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Culture / Re: Bini History Revisionists Need To Be Stopped by UGBE634: 1:16pm On Oct 17

There's no evidence to support your claim that the Edo royals bloodline is purely Edo for all you know they could've married a Yoruba princess from a neighbouring kingdom therefore letting in Yoruba blood or even an Igbo princess
They could have married from outside, but the mother of the first sons were mainly from Esan then Bini.
Culture / Re: Ekaladerhan Aka Oduduwa by UGBE634: 7:25pm On Oct 16
Go n sit down jáarè, Bini lady. Yoruba owns biniland and not the whole Edo land as History has it orally. Yoruba ancestors fuse your land with Yorubas culture,even with her language .

This is the reason you can boldy write "Úbvi nó yé Édo ghághá. Ovbiédo Kpátákí." grin wink....What's ghagha and kpataki if not corrupt Yoruba words grin cheesy
Which part of Bini land do Yorubas own? What is your concept of ownership? all binis, all Edos write the same way that is to tell you those corruption is as a result of border issue .That is to tell you it is The romance of Eastern Yoruba groups and Edo as a whole over the centuries as they evolved is what has led to what Edo is today, The Igbos on the Eastern end (Anioma)were also a factor as we share similarities with them as a group. They (these groups on the Western and Eastern fronts)also have Edo relics, cultural attribute, intonation,and Edo words. It has more to do with Interaction (which is inevitable anyway)over the years, romance of these groups(neighbors) as they evolved into what they have become, it was never one sided. Oba is not the owner of Bini land he is himself a resident as he met other families there. A man from Urhonigbe sixty miles east of Benin will write exactly the same way as someone from the centre of Benin, the same with a man from Abudu fifty kilometres east of Benin will write exactly that same way. Is like you guys understanding of Bini and Edo is so dead you would rather be left to your delusions. As the coward that you are, you are free to continually say it online but if you come to Benin to say it you will be beheaded by the kabakas and co. And I have come to notice is a full ethnic foolishness, I have read physics post and I have seen that he has been correcting the likes of dudunegro and co on this same issue. When a group as large as 40 million in number is collectively deluded on a particular issue there is little anyone can do to redeem.

The best of history acknowledge he is a migrant,so he can't be the owner of Benin, what happened at best was name change, finish

The Oba can't be the owner of a city he was totally assimilated into.
The Binis are the owner of Bini city
Urhonigbe,Abudu, Okada, Usen, Iguobazuwa etc and all these groups in Edo south are refered to as Biniland,all these groups are what is known as Bini, all these groups is also what is collectively refered to as Edo. Not just those in their prime town alone. Osazee Odewingie is a Bini man from Urhonigbe. Besides what is "ghagha" in Yoruba, or what is the pristine meaning?


Travel / Re: Asaba And Benin City: Which Is More Beautiful? (pictures) by UGBE634: 2:49pm On Sep 10
oga, first I believe you are not more of an edo than I am, my parents are edo and I was born, raised in edo. Nobody is comparing size here, nobody ask you amongst the two places which is bigger or older, the simple question is which is finer? Oga, apart from Oredo local govt area no other local govt can be termed as fine in the whole edo state, everything about edo state is Benin City and honestly there's nothing to write home about Benin, what is beautiful about Benin abeg? Is it ring road or GRA that doesn't even have good roads? I see you calling places ikpobal hill, eyaen etc oga none of these place is fine, agbor roads are tarred even up to most streets and farm roads, apart from some major roads in benin how many good roads are in benin, holdup everywhere yet no one single flyover in the whole state, nothing nothing, and you are comparing Benin to these places, apart from individuals thriving in Benin, buying cars and building houses there no other single thing to write home about Benin City. I repeat, Benin City is the least developed capital city in Southern Nigeria.
The place that is fine in Benin is bigger than Agbor. Ideally Benin is Oredo. You can't settle in Use and be castigating Benin from there. Use is a satellite town, places like Ugbowo, Oluku and All are satellite towns.

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Travel / Re: Asaba And Benin City: Which Is More Beautiful? (pictures) by UGBE634: 2:47pm On Sep 10
what a silly excuse, what is so big about Benin for you to come up with a silly excuse as this, keep deceiving yourself there, go read your book, in terms of population and landmass Benin City is not even in the top 5 biggest cities in Nigeria.
What I would have expected you to do was to post evidence of 5 largest cities in Nigeria and post how Benin is not among, in Landsize Benin as it is presently constituted today will be among first four, Benin city today is a town of towns, I have not even considered other places which is refered to as Benin city today by locales and strangers who come to reside in Benin

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Travel / Re: Asaba And Benin City: Which Is More Beautiful? (pictures) by UGBE634: 2:06pm On Sep 10
oga no deceive yourself, Benin is the least developed capity city in the whole southern Nigeria.
You are mad for saying that, Ado Ekiti that you can't compare with Okada na you wan compare with Benin

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Travel / Re: Asaba And Benin City: Which Is More Beautiful? (pictures) by UGBE634: 2:04pm On Sep 10
i am an edo person, but truth is even agbor is finer than Benin
first you nor be Edo person , second you go dae compare Agbor with Uselu, Benin too big to compare with Agbor. Where for Oredo Agbor fine pass even for Egor and Ikpoba Okha. Those places that has been settled as Benin before 1991. Not those entrenches you refer to as Benin. Not those surburbs you foreigner migrate and settle in that you refer to as Benin.

You know how big is Benin today, you are comparing Agbor, a local government town with Benin that has entrenched herself properly into 5 Lgas. Two of them of which are very large over two thousand kilometres each. Benin city as it is presently constituted today is far bigger than Ika two local government areas in delta state. That is to give you a proper definition. Benin city today is bigger than Agbor, Owa, Abavo, Igbodo, Umunede,etc Ika towns combined by landmass and population. Next time know towns whey you go call Agbor with, Agbor- Uselu, Agbor- Uwelu, Agbor- Eyean, Agbor- Aduwawa, Agbor- Ugbiyioko make quarell for nor dae

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Politics / Re: My Eyes Are Filled With Tears Over Opobo And Bonny by UGBE634: 11:12am On Sep 10

Moreover, according to the earliest native Bini writings—again Benin (NOT YORUBA) sources— Ogiso monarchy was introduced to Benin from Ife at the time of Oduduwa

it was gotten from a man who is akure by ancestry. Maternally he is perforated, paternally he is also perforated, He is related paternally to Iyase Ohewmen who is Akure by ancestry, how then can we trust such one with native Bini history. Yoruba hole full everywhere for Egharevba body grin

If the personality of the writer does not matter in a write up why would Oba Eredieuwa ( a 'somebody')with a first and second degree from Cambridge University in law criticize him for having something to do with Yoruba and his book displaying too much "yorubaness''

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Culture / Re: Who Is The Ogane To The East Of Benin by UGBE634: 3:47am On Aug 31

Good to see a cross from Ife and yes there is a need for the crosses to be found in Ife because they were made there and given to messengers it would only make sense that where they're given would also be where they're produced if they're not produced in Ife then where were they produced and why is this information not provided?
Guy I swear you be questionnaire, Once the story don dae get K leg know it is probably not right.

Let me shock you of all the Edo and Edoids groups who use Oghene to refer to Almighty God, Benin is the Only one that use it also in reference to Ife(that is if it was probably gotten from Eastern yorubaland, it should be in the lexicon of other Edoids in reference to the Ooni, this already destroyed the fact it was borrowed alongside with the widespread of usage among Edoids groups, one don't need a soothsayer to know it is indigenous to Edoids groups and was not borrowed. It is used by Urhobo/Isoko, Bini, Etsako and I think Esan.

This one is not even shocking enough but to think that a group like Esan that is closest to Bini and many of their clans migrated from her during this present dynasty (Ewuare and Esigie's reign)can't even relate to the Bini/Ife tale in their Orals at all is even more shocking to show you how recent the concocted tale is, (when we make mention of this tale we sound strange to them.it is was probably an allegory or something, If it is true they should be able to relate with it as most of their clans migrated during the present dynasty . Their plan is to tie strongly to that tale just to gain prominence

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Culture / Re: The Itsekiri People Are Yoruba (ondo Dialet) by UGBE634: 6:54pm On Aug 30

I met a guy recently who bears Osayemi, I asked if he was from Benin, he explained his ancestors were from Benin but war made them seek refuge in Ogun state.

I know of Benin people who bears Ifayemi, mostly sons of Ifa priest and Herbalist, lol

so you'll now Tell me Ifayemi is not a Bini man because he bears Ifayemi, na boys go punch ur mouth.

There is OPC in the community I live, funny enough it was an ibo man who has lived in Ifon that started it,

tomorrow you'll say because So side of Benin has OPC, its from Yoruba.

be like your head deh leak oil.
This one is even slightly different. Ogun is just like Osaze to us now, If he came up with anything close to those maybe I would be convinced a little bit. You still don't get it, anybody from any part of Bini can bear these ones and not those. The name "Ogun" "Okun" is just like Osaze Osagie to us so it cannot push or pass as a yoruba name. "Yemi" will still sound like Swahili to the normal Edo man. "Ogun" and "Okun" will not

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Culture / Re: The Itsekiri People Are Yoruba (ondo Dialet) by UGBE634: 2:40pm On Aug 30

Ogun is a deity, served by people in Benin. same way people also serve Anê, an anioma gods and also serve Igbe an Urhobo goddess.
it's like saying because I'm a Christian, I must be from Israel or as a Muslim I must be an Arab.

Or you want to tell me how a nupe form of divination became the centre of Yoruba divination?.


same way Yoruba believe rivers are female spirit, my people believe they Re in duality but they are all known as Okun and worshipers known as Olokun
That is what I am explaining to him, that it has been fully assimilated and domesticated as an Edo God even before Ewuare was born. An Edo man cannot bear Ogun and Okun today and be seen as strange "oriovbe" a foreigner, it is just as Edo to us as it is yoruba to them. But when you come up with Oluwatobi Osaze, an Edo man will ask you "Edo'n'ekhue we khin? " Are you an Hybrid?. It is now left for the person to say oh "OvbiUsen khin" the responder will now be like ok koyor. Suggesting he is yoruba will just be as suggesting Captain Hosa's daughter is yoruba because of the "Okun"

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Culture / Re: The Itsekiri People Are Yoruba (ondo Dialet) by UGBE634: 11:27am On Aug 30
So, you know Ogun/Ogu is a Yoruba name and domesticated in Edo ? This is self contradictory.
You guys are the one making it a big deal, cultures and civilizations borrow, there are many French words in English today, some of them have slightly different meaning From the Original meaning From the owners. My point is We have a big border with yoruba and we might have borrowed it as a group, Hornytave who have been to Owo said they have Igue festival, the same with groups on the Eastern flank, like Agbor and other Ika groups. These groups have been so corrupt that their Igbo denial is much there, the same thing with anyone who has been to Owo. Even for so small a group as Bini in comparison to the two major groups in the south. Ika, Owo, itsekiri, these groups are so bastardized culturally by Bini and of course heavy bastardization of linguistics, this is why Hornytave would think Itsekiri and Owo are Edo and not Ijesha or any any other yoruboid group far from her. He could have bore those names while being a pure Bini Benin. If you still can't understand then your IQ is low and I can't help you

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Culture / Re: The Itsekiri People Are Yoruba (ondo Dialet) by UGBE634: 8:41am On Aug 30
What does Ogu mean in Bini's language ? grin grin angry cheesy. You are indeed a clown.
It is Ogun not Ogu, you are talking of Oba Ewuare, Ogun has been domesticated and it has its meaning in Edo just like in yoruba now. Pure Edo cancome up with such names . The late Captain Hosa Okunbor daughters name is Ivie Okun. Okun means sea in Benin alongside with the word amen which means water, Captain Hosa is pure Edo, he is from Uhuwonde,he is from one of those villages close to Ugo. One don't necessarily have to be from Ife to bear these names.

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Culture / Re: The Itsekiri People Are Yoruba (ondo Dialet) by UGBE634: 8:33am On Aug 30

Mumu is what makes you not realise yoruba language has many dialects and Yoruba people have different accents
My brother yoruba have different dialects, my brother Edo and Edoids groups are not part of them. Those names cannot be interpreted by yorubas of any clan. They knew better not to push it

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Culture / Re: The Itsekiri People Are Yoruba (ondo Dialet) by UGBE634: 4:05pm On Aug 29

I like how after seeing that nobody pays attention to your Bini revisionist campaign of turning oduduwa into a Bini Prince
You guys on this forum have unanimously decided to do away with any Ife connection at all grin grin
Now oduduwa is no longer a Bini Prince, Bini had no relationship with Ife grin

How will Benin have relationship with Ife and Esans our closest neighbors can't relate, what sort of history is that. Time will tell na only time he go take, The same palace that concocted the Ife tale changed it.

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Culture / Re: The Itsekiri People Are Yoruba (ondo Dialet) by UGBE634: 3:58pm On Aug 29

My brother, don't let them deceive you. The Oba is purely Benin. What do you understand by Edo orisiaghon (Edo is the center of the world) were everything began and Oba niaotor se evboebo (oba own all the land to Europe). In the olden days, Benin believes Oba own all land including Ife. Oba osa nogievanor means Oba is only second to God. After God, next is Oba of Benin. Everyone else including the Ooni is below the Oba.

These are some of the things you look at when the Yoruba comes with their fairytales.

Benin lost all these when British destroyed and conquered Benin.
This might be true owing to the fact that none came up with Yoruba name except with the forgery of Eweka.

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Culture / Re: The Itsekiri People Are Yoruba (ondo Dialet) by UGBE634: 3:44pm On Aug 29

None of the Obas up till Oba Ovonramwen have any relationship with Ife. It all started after Ovonramwen. Esan are the closest to Benin and yet they don't subscribe to the Benin/Ife relationship. Urhobo and others tribes in Delta that traces their origin to Benin are not aware.
There are more non negligible fact to prove that he is not from Ife than he is from. That of the Esans are the major Jaw breaker, to think most of their clans migrated during the reign of various Obas and don't and can't relate with it is alarming. He was at best an Edo'n'ekhue

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Culture / Re: The Itsekiri People Are Yoruba (ondo Dialet) by UGBE634: 3:29pm On Aug 29

It's even strange to Esan people, this is to tell you how recent the Benin/Ife connection is.

This is a major Jaw breaker my brother, Not even one of their clans can relate with it, it is not in their Orals at all when many of their clan migrated during Ewuare's reign, not even Igueben that migrated during Esigie's reign. "Na ground na he dae see yansh wey dae shit", we will see where this forgery will lead us to. Onoyiso kor, oloyesoup ni

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Culture / Re: The Itsekiri People Are Yoruba (ondo Dialet) by UGBE634: 6:46am On Aug 28

Where/what did the Binis get their word “oghene” from per this lexicon? From the Yoruba’s “ooni”.
I don't in this regards and I already gave my reasons why.

Does the lexicon mention that Binis regard the Ooni as Oghene? YES.
Yes but there is a primary meaning as also stated by your authority.It would only make sense, that You add n'Uhe for it to make sense,which is actually the case here.

Does the lexicons say Uhe must be added before the Binis regard Ooni as Oghene? NO.
Yes it so since it's not the first on the list of meanings, I have also told you, you can mention any Bini Man you know(online and offline) to come Vett this as I am a speaker of the language myself

Who regards the Ooni as a God of (or at) Ife per this lexicon — Binis or Yorubas? Binis.
The Binis but as a primary meaning first in reference to God which other Edo group has also but do not have it in their vocabulary In reference to the Ooni. This would only mean that the Binis later started using it for the god of Ife. And the relationship and brotherhood of these groups far predate the Benin/Ife! It would Only make sense that the word has been there since ancient times.

Culture / Re: The Itsekiri People Are Yoruba (ondo Dialet) by UGBE634: 1:36am On Aug 28
Well, again:

A linguist of Bini language Vs. UGBE on Nairaland.

Even a dense would go with the authority.

The authority itself is in line with what I have said, The authority stated there is a primary meaning. Because there is a primary meaning which means God, The Word cannot be mentioned and a Bini man would go thinking you mean the Ooni when there is a primary meaning. You have to add Uhe which he is situated in order to distinguish if it is the almighty God you are talking about or the god of Ife
Culture / Re: The Itsekiri People Are Yoruba (ondo Dialet) by UGBE634: 1:01am On Aug 28
I’m glad you agree.
I said what I wrote earlier was correct, You can reference whichever Binis you want to reference, what I have stated is the gospel truth. Etin was here a while ago and never Objected
Culture / Re: The Itsekiri People Are Yoruba (ondo Dialet) by UGBE634: 12:52am On Aug 28
According to a renowned lexicon of the Bini language, the Bini word ɔɣɛnɛ (i.e. ọghẹnẹ) has its etymology from the Yoruba word ɔ[ɣ]ɔni (i.e. ọ[gh]ọni)

The first screenshot shows this clearly where it says: ɔɣɛnɛcf. Yor. ɔɔni

The second screenshot shows the abbreviations used and their respective meanings, to the effect that the statement ɔɣɛnɛcf. Yor. ɔɔni is equivalent to saying that:

The Bini word ɔɣɛnɛ has its etymology (cf.) from the Yoruba (Yor.), word ɔ[ɣ]ɔni(ɔɔni).

H. Melzian, A Concise Dictionary of the Bini Language of Southern Nigeria.

That is what it means ma, at least there are not less than three million Binis today, some have corrected me in the past on one or two errors, I await their correction
Culture / Re: The Itsekiri People Are Yoruba (ondo Dialet) by UGBE634: 12:33am On Aug 28


grin grin grin I Don laugh tire

Unfortunately for you, urhobo call it "ọghẹnẹ" not "ọgaẹne"... Ẹne being "four"
I don't know what word you were trying to break down there lad grin

Btw, you see that "ọga" you mentioned, I hope you know it's a Yoruboid input too grin grin grin
Ogiene- this is certainly what it means or should be. One thing is certain, and even by that dictionary, The first meaning of the word Oghene made reference to God first then the second was the Ooni. Ogiene in this sense meant the controller of everything under the earth Eriwmin-spirit, Agbon-earth, Amen-Water, Ijuwvu-this one might mean death. I am not so sure by his writings. The primary made it clear that the first and primary purpose of that word was the almighty supreme God. When a Bini man make mention of Oghene, Ooni would naturally not come to his mind what would come to his mind is almighty God, he would have to add Uhe for it to make meaning regarding the Ooni. This clearly shows that it is what the Binis used to regard the Ooni who they later came came in contact with. And with the Ooni of Ife, it is specific, Oghene'n'Uhe means the God of Ife not the God at Ife. And it was because of his priestly role. Beyond the Urhobo and the Bini, the Etsako and The Isokos used it too, and out of these four Edo group Only the Binis used it in relation to Ife because of they came in contact with Her and you must add Uhe for it to make any meaning in relation to Ife. You can't just say Oghene and the Bini man would go thinking you are talking about the Ooni what this would only mean is that it is the Bini way of describing the Ooni of Ife who she later came in contact with
Need I say that Urhobo,Isoko Etsako relationship with Benin predate the Benin relationship with Ife as they are of the very same stock and the Urhobo name for Benin Aka predate Ibinu.
Need I say that the spread of the word Oghene among these Edo groups with ancient relationships already destroyed the fact that it was borrowed. Because only the Binis refer to the Ooni of Ife as the Oghene'n'Uhe.
It couldn't be Oga as Oga itself is a recent entry to the Bini language.
Culture / Re: The Itsekiri People Are Yoruba (ondo Dialet) by UGBE634: 10:46pm On Aug 27

Yeeeeeeaaaa. The Yoruba etymology makes more sense. Sorry
The young man 's etymology makes more sense. What will you do with the "ene" at the last part. Are you completely dismissing it in favour and in reference to the Ooni
Politics / Re: Fun Photos Of Wike, Obaseki And Okowa by UGBE634: 9:22am On Aug 23

You are mad.
No one wants to be igbo so cry if you want
I am not, every foreigner like me can see that Agbor is Igbo. OKowa is from Owa, a sister town to Agbor in the same sub ethnic group. Obaseki family is from Agbor and hence they are Igbo by ancestry and don't deny that. I am Edo my brother. The Fact you received heavy migrations from Bini has not changed the Overall status of your group
Politics / Re: Fun Photos Of Wike, Obaseki And Okowa by UGBE634: 8:59am On Aug 23

Do small research on Chief Agho Obaseki. Grand father of Governor Godwin Obaseki. They are originally from Agbor in Present day Delta State.

Obaseki knows he is a full fledged Deltan.
And what is Agbor. Agbor is Igbo my brother
Politics / Re: Fun Photos Of Wike, Obaseki And Okowa by UGBE634: 8:56am On Aug 23

Tell me Obaseki's history.

I hope you are not trying to say the Binis were originally from Igbo
There is no one saying the Binis were Originally Igbo. But that we received migrations from all and sundry alongside with the Majority aborigines. The present Iyase is from Urhobo ancestry, Obaseki family roots is from Anioma, Ezomo'n'uzebu is from Esan ancestry, the Ologbosere that was tried and killed in 1899 by the British is of Itsekiri ancestry,Iyase Otun is from Akure. Bini was an empire which Included all these groups and these men from these areas were ready to make it work and they gained Benin citizenship. While they are of their different stock by ancestry, they are however Binis today, the least they can do is to acknowledge their ancestry and move on.

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Politics / Re: Fun Photos Of Wike, Obaseki And Okowa by UGBE634: 8:39am On Aug 23

Did I just hear you say Obaseki is ancestrally Igbo. Bro please it's too Early
Yes now do you know Obaseki history bro
Politics / Re: Fun Photos Of Wike, Obaseki And Okowa by UGBE634: 8:30am On Aug 23

It seems you didn't get Wike's memo to Igbos the other time. You people never learn, attaching yourselves to this who refuse to be associated with you. Later, you will start crying betrayal.
I am Edo bros, I don't know the yardstick on which Wike is discarding his Igbo Identity but to me culturally and linguistically he is Igbo and Okowa on the Other hand does not discard his, Obaseki is ancestrally Igbo. It was on this basis I called them Igbo men


Politics / Re: Fun Photos Of Wike, Obaseki And Okowa by UGBE634: 8:21am On Aug 23
Igbo men

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Culture / Re: The Itsekiri People Are Yoruba (ondo Dialet) by UGBE634: 7:24am On Aug 23

The earliest traditions of Binis themselves concerning the origin of the Ogiso monarchy (prior to your 21st century laughable sourceless revision) goes thus:

Many, many years ago, Odua (Oduduwa) of Uhe (Ile-Ife) the father and the progenitor of the Yoruba kings sent his eldest son Obagodo who took the title of Ogiso with a large retinue all the way from Uhe to found a Kingdom in this part of the world.

Chief J.U. Egharevba, “A Short History of Benin,” (1936), p.7.

What conclusions have the leading authorities on pre-colonial Benin reached with respect to this origin tradition of the Ogiso monarchy?

Having combed through & scrutinized the early Benin traditions of origins of the Ogiso monarchy, scholars have reached the following conclusion (on the basis of anthropological field work on Benin and the Edos):

The third Ogiso became the last in their Yoruba, Ife line. He returned to Ife, but by that time the very institution of the supreme supra-chiefdom ruler had already been established firmly enough in Benin.

D. M. Bondarenko and P. M. Roese, “Ancient Benin: Where Did the First Monarchs Come From?,” (2001), p.10.

In essence, you and your co-revisionsists without any source whatsoever are unfortunately inconsequential.

When you seem successful with one claim with one or two binis agreeing with you no matter how absurd it may seem you move on to the next claim, Why is the Ogiso Edo and not Ife.
1. Because there are several folklores concerning the Ogisos in Ugo about Peace, honesty, natural Justice,and so on and not one about Ife.
2.There are descendants of Ogiso in Benin and not Ife, They are one of the 74 families in Benin, they are pure Edos by Blood and they trace their Origin to Ugo and not Ife.
3. The Oba placed himself as a continuation of the Ogisos so as to pass the Message to the Binis or Edos that he is pure Edo by Blood in other to Garner and gather their support against the Ogieamien who gives them tough time at every ascension with the claim that they are foreigners.
4. To discontinue his relationship with the yorubas, because he knows by saying he is a continuation of the Ogiso, he would alter his link with Yoruba and Ife after the bad bromance the father had with western region before 1963 which he was already a grown man and an adult with Education to see these things.
We can see from the following point that Oba Eredieuwa is aware that the Ogiso is stuck in Antiquity and the story Egharevba collated from his father's court is not really a testament of the realities on ground.

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Culture / Re: The Itsekiri People Are Yoruba (ondo Dialet) by UGBE634: 10:24am On Aug 22

Egharevba she keep quoting is maternally Yoruba. He had Yoruba and Benin ancestry. Oba Erediawa and Benin chiefs were not in agreement with all Egharevba wrote as history of Benin. Egharevba's first edition was greatly influenced by his Yoruba handlers in Ibadan.

Yoruba had already started stealing Benin history for over fifty years before Egharevba wrote his book, same Yoruba people supervised and published the book.

Like you said, the Benin/Ife relationship doesn't resonate with reality. There is zero evidence to support it.

Let's look at the evidence to support Benin Onitsha and Benin Itsekiri relationship.

Benin/Onitsha relationship:

1. The traditional title of obi of Onitsha is Agboghidi. I am sure you have heard about the great Agboghidi from Ugo. Agboghidi is a Benin word.

2. The name of Onitsha shrine is called Udo. Onitsha people said they left Benin during the war between Aruan of Udo and Oba Esigie.

3. Benin and Onitsha share similar traditional institution

Benin/Itsekiri relationship:

1. The traditional title of the Olu of Itsekiri is Ogiamen (ruler of the water, river, sea, ocean etc) Ogiamen is purely Benin word.

2. The Itsekiri monarchy and chieftaincy title is style to mimic Benin traditional institution.

Benin have nothing in common with Ife. The traditions and monarchical structures are different.

I told TAO11 earlier that the more she pushes this Benin/Ife fallacy, the more damage she will continue to cause to it. She is out to deceive unsuspecting readers, she dishes out garbage, junks, fairytales as history.

I am happy most people have the common sense to see through her lies once they are pointed out and people like me will continue to point the lies out.

Her stories have no bearings on reality, people are here for authentic history not fairytales. Most people have gone Beyond fairytales.

How can you argue that oba of Benin is Yoruba from Ife, and yet there are no similarities in culture between the Benin monarchy and Ife, no oba of Benin had Yoruba names, Benin artworks is different from artworks found in Ife.

Yoruba are claiming that they civilised Benin yet they can't point to their own civilisation, how can you give what you don't have.

She can qoute rubbish, copy and paste garbage from now till eternity, a lie will always remain a lie. If Edo people were Yoruba, they will not need anyone to tell them that, they will already know that by themselves. Ijebus are yet to completely accept the Yoruba tag, they are extending it to Benin.
My brother I would rather tilt to the fact he was an 'Edonekhue' he was bilingual even from the beginning, that is why they could communicate with him in the first place. He certainly is not from the east which they have associated to be Ife today


Culture / Re: The Itsekiri People Are Yoruba (ondo Dialet) by UGBE634: 10:19am On Aug 22
I respect your wish (that Ogiso should not be from Ife).
you are not a complete historian, does any of your AcAdEmIc knows the way to Udo, Ugo and Urhonigbe, did they go there. You can't completely claim the greatness of Bini without claiming the Ogisos you know that's why you are jittery and still grandstanding even when the Odds are against you. Those yoruboid binis can't speak for the populace . Even the story they gave out about their origin is full of loopholes. Will they be speaking for the pure binis who are the majority. Even if you go to Udo and Urhonigbe, they will point you to Ugo as the source of the Ogisos, there are folklores which revolves around Ugo concerning the Ogisos about laws of natural justice, peace, honesty, and so on,but there is none about Ife . This is not my stand, it is the general Bini stand against the account received by Egharevba in or at Akenzua's court. I have given you the general Bini account as it is you can go Bleep yourself
At least the readers on here who are sensible have seen my argument and know which fact to pick and the Junk to discard.
Even if the body like that of Esau if it is not the voice of Esau then it is not Esau don't be deceived my sister.

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