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Family / Re: The Worst Embarrassment You Have Received As A Result Of You Not Having Money by Purpleflower: 8:18pm On Jan 12
My own story long oo

I remember how my then-boyfriend always insult me that I don't dress well - I was literally saving every money that comes my way for my higher education. He never gave me money to buy clothes oo.

While I was in school, I was mocked by one of my coursemates for carrying one bag from year 2 to 4L, omo I will never forget that insult.

See ehh, poverty is a bastard.

Please, if you are not financially buoyant (whether male or female) please steer clear from marriage for now.

Nobody should deceive you into marriage while you are still poor. I'm saying this from the experience I had with my family.

I started fairing for myself at 12 years (God gave me the gift of hairdressing). You can imagine.

When you don't plan your finances before marriage, you cause your children to suffer and this is what brings a vicious cycle of poverty.

And in all, be prayerful. Wicked people wet no want make you succeed plenty for Nigeria.

It is well sha. God will see us through!

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Romance / Re: My Girlfriend Ran Away Because Of My Proposed Family Financial Plan by Purpleflower: 9:49pm On Jan 03
On top 80k salary, you want make she dey drop 10k every month for trust account, 20k for joint account, provide "food supplement", make she still choose between NEPA bill, DSTV, or GOTV subscription...on top wetin? undecided
Oga, how much wan remain to take buy clothes, cosmetics and toiletries for herself na (cos e sure me dai say you no fit buy those things for her), not to talk of find her parents something? Unto say she marry you?

Abeg! Carry your wahala go front!

Savage reply! grin grin
Education / Re: How To Apply For 2022 Tony Elumelu Foundation $5000 Grant by Purpleflower: 5:10pm On Jan 02
I heard your business must be registered to win. How true is this?

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Romance / Re: What I Did To A Lady I Was Crushing On by Purpleflower: 10:42pm On Jan 01
Fake story.

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Family / Re: See The GUTS Of My Wife by Purpleflower: 9:59am On Dec 28, 2021
Man should answer to God, woman answer to man.. all that changed when religious practices and gender equality trash started coming up.. yes Adam messed up by listening to eve n not seeking God's authority first.. but any stupid foolish man who still makes such mistake cannot be redeemed n doomed to fail in any union with a woman. ALWAYS LET HER REALIZE SHE LOWER THAN YOU IN EVERYTHING AND AS SUCH IS LIMITED, SAME WAY YOU ARE TO GOD. SHE DISOBEYS, DEAL WITH HER ACCORDINGLY N DIVORCE IF POSSIBLE. FUNNY HOW WOMEN OF OLD RESPECTED THEMSELVES N THRIVED IN A POLYGAMOUS HOME THAN WHAT WE HAVE NOW, ONE MAN ONE WIFE STILL CHAOS EVERYWHERE.

Hope you can cater for all her needs. Mitcheew.
Family / Re: A Brief Recall of How My Wife Fed Me This Year, 2021. by Purpleflower: 3:07pm On Dec 25, 2021
Your wife is doing well. Only very few Nigerian ladies cook this well.

But then...

Stop abusing our most treasured food (garri) by eating it with a fork. Wash your hand and eat. angry
Family / Re: My Wife Behaviour Towards My Family Members/Siblings Is Driving Me Crazy by Purpleflower: 7:21pm On Dec 19, 2021
Make the rules nigga! Tell her what you want in your house! WTF

I'm a woman, but I won't tolerate that if I were a man!
Politics / Re: President Buhari Cuts His 79th Birthday Cake In Turkey (Photos) by Purpleflower: 4:39pm On Dec 17, 2021
Since wey dem born me na 79 years this man be. Na wa oo
Food / Re: Cobra We Killed This Night by Purpleflower: 1:11pm On Dec 11, 2021
Abeg make una dey put location make we know places to avoid biko.

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Celebrities / Re: Davido Takes A Ride In His N240 Million 2021 Rolls Royce Cullinan (video) by Purpleflower: 9:02pm On Dec 04, 2021
This is why everyone is rushing into the entertainment industry. Can 120k a month salary ever buy this kind of car?

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Education / Re: Share Your Secondary School Experience With Bullies by Purpleflower: 8:58pm On Dec 04, 2021
I was very stubborn oo. My own stubbornness is not the talk talk own grin I will just ignore it so you will do your worst. The bullies always avoid me cos they don't know what is on my mind grin I hate intimidation.
There were some set of seniors (boys) that always insist I tuck my shirt in, but I hated it cos I don't like showing my big b*mb*m.
Business / Re: Making Regular Income Publishing Amazon Kindle Ebooks by Purpleflower: 9:30am On Dec 04, 2021
Publisher Rocket licence available. Only 5
people. Send me a dm if you are interested.
Business To Business / Re: How To Make $1000+ Each Month Online by Purpleflower: 9:21am On Dec 04, 2021
Publisher Rocket licence available. Only 5
people. Send me a dm if you are interested.
Career / Re: Young Graduates: What's Your Creative Idea That Requires Funding by Purpleflower: 2:59pm On Nov 21, 2021
Family / Re: Help, My Child Is Already A GENIUS @ 3! by Purpleflower: 2:05pm On Oct 12, 2021

Almighty God will provide the money to take Good Care of Our Kids
But if you don't mind sir
I can assist with something for her Sch fees
Every term!
Just my part to contribute to her Success in Life
So you can Pm me let Discuss abt that sir!
Iyanu Masele God No go shame Us


With my Little Support, So i decide to support the little Genius with 10k monthly Allowance for her Sch fees!
At least this will go A long way..
Wish her more knowledge and Understanding

Attached below payment for this Month!!

God bless you.

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Crime / Re: Court Denies Woman Who Tortured Her Househelp In Abia Bail by Purpleflower: 9:28pm On Sep 30, 2021
The bitch should rot in hell!
Romance / Re: I Am Suffering From Heart Break, How Do I Move On by Purpleflower: 5:31pm On Sep 28, 2021
It is well dear. That's one of those things we see in relationships. The right person will come.

You were not wrong in funding her business; she's just foolish.

Occupy your mind with productive things now and move on!
Family / Re: Her Parent Threatening To Abort My Child. by Purpleflower: 4:06pm On Sep 19, 2021

Oga, you don't have any right if you've not paid shishi on top her head.

Na them spos find boys wey go beat sense enter your head. Instead of you to carry your parents to go see them and make proper resolution and agreement, you're flexing on top girl wey no be you born her, no be you train her and you no marry her.

What right are you talking about gan?

The thing tire me oo
Business / Re: Making Regular Income Publishing Amazon Kindle Ebooks by Purpleflower: 1:07pm On Sep 18, 2021
I published my first book in Jan and not until June before sales started coming in. When I opened the kdp and Payoneer account I used my husband’s details and now he has changed his last name so can I effect the change of name on kdp and payoneer or delete that account, pull down my book and upload it on a new account or forget the book because I want to get serious and start publishing at least five books per month. I’m asking cos after making so much I don’t want to have ID issues later making it difficult to access my funds.

Thank you.

I don't think it's possible to pull down the book and republish it with another account since they already gave you ISBN number. Maybe you should contact payoneer.
Business / Re: What Business Can I Do In Lagos by Purpleflower: 2:47pm On Sep 09, 2021
Make sure you learn any business you want to venture into well. If I were you, I would go to Lagos Island and learn a trade for six months...

E get y oo.


Business / Re: Check Out My Earnings In The Month Of August Alone On Upwork by Purpleflower: 10:35am On Sep 08, 2021
Wow! Still trying to learn Web design. Would contact you once I'm done.
Computers / Re: I Am Interested In Data Analytics, How Do I Get Started? by Purpleflower: 11:23am On Sep 07, 2021
Learn Power BI, SQL, then Python. I think there is a thread for that in Nairalnad.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Now That Things Are Expensive, How Do You Manage Your Salary by Purpleflower: 10:45am On Sep 07, 2021
grin grin grin grin grin cheesy grin cheesy angry cheesy grin cheesy

At this juncture, na my salary de Manage me...
Celebrities / Re: Paul Okoye's Wife, Anita, Files For Divorce As 7-Year-Old Marriage Crashes (Pix) by Purpleflower: 3:49pm On Aug 20, 2021
grin grin grin grin

I predict that the flatheadss who demonized Lola would either flee this thread or deny the fact that Anita is Igbo....... God works in wonderful ways, Peter's mother said over her dead body would her son marry a Yoruba girl, it happened over her dead body, Paul being a typical flatin0 pig with alaba mentality tried to break the marriage of his brother....now his marriage is falling apart......... I've told my sisters that the day they bring any Igbo man to our house I'd empty the contents of my pumpie in both their skulls. Look at the vile and embarrassment they made lola go through simply because she married their brother whom she met while they were struggling........ spits

See this one. Igbo men are even scarce. Mitcheew

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Business / Re: CBN’s N50bn COVID-19 Fund Disbursement Begins Thursday by Purpleflower: 8:06am On Aug 18, 2021
Please is cbn covid 19 loan registration still on?
Business / Re: Check Out My Earnings In The Month Of July Alone On Upwork by Purpleflower: 7:59pm On Aug 02, 2021

Yes and no
Yes you can learn SEO with website skill but no cos you will need it especially coding you might get lost in headers, groups etc

Thanks. I appreciate.
Business / Re: Check Out My Earnings In The Month Of July Alone On Upwork by Purpleflower: 12:51pm On Aug 02, 2021
Plz, can I learn SEO without website design skills?
Celebrities / Re: Obi Cubana Mother's Burial: E-Money Arrives In Style by Purpleflower: 10:38am On Jul 16, 2021

Hahahahaaaa! grin They will never be in power, at least not in Nigeria. The writings is boldly on the wall for everyone to see.

Who will vote for them? The Yorubas they they taunt day & night with derogatory names like Gbegiri & Ewedu people, Afonja, Children of the Fallen Demon?

Or the Hausa/Fulanis they disparage with comments such as Cows, Almajiris & Terrorists?

Who will even forge any alliance with them seeing how they treated Asari Dokubo after he helped smuggle Lamidi Cownu out of Nigeria through the creeks when the Nigerian Army under Buratai invaded his family house in Abia?

Now, Lamidi Cownu in his arrogance, was saying he gave 20Million Naira to Asari Dokubo; and rather than producing the evidence of transfer of money to Dokubo, iPob insulted & cursed his entire generation.

Look, nobody is intimidating the Igbos and relegating them to the background as 3rd-Class Citizens.

It is the domineering spirit & the Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder (EUPD) inherent in every Igbo that is responsible for your illusions & self-inflicted problems.

Look at what transpired at Ladipo a few days ago between a soldier and one of your dubious trader. He deliberately sold a defective automobile engine to the soldier and when the soldier came back for the refund of his money or exchange of the defective engine with another one, the dubious trader called his fellow dubious traders and assaulted the soldier.

The soldier came back with his colleagues and the situation degenerated into a chaos.

And what did your people peddle on the social media? Lies & Propaganda. Soldiers came to Ladipo to shoot innocent traders without any provocation. Foolish Dubious & Criminally-Minded Lots!

It is okay to cheat and swindle people but whenever the consequences of your actions return to hunt you, you will begin to dish out lies & propaganda just to attract sympathy.

You go into crime, make little money and then start jumping up & down with your gra-gra & gri-gri complex, thereby attracting the attention of the Law Enforcement Authorities.

It is that same complex or disorder that made your people buy flight tickets to Dubai, UAE to go rob more than 10 Bureau De Change outlets in broad day light.

The same way Nnamdi Kanu placed an 100 Million Naira bounty on the head of a sitting Governor (Wike) for him to be killed.

Now that the vacuous bastard is in custody; If I were that Governor (Wike) and as vengeful as I am, what stops me from bribing some high-ranking DSS Operatives to poison him to death in detention just to get even?

I sincerely pray that you people get your Biafra but trust me, there won't be any great deal of difference between your utopian Nation & Somalia.

This is why we keep saying that majority of you people lack emotional intelligence and always do things with gra-gra & gri-gri.

You blame everybody for your woes except yourselves. Just like how iPob is blaming Wike for sponsoring the abduction & rendition of Lamidi Cownu from Kenya back to Nigeria, forgetting that you already declared him as your enemy by placing a bounty on his head.

You always act before you think and leap before you look. Anyways, that is his problem.

You will go and incite trouble and then start screaming blue-murder when the consequence of your actions boomerang; And that is when you will remember and start tagging CNN, BBC, ICC, Donald Trump & Amnesty International.

Nobody hates the Igbos. It's just a simple natural law of "reaping what you sow" that is in play.

You can't sow guava and expect to reap pineapple. Never!

Ancient wisdom teaches that Action begets Reaction, Cause begets Effects and Sequence begets Consequence.

You cannot be cursing & insulting every other ethnicity in Nigeria day and night, and expect all your hateful seeds not to germinate in them.

Lastly, when the NDLEA finally bursts E-Money & Obi Cubana's Cocaine-Trafficking syndicates, woe betides any Igbo that cry witchhunt or victimization because majority of you are naturally brain-dead from birth, and that is why all the prisons in the world are populated by your people.

Good morning!

Why are you so pained??


Health / Re: Vendor Washing Vegetable In A Gutter Before Taking It To The Market by Purpleflower: 10:53pm On Jul 15, 2021
Those people wey dey eat already made food for restaurant or fast food na I dey pity. I saw dead small rat for beans wey I wan shop the other day na crocoach for rice since then I no try am Africans are wicked in this aspects,

For hotel wey I work before person wey dey cut onions she cut her hand by mistake if u see blood wey full the onions enh the woman still use am cook I no feel talk they just employ me. But I never eat staff food till dey sack me

Na wa oo. I've seen wall gecko inside soup that I bought. I didn't sleep for days cos of that experience.
Celebrities / Re: Mother's Burial: Obi Cubana Gets A Diamond Necklace Worth Over N40m by Purpleflower: 10:44pm On Jul 15, 2021
His wife is my relation ooo.

Doings get level.

If not for my tight schedule, I would have gone home ooo.... There will be enough husband material there grin grin

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Politics / Re: Video Of Nnamdi Kanu Supporting One Nigeria And Northerners In 2012 by Purpleflower: 5:03pm On Jul 08, 2021
When everything was moving on fine in Nigeria.

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