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Family / Re: Divorcees, What's Your Experience Like? by veave(f): 8:41pm On May 04, 2021

Biko dont insult a man with natural female body functions, cos tommorow a man will use same to shame you...biko you are free to insult him in other neutral ways..

I was on my own jeje na him come find my trouble. If he didn't attack me I'd not even know he exists

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Family / Re: Divorcees, What's Your Experience Like? by veave(f): 5:59pm On May 04, 2021

You have nothing to give, you neither have the requisite experience nor capacity. You're only looking for gossip to help you escape the misery that envelops your life.

Please go elsewhere and cry out your frustrations. I'm not the one that says life should be hard on you neither am I Buhari. Don't come and menstruate under my comments like a bleeding goat uncle. Don't forget to pick your used pad on your way out.

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Family / Re: . by veave(f): 4:59pm On May 03, 2021
After so much reluctance and procrastination, I decided to take the bold step of talking about my predicament here on nairaland this afternoon.

I know nairaland is full of trolls but I believe that I could also find help on this platform.

Adulthood has not been treating me well, I found myself in lot of debts this days which has been giving me a lot of restlessness and now taking away my peace of mind.

My landlady has been making life difficult for me and I don't seem to know where to turn to next. I have till this weekend as the deadline given to me to raise the money or  pack my stuffs out of the hostel. 

I appeal to anyone that God put it in his mind to help me out. The rent is 36,0000 and I've been able to raise 20,000 out of it.

I'm open to any way to prove my identity and the validity of my story.

Give her the 20k and plead with her to exercise patience. Don't give a specific time you will give the remaining one so that she will not Jack you for money when the said time has reached. There is no landlord or landlady you will give more than half of your rent and they will reject or throw you out. Everyone knows how the country is now.


Family / Re: Divorcees, What's Your Experience Like? by veave(f): 9:39pm On May 01, 2021
My dear you will not really get any tangible advice until we hear jist. grin grin grin
That's how nairaland works. You give us something, we give you something in return.

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Family / Re: Help...something Is Wrong With Me? by veave(f): 9:32pm On Apr 29, 2021
How often do you read your bible? Well, feed your inner man with the word. It has been proven that the scriptures help cleanse your thoughts. Stay in the consciousness that your mind can stray then always rebuke the spirit of darkness when you notice your mind is thinking evil.

Repeat these prayers...

Dear Almighty God,
I ask for forgiveness of my past sin as I surrender to the power of God over my life. I also thank you for the gift of your son Jesus Christ who already paid the price for my redemption.

Dear spirit of God, come into my life, burn out the darkness and bring in the light of God according to your word in psalms 51vs10 Create in me a clean heart, O God And renew a steadfast spirit within me.

My mind is renewed and I live a new life because Ezekiel 36vs25 says "I will sprinkle clean water on you, and you will be clean; I will cleanse you from all your filthiness and from all your idols"

Help me to live right as from henceforth, give me the grace dear Lord to live in accordance to your will that I may fulfill the right purpose of which I was created.

Thank you for answering my prayers in Jesus name.


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Family / Re: My Sister Accused Me Of Exposing Her Son To Sex by veave(f): 9:38am On Apr 14, 2021
Na wah o. The boy actually dry humped his mother and instead of her to be concerned about such a taboo, query him to know where he learnt that from she's looking for who to abortion blames on. Kids practice what they see their parents do first. She should ask herself if she has been discreet enough while making out with her husband.

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Family / Re: Who Should Sleep In The Guest Room? by veave(f): 2:19pm On Apr 09, 2021
You're not serious. Both mothers should sleep in the guest bedroom together. What are you saying sef?
Family / Re: How Could She Do This? I'm Confused. Maybe It's Time To Break Up With Her. by veave(f): 2:14pm On Apr 09, 2021
This story sweet o grin
Family / Re: Her Family Told Me To Marry Her Corpse by veave(f): 7:17pm On Mar 30, 2021
Hmm. Hope no be African Magic series be this

Having read this story, I feel something fishy went down. I put it to you that you guys kept looking for naive and gullible house help until you got the perfect person who's kidneys matched. So you're trying to say that in all the 300million plus people in Nigeria, you just randomly picked one person as domestic staff and boom, you got a donor? Search yourself Mr man. What is even surprising me is that you sound so casual about a whole human life lost. All you're still thinking is yourself and what would happen to you if you do or do not perform the said rites.

How convinient for your Boss to run away and leave the mess for you to clean up.

Kai!!! God will punish poverty!!!
God punish poverty!!!
God punish poverty!!!

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Family / Re: What Is The Secret To Your Happy Home ? by veave(f): 9:55pm On Mar 27, 2021
Well, really I thought I'd run away after the first 3 months. Truth is you don't do the same things everyday in order to have a good home. As the day breaks you keep learning who your new things about your partner and adjusting. It's truly a mixture of friendship, respect, teamwork, sacrifice, compromise, patience, understanding, expression then love.

Don't forget love should always come after the rest, you need a clear head in order to stay married. Don't go and be saying you love someone when you can't even respect him or her. kiss Love would not make you breakfast or provide money for upkeep
Family / Re: . by veave(f): 2:32pm On Mar 26, 2021
the lady is selfish. The post is all about her self, her kids and her money. She’ll create problems for that man in Canada.

You're not a truthful person and it's so sad that you can say something like this about a woman who has been more than a hundred percent supportive of her spouse and wants the best for them. Why are humans like this? So you're saying she shouldn't raise eyebrows when she noticed her spouse who she's been totally transparency with suddenly becomes shady and is trying to play a fast one on her just because he came first overseas? I bet if she was the one who stayed back abroad to work while the husband came over later with the kids she'd do a blueprint of her salary for him. You sound like an ungrateful entity who would not appreciate anything good someone does. I'd be watching your handle from henceforth.
Family / Re: How I Found My Death Certificate With My Wife While I Am Still Alive by veave(f): 2:18am On Mar 26, 2021
Family / Re: . by veave(f): 2:16am On Mar 26, 2021
The man seems selfish to me. Your husband is stalling because his children flew business class? 200dolls is not even up to half of the initial rate without the upgrade I'm not going to type what I intend saying because it would not be nice. Since you have no job in the abroad why is he still allowing you foot bills? I hate cheating seriously. No matter in what form it comes. I don't tolerate it.

Please dust your CV and start job hunting, you can see that both of you are not on the same page. Open your eyes o


Family / Re: My Lazy Girlfriend Lacks Ambition And She's Pregnant For Me!!! by veave(f): 6:57am On Mar 20, 2021
Thanks for this. We're sorta compatible but her lazy approach to life is an issue and it spills into the way she approaches other issues.

She's doing her MSc but she has no ideas what she'd do with the degree once she's done, she's suggested opening a corner shop and a beauty parlour (she expects I brankroll whatever venture she decides upon). I know she's an adult and I've made this about me like you noted but if I leave this girl she's content sitting at home all day watching Zee world or if she does open the corner shop would further destabilize the life of the child and mine cause she won't be able to cope with the expanded responsibilities....I just want her to woman up cool cool

Yea, nothing wrong in cleaning my apartment but when we're in a live in situation I expect the person I'm living with to help with chores at least.

Although I'm slightly partial to career women, I don't mind marrying a full-time house wife, as long as they know they're in a partnership and would perform their role effectively. My girl is neither the career woman nor the house-wife...she postures like the house-wife type but unwilling to take on the responsibilities that come with it.

If you can, when she gives birth get her a govt job even if you have to pay for it. Let her go there and join her mates in gossiping about their lovely husband. She will definitely see her category of women there. Please get someone to come in everyday of 3 times a week to clean. Like a secondary school leaver. 20k to 30k pay would cover that. It is well with you grin
Family / Re: Why Would A Husband Collect His Wife's Number?! by veave(f): 6:51am On Mar 20, 2021
Keep calling back until he hands the phone over to her.
You can even say you have something urgent to tell her. Hope she's safe.


Family / Re: Female Room Mate Needed In Lagos. by veave(f): 6:49am On Mar 20, 2021

A young guy needs a FEMALE SEX PARTNER in a mini flat at Araromi, close to dopemu agege Lagos. You pay nothing till you get your own house.

Kindly contact 080 928 2143.2



Literature / Re: A Slice Of Heaven (short Christian Story) by veave(f): 7:21pm On Mar 19, 2021
Thank you so much for the reminder. Some times I tend to forget that heaven is real and rapture would take place some day.

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Family / Re: I Regret Getting Married To The Mother Of My Triplets by veave(f): 7:49pm On Mar 15, 2021
@ Veave & Coco,

Which one is poor woman? Who sent her message? When you say young girls/women should embrace a life for themselves first, embrace honest work for honest living first, before delving into marriage and motherhood - fools come after you to say feminists this or feminists that, we are dissing marriage in favour of career.

Whereas that's not the case, it is simply for self preservation to guard against unnecessary suffer head and downward life trajectories, like this woman has gotten herself into. Okay let's even say finding honest work to do was hard to come by......

What about having certain standards as women, which we are not willing to go below like;

1. Never cohabiting with a man you're not married to - I suspect this was part of their saga.

2. Not taking in for a man, until he has respectfully done right by you and your people, in performing the traditional marriage rites.

3. Not doing baby mama tinz and other standards.

I am not one to judge, but the way men and women are conducting themselves in relationships these days is mind boggling, especially the women because we tend to lose more when things go awry. It is hard to empathize with certain people in certain situations abeg!

This one you're saying we already know. What we are talking about now is the way forward. The woman cannot work now because she needs to take care of 3 toddlers. This is the cheapest labour they can get right now because dayca would cost much and bringing in another person to look after the children is an extra mouth to feed. That is why I suggested that the man should look for ways to increase his earnings. The deed has already been done na remedy we dey find now

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Family / Re: Why Is My Case Different? by veave(f): 6:23pm On Mar 15, 2021
Use your sitting room to start a daycare. Tell all the mothers in your neighborhood that you can help look after their kids for a little fee. As you expand you get a license. Start small.


Family / Re: My Sister That Cancelled Her Wedding(The Update) by veave(f): 6:19pm On Mar 15, 2021
You guys are funny o. Everyone is blaming the sister for being a bad daughter in-law. Wait, is it that the guy doesn't have sense to know that he's starting a new home therefore he needs to move and get his own place? And what kind of man goes back and forth telling this party what the other party says instead of using his own head to make the best decision for everyone? Why is the MIL insisting on them staying with her? She has. A daughter right? Why is she not asking her daughter and her husband to move in with her? I don't see anything wrong in what the sister did, it's just that the guy left her to fight all the battles for him while he hides at the back like a good son/husband. Tueh!!!


Family / Re: I Regret Getting Married To The Mother Of My Triplets by veave(f): 6:04pm On Mar 15, 2021

some things just blow my mind honestly. This internet gives them free hand to come and throw in nonsense contributions devoid of experience and empathy.

One new born is capable of monumental stress on the whole family. Gives mom sleepless upon sleepless nights. I can’t imagine 3 at once. With limited resources.

Then OP even has the nerve to complain of being denied sex. Who has sexual urges when they have those mountain of problems to solve? He probably won’t even agree to wear protection to avoid more children coming into that mix. But all he has are complains.
I bet that poor woman is stressed out of her goddam mind.

Omo. The poor woman is probably having a mental breakdown, calculating how to make 25k go round and still take care of 3 toddlers all by herself, house chores then open leg for almighty oga at night.

Uncle OP PLEASE FIND OTHER MEANS TO IMPROVE YOUR INCOME. in your last post you where already adviced to do that

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Family / Re: I Regret Getting Married To The Mother Of My Triplets by veave(f): 5:52pm On Mar 15, 2021
what’s she contributing to the family? I think I’ve finally heard it all.

What OP is doing is merely a fraction of the work she’s doing. Stop being willfully ignorant.

Coco leave this guy alone. When someone makes a comment you know if he has first hand experience or not. This one is probably unmarried.

My concern is how they can cope with the meagre amount. And it's not like the children are already big enough to eat garri and soup o


Family / Re: I Regret Getting Married To The Mother Of My Triplets by veave(f): 5:46pm On Mar 15, 2021
Omo. The truth is that 25k is too small for 5people no be lies. Chai, what can you do to improve on your income? I guess she's still a breastfeeding mother. It's not good for a young mother to be hungry honestly. Kai!!!

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Family / Re: Why Do Men Suddenly Get Ready For Marriage When A Girl Gets Pregnant? by veave(f): 5:39pm On Mar 15, 2021
This happens only when he already loves you and have been thinking towards the marriage line for a while. The pregnancy just becomes a motivation or catalyst.

Don't go and disappoint yourself with a man who has no plans to wife you or anyone at the moment. You will not just get blocked but thrown out like a refugee. grin
One igbo song would say... 'umu nwaanyi metu onye di mma enyi'

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Family / Re: I Don’t Know If Am To Continue Or Not!!! by veave(f): 1:55pm On Mar 09, 2021
Hmmmm. I'm coming.

What your guy is doing now is called wash wash and not yahoo. When he becomes desperate and decides to upgrade to Yahoo or Yahoo plus, who do you think will be the sacrifice?

Have sense.

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Family / Re: I Don’t Know If Am To Continue Or Not!!! by veave(f): 7:28am On Mar 09, 2021
Hmmmm. I'm coming
Family / Re: Help!!! I'm Thinking by veave(f): 7:22am On Mar 09, 2021
I feel so sad for your parents. Won ti get yen. Your village people have finally succeeded. This was how my classmate in secondary school refused to go to school saying he wanted to play football. He's still roaming the streets with Jerry curl hair up-and-down and boots after over 15years hoping to get signed as under 16 or 21. Even Abuja football club didn't take him. May God help you.

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Celebrities / Re: Chioma And Davido's Cousin, Clarks Adeleke, Hang Out With Her Friend, Nayome by veave(f): 8:12am On Mar 07, 2021
Fine girl.

Someone that will soon get another husband before December. Umu nwoke igbo ana achikwanu?
Literature / Re: The Prince Of Qalul By Angelsss by veave(f): 6:52pm On Feb 26, 2021
Not fair at all. Please post more. cry

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Family / Re: How I Saved My Brother From Marrying Into An Entitled Family by veave(f): 6:29pm On Feb 25, 2021
Who does elaborate wedding these days? Oh I remember, instagram people do. If everything you typed up there is true then the woman in question isn't ready and shouldnt be seeking for a husband.

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Literature / Re: The Prince Of Qalul By Angelsss by veave(f): 8:50pm On Feb 24, 2021

Did Okadabooks send you a story via email?

sent the preview. chapter 1-3 I guess. When I click on read it takes me back to buy this book.

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