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Romance / Re: What Is Your Plan(s) For This Valentine's Day by cbjonstage: 4:10pm On Feb 04
That day is our revival programme, i'll urge her 2 join me attend d event. every every wil end in church...avoiding careless spending as a result of buharinomics


Jokes Etc / Re: Photo: When You Marry An 'Indomie Girl'!!! by cbjonstage: 4:22pm On Jan 17
Indomie girl is synonymous to social media girl who always nag and complain for not pushing a prompt msg during chatting.

in my sec. sch days, it takes us weeks hearing frm each other. these days na so so panels and probes u go dey face just for 2-3mins delay, i tire oh even frm so called adults

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Jokes Etc / Re: Photo: When You Marry An 'Indomie Girl'!!! by cbjonstage: 4:21pm On Jan 17
Indomie girl is synonymous to social media girl who always nag and complain for not pushing a prompt msg during chatting.

in my sec. sch days, it takes us weeks hearing frm each other. these days na so so panels and probes u go dey tire oh even frm so called adults
Politics / Re: Reno Omokri Presents His Books To Jonathan (Photos) by cbjonstage: 6:19am On Jan 15
Reno always looks smart,organised and focused.

Is he married bros?
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Arsenal Vs AFC Bournemouth (2 - 0) On 28th December 2015 by cbjonstage: 7:27pm On Dec 28, 2015
In Murphy Jemba's voice Even if na only arsenal de League dem no fit still Win the League embarassed

Bournemouth just be like one of our babes for EPL nah bros. we get their medicine
Education / Re: UNN Hostel On Fire(pics) by cbjonstage: 4:20am On Dec 24, 2015
good for them they no wan give guys toto so they set fire on the hostel LOL

were u born in sodom & gomorrah(brothel)?... or maybe there is loose bolt missing in ur fvcking parent head dat is affectin ur reasoning process
Education / Re: UNN Hostel On Fire(pics) by cbjonstage: 4:09am On Dec 24, 2015
that's a female hostel....what's wrong??

Christmax rice, cow and goat meat wont let these girls 2 switch off dia electrical gadgets. if their bf don promised them special treat for their outing, imagine them leaving dangerous electrical device on
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Arsenal vs Manchester City (2 - 1) On 21st December 2015 by cbjonstage: 9:56pm On Dec 21, 2015
grin Arsenal is a dead team
Your 2nd name is "sorry"

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European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Arsenal vs Manchester City (2 - 1) On 21st December 2015 by cbjonstage: 9:49pm On Dec 21, 2015
Yeah! lets deal with them all...up gunners

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Jokes Etc / Re: Photo: Dasukigate! Gate Of Life, Get Yours Before It Finishes! by cbjonstage: 7:39am On Dec 21, 2015
Dasuki just dey allocate money like say him papa get CBN.

Besides he is the most generous political office holder in the history of Nigeria

Thats is d reason why IBB is a friend to d family due to their generousity when he was d head of states. If u recalled, the father of d Ex-NSA, ibrahim dasuki is hated by sokoto sultan emirates when he was d emir of Sokoto.
Moral Lesson: When given someone political appointment, assess their background

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Romance / Re: Guys And Their 'come To My House' Annoying Talk by cbjonstage: 12:48pm On Dec 20, 2015

Whether u believe it or not it has remained Unfeigned Super Story in our lives built on sincerity wit no hidden agenda. i guess u dont knw what u want in man. mayb ur spec never satisfy u since u dont wanna sacrifice anything, only 2 end up wit a wrong guy

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Politics / Re: Governor Okowa's Daughter Addressing Her Elders by cbjonstage: 5:59am On Dec 20, 2015
The elders b like: Ada nneya, come lets bless u

The girl b like: u better behave well. this is city, everything here is capture so i say NO to ur cunning hugs
Romance / Re: Guys And Their 'come To My House' Annoying Talk by cbjonstage: 5:10am On Dec 20, 2015
You're not the only one that has seen such o! The way they even say it sef its as if their house is paradise. Its a total turn off fr me too biko

I wonder y i am so lucky on this part especialy. most of my female frenz knws i dont ask but they ar d one to ask where do i live? my response 2 dem na comedy all tru...nothing significant of me/my place. but wen they stick wit me they feel calmness, peace etc as testified by d present babe. d 1st day she came, while she wz leaving my place since we didnt make love. she made 'a bold' move 4 a kiss.

Day 2 of her visit, afta much conversation. i caressed her d moment she finishd her emotional story. she began acting for a kiss, the nxt thing i heard "make love to me". wit my panting voice, i asked to b sure of wot she just said, she screamed since my romance has eaten her deep: MAKE LOVE TO ME.

I treat my female frenz like a princess, queen of whateva place they came from. they wil stil be one to ask DO IT......

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Business / Re: Naira "Strenghtens" To N270/Dollar At Parallel Market by cbjonstage: 8:23pm On Dec 18, 2015
Gain ko !! Gay nii

Akpos jumps from bed and starts shouting "God save me, save me, save me. The wife asked, did you have a nightmare? He says yes. The wife asked ask again, were you been chased by a lion? Akpos replied; lion is even better. I nearly voted for Buhari again‎ grin grin
Haba Bros, this ur joke no dey get expiring period/date, since last week fah? if i eat rice thrice per day i go tire sef
Politics / Re: Tinubu Arrives Ooni Coronation In Newly Purchased Police Helicopter by cbjonstage: 7:03pm On Dec 07, 2015
Maximum Security is required here. This man is still needed to keep PDP away for the next 30 years.

Thanks Jagaban! The True Hero Of Democracy!!!
Spotted! U're one of d gullible nigerians that ar easily brainwash, praising polithiefcians with questionable character over misuse of public fund


Music/Radio / Re: Top 5 States In Nigeria With The Most Vibrant Music Industry by cbjonstage: 7:39pm On Dec 05, 2015
How come Kebbi isn't on the list?
grin grin grin grin
I expecting u say zamfara or borno grin
Romance / Re: Ladies, Can You Marry A Guy Who Is Handsome And Educated, But Poor? by cbjonstage: 7:30pm On Dec 05, 2015
I love poor guys grin
I Need to know reason behind this
Family / Re: Dear Family Please Advice A Wife To Be!!! by cbjonstage: 3:19am On Dec 01, 2015
The most abused word in the 21st century.... LOVE.

This thread is one of the reasons we have so many fractured, battered and disintegrated homes these days.

Lack of depth from intending couples.

Love has never and can never be equated to butterfly feelings. Until people get that part right, there will always be conflict in decision making and what love is.
Gbam!!! U sounded like nollywood chief priest.
Politics / Re: Boko Haram: Is The December Deadline Realistic? by cbjonstage: 7:24pm On Nov 30, 2015
Hmm! dec 1st tomorw or 31st? a laughable media braggin even during GEJ regime.
I ve never for one day like dis our so-called media military strategy. this is bullshit. they shod stop dis publicity n face their work. when we no longer experience 1yr explosion, only then wil i clap for them
Politics / Re: FFK Blasts Buhari For Shaking The Queen But Refused To Shake Female Ministers by cbjonstage: 12:46pm On Nov 30, 2015
That's what you call hypocrisy!
Same hypocrisy is ravaging their pple whereby their political leaders ar in a habit of deceiving d gullible numbers.
Politics / Re: "Blame Northern-Nigeria Muslim Elites For Boko Haram" - Bishop Matthew Kukah by cbjonstage: 12:32pm On Nov 30, 2015
What is variant about what I explained?

...and please learn to write in normal english or pidgin english.
I meant his views on politics seems to b inconsistent/conflicting. if he is related to u kindly caution him. afterall, Jesus has charged his like minds to feed His flock
Politics / Re: "Blame Northern-Nigeria Muslim Elites For Boko Haram" - Bishop Matthew Kukah by cbjonstage: 9:40am On Nov 30, 2015
May God protect the bishop from the blood sucking vampires.

Guys, that Fr Mbaka did not support GEJ in the last election, that you rabidly hate him for not supporting GEJ, that does not mean you have to fix words into his mouth falsely to suit your own silly narrative.

Elections are now over so it's no longer a time to carelessly spread lies without being asked to substantiate. I remember fr Mbaka preaching that bokoharam is a product of the widespread unemployment of youths and poverty/hunger in the north and he fixed the blame on 'past leaders' (including GEJ) for failing to provide employment; this is the absolute truth. But now, going by your statements and allegations, I am still yet to understand how your brains interpreted the above statement of fr mbaka to mean "GEJ is the cause of bokoharam." Can you guys kindly point out where Fr Mbaka said Jonathan specifically was responsible for boko haram?

Y r Fr.M views on srious matas seems 2 b variant
Politics / Re: "Blame Northern-Nigeria Muslim Elites For Boko Haram" - Bishop Matthew Kukah by cbjonstage: 6:37am On Nov 30, 2015
Father mbaka said Jonathan is the problem undecided
Fr. Mbaka has no iota of truth on political problms surrounding northerners. if truly dis is coming from Kukah, i believe him

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Fashion / Re: Why Do Ladies Shave Off Their Eyebrows? by cbjonstage: 6:21am On Nov 30, 2015
To get our attention...definitely some wowan-wrapper, go follow n escourt her go where she wan go. wen guys like dis act i regard them as "end time mumu man"

E.g like d guy quoted above post
Politics / Re: Who Amongst These APC Candidates Should Replace Audu In The Dec 5 Supp Polls? by cbjonstage: 10:52pm On Nov 24, 2015
If we recalled, they vowed that 'no black' would ever become President of united states. Obama broke that jinx. same can happen in kogi.

since we are era of change. Whoever feels is capable 2 fill d vacuum should step up and make the difference, irrespective of they religious difference or clan they came from. except they are cowards and want 2 remain where they are. put sentiment aside
Family / Re: My Dad Wishes Me Death, Please Help by cbjonstage: 3:48am On Nov 24, 2015

I guess the bold is the root of the issues. You must have been too curious and challenging since a toddler. He probably see it as a deviant behavior and in a bid to straighten you, he adopted the"negative " approach which many parents do adopt.

Get to the library, buy him a book on child developmental psychology. He needs to learn some stuff.

Meanwhile, you need to learn how to pass across your opinion without him seeing you as rude and disobedient.

good advice bad recommendation. that is anoda trauma for d youngman
Politics / Re: Soludo, Fayemi Visit Aso Rock by cbjonstage: 6:08am On Sep 23, 2015
Soludo nwa mama. Keep making us proud. Nigeria needs you back asap.

Oh! Nigerians need back to that position abi na S-E need am pass. but Anams pple dont need him when he attempted governorship race. was it not from micro perspective u will evaluate someone's performance... NL can u guys sense anything here

this guy hv proved himself at fed level and tried vying for governor but u guyz didnt advice him how politics is played in Anambra and kept mum to do what he feels like so that u enjoy his money. HYPOCRITES! singing is our brother! Anu npam
Politics / Re: El-Rufai Welcomes Buhari As He Arrives For 62RC POP Of NDA by cbjonstage: 11:49pm On Sep 12, 2015

If nothing is happening there, how do you expect him to visit? Do you think he's like the clueless Jonathan who took parties and flexing more seriously than National assignment as President? Is this occasion holding in any Southern part of the country and he refuses to attend? If you have nothing meaning to contribute to this thread, pls keep your fingers crossed!

Lest I forgot, Jonathan wasted his dollars on the same SW Obas on the eve of 2015 Election but still lost diplomatically! cheesy grin cheesy grin

Im disappointed reading from u with those who supported ur view. U opened ur big mouth as if u re not talking to ur fellow Nigeria. What if NDA was sited in middle-belt, what would u hv said ? think about d terrain, FOOLS! Mind u dat Maritime Academy exist in Akwa Ibom for a reason. Any comment on that ?
Romance / Re: Why Do Guys Go Blank When Asked This One Simple Question? by cbjonstage: 12:02pm On Sep 11, 2015
Only a girl who truly love a guy will ask you how much you earn, a girl who doesn't love you will never ask, she will just focus on making demands without caring how fat or tiny the guy's pocket is.

On point, if wealth (family house, personal ride etc) is around u i tell u that NO girl in naija wil think of asking u such questions even though ur parents draws a line to limit ur utility to certain benefits of enjoyin family wealth
NYSC / Re: See Pics From The Accident Handling Simulation Carried Out By NEMA And Red Cross by cbjonstage: 5:59pm On Sep 01, 2015
Is dis acting or real?
Africa Magic shown on Channel 234
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Chelsea Vs PSG UCL (2 - 2) On 11th March 2015 by cbjonstage: 11:27pm On Mar 11, 2015
chelsea banza ! im disappointed in this english side..haba BLUES
Sports / Re: Amaju Pinnick Elected As New NFF President by cbjonstage: 7:27pm On Sep 30, 2014
hope his election wont b taken to court during d official handover as dat of Ekiti state gubernatorial (mouth sealed)

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