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Health / Re: 'I Will Return As A Man' - Woman Who Attempted Suicide On Her Birthday (Photo) by senbonzakurakageyoshi(m): 10:28pm On Mar 21
Nairaland is full of horrible people with no human feelings.

Someone attempted suicide out of depression. One would think this would cause some people to be empathetic and at least try to encourage her but here on this thread are people making fun of her, her depression and her mental state. Do you guys think everything is something to be made fun of? Is there nothing sacred to some of you?

She survived. She can come back here and read this thread; how do you think she would feel about the horrible things some of you guys have said? If you had nothing good to say, could you not have kept quiet?

And the moderators and owner of this site continue to condone this horrible behaviour. No wonder Nairaland that should be Nigeria's Twitter has become a cesspool where degenerates come to compete over who has the most twisted mind.


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Romance / Re: #SilhouetteChallenge: The Day Naked 'Prostitutes' Invaded Our Timelines by senbonzakurakageyoshi(m): 4:00pm On Jan 31
See as the article finished women.

I agree with the writer that the church is not doing enough to curb the moral decadence ravaging our society. Every Sunday I marvel at the preponderance of churches in every street corner, yet the society is not manifesting the virtues of Christianity.

But men participated in this challenge too. Why didn't this writer point that out and call them prostitutes as well if he was truly giving an honest assessment?

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Romance / Re: #SilhouetteChallenge: The Day Naked 'Prostitutes' Invaded Our Timelines by senbonzakurakageyoshi(m): 3:59pm On Jan 31
Interesting how you wrote this entire thread dragging women and ignoring the fact that men also participated in the challenge and showed off even more.

Yes, this is really about "morals" and "culture" not another opportunity to call women prostitutes.


Sports / Re: Drogba Separates From His Wife, Lalla Diakate, After 10 Years Of Marriage by senbonzakurakageyoshi(m): 11:19pm On Jan 14
Some times when the money stop raining

The you see the other side of the ladies

Drogba is still incredibly rich, my man

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Electoral College Confirms Joe Biden As Next US President by senbonzakurakageyoshi(m): 2:51am On Dec 15, 2020
Donald J Trump u may have lost the battle but we hard core conservatives will continue the war against liberals & leftists and their lack of social values.
This is just the beginning of a very long battle for the soul of the world.

Lol, a Nigerian conservative.

The joke writes itself.

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Celebrities / Re: Everyone Journalist Involved In Sex For Grades Documentary Got Credit – BBC by senbonzakurakageyoshi(m): 12:11pm On Dec 14, 2020
With these their desperation for fame front and back, who knows whether the poor Lecturers roped in, on their hunt for fame are really guilty as charged. There is nothing a desperado cannot do. These their actions shows that they are not different from the lecturers they allegedly exposed, because they are all in the business of satisfying their selfish interests no matter whose ox is gored

Are you sure that you're not a lecturer preying on his female students?


Family / Re: Governor Ortom And His Shameful Normalization Of Domestic Violence by senbonzakurakageyoshi(m): 12:55pm On Dec 11, 2020

And the children moved to your house right, how much child support have you agreed to render to assist the woman take care of the children feeding, school fee and clothing while the man is behind bars?
Put him behind bars, put him behind bars. At most he will be behind bars for hitting his wife for 6 months or at most 1year. Pls tell me how much support you have planned to render when the family is separated. Rather than talking about putting him behind bars, why not talk about counseling on how to handle the family finance, love and respect for each other? Don't you think 4children with the guy and his wife is enough responsibility to get a fragile man frustrated? Probably you think the guy earns his salary in millions?

And if she dies at his hands, will you take care of the children? Would you be their mother?


Family / Re: Governor Ortom And His Shameful Normalization Of Domestic Violence by senbonzakurakageyoshi(m): 12:54pm On Dec 11, 2020
He only tried to pacify two fighting couple. He has done good

Two fighting couple? Your weird grammar aside, does it look like she laid a finger on him?


Family / Re: Governor Ortom And His Shameful Normalization Of Domestic Violence by senbonzakurakageyoshi(m): 12:53pm On Dec 11, 2020
The people against the OP's piece are either those that beat their wives or those that want to beat their wives.

So, those of you that are cheering the governor on, what would be your reaction if this man beats his wife again and she dies? He's beaten her badly before so it's not out of the realm of possibility to believe he can do it again.

And your answer shouldn't be "we pray it doesn't happen". Because if it does happen, your prayers will not bring her back.


Politics / Re: Hisbah Conducts Door-to-door Search For ‘Sinners’ In Kano (photos) by senbonzakurakageyoshi(m): 8:18pm On Nov 28, 2020
And these people expect others to come to spend their money in that state.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Trump Calls For Termination Of "Section 230" Over Twitter 'False Trends' by senbonzakurakageyoshi(m): 12:24pm On Nov 27, 2020
Why can't this guy just leave the app?

You don't like owner. He doesn't like you either. Yet you want to die ontop his app.

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Politics / Re: Lai Mohammed Writes CNN On Lekki Shooting by senbonzakurakageyoshi(m): 9:30pm On Nov 23, 2020

They admitted they went to the protest ground with live bullet not to use it on the protesters but to defend themselves

If you know how security agents work, you will agree that no soldier will go on such an assignment without being properly armed in case of any unexpected episode.

Try and keep your lies straight na.


Politics / Re: Canceled South-South Meeting: Garba Shehu Reacts by senbonzakurakageyoshi(m): 7:48pm On Nov 18, 2020
They've still not apologized

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Celebrities / Re: Lilfrosh Denies Hitting His Girlfriend, Thacutegeminme. She Reacts by senbonzakurakageyoshi(m): 11:28am On Nov 10, 2020
But some of you are sha dense.

You saw black eyes, you saw swollen face, you saw the clear signs that she was battered and you're still talking about hearing both sides.

The worst are the ones that would say "I don't support beating women but....". That your "but" says you definitely support beating women. Did she kill his parents? Did she tie his destiny? What could she have done to warrant being beaten like that that you want to hear of. What is bad is bad and should be condemned without ANY reservation.

It's clear to me that there are a lot of men on this site that are only too happy to blame women in any situation that comes up and it's sad that these men have wives or girlfriends.


Politics / Re: #EndSARS: Rinuola Mocks CBN After It Got A Court Order To Freeze Her Account by senbonzakurakageyoshi(m): 3:01pm On Nov 07, 2020
After the investigation if you have nothing to hide then your account will be unfrozen...

Just chill...

Everything you guys defend is what you will be victims of.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Donald Trump's Fan Storms Press Conference To Accuse Joe Biden Of Stealing by senbonzakurakageyoshi(m): 12:38pm On Nov 05, 2020
Lol.. the main reason trump might lose is because of the way he handled the covid..asides that, he has been awesome in every other aspect...four years he didn't start a war with any country..once Joe biden enters America will feel part of what we feel by voting in an incompetent leader...before you eat me alive were blacks not killed during Obama's administration.. Obama ruined one of Africa's most promising economy (Libya) by killing gadaffi, he was part of the people that imposed Bihari on us

Please tell us how he imposed Buhari on us. You people just carry this nonsense news unchallenged. Tell us how Obama imposed Buhari on Nigeria. Did GEJ win and they sent Navy Seals to steal his votes? Did Obama come to declare Buhari the winner? Did he sponsor thugs to snatch ballot boxes? How did he impose Buhari on us? How?
Crime / Re: Man Beaten By Soldiers Who Mistook Him For Someone Else In Oyigbo, Rivers State by senbonzakurakageyoshi(m): 10:50pm On Nov 02, 2020
If these kind of Battering, Panel Beating, Pummeling and Disfiguring Exercises are Happening now, I Begin to wonder the kind of Toture and Beatings that will be unleashed here on Earth on People who Refuse to take the Mark of the Beast after the Rapture of the Saints!

Ensure you are Fully Prepared to take off in the Rapture! I Say unto you be Prepared !!
That's all I have to say

You're not very bright.

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Politics / Re: Yahaya Bello: EndSARS Protest Is Politically Motivated For 2023 Elections by senbonzakurakageyoshi(m): 12:24pm On Oct 27, 2020
Secrets are been revealed:

1. So it was likely Yahaya Bello that sent thugs to abuja to fight and kill peaceful protesters

2. Tinubu just proved to everyone that his political ambition is greater than the life of every Nigerian

3. Sanwo-Olu does not know he is the governor of Lagos state because he was appointed by the permanent governor of Lagos state

4. Most governors are as wicked as Buhari

5. Police just discovered that they are also human beings

6. The youths now know they are alone in Nigeria

7. The Nigerian military is yet to find out that the world is in the 21st century

NOTICE: Have you all noticed the number of new accounts on nairaland hitting front page on a daily basis since after the lekki shooting always defending the government, Buhari, Tinubu and co, it's so much that even our brother Righteousness89 doesn't get space to post his messages again, na wa o, is this a coincidence or a cover up, God is ultimate...

Noticed it o. They sent their minions here to brainwash the gullible and sow the seeds of discord through tribalism. They don't care who dies if it means they get to stay in power - including those they send to do their dirty work on this site. But those ones, lacking foresight and insight as they are, are willing to sell their conscience to people that would happily dance on their graves. But these things always find a way of coming around so e go reach dem laslas.

As for Hahaha Bello, he should shut up. He's by far the most incompetent governor and has no idea what he's doing there. He's a shame to youth across the country. Worst thing that would happen is for his tenure to end and he starts looking at the senate or house. Burn that ambition with fire.

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Religion / Re: Pope Francis Endorses Same-Sex Couples Civil Union by senbonzakurakageyoshi(m): 1:08pm On Oct 22, 2020
Interesting... well, hopefully, this will reduce hate crimes and the lot against people of different orientations.

Is this actually kobojunkie or did someone steal her moniker?
Religion / Re: Pastor Adeboye: "God Created Adam And Eve, Not Adam And Steve" by senbonzakurakageyoshi(m): 4:31pm On Oct 20, 2020
Oga, Nigeria is burning and gay people is what you woke up this morning pressed about?

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Crime / Re: The Pro-SARS Thugs Were Holding Cutlasses & Daggers -#EndSARS Protesters (Video) by senbonzakurakageyoshi(m): 9:47pm On Oct 14, 2020
Endsars is getting bored

Soon we go endyahoo

Who is holding you?
Politics / Re: 70 CSOs Reject Lauretta Onochie’s Appointment As INEC Commissioner by senbonzakurakageyoshi(m): 9:24pm On Oct 13, 2020
Just say PDP rejects it.

Absolutely nothing they can do about it.

She's not a card carrying member of any party but a professional who has carried out her service to the president meritoriously.

Just open mouth waaaaa like donkey to talk rubbish.

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Sports / Re: #endsars : Arsenal's Mesut Ozil Joins Campaign by senbonzakurakageyoshi(m): 3:50pm On Oct 11, 2020
Yahoo boys right now including the ones on nairaland who will see this

You're daft and nobody has told you. I'm here to correct that mistake.
Celebrities / Re: EndSARS Protesters Dare Policemen To Open Their Gates In Benin City. by senbonzakurakageyoshi(m): 6:01pm On Oct 10, 2020
For the idiots talking about Yahoo Boys as being the reason not to end SARS, please answer this question:

What is EFCC's job? Are yahoo boys armed robbers? Is there "F" for "Fraud" or "Financial Crime" or "Y" for "Yahoo" or "I" for "Internet Scam" in SARS?


Family / Re: Family Sacks Mother Of Eight-year-old Rape Victim For Seeking Justice by senbonzakurakageyoshi(m): 2:48pm On Sep 08, 2020
Try to reason from the husbands angle.
Remember there are three sides to a story, I don't believe the woman's accusation that the husband took bribe from the rapist ( especially an allegation from Christians that are known Liars than a statement from a traditional worshipper that knows the implications of lies and injustice). The man is just trying to safe guard his daughters image and future and avoid making life a living hell for her. I believe he has his own way of getting justice because if not I'll say he is a slowpoke, a big fool and a fellow pedophile.
The woman is just a disobedient and stubborn wife, now the whole world has known that her daughter of 8 years old likes having sex with an old pedophile, though it's constitutionally rape but the way it's reported it sounds as if the girl was coerced and she enjoys the act.
She should have been smart and meet the necessary authorities to get justice without her name, family or that of daughter appearing in news like this. Now, the innocent girl will have to live with the stigma for the rest of her life.
This is why I advise women that no matter the anger, I know we are humans and sometimes our emotions get ahead of us not to publicize it to irrelevant people, meet the necessary authorities and remind them to handle it without publicizing your family or daughters name to avoid stigma.

I don't do this very often but you're very daft.

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Politics / Re: Bashir Ahmad Supports Death Penalty For Blasphemy - 2015 Tweet Resurfaces by senbonzakurakageyoshi(m): 12:46pm On Aug 11, 2020
I am against killing somebody for saying something silly about Allah or Mohammed. More so, being a Nigerian citizen, the superiority of the constitution to sharia law should give him reprieve.

However, my question is why should somebody blatantly and foolishly make a blasphemous statement when he knows the consequences in an Islamic society. Sing about love, life, corrupt politicians, etc but stay away from the 'trouble zone'. I think the condemned fellow is an emotionally unintelligent person.

The truth is that WISDOM is key in life. A wise man understands his environment. Even Jesus Christ was very carefully in choosing his battles with the Pharisees because he knew that any mistake would truncate his mission on earth before the appointed time.

By the way, Bashir Ahmed like most Muslims knows that it is too dangerous to condem the death penalty openly. It is about personal safety.

Oga, it's this your victim-blaming that gives these people the ginger to do what they do.

What is bad is bad. No ifs and no buts. Freedom of speech is guaranteed in the Nigerian constitution and even where it has a law on blasphemy, the penalty is a two year jail term. The penalty for hate speech is N500,000. How can you then justify the possible killing of someone because he said something about someone's prophet.

If your religion requires you to kill or main someone to defend it, that religion is rubbish!


Politics / Re: Mubarak’s Wife Appeals To Nigerian Senate after 100 days in prison by senbonzakurakageyoshi(m): 10:56am On Aug 09, 2020
Very sad. He grew up Muslim and knows why he said such. The accused should fight for himself.

Was he not the same man bundled to the psychiatric home after he declared an atheist.

Allow ppl to experience divinity themselves.
That's the beauty of Christianity.

This is sooooo stupid.

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Science/Technology / Re: 110-Million-Year-Old Dinosaur's Last Meal Found Preserved In It's Stomach (Pics) by senbonzakurakageyoshi(m): 10:52pm On Jun 05, 2020
Scientists with their Carbon 14, Carbon dating bullcrap.
Extraordinary bullcraps, only valid until another bullcrap invalidates the former.
Continue searching, you would never discover anything of tangible relevance to your search, you would only end up more confused and misinformed every time.

As a human, you would always have to believe in one shit or another, either the religious shit or the scientific shit. No side seems to be devoid of shits, except that one shit is obviously the way to go, while the other is nothing more than futile bullcrap.

It's more sensible to believe the allegory of a snake talking in a garden than theories of how fish turned into man;
It's more sensible to believe this masterpiece universe is designed and fabricated by a creative, wise, intelligent, supernatural mind than to believe it created itself and exists on it's own. More ridiculously originated from a tiny bang. You don't mean it?
It's more sensible to believe a path that tells us the purpose and future of the world, not one which doesn't know why we're here, where we're coming from and where we're heading to.
It's sensible to believe a great designer somewhere knows a lady should have two breasts, curvy figure and thinner voice, while the man should be more masculine with thicker voice. Or you mean nothing figured that out and also fabricated it?
All these are very shallow details by the way. It would take some tangible time to describe the minutest parts of life and infinite time for the whole vast universe.

Life is no doubt a great masterpiece of art, epitome of extraordinary creativity, climax of skillful fabrication, nexus of complex functionality and unbelievable compatibility of distinct contrasting vastness.

Science is only good in fabricating inanimate objects and making life better, that is where it belongs and it should strictly stick to that. But when atheist scientists come explaining cardinal aspects of life with science. I tell them, never mind, because you really suck at that.

Some people would mock you for being so gullible for believing in a sky daddy, until later you realize who is really more gullible.

You're still the gullible one.


Politics / Re: Kiki Osinbajo Advocates Right Of Female Gender At All Level by senbonzakurakageyoshi(m): 7:10pm On Jun 03, 2020
Till i see more women clamoring for jobs like truck driving, mining, sewage disposal, nepa, cement molding, vulcanizer, or even changing their own tire. Nonsense set of people

Women are complaining about rape and their rights. You're here talking about cement moulding and sewage disposal.

Are you under a spell?
Politics / Re: NNPC: Northern Nigeria Petroleum Company By Bayo Oluwasanmi - Sahara Reporters by senbonzakurakageyoshi(m): 11:25am On Jun 02, 2020
Lies! Lies! Lies! Lies! All Muslim top 20 executives in NNPC?

But sadly, some people will believe it.

At the top of the NNPC company structure(the 5 Autonomous Business Units (ABUs)​, there are 3 Southerners.

COO, Ventures and Business Development Directorate - Roland Onoriode Ewubare
COO, NNPC Downstream - Lawrencia Nwadiabuwa Ndupu
COO, NNPC Upstream - Adeyemi Adetunji

MDs of some NNPC subsidiaries that are from the South

Catherine Ngozi Iheme (MD NETCO)
Babatunde Bakare (MD NGPTC)
Ada Oyetunde (MD NPSC)
Sir Billy Okoye (MD NNPC Retail)
Christiana U. Onabu (MD NIDAS)
Diepriye Tariah (MD IDSL)
Ezekiel Osarolube (Kaduna Refining and Petrochemical Company)

Some GGMs of Divisions

Kennie Obateru (GGM Public Affairs)
Adokie Tombomieye (GGM Crude Oil Marketing)
Bola Afolabi (GGM Research & Development Division)

This is still less than 20 people. And you had to look for subsidiaries to make up this list.

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Food / Re: Aloysius Ikegwuonu Shares Palliatives To His People In Anambra State by senbonzakurakageyoshi(m): 7:35pm On May 05, 2020
Is this not the guy some people attempted to assassinate one time like that and killed all the wrong people?

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