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Politics / Re: Jonathan’s Guards Forced Me To Stand In The Rain – Detained Punch Journalist by vainfairy: 6:36pm On May 30, 2015

You have booked page to type rubbish abi? Shameless man! Let me tell you something, you, NgeneUkwenu, Beremx, Mzjackbaures.... Karma will definitely catch up with you guys one day. Most of you are already complaing that Buhari is being called Brainless. But you had the guts to stay in your one room apartment to type rubbish for four years and call somebody who your whole generations will never be better than "Clueless". Someone who will pay the school fees of your whole village for hundreds of years to come. Yes.... Call him all you like.

But I am certain that your "I velong to ebrivodi" president will encounter the problems he faced. I am sure that he will soon realise that we are in a democratic setting and that the problem with Nigeria is ontological and deep rooted in blood. If you think am lying, stand where ever you are, remove your right borrowed shoes, look up to the sun and swear that you are not a beneficiary of the Nigerian corrupt system. Let me know if Idemmili will not strike you dead.

Personally, I was not comfortable with the way Nigeria was under Jonathan. But I was very much ok with his leadership style. But what will I do? All the past Northern Criminals that ruled this country and are still being recycled one by one are still there holding this country down. Obasanjo that Satan saw and shouted "It is well with my soul" is now even criticizing Jonathan. Babangida that truncated one of the most peaceful elections I witnessed in Nigeria is still there. Abdusalami Abubakar that was indicted in the Harliburton scandal is still there. Even the emperor and grand father of corruption..... The one eyed Derico Nwa mama of our time.... The supporter of APC of Lagos..... Thinubu himself is still there.

But if there is one thing I have learnt in my whole life, it is the very fact that you can never cheat nature. There is a saying that he who goes to equity must come with clean hands. Buhari who claimed that he borrowed money to buy the presidential form is the same man his wife donated 100 and something million for buying drugs. Who are we deceiving? That shows that ab initio, Buhari is not going to equity with clean hands. Let me see how he will deal with Wale Tinubu and Otedola..... Let me see how will deal with same old goons benefiting from this corrupt nation.

Personally, I no longer wish him to fail as I did before election. But can a computer software not do what is what programmed to do? Something that has been engineered to fail, how will it be redeemed? ONLY TIME WILL TELL!


Lolzzz,,,oga u get tym oooo.....all these gibberish,,, for what na such wasted talent!!!
Politics / Re: Buhari Jets To London With Diezani On Board by vainfairy: 2:19pm On May 22, 2015
Maybe she wants to offer him 'something' more than money. tongue

Lol!! If to say she fine reach baba wife, i 4say she fit get chance wit woteva else she might av to offer him o!!besIdes, who'l b interested in used product Certainly not baba ooo!!
Celebrities / Re: Jennifer Obayuwana Flaunts Her Massive House(Photos) by vainfairy: 1:15am On May 12, 2015
I'm stuck there, so deal with that.

Lmao!! Phucker!! shocked
Politics / Re: Lagos West: APC, PDP Win In Strongholds - Vanguard by vainfairy: 11:20pm On Apr 11, 2015
strongholds good but change must come to Lagos

we need another hand , we are tired of the group of companies with corporate head quarters in Ikoyi

U berra go sign UP wiv dat group of companies, dats ur only chance here in lag o!!!
Romance / Re: She Is Seeking Permission To Invite Her 'aristo' To Her Upcoming Wedding by vainfairy: 12:38am On Mar 22, 2015
She probably is still in love with the sugarman. Seriously, if I were the fiance, I would have an in-depth heart2heart with my lady to determine why she feels extending an invite to her ex 'aristo' is required under this circumstances.
My fellow nairalanders, if u love someone it isn't so easy discarding the person just because of such silly request. Consider the brighter side, at least she was honest enough to seek his permission. What if she went ahead to invite all men from her previous relationships without his knowledge. And then on the d-day they all appear splashing cash on the couple while the groom ignorantly dances his life away believing his wife is honest.
Not that I endorse her move to solicit her fiance's consent. No not at all. But at times we should step aside and attempt assessing a situation unbiasedly while providing non-sentimental counsel.
OP please convey this to your friend.

Oga ade, u must b a technocrat, no street sense!! C luver boi o!! If she decides 2invite all her ex-phukerz ova, when will d husbby not knw Marriage is made 4ur convienience & pleasure o! U can walk in & out @ anytym, ok? Get real!!!
Phones / Re: OAU Student Purchases Iphone6 That Uses Nokia Battery by vainfairy: 7:54am On Feb 25, 2015
Tragicomedy at its peak

Its called tragmedy, ok? grin cool

E gud na! her matez dey save to buy car,na 100k+ fone she dey save 2buy,,,,biko,,,she no get working klass bobo, aristo or yzee-boyfy nii
Romance / Re: I Caught My Sister's Husband In A Club With Another Ladyy by vainfairy: 10:22am On Jan 25, 2015
People dont seem to know what they truly have. My sis is a first class graduate, a lecturer and also doing her Ph.D now. Though she's not the outgoing type but that does not give him the temerity to cheat on her.

Ur sista's dis,she's dat! Who gives a phuck?? Pls restrict ur amebo tinz 2nairaland!! U gat no buisness wiv ur sis' marriage, ok? U catch him phuckin anoda woman, & so? Him carry am cum houze? Abeg, go & get married & face ur own life,,,, Lubbish!!
Politics / Re: Principal Gets Death Threats For Releasing Buhari’s Results by vainfairy: 4:07pm On Jan 23, 2015
This news sha
See another way to seek pity for buhari
Dat dude has no certificate
Say no to forgery
Quote me and die

but u r already dead na Anuofia!!!
Politics / Re: Prof. Yemi Osinbanjo Gives Nigerians A Glimpse Into His Office (Pic) by vainfairy: 10:34am On Dec 23, 2014
shocked tongue Yepa ripa! Jona own don finish oooooooooo. Wetin we go do now?

Lollzz,,,, jump into d lagoon & swim our way back to otueke creek!!!
Politics / Re: 2015: PDP Welcomes Buhari, Urges Him To Engage In Issue- Based Campaign by vainfairy: 4:35am On Dec 12, 2014
While I congratulate Gen. Buhari on his victory at the APC presidential primaries, I remain unconvinced that a seventy-something year-old former military dictator is Nigeria's long-awaited messiah. Make no mistake, Buhari is, I believe, a very honest man. As President, he would probably be motivated to make an impact, much more than the pathetic effort that Jonathan has so far exerted. No, Muhammadu Buhari is not a bad person per se and my objection to his candidature has nothing to do with his tribe or religion. Rather, I am worried that Nigeria today has not yet birthed a political system that can allow its best and brightest, its vibrant and brilliant young minds, who exist in abundance, to rise to the highest echelons of political power. If our choices for the topmost office in our land are limited to Jonathan and Buhari, what does that say about our level of development as a nation?

noted, sir!! but regarding OUR present circumstances,,,,, as there must b a ruler by next year, what do u suggest we do Kill all d *oldies* b4 then or wot Rome, they said, was not built in a day!!!
Politics / Re: Twin Bomb Blast In Jos, Casualties Recorded. by vainfairy: 7:36pm On Dec 11, 2014
They want Nigeria to divide and by 2015 we will divide.

Madt man!!! For ur mind ryt
Celebrities / Re: Romantic Photos: Taiye Taiwo And Wife Loving Up. by vainfairy: 7:24pm On Dec 09, 2014
who is he? we don't know him here in Italy where I stay.

Liar!! Taiya taiwo just left AC milan(italy), for turkey,,,,so Anuofia
Politics / Re: Nigeria Road Shame Makes Yahoo Homepage. by vainfairy: 3:40pm On Nov 07, 2014
Where are the TAN ambassadors & GEJ ewarriors, here is an issue you need to explain.

I always have my heart in my mouth when ever I have to travel by land.

Lolzz.. Then u nid 2leave it back home anytym u do! grin
Celebrities / Re: Waje And Ikechukwu React To Head-Butting Of Lady Jay (Photos) by vainfairy: 5:38pm On Oct 31, 2014
Naija Celebs, Waje And Ikechukwu React To Lady Jay's Beating (photos)


It is no news that Ghana Singer Lady Jay was severely injured when her Manager Talal Sangari, head butted her in a fight over money. The head butt was dangerous and she had to be admitted in the Military hospital in Ghana. The pictures which have since gone viral and have made the manager go into hiding are very pathetic and gruelsome. Despite the fact that Lady Jay is not well known in Nigeria, Naija Celebs including Waje (who was really angry) and Ikechukwu (lol even Ikechukwu wey use karate finish D banj when they fight?),


Yea ryt... U must b a mukes!!! Ikechukwu take karate finish who?? Dbanj or waje?? Dbanj no b man Abegi,,,park well, joorrr!!!
Health / Re: Nigerian Girl Dies In Thailand After Buttock Surgery Fails by vainfairy: 7:57am On Oct 31, 2014
If only she was contented with what God gave her..see the funny reason of her death now.
On judgement day God will be like: case nu 1 Joy williams, found dead on an operating table.. Reason.h butt enlargement..looool!

Lollzzz.... Ow cld she stay contented when she's always cumin across hips & buttz lyk urspeeps lyk u killed her, FYI,,,,, so beware on judgement day ooo.... R. I. P, beautiful one...adieus
Politics / Re: NLC Boss Slams Buhari, Obasanjo Over Muslim-muslim Ticket Row by vainfairy: 6:44am On Oct 30, 2014
What concerns NLC with politicians and politics.
Nigeria's big problem is that people do not know their limits.
The NLC should fire this man immediately for dragging them into a issue they have no business with.

Next thing we know, Army generals and police commissioners will start opining on the criteria for political leadership.

Who b dis Abegi park wellfor romance section if u dnt knw what 2comment on, joor!!
TV/Movies / Re: Alakada Or Jenifa? by vainfairy: 8:53am On Sep 24, 2014
both actresses r da bomb, but funkie's a pioneer, so we gatta give it 2her!!besides mercy ahigbe made sumfyn similar almost immediately after jenifa!! P. s: alakada came years after jenifa, its actualli an upgrade on it, ok?

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TV/Movies / Re: Alakada Or Jenifa? by vainfairy: 8:45am On Sep 24, 2014
Leetunechi: we dont even know these people here in the united states undecided

Wetin cum concern us? Make we take know say na yankee u dey, abi?? Cum naija cum knw dem ooooo!!

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Health / Re: Dog Meat Kills Five In Cross River by vainfairy: 8:05am On Sep 02, 2014
PapiWata: The man at least died as hero among lovers of dog meat, known in his neck of the woods as "Ebuwa" meat. Matter of fact it would not be surprising at all if the victim of this dhoggie dinner comes to be remembered with reverence and fondness, as a veritable patron saint of dog meat eaters in Calabar, Nigeria and beyond.

This die-hard lover of dog meat did not let his enthusiasm to score a free meal of his favorite dish be dampened by the high risk of poisoning with the same powerful insecticide used to kill the dog he elected eat as "punishment" for bad behavior.

Well, all told, it is indeed a dog-eat-dog world out there, though I am, well, dogged and hounded by the troubling thought that the consuming love for one's favorite dish can in fact be a far GREATER motivating force for some special people, than the very will to live, whereby hard-core connoisseurs of filet-dogghie would willingly consume dog stew made from a poisoned animal, as a means of demonstrating their single-minded dedication to a cause.

Now that, ladies and mentalmen, is an illustration of true loyalty and faithfulness to a Higher Calling, literally to one's last breath.

Long live the Late Eater of Dog, for he is now at the right hand of God, devouring yet more dog stew from a golden, diamond-studded chalice, up beyond the sky.

Lollzzz!! Madt man!!!
Education / Re: Campus Prostitution: A Growing Concern In Nigeria by vainfairy: 10:08am On Aug 06, 2014
hod898: I always tell girls, when you enter the university, join a good fellowship gathering, be prayerful and God will provide. Face the hard part now. The more devastating the storm, the sooner it will be over. I once knew a lady who came from a poor family. Very intelligent, diligent and God-fearing, she trusted God and never participated in all these 'I didn't have a choice' immoralities. She graduated with good grades and by God's grace, was employed in a company. She told me her starting salary was about N6000 per day (180,000) per month. During her school years she survived by using her brain. She tutored high school students, she had a choice. Today, she has a marriage proposal from a decent but wealthy man. It's not about the government but the way you govern your life.

Yea ryt!! & is dat ALL she turned out to b? I actually thot u were describing "Dora akuyili, ngozi okonje-iweala, diezani-madueke Omo, campus olosho 4life, joorr!! Ow skool wan take sweet
Sports / Re: Nigerian Onaolapo Pulls Pant Off After Commonwealth Win! by vainfairy: 1:49am On Aug 01, 2014
ifekemmy: Ki leleyi

Îlèkèè!!! cool
Politics / Re: Suicide Bomber Kills Students In Kano Poly by vainfairy: 9:22pm On Jul 31, 2014
whirlwind7: This horrendous development just entered a new, and a more deadly phase.
This is about the third reported female suicide bomber in just a few days.
Never in my wildest imagination did I ever feel it would come to this.

Have never been as pessimistic about the future of Nigeria as I am right now.
Looks like the beginning of the end......seriously.

sorry boss, then u av no inkling of d meanin of terrorism!!! It is d beginning of d end.......a nu dawn is comin, b prepared!!!
Family / Re: How Can Someone Cheat On You BUT Still Say They Love You? by vainfairy: 2:54pm On Jul 30, 2014
Babymama1: Sex is not love and love is not sex
Cheating comes out of lust
It is possible to love and still lust
That is why one must make a conscious effort to guard their hearts and keep away from appearances of evil

Gbao!! Datz d reasoning of a great mind. Gender wars can neva end, woteva d species involved's views, society's manipulation or not.........
Sports / Re: Breaking News: 16yr old weightlifter Chika Amalaha Fails Doping Test by vainfairy: 6:57pm On Jul 29, 2014

Really sad...it portrays in a bad way...I even saw a tweet "is it not nigeria, it is not a news"

bloody mofos!! Like armstrong, tyson, et al r nigerians too Poor political & economic climate's putting us in d wrong spotlyt!! Let's wait for july 30th's results.... Fingerz crossed!!
Romance / Re: Ladies, What's Your Reaction When A Guy Mistakenly Touch Your Private Part? by vainfairy: 9:28am On Jul 24, 2014
farano: I'll touch his na shocked grin

Romance / Re: Ladies, What's Your Reaction When A Guy Mistakenly Touch Your Private Part? by vainfairy: 9:24am On Jul 24, 2014
onstelly: My bf is the only one allow to touch any part that is private, if any other guy try am HOT SLAP

Kool down, joorr!! U too dey lie tongue
Romance / Re: Ladies, What's Your Reaction When A Guy Mistakenly Touch Your Private Part? by vainfairy: 9:23am On Jul 24, 2014
pweedyuz: i will instantly give u my "what did u just do" look.....

We can see WHY......
Celebrities / Re: Most Stunning Nigerian Women Over 40 Years (Photos) by vainfairy: 8:57pm On Jul 17, 2014
Jasi7: Dat last woman no make sense...even small!...is dat wat lalasticala calls ''stunning''...

Vveeerrryyy funny!! "Dat last woman's Ajayi Lycet"............ If she aint a jewel @ 73, then u'v got anoda tin cumin, man!!

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Sports / Re: Breaking News: Nigeria Beats FIFA Deadline, Maigari ToReturn by vainfairy: 4:38pm On Jul 17, 2014
Decibel: Smart move. But after the Women championship we will surely return to the status quo.

smart move, kèè Dat was a neccessary move, albeit d only available one!! Fifa send una??
Sports / Re: North Korea Media Lies To Fans That Team Reach World Cup Final (video) by vainfairy: 10:42am On Jul 14, 2014
Abuklaw: The same way our Jonathan led administration is managing the information flowing to the public via Okupe, Apati and other attack dogs.

U must either b a madt man or u r on sum serious sk to think or bulieve 4 a minute dat any polipitul party can achieve dat level of propaganda in dis naija!!! so beware of wot spews out frm ur comments, okies??
Sports / Re: North Korea Media Lies To Fans That Team Reach World Cup Final (video) by vainfairy: 10:42am On Jul 14, 2014
Opiosko: grin grin Werey! Na 1st class mugus plenty for NK.. Kind of things that APC will do to Nigeria.

U must either b a madt man or u r on sum serious sk to think or bulieve 4 a minute dat any polipitul party can achieve dat level of propaganda in dis naija!!! so beware of wot spews out frm ur comments, okies??

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