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Travel / Re: U.S Asks Citizens To Avoid 14 Nigerian States by picklighthouse: 12:34pm On Apr 22


Better pray for safety wherever you are. The America issuing travel advisory are killing thereselves like rats back home with mass shootings daily.

You can stay back in America and still be hurt badly. May God keep us safe. Amen.

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Education / Re: I Ran Into My Classmate After 10 Years And She Did This by picklighthouse: 12:19pm On Apr 22
i just had a rude awakening...

i feel so lost!

i ran into one of my school mates after 10 years... and there i was holding a black water proof bag while she called me from her mob...

no words, e b lyk say make ground swallow me!

we exchanged numbers and she showed genuine concern but its so fuxked up i cant dare ring her

am such a loser

Guy, I have read people's comments and your responses and honestly you marvel me.

My first question to you and maybe you should take this as a counsel: My friend never ever forget this, you don't have a mate.

Who are your mates please? Those you were born with the same year or these you entered school with same year? Are they those you graduated from school with or those you resumed employment with same day? Are your mates those you got married same year or those your wives put to bed with same month/day? Deliver yourself from that mentality of my mates, it doesn't exist. You are all on your individual lanes moving at your paces in life.

Now about the lady you saw and have vowed not to call, again you surprise me. Why are you so proud? And what does it matter if she has "made it" while you are still on your way? Have you given up on yourself already? So because you are holding a polythene bag along the road today, it means you will never drive your own car or be chauffeur driven in your life? What is wrong with you?

I will not tell you to bank on the lady helping you, so please don't put your mind there. But what if she could assist you? Probably through recommendation, contact or whatever way? So pride will stop you? You pray for God to bless you and he lets you meet a friend or an acquaintance, but arrogance won't let you speak him or her? Really?

Better pick up your phone now and call her. Speak with so much confidence, like someone who knows he has a bright future. Like someone who knows he might even be of assistance to the lady should she need your help. And not a loser begging for crumbs.

Guy, trust in God. Focus on your bright future. Continue to do your best. And before you know it, things will start easing up and you will soon have a great story to share with others too.

Good luck man.


Pets / Re: See The Nigerian Rottweiler That Understands Yoruba (Photos, Video) by picklighthouse: 7:07pm On Apr 21
This is amazing.

It's obvious that the owner of this dog spent a lot of time and energy getting this dog to this level.

This is an outstanding performance

Here is the video:


How do you see this

Nice one. But which one is "se bi oku"? Leave the fine dog jare. grin grin grin


Religion / Re: Oyedepo’s 100,000-Seater Auditorium ‘The Ark’ To Gulp ₦160 Billion by picklighthouse: 12:50pm On Apr 19
when the true followers of Christ came into Africa, they built schools, hospitals and other facilities for free...so you can see that what we have now as men of God are bunch of business men but I am.not suprise they are succeeding, what surprises me is how they manage to convince educated men and women to believe and contribute money for their business....read your Bible you will know the difference between men of God and those who are serving their belly....

Believe me I've read it and still do. And I can say we should be grateful to God we have the likes of these men in Nigeria at the moment, helping out with the deficit in our educational sector that our government can't meet.

Check the list of the private Universities in Nigeria and can't miss the obvious presence of Church owned institutions, all trying to put up world class standard facilities that our aged government institutions lack. Are they expensive? Well yes. But are they stiving for excellence in research and providing a propitious learning ambience for students? Yes!

Nigerians love good things and wants to have them. And infact believes they deserve them. But atimes we forget good things comes at a price. We have charlatans parading as real men of God. But we also have real men of God, people we should be proud of. Bishop Oyedepo is one of them. His criticism and stance may be hard atimes. But he truly loves Nigeria and wants to see her take her bride of place in the world.
Politics / Re: Sanwo-Olu Speaks On Projects Lagos State Is Embarking On by picklighthouse: 12:29pm On Apr 19
While any developmental projects are welcome.
Unnecessary boasting is not required.
The first statement is very misleading ,how can you claim you are the first subnational ,to build a metro.
If it's nigeria ,you are comparing ,then yes.
In Africa ,many cities have built their metro.
In world ,they are literally hundred of cities ,which has built they own metro,with little central government support

He was of course talking about Nigeria.

Religion / Re: Oyedepo’s 100,000-Seater Auditorium ‘The Ark’ To Gulp ₦160 Billion by picklighthouse: 9:50am On Apr 16
you forget to add that, those schools are not accessible to the poor members of the congregation due to high cost..even though it was built from their tithes and offerings

What people often miss again is that no Church puts a gun on any body's head to give money. If you cannot afford the fees of the school then go where you can afford their fees. It's simple actually.
Religion / Re: Oyedepo’s 100,000-Seater Auditorium ‘The Ark’ To Gulp ₦160 Billion by picklighthouse: 12:22pm On Apr 15
yes.. that is what Jesus would have wanted but remember Christianity of nowadays do not care about Christ but fat bank account...

Don't generalise. What makes you think the Lord Jesus doesn't want this built?

Nigerians often misdirect thier criticism. A Church has two Universities, (Covenant University, and Landmark University), Faith Academy and over 150 Kingdom Heritage Model Schools with none substandard in anyway. Yet they are the target of our criticisms? The Nigerian government that controls our state and national budgets, how have they faired in education?

People working in these institutions are not Congolese they are Nigerians. Imagine the families catered for, lives and living standards enhanced. But for the Church in this Country only God knows where the nation would have been when checking some indices.

Do you know the number of people that fly into the country annually for some of the Churches congresses and programmes? And how that affects aviation, hospitality, commerce, transportation and so on?

I can't wait to see that beautiful edifice completed. And I hope to visit the site one day too. By the way, that structure you see is designed by a Nigerian not a German or Chinese. Another proof these people seems to even believe in Nigeria than our often tongue in cheek government. Who would rather use BMW or Lexus cars than a home built Innosson.

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Politics / Re: Qatar To Invest $5 Billion In Nigeria's Economy by picklighthouse: 11:55am On Apr 15

We and Qatar sell the same Oil, only difference is Qatar Government invest aggressively with their Oil income and spend the proceeds of the investment, while in Nigeria we don't invest, 200 million people just want to spend 2.3mb crude revenue

Qatar's national investment includes .... Qatar Airways, Harold's holdings UK (best UK malls and property development)

Lazy Nigerian Criminals and Politicians would tell you Goverment has no business doing business

The Excess Crude Account can be properly invested instead just keeping it in a bank only to later loot it


I never believed that, "government has no business in business" idea for once. If government doesn't jump start this economy, we will be at this low level of development for a long time.

Look at the NLNG for example. Shell holds a 25.6% share, NNPC (49%), Total (15%) and ENI (10.4%). It is a success story. It is among the best in the world. Government needs to take the lead. It may not manage the business directly because we don't have a good record of that. But at least start it, then hand it over to competent hands while retaining a good percentage.

Imagine replicating mega companies like that across board? In agriculture, transportation, aviation, IT, housing etc. They will all be world class and thriving. There is need for collaboration. For Nigeria to catch up with the rest of the world, government needs to be involved in business.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Will You Receive A 25k Salary With An Msc Degree Because You Can't Get Job? by picklighthouse: 1:57pm On Apr 09
I need opinions. Share your thoughts pls.
Will you take the job if you can't find a good paying one or move on?

Myles Monroe said "God hide things in things".

If you take it you would be productive. You would gerner experience you wouldn't have had sitting at home. You could meet people who would refer you elsewhere when they see how good you are at what you do.

I heard of a guy who took up a driving job at a company because that was what was available even though he had his Masters. One day he over heard the staffs talking about a job opening in the company and asked if he too could apply and they told him why not? The driver applied this week, the following week he was a parmanent staff holding a high position in the same company. Remember he had the added advantage of being temporary staff of the company?

So, look beyond the pay for now. Look at the opportunities.

Good luck.

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Food / Re: The ₦5,000 Tortoise I Bought And Ate (Photos) by picklighthouse: 8:20am On Mar 29

Dont condemn people bro.
The above phrase has been around for several decades,
you need to go and ask your grandpa what it means.

There was actually a twist of sarcasm to what I wrote oga. If the person addressed didn't get offended i wonder why you are. You need to calm down.
Politics / Re: Buhari Didn’t Understand The Picture Ganduje Presented To Him, Kwankwaso (pic by picklighthouse: 10:16am On Mar 27


I disagree with Kwankwaso on this. Yes it is a federal road and the bridge should normally be the responsibility of the federal government. But such mindset is the very reason we are where we are as a country.

I doubt if Kwankwaso plies that road. The traffic along that route in the evening should be the worst in Kano now if I am not mistaken. With heavy duty vehicles, vans, scores of cars, tricycles all locked down at the same spot, and you want the governor to tell the President to come and construct the interchange? He thinks Kano is the only challenged State in the country, So that the President will say, we will do it for you immediatel? As a former governor too he should know it doesn't happen like that.

The earlier the governors take their State's development personal the better. That interchange is billed to be finished in18months. I can't wait for it to be completed. When you fly planes across the state all the time how would you know what people go through connecting to their offices and houses daily?

On this, i say way to go governor Ganduje.


Health / Re: Strange Disease In Kano Caused By Dansami Poisoning - NAFDAC by picklighthouse: 8:14am On Mar 18
Kano sha!!!

Bandit na dem...
Kidnap na dem
Bokoharam na dem
Hisbah na dem
Now, Dansami na dem.

When last did you read or hear of Kidnap, bandit or bokoharam activity in Kano? Hisbah occasionally, yes. And usually for funny reasons. And that's it.

Kano is one of the most peaceful states in Nigeria right now. And by the grace of God it will remain so. Amen.
Business / Re: Emmanuel Chigozie Eze: P&G Head Of Sales Spent Firm’s N20m On Online Betting by picklighthouse: 8:33am On Mar 17
For someone heading a position like Head of Sales of such a reputable company to be floored by his habit is something worth taking note of.

Gambling is a vice. Don't indulge in it.
Business / Re: Shoprite Concludes Sale Of Its Equity Stake (100%) In Its Nigeria Subsidiary by picklighthouse: 12:00pm On Mar 16
This is purely a business decision from all I see and has nothing to do with the Nigerian business environment. After all, the record posted showed profits and not losses. And they are not only divesting from their Nigerian company they already did so in Kenya. So it happens. Business managers know when to reduce investments in certain arears to reinvest the funds in other areas.

And as for the staff I don't think it will adversely affect them really, since another company will be taking over the management of the franchise. The new managers will still need experienced hands to man their operations to ensure profitability. It happened in Etisalat, now 9mobile with no major job losses. Inevitable tweaking here and there but it will be fine eventually.

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Celebrities / Re: Blessing Ebigieson Gifts Her Brother A Lexus Jeep (Photos) by picklighthouse: 2:49pm On Mar 13
Something has seriously gone wrong with us. So I will buy a car or even build a house for my brother or parents now and I will have to show it on social media? So that people will see what has never before been done in the world? It is a good thing if you do it for people, but must everything be out for the world to see? Na wa o.


Celebrities / Re: Davido Will Be Shot Dead – Prophet Osei Kofi by picklighthouse: 2:32pm On Mar 13
Of all prayer points available, it is prayer against Davido's death and Nigeria not catching fire that he is broadcasting via his platform for the whole world to see that concerns him? And people still believe these charlatans?

Who won't be interested once you mention artists like Davido, Wizkid or 2Face? Who won't be interested once you mention a country like Nigeria? Try mentioning Cambodia or Seychelles catching fire if peoples interest will be a roused.
Fake prophets. sad

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Food / Re: See 200 Naira Tomatoes In Kano by picklighthouse: 10:12pm On Mar 03
grin grin

This is #200 in kano at the moment.
Excess supply has loomed
No wonder they loosed #10billion in a week.
May we not be unfortunate

Abduazeez Abdulgaffar Adewale ���

Which village are you staying guy. Because if you claim this is inside Kano city market then it is a fat lie. So which market please? Yankura, Ibo road or Yankaba?
Celebrities / Re: Bobrisky Gives Cash To 3 Fans Who Drew His Tattoo On Their Bodies (Video) by picklighthouse: 1:35pm On Mar 03
Nigerian Cross-dresser, Bobrisky, has yet again shown appreciation to a plethora of loyal fans, who tattooed his name/face on their bodies.

Watch below;



"Ones the restraint of God's word and his Spirit are rejected no man can know to what depths of degradation he may sink" E.W.

It is bad enough that he is living this life. It is getting worse now that he is influencing others. Sad.

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Food / Re: The ₦5,000 Tortoise I Bought And Ate (Photos) by picklighthouse: 7:32pm On Mar 02
So Guys I Was Tired Of Lalasti.clala Showing Us The Snake People Killed,
Thats Why This Tortoise Catched My Attention And I Decided To Buy It cheesy
Actually I Traveled To Bayelsa Last Weekend To Visit A Friend When I Spotted A Lady Trying To Sell This Tortoise By The Roadside,
We Pulled Over And She Told Us Its N5,000 Last Price.
I Am Not Use To Tortoise So I Decided To Buy Out Of Curiusity Since We Had A Neighbor Who Knows How To Prepare It Anywere cheesy
Funniest Thing Is That The Poor Animal Has Been Digested Since.
Na Only Him Shell Remain Sef!
Omo Tortoise Bone Strong Die grin

You wanted to eat meat and what appealed to you was a tortoise? Really? Its not a crime o. But I'm just wondering. What part of the country are you from? Or you have roots in Asia somewhere? Tortoise? You stopped to actually buy one to take home and eat? I don't know what to say. Wish you well bro.
Business / Re: Femi Otedola Visits ‘Dangote Wonderland’ Second Time in One Month (Photo) by picklighthouse: 9:51am On Mar 01

I just liked your comment.

Sometimes, people are so far away into the direction of the Advanced Economies that they fail to see the wrong analogy of those applications in Developing Economies like Nigeria.

The guy who was talking about Elon Musk and electric cars also doesn't realize that there are hydrogen cars.
Elon Musk has a serious competition too as recent investments are rising for hydrogen cars (cos it's green energy) and unlike electric cars, you don't need to park your car for long hours to charge. Buy instantly, and get moving. That's why Tesla is concerned about improving supercharging functions. It's more of a con than a pro comparatively.

That said, Africa needs to move beyond comparative analysis that serves no purpose and think at their level and pace of development, otherwise we will "over-copy" and get everything messed up. Industrialization is still one of the surest ways for wealth distribution.

Thanks so much. Your analysis is very in dept too.

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Business / Re: Femi Otedola Visits ‘Dangote Wonderland’ Second Time in One Month (Photo) by picklighthouse: 8:18am On Mar 01
This guy is investing in something that would soon become obsolete ......elon musk go just dey laugh this one

On the contrary I think Dangote is more strategic than that. He knows his products would still be in high demand for a very longtime to come. The refinery isn't just for PMS or diesel. It is built to produce the best grade of fuels that would be needed in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Yes alternative energy sources, green energy and all that, but none of that is replacing PMS anytime soon. And what about aviation? Are we not going to keep flying? His refinery produces the best grade of it anywhere in the world. Even Elon Musk would need that if he wants to move around and get his aircrafts into space.

Fertilizer? Agriculture is presently the new bride in Africa and around the world. Believe me, he and his team thought it out so well to commit about 20billion in US dollars into it. The guy is one smart industrialist.

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Politics / Re: Woman Steals N50k In Kiki Osinbajo's Shop (Video) by picklighthouse: 7:21pm On Feb 28
If DSS carries this one now to come forward with evidences on how her father stole billions now, he will start shouting Buhari! Buhari! Buhari!!!

There is no point replying some people. The other one that falsly accused DJ Cuppy is till looking like a rain beaten fowl when he saw whats coming for him. Leave them, people don't learn.


Politics / Re: Woman Steals N50k In Kiki Osinbajo's Shop (Video) by picklighthouse: 7:17pm On Feb 28
Some people are truly possessed. You want to steal and it is the shop of the daughter of a serving Vice President of Nigeria you went to? Who do you this strong thing? You no fear, POLICE, DSS, NSCDC, ARMY? You get mind o. Did it occur to you her dad is a SAN? To rot in prison no fear you? Oga o.

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Sports / Re: Turkish Women’s Cup: Super Falcons Thrash Equt Guinea 9-0 : Claim First Title by picklighthouse: 1:25pm On Feb 23

Find out what equatorial quineea did the year they hosted AWCON

The even use men plus some calabar girls in their team to win us and take the AWCON

Where are the women in these picture please? shocked grin
Nairaland / General / Re: Confidence Imuo: Surviving Car Accident That Somersaulted 5 Times Is A Miracle by picklighthouse: 12:18pm On Feb 22
You dey over speed you say nah strange power pulling your sterling

Did you use seat belt?

Yes or no

Yes I presume.... how is that a miracle?

Modified:I have been in an accident that Somersaulted over 15 times due to over speeding year 2000 with Honda Halla I was on sit belt I came out with out a scratch .
My point is not everything is Devil

Try and apply safety measures 1st

You will see that not everything is a miracle

My broda, while i agree with you absolutely on us doing our part, applying safety measures and all.

Oga, for you to use your finger type wetin you just type finish na miracle. How do you guard against slumping and dying while at it?

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Sports / Re: The Nigerian Nightmare, Kamaru Usman Retains His World Title by picklighthouse: 4:11pm On Feb 14
Why is Kamaru fighting like this nao? He wan kill persin? He thinks he is in Isale Eko or Apongbon fighting thugs? grin
Crime / Re: Young Girl Steals Her Madam's ATM Card, Withdraws N80K, Buys Herself Phone by picklighthouse: 12:50pm On Feb 02
That, right there is the problem. Many people think not having money is the problem, but believe me not being wise(foolishness), is a bigger problem.

Let's forgot about the fact that she stole the money for a moment. Do you know if she was given the money free, she would have done the same? How do you have a N80,000 and N10,000 is a gift to someone and a whooping N70,000 is expended on a single item? How in the world?

Unfortunately financial intelligence is not thought in school but without it people can hardly become rich. Many people would have acted the same way if they had a windfall. Your first hit is either an expensive phone or an expensive car or even building a house. You don't do any of that with your first windfall! There is difference between asset and liability.

Wisdom is the principal thing guys.

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Career / Re: Man Loses Job After Telling Boss Over Phone His Mum Is An Illiterate by picklighthouse: 6:11pm On Jan 26
Some bosses are something else. If she really respected and regarded the guy's mum that much does sacking her son show it? Her action does not make any sense.

I have worked it bosses before. Female bosses to be specific. I won't ever forget one in a hurry. She could drag you over the coal without bating an eyelid. Talk you down till your dignity is drained out. And her characteristic signature after she has refused you opportunity to explain yourself: draw a long hiss and end the call on you. grin

She leaves you to yourself to think about your future.

I thank God I met her. I never knew I could be so patient with any human being. Now I am better person because of her villainy. grin

Mo win still!
Politics / Re: Fire Engulfs Sunday Igboho's Old House In Soka, Ibadan by picklighthouse: 9:24am On Jan 26
Humans are generally amazing. Our thoughts, views, actions are so diverse even on the same subject. And I guess that's what makes us unique.

Back to the contemporary issue at hand. I have often wondered why we just seems to conclude all the crimes perpetrated now in the Southwest are done by herdsmen. How logical is that? Suddenly all the kidnappers are herdsmen no Southerner does kidnapping again. I even saw a video of an abandon bus in the middle of the high way where kidnappers were alleged to have operated and I heard someone saying "see what the herdsmen have done". Really? Has it been investigated?

Herdsmen could be kidnappers of course, but why do we assume our own people are now suddendly immune to the horrible crime?

This Sunday guys house is burnt and the assumption making the rounds now is that herdsmen did it. Really? If you were a herder that the whole community is asking for your head on a platter, would you be that audacious to go past all the security around that area and walk into the house of such a guy to burn it down? How we think a times is amazing.

For those beating the drums of war should better be careful. And let all right thinking person apply tact in the matter at hand. The Southwest can not afford to be thrown into pandemonium over allegations and assumptions. Even if herdsmen are fingered in the crimes happening all around now, how we handle it is also important. You don't cut off the head because you have headache.

You unleash thugs on a tribe in the Southwest, think of what could happen to Southerners in the North. Think. Please let the young people just sit down and think. This is not Endsars. It can spiral out of control in no time consuming everything and everyone.

God help us.
Religion / Re: My Father Has A Bat In His Wardrobe: Should I Be Worried? by picklighthouse: 11:02pm On Jan 23
Your dad have pet

I know say you don already de see am as witch

My first FTC for 2020

As an Uber driver I wish all of you hustling legitimately success this new week

Many people who will make it big in comedy are on this platform. So with all the guy explained your thought is that his dad simply has a pet. Seriously? grin

Honestly guy, I think your dad is in occult or something like that. If all he did was smile at a bat in his closet then its strange. Really strange. Nobody keeps a live bat in the closet.

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Politics / Re: Sanwo-Olu Commissions 252 Units Of 2-Bedroom Flats In Idale, Badagry by picklighthouse: 10:21pm On Jan 23
Imagine doing something like this in each local government areas and making affordable for civil servants to pay monthly. A maintenance contract is signed to make sure the properties are duly managed. Jobs would be created in building such and those managing will also benefit from it. A fixed charge for each flat is put in place for reuse dump collection. The refuse can be collected once daily at a fixed time and all homes must have their refuse bagged properly.
We have a long way to go

Maybe there is finally light at the end of the tunnel. Because this is beautiful and very commendable. And like you outlined if every local govt can replicate this then we are moving up steady and surely..

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Politics / Re: IGP Adamu Orders Arrest Of Sunday Igboho Over Eviction Notice by picklighthouse: 3:52pm On Jan 23
I see a second protest looming, especially the south west.. A lot of youths are taking this up silently, and u all will be surprised when things go south. We are patiently waiting for them.

If there will be a protest it better be civil. May no one be a victim of foolishness this new year.

Why people are not wise is always a mystery to me. If the Southwest allows a riffraff foment trouble, it is the Southwest that will be consumed in the conflagration. Ask Lagos that needs over a trillion naira to rebuild what was burned down in few days of madness.

It is too early in the year to be stupid.

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