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Romance / Re: My Son Gives Me Joy - See Why by spice123(m): 10:18pm On Jan 22
You're not okay sir.
who are u to pronounce such words.you're really not okay sir.to marry na by force?
To marry is not by force but to put my daughter in a family way without due diligence is daylight robbery and utter disrespect to the parents.
Foreign Affairs / Re: President Biden Resumes Work At Oval Office by spice123(m): 7:58am On Jan 21
Congratulations Mr. Joseph Rikwandu Bidenna.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Strictly For Those Interested In Teaching Jobs by spice123(m): 8:07pm On Jan 13
[will I say it went well or it was a waste of time and money (tfare)
I was there some minutes to 9 am. It took them two hours before they even attend to me. The written interview English and maths were like waec exam that lasted for 90minutes. Then we proceed to micro teaching, were they brought all their teachers to be my students. The annoying part of it is when it gets to salary negotiation, I told them I will manage 100k for a start since they told me to take 3 subjects. The principal told me he has been in the school close to 30 yrs that he is not receiving such amount.
At the end, I told them I will take 50k last while they insist on 30k. Though they said they will get back to me but I don't think I will even go back there if they eventually call me. Nigerian graduates are suffering in the hand of private school owners.
I always tell teachers that primary or elementary schools pay way higher than secondary schools.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: An Employer Asking Applicant About His Salary In His Previous Work.is It Right? by spice123(m): 10:44pm On Jan 12
Truth is, from my experience as an interviewer I've got to discover that job seekers lie a lot about their earnings. That is why some organizations go to length of requesting for payslip or find out from previous employer depending on the position applied for.
Phones / Re: Screen Touches On It Own - Umidigi A7 Pro by spice123(m): 10:14pm On Jan 12
you sef, check the name of your phone
Umu ndi digi. Lolsss e don dig him screen.


Romance / Re: My Son Gives Me Joy - See Why by spice123(m): 9:27pm On Jan 12
shatap grin
Golddigger don come now.
Romance / Re: My Son Gives Me Joy - See Why by spice123(m): 7:46pm On Jan 12
such a dumbo you are

I thought we've ended this. Common don't be wailing like my 2 year old. You're a grown ass man.

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Romance / Re: My Son Gives Me Joy - See Why by spice123(m): 7:02pm On Jan 12

Shut up you spewed rubbish
Thank you. Is there any other meaning thing you wish to say? If not, vet your frustration to Naija your country as a Royalty that you are. Let me go about spicing things up.


Romance / Re: My Son Gives Me Joy - See Why by spice123(m): 6:45pm On Jan 12

Shut the fuckup , marriage is not by force .
May you suffer to raise your female child/children and a man take her/them for free.


Romance / Re: My Son Gives Me Joy - See Why by spice123(m): 6:23pm On Jan 12
When my girlfriend told me she was pregnant for me, I was scared and kinda wonder what my kids would look like.
but to the glory of God, They so cute that some people in the neighborhood want to carry them.

I took responsibility for my actions in bed which resulted in pregnancy and doubled my hustle so I can give my kids the kind of life I never had back in the days as a kid.

Don't hate, this thread is meant to inspire you.
The only thing that will inspire me is you coming back here with pics that you have paid that lady's dowry. For now, she is not your wife


Crime / Re: Why Are Nigerians Seen As Fraudulent And Dubious People? by spice123(m): 7:46pm On Jan 08
Not nigerians but biafrans
So hussppupi is now a biafran?
Investment / Re: How FCMB Ruined My Christmas And New Year by spice123(m): 8:16pm On Jan 07
Hello everyone. I am typing this in a state of depression as I could hardly garner enough energy to do this at this time.

My problem began when I sent some money into my FCMB account to keep it safe till I will need it to travel for Christmas and also for the Christmas and New Year Celebration. Alas, I was only joking as I never knew that I was putting my money into the lion's den. About 3 days before Christmas, which I intended travelling and buying stuffs which I would take to my state of origin for the celebration, I tried to withdraw my money, but to my surprise, my account has been frozen. I went to FCMB and asked them for my money. Then all sorts of excuses began. They were asking me to come and upgrade my account, that I should come with my NIN Slip.
The slip I had only contained the tracking ID, so it was not accepted. I tried to get NIN Slip reprint all to no avail, but my money is stuck in my bank.

I don't know why FCMB should suddenly start freezing people's account because of
NIN at this crucial time, when even network providers haven't blocked anyone's account. I have been borrowing to feed and go to work since December and my lenders are disturbing me to pay them back when I have #31,000 in the account frozen for no reasons at all.

I even borrowed 2k to try if I can get the slip through WhatsApp from one guy called Awani Daniel Oritshedereh who claimed to be retrieving NIN slip and sending it to people on WhatsApp with #2000. Till date, I have not received the NIN slip. I don't have a dime for either feeding or transportation to work. Please help, I don't have a dime for transport to work or feeding. Help me share this message online until FCMB will see it. Their customer care don't care at all and I'll advise potential customers to be careful in dealing with them because they can disappoint you at any time.

FCMB - My bank and I. It means your money is our money..... Lolsssss

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Phones / Re: Why Has Gtb Bank Refused To Refund My Money? by spice123(m): 9:38pm On Dec 30, 2020
Fish head... Take corrections whenever you're corrected..
Bro why are you worried? Didn't you see her moniker?
Romance / Re: My Mum Justified To Slap My Wife? by spice123(m): 9:53am On Dec 30, 2020
angry Im not the one to talk about what I have angry even with money,are Nigerian women any better? And rigid people like u with little or no sense of positive change are the reason Nigerian political mess remains the way it is! Your wacky socio-marital mentality preceeds you! >
I wonder how Nigeria politics came into this.
This guy is really weird. How can air be BLUE
Romance / Re: My Mum Justified To Slap My Wife? by spice123(m): 9:50am On Dec 30, 2020
angry Im not the one to talk about what I have angry even with money,are Nigerian women any better? And rigid people like u with little or no sense of positive change are the reason Nigerian political mess remains the way it is! Your wacky socio-marital mentality preceeds you! >
Thank you. Anything else?
Romance / Re: My Mum Justified To Slap My Wife? by spice123(m): 8:15am On Dec 30, 2020
angry Who are you deceiving or defending here? The problem is with the average Nigerian money entitlement mentality and it's Ridgid men like uthat makes it worse! Are their mates in the US not supporting their men financially and maritally without making a social mess? And I wasn't against your realistic opinion oga. I was buttering it.
Go and make money. We are not in the U.S
Romance / Re: My Mum Justified To Slap My Wife? by spice123(m): 7:39am On Dec 30, 2020
angry Just imagine. And some half wits, are talking of taking the crap
I never insulted you Mr. I said the bitter truth. Men need to double their hustle if they want to earn a woman's respect. I am saying this out of experience. These days a lot of men even abandon their basic responsibility like house rent, food and school fees to their wives.
How do you gain respect?
Romance / Re: Men Married To Women Older Than Them, let's See Ourselves by spice123(m): 7:31am On Dec 30, 2020
Are you married to a women older than you? Not like sugar mummy or Way older, but like your wife collect 3, 4, 5 years for your hand Lol.
I know two or three acquaintances like that.
Signify with a like or comment.
How about those less than 3 years?
Romance / Re: My Mum Justified To Slap My Wife? by spice123(m): 7:20am On Dec 30, 2020
Guys let's hear your opinion, from the story Bellow.

My name is Chidi-ebere Lewis, I have an issue on my mind which I really need your opinions and not insults. I am a teacher in one of the private schools in my area in Isefun and my wife is a Secretary/PA in a big company and her salary a month is like four times what I receive. We have a daughter of two years old and on the day of her second birthday my wife and I decided to throw her a birthday party because on her first birthday we didn’t do much, we just marked the birthday with family members only since I was not buoyant enough to throw an elaborate party for her so for some weeks my wife was very angry with me and when the issue got to my mum she was furious that she was inconsiderate and heartless.

Now the 2nd birthday was at the corner so she began the preparation without my knowledge, buying things for the celebration and keeping them in her friend’s place. Later, she came and told me our child’s birthday was just a week away what was the plan. In response, I said you know, I haven’t been paid for two months now and you have been given me transport to go to work, so, what is on your mind. She gave me a paper with a list of items needed for the party summing up to N105,000 approximately; I was alarmed. ‘Are we throwing a party for the whole community or what, where do you want me to get such an amount from?’ I yelled at her. That’s how trouble started again? I spoke to her mum about it who told her to cut her coat according to her cloth; likewise my mum was.

Unknown to me, some of the things she bought were on credit from her friend who owns a super-market in our area. After the party, some weeks later, her friend, the owner of the super-market, came to the house on a Sunday evening to ask for her money and my mum came to visit us that same day. As we were seeing my mum off, we met her friend coming in from the gate. She started shouting that we have been avoiding her and that we were not coming to her shop to buy things since then. She also said she has seen my wife go to other shops to buy. I was lost in words and I advised her to calm down so that we could talk. We all went back inside the house to listen to her. She narrated to us the whole story and I asked my wife if what she was saying was true and to my greatest surprise she confirmed. In anger, my mum stood up and slapped her and immediately she slapped my mum back and I was so disappointed with her to the extent that I threw all her belongings out and told her to leave my house without touching her. This led to me filing for divorce, ever since the incidence, I have not had peace of mind because I miss my family but if you were in my shoes; what would you do?
I like saying the truth without missing words. Oga you need to double your hustle. I was once in your shoes as a Teacher when I got married to my wife. She was earning more than double of my salary until I had to change jobs to a higher pay coupled with home lesson. Believe it or not, man's responsibility is a man's responsibility. If a woman earns higher than you no matter how handsome or the status of a man, he will always be insulted.
Phones / Re: Why Has Gtb Bank Refused To Refund My Money? by spice123(m): 7:38pm On Dec 29, 2020
There is nothing you can do because your moniker says it all. Do unto others as you would like them do unto you.
Celebrities / Re: Peter Of Pquare Launches His Wine Product APHRO In Ghana by spice123(m): 9:41pm On Dec 28, 2020
Useless name for a beverage especially wine

Congratulations but rename it
Useless name for a DumB Green boy.
Anyway, congratulations but change it
Business / Re: Check Out The Christmas Day Greetings Of Various Companies Today by spice123(m): 7:31pm On Dec 25, 2020
Coca-Cola's own get as e be. This season your drink quantity go reduce. grin

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Romance / Re: Men Abeg See Reasons You Shouldn't Marry. Flee!!! by spice123(m): 12:39pm On Dec 19, 2020
Marriage in this century is scam. Marriage as lost its relevance. In shot no man should marry because it doesn't favour men. It is Virgina people's retirement package after they might have bleeped all the dick they can at their whoring stage of their lives (15-25) then they will realise that ha no more time o. Then they will become committed to a stupid simp who will feel like wow she loves me blah blah and then marry an old cargo. Mainwhile she is already an evening newspaper age 28 years to 35 years and while she was 20 years to 25 years, she believes that she doesn't need any man in her life as she is getting attention here and there by stupid betas who think with their dick only. After is has married the man, then she will start comparing the man other room skills to the men that has bleeped in the past and still cheat on the man because he can't satisfy her. Sh starts hoarding sex from him and uses it as a bargaining chip. One day she will wake up and say she can't continue to cook, wash etc. Baby let's take an house maid. Then you will lik why did I marry you then? She will say you don't love me. He will get her the maid and she won't get to cook anymore or do other house chores. Then she nags like say tomorrow no dey. One day the man will like I will open shop for you so you can be selling provisions and so on. What will you contribute to the family. She will like your money is our money and mine is mine. You are the Head of the family so you don't expect me to bring money. Chai men don suffer. One day the kids will come and meet mom please teach me this. She will push the children to the man. Imagine. What about poisoning her children's mind that their dad is useless he doesn't love the family. Marriage is not for men because it cages men. Baby mama is the best or MGTOW. Men dey your lane but if u must marry, just don't expect much at all. For further references and to read more. Visit thread like https://www.nairaland.com/6048178/reality-every-guy-need-know
For the fact that your English grammar is poor is enough for a girl not to marry you. You don't deserve it. CASE CLOSED!
Romance / Re: She Requested My Pictures Too, Should I Make The Move? by spice123(m): 9:40pm On Dec 15, 2020
I requested for my cruch's pictures on WhatsApp today and she said. I also send her mine
And we both did

Is that a major sign of interest?
She wants to size you up whether you deserve urgent 2k or more.
Romance / Re: . by spice123(m): 8:14pm On Dec 15, 2020
Instead of u pipul to be thinking of the next greatest invention to help mankind and the best codes ever written by man u pipul r here discussing useless things...e.g girls r golddiggers,boys r stupid,men r goats,women r fools.
Who d Bleep do these things help?!!
Start using ur brains for better things rather Dan dumb shits!!
Real man at 42? A f**l at 40 is a ...............
Religion / Re: Nigerian Pastors Needs Psychology Classes by spice123(m): 8:05pm On Dec 15, 2020

I am married bro just chill. A couple will not start complaining about financial issues and all you do is prayer?
I have been unemployed since July this year. Company downsized cos of COVID'19. So bro yes! We (I and wifey) are praying for another job cos the whole weight can't be in her. I have also been engaging in series of job interviews. I am talking from experience. Marriage is a spiritual union
Religion / Re: Nigerian Pastors Needs Psychology Classes by spice123(m): 7:18pm On Dec 15, 2020
I was in church on Sunday and I heard a sister had a huge quarrel with her husband. She is always having issues with her husband. What I heard the Pastor said was annoying. He said that he counselled them and they need "prayers".
I said to myself"Prayers" ? What has the prayer done? and what sort of counsel?
"Mr James listen to your wife and provide for the family. Mrs James stop pestering him about money all the time".
Most Pastors don't know how to handle couples. They just quote Bible verses to convince couples but it doesn't work all the time.
They need to handle Members as patient in dire need of both Physical,Psychological,Spiritual and Financial assistance not people. NOT ONLY SPIRITUAL.
Marriage is more spiritual than physical bro. I am married and I know. I was once ranting like you when I was single until I enter. Haven't you asked yourself, why do people Change as soon as they are married
Music/Radio / Re: Who's Your Best British Rapper? by spice123(m): 6:58am On Dec 13, 2020

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