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Politics / Re: Duke, Ita-Giwa face-off: I Stood As Contact Person When You Did Breast Implant by Travelista(f): 9:44pm On Sep 13, 2023
I keep wondering at men that insist on throwing shade and being “savage”.

His entire takedown was nothing more than two snaps and a twist, proving Ita-Giwa’s point.
Politics / Re: FG Gave Each Legislator ₦100M But Asked A Ward To Share One Bag Of Rice - NLC by Travelista(f): 12:58pm On Sep 13, 2023
No,those lawmakers that have not been able to share the constituency allowances to their respective constituents,it is palliatives they will share.

I have to be missing something…why would a lawmaker share their constituency allowance with their constituents?

Do you realize that’s not the intended purpose of the benefit?

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Politics / Re: We Will Give Attention To Development Of Satellite Towns – FCT Minister, Wike by Travelista(f): 12:51pm On Sep 13, 2023
When does he plan on ensuring that street lights actually work?

People ignore seemingly small tasks to take on large projects that they lack the follow through (and skills) necessary to complete. Pure smoke for the masses.
Politics / Re: Durojaiye Ogunsanya: Tinubu Was My Classmate At Chicago University | We Mocked H by Travelista(f): 12:33pm On Sep 13, 2023
THIS man was mocking Tinubu’s “heavy” Nigerian accent? THIS man?!? We’re a nation of unserious people if we take this clout chaser for anything other than what he clearly is: looking for attention and possibly a “well done” on the form of monetary compensation.

There are so many red flags in his interview but what’s the point.

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Politics / Re: Tinubu's Special Investigator, Jim Obazee Faults CBN Audited Reports by Travelista(f): 11:19am On Sep 12, 2023
Why appoint a single special investigator when there is an active agency that is constitutionally empowered to audit organizations like CBN?
Romance / Re: Reactions As Man Takes His Male Bestie On An All-expense Paid Trip To Dubai by Travelista(f): 1:11pm On May 18, 2022
I am planning on taking five of my friends from school to Monaco soon for a get together moment. The love for my guys surpass everything for me.

Just in time for Cannes and prime yachting season, amirite? wink

Do your friends know this or is that part of the additional “surprise”?
Celebrities / Re: American Rapper DaBaby & Davido Shoot Music Video In Lagos Streets (Pics, Video) by Travelista(f): 1:09pm On May 18, 2022
What kind of heels/lifts is DaBaby wearing to be almost the same height at Davido? shocked

Dude’s like 5’4”, 5’6” tops.
Properties / Re: Please Judge This Case For Me, Between Me And My Tenant. by Travelista(f): 10:08am On Jul 21, 2021
Four whole pages and no one mentioned that the landlord typed “parking in” multiple times. It’s “packing in”. That basic inability to differentiate the two is why this would even be posted. Landlords have a tendency (in Nigeria at least) to expect tenants to beautify and maintain their homes for them, while offering nothing in terms of maintenance culture. Pitiful.

Basic wear and tear happens: a screen door will wear out after 5 years. The tenant replaced it (we don’t know if the quality was even better than what she found) and she took it with her. Did she make other improvements to the property that couldn’t be removed (POP, plumbing improvements, tiling, etc)? The tenant bounced after paying rent; what was her reason for doing that as it seems like she may have paid to PACK in somewhere else.

Give her back her money, forget the screen door and do better in the future. You’ll attract better tenants that way.
Politics / Re: The Major Causes Of APC Crisis by Travelista(f): 12:57pm On Jul 30, 2018
It boils down to greed...there's no trickle down. Returned loot has disappeared into the ether and most of the lawmakers didn't get their portion.

Say what you will...during the previous administrations, EVERYONE had the chance to eat, no matter how small. There were heads of various government agencies and parastatals, fuel was much lower, the Naira was between N97-150 to 1USD...the list goes on and on.

The OP makes a point of kingmakers not being able to pick ONE king: they are not capable to create a genuine pact without their egos coming into play. Only one has experience taking control using brute, military force and the others remember what can happen, which is why they defer and explains the circus they called a Convention. They have seen where things are headed and none of them agreed to it beforehand...they're jumping ship. Many are very afraid but will wait, grab what they can and defect once their ranks are thinned.
Romance / Re: How She Lose Her Life Partner To Her Best Friend. by Travelista(f): 4:23pm On Dec 28, 2013
At first glance, Omololu is a bad friend for her treachery but when you consider that Segun has been dangling for TWO years, waiting for the OP to decide if she wants to be in a relationship, you can understand how things ended the way they did.

On a serious note, where is Segun buying Birkins for $2000

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Romance / Re: Inlove With A Girl From A Poor Family by Travelista(f): 4:44pm On Dec 27, 2013
acidtalk: OP, I will advice you to go through the below thread and get the Best and Most matured answers to your solution.

Marrying From An Extremely Poor Home, Can You Consider It?


Thank me later. (N.B: You might most likely get childish answers/responses these days in here)

Read the posts at your link and the OP should REALLY heed your advice. There was a very smart comment made about the difference between a poor/literate family and a poor/illiterate one and it is very true.

One a serious note, how is OP's potential father-in-law alright with a young man paying for the home he and his family will live in before marriage? This looks like a recipe for disaster.

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Romance / Re: Inlove With A Girl From A Poor Family by Travelista(f): 7:16am On Dec 27, 2013
You've created expectations with this family that could become more extravagant as time goes on; SLOW DOWN!!! You have the girl's parents and brothers in addition to the girl herself: can you really support all of these people AND build a life for you and your chick AND have a life you enjoy? I dated a man that came from a poor family and no matter how much we loved each other, the financial demands and emotional blackmail from his family took its toll on our relationship and I walked. I felt callous due to our feelings for one another and because he would struggle under the burden of taking care of so many people by himself but after a while, you realize that once you start doling out cash, you will have to continue. Or face being called everything but a child of God. Think long and hard because while love is necessary, it isn't enough to sustain a relationship.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Busted: Tellers Welfare - The True Story In Access Bank! by Travelista(f): 6:57pm On Oct 07, 2013

Loud-mouth dude I hav been wondering y u didn't comment on dis thread.. www.nairaland.com/1467681/access-bank-demands-n1m-employment/2
Common say somtin, ppl need 2 knw its u!

You don't have to wonder, just ask. I was on a business trip and the applicants are foolish. Why on earth would you bring in clients when the bank hasn't even hired you? I would never do it but it boils down to desperation and employers exploiting the downtrodden.

Also, can you read? You've stalked some of my other posts, shown you're a liar and still can't comprehend that I'm not a 'dude'? You're possibly a lost cause, my friend.
Family / Re: Grandfather Disowns Daughter For Kicking Out Her Gay Son. by Travelista(f): 3:14pm On Oct 04, 2013
I question the validity of some of these letters...they come of as too...extreme? PC? Anyway, if this 'father' truly referred to his daughter as a B-word, I question his own ability to show the compassion he demands for his grandson. Something seems very young about this letter.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Busted: Tellers Welfare - The True Story In Access Bank! by Travelista(f): 3:05pm On Oct 04, 2013
Tajsagay: @Travelista, you need to get LAID! You got a bf? They always keep leaving ya? Well I couldn't put up with ur BS as well . don't worry, keep schtupping the managing partner grin

How cute! You have nothing to add so you make a juvenile remark! That's alright: I'll stay with my husband and YOU can schtup your Managing Partner; I'm sure you're his type. grin
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Busted: Tellers Welfare - The True Story In Access Bank! by Travelista(f): 4:20pm On Oct 03, 2013
zada: @Travelista, I enjoyed every piece of ur responses to those aggrevied by the topic in contention. Yes! U hv made it clear to everyone on this thread that u r more logical than anyone. But nid I say to u that u only reason like a lawyer and for ur enlightenment, morality is of the society and the law is based on what u can proof. So u can see that u are only guided by what u have studied. The firm in question ACCESS BANK has failed in its corporate and social responsibility in keeping a clean slate jus as their rebranding mission statement has it. U responded to one of the text saying one being in a position doesn't mean u r better than anyone else who is still jobless! Do u feel u r better than anyone else out there not in the position u r today or do u fink u hv wrked so hard than anyone else to be there? My guess is u wld say NO!u r not better. In nigeria today, graduates are only informed of their salary after collecting their letter of employment, in an ideal situation that is wrong. The labour law allows for work done to commiserate with efforts used as long as there is an undastanding of agreement/contract. Do u knw that some outsourcing firms are owned by the banks themselves? Take ACCESS BANK and ICS that does recruitment for ACCESS BANK is runned by a board chairmans wife. Don't make it sound as if its a favour to be employed, u being called late at night shld not be a yardstick to measure who is a professional or supporting staff. You r not a Doctor that has made an oat to save life at any time of the day, so u hv the luxury of switching off ur phone once its late at night, average nigerian see lawyers jus as dey see a policeman. They r all not on the side of justice and are so Dogmatic, the law as u worship sometimes looses its validity in face of common morality. Are lawyers trained by vampires or zombies that death means nufting to them? Your staffs had accident in the line of duty, u were quick to call for replacement and didn't bother to sympatise with staffs and families of the deceast yet u preach u owe a duty to ur staffs and customers welfare. Yes! Like u rightly said their death shld not stop the business of the day to go on, but u as a lawyer failed to peruse thru the writers text that stated "only friends and colleagues not appointed to visit onbehalf of the bank came on their own to pay their last respect to their colleagues. Only this singular act can kill the morales of diligent staffs knwing dat their death and years of service may not mean anything to their employer. I am not blaming u as a person but because u speak as a lawyer, but we shld be able to seperate morality from the law, cos even u a defender of the law can be a victim of the law. If u ask me today I wld say incentives and upgrade/promotion is a motivational factor to productivity, if the Army as an institution that has the tenents of obey before complain recognises hardwork and promotion as a motivational actor. Then it is right to say it is wicked not to imbibe that in the corporate world, the corporate world in Nigeria is about to withness a revolution soon as insourcing and outsourcing will soon meet its doom in no time. Graduates are becoming bold and blunt as the day goes by, before I rest my case, I would advice u manage your professional life away from ur personal life. You may want call a spade a spade, but be humane ma broda, slavery is slavery forget anything like Business is business. Cheers!

Zada, first, I'm female (as indicated by my screen name, the 'f' designation at the end said screen name and by my actually stating it directly in this thread grin); don't call me 'ma broda'. grin grin I do know how to separate my personal from my professional which is why I have written the way I have. Outside of school, I've learned about business from actually working in the corporate world; nothing I have written comes from guesses but is based in experience. When I was an undergrad, I learned the hard way that your employer is never going to be your friend, how nice they may appear or promise to be.

As for thinking I'm better than anyone else...come on. I've repeated over and over and over that I am not looking down on anyone but the other posters are entitled to their opinions (no matter how misguided). I will never back down from saying I worked hard to attain my degrees and licenses because it took time, sacrifice and discipline. Now, understand that it doesn't mean that someone with an HND didn't work hard for their degree but can you honestly say that an HND holder has more educational training than a BSc holder? This isn't about looking down on anyone but it is stating facts. Saying otherwise is akin to saying a nurse and doctor are the same thing because they both work hard. We both know that is an absolute lie and whether one is a harder worker or not, does not change their placement within an organization based on certifications...get where I'm going with this?

You've brought up a very good point about outsourcing agencies. We call them staffing or temp agencies. They can be evil; I repeat: outsourcing/staffing/temp can be evil. This is where the real knot lies. If you're employed through an outsourcing agency, you're technically an employee of the outsourcing agency and NOT the firm in which you are placed. Depending on the contract you signed (or the placement letter), there should be some indication as to when you will switch over to becoming an actual member of staff with the firm. If there isn't, ask before accepting the post. DO NOT accept something and think you will change it once you arrive; you'll lose. And when I say get confirmation beforehand, I mean in writing; people have a tendency to 'forget' what they've told you once you do something for them and they back out of their end of the bargain. I'm not surprised to read Access Bank owns a staffing agency; see what I meant about cutting costs to keep profits high? This is why they can look their employees in the face and keep them down: again, technically, you were employed by ICS and NOT Access. It's a wonder this bank is still in business; if they don't sort this mess out, they too will be taken over like IBplc.

Morality, unfortunately, is not the law; we do not live in the time of Hammurabi. Nigerian police are useless; the police where I live, can be wretchedly useless. That's why most people try and avoid dealing with them unless it is absolutely necessary. The same can be said for defense attorneys (I'm not one, by the way grin); some of them make you question the human condition on the most basic of levels. But, that's not the point. Let's focus on what Access Bank did after the death of the bankers: they replaced them. It may seem cold but they is no reason for their posts to remain empty; if they remained empty, the same people complaining here would be complaining that they were having to pick up the slack caused by 4 less employees. Should Access have done SOMETHING? Of course but expecting them to do so voluntarily is futile because they never will.

My friend, I've never said it was a privilege to be employed. In fact, I've stated your employer needs you more than you need them. Ask for what you want, if they refuse, ask for a reason. If you can get a higher degree, do so. If you put in your best and still can't get what is your due...leave and find a place that will value your contributions. Trust me, those places exist (even in Nigeria). I don't know what else I can say on this matter. I wish you all good luck in your professional careers. smiley smiley
Religion / Re: Satan Ministry: Beware Of Xtians. by Travelista(f): 5:03pm On Oct 02, 2013
Alfa Seltzer:

That's what he said. They are not christian charities.
Has your pastor damaged your brain so much you can't even understand a simple paragraph?

No, maybe [b]you [/b]can't read a simple paragraph: he made the implication that these groups are not Christian because of their actions and the repercussions. Go back to your other handle and clarify (or not) because I'm no longer interested in this thread.
Religion / Re: Oritsejafor To Jonathan - Give Half Of Your Salary To The Poor by Travelista(f): 3:16pm On Oct 02, 2013
Is this the same guy that was in the US asking for help with Boko Haram? Maybe this Pastor should lead like example or worry about whether his parishioners are paying their required 10%. Nonsense.
Family / Re: Is Pornography Ideal For Married Couples?? by Travelista(f): 3:10pm On Oct 02, 2013
How is it your business what a married couple does during private time? I swear, Nigerians and their nosiness! undecided
Business / Re: Would You Be Shy To Make A N500 Counter Withdrawal? by Travelista(f): 3:01pm On Oct 02, 2013
I've seen a woman write a check for about $2 at McDonald's; if she can do that without hiding her head in a paper sack, you should have no shame withdrawing money from your BANK. What do you think they are there for? undecided
Foreign Affairs / Re: The U.S. Government Has Officially Shutdown!! by Travelista(f): 2:55pm On Oct 02, 2013

They are not shutting down because of Obamacare. It has already been judged good by the supreme court and voted in by congress, and ordinary citizens are already signing up for it. Even McCain has admitted there is no way to stop this law. In fact if Obama tried to repeal it, there would be protests from lots of poor, indebted Americans (black and white) with medical conditions whose previous fate was to either die without access to necessary medicine (can you imagine that, in a trillion dollar economy) or wait for emergency room care which is usually too late. The ultimate issue is Obama is an uppitty black negro, and the Republicans want to ruin his legacy, even if they take the country down in the process.

There are lots of people whose world view has been shattered by the fact that a black man can rule over them. Lots of these people even claim to be christians, speak in tongues, etc. But apparently, even an erudite, professorial and calm black Obama is enough to bring the demons out. If there is anything good that can come of this, its that black men especially will wake up and smell the tea leaves. I can dream right undecided

You've told no lies. Obamacare is just the excuse they're using but it comes down to votes. Who gets to go back home, beat their chests before their supporters and brag about letting Obama know 'who is really in charge!'. It's a mess. And the latest trick in their quest to 'destroy' Obama's legacy is throw out the baby with the bathwater: all of this because a Black child grew up to be the leader of the free world.
Religion / Re: Satan Ministry: Beware Of Xtians. by Travelista(f): 2:43pm On Oct 02, 2013
advocate666: A Catholic priest took out a 12-year-old boy, whose father had just committed suicide, for ice cream. The priest used the opportunity to rape him. All we hear from the xians is excuses, excuses, excuses... Their own bible reads: "Ye shall know them by their fruits." Not one good thing has come out of xianity or the xian church. Things that appear to be good are always tainted in some way. Everything that has to do with xianity is negative and the xians can't hide it. As for so called xian "charity," the Red Cross, United Nations and Social Welfare departments, to name a few, have done much, much more, without the obsessive proselytizing and the demanding of one's soul in return for basic survival needs.

Dislike Christianity if you like but don't lie: the Red Cross, UN and most social welfare departments are not Christian charities.
Career / Re: The Tales And Woes Of A Typical Access Bank Teller by Travelista(f): 2:37pm On Oct 02, 2013
Tesiday: I got a job offer from Globacom, thinking it was a direct employment but I was surprised when I got a mail to report at Gloworld when I have not met Mike Adenuga himself in the course of my interviews.
Fresh from NYSC, budding with enthusiasm, I accepted the offer and reported, the I discover am a contract staff, I was so unhappy cos I know there will be inhuman treatment.
They started from the pay, I was expecting not less than 100K but the pay is 50K, we work 7-5 officially but most times we leave 6 or even 7 pm atimes, we work Monday to Saturday, we were given Sunday to wash our cloths.
Every permanent staff saw themselves as my boss, my immediate supervisor will steal my cards at will so that I will be in debt, I settle about 3,500 to 4,000 recharge card debt per month, card that my boss stole from my stock.
I am the one to remit daily sales money to glo account, put on the gen in the morning, off it a closing time, I get to go to bank for account information alone about 2wice a week, the staff also send me unofficial errands, and I have to attend to customers as well. The funniest part is that, in terms of qualification only 2 of them has higher qualification than I do, one has 2 masters degree and the other was doing his MBA, the rest are BSc like me.
I knew I can be suffering like this long, I have to check out. Even the permanent staff complains that of departments of the company like legal,HR, etc have better pay than them in sales, as they said then, some of their colleague take as much as 12 million per annum.
I made up my mind, that I cannot cont to be used to do the works of those who get paid millions doing next to nothing. I applied for my Masters, the moment I got admission offer from a school that's very far from Lagos, I resigned and went back to school.
They were surprised, they thought I will be enduring their inhumane treatment but I freed myself by deciding to add value to myself through education.
Without prior notice, I left them, they still owe me a month pay which they refuse to pay.
@OP, your outsourcing company and Access needs to be petitioned, but all u need to do is to just develop yourself educationally, don't leave the job if you don't have enough savings like me. Do your PGD,Masters and get ACA or ICAN and I believe you will get a better offer. God be with you.

Please repeat your advice in bold to your fellow NLers; when I say it, I'm a monster and much worse. You did the right thing by not waiting for Gloworld to realize that you are an asset. You realize the power of a certificate because in some lines of work, that slip of paper opens doors that would be otherwise remain closed, regardless of how hard you work.

You are the biggest hypocrite I have ever read on nairaland. You mean a fellow is complaining of obvious discrimination, risk of death due to unethical work practices by management and all you can type is 'he was lucky to have been retained by management' after takeover from IBPLC, how more inhuman can your post sound? One day you'll get down from that high horse and see how it is to be down, remember the company whose tag you're clinging to can just wake up and issue you a sack letter, maybe you'll smell the coffee by then.

Valacious, grow up; what is with NLers and the penchant for hyperbole? grin If you were truly a part of the real world in a serious capacity, you'd understand that I told no lies to the OP. I want them (and everyone else in these threads) to understand that employers are not your friends. They will undermine you and cut costs to the detriment of the employee and client at every turn to keep profits high, especially if there are shareholders to keep happy. What am I typing that you and your ilk don't understand? Do what several (including myself) have advised: upgrade your degree! If your employer doesn't respect your talents, find a company that will see the value in having your on board. Thinking that suffering in silence and becoming a martyr will make your boss perk up and realize they should give you a triple promotion and 1000% salary increase is a waste of time; it's akin to forcing a square peg into a round hole.

If you don't believe me about acquisitions and mergers leaving some employees without a job when the takeover is complete, Google is your friend. I have yet to see a takeover that did not result in layoffs either in the very beginning or within 6 months to deal with employee overlap. You talk about risk of death due to one's employment? Listen, I've already addressed the death of the bankers. Is Access Bank liable? They definitely are to an extent which is why I mentioned a lawsuit. If you think Access is going to voluntarily hand out money to the families of the deceased, you are a fool. They will throw out every excuse in the book: 'We didn't make them travel by road!' 'Was it an Access Bank driver operating the vehicle? No?! Then how is it our fault?' Trust me, I know how these games go. As for clinging to a company tag? I went out on my own a couple of years ago however my time in the corporate world toughened my skin and made me realize that I (like everyone else from the top of the pyramid to the very bottom) was just a number and if I was not willing to understand how things work, I'd get caught under the wheels of my employer, ground up and left for dead. Maybe YOU should wake up and 'smell the coffee'.

Again, good luck and, when it comes to work, think with your head mainly and not your heart because your heart will blind to you to the changes you need to make to better market yourself.
Family / Re: When Did Your Dad Stopped Giving You Money? by Travelista(f): 9:57pm On Oct 01, 2013
When I got married.
Career / Re: The Tales And Woes Of A Typical Access Bank Teller by Travelista(f): 6:55pm On Oct 01, 2013
dgreatgreg: It is both illegal and wicked for access bank to treat other workers bad because they wre not employed by u.wen u buy a company, d staffs bcom urs.bt i dont blame dem. Its just dat d finance to pursue justice wud b high n d labour group to pursue dat is asleep. And it is not a priviledge 2 be kept wen a takeover occurs

Not true. A take over of one company by another does not protect jobs for either side, let alone for the newly acquired company. Also, don't bring wickedness into this matter; businesses.don't have feelings or emotions because they are inanimate. If there is a legal issue, pursue that angle but leave sentiment at the door; it is a surefire way to have your concerns ignored. Always come with cold, hard facts and not hyperbolic opinion.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Busted: Tellers Welfare - The True Story In Access Bank! by Travelista(f): 6:47pm On Oct 01, 2013
who would read this your own contribution towards the issue at hand and wouldnt doff his cap for not just a clever summation but one succintingly phrased to drive home a sensible points, the one most people can unarguably relate with.

Wouldnt it have been better If the televista or whats his name had subtly put it this way and not taking a jab at "apparently hopeless graduates" all because he believed he worked hard to be where he's and who he's when in actual fact there are thousands of people way better than him in every ways but are out there struggling, despite their hardwork and their certificate.

I never ONCE referred to anyone as 'apparently hopeless graduates'; if anything, that is what your inferiority complex caused you to see. I am a human being, just as you are, and it is unfair to begrudge me any success I attain just because you think someone else is harder working than me. Jealousy will only make you more bitter; try and understand that no matter how blunt my words are, I feel for anyone being misused by their employer. However, I cannot sit here and act as if some of the complaints I am reading aren't misguided. Know your enemy and act accordingly.

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Career / Re: The Tales And Woes Of A Typical Access Bank Teller by Travelista(f): 6:23pm On Oct 01, 2013
ITbomb: Reply from Travelista is so unfortunate and shows the extent of human wickedness .
A woman served u for many years and for just 3 months to care for her baby , u denied her pay. Pathetic
For those saying leave the job , if he leaves another person goes in there n suffer the same , we need to change our mentality and make the system work not running away from it.
A worker is entitled to his wages , if core staff n the same team earn some allowances for the same job , support staff should be motivated no matter how small .
Access Bank spend money on international media to attract very big customers and reserved the motivated core staff to attend to those group while the demoralized support staff handle local n medium customers . That shows how they value u.
I personally discourage people from going to Access Bank n UBA . They don't value their customers , they don't value the staff that attend to their customers.

When did I deny anyone pay? Look, friend...if you cannot read, try not to lie against someone to hide your lack of comprehension. Where I live, maternity leave is generally unpaid, and that is from the biggest to the smallest of companies. When I try and open the eyes of my fellow man and help them see that they cannot rely on their employers to lift them up, I'm called everything but a child of God!

I've yet to mock anyone for their station in life but have offered encouragement...yet, I am hailed with abuse. I will never stop trying to help those that truly want a helping hand but I have come to see that many people (many in this very thread) are crabs in a barrel and want to stay there.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: The U.S. Government Has Officially Shutdown!! by Travelista(f): 6:00pm On Oct 01, 2013
Shutting down an economy because of healthcare seems evil (and it is, no matter how you slice it) but it may ultimately be an issue of self-preservation on the part of the politicians. Has anyone thought of one of the side affects of federally mandated healthcare being that voter registration skyrockets? Remember by law, government agencies must provide voter registration services. When was the last time you renewed your license, passport or filled out a government form that dealt with any service and WEREN'T offered the chance to register? Which could spell disaster for those that disenfranchise voters.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: The U.S. Government Has Officially Shutdown!! by Travelista(f): 4:47pm On Oct 01, 2013
InvertedHammer: /
Memos were sent out to federal employees last month warning them of the impending shut down.

The shut down wont last more than this week...it is all shakara.

Most Americans live pay check to pay check....and everything is tied to one's job--mortgage, car loans, etc.
As a matter of fact, savings are alien to most Americans.

If this goes on more than 2 weeks, expect some pop off to happen


Still reading this thread but this is the realest post thus far; the rhetoric and history lessons are great but what are the consequences of the shutdown on an individual level? Today is the first and most bills have payments due by day's end; as many people (even those with huge paychecks) live check to check, a lot of people are going to be frustrated. And you know how some of our more *ahem* colorful citizens behave when they are frustrated. Drama may ensue.
Celebrities / Re: Genevieve Nnaji Vs. Agbani Darego - Who Rocked The Traditional Outfit Best? by Travelista(f): 12:51pm On Oct 01, 2013
Does Genevieve ever smile? undecided
Romance / Re: I think my wife is cheating on me. by Travelista(f): 8:30pm On Sep 30, 2013

thanks for the detailed views, but my two weeks out of my home is spent offshore where the only companion u have is fishes and ur colleagues. am not cheating on my wife.

Yikes! Working offshore is really good money however it's hell on relationships. She may not be physically cheating (yet) but someone may be sniffing around her; STEP UP! I know you're tired from your hitch but you need to set time aside for your relationship. Book a romantic getaway, take her out for dinner at a nice restaurant, ask her about how she's been doing while you're away and truly listen to her...if that still doesn't melt her heart... undecided
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Busted: Tellers Welfare - The True Story In Access Bank! by Travelista(f): 8:02pm On Sep 30, 2013

Why make it sound as if we(graduates) are at the mercy of those heartless employers. Ȋ̝̊̅ strongly believe if 60% of those going through what the op went tru are bold enof 2 take d step which he took, then these employers will have a rethink and upgrade their pay and working conditions. They need us as much as we need them, but in as much as they know there's always someone there ready 2 take over when u leave, they tend never 2 give a damn abt upgrading. If you know your worth as a graduate, you wouldnt jump at any job offering you peanut just because u are scared of being unemployed.
Let me tell you my experience with glo. Few months ago i went for an interview(Bsc holders, with minimum of second class lower, but at a time they stopped interviewing second class lower holders n said they just received a call from headquarters that they needed just 2nd class upper holders). Few days later Ȋ̝̊̅ was invited for their training. Its a sales job. After d training we were briefed on our job-going into the street and market places(under d sun n in d rain) selling and registering sim cards. Target-to sell n register atleast 24 sim cards a ϑάў n 400 or S̶̲̥̅Ơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡ a month. Commission-30k monthly.....u can imagine that! For a Bsc 2.1 holder... Is dat not an insult And the funniest thing is that they kept reminding us with smiles on their faces that there's no job anywhere n they wud advice we grab the 'opportunity'. I angrily left after telling them how cruel they were. Surprisingly, some persons still accepted the offer and are still doing that job till date, while Ȋ̝̊̅ have gotten a better job, τ̅☺ resume next month.
If we can speak, act and think like graduates(HND and Bsc alike), and not just settle for 'more than less', Ȋ̝̊̅ believe job offers will be upgraded.

You're getting there...don't ever stop. smiley YOU are the type of person I'm not speaking about: you don't need to be told you're worth more than you were offered by Glo. I've been bashed left and right in this thread because I've repeated (ad nauseum) that employers are not your friend and will never be your friends; they need you more than you need them but some want to be babysat by their bosses. Success is not always given; you almost always have to strive for it and demand it. One thing that needs to be understood is that employers (the actual business) ARE heartless because they're a thing and not a living, breathing person; every successful business wants to cut costs to keep profits high. There have to be Business majors in this thread that understand this (and if they claim to have studied business and DON'T understand this...a degree verification needs to be done).

My dear, keep striving for the stars and work hard; there is no shame in being ambitious. Some on NL believe that hard work is just talk and that luck is going to pave the way for everything; that's not so and you are additional proof of that. You took a risk and turned down a job, hit the ground running and found something better. That took work, dedication and belief in your abilities. Never forget this: the business world can be a cold place but if you work hard, avoid the drama and have mini-goals along the way, there's nothing you can't achieve. Don't worry about the naysayers, complainers and whiners; they'll stagnate while you blossom. Take every opportunity to bolster your education as it will help you professionally. Be cordial and network, network, network; never burn a bridge because you may need it later.

I've been accused of being Bolaji Agbede (the one time I have correctly been referred to a female in this thread...go figure grin) and I'll say this: she's terrible at her job. She has to have herself on Google Alerts and have seen all that's being written about Access Bank's HR practices. Anyway, good luck, chica! grin grin

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