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Politics / Re: Pandora Papers: Why Avoiding Paying Taxes To A Country You Claim To Love? by saajus: 10:42am On Oct 12
This is one of our problems in Nigeria. We always find ways to justify wrongdoings. That's why corruption keeps going in circles. . You do the right thing first and let's together tackle people stealing.
Senseless post.The one you have paid, what have you done with it.
Celebrities / Re: BBNaija's Ka3na Flies To Turkey For Teeth Procedure For Whiter Teeth (Video) by saajus: 6:56pm On Oct 11
I don't agree with you. Teeth whitening has nothing to do with self-esteem. Some teeth are naturally yellow but most of us are born with white teeth. Our bad attitude towards our oral health turns them yellow.

Take care of yourself if you can afford it. My only problem is why should someone travel out of the country for such a simple teeth procedure. Is it a show-off or the country has deteriorated to that level?

Hmm, it’s sad that she has esteem issues. The sooner she learns that life is not a competition the better for her.
Business / Re: Globacom Signs Deal With Eutelsat Of France For Satellite Deployment by saajus: 6:01am On Oct 04
We are the problem most of the time. Chinese companies can produce good products but they are treating us the way they see our leaders treat us. Dem no born Huawei well to sell bad products to American market or advanced European nations markets. Imagine them sign a contract that if someone dies because they could not reach emergency service due to verified hardware/software error of their products, they will pay damages. Remember, damages in advanced nations can send your company back to the village. That's a sample of agreements they enter with advanced nation companies. By the time lawsuits finish them, they will return to China. Who is holding them responsible here?

If Glo had continued with Alcatel, their network would had been top notch and they would not have been overtaken by airtel. Immediately glo switched their hardwares to huawei which is cheaper, their network integrity plummeted. Don't ever compare Chinese products to European or American products. Chinese products are just cheap and inferior and will make you shed tears in the long run. When I was still a student I bought a tecno phone to help snap notes from my colleagues, after a month the camera can't see written text again. Written text on white papers became blurred.


Business / Re: Globacom Signs Deal With Eutelsat Of France For Satellite Deployment by saajus: 5:40am On Oct 04
"Adenuga became the only and first-ever Nigerian to have received the award since its inception" . Do we even need to include that in the article.

Oyibo onijibiti. Dem go give you an award na, so far you keep returning to them. Even their Presidents can prostrate to you, so far freedom is not in your thinking. Since 2003 (18yrs), I doubt if Globacom can boast of a team solely Nigerians that can deploy any of their wireless technologies from the bottom up. All our telcos suppose to have solid R&D dept. From their R & D, subsidiary companies that will be manufacturing their hardware will spring up.

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Politics / Re: Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala Meets With Giant Basketball Legend, Mutombo (Photos) by saajus: 6:25pm On Sep 22
He can't take more than 2 steps
No need to jump, just walk and put ball

Travel / Re: Why Can't Nigerians Adopt The Cycling Means Of Transportation (bicycle) Pics. by saajus: 2:03pm On Sep 19
We need to change our mindsets first. Trailer/truck guys don't respect danfo. danfo guys don't respect Okada, Okada guys don't respect walkers. Sanity on the road is about calmness and respect. Those two things are still far away from us in this part of the world.

At Present, if Govt creates paths for bicycles, I will never attempt riding on any major roads in Nigeria. Many are mad, few are roaming.
Politics / Re: Senators Bamidele, Adeola, Adeyemo, Abiru, Others Visit Bola Tinubu In London by saajus: 1:24pm On Sep 11
Sir, the Senator title in his name is not from this fourth republic

Governor for 8 years; yes.
Being in corridor of power for for over 30 years: sir, you don't know what you are saying.
Politics / Re: Senators Bamidele, Adeola, Adeyemo, Abiru, Others Visit Bola Tinubu In London by saajus: 2:39am On Sep 11
They are even taking pictures. Why do black leaders get no shame at all? You were a Governor for 8yrs, you've been at the corridor of power for over 30yrs and you are proud being under medical watch in another country.

Honestly, something is fundamentally wrong with black people. We couldn't even be proud of just one black nation that can be classified as advanced nation.


Politics / Re: Wike: States Destroying Alcoholic Drinks Cannot Continue To Enjoy Rivers VAT by saajus: 12:25pm On Sep 07
If not hypocrisy, what else can we call it? You said something is a sin but you are not rejecting proceeds of the sin

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Politics / Re: Bello Matawalle Explains Why They Had To Shut Down Telecoms Services In Zamfara by saajus: 7:46am On Sep 07
We are not serious in this country. I thought we even need Telcos to catch them. We don't want to block their communication line. If bandits use our Telcos services, that is they do not set up their own communication system, I see no reason we can't track them by working with Telcos.

In fact, you don't even need Telcos help to intercept GSM communications. All our major Telcos use GSM. GSM has almost no encryption. If those bad boys use end-to-end encryption apps like whatsapp, there are still advanced ways to still intercept that.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Hundreds Dead As ‘lions Of Panjshir’ Hold Line Against Taliban Assault( Pix,vid) by saajus: 8:57pm On Sep 05
Afghanistan invasion 2001 - 2021. That's 20 years. Bush: 2001-2009. Obama: 2009 - 2017. Trump 2017 - 2021. Biden - 2021 (9months). That's almost 11 years of Republicans and 9yrs of Democrats. Both parties should share the blame.

[s][/s] Shut the fvck up. The war in Afghanistan has lasted for 20 years ...20 fvcking years , and how many Democrats did we have in those years? 3 fvcking Democrats who saw nothing wrong in withdrawing troops from Afghanistan.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Hundreds Dead As ‘lions Of Panjshir’ Hold Line Against Taliban Assault( Pix,vid) by saajus: 11:51pm On Sep 04
Who was the President when they invaded Iraq and Afghanistan. The vote in the house was bipartisan. You don't know what you are talking about. Let them keep deceiving you that Republicans are Godly.

The Democrats will never miss hellfire . God don sign that one

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Celebrities / Re: Annie Idibia Drags 2Face Idibia On Instagram Over One Of His Baby Mamas by saajus: 11:59pm On Sep 02
Anita Okoye has opened another level of confidence in celebrities wives

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Celebrities / Re: See What Micheal Jackson's Children Look Like Now And What They're Into by saajus: 12:25am On Aug 31
Who told you that
Adopted kids of the legend "MJ"
Health / Re: Getting Over Addictions.. by saajus: 1:22pm On Aug 23
You are 100% correct.. They've destroyed many lives. As much as I don't like death sentence, I appreciate Asian countries that treat drug pushers and dealers as murderers.
Drug dealers are murderers.
Politics / Re: Victoria Aguiyi-Ironsi Dies At 97 by saajus: 1:12pm On Aug 23
Those military guys then were so wicked. They just killed one another for fun. Most of them wanted power for ego, not because they have great ideas on how to build a nation.Here we are.


Politics / Re: Banned Naira Marley's Song, "Coming" Played At Buhari's Son's Wedding (Video) by saajus: 8:53pm On Aug 22
In the same state where Hisbah Police see mannequins as a sin. That's why I am not in support of any Yoruba nation. The issue is the poor vs the rich. The Elites and politicians use Ethnicity and religion as tools to divide the poor. Even FFK supporting Kanu and Igboho was seen laughing with those guys' enemies. Igboho is in a police cell in Cotonou,Benin Rep. Kanu is suffering in the cell in Nigeria.

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European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Chelsea Vs Crystal Palace (3 - 0) On 14th August 2021 by saajus: 4:21pm On Aug 14
Anything can happen. If he keeps performing, learning, and adding to his game. He's still young. He's 22. He can become a great player by 26
Is this Chalobah boy not becoming the likes of Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes one day like this? I am just look at his accurate long passes


Politics / Re: Ayinke, MC Oluomo's Daughter & Her Boyfriend Have A Good Time In Puerto Rico by saajus: 4:02pm On Aug 13
Omolomo la ranse de torutoru
Sports / Re: Okocha Jokes Over Messi’s £1million Weekly Pay by saajus: 2:49pm On Aug 11
I disagree. Was he one of the highest-paid when he was in his prime then? He wasted his prime. The only time he really got serious was when he moved to Bolton, unfortunately, age was no longer in his favour. He entertained us in his prime and can dribble the whole pitch. only if he knew earlier that football is about entertainment and winning, he would have been our most decorated player or even win the world's best player.

Even as he is joking about it but it is quite the truth. Jay Jay would have been one of the highest paid players in the world if he was still playing and at his prime


Music/Radio / Re: Laycon's Performance In A 5000-Capacity Hall In OAU (Video) by saajus: 5:33pm On Aug 09
You sold out O2, I sold out OAU hall. Both na sold out.


Crime / Re: Ghanaian Man Stabs His Wife To Death After She Threatened To Divorce Him (Photos by saajus: 5:24pm On Aug 09
Married ppl, once you've made up your mind that you don't want to continue in a marriage, exit strategically. Spouses killing each other when a party drops the divorce paper is not news. I've heard of wives poisoning their husbands' food after he dropped a divorce letter/threat.

First thing first. Separation first before you even talk about divorce. Your husband/wife must not know your new location. Let your lawyers be dealing with each other. If possible, find an opportunity in a new city or request your company to move you to a new branch cos I've heard of a man that went to kill his wife in her place of work. Cut any events like Church/J'umaat services that always bring both of you together. Find a new worship center. I am not preaching divorce. I am talking about ppl who have tried all means and have made up their minds to leave.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: How Do You Deal With Rejection Mail After Applying For A Job? by saajus: 5:08pm On Aug 09
I will check if no errors from my side. I always apply for jobs I over-qualify, qualify, and not qualify for. If the ones I over-qualify and qualify for, I try to check if I made any errors during the applications. If the ones I do not qualify for, I don't even think about it cos I know I still need to acquire some more skills.

When all is said and done, I move.
Celebrities / Re: Pretty Mike Bags Doctorate Degree (Photos) by saajus: 4:12am On Aug 08
Not very. D.Sc as the name sounds can only be acquired in the Science field. Ph.D. can be any field. No major difference between them. Some countries use D.Sc more than Ph.D. for Sciences. Both na Doctorate. If it's not honorary like the ones some Naija celebrities are now buying, you must complete a dissertation before you can earn either of them.
D.Sc is very different from a PhD.
Religion / Re: Bishop Oyedepo: I Wear White Suits To Cut Costs by saajus: 11:20am On Aug 07
Baba Oyedepo is wise but this one no enter at all. Black is the color if you want to cut costs.
Sports / Re: PSG Is Offering Lionel Messi 'Everything Money Can Buy' by saajus: 10:53pm On Aug 05
He has achieved everything in the world of football, It's time to go collect a pension at PSG. If I were him, I will demand 1mEuro/week, a life pension of just 2m Euro/yr. They are getting him for free, that's not bad.
Nairaland / General / Re: How Can I Boost My Confidence. Help!!!!! by saajus: 2:49pm On Aug 02
Self-esteem could just be a psychological issue but some are both psychological and physical.

First thing first, do you have anything you want to improve about yourself. You think if you improve it, your self-esteem will be improved. Are those things fixable? What I mean about fixability is, if you tell me you are very short and you've already reached the age where you can't grow taller, that's not fixable. You gotta live with it and find ways to convince yourself you are the best. So tell me if you have any. We need to tackle that first before we go the psychological route.

I know someone who fixed his front missing tooth and suddenly a very shy guy turned into a jovial guy. I have seen ppl who lose weight, and the story changed. I have seen ppl who improve how they speak and their self-esteem rose up. Some are basically mental, they have everything going well, but their brains are telling them, they are not perfect. Yes, we can't be perfect all-around but we can fix anything fixable that won't cause any harm.


Sports / Re: Tokyo2020: Tobiloba Amusan Narrowly Misses On Podium Position, Finishes 4th by saajus: 9:31am On Aug 02
Good job, Tobi. I am so proud of her. She's a treasure and I believe she can do better next time. I watched the run, she didn't start well, she picked up in the middle. I think she would be a beast without the hurdles. Her final pace without the hurdles was excellent. I think she should be our 100m and 200m face from now on. She's 24, Okagbare is 32.

All eyes are now on the high jump. I Hope Ese Brume brings a Gold medal tonight.
Politics / Re: Kyari Is A Billionaire With Posh Houses, Sells Seized Cars - Sahara Reporters by saajus: 10:06pm On Aug 01
Tbh, I don't know how many of us in this part of the world define life. What's d purpose of those mansions our Billionaires build but can't take ordinary morning jug without security men or hefty bodyguards around them.


Politics / Re: Charles Awuzie: DCP Abba Kyari Is Innocent, Was Only Manipulated By Hushpuppi by saajus: 4:42am On Aug 01
This is the problem I have with many Nigerians. Just because a man is good to u does mean he's not a criminal. All our politicians dragging this nation into a sinkhole are also good to their family members and some friends.


Sports / Re: Tokyo2020 Female Basketball: Nigeria Loses To The USA 72 - 81 by saajus: 12:25am On Jul 27
This one even gives USA small odd. Who on earth will be foolish to risk 1k naira for 5 naira. They should kuku say no odd.
Bet9ja didn't even bother to put any odds for USA cuz the winning sure pass Buhari dementia. grin grin

Sports / Re: Tokyo2020 Female Basketball: Nigeria Loses To The USA 72 - 81 by saajus: 12:23am On Jul 27
You already gave up before it started. I hope they won't disgrace us.
it will end in embarassed

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