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Foreign Affairs / Re: Russia Missiles Destroy S-300 Donated By Slovakia In Nikolaev by uneeking(m): 11:28pm On Apr 12
The beginning of things to come soon in Europe and America as a result of bad Leadership calculations.

Foreign Affairs / Re: US Calls For ‘Strong African Response’ To Russian Aggression by uneeking(m): 8:28pm On Apr 01
I have read a good chunk of the comments here and have decided to contribute my honest quota. I hope someone learns one or two things from my contributions here.
I studied in Russia, have friends and relations there and in Ukraine till date and so, the war there is something I would prefer never happened. I prefer to follow facts and not emotions.
1. Zelensky allowed himself to be deceived into thinking the West can protect him in case of a challenge with Russia. That is the source of the unfortunate happenings in Ukraine right now. Even with my little knowledge of the East European way of doing business, I know he should have instead met with Putin instead of travelling to Munich to make wrong statements there. He has now realized that mistake and wants to meet with Putin but is being refused that opportunity. Russians do not take nonsense even from their own brothers. They don't joke with things that concern integrity.
2. The West does not need to involve Africa in this case. Wise African leaders have abstained form the votes against Russia not because we support the war but because we know that the West cannot protect Africa from the repercussions of such a mistake. We have enough problems of our own to solve, many of which have their origins in our relationships with the Western World.
3. For those of you talking about Western aid to Africa being embezzled by our leaders and so the West are not to blame, I ask you; Who imposed those leaders on us? Where are those leaders storing the embezzled funds? Of what use is the aid you gave to us when you have conditions on them such as we using them to buy guns and ammunitions from you? These same guns and ammunitions fall into the hands of groups like Boko Haram and Iswap and they use them to destroy our countries like what is presently happening in most West African countries because those groups are well supported by the installed leaders of these unfortunate countries.
4. Anyone of you who know the Nigerian Army and its capabilities well will naturally know that it can easily handle the Boko Haram and ISWAP challenges if only it had a truly patriotic government heading it.
5. In the next few weeks, you will all see how the Western European countries will suffer from the deception they have been led into by the Americans. They are the ones that will immediately suffer the effects of refugee crisis, food price inflation, shortage of gas and fuel, and lots more while the United States will watch from a distance far away from them.
Africa does not need to fall into the same stupid trap. Let the Americans face Russia directly and leave us out of the shit. They should also find a way to leave the good people of Ukraine out of a problem that they know nothing about.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Ukraine: What Will Happen If EU & NATO Countries Refuse To Pay For Russia's Gas? by uneeking(m): 10:29pm On Mar 30
Europe can not live without Russian gas, they can pretend they don't need russia but they do. Now they are running around begging for gas/oil from the Arabs (Dubai) Dubai who executed 81 innocent citizens of their country including africans last week. What is the difference between Russia and Dubai? Did you also know that the
son of a former Russian spy who is Putin's friend is a member of parliament in the UK. His name is Lord Lebedev. Why did the
UK government not sanctions him? (But they claimed to sanction Abramovich) Or remove him from UK house of lords? This so called Russian invasion of Ukraine has being political. Did you know that the UK is still buying Russian gas till today. The UK's chancellor's wife owns a company in Russia as of today. People need to wake up to Europe's and the UK's hyporcricies. Nigeria should be worried rather that the UK may invade nigeria and cause conflicts so as to take over and control nigerian oil.

Guy, I feel your vibe. I just want you and others on this platform to know that your fear has already started as far as what the UK will do to Nigeria and its oil. Who do you think is sponsoring wrong leaders, (ISIS), Boko Haram and Herdsmen in Nigeria? And what is their purpose? Naija Oil, of course! Na God hands we dey o!

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Politics / Re: Putin Throws Olive Branch To Ukraine, Lists Four Conditions For Peace by uneeking(m): 11:56pm On Mar 07

It is so unfortunate what the West has deceived Zelensky into and the hardship brought upon innocent citizens of Ukraine. The Westerners are not capable of protecting Ukraine in anyway. Ukraine does not need to join NATO. Russia will never agree to have its enemies use its neighbour to put military forces at its border. Putin has been pushed to take actions that were not planned before now. The Europeans need to know that the Americans do not mean well for them. They know Russia's military capabilities but are far away enough to avoid immediate damage while the Europeans are not so safe from such challenges.
Politics / Re: Putin Throws Olive Branch To Ukraine, Lists Four Conditions For Peace by uneeking(m): 11:51pm On Mar 07
For those people properly following the events in this case, it is very clear that Putin has taken this decision after the sacrifice made by the Israeli President who visited Moscow on Saturday and held peace talks with the Russian President who is out to show that he is not primarily interested in killing people in Ukraine. He is simply out to put some sense into an inexperienced comedian turned president as well as protect the territorial integrity of his country as a responsible President unlike what we have in Nigeria. With a president like Putin, Nigeria would never have been having the Boko Haram and ISIS challenges on its territory. Now, even banditry and ritual killings have been added because of the attitude of the Nigerian leadership. Na lie?
Education / Re: Nigerian Student, Fadlullah Agboluaje, Dies At Lviv Polytechnic, Ukraine by uneeking(m): 9:28pm On Jan 26
My heartfelt condolences to the family of this young man. May his soul rest in peace. Meanwhile, I think the family should contact the Nigerian Embassy in Ukraine for further information on this case. Usually, the Nigerian Students Union there must have waded into the matter and reported to the Embassy. The Embassy's website is at http://nigeriaembassykyiv.com.ua/ and there are phone numbers there through which one can reach them. They can also be reached at https://www.embassypages.com/nigeria-embassy-kiev-ukraine.
They can equally contact the Nigerian Students Union in Kharkov which is another city in Ukraine on their facebook site at https://web.facebook.com/nsuk.unity/?_rdc=1&_rdr.
I hope this helps.
My condolences once more.
Nairaland / General / Super Eagles Show True Faceof Nigerians To The World In AFCON Match Vs Egypt. by uneeking(m): 8:55am On Jan 12
Super Eagles Reminds Nigerians Who They Used To Be. Solidly Attractive.[i][/i] grin grin grin

The Super Eagles of Nigeria in their game against the Pharaohs of Egypt showed a glimpse of how Nigerian football used to be when the team was known as the Green Eagles. It was a display of soccer artistry combined with true taste for glory in a united format that characterized the style of football Nigeria was known for in the 70s and 80s when the players were ready to die on the pitch to bring glory to the country.

The game against Egypt showed to the world what the Nigerian youth is capable of doing if given the right leadership and environment generally. It showed how good Nigeria can be as a society when the right people are put in the right leadership positions without the distraction of religion, tribal associations and corrupt tendencies.

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Nairaland / General / Super Eagles Show The True Of Nigerians To The World In AFCON Match Vs Egypt. by uneeking(m): 8:48am On Jan 12
Super Eagles Reminds Nigerians Who They Used To Be. Solidly Attractive.[i][/i] grin grin grin

The Super Eagles of Nigeria in their game against the Pharaohs of Egypt showed a glimpse of how Nigerian football used to be when the team was known as the Green Eagles. It was a display of soccer artistry combined with true taste for glory in a united format that characterized the style of football Nigeria was known for in the 70s and 80s when the players were ready to die on the pitch to bring glory to the country.

The game against Egypt showed to the world what the Nigerian youth is capable of doing if given the right leadership and environment generally. It showed how good Nigeria can be as a society when the right people are put in the right leadership positions without the distraction of religion, tribal associations and corrupt tendencies.

Nairaland / General / A Message For My Dear Nigerian Rulers by uneeking(m): 8:38am On Apr 15, 2020
Over the years, you intentionally mal-administered the Health and Educational sectors and built a dubious value system in the teeming youth population. Why are you now surprised at the way they are behaving during a crisis period? Why don't you delegate your Western educated children to solve the problems now?
It is only in Nigeria that the rulers sow maize and expect to reap yams.
Coronavirus knows no rich, medium or poor people.
Let us all enjoy the crisis together hoping you rulers will learn a lesson or two from it.
Happy Coro Holidays to all and sundry. Hope you all have some fun while at it.

Nairaland / General / Re: How The Nigerian Government Is Supposed To Deal With The Coronavirus Crisis. by uneeking(m): 10:46am On Apr 06, 2020
That is a defeatist way of thinking. The Almighty will not come down to do what He has given us brains to know how to do.
Nairaland / General / How The Nigerian Government Is Supposed To Deal With The Coronavirus Crisis. by uneeking(m): 10:04am On Apr 06, 2020
I wish to use this medium to offer practical advice to the Nigerian Government and well-wishers on the issue of handling the Coronavirus issue in the country.
At this point in time, the leaders and well-wishers of this country need to think out of the box. Copy and Paste attitude will not help us now as it had never helped before. So, what would I have done as the President of the country and/or a well-wisher in this situation?

1. Constitute a group of the best brains in the country in the Medical, Engineering, Pharmaceutical and Creative Arts Industry to sit down and come out with the best methods to apply in the fight against this pandemic. We will be surprised to see what will come out of such a meeting.

2. As a well to do Nigerian, I will not donate money to the Federal Government. It does not have enough patriotic Nigerians in its fold to make judicious use of such funds without embezzling it. Instead of that, I will invest the money in helping the government solve pertinent challenges that are needed to make the fight against the virus much easier.
Challenges such as how to get a realistic database of at least 150 million Nigerians that can be given monetary and material palliatives during the lock-down period. This is not as difficult as people are making it to look. All we need here is some creativity. That is why Creative Artists were mentioned in the group mentioned above.

3. As a well to do Nigerian, I will invest my money in the mass production of re-usable nose masks, hand gloves, sanitizers and related materials in order to help block the selfish interests of those unpatriotic Nigerians who are hiking the prices of these materials.

4. As a well to do Nigerian, I will invest money in organising local awareness programs at the grass roots level to help educate and convince the people there of the dangers of this virus and why it is necessary to follow the government's instructions.

5. As a well to do Nigerian, I will help build isolation centers in my community as well as help provide needed medical items in the primary health centers in my immediate community and where possible the neighbouring ones.

These are just a few things that real patriotic Nigerians should be doing at this point in time. There are of course, more that can be done if we all think out of the box. Electricity, Water Supply, Hand Sanitizers and a whole lot more.
And very importantly, never underrate any Nigerian and his or her contributions at this point in time. THIS IS NO TIME FOR DIVISIVE AND DESTRUCTIVE POLITICKING!
God Bless Nigeria.

Kingsley Akpojiyovhi Ohwotemu Eseh.
Travel / Re: Coronavirus: Why Are Western Countries Evacuating Their Citizens From Nigeria? by uneeking(m): 4:19am On Apr 01, 2020
Your fear is very correct. We are in for a terrible period ahead of us and any wise and responsible government will not leave its citizens in such a country as Nigeria at such times.
It is no rocket science. It is a matter of reality. USA started testing very slowly and are today paying harshly for it and have now started correcting that mistake but still leads the world in terms of infected cases.
Nigeria with open eyes are doing exactly the same mistake that USA did. We cannot expect a different result. Even as I write, people are protesting against the stay at home order. How many Nigerians have been tested for Coronavirus so far? What are the possibilities of testing a thousand in a week? When will testing start in the North? How many people will agree to be tested in the North? How many people are currently ignorantly spreading the disease right now?
Before some ignorant people start their regional and religious stupidity here, let me tell you that I am writing from and living in the Northern part of Nigeria.
God save Nigeria from its reckless and suicidal rulers.


Health / Re: 20 New Cases Of Coronavirus In Nigeria. Now 131 Confirmed Cases, 2 Deaths by uneeking(m): 3:26am On Mar 31, 2020
If you consider the fact that there are still Nigerians protesting and burning Police Stations because they claim that the stay at home order is against their religion, I am sure you all know where we are heading. The present number of infected people in Nigeria is misleading. How many people have been tested in the Northern part of Nigeria where I live presently?Plus the fact that government is looking for 6000 people suspected to have been in contact with the confirmed cases. I fear we are in for a real war-like situation.
Nairaland / General / Nigeria In Dire Straits. by uneeking(m): 6:45pm On Mar 30, 2020
The government for years intentionally short-changed the Educational and Health Sectors in their budgetary allocations. Now, we as a people are going to pay for that. Now we need the health facilities that were not built. Doctors and Nurses that were frustrated into leaving the country for overseas.
Illiteracy is making people to reject government directives based on religious grounds and Police Stations are being burnt by the same people you sought to protect and who consequently will soon get infected by the virus in their thousands.
Congratulations to our rulers for putting the nation in this state of idiosyncratic state of suicidal existence.

Health / Re: COVID-19: Nigeria Adds Two Laboratories For Tests by uneeking(m): 11:07am On Mar 29, 2020
6 all over Nigeria?

Can they please stop posting that figure they said they have confirmed.

Nigeria do not know the number of people positive since there are no test centres.

Please, all these kits of 10 mins and 5 mins being discovered, can't our FG be negotiating aggressively that test run of the kits be done in Nigeria.

[size=36pt]Since Buhari have absconded from duty, one of the 36 Presidents we have now can still do it. grin grin grin

God forbid the wave of death starts now, its over.

All those billions donated, what are they using it for?

Though Nigerians need food now, priority and undivided focus should be channelled massive testing of Nigerians.

My Guy You really killed it.

Health / Re: Coronavirus: Nigeria Confirms 11 New Cases, Total Now 81 by uneeking(m): 6:43am On Mar 28, 2020
I'm been compelled to think that this virus might have existing in some peoples system.
I think what China really did is that they were the first people through whom this virus were been exposed to every body.

anyways,This too shall come to pass I pray so.

People of God,help in making me #10000 naira richer by clicking on the olist invitation link I posted on my signature.

its a plea!!!

Guy, I tried to help but your link on that page is not working. Check it out.
Politics / Re: Coronavirus: FG Tracing 4,370 People by uneeking(m): 1:55am On Mar 27, 2020
The federal government says it is tracing no fewer than 4,370 people that have contacts with index cases of the novel Coronavirus epidemic (COVID-19).

The Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, made this known on Thursday in Abuja, while giving an update on the measures being taken by the government to tackle the pandemic.

“We have 4,370 people of interest whom we are tracing, and we urge those who have had contact with suspected cases to immediately report to the authorities.

“We urge Nigerians to support the authorities in this regard, because we are on the verge of reaching the level of community spread.

“We must stop this immediately or we will record exponential cases in the days ahead,” he said.

The minister noted that being positive to Coronavirus is not a death sentence, and there is no justification for people not to surrender themselves for test.

He said some Nigerians, who flew into the country from overseas, filled wrong addresses and phone numbers in their forms, making it difficult to trace them when the need arose.

“We are not getting the kind of cooperation that this moment deserves from Nigerians.

“Many are busy engaging in meaningless criticisms instead of complying with the stipulated directives to keep people safe.

“Some Nigerians defied orders to stay away from large gatherings, while some religious leaders wilfully flouted the directives to ensure social distancing.

“The government is doing its best, but we need the citizens to do their best too,” he said.

The minister said it has got to the stage when government would have to use “strong enforcement” for people to comply with directives aimed at curbing the spread of COVID-19.


Did these people fly into Nigeria using broomsticks? Do Airlines no longer have manifests with peoples names on them? If they have them, is it difficult tracing them through their phone numbers using the service providers?
This is what you get when a country is being led by a bunch of selfish individuals.
Nairaland / General / Soccer Players, Managers And Club Owners So Far Affected By The Coronavirus by uneeking(m): 4:48am On Mar 23, 2020
It is no longer news that the coronavirus has made an inroad to virtually all sporting events and even infected sportsmen, soccer players and managers inclusive.
The virus is working its way through society and a number of high profile footballers are among those to have tested positive

Coronavirus Covid-19 has wrought havoc across the world and, unsurprisingly, football has not escaped the effects of the outbreak.

Leagues and competitions everywhere have been forced to postpone games, while Euro 2020 has now become Euro 2021 as European governments battle to slow the spread.

The virus does not discriminate and footballers, despite being incredibly fit athletes, are just as susceptible to getting the coronavirus as anyone else.

Indeed, a number of clubs and their players have been directly impacted.
Which players, managers and owners are affected by coronavirus?

A number of individuals at clubs in the Premier League have been diagnosed as having the coronavirus, which has subsequently had an effect on others, including team-mates, coaches, staff and so on.

Continued at https://uneekomunikations.com/soccer-players-managers-and-club-owners-so-far-affected-by-the-coronavirus/

Nairaland / General / Latest Soccer Transfer News by uneeking(m): 5:56am On Mar 19, 2020
In this post, we a look at the biggest transfer news and rumours from the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A and around the world.

Man Utd reduce Pogba’s asking price
Man Utd readying £30m package to sign Bellingham

Chelsea join race for Chalov

The Blues face plenty of competition

CSKA Moscow striker Fedor Chalov is being chased by a number of Premier League clubs, according to the Daily Star.

Brighton, West Ham and Chelsea have now joined Crystal Palace in expressing interest in the Russian.

Roy Hodgson’s side had a £14 million ($16m) offer rejected last summer with CSKA now hoping to bump his price up further.

More at: https://uneekomunikations.com/latest-soccer-transfer-news/

Nairaland / General / What Many Do Not Know About Sadio Mane by uneeking(m): 5:14am On Mar 18, 2020
He built a school in his village worth €270,000, a hospital & a stadium for his people.⠀

He gives each family €70 monthly & also provides free clothes to kids in his village.

Now he has donated €45,000 to the national committee fighting coronavirus in Senegal.

Sadio Mane, A man with a Golden Heart ♥

God bless this guy a billion times over.



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Nairaland / General / Odion Ighalo The Sharp Striker From Nigeria by uneeking(m): 7:41am On Feb 01, 2020
I like smart Nigerians like Ighalo. Smart people make it in life, no matter the obstacles be it Corona or Corola or Motorola. In six month's time, he can safely return to China without fear or favour. That is even if he does not decide to remain in England.

Nairaland / General / Manchester United Signs Odion Ighalo by uneeking(m): 11:13pm On Jan 31, 2020
Manchester United has reportedly succeeded in a last minute deal as they have signed Odion Ighalo to boost their attacking prowess. The Nigerian international had his flight to Manchester from his Chinese base delayed as a result of the virus rampaging the Asian country but finally got through and is expected to be unveiled to the fans in a couple of hours’ time.

He is surely a good addition to a Manchester United squad that had its attacking options depleted as a result of an injury picked up by Marcus Rashford.

Nairaland / General / Lionel Messi Scores As Argentina Defeat Brazil 1-0 In A Friendly by uneeking(m): 9:40pm On Nov 15, 2019
Lionel Messi once again proved just how important he is for the Argentinian National Soccer Team when they faced Brazil in a friendly match played on Friday. Just as he does at Barcelona at club level, he simply made the difference in this game.

He was on target for Argentina in a 1-0 friendly win over Brazil on his return to international action on Friday.

The Barcelona captain made his first appearance since the Copa America and opened the scoring early on in the game after winning a penalty following a foul by Alex Sandro.

Rest of the post at: https://uneekomunikations.com/lionel-messi-scores-as-argentina-defeat-brazil-1-0-in-a-friendly/

Nairaland / General / Racist Abuse Makes Mario Balotelli To Kick Ball Into Crowd, Tries To Walk Off Pi by uneeking(m): 8:02am On Nov 04, 2019
Mario Balotelli kicked the ball into the crowd and almost stormed off the pitch after suffering racist abuse while playing for Brescia against Verona, MySportDab Reports.

Balotelli’s Brescia team-mates and opponents rushed over to calm him down whilst the referee urged a statement to be read out on the speakers.
He was eventually persuaded to return by his teammates.
The referee also temporarily suspended the game in accordance with FIFA’s protocol.

Rest of the story, photos and video at: https://uneekomunikations.com/racist-abuse-makes-mario-balotelli-to-kick-ball-into-crowd-tries-to-walk-off-pitch-photos-video/

Nairaland / General / Girl Impregnated By Own Father And Brother In Gombe State by uneeking(m): 8:55pm On Oct 19, 2019
A 17-year-old girl has dragged her 72-year-old father, Ibrahim Danlami Yunusa, before Chief Magistrate Court 10 in Gombe for allegedly molesting her several times, which resulted to her pregnancy.

Yunusa, a resident of Dadin Kowa town in Yamaltu Deba Local Government Area of Gombe State, was arraigned on a two-count charge under Sections 390 and 282 of the Penal Code for allegedly having carnal knowledge of his 17-year-old daughter on several occasions sometimes last year and early this year.

Apart from her father, the teenage girl also accused her elder brother who is now at large of molesting her repeatedly between December 2018 and January 2019.

Pleading her case before the Bolari Area Court which was filed in September, the 17-year-old girl said her father started having affair with her after she reported to him that her elder brother, Yusuf, was sneaking into her room in the night to have carnal knowledge of her.

Read the rest of the story here: https://uneekomunikations.com/17-year-old-girl-impregnated-by-own-father-and-brother-in-gombe-state/

Nairaland / General / FIFA Finally Clears Barcelona Teen Star Ansu Fati To Play For Spain by uneeking(m): 8:24pm On Oct 10, 2019
With FIFA having given the all clear for Ansu Fati to play for Spain, a new question has naturally come up. That question is “in which of the Spanish National Football Teams is he going to play?”

The initial indications naturally pointed at the Under-17 squad but recent feelers are now pointing to the very Senior Team. The 16-year-old became a Spanish resident last month, but football’s governing body needed to ensure he was eligible to represent his adopted country.

Even though the 16-year-old forward was born in Guinea-Bissau, he became a Spanish national, receiving his citizenship in September 2019.

More at: https://uneekomunikations.com/fifa-finally-clears-barcelona-teen-star-ansu-fati-to-play-for-spain/

Nairaland / General / On-going Trade War Bet Ween The USA And China Takes A New Turn As NBA Is Now In by uneeking(m): 5:35am On Oct 10, 2019
The on-going trade war between the United States and China has assumed a new dimension with a serious challenge now brewing between the NBA and its Chinese partners right now over a team manager’s controversial tweet about Hong Kong.

Virtually all of the Chinese partners of the National Basketball Association have gone on to publicly announce that they are ending or suspending their relationships with the league.

More at:https://uneekomunikations.com/nearly-all-nbas-chinese-partners-suspend-ties-with-the-league/

Nairaland / General / Barcelona Bashes Sevilla 4-0 In Laliga Thriller At Camp Nou by uneeking(m): 6:01am On Oct 07, 2019
It was a night of real joy for the Barcelona fans as their darling team moved into second place on the LaLiga table standings with a very important win over Sevilla.

It was a unique game for Barcelona as four different goal scorers found the back of the net, including all three members of the attacking trio of Luis Suarez, Ousmane Dembele and Lionel Messi, while Arturo Vidal also scored for the Catalans.

More at: https://uneekomunikations.com/barcelona-demolishes-sevilla-4-0-in-a-laliga-match-up-at-camp-nou/

Nairaland / General / Former Nigerian International Isaac Promise Is Dead by uneeking(m): 11:51pm On Oct 03, 2019
In what has turned out to be very shocking news to the Nigerian football fans, the death of Isaac Promise was announced by his his American club some hours back.

The bad news was broken by the striker’s American team in the US in a message posted on their Twitter handle some hours ago as posted below.
More details at: https://uneekomunikations.com/former-nigerian-international-isaac-promise-passes-away-at-31/

Crime / Re: Iphie Alfred: Lady And A Man Weeping In Front Of Police Station by uneeking(m): 7:52am On Oct 03, 2019
May the Almighty God bless you richly for this deed. May you always have someone there for you whenever you need help in Jesus' name. Amen

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Nairaland / General / Nigerian Rulers And Their Subjects by uneeking(m): 7:37pm On Sep 19, 2019
If you are a government official who has a special aide that has other aides that are paid by the citizens' taxes and other citizens' deductions, you are surely going to hell. You are not only robbing the ordinary citizens but also telling God that he made a mistake installing a brain box in your stupid head.

Nairaland / General / The Xenophobic Attacks In South Africa And Its Repercussions. by uneeking(m): 7:16am On Sep 19, 2019
While Nigerian rulers claim that attacking South African companies in Nigeria will be disadvantageous to Nigerians, a simple warning strike by Naija youths plus the repatriation of Nigerians back home by a patriotic Nigerian has proved the selfish rulers wrong as the South African government is now singing a new apologetic song in Afizere, Magavul, Berom and other languages as their economy starts to shiver from Ebola like infection.
God bless the Patriotic Nigerians who have decided to take action when it became necessary.
As for our rulers, may God take control as He did in those days.

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