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Crime / Re: Three Herdsmen Missing In Enugu, One Sustains Gunshot Wounds by cbjonstage(m): 6:28am On Sep 11
I can see the formular in red: 1 cow=10 ipods you can solve the rest.you can ask us politely for help and we might be merciful or you can seize all your armed robbery activities and direct your meagre supply of ammunition towards defending yourselves,atleast you can succeed in taking one or two down with you. MAY GOD SAVE THE ONES AMONG YOU WHO ARE SMART ENOUGH NOT TO CALL LAGOS A NO MAN'S LAND.

With d way u reasoned and sound, i dont think u are a patriotic Nigeria. GROW UP and restore what our fore fathers have suffered fighting for


European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: England Vs Iceland: Euro 2016 (1 - 2) ON 27th June 2016 by cbjonstage(m): 9:49pm On Jun 27
Can rashford continue his fairy tale undecided

Define Rashford in this few minutes action.
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: England Vs Iceland: Euro 2016 (1 - 2) ON 27th June 2016 by cbjonstage(m): 9:47pm On Jun 27
U mean Kane and Abel? lol
Crime / Re: Nigerian Woman's Kidney In Italy Removed Illegally by cbjonstage(m): 3:04pm On May 30
This story is fake.
The same italy that helps immigrants with housing and good health care.

Healthcare are free in italy.
I remember when I had a swollen eye....I went to one of the hospital, u need to come and see the way they attend to me fast. The next day, my eyes were better. Can nigeria health care boast of this?

Italians are not like that.
I know because I know

Italy have one of the best health care in the world.

No wonder africa is a shirt hole. All they do is sit down to fabricate stories.

Lazy bloggers.
I recalled d case of this woman has been on LIVE radio called brekete family since last year. i feared when ones organ is tampered...frm ur post i dont knw if u re Nigerian. Go home n evaluate ur utterance lookin urself at d mirror. #mourningDdead
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Real Madrid Vs Atletico Madrid: UCL (5 - 4) On 28th May 2016 by cbjonstage(m): 8:43pm On May 28

Madrid all the way grin
I no understd u oh...both ends wit madrid nah
Politics / Re: Obiano Signs MOU With Graffil Group For Integrated Terminal And Park In Onitsha by cbjonstage(m): 9:16pm On May 24

My dear, it's one Igbo land, onye a ghala nwanne is our solidarity anthem so if a part is suffering and our brother cries out, it is expected that you show some love while driving home the need to apply whatever solution u may render.
Are u now asking the ears to go because the eyes can now see? It's our collective heritage at the end of the day as far as Igboland in its entirety is concerned.

Dont mind d fellow u quoted, i guess he lacks spirit of brotherhood in real sense. This is one reason i like d arewas(d so called hausas). no matter where u come from d north, they see themselve as one so long u speak d general hausa lang. i weep for my pple for this cause(igbos & naija as a whole)


Car Talk / Re: FRSC To Begin Immediate Confiscation Of Vehicles With Expired Tyres by cbjonstage(m): 8:26am On May 12
They no born any mofo wey stop 2 confiskat or confisicat my 4-rugged tokumbo tyre..so long i no steal public fund just dey manage my life thru exploitation of our insincere leaders; any officer wey cross my way, anything wey em see shod take
Celebrities / Re: Wizkid Climbs Mast To Perform In Zambia - Photo by cbjonstage(m): 5:51am On May 02
A kid will always be a kid

Naija and their bad belle. if it were Late Michael Jackson doing this...u go scream i love U! Bros apreciate ur own material, haba
Politics / Re: States To Benefit From The N345b EU Fund by cbjonstage(m): 6:22am On Apr 21

Another Nonsense from an IPOB miscreant

This is the problem with descendants of Ojukwu, the bearded bald coward who abandoned his people when the Nigerian forces dealt with him ruthlessly

Mister, does it occur to u that u are attacking ur own people by the name u go. may be u need to re-format ur brain so as to function well or look urself @ mirror and have a rethink over ur utterance
Celebrities / Re: Lola, My Woman Crush - Peter Okoye by cbjonstage(m): 6:39am On Apr 14
My own Woman crush, my bestie Nnenna.

Kindly clear d air for us whether u are a 'male or female'. i notice in some threads u wil claim and sound like a man in another a woman. nawa oh!
Religion / Re: Why Wear Scarf To Church When You Are Already On Wig? by cbjonstage(m): 10:19am On Apr 10
For the record... I'm not that much of a church goer, I see it vile for a lady to spend so much energy and time on her hair but still can't showcase it.
1 corinthians 11 outline the importance of women covering their hair but considering the fact that wigs are artificial, is it proper to say wigs can also serve as scarfs?

Why disturbing other pple's peace of mind? if its a problm 2 u, deal with it and dont impose certain lifestyle(headache) to other pple
Politics / Re: Senators Loyal to Saraki advised him to Resign- Vanguard by cbjonstage(m): 9:59am On Apr 06
Why are we Igbos the only one supporting Saraki? Even his people in Kwara state oppose him, but t is only we Igbos that are supporting him

count me out cos thiefing + greed is not in my blood

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European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Manchester City Vs Manchester United (0 - 1) On 20th March 2016 by cbjonstage(m): 5:10pm On Mar 20
Jesus of Man City missed a close range goal
Celebrities / Re: 5 African Beauty Queens That Are Extremely Beautiful by cbjonstage(m): 4:37pm On Mar 20
Extremely Beautiful list my foot
if my babe working in banking sector pic surface here, some folks go take deep breath or dia lungs go seize

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Sports / Re: Nigeria's Flamingos Vs South-african Bantwana : 6 - 0 by cbjonstage(m): 9:13pm On Mar 12
I watched it live

That ref was bias

Na ojoro dem do the yung girls from southy

Thats wat we call soft landing in diplomatic relation in sports...in case u hv forgotten, MTN stil has impending promise which runs til 2019/20. there must b Phy-D-Phy
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Liverpool Vs Manchester United :Europa (2 - 0) ON 10th March 2016 by cbjonstage(m): 9:16pm On Mar 10
LVG always having tableau pad wit him...i wonder if dis dude is a historian? infact he shod be awarded d best historian manager ever in epl
Romance / Re: I Love Him But He's A Barber by cbjonstage(m): 8:38am On Mar 10
My parents have always wanted us to marry our tribe and not like we are in our state that I can say to get them will be possible. I have met with several men but didn't go into a relationship with them because they are not my tribe. The ones that are my tribe are so annoying and wayward. Now, there is this guy I have known for 4yrs as a friend, he have been so good to me but a barber and also in his final year, he is my tribe but I have not paid attention to him all this while upon he loves me. Am now in love with him but he's a barber and am scared if loving him and going into a relationship with him is a nice idea or should I still wait a little more?

Having spent 4yrs wit him, something striking in d course of several meetings wuld hv convinced u of his potentials of becoming that desired prospective husband u wished. i dont like it when our naija babes use d word ...BUT he is a plumber, barber. suggest other biz venture of interest, u'll see him doing greatly.
Crime / Re: Photo Of Yinusa, Ese Oruru's 'Abductor' by cbjonstage(m): 7:19am On Mar 03
And you can see he is not an 18 year old man!

All Paedophiles and anyone who supports this evil deserve stoning.

You deserve life incarceration for taking undue advantage of a teenager, hypnotizing and forcefully converting her to Islam. #religionofpissindeed

When i was in sec sch in the north, an attempt to initialise rship with a female practising muslim faithful is a big offence, taboo...who born u? there ar consequences attached to this if suspected not even to found guilty. both u and the innocent girl wil be punished & battered without plea esp frm their youngmen acting according to their imams directives. This is d way these northerners reacts if it were done to one of their own... kahari is d word used for unbelieving muslims

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Politics / Re: Adeosun Signs Bilateral Agreement With Qatar Minister by cbjonstage(m): 11:17pm On Feb 28

Dont mind these #Wailers!

the cliché "Do as Romans,... when you are in Rome", is beyond their comprehension.

By tomorrow when she is in Nigeria, will anyone force her to cover her hair?

Meanwhile, these fools making "IP.AD Noises" over here are the first to dress like a "Pope", despite the heat, their women still cover their own head so whats the big deal?

IP.ADS will always find a reason to #WAIL.

That is their lot for the next eight years and beyond!

#WAILING since 1965! undecided


U fascinated me with the popular saying of the roman quote and ended up thinkin frm ur anus to conclude instead of ur head...

that her looks can only happen to disguise urself when u visit a strange land alone but since she accompanied PMB for d trip, no need pretending to look saintly or whateva dat interprets
Politics / Re: Adeosun Signs Bilateral Agreement With Qatar Minister by cbjonstage(m): 10:56pm On Feb 28

They are there with there masters so they must conform. The Fulani take instruction from England and the Arabs and then give those instructions to everyone here in the ZOO. See Oga president standing like primary school pikin

You hardly see the Whites women reducing themselves like our own even when they represents their presido or not
Politics / Re: Adeosun Signs Bilateral Agreement With Qatar Minister by cbjonstage(m): 5:53pm On Feb 28
Hypocritical look to attract investors ni? wot a laughable appearance! why cant she be herself? i hate it when am compel to dress wot am not used to as long as its modest & formal
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: PSG Vs Chelsea : UCL (2 - 1) On 16th February 2016 by cbjonstage(m): 9:48pm On Feb 16
Abeg i dey browse free of charge with mtn. Where can i watch live stream.

Free browsing will help u explore a nearby location for free outdoor viewing via google
Sports / Re: NERO Pharmaceutical Constructing Stadium In Anambra (Pics) by cbjonstage(m): 8:48pm On Feb 15

What if ...

Now dangote can't do it why

His region is backward and they lack human capital index ..they dint have skilled manpower ....the hausa Fulani hates education

He won't try that because his business is in jeopardy because if Islamic tendencies ..he won't want his workers to be killed or harrased ...the best thing and the only thing he will do is move south

Business isn't based on sentiments but logicalities

Let him do that ...yoruba man calling his master Fulani man....

Dangote that government helped to make money ...we know men who made their money from the scratch

I see ur point but who knows if same applies during the Late Dora Akunyili and this Nero entrepreneur when the former was the DG NAFDAC, she might have assisted the latter stood up til this day
Sports / Re: NERO Pharmaceutical Constructing Stadium In Anambra (Pics) by cbjonstage(m): 5:41pm On Feb 15
My igbo people can boast, nawa oh!

what if Dangote decides/concentrate to divest its assets in other gigantic projects in his home state alone, will we hv the guts to brag seeing that the economy activity of our dear country wil only be focus in one location...bvllshit bragging !!!
Politics / Re: Ojogbane Adegbe: 'Nigeria Will Burn If I Open Up On Arms Deal' by cbjonstage(m): 3:01pm On Feb 12
They say igbo people too like money ...going by the revelation in d news report one can conclude with less persuasive argument of this inference

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Romance / Re: For How Long Should A Lady Wear Engagement Ring Before Marriage? by cbjonstage(m): 3:16am On Feb 08
y put the ring,when ure not ready?

U seem 2 make points in this thread but i wanna advice u dat 'patience' is a virtue in a r/ship b4 marriage. both of u needs 2 exercise it so as to help in d time of need (its a mental strength of ones personality in a kind of way).

NB: i stumbled on this thread exploring google web...
Romance / Re: What Is Your Plan(s) For This Valentine's Day by cbjonstage(m): 4:10pm On Feb 04
That day is our revival programme, i'll urge her 2 join me attend d event. every every wil end in church...avoiding careless spending as a result of buharinomics


Jokes Etc / Re: Photo: When You Marry An 'Indomie Girl'!!! by cbjonstage(m): 4:22pm On Jan 17
Indomie girl is synonymous to social media girl who always nag and complain for not pushing a prompt msg during chatting.

in my sec. sch days, it takes us weeks hearing frm each other. these days na so so panels and probes u go dey face just for 2-3mins delay, i tire oh even frm so called adults

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Jokes Etc / Re: Photo: When You Marry An 'Indomie Girl'!!! by cbjonstage(m): 4:21pm On Jan 17
Indomie girl is synonymous to social media girl who always nag and complain for not pushing a prompt msg during chatting.

in my sec. sch days, it takes us weeks hearing frm each other. these days na so so panels and probes u go dey tire oh even frm so called adults
Politics / Re: Reno Omokri Presents His Books To Jonathan (Photos) by cbjonstage(m): 6:19am On Jan 15
Reno always looks smart,organised and focused.

Is he married bros?
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Arsenal Vs AFC Bournemouth (2 - 0) On 28th December 2015 by cbjonstage(m): 7:27pm On Dec 28, 2015
In Murphy Jemba's voice Even if na only arsenal de League dem no fit still Win the League embarassed

Bournemouth just be like one of our babes for EPL nah bros. we get their medicine
Education / Re: UNN Hostel On Fire(pics) by cbjonstage(m): 4:20am On Dec 24, 2015
good for them they no wan give guys toto so they set fire on the hostel LOL

were u born in sodom & gomorrah(brothel)?... or maybe there is loose bolt missing in ur fvcking parent head dat is affectin ur reasoning process

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