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Politics / Re: How Buhari’s Associates, Relatives Were Defeated In APC Primaries by Sparkle777(f): 10:32am On Jun 01

I'm surprised that u don't know when buhari will go back to daura..

I am surprised that you don't understand sarcasm
Nairaland / General / Re: Is This A House Snake? by Sparkle777(f): 9:23am On Jun 01
House snake kwa?? Are we supposed to be having that and be comfortable?? Anyway, house rats being attracting house snake, I presume?
Politics / Re: How Buhari’s Associates, Relatives Were Defeated In APC Primaries by Sparkle777(f): 9:20am On Jun 01
I am surprised that they are surprised that they lost.
Bubu, the utmost failure of the century.
Abeg, when is he going back to Daura.


Romance / Re: Yul Edochie Has A Second Wife And Child (photo)?????!!!!! by Sparkle777(f): 2:03pm On Apr 27
It's quite true, I wonder for that guy oo. What's he looking for, why disgrace that beautiful wife of his. Small change wey he pick, so if he's them cubana guys nko? I'm ashamed of his behavior biko.
May Yul, pls divorce him, less some men begin to emulate the bozo.

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Education / Re: Should I Sell My Late Mother's House With Her Grave To Fund My Masters In UK? by Sparkle777(f): 9:54am On Apr 27
So u think getting an oyibo msc will guarantee ur future, am sure a very useless friend is behind all this. They wil collect ur money and give u a certificate that may not get u a job here and send u parking.
You sound like a child I wouldn't want to have at all. I pity mothers that over sacrificed for their kids.
Politics / Re: Osinbajo’s Office Like A Mini Nigeria – Balkisu Saidu by Sparkle777(f): 8:58am On Apr 15

Were you blind when Farooq Kperogi published his article on Osinbajo's appointments? Didn't you see the heavy lopsidedness in the appointments made by the religious extremist bigot. You must be another bigoted RCCG member for you to be supporting a fellow RCCH bigot.

The liar called Osinbajo doesn't even appoint other Christians who are not members of the RCCG.

The few Muslims and northerners in the office of the bigot were appointed by the presidency and posted to the Vice President's office. Most of whom are holding non important positions.

Breeeeeeeeeeeeath, don't go kill urself wit HBP unto a simple comment.
Politics / Re: Osinbajo’s Office Like A Mini Nigeria – Balkisu Saidu by Sparkle777(f): 4:48am On Apr 15
Osinbajo seems to be the perfect man for the job. Y'all won't understand it but he is the best candidate so far. I have started my shout again, I hope it won't fall on deaf ears.
A typical Yoruba man is the most highly religious tolerant person u can think of. Yorubas have no problem with any religion, all is accepted. And I am an Igbo woman oo.
Let's all support Osinbajo and see if this country would not be catapulted to the best level so far.

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Business / Re: Is It Possible For Her To Lay Claim On My Shop by Sparkle777(f): 7:38pm On Mar 18
I went through your profile the last time your matter entered front-page... All I want you to understand is that you married a wife not a slave, and definitely not someone you can maltreat as you want. I bet she has not come back cos we all suspected domestic violence as per your post.
Pls call her or try be nice to your in-laws so they can talk to her, don't kill your home cos there's no guarantee that the next woman will be perfect. I talk to you as an elder sister, inugo. Both of you need counseling and prayers, but u have to remove that ur mindset that she's beneath you and can't have a say.


Business / Re: Are We In Famine Period In Nigeria? by Sparkle777(f): 7:24pm On Mar 18
If you all go back when Bubu was vying for this position, I practically begged everyone never to have anything to do with this man. This is the worst I have ever seen, annoying thing is the old man no even send us.
Anyway, y'all should buckle up, it's gonna be worse then as soon as he goes off, we will all dey alright. Just have small patience.


Politics / Re: Bianca-Ebele Fracas: Soludo Apologizes For Breach Of Protocol by Sparkle777(f): 1:19pm On Mar 17
By tomorrow morning, we will have pictures of Soludo the Solution flanked by both Bianca and Ebere... It will even boost his profile as a peacemaker. wink


Crime / Re: Andrew Nice, BRT Driver Who Kidnapped Bamise Ayanwola Declared Wanted (Pictures) by Sparkle777(f): 3:42pm On Mar 07
The politicians are the ones needing human parts to win election, we all should hold them accountable. Let the trace begin, from the suppliers to the native doctors and politicians and yahoo boys who use it and set them all ablaze.
Celebrities / Re: Davido's 3 Baby Mamas, Chioma, Amanda, Sophia & Their Kids At His London 02 Show by Sparkle777(f): 10:02am On Mar 07
Like joke like joke, this negroo has gat 3 wives. His name preceeds him.
Politics / Re: Olusegun Obasanjo Foundation (OOF) Celebrates Olusegun Obasanjo As He Turns 85 by Sparkle777(f): 7:46am On Mar 05
Happy Birthday Baba. More Grace and Blessings sir.
Politics / Re: Fuel Scarcity, No Electricity: Nigerians Are Really Suffering – Ben Bruce by Sparkle777(f): 8:36am On Mar 04
Lol, this Bubu administration wants to finish ppl bfor dem finally leave, imagine ppl looking for money to go fight war in Ukraine instead of dying here. Make wuna hang on, God dey.

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Health / Re: I Am So Depressed. I'm A Chronic Stammerer! Please I Need Your Advice. by Sparkle777(f): 12:45pm On Feb 24
My name is Henry, 27 yrs old. I am new here, it was my younger sister who introduced me to nairaland. She is a member here.

Brilliant and intellectual minds are here so I believe you people can help me with an advice because I am so depressed and I don't know who to talk talk to about my depression.

I'm a stammerer, a chronic and dreadful one at that. I can repeat an initial word like forever before I could complete my statement. It has made me hate my life and existence. I have a very low-self esteem, I can't express myself, I can't even approach a girl not to talk of being a relationship because I'm afraid of being mocked.

I'm a graduate in accounting education from AAU. I have always dreamt of becoming a lecturer/teacher. I'm smart and intelligent, I love to impact knowledge but I can't express myself. It's a big disability for me.

Back then in University, when i went for my teaching practice, the first day I taught in a classroom, I sense an undesirable atmosphere. I knew the students were trying to laugh but they respected their selves. When I got home, I locked myself and I cried.... But life goes on.

I graduated 2017, I went for nysc 2018. Since then my life has no bearing. I have not achieved anything. I feel inadequate despite I read a lot and I'm intelligent. It pains me I can't communicate to impact knowledge without stammering.

My father is making it worse for me, he compare me with other guys, he has never appreciated any thing I've done for him, he talks down on me. He finds fault in anything I do, he talks as if I created myself.

My mom and siblings are the reason why I haven't committed suicide. They encourage me everyday, especially my mom who is sick now.

I prefer to be completely deaf and dumb than for me to talk and not be able to express myself.

God is not perfect. If God was perfect, he would not have created some people with disability or deformity. Some people were born crippled, deaf, blind etc.. And you wanna tell me God is perfect? He's a partial and sentimental God. I try to understand his vision but all I see is damages.

Please I'm so depressed. I need advice.

Lemme surprise you, do u know that Uncle Steve was worse than u, yet he is a talk show host. Look him up pls. But bfor u talk, take ur time to say ur sentence in ur mind bfo saying it aloud,ok? There are many ways online to curtail stuttering. Go make some research. Bless you.
Travel / Re: See How Empty, Morning Flight Was This Morning. (Photos) by Sparkle777(f): 7:50pm On Feb 22
Meanwhile, flight from Copenhagen to London (Return Ticket) is 481.91 (DKK)Danish Krones which is about 30,500 Naira.

Oh, it's usually cheaper during holidays like Easter and Christmas. It was about 13K Naira plus during Christmas.

Nigeria is too expensive for a poor country.

Your last paragraph tho... grin grin grin
Politics / Re: NSCDC Commander, Mohammed Ibrahim, Others Bombed In Niger State by Sparkle777(f): 9:09pm On Feb 21
What a pity, see this young man now, his life cut off in his prime. All because some ppl must rule. RIP dear
Politics / Re: Bad Fuel: Inland Depots Yet To Receive Clean Petrol - IPMAN by Sparkle777(f): 9:06pm On Feb 14
And who's the minister of petroleum? Y'all need to see how cars are just parking up due to bad fuel abi na water fuel. This govt have dug deeper to terrible lows.

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Education / Re: Obinna, 1-Year-Old Arise And Shine Delta Pupil Dies After 31 Strokes Of Cane by Sparkle777(f): 7:36am On Feb 13
Chai, another baby lost to private school owners when we've not gotten over the one murdered in Kano.
The youths in that area should do what their counterparts did in Kano. It will bring about the fear of caning kids. Imagine, 31 strokes on a baby.
So painful and annoying.


Education / Re: Unic Vilos Teacher Flogs 2-Year-Old Pupil Who Could Not Recite English Alphabet by Sparkle777(f): 5:48pm On Feb 11
Seeing those scars has scattered my dada, and u the mother, u still dey dia dey talk nonsense. I expected u to tear the teacher into a million bits abi u pick that baby, u no suffer for delivery?
Go to police station now, send this pix to DPA on Facebook, post on different sites, in short, raise hell.

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Education / Re: A School In Opobo In 1899 (Throwback Photo) by Sparkle777(f): 5:36pm On Feb 11

Costliest and symbol of pride for them.
Even at my worst, I was never in the same category with you worthless Yorubas

All nations have all gone through that stage including British, Arabs, Jews and Han Chinese but the worth of each at the time is what differentiates.

Honestly Bkayy, you have also enlightened me despite my being a History Student. I can concur with 80% of what u said here as what was taught in school. But u also brought out more light on this subject. Thank God for you. Don't waste your time arguing in NL, open a blog and educate ppl. I just lack words...

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Romance / Re: I'm Deeply In Love With Him But He's Not Divorced Yet! by Sparkle777(f): 5:58am On Jan 25
My two cents... Leave married men alone, u wil always loose. Try watch his wedding video and pictures, at least u wil see the woman herself and be sure it's her and the mom u actually talk to, men can go all extent to fool u, u go know say the wife pass u on all level. Find her on Facebook, u wil know they are still together. He looks fine and seem a sweet soul because another woman took and still takes care of him, the reason why newly married men seem more desirable is cos a woman cleaned him up,so poster, go find who to clean up and marry, leave married men alone. As for sex, u will be used and dumped. Go outside, u see all those beautiful single moms, those ones u think don't have sense to be impregnated, ask them, na dis kain story u go hear. Now ask urself, do u think he spent so much on a wedding and willing to loose all because u be Otedola pikin? Wake up, hot crotch... A friend of mine was in that wife's position,the day she came unannounced and met them gbenshing, the babe in ur position was thoroughly disgraced and almost went home naked while the beautiful soul did nothing. Las Las, na u shame go catch.
I was impressed by nlders, they mostly came true for u but ur Hot self no go see road now.
Now, as a bad girl, if u want to just be bad... collect as much money as u can, let him buy u car, rent a nice place for u. At last money can console u later.

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Travel / Re: Truck Missing Enroute To Ibadan by Sparkle777(f): 12:08pm On Jan 18
This is naija were anything and everything is possible, but I think with sapa everywhere, he might have absconded with the goods. Does the owner of the truck not have a tracker? Keep calling the frsc and police, I wish you success.
Keep us posted.

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Agriculture / Re: The Biggest Rice Pyramids In Africa, Built With 1M Bags Of Rice (Pictures) by Sparkle777(f): 7:19pm On Jan 16

Assuming that we are to accept your quoted figure of 1million bags, that's 192million cups and if we'll also accept your 25% claim that'll be 768 cups and if we project modest consumption of 1cup per person per day that rice would be enough to feed Nigeria for four days.
What a pitiable syncophants for citizens of a supposedly great nation.

It's even much less cos that's a paddy rice, which means it has not been destoned, dehulled or parboiled. Let's just say after milling, we will be seeing about 60% edible rice out of the pyramids.

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Agriculture / Re: What Is The Name Of This Fruit? by Sparkle777(f): 1:20pm On Jan 14
This fruit ehhnn, juicy outside, chewy center and a sweet nut inside, the tree also gives good shade...why don't ppl plant it like bfor?
Anyway, it's called Tropical Almond but commonly known as fruit.
Celebrities / Re: Sandra Iheuwa's Husband, Steve Thompson Sent Her Packing 5 Months After Marriage by Sparkle777(f): 9:02am On Jan 10
If you keep picking wrong men, then you are a problem. While it might be convenient for you to blame men, you need to enter your quiet place and ask “WHY ALWAYS ME?”

She is heavily pregnant and it would make it the fourth child for a different man. I mean, this lady has four kids for four different men. Two crackheads in America, 1 for Ubi and she is carrying the fourth for Steve.

What would kill a lot of the new generation WIVES is trying to prove to the public that their husbands are modern and tolerant of every bullshit. It is the same demon that is making Janemena keep twerking to prove a point. When she should have retired long ago or at worst, after the Kpokpogarri saga.

You don't test the ego of a man.
Not a Nigerian man at that.
Except you have where you tied him. In the absence of that, you don’t subject your marriage to constant pressure and ridicule.

You found a man that took you with your three kids and rather than put your head down, your concern is peppering Ubi. Ubi said no man will ever marry you, so you have to rub it in his face every day. Zukwanuike, no way!

Everyday you are fighting with Ubi ONLINE. Any woman (or man) that drags their EX and father of their kids in public is a cantankerous one. One that should be avoided. Some couples separate and tell you IRRECONCILABLE DIFFERENCE. You think they are stupid? Some things are better left unsaid for the honour of both parties. Not forgetting the kids that would grow to read this nonsense.

The exact problem with lots of single mothers and divorcees - No introspection. No upgrade. No repentance. Just a thirst to prove to their EX that they have been able to clinch another man.

If she has sense, she should try to fix this one. If not, she can stay there and join Tonto in KINGSHIP. Wisdom is profitable to direct…

Very well put, no insults, no bad mouth. Beautifully analysis. God bless you richly as I also learnt from it. Tnx

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Business / Re: Man Sprays Bagful of Dollar Notes From Upstairs to Passers-by in Shopping Mall by Sparkle777(f): 9:10am On Jan 05
When I say Ya,
You say?

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Romance / Re: In Brazil Women Love Tan Lines on their body(photos, 18+) by Sparkle777(f): 8:02am On Dec 30, 2021
This world sef, they tan to be dark while we bleach to be fair.
Family / Re: I Will Never Allow Peace To Reign In My Family by Sparkle777(f): 5:09pm On Dec 27, 2021
Baby Mama
Only you? No wonder a lot of guys are tied up under one bed, getting their virtues sucked with a straw.
My advice, avoid women if you know u aren't serious with them.


Family / Re: Is It Offensive To Refer To Someone As Fat In Nigeria? by Sparkle777(f): 5:04pm On Dec 27, 2021
It even sounds offensive to call ppl based on how they look to you. Who would like to be called, that poor man, the guy that smells like ogiri, the lady with plenty pimples, that short man, that bow legged papa, the ugly boy, that man with crooked teeth, that dirty woman, onye ofe mmanu, nyamiri, ndi ugwu, onye nama. Believe me I can go on and on. Even most of you that giddily call ppl fat, ugly, smelly etc, if you take a honest look at yourself, am sure there are parts of you, you just feel inferior to. Would u want ppl to call you for that??
Bottom line, let's be nice.

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Religion / Re: What To Do During Calls For Multiple Offerings? by Sparkle777(f): 10:13am On Dec 26, 2021
Poster, I think I get what u mean. Just break up your tithes, into #200 or so, use them for those offerings. Then by Month's end, pay the remaining as tithe. Don't go stressing yourself. Some churches are somehow mischievous, so just play along.
Celebrities / Re: Davido's Chioma Shows Cleavage During Vacation In Dubai (Pictures) by Sparkle777(f): 12:21pm On Dec 15, 2021
Yoruba men and disappointment na five and six. See chioma, see precious. My sisters, biko run from them ofe mmanu.

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