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Religion / Re: You Romance And Kiss People On Movie Set - Mike Bamiloye by Saintmary(f): 5:04pm On Jan 29
🤭 is 5 0clock somewhere

Yup, right here, right now
Family / Re: Is Cheating General In Men? by Saintmary(f): 1:57pm On Jan 28
I have caught my husband several times cheating on me, either he saves his concubines' phone numbers with a male name or he doesn't save but constantly chats with them even while I sleep beside him.

I would like to know if it's a common thing with men to crave for another woman and accept my fate.

No one can tell you how to live your life.

Just know that if you walk away, only few people will understand you and show you support because cheating is generally forgiven in Nigeria, so, you may find yourself on a lonely road.

If you stay, you will always wonder how it would be if you had loved yourself more.

The ball is in your court.

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Romance / Re: My Nephew Is Dragging My Family Right With Me by Saintmary(f): 9:41am On Jan 26

This is an ancestral home you can't sell such thing

Okay o.

I bid you good luck.
Family / Re: Why Are Some Men Abandoned By Their Wives and Children At The Old Age? by Saintmary(f): 2:33pm On Jan 25
certain things don't change sister..

If you say so
Romance / Re: My Nephew Is Dragging My Family Right With Me by Saintmary(f): 11:47am On Jan 25
Nairalanders how do you tackle this kind of problem especially when it has to do with family and property
My nephew is dragging right with me over our family house his father was my elder brother and the first born in our family we where five in number 2 boys and 3 girls although my female siblings are married .
My parents left us with a family house as the where now late so my brother lives in the landlord palour which was a self con apartment when he was alive although his relationship with his wife didn't work out as the woman wasn't married by my brother but she had kids for him now after my brother death I moved to the apartment as and started living there although I did a little renovation on it and others .
Until I have to travel all in the hustle although I was still in Nigeria but I moved to the northern part of Nigeria only to receive calls from my neighbors that my nephew has break into my apartment and do some retouching in my own house
Note there was never a time I ask them to live the compound or anything infact this is a family house as everyone has a room why must it be that my own.
I need advice as am very very pissed off
I brought this here for wiser contribution
The thing is that this boy am talking about went to HK only to pick money from it as I heard only to come to break into my own apartment if he thinks he needs a room there are many there it's is literally insulting

Your father is late, your elder brother is late, get a lawyer, sell the house and share the money accordingly.

Family / Re: Why Are Some Men Abandoned By Their Wives and Children At The Old Age? by Saintmary(f): 11:31am On Jan 25
They world is only Changing on the side of the women abi? Continue...

The world is changing for everyone.

However, those who have been enduring discomfort will have the loudest voices asking for change of the old order, in this case it's women.

I hope you understand.

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Politics / Re: I Got This Revelation About Nigeria At 5 Am Today! by Saintmary(f): 5:03pm On Jan 24
is only about Nigeria God de show all this pastors,what happen to all the rest of the world!

God has children in every country.
Family / Re: After Being Single For Soo Long, Im Now Scared Of Getting Married. Please Help!! by Saintmary(f): 3:14pm On Jan 24
This may sound weird but it's my situation now.

I have been a single and independent lady for a very long time. Though I really looked forward to settling down in my 20s and thirties but because I was the over careful type, I couldn't as I kept being picky due to men's character and behavior.

Fast-forward to my lat 30s, I began to lose interest and started getting more comfortable as a single. The upheavals in today's marriage also got to me. As in the way marriages are packing up, the cheating aspect, abuse and domestic violence in marriages all further affected me and changed my whole perception of the union called marriage. So I unconsciously resolved to remain single as long as I'm happy, comfortable and financially independent.

Some of the reasons I also made up my mind are.
As a single, Im very much at peace, with no one dictating what and when I should do things or get out of bed. I love my bed.
No one is body shaming me when I add on some pounds due to excessive eating and no one is questioning my eating habits as its sometimes the case with some married women. Also running errands when you don't feel up to it just because hubby wants you to do it. Some men can send their wife on errand like crazy and me I hate running errands. angry

No one is disturbing me when I need time alone which could last for hours. I love my space and privacy. So the thought of having to give up all that scares the hell out of me.

Now, back to the matter.

Recently, some close spiritual leaders in my denomination have been trying to match make me with a single pastor and that one too is shining teeth that he has seen a jimjim sister. When they now openly mentioned it yesterday with the said man around and he too was nodding and agreeing to the proposal, it dawned on me that these people are not joking. When I got home, i sank into my comfy space and began to fret. I mean... The thought of giving up all that freedom is just so scary. I suddenly discovered that marriage no longer excites me and my inner self was fighting it.
Also, the thought of carrying pregnancy for nine months with all the stress of looking after babies, tending toddlers ( poo poo) and that motherhood life made me sick instantly. The thought of joggling my job with family life gave me the chills. I see how my married mates struggle with this. Huh. Men...

I don't know. I don't feel cool about this cos it makes me feel like I'm about to be put in a cage and everything about me is going to change.

Now, before you talk about me not loving the man, I think I fancy him and can love him cos he looks so much like my ex of years ago. So that is out of the question. He is a happening lovable man but....... I no longer feel excited about marriage. at least, from what played out yesterday.

Do I need any form of therapy cos my family won't hear of it but this is my situation now ooo... Hmmm

Yes, you have been very selfish by watching other marriages crumble, and protecting yourself from heart break, nothing wrong in that.

Now, please allow me to be very selfish and ask you to stay single, because maybe single life is the best, who knows?

See, love and marriage is for the brave, staying single is also for the brave, depending on your perspective.

The important part is that whichever side of the divide you are on, make sure it's what you really want, to avoid regrets.

Family / Re: My Wife Hasn't Forgiven Me by Saintmary(f): 3:02pm On Jan 24
My heart breaks for the woman who was dragged in the mud in such a horrible way.

She should not even return to this man but she did for her own reasons, now this husband is expecting her to just forget like that?

So sad.

Mr man, it will take many years before she can truly forgive you, like more than 5 years. If you can't wait, let her go.



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Family / Re: My Wife Hasn't Forgiven Me by Saintmary(f): 2:48pm On Jan 24

This marriage is damaged beyond repair, unless you are prepared to pay in your old age.
Emotion and sentiment has nothing to do with it.
If I were you, I would start marking SERIOUS plans to replace the woman. Start all over with another woman if you must.
Get yourself together, and move on.
Unforgiveness is a deadly sin; but a lot of women do it.
It is their nature.

If your wife beats your Mom and f^cks your boss will you forgive her?

Unforgiveness is in everybody.

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Family / Re: Why Are Some Men Abandoned By Their Wives and Children At The Old Age? by Saintmary(f): 12:19pm On Jan 24
What a man sows he will reap...
The fact about life is that we reap the consequences of our actions and decisions...if you don't reap it in the short run you will reap it in the long run..
Na how the life dey balance..

Just leave them now, they will go to joints and wail with their friends.

You will see them running hard after their children in their 60s. It's hilarious.


Family / Re: Why Are Some Men Abandoned By Their Wives and Children At The Old Age? by Saintmary(f): 12:15pm On Jan 24
when men were chasing the women as young girls una no know abi?Guys go they hustle una go reject am for rich men..when them dump una and him don make am, una go use him picture go Shiloh..Deceive am with love and wife material stuff .him marry una come say make him no enjoy wetin u enjoy? Baba na lie oo..I will be rich and if I notice my wife and kids doing that I will go and marry another and will everything to her

How many people are waiting for men's money nowadays, in the next 50 years women will be leaving houses to their children after dying.

The world is changing, if you can't change oyo is your case.

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Family / Re: No Country For Lazy Wives by Saintmary(f): 10:54am On Jan 23
I m always an advocate for hard working women,it thrills me seeing women that are hard working making their legit money in their various careers, businesses and skills without depending on their partners.

My admiration goes mostly to wives making legit money to cater for the home fronts,standing as pillars,no shakes in carrying the family along without depending on their other significant halves.

Do you know that making your own money gives you an edge,it gives you confidence that anything height is attainable.

The beautiful thing is that...making legit money and investing it wisely is sexy.it saves you from unnecessary fuvks, unnecessary swollen eyes, unnecessary see finish, unnecessary insults.

The single hard working ladies are not left out,make God bless your endeavors

It's makes you definitely not to give fuvks.

So men,what's your takes on a woman that is legitimately making her money?

Pls let's not derail or make this thread a gender war.


Personally, I'm working because my chosen profession is a source of pride for me, and I have something to look forward to, I mean there is opportunity for growth in my work.

I also work because I love having money, I love being in control of my money, being able to appreciate my parents for their efforts over me, being a responsible adult, paying bills.

Trust me, it feels good.

I don't take insults or condescension from anyone because they're not feeding me.

I happen to be somebody's wife, having in laws that recognize my maturity and person, a husband that is very understanding, it's really good.

Of course, being a stay at home mom is not bad, but in this kind of country full of idiocrats, I will not advise anyone to do it.

P. S. I don't see housewives as lazy anymore, just people on a different spectrum.

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Family / Re: How My Brother Was Deceived Into Marrying An SS Lady by Saintmary(f): 2:51am On Jan 23
The earlier he walks away, the better for him.

What a sad story.


Family / Re: Why Are Some Men Abandoned By Their Wives and Children At The Old Age? by Saintmary(f): 7:10pm On Jan 22
Because Men abandoned women during their youthful days chasing girls in the name of sidechicks.
So it's the responsibility of the chicks to look after the Men when their old age rocks.

Them never see anything

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Family / Re: Why Are Some Men Abandoned By Their Wives and Children At The Old Age? by Saintmary(f): 7:09pm On Jan 22
It has been observed that many more crises are taking place in families nowadays. One of them is our focus here. Many wives and children now abandon their husbands after the men retire. Some turn children against their fathers while some wives plan to kill their husbands so as to inherit their husband properties. Why is it that wives want their husbands husbands dead so as to inherit them? Why is it that when husbands are sicks WIves always try to know what is in the wills of their husbands? Why do wives abandon their husbands at the old age and pack to another apartment? Why do wives want to be in control of their husbands at the old age! Why do families crack when the old age is about to set in . A man was abandoned by his wives and children so much so that he was crying for help in his apartment. When thean died the children slaughtered cows and painted the house.What do you think about this development? What is happening in the families now?


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Family / Re: Why Are Women Outliving Men? by Saintmary(f): 4:50pm On Jan 22
Biologically from the onset, the XX make up of females gives them a protective advantage when it comes to survival, reason boys are more likely to be stillborn than girls and under 5 infant mortality is more prevalent in boys.

So from conception, childhood, adolescenthood, adulthood to old age.....males die earlier.

It's a result of reckless lifestyle.

Multiple sexual relationships
Risky activities
Criminal lifestyle

Amongst many other things.


Romance / Re: My Sister's Husband Is Planning On Taking In A Second Wife...please Help by Saintmary(f): 11:43am On Jan 21

To help provide solutions that can savage her relationship with her husband.

Let her use her hand to repair her bad character.
Romance / Re: My Sister's Husband Is Planning On Taking In A Second Wife...please Help by Saintmary(f): 4:40pm On Jan 20
I don't know how i can help this situation gaskiya. My sis has been troubled ever since she went through her husband's WhatsApp chat with one particular woman. She told me she has been suspecting her husband who is always with his phone 247 for like 4 months now. She said he is always pressing his phone even till past 12am. When she noticed this she talked to him about it but he told her "it is his phone not hers, everyone should do whatever they like with their phone" she said she even denies him s3x sometimes because of this and also she's nonchalant about cooking and house chores all so that he can change and stop. But he doesn't seem bothered. And they have 2 kids.

So one particular night he slept off and the phone fell off his hand so she took it b4 it locks and went through his chats. She discovers he has been having emotional affairs with a divorced woman. It seems to her the woman was his ex. He is planning on marring her as his 2nd wife. And the woman also has two kids.

She said he hasn't defaulted in his responsibilities to the family. Me personally, i don't know what to do to console her to accept reality. Since our religion permits polygamy.

Nairalanders please what can you say about this situation now.

What do you want Nairalanders to do about this issue now?
Family / Re: Pastor Dad Bonds With Daughter's Son Had Outside Wedlock After Criticizing Her by Saintmary(f): 2:30pm On Jan 20
Wedding outside wedlock is sin...it gives birth to Omo Ale as Yoruba will call it

Omo ale in Yorubaland is when a married man or woman commit adultery and it results in a child.

Your ale is your extramarital affair partner.

Please stop this misinformation.

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Crime / Re: Raped And Been Threatened With The Police by Saintmary(f): 12:54pm On Jan 20

Oh how much I love Nairalanders and their savagery. Lol. This write up is not to confirm if there was a rape or not or gather sympathy. The culprit admitted what he did at the police station and some other place. So it’snot a question of the girl lying. The write up is for those who may be in a similar situation tomorrow and I dropped flaws that has prevented the lady from getting due justice. Your POV follows general assumptions of Nigerians. The man was crafty enough to drop cash with her under duress to invalidate all claims of rape and nothing can be done to state otherwise.

I'm so sad for the lady.

Rape is a very traumatic experience.

But I think you and your friend should have sat the lady down and asked her what she wants before pursuing justice.

She is the one wearing the shoe, she is not a child, you should have laid all the options open to her so she can chose the best way to go.

The medical officer that was talking trash about her personal unfounded suspicions, may her own Karma meet her in front.

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Family / Re: Re: There's No Blessing In Giving Your Rich Parents Money - A Rebuttal To Freeze by Saintmary(f): 12:36pm On Jan 20
Thank you. He was trying to justify his folly all these years.

Of course foolish people will always justify their folly, how else would they feel good about themselves?

It's the job of the wise people to uphold the truth so that foolish people will not turn the world upside down.
Family / Re: Re: There's No Blessing In Giving Your Rich Parents Money - A Rebuttal To Freeze by Saintmary(f): 10:30am On Jan 20
This write up is a direct rebuttal to the most recent and arguably the most unfortunate submission of Mr ifedayo a.k.a Freeze. This is the link https://www.nairaland.com/7528324/there-no-blessing-giving-rich

Mr. Ifedayo opined that's there is no blessing in giving one’s rich parents money for whatever reason. In summary, he stated that if a son or daughter gifts his/her parents money, it is a total waste because there is nothing beneficial that can come from it.

He further stated that it is only when you give to your poor parents that you can receive blessings. Before I go further, personally, I try to avoid reading the opinions or submissions of Freeze because a lot of times they lack indepth understanding of how things work. That way I avoid feeding my spirit with such misconceptions.

Freeze comes off as one who thinks he knows it all. His submissions are always with an air of certainty, even for social issues that might have been settled theologically. That alone is a sign of weakness and an unteachable spirit.

So last night after I returned from a long trip and decided to browse the net and catch up with latest happenings, only to see his latest verbal output and, I must confess they lacked the essence of knowledge and understanding.

Normally Like many of his sayings/ writings I could have let this slide but then I thought, ‘No’ this is the height of myopia and people especially the young ones should never abide by this. It is highly defective and deceptive.

Freeze wrote, ‘there is no blessing in giving your rich parents money. That blessing is when you give to them when they are poor. If your parents are struggling then you are blessed when you give them money or assist them. Honor your father and mother should not monetised”

First of all, giving was not only meant for the poor. Then again there is no law that says you cannot gift the rich money. Rich people need more money to stay rich or become richer. People bring gifts and money to the rich not necessarily because the rich beg for money but because you find your way into their hearts; they lay down their favour guard for you.Rich people are also open to receiving gifts.

Also giving was not only meant to be monetary and there are lots of things one could give aside money It could be time, energy, advice, ideas, friendship, e.t.c. Everyone knows this, so him trying to untie honor from financial gifts was totally watery.

Giving to the rich has so many benefits whether they be your parents or not. When you gift a rich person whether your parents or not, subconsciously they will start looking for an opportunity to repay you and most a times you get more from them that what you gave.

Jesus allowed a woman to pour very expensive oil on him not because Jesus was really poor but because it was a sign of honor from the woman, and also to allow that woman to receive the blessings he could give her.

Of all those who gave offerings at a church service in Jesus’ day it was a widow that give very little that God used as an example.

Whether your parents are rich or poor, gifting them attracts blessings and you find favour in their sight and before God. This has nothing to do with entitlements. Honor benefits more the one who gives it.

The spiritual blessings you can receive from your parents do not want to know whether your parents are poor or not. They are there to be activated once you give. Also every parent appreciates gifts, whether monetary or not from their children no matter how little.

It makes them feel loved, important and appreciated. Most at times it is not what you gift or the amount of your gift to your parents that matter, it is the manner in which you gave them, it is the heart with which you gave them the money that matters.

They are flattered by just the thoughts of you finding them worthy of a gift. They might have more money than you, it doesn’t matter. The principle is the same.

If your parents are billionaires and you put in 10,000 naira in an envelope and walk up to them respectfully, giving them the money with a wide smile and telling them that it's a gift from you to them, they will definitely appreciate it and love it. Their reactions will light up the room. In fact it may prompt them to ask you what you need so that they can do it for you immediately.

God loves a cheerful giver. Is God poor? Certainly not! So why does he love a cheerful giver? Because the intent is far more important than the actual gift. And this is applicable to human, to parents.

To interpret Freeze’s thought, don’t give God anything, He already has abundance and doesn’t need any of your resources for any purpose. Still thinking like Freeze, the reason why people receive blessings from God for giving him anything is because God is Poor. This is a rather very sad expression.

God loves one who gives cheerfully and blesses them. Likewise, billionaire parents love a child that gives cheerfully. It is just that.

To conclude, Freeze, giving your mother money is not for her own good, it is largely for your own good. The only thing your mother may be missing is the feeling of having a cheerful giver as a son.

Money may not make your mother smile now but I can bet you it sure did in her early years of achievement. Her priority definitely must have changed because she has seen life in its entirety and she is not getting any younger. This is a universal flow of life and has nothing to do with or without being a Nigerian.

The older we get as humans our priorities change and some things will not matter to us anymore. This is exactly the case of your mother.

Also, your mum returned the politician’s money because she has values. Apparently she has erected some barriers for accepting certain gifts. Probably the source of the money contradicts her conscience and she rejected it, and that is highly commendable of her.

She did not reject it because it was just a monetary gift. The honor of a king is largely determined by the amount of people who are willing to grace his palace with gifts.

Accordingly to you , your mother has absolutely no need for your money because she has, that doesn't mean she would not appreciate it as a heartfelt gift from you. Common wisdom and understanding should tell and explain this better.

You can choose not to give your mother money because you think she has enough but please don’t make it look like it’s wrong for a child to give money to their wealthy parents because that is what you are saying in essence. You’re trying to discourage people from giving their rich parents money. More or less, you're saying it's useless.

Before any post, accolade or rank your mother has attained till date, she is first a human, a woman at that and women loves and cherishes gifts generally. There is no exception at all.

Not only women, humans love gifts no matter how little. The act alone is a motivation and shows understanding.

Freeze, this may sound a little bit mean but it may help you Sir to readjust. You said your mother is always busy to pick your calls but the reality is that your mother is not too busy to pick your calls. If she were so busy, she could call back later that night.

No mother is so busy to hear from a child dear to her, she’s not too busy to hear from you, she’s just indifferent about your call probably because there's nothing about your calls that excites her.

No human will be so excited to hear from someone who thinks he or she doesn't deserve monetary gifts from her kids because she is wealthy.

I hope every young person can be able to filter what they read from people who have been privileged to have a lot of social media following, because a lot of what they put out can be misleading.

Emeka Stanley

Thank you for being the voice of reason in this corrupt world.

My opinion is that if a man's mother is avoiding him, I want nothing to do with him. He must be a bad son.
Romance / Re: The Importance Of A Male Child - A Bitter Experience by Saintmary(f): 10:04am On Jan 20
This is why Nigeria is not respected in the international community, when we still have people who think like this.

They have no interest in learning, education, knowledge, even wisdom, they don't want.

Science means nothing to them, research is a foreign word to them, they only want to keep the imaginations of their foolish minds.

Idiocracy is their religion.

They hate any form of self improvement.

I am worried for my country.

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Romance / Re: The Importance Of A Male Child - A Bitter Experience by Saintmary(f): 9:54am On Jan 20

What is there to self deceive when you can't point to one thing I would gain when I am dead that depended on my having a son.

What a bunch of villagers! Sorry to say.

Don't be sorry to tell foolish people that they are foolish, if you don't tell them, they will think they are wise.
Romance / Re: The Importance Of A Male Child - A Bitter Experience by Saintmary(f): 9:50am On Jan 20

I hope all is well with you at home? Because it appears you're mentally unstable.

After the rubbish you just wrote, we expected you to tell us if the genetic code is stored in inside you?

It's not my fault that nobody took the effort to train you.

I don't expect you to know anything about chromosomes, DNA, RNA, and other genetic topics.

Even Google, you cannot consult but you are willing to wallow in your ignorance.

I will no longer reply you, because a wilfully ignorant person is a lost cause.

Return to the shadows where you crawled out from.

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Family / Re: 10 Reasons Men Find It Hard Marrying A Single Mum!!! by Saintmary(f): 10:37am On Jan 19


This girl is on fire! cheesy grin

Don't mind them,

They will make a woman spend the rest of her life paying for 3 minutes of sex that she didn't even get an orgasm from, coming online to run their gutter mouths is the height of it!

Who will blame those women aborting pregnancies on a steady? Hian

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Sports / Re: Pele Leaves Millions In Will For Out Of Wedlock Daughter He Denied by Saintmary(f): 10:28am On Jan 19

Women suffer these things alot, my cousin went through this same thing. Back in the 1980’s in the east if u are a young man going to a seminary school u are influential in the community , because catholic and Anglican churches were and are still powerful in the east. My aunt who died since 2008 had a son for a then young man going to a seminary school, he denied the son, since the 80’s throughout when my aunt was alive till she died. She even got married and moved on with her life, since the son was born out of wedlock he went through alot, cause based on igbo traditions we don’t accept children like that very much which is very bad. My Dad accepted him, cause her husband was behaving very smhw towards him. If they tell the man who later became a priest let’s go for DNA test he will say no, it’s against his culture. Just looking at him u would know he is the father, but he kept denying. This and that.

The priest moved on with his life, later got married, had children 4 girls and 1boy, as it happened the son became disabled, he was an slowpoke. The man saw this but still denied my cousin, until he had retired from the priest hood, after almost 40years he came to our family home secretly to apologise, that we should understand that based on his priesthood career he couldn’t accept my cousin that if he did they would have ostracised him. He performed all the rights and took my son into his family, after almost 40years of denying him.

All these non developed countries, like Nigeria, Brazil etc has a lot of legal and ignorance issues, in reasonable and developed world the court would force u to do a dna test, if possible u go pay child support.

It's entirely up to the family that took care of the child to decide what to do in these cases, but you see, emotions are powerful, and it clouds people's reasoning.

That is why a lot of men wilfully turn their backs on their own children when they know fully well that the children most probably will seek them out in the future.

It's not fair on anyone to raise a child for such men to come when they are close to death and start shedding crocodile tears.

What about the hard work it took to raise the children?
Family / Re: My Friend On Benefit Placed A Curse On Me by Saintmary(f): 6:28pm On Jan 18
Sports / Re: Pele Leaves Millions In Will For Out Of Wedlock Daughter He Denied by Saintmary(f): 2:10pm On Jan 18
Na wah o
Family / Re: Tunde Ayeni & Adaobi Alagwu In Paternity Tussle by Saintmary(f): 2:05pm On Jan 18
When the going was rosy, no one cried out.

Now that yam pepper has scattered scattered, they are disturbing us.

Oga and side chick, oya shift.

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Health / Re: Man Commits Suicide Over Economic Hardship In Nigeria (Graphic Photos) by Saintmary(f): 11:39am On Jan 18
the second picture looks like some photoshoot stuff

the way he rested on the tree

men are really suffering but their ego or redpill movement won't let em tell a lady their problems...

their motto: irather kill myself than beg an evening newspaper lol

no rip for em

I can't blame you for being harsh on those alfamail nut jobs.

All the same, I still feel sad for this particular man.

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