn.


Properties / Re: Why Renting An Apartment In Lagos Is So Expensive by okine4real: 12:53pm On May 10

Just seeing this..thanks bro and I'll ask him to check the location out..although ikorodu has this notorious reputation for ritualist grin . Seems it's closer to ketu tho

I get Room and Parlor self contain for Idafa. To get too idafa, first when you get too ikorodu garage, you take a bus going too Maya, drop at Maya, cross to the other side of the road and take a bike of 150 Naira. The Parlor, kitchen and Toilet are tiled. The compound I'd fenced round, water running and the avail tenants have there own prepaid meter. Rent is 80K. Hala me if you interested.
Properties / Re: Why Renting An Apartment In Lagos Is So Expensive by okine4real: 12:48pm On May 10
I have leaved in ikorodu before. Previously I stayed around Jibowu, so I moved too ikorodu, the location was, once I drop at Elepe bustop, I would take bike too Lawma road, around Ginti. The size of my Kitchen was 11by 12 feet, my Room was 13 by 14 feet, sitting room was 13 by 22 feet, while my dinning was 10 by 8 feet. I only stayed for 7 moths and I parked out. The stress was killing me. I would leave work by 6.30pm and get home 9.30pm. Rent is 250k years, a 3 bedroom flat. Very good house, but how do I access my work? Land in that area as at then was 2.5M. Even after I left, more than a year, I don't think anybody rented the place, even if they do, after a year, they would park because after any new tenant discoveres there stress of going too work, then would park out after there rent expires. So everybody is rushing too the main city so proximity too work would be fair. Also building for city is not beans, after paying govt, Area boys can say bring 1M if you want too build a two start building. I know of a developer that paid 500k too area boys for just erecting a bungalow. If you have not built in the City before, you would not understand, your workers go make mistakes sometimes that you would have too demolish some sections of the block work, and reconstruct again, all money spent done waste ohh. But the koko in all is, materials are very expensive, if you building and you doing parapet, you go keep more than 700k, Engineers in the house if I dey lie make una talk, too paint your house alone, both inside and outside, you go spend more than 800k, all this are rough estimates ohh. So guys, na whom dey build house dey know where e dey pain am for shoe.

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Properties / Re: Why Renting An Apartment In Lagos Is So Expensive by okine4real: 7:47pm On May 09
Not really landlords, the economy is bad. Don't forget landlords also needs money in taking care of there family. I remember two years ago, 12MM iron rod was 175k per tone, as at when last I asked, it was 340k per ton. I don't know if it has gone up again. If you have not built a house before ,you would think landlord are crazy while telling you too pay 450k for a mini flat. Let me give you guys a real life example. In my area, if you want to buy a land or lets say a mud house, you hold a minimum of 18M. If you want too build a very decent 6 units of 2 bed room flat each, you would have too hold a minimum of 40M. This 40M is, if you where to built 2 years ago, but I know the money would have increased as BuBu hold everybody too ransom. In my area the last person that build a new two bed room flat rented his for 1M each. If you do the calculation, the house has gulped 60M, from my view, money spent in building a house and acquiring the land should be recupped in maximum of Ten years. If you can't recupp it in ten years, I believe you are losing. Don't forget, house pass house ohh, am talking of a two bed where you have POP, solid iron doors, casement windows, kitchen cabinet, every tenant with his/her prepaid meter, pumping machine and all security lights connected too its own prepaid meter, an employed staff responsible in cleaning the compound and every tenants pays a minimum of 50-80k service charge. Now tell me, while will you invest 60M on a building and you expect me too rent the house for 800k or 500k? Its not possible.... Just as there are cheap schools, there are also expensive school, so also you have Army children school, if you want good education for your children, you know where too take them too. So also if you want the kind of house where by, the house is extremely cool, your landlords fixes all issues pertaining too the house and the rest, your rent needs too high. If I have one of this face me I slap you house and I collect 60k per annum for one room, if rain carry your zinc go, them know born you well too call me too come fix the roof. Na you go fix am by yourself because you are paying nothing for that room, but if you give me 450k for a mini flat and rain carry your zinc go and you call me, I go first apologize too you first and immediately you drop, I go call the carpenter when do the roof, them swear for am, then send am too go fix the roof and give me the cost. Also don't forget cement is around 3800-4k now.



Business / Re: Building A House Or Starting A Farm by okine4real: 10:33am On Apr 28
Still working on building a safe house for the goats and Turkey. Building materials done cost. I need too make sure I build a good house for the goats, so that I can decide too tell my Abiki too lock the goats if I want to come for counting of my goats. Also I have heard of a particular insects that goats and ram eat, I was told that this insects come out in the night/strok early in the morning, they normally pech on the grass and if the goats/Ram eats these insects, in matter of days dey would die. So my plan is too instruct my Aboki too release the goats/Ram around 11am daily. From my Intel, those insects don't like Sun, so once its sunny, they move back inside the ground. Also another strategy for the insects, is to have lots of Turkey and chicken on the field, they would be responsible in eating all insects on the field. E know easy ohh. But steady I would get there.
Business / Re: Building A House Or Starting A Farm by okine4real: 11:54pm On Apr 07
I mean I can get female goats to supply you for less than the amount you quoted from Bauchi State but I don't have an idea how to transport them to Lagos from there

My friend just confirmed too me say na 8k be goat or 9k, transport to Lagos na 500 Nairalper goat, drop point Agege.
Business / Re: Building A House Or Starting A Farm by okine4real: 6:59pm On Apr 07
I might get it even cheaper than that in Bauchi but transporting them to Lagos na im be the wahala.

Don't understand your message.
Business / Re: Building A House Or Starting A Farm by okine4real: 12:07pm On Apr 07
Just need to build the shade where the goats would be staying if there is rain or Sun. Also need to build where the Turkey would be staying. Already, I have 26 Turkeys left and today makes it 2weeks and 6 days. I think am doing well regards to the Turkey. I would be buying additional 100 units of Turkey and may be 10units of Noilers. I might even want to add like 5 Ducks, Anything that would multiply in my ranch, am interested. My goal is after one year, let me see what my investment would have become.

Also if you can supply me Hausa red goats for range of 10-12k each, pls hala me, would be interested in having like 45 females.
Agriculture / Re: Need 50 Units Of Female Hausa Goats In Lagos. Whom Can Supply Me by okine4real: 11:42am On Apr 01
If you are in Lagos, first go to alaba ,you will see more than enough...and if you are not careful ABT ur north deal,it could turn out to be scam.....just take a person that know goat very well..u can also check Kara at Berger,if you buy in large quantities it might be cheaper

I would consider this your advice. I would consider both options. I would contact them, either they supply me from North direct or I purchase directly from the once they have.
Agriculture / Re: Need 50 Units Of Female Hausa Goats In Lagos. Whom Can Supply Me by okine4real: 11:20am On Apr 01
I can supply you from Niger State,we supply Lagos and Ibadan everyday.I also supply rams last sallah to nairalander,he can testify here.if interested here is my WhatsApp number 08032777272

Hope you know say I know go pay first? Deliver and get cash. I prefer someone that distributing goats his, his normal business, I don't want someone that would be waiting for me to send him money, then I go come they call up and down. If you know say you get money for business, then we deal. I need 50units Hausa goats and 50 units Dwarf Goats. If you want to see me, good, am readily avail.
Agriculture / Need 50 Units Of Female Hausa Goats In Lagos. Whom Can Supply Me by okine4real: 2:38pm On Mar 31
Hello house, i would need 50 females Hausa goats from the North, out of the 50 goats more than half should be pregnant at least, interested persons should please contact me 07087776267, this is also my whatsapp line. i dont want old mama goat ohh, am kick starting my goat ranch ASAP. I want it from the North because its cheaper.
Business / Re: Building A House Or Starting A Farm by okine4real: 4:39pm On Mar 25
I'm sorry for the loss of your chicks. I'm also glad that the rest are doing well. We northerners done suffer for una hands cos e be like this Aboki word don master your mouth....lol.

Well I'm glad you are taking into consideration, having a befitting accommodation for your employee. That shows you are a good man at heart and insha Allah you will go far and well in this your business endeavour.

I wish you the very best of luck.

We northerners done suffer for una hands cos e be like this Aboki word don master your mouth....lol. This part really made me laugh out loud. i just dey laugh. you know say we for Lagos, once we won identify any Malam, na Aboki we go call am. The aboki go enjoy, things are so very expensive now, if not for God, na rubbish place the Aboki go dey sleep. Roof alone cost like hell. well all the same, make nairalanders dey prepare for my handout, also know be handout when go carry like one million pages ohh. it might not be up too 10 pages self, but the koko is what would be there. once you do as instructed, na only natural death go most kill anybody Turkey.

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