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Celebrities / Re: Linda Ikeji Celebrates Her 41st Birthday (Photos) by sarutobi: 11:36am

Masculine woman who didn't fulfil purpose in securing an high valued man, ended up as a single mother putting her child at risk, very selfish and stupid, even with your socio-economic status no man in your level will want to settle down with you sand you won't date downwards due to Hypergamy, very poor role model for young ladies, flashing materialism makes a man attractive and respected, but for women the reverse is the case

What you have said is sad. But it is the truth.

Her dating pool is getting smaller and she wont date downwards. High valued men of her age range her smart men. They wont settle for her.
Yo are right also when you say she should consider her son in these matters but whatever decision she takes or is taking she is old enough to face the consequences that will come in the future.

A woman's money is absolutely useless to a man. It does not improve her value.

I wish her the best.

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Education / Re: Did You Do This In Your Secondary School Days? by sarutobi: 5:35pm On Jul 21
I was an expert in this. In 1997 I was in my JSS1, I had a good handwriting, infact most of my senior boys took me as their son because of writing this sort of love letters for them.

I was virtually untouchable cos the big bad boys in our military school then had my backs.

Unfortunately I never had a gf till I left secondary school in 2003.

I often concluded by please remember to meet me at our rendezvous behind Iya basira shop

Did you go to NMS?

I am also 97

Politics / Re: Fidelis Nweze Is Dead! Umahi’s Commissioner For Infrastructure Dies by sarutobi: 12:09am On Jun 23
May his soul rest in peace!
Phones / Re: Infinix Note 10 Unboxing, First Impressions And Full Review + Price (photos) by sarutobi: 3:48pm On Jun 01
Infinix don dey try oo.

But i am still team Samsung.

Get authentic perfumes https://myfragrances.com.ng


Celebrities / Re: OAP Kelz Uses Drone To Track Down A Laptop Thief (Video) by sarutobi: 6:26pm On Mar 17
I once heard from someone that you need the approval of the authority to use a drone in Nigeria. How true is this?

Yes you do.

But you can fly it privately without approval. It will only be needed if you decide to fly it from public places.

In the video he said the drone was around 200m in the sky. At that height it will just be a dot in the sky.
Travel / Re: How Did You Survive Your Divorce In The UK? by sarutobi: 4:24pm On Mar 08

LOL. Which of the laptop? The screen touch or the core i5?

cant remember bro. I think corei5. That was long time a go. grin
Travel / Re: How Did You Survive Your Divorce In The UK? by sarutobi: 3:44pm On Mar 08
My brother had the same issue with his wife some years ago... Unfortunately for him he was deported back to Nigeria without a penny after many years in uk. Meanwhile, he was the one who took his wife to the uk.

After he was reported, she doesn't even allow him to speak with his kids (2girls) on phone. He later suffers depression, always on drugs, he couldn't work or do anything meaningful, totally useless... Today, the guy is in rehab in Yaba, he's shadow of himself as I speak...

My chairman, do you remember me? I still got your laptop ooo.

Computers / Re: Smile Internet Keeps Disconnecting After Sometime by sarutobi: 1:01pm On Dec 11, 2020
i know your post is old, but i experience the same thing. it is annoying.

they are terrible
Gaming / Re: PS4 Games Exchange by sarutobi: 6:22pm On Dec 10, 2020

7k last or come with a good disc for swap.

if you are in Lagos and it includes delivery, then it is a deal.

Let me know how to proceed/ send me a PM
Gaming / Re: PS4 Games Exchange by sarutobi: 2:48pm On Dec 10, 2020
Ps4 game disc available for swap or sale;

Sekiro (shadows die twice)
Resident evil 2
Metal gear solid V
Unchartered 4

Location; Lag Mainland.

whats your final price for sekiro?
Programming / Re: Backend Software Engineers, Let's Talk About System Design by sarutobi: 2:04pm On Dec 07, 2020
What if you we try to reduce cost by

Using just AWS

Reduce cost by using AWS Is this a joke?

Decoupled architecture? Why? There must be a reason to go that far.

Nairaland is a simple app. Its does not need to have the frontend and backend hosted separately. A good dedicated server should handle the load well.

You can use the new buzzwords like angular, vue, nodejs etc to bamboozle the client and win customers but simple plain PHP/Python/Ruby with vanilla javascript will be more than enough to produce nairaland in record time.

I consider the owner of Nairaland to be very smart. this is why nairaland does exactly what it needs to do. Nothing more, nothing less.


Health / Re: Please Help, I'm Always Fatigued And I Sleep A lot. by sarutobi: 3:03am On Dec 06, 2020

Have you treated yourself?

I am treating it.

There are drugs that i am to take for at least 6 months.

I swallow like 21 tablets, 3 times daily, everyday. I like to think they work.

Also there are certain foods i cannot eat.

My neck area is visibly swollen.

Hope it disappears in the end.
Fashion / Re: French Designer Oil Perfume by sarutobi: 2:55am On Dec 06, 2020
Health / Re: Please Help, I'm Always Fatigued And I Sleep A lot. by sarutobi: 12:28pm On Dec 04, 2020
I have the same issue:

Went in to do multiple tests.

Turned out i had Hyperthyroidism.

It causes fatigue, I feel tired always even after i just woke up.

Are you always hungry? Does your heart beat very fast every time?

Go and check your self in a hospital.


Programming / Re: Funny Programming Memes. Just For Laughs by sarutobi: 6:37pm On Jun 03, 2020
cheesy cheesy

this is currently happening to me.

I am writing a cassandra client. I could have used raw CQL but no grin


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Romance / Re: He’s Very Stingy And I am tired by sarutobi: 2:48am On May 28, 2020
A man who truly loves you would know the right thing to do

Modified : men before commenting, ask urself , would I want my sister to date such a person .

I want my sister to be able to take care of herself without the help of any man. Only whores do that


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Gap Teeth A Reason For Disqualification In Bank Interviews? by sarutobi: 6:45pm On May 27, 2020
my brother you dont have gap teeth. you have a window or door in your teeth. they are different things. cheesy
Celebrities / Re: Kanye West Begging Mark Zuckerberg When He Was In $53m Debt (2016 Tweets) by sarutobi: 1:26am On Apr 26, 2020
Begging Mark Zuckerberg the founder of "Facebook" for money on "Twitter"

i think you have a high IQ. Bravo!
Religion / Re: Lockdown: Dunamis Shares Food Items by sarutobi: 5:02pm On Apr 22, 2020
When will National Mosque give palliatives to the people? Very very stingy set of people grin

There is no tithe and offering in mosque. I stand to be corrected though
Health / Re: More Doctors To Leave Nigeria As COVID-19 Gets Worse In USA by sarutobi: 5:22pm On Apr 12, 2020
Every month we keep hearing Nigerian doctors are leaving yet there are still a whole lot of them around either jobless or underpaid.
Abeg let us hear word,Every one wants to leave Nigeria not just Doctors.

When they say Nigerian doctors, they mean the highly trained with decades of experience NOT doctor that just finished school yesterday.


Family / Re: Stereotype About Only Sons by sarutobi: 2:29pm On Feb 25, 2020

I have an only brother and he was showing these traits. His gfs didn’t like me and I always wondered why. Till the mumu opened his mouth to tell me he told his gf I will always come before any woman, because we grew and suffered together. I told him to face his babe o, make e no come dey disturb my own guy.

Family / Re: Stereotype About Only Sons by sarutobi: 2:26pm On Feb 25, 2020
While I was out on my first date with my girlfriend, she asked me how many sibling I have, to which I replied. She then proceeded to ask the number of males and females. Then I told her I only have sisters. That moment, her face dropped because we were already Into each other, I could tell she was disappointed.

Women want you for themselves. She wants all your attention, resources and finances.

Brothers generally don't care.

BUT having sisters automatically puts a check to this. Sisters can smell bullshit from miles away cos it takes one to know one.

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Family / Re: Stereotype About Only Sons by sarutobi: 2:21pm On Feb 25, 2020
dammmmnn niggar to nack bottle on top your head Dey hungry me undecided

I was about to say this.

Anytime i see his/her post, i just hiss.

Very annoying.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: $3.3m Bugatti Chiron Turned Heads At Zimbabwean Defence Headquarters by sarutobi: 10:36pm On Dec 24, 2019

Contact me for Aba made Bugatti chiron.
N2,500 for delivery within aba n umuahia.
N2,900 for other states.

Order urs now.

How much last for bugatti chiron, Do you deliver to lagos?
Family / Re: How Can My Parents Evict My Troublesome Uncles? by sarutobi: 2:33pm On Dec 05, 2019
I have to say this again, the selfishness we brew these days in our Igbo families, I really don't get it. I am sure the problems between your father and the brothers arose because either your father or mother is trying to be Lord over them just because they live in your house and they resisted.

Your parents should learn to tolerate his brothers. As you said, they can't go and live in the bush, the so called ancestral land till they build theirs and you also know they are not capable to.

Imagine, what your father and his siblings are going through and you think later it will not be the same between you and your siblings. Let me tell you what will happen, if you guys succeed in pushing your uncles out. The next fight will start between you and your siblings over same house. I am telling you from experience, it is psychological. I has happened in many families I know, even mine.

Moreover, which relationship do you want to maintain with your cousins when through your parents you chased them away from the house.

This is the same problem that happened in my paternal family and now happening between my maternal uncles. People will never learn. The level of selfishness these days is really overwhelming. I don't get it.

My story;
If you like learn from it.

My uncle built an up-stair (big house) in the early 80's. Both families all live in the city, so we just come back to stay in the village house during Xmas and sometimes Easter. Within the few days in the village, their mum and mum will always quarrel. I mean sometimes even physical because both women were always at loggerheads with flimsy things. E.g one of my brothers (a kid then) 'pooed or peed' in the compound, my mum was cooking here and not there. So this quarrel has been there for years when we were kids till our late teenage years when it escalated. My Dad even though not buoyant, started to build a house but then they were not even patient enough for my Dad to near completion of the house before we were sent packing. My Dad had to sell a small property in the city to even roof the building. Then we moved. Of course the relationship dwindled, everybody started minding his or her business.

Now, in less than 7 years, we are better of. Completed my Dad's building, built another with complete finishing and live better and bigger. However their house remained uncompleted as it has been, no fence, not tiled, no paint and all that. Now, they all want a closer relationship but naturally it can't happen, the discord is there already. The news around the village now is that my cousins (now adults and married) are quarreling on who will occupy upstair of the house and who will stay down. Imagine.

Don't neglect people. Nobody is God. Everybody fit pick.

ok, we get it, your family is successful now.

BUT the point is, when you are living in another man's house, you need to behave yourself.

Your brother should not be shitting everywhere and you mum should be cooking in the right place.

I am not saying your relatives don't have any blame, i am just pointing out some things in your story.

My mum's sister's kid shits on the floor and uses our curtains to clean his ass! My mom scolds the boy and then lectures her sister on why her kids are not well trained. This boy was 6 years old at the time. I hated anytime they were around.
Fashion / Re: Uzoma Jenfrancis Crowned Most Beautiful Girl In Abuja 2019 In Colourful Event by sarutobi: 12:16pm On Oct 29, 2019
I really want to know how much Alexreport paid Nairaland.

His posts hit the frontpage back to back. Nothing against his posts but the way they make the frontpage will suggest that they are newsworthy.

This is getting funny now.

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Family / Re: My Rich Brother Does Not Care About Us.... by sarutobi: 6:11pm On Oct 27, 2019

Please listen sir,

Leave him alone. don't call anymore. He is your brother does not mean he has to pick your calls or even give you face. There is no law in the world that mandates that.

This is what you should do. WORK ON YOURSELF.

Yes, leave him and concentrate on the rest of your family (nuclear and otherwise).

I will not blame anyone since we have not heard your brother's story. Just stop disturbing him.

Forget that "want your brother back" idea. Where do you want him back from??

Something went wrong somewhere. Also from your writeup it looks like the guy is running from financial burden.

What he failed to do is to tell you guys that he can only provide what he has. Cutting family off is immature.

Well, please heed my advice. I know i am saying something completely different from what others have said but that is the only solution.

Work on yourself and dont worry about anyone else.


Programming / Re: [Advice] For New Programmers, what server-Side Programming Language Is The Best? by sarutobi: 12:05pm On Oct 09, 2019

I don't even understand what u guys are saying here but I'm interested in knowing this programming of a thing.

There was a time I downloaded the python tutoring app on my phone thinking I will get understand it myself but to no avail.

Do I need a degree in engineering to become a programmer?

I'm a pharmacy student tho.

Anyone can be a programmer. You do not need engineering degree. There are countless resources on the internet that can help you learn.

It can take years to master the art though.

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Programming / Re: [Advice] For New Programmers, what server-Side Programming Language Is The Best? by sarutobi: 8:25am On Oct 08, 2019

I like your suggestion. I'm currently learning PHP. But some presumed 'experts' tell me PHP is a dying language and that you should concern yourself with Python, please how true is that??


These experts have been singing the same song for 10 years now.

Python is cool though.

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Programming / Re: [Advice] For New Programmers, what server-Side Programming Language Is The Best? by sarutobi: 8:03am On Oct 08, 2019
Server Side?

Hmm. Your question is too broad. Which type of server sides do you want to write?

Forget people telling you TIOBE index, this index, that index. Those have been changing. I have been programming for 2 decades now and i remember when PERL was the SHIT back then. Where is it today?

Do you want to create CRUD apps? like social networks, blogs, cms etc. PHP is KING in this area. Forget the rest. Many people will tell you python, java bla bla. Let me tell you this, the speed PHP will grant you when writing this sorts of programs will blow your mind. Its like PHP was made for web dev. Too many frameworks Codeigniter, Laravel, Yii, Zend. Libraries nko? Mehn....

Python: this is what the cool kids use nowadays (I am not a fan), but it is popular and used extensively at Google. You need Python, when you have started hitting the upper limits of PHP. Where you need complex data structures. I personally use Python for shell scripting and long running processes. Also PHP sucks with threads so Python.... The mistake people make is that they try to use python for what PHP can do. Learn the difference.

Java aka "Mr enterprise". Well java is Huge. It is robust, verbose (annoying), and well documented. I will advise that you dont start your programming life with java. Start with PHP or Pyhton. There are very few things you cannot build with java. The JVM (the software that runs java) is probably the most complex app on earth. What more? Java is Fast. It blows PHP and Python out of the water. Threads, Generics it has almost everything you need for the server side. I am a fan BUT java is heavy, bulky.

Go: Goroutines.

Javascript (Nodejs): who ever though that javascript should now be used at the server side is nuts. I am not saying that it is not being used today even in production by giant companies. But nodejs is like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. Javascript is good for some people, to me it sucks as a language and because of the lack of tools for profiling, debugging etc it is a pain to work with. Javascipt is single threaded, but it uses some event something something like that lolx cheesy grin Just use Go.

There are other languages like ruby, haskell, erlang. Some of these are really specialized languages.

You can learn all of them. It makes you a better programmer as all these languages have different approach to solving problems and makes you see the computer from a different angle.

If you have any specific questions i am happy to help.


Sports / Re: Kanu Reacts To Tammy Abraham And Fikayo England Call-Up by sarutobi: 10:50am On Oct 04, 2019

No he is not.. He grew up in England.. He is familiar with the system.. That his comfort zone...england has a better chance at winning the world cup than Nigeria..no bribery and corruption to deal with. Working system. The only problem is that there are better player in that same squad and might not start often.

Iwobi grew up in England. Leon Balogun is German. Ekong is a Dutch etc.

The difference between these players and Abraham is that they are sensible enough to know tthey CANNOT break into the first team of those countries.

Abraham will have to compete with:
1. Kane
2. Vardy
3. Rashford
4. Callum Wilson
5. Jesse Lingard

All these players except maybe current lingard are better than him.

Southgate will play an unfit Kane over Abraham. In contrast, he will practically walk in majestically into the super eagles (no pressure). Win a few AFCONs, go to the world cup and if he puts in the shift he becomes a National Hero.

About trophies, please tell me the last time England Football team won any trophy. Maybe in the 80s.

As i said earlier, I am a Chelsea fan but i am NOT deluded. Abraham is a championship level player. He still needs to prove himself.

He is overestimating his abilities.

We have been begging this guy for more than a year. A whole country begging an average player. Are we that bad?

He can learn from Agbonlahor, Ibe etc

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