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Travel / Re: My 30 Days Sojourn Through Cotonou To Dubai by wizdomnzube(m): 12:13am
I just met an agent for Dubai visa.... he made an estimate of everything it was about 900k.

He promised work, accommodation and said its legit. But I'm scared because the prices I've been seeing from nairalanders isn't even up to 400k..

Please OP, do you think this agent can secure me a job and accommodation for real? Someone please advice me before I make someone richer, thanks.
Romance / Re: Simp 101 (check..pics..am Ashamed) by wizdomnzube(m): 5:03pm On Jul 05

Bro trust me, I'm the most cold blooded mvtherfvcker on earth when it comes to emotions..
You're mouthed. Zero emotion when dealing this vagina people grin
Romance / Re: If Your Wife Tells You This “I Feel Like Doing Two-some” Reply As The Husband by wizdomnzube(m): 1:15pm On Jul 03
I'll bring a hottie and we'll get down with it.

But if she tries to bring a man into the equation, na her papa house she go spend the rest of our "forever after"
Romance / Re: Simp 101 (check..pics..am Ashamed) by wizdomnzube(m): 1:13pm On Jul 03
Okay,this ish happened recently to one of my closest friends.
He came to me 2 days ago to narrate his ordeal, according to him he started noticing strange changes in his body some days ago and decided to go for a test.
Turned out he got an infection,then he confronted his bae of 4years plus.this girl pledged her faithfulness and blamed it on toilet and stuffs.
This is a girl he rented and furnished a house for,assisted her financially via her school. She's actually waiting for nysc now.
He took her for same lab test and treatment just to be on the safe side,along the line a call came in..well your guess is as good as mine..
Contacts name is "My Irreplaceable ".
Turned out she has been sleeping with one small broke boy that lives in the compound where my guy paid for her,when my guy confronted her she begin para oh,form vex storm out of the place and stopped picking his calls.
My guy had the guts to send people to talk to the girl so she can forgive him,when it didn't work he paid her a visit Tuesday morning.
Guess what, the girl didn't grant him access into the house cos the compound boy spent the night with her in her room my friend paid for oh.
My friend come meet me open mouth dey tell me sey he dey heart broken, that he has been pleading with her to calm down cos he wants to pay her bride price by December even after all this incidents..
Now my question is-
Is that Simping, Madness or the girl knack am Juju cos me I'm not understanding again..
That your friend, if not you, na the oga kpatakpata of all simps.

If I get this kind brother, I go arrange boys make them beat craze comot he body angry
Celebrities / Re: Burna Boy Takes His Grammy Award To The Club (video) by wizdomnzube(m): 9:54am On Jun 12
Burna, call me make I help u hold it na grin ah swear e nor go loss. If e loss I go do another one for u

You've made Nigerians proud. Nor be Buhari wen dey disgrace he ancestors upandan think say na we he dey disgrace cheesy

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Politics / Re: Hausa Motorcyclists And Yoruba Youths Fight In Iyana-Iba, Lagos (Photos) by wizdomnzube(m): 12:58pm On Apr 26
Make una carry the fight go Aso Rock.

This people suppose come together fight this our leaders wen one use us count scores.
Romance / Re: Expect Her To Cry When You Bring Up A Prenup by wizdomnzube(m): 4:10pm On Apr 16
I feel it is fair to warn my fellow brethren of the latest trick adopted by Gold diggers.

It's beginning to look as if signing a prenup is no longer going to protect some guys because the latest trick by gold diggers is to claim that they were forced into signing the prenup. The reason for doing this is simple: Under the common law which is applicable to both the United States and Nigeria, any agreement obtained by force or coercion is invalid and will be set aside. Once they can get a court to set aside the prenup, Omo your own don cast! They will walk away with half or even more than half of your wealth.

So please be on guard against this latest trick by gold diggers!

True, but I have to be wiser if I want to keep my wealth.

Any sign of refusal and manipulation by her omo na there marriage end oh. But this na for those wen one marry sha, as for Wizdom, marriage nor fit ever happen.

Born for me and check front. That's the only usefulness them bitches get. If u comot Bleep, I nor see wetin I need them for oh bros.
Romance / Re: Expect Her To Cry When You Bring Up A Prenup by wizdomnzube(m): 12:07am On Apr 16
If only SIMPS go watch and see how real niggaz dey handle bitches... nor even look ha face wen she begin cry those stupid cry.

This is a real nigga mehn and bros don code say the bitch one play fast one on am by shedding those crocodile tears.

Sign that prenup bitch and stop crying. Men are getting wiser and I'm so damn happy.

Take the redpill and be in control at all times.

Mods abeg make una push this thing go front page as e dey hot make my fellow kings gather see am and gain knowledge grin


Travel / Re: Aregbesola Commissions The Immigration Service Passport Express Centre by wizdomnzube(m): 4:55pm On Mar 30
Abeg who get money wen he nor dey use at the moment make he borrow me, I one go Europe go hustle grin ones I pepper red for my side, I go pay back cheesy

Nigeria don tire my spirit, body and soul.... I one to japa


Culture / Re: What Items Are Needed For Marriage Introduction? by wizdomnzube(m): 6:29pm On Mar 27

Mary J must be included in the list wink
You sabi the voltage, bro grin
Culture / Re: What Items Are Needed For Marriage Introduction? by wizdomnzube(m): 6:51pm On Mar 26
1- SK

2- Condom

3- Codeine

4- Tramadol

5- 5litres of fuel

Don't thank me, bro. Happy married life in advance wink

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Family / Re: . by wizdomnzube(m): 4:00am On Mar 26
Na who go read this textbook you carry put for here?? Na wa oh.

You for kuku write book begin sell to tell ur story na. See higher education kinda story grin
Romance / Re: Never Put A Woman First In Your Life by wizdomnzube(m): 3:52am On Mar 26
Nor be for where simps dey oh. The moment them meet any creature with kpekus ah na worshipping things grin they go put her first come put their family and friends for back back.

Simps nor dey ever disappoint. Them be the masters of putting women on pedestals.

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Romance / Re: How Do I Leave A Single Mother Without Hurting Her? by wizdomnzube(m): 3:49am On Mar 26
My guy hurt her, make una stop all dis rubbish una dey do. If na she one leave you she go use mouth finish u 2seconds.

Make una sef dey dey brutal like them vaginal people. Na wa oh! Hurt her. If u like go turn simp for ontop single woman matter.

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Romance / Re: Spending Money On A Woman You Are Dating Is Stupidity - Reno Omokri Tells Men by wizdomnzube(m): 6:05pm On Mar 25

Their hustling no pass Ashewo work na. The only category of ladies i respect are academically sound career women who respect their husbands and still keep their family tight. Remove t0t0 from women, 90% of them in Naija will be so bleeped up.
You nor see that blockhead for up there don begin talk about toto? grin na the only thing dem sabi...

Dating a Nigerian girl is big waste of time, bro. They nor worth our time and toasting, no cap!
Romance / Re: Spending Money On A Woman You Are Dating Is Stupidity - Reno Omokri Tells Men by wizdomnzube(m): 6:03pm On Mar 25

Does that nonsense even work? Especially for men that their common sense is in charge of their under.
Big man, don't know if it works but I don't even care. Whether it works or not, make she go work because 10naira she nor go see grin
Romance / Re: Spending Money On A Woman You Are Dating Is Stupidity - Reno Omokri Tells Men by wizdomnzube(m): 6:02pm On Mar 25

and please dont demand for sex.
I was expecting for one dumbo to say this, and voila, she don show grin

If u be una be olosho make una dey talk this thing in time so we go begin quick dey bargain price. Make una nor dey disguise.

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Romance / Re: Spending Money On A Woman You Are Dating Is Stupidity - Reno Omokri Tells Men by wizdomnzube(m): 6:24pm On Mar 24
I still dey talk am.... before babe go see my money chop she better go buy kayamata put for ur kpekus. And the crazy thing be say even with the kayamata, my money nor go touch ha hand.

Make una go hustle, bunch of lazy girls.

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Romance / Re: This Is What Happens When A Man Chooses A Woman (his Wife) Over His Own Family by wizdomnzube(m): 10:14pm On Jan 13
This is an eye opener for those simps out there. Even if they read this some of them will still choose a pussy over blood, they can't help it.

Mods, please move this piece go front page make men learn one or two.



Travel / Re: Canada Hype And Travel Rush: Here Are Things You Need To Know by wizdomnzube(m): 12:18pm On Jan 11
Please, someone should give me advice on how to travel to Canada for legitimate hustle.

What kinda Visa, and how much is the cost, how long the visa would last.

Please anyone with ideas should help. I'm planning on leaving this country this year. I need to change my life and that of my family.
Celebrities / Re: Djinee: 'If Pastors Don't Make New Year Prophecies, Does It Make Them Less?' by wizdomnzube(m): 9:34am On Jan 06
If your pastor dey see vision he for don buy BITCOIN. cheesy
Health / Re: 17-year-old Boy Dies In Ondo After Smoking ‘colorado’ by wizdomnzube(m): 6:33pm On Dec 23, 2020
Una nor dey hear the name? Colorado... Na kolo for who he head never solid oh.

Na kpangolo and rags go turn ur new wears 2 sec

Rest in paradise, young champ. Now you're with the most high


Celebrities / Re: Flavour, Rachael Okonkwo Gift Cows To Zubby Michael (Pix, Video) by wizdomnzube(m): 3:47pm On Dec 22, 2020
"My signal Prince " na only us wen dey street go fit code.

My guy dey give ha better signal...... on a 5G wireless cheesy
Travel / Re: 300k Paid. How Can I Get My Money Back From A Dubious Agent? by wizdomnzube(m): 2:53pm On Dec 17, 2020
Bro that money don go like dis oh... But as one bros suggest say make you involve EFCC try reason bro.

Besides if person one run dis kind work visa to comot 9ja how he one con take run since all dis agent dey na scam dey be cool

9ja sef na wa lipsrsealed
Romance / Re: Is Sex Necessary In A Relationship? by wizdomnzube(m): 4:44pm On Dec 12, 2020
Madam OP, shey ur friend na virgin? If nor be virgin so why she one come deny guy man access to her hotspot after guy man don sub (provide for her)

Omo make ur friend drop password make guy man flex jare.

Something wen una get free una go one dey form stingy on top. Open kpekus make guy man give her rod.

Make sure u tell ha wetin I yan so.


European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Manchester United Vs Manchester City ( 0 -0 ) On 12th December 2020 by wizdomnzube(m): 4:35pm On Dec 12, 2020
If Zebra United nor collect dis night ehn make I know wetin cuz am

Those people wen nor wetin dey do dem. Even Man City sef nor too dey in form but dis match ehn Guadiola go use Zebra United catch cruise grin cheesy
Food / Re: A Review Of Amala Skye Restaurant In Ibadan (with Pictures) by wizdomnzube(m): 1:21pm On Dec 11, 2020
Ibadan cheap sha oh na so I hear.... Na to find dis Skye and observe how their food be.

I like better thing so as OP don run advertisement for dem na to check them out.

Ibadan cheap so tey even their Olosho sef cheap grin
Celebrities / Re: Agbani Darego, Top Queens To Storm Nigeria Beauty Queens Hall Of Fame Honours by wizdomnzube(m): 8:45am On Dec 08, 2020
Wow I nor sabi say this country get enough companies oh and men dey find work on a steady? grin

Almost all of them na CEO cheesy cheesy abeg where all dis companies dey make I drop application.

Make una dey deceive unaself. All of una na CEO but still dey find urgent 2k.

Wahala for who nor be CEO oh.... hahahahahahahahahaha
Romance / Re: "Men Are Sucess Objects, Women Are Sexual Objects" - Twitter Influencer by wizdomnzube(m): 11:35am On Dec 07, 2020
Women want to eat their cake and have It, but it's just not possible.

See them convulsing on the topic like say they nor know na true. But they nor go accept the truth because nor woman one accept she nor too useful to guys again for her 30s.

Kings, never settle for less, because these women will never do the same. Aim high, let them know you're the price.


Travel / Re: US Government Removes Visa Reciprocity Fees For Nigerians by wizdomnzube(m): 12:42pm On Dec 05, 2020
Omo I don dey see myself for Yankee already.

Na to fly like Benin witch sure pass. I don too suffer for we country.

Biden, abeg make u do proper oh... nor go be like Trump wen get bad belle for where blacks dey.


Celebrities / Re: Duncan Mighty: DNA Test Shows My Daughter, Mitchell Is Not Mine by wizdomnzube(m): 8:19am On Dec 05, 2020

Well if I see you in real life I Will show you my dad's picture.
I resemble my dad more than 2baba sons resemble him. I doubt if you can say that about yourself. grin cheesy

Same with me and my kids. I cannot be advising and not have practiced what I preach. I have easy access to these tests. I know not everyone does.

I might have found your comment offensive if I had any doubts. But I don't. grin

Save yourself raising kids for other men. I have seen too many finding out too late.

Bro, that's a creature with a vagina. Don't let the "male" on her profile fool you.

They know how to support their kind no matter the crime committed. So nor let her fool u grin


Science/Technology / Re: 'Most Beautiful Killer': Dragon-like Sea Creature (Pictures) by wizdomnzube(m): 12:46pm On Nov 28, 2020

Yes Oooo
Pls pray for my Business too o, these are indeed last days, things are really happening.

Things appear to be at a halt, no sales despite reviews and recommendations posted by Nairalanders on the thread on my signature
May God Almighty heal our Economy and provide for people so they can patronize

They are indeed last days and u say make dem pray for ur business?? Wetin u need money for again if world one end?? Nor be to begin fast and pray so u go meet righteousness for heaven? Hahahaha

Make una dey allow dat guy man wen dey find funds dey play with una sense. Nobody gullible reach some Africans!

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