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Religion / Re: Celestial Church Invites Pasuma, Portable To Praise Night (Photo) by Sparkle777(f): 6:07pm On Nov 29
Honestly I get it, truth Is that Jesus Christ did not condemn anybody, He even feasted and dined with them all sinners, sotay He was called a glutton and drinker.
Free show to bring all sorts of ppl in then get them converted later on, genius if I might say. Imagine bringing Rema to church...e go full. Then us the avenue to get converts.
Crime / Re: Gunmen Behead Police Officer In Abia Community, Part With The Head by Sparkle777(f): 7:28am On Oct 27
Those gun men are ritualists, we know who loves to beheadd ppl. They've sent them to give a dog a bad name in other to hang it. If caught, let them also face same fate.
Politics / Re: Nigerian Man Who Criticized Goodluck Jonathan Over Exchange Rate (2014 Vs 2023) by Sparkle777(f): 12:14pm On Oct 24

All of a sudden bat is not magician bt goodluck must have been one abi?useless set of tribalistic urchins who loose touch of reality once tribe is involved

Here's the comment I was looking for, BAT is not a magician but GEJ is the one that has finished Nigeria and is the magician. Why didn't he advice is to be buying Nigerian goods then? May God continue to punishh him and his co evill doers.

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Politics / Re: Subsidy: FCT Distributes 12,000 Bags Of Rice As Palliatives To Over 3m Residents by Sparkle777(f): 8:26am On Oct 24
If this is not witchcraftt, I don't know what it is. That same bambialla mindset that abokii bubu has, bat has inherited it. Behold, that's just the beginning, una wey go dey naija, go still chop worse in 8yrs.
Romance / Re: Truth You Learnt As An Adult by Sparkle777(f): 3:31pm On Sep 24
What’s the hardest truth you have learnt as an adult?

Never ever rely or believe in Nigeria's govt. Leaders that couldn't give you the indomie, rice etc that they didn't buy. Is it roads, schools, hospital that they will build.
May God remove every wickedd demonicc politicians and leaders IJN


Phones / Re: What Is The Meaning Of This From MTN? (picture Attached) by Sparkle777(f): 8:33am On Sep 12
MTN are well known credit thievees, same thing happened to me and left me wondering when and how I subscribed to pure rubbissh, which I never saw any. I pressed One Off but never loaded any airtime for long. I use Airtel mostly now.
Travel / Re: My Trip To Marrakech-morocco by Sparkle777(f): 8:55am On Sep 01

Yes oh, Sparkle777 of life.

You still dey here?

Longest time, ma...

I dey oo, na jeje we dey. How's Sage?
Travel / Re: My Trip To Marrakech-morocco by Sparkle777(f): 4:29pm On Aug 31
Morocco....my lovely Morocco.

Beautiful country.

I love Maroc..

Lol, fond memories ehh...
Foreign Affairs / Re: War Unnecessary, But We’re Ready To Defend Ourselves, Niger Junta Tells ECOWAS by Sparkle777(f): 6:35pm On Aug 20
Tinubu wants to attack so as to gain legality with his rubbbish election and govt. The West wants to siphon our oil to Europe via pipes that will be laid through Niger, further up to Europe... This are ppl that treat us as crrap oo, they wouldn't accept us but will rather lay pipes to their region. Meanwhile, our own home grown oil is as pricey as ever here.
Russia wouldn't want them to ever get our oil so as to frustrate them. Hence we can say that any attempt on Niger by Nigeria, who by the way, can't even stop boko for ages now, will be retaliated by Russia.
Guess who will bear the brunts...the masses. Better chose ur fights and enemies right.
I don't support coups or wars but African election be as junior brothers to coup.

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Politics / Re: Subsidy Removal: FG Shocked Over High Food, Transportation Costs by Sparkle777(f): 3:00pm On Aug 18
After shock, na to reassure you.


Health / Re: How My Good Deeds Got Rewarded Almost 2 Years Later by Sparkle777(f): 9:22pm On Jul 03

I do teaching Hospitals or NBTS. I don't do individuals.


It's okay, tnx.
Health / Re: How My Good Deeds Got Rewarded Almost 2 Years Later by Sparkle777(f): 5:40pm On Jul 03
This is Good.
I be regular donor but all these Blood Banks no dey try at all.

I go donate dem go just say thank You and another one go give 1 Bottle water and 1 Malt.

Come tell me make I encourage people to come. Me go just look dem say una know How much Transport I take come?

Abegi, me I do it cos I like to do it ni.

If you are in Abuja, hit me up. We can give up to 5k for a pint. It's for personal use plss.
Politics / Re: Nigeria Can Earn Billions From Exporting Faeces, Cockroaches — Prof. Oluwalana by Sparkle777(f): 9:29am On Jun 26
That's how they pushed ppl into cassava farming that year...pure waste of money. Let them give us a contact who will inform us of how to process and sell to direct. He can now do the exporting.
It's bad enough already, before somebody wastes his time and little cash for a dead business venture.


Politics / Re: NNPC Hikes Petrol Prices Across Nigeria. List. by Sparkle777(f): 11:35am On May 31
I would have thought some soft landings should have been put in place before hitting us with this removal, which we may not even see the money due to stealing.
Cheap transportation would have been made readily available in most local govts areas before increasing the pump price.
Now, ppl have been put in turmoil yet again. Bala Blu just can't contain his big mouth, am sure by next week, he will as usual drop another one which will further put the masses into more quagmire.

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Politics / Re: Buhari: My Cows Easier To Control Than Nigerians by Sparkle777(f): 3:45pm On May 29
Well know fact. Animals are easier to control than humans. That's why we are higher animals.

Meanwhile, I am here to confidently announce that 2015-2023 is different from 2023-2031. For every GBAS, there must a corresponding GBOS. Yorubas are not Northerners that you lots can bully online and on media spaces without getting an equal and appropriate rebuttal. If you love us, we love you. If you hate us, we hate you. If you yab us, we yab you. If you support us, we support you. Ceteris Paribus

Balabluu maluu don drop quote. Online paid cows.
Politics / Re: Apapa: Obi Is A Liar, But For God, I would Have Been Mobbed In Court Today by Sparkle777(f): 6:04pm On May 17

“I want to tell the whole world that he(Mr Peter Obi) is a liar. I have been in the party for over 21 years while he(Obi) is not even up to one year in the party.

On the issue that led to the removal of his cap by angry youths that attacked him at the court premises, he said: “As you can see, I have recovered my cap. But as for the person that removed my cap, he will suffer till the end of his life.

“I saw him. He is a young chap but he will never grow old,” he added

This is deep if you understand Yoruba. Pa Lamidi Apapa has used afoshe and spat on the ground to curse that unruly disrespectful member of the mob.

O ma se o.Mr Obi's children are enjoying overseas while another person's young son is receiving eepe from Pa Lamidi.
Check my signature for free stuffs!

The Bible calls it a Curse that is Causeless, if he never took money from balablu then let it be. But if he took money, bribe etc just like Mahmood and current cjn..then all the curses of hell wil follow him and his children.
All we want is a better Nigeria, which pmb, bat can never give.

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Politics / Re: President Buhari Returns To Abuja From UK (Photos) by Sparkle777(f): 11:01am On May 17
"Welcome back Mr. President! Nigeria is glad to have you back home. Your steadfast dedication to the country and commitment to improving the lives of Nigerians is truly admirable. Your recent trip to the UK where you received medical treatment has shown us once again how much you care about your health and well-being, so that you can continue to lead us towards a brighter future. We stand in solidarity with you and remain confident in your ability to steer the ship of state towards progress and development. Long live Nigeria!"

Na wah oo, so we still get madd happy slaves...
Politics / Re: Police Arraign Seun Kuti In Court, Seek Order To Remand Him For 21 Days by Sparkle777(f): 5:14pm On May 16
When I saw him walking into the station, something told me that him walking out will take months. Police are out to exact their pound of flesh, esp when I heard that the said cop was in a coma, how come? seun played into their hands, and the publicity will harm him more...
Get ready for a long time...
Celebrities / Re: Seun Kuti Paraded With Other Suspected Criminals by Sparkle777(f): 4:02pm On May 16

Such mumu character always come from the West lol

Lol, a wah to u oo...which place no get weyrey.
Celebrities / Re: Seun Kuti Paraded With Other Suspected Criminals by Sparkle777(f): 4:01pm On May 16
no wonder that the Bible says anger rests in the blossom of fools.i like Seun,I like his confidence,but his confidence is gradually dovetailing into brashness.i know he is intelligent unfortunately intelligent people don't fight emotionally/physically,they fight in more subtle ways which are more deadly and brutal than emotional fighting.with emotional fighting, your target is able to easily spot your weakness and trigger you into working against yourself.

Exactly, as a celebrity, he should have just taken the officer's picture and tagged the police page, that would have been more potent. But the guy just went on and on, intimidating the scared officer, who just stood like a coward and let a fellow young man dehumanize him. That video really did seun in.

I feel bad for Seun but I think he needs to learn a lesson.i remember when he was disrespectful to Jude sanwoolu during the felabration

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Celebrities / Re: Seun Kuti Paraded With Other Suspected Criminals by Sparkle777(f): 12:07pm On May 16
He has calmed down lol
grin grin grin grin grin
His arrogance has been tamed, the temerity in which he was coming at the officer won't be forgotten in a haste. Another thing is that a whole lot of ppl are awaiting the police and Court's outcome, it will make or Mar a whole lot.

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Politics / Re: Peter Psquare Apologises For Seun Kuti's Assault On Policeman, Lagos PPRO Reacts by Sparkle777(f): 2:30pm On May 14
Seun needs to be taught a lesson of his life and also be the scape goat for other spoilt civilians.
A man on uniform is a representative of the Nation, he stands as a security symbol and should be respected. Just watching the rude arrogant way Seun hit, slap and pummel him really got my blood boiling. How dare he? If this guy is not used as a lesson to others, then we have sold the NPF with same cheque used in buying mamood and ariwola.

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Family / Re: My Wife's Family Calling My Son Another Name by Sparkle777(f): 6:57pm On May 13
No biggie, growing up, I had names given me by my Dad, Mom, grandma, relatives, neighbors etc. Now as an middle age woman, I answer that one my Dad gave me. Probably because, the rest have moved, died or forgotten.
Chill, na yaa son finally.


Politics / Re: Economic Hardship: Nigerians Won’t Die, Will Adjust To Survive – Ngige by Sparkle777(f): 8:36am On May 08
Let me use myself as an example, I earn around #200k monthly give or take, since the time of Yaradua.
Then, with 50k, I sort out food for the family and it was well off, we eat to our taste and fill. Now, same 50k is just for a bag of rice and maybe a sack of gari. We spend more on food, wit the high cost of living ie fuel, fees, rents, etc
Now, can someone tell that midget that all the monies stolen would have helped curtail a lot. Imagine, one person will carry 90bil and nothing happens. I just tire. I should have japaed then.
Bubu is the worst president we've ever had.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Mass Shooting At Allen mall, Texas. 9 Dead, 7 Injured, Shooter Killed (Graphic) by Sparkle777(f): 11:44am On May 07
fy1, there's nothing like Hell or Heaven all nah myth. Just type rip and move on.

I see sense is far from you, oya, coman and force me to your stuupid beliefs naa, come and type for me, since you are omnipresence...sillyy kids on NL.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Mass Shooting At Allen mall, Texas. 9 Dead, 7 Injured, Shooter Killed (Graphic) by Sparkle777(f): 9:34am On May 07
Shooter gunned down
May he rot in the hottest parts of hell.
My heart breaks at those innocent bystanders and kids. Gun control should be heavily instituted. May God have Mercy on us all.

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Politics / Re: Pictures Of Civilian Presidents Of Nigeria In Military Uniforms by Sparkle777(f): 9:32am On Apr 28
Am already laughing out loud at how Escobar will look like in uniform with his invisible body.
Family / Re: My Wife Hates My Daughter From My First Wife by Sparkle777(f): 7:03am On Apr 28
I hope you do get to read this.... I've always heard guys here call some men simps, honestly u are their King. Your silence and beggy beggy attitude has made ur wife think she's a god. Imagine how u made ur self so soft that ur own blood is about to be molested in ur very presence. May God punish u and that witch, may money be so scarce from u both. I hope and pray God never blesses or keeps u for ur wickedness. May ur late wife's spirit continue to withheld pregnancies, favour and every good thing from you till u get sense.

My advice... Send that witch home, never bring her back, get a nice nanny for ur daughter. A better wife will come. God purposely held her womb so u can see the evil witch before you but it seems she's tied u in a bottle somewhere. I was so disgusted hearing u say u want to send ur own blood out for a woman that will eventually ruin you. Let Yuls story open ur mind.
Politics / Re: 2 Abducted Chibok Girls - Hauwa Mutah & Esther Markus Escape From Sambisa Forest by Sparkle777(f): 12:44pm On Apr 25
May the kidnappers, their sponsorers, all terrorists, Fulani herdsmen be met with doom, disgrace, shame IJN

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Politics / Re: Nnamani: By own Miscalculations, Igbos Have Showed Nigeria their Vulnerabilities by Sparkle777(f): 7:51pm On Apr 23
This our former governor has been in the Senate for ages and I don't think I've ever heard him say anything on the floor. Boooom, he looses and grammars never heard from him is all spewing out, all dry and flaky.
While I get his frustrations, we won't rest till Odega claims his rightful mandate. Which will be soon. Maybe by then, Chiboy will now speak Igbo.

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