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Politics / Re: Boko Haram: Is The December Deadline Realistic? by cbjonstage: 7:24pm On Nov 30
Hmm! dec 1st tomorw or 31st? a laughable media braggin even during GEJ regime.
I ve never for one day like dis our so-called media military strategy. this is bullshit. they shod stop dis publicity n face their work. when we no longer experience 1yr explosion, only then wil i clap for them
Politics / Re: FFK Blasts Buhari For Shaking The Queen But Refused To Shake Female Ministers by cbjonstage: 12:46pm On Nov 30
That's what you call hypocrisy!
Same hypocrisy is ravaging their pple whereby their political leaders ar in a habit of deceiving d gullible numbers.
Politics / Re: "Blame Northern-Nigeria Muslim Elites For Boko Haram" - Bishop Matthew Kukah by cbjonstage: 12:32pm On Nov 30
What is variant about what I explained?

...and please learn to write in normal english or pidgin english.
I meant his views on politics seems to b inconsistent/conflicting. if he is related to u kindly caution him. afterall, Jesus has charged his like minds to feed His flock
Politics / Re: "Blame Northern-Nigeria Muslim Elites For Boko Haram" - Bishop Matthew Kukah by cbjonstage: 9:40am On Nov 30
May God protect the bishop from the blood sucking vampires.

Guys, that Fr Mbaka did not support GEJ in the last election, that you rabidly hate him for not supporting GEJ, that does not mean you have to fix words into his mouth falsely to suit your own silly narrative.

Elections are now over so it's no longer a time to carelessly spread lies without being asked to substantiate. I remember fr Mbaka preaching that bokoharam is a product of the widespread unemployment of youths and poverty/hunger in the north and he fixed the blame on 'past leaders' (including GEJ) for failing to provide employment; this is the absolute truth. But now, going by your statements and allegations, I am still yet to understand how your brains interpreted the above statement of fr mbaka to mean "GEJ is the cause of bokoharam." Can you guys kindly point out where Fr Mbaka said Jonathan specifically was responsible for boko haram?

Y r Fr.M views on srious matas seems 2 b variant
Politics / Re: "Blame Northern-Nigeria Muslim Elites For Boko Haram" - Bishop Matthew Kukah by cbjonstage: 6:37am On Nov 30
Father mbaka said Jonathan is the problem undecided
Fr. Mbaka has no iota of truth on political problms surrounding northerners. if truly dis is coming from Kukah, i believe him


Fashion / Re: Why Do Ladies Shave Off Their Eyebrows? by cbjonstage: 6:21am On Nov 30
To get our attention...definitely some wowan-wrapper, go follow n escourt her go where she wan go. wen guys like dis act i regard them as "end time mumu man"

E.g like d guy quoted above post
Politics / Re: Who Amongst These APC Candidates Should Replace Audu In The Dec 5 Supp Polls? by cbjonstage: 10:52pm On Nov 24
If we recalled, they vowed that 'no black' would ever become President of united states. Obama broke that jinx. same can happen in kogi.

since we are era of change. Whoever feels is capable 2 fill d vacuum should step up and make the difference, irrespective of they religious difference or clan they came from. except they are cowards and want 2 remain where they are. put sentiment aside
Family / Re: My Dad Wishes Me Death, Please Help by cbjonstage: 3:48am On Nov 24

I guess the bold is the root of the issues. You must have been too curious and challenging since a toddler. He probably see it as a deviant behavior and in a bid to straighten you, he adopted the"negative " approach which many parents do adopt.

Get to the library, buy him a book on child developmental psychology. He needs to learn some stuff.

Meanwhile, you need to learn how to pass across your opinion without him seeing you as rude and disobedient.

good advice bad recommendation. that is anoda trauma for d youngman
Politics / Re: Soludo, Fayemi Visit Aso Rock by cbjonstage: 6:08am On Sep 23
Soludo nwa mama. Keep making us proud. Nigeria needs you back asap.

Oh! Nigerians need back to that position abi na S-E need am pass. but Anams pple dont need him when he attempted governorship race. was it not from micro perspective u will evaluate someone's performance... NL can u guys sense anything here

this guy hv proved himself at fed level and tried vying for governor but u guyz didnt advice him how politics is played in Anambra and kept mum to do what he feels like so that u enjoy his money. HYPOCRITES! singing is our brother! Anu npam
Politics / Re: El-Rufai Welcomes Buhari As He Arrives For 62RC POP Of NDA by cbjonstage: 11:49pm On Sep 12

If nothing is happening there, how do you expect him to visit? Do you think he's like the clueless Jonathan who took parties and flexing more seriously than National assignment as President? Is this occasion holding in any Southern part of the country and he refuses to attend? If you have nothing meaning to contribute to this thread, pls keep your fingers crossed!

Lest I forgot, Jonathan wasted his dollars on the same SW Obas on the eve of 2015 Election but still lost diplomatically! cheesy grin cheesy grin

Im disappointed reading from u with those who supported ur view. U opened ur big mouth as if u re not talking to ur fellow Nigeria. What if NDA was sited in middle-belt, what would u hv said ? think about d terrain, FOOLS! Mind u dat Maritime Academy exist in Akwa Ibom for a reason. Any comment on that ?
Romance / Re: Why Do Guys Go Blank When Asked This One Simple Question? by cbjonstage: 12:02pm On Sep 11
Only a girl who truly love a guy will ask you how much you earn, a girl who doesn't love you will never ask, she will just focus on making demands without caring how fat or tiny the guy's pocket is.

On point, if wealth (family house, personal ride etc) is around u i tell u that NO girl in naija wil think of asking u such questions even though ur parents draws a line to limit ur utility to certain benefits of enjoyin family wealth
NYSC / Re: See Pics From The Accident Handling Simulation Carried Out By NEMA And Red Cross by cbjonstage: 5:59pm On Sep 01
Is dis acting or real?
Africa Magic shown on Channel 234
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Chelsea Vs PSG UCL (2 - 2) On 11th March 2015 by cbjonstage: 11:27pm On Mar 11
chelsea banza ! im disappointed in this english side..haba BLUES
Sports / Re: Amaju Pinnick Elected As New NFF President by cbjonstage: 7:27pm On Sep 30, 2014
hope his election wont b taken to court during d official handover as dat of Ekiti state gubernatorial (mouth sealed)
Sports / Re: Nigeria Vs Ethiopia (2 - 1): Int'l Friendly On Saturday, January 4, 2014 by cbjonstage: 3:35pm On Jan 04, 2014
i hope there is free transport to stadium (to & fro) considering d cost of tp in abuja. is ticket FREE ? any guarantee that our olokpa will not sell ticket when we get to d gate...as naija brought up we put these into consideration ohh
Celebrities / Re: Tonto Dike Shows-off Engagement Ring From Boyfriend (Picture) by cbjonstage: 6:29pm On Dec 17, 2013
HoldenCaulfield: prettiest girl in nigeria weather they like it or not

na b4 when she neva sabi anything as Nollywood JJC ... as illuminating stuff don open her eyez she come worse patapata
Properties / Re: Ikeja Gra Mansion For 475 Milion by cbjonstage: 6:24pm On Dec 17, 2013
Was it made by Chin-Chon (chinese)
i need to test it with my rocket banger knock-out b4 purchase
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Arsenal Vs Everton (1 - 1) On 8th December 2013 by cbjonstage: 1:29pm On Dec 08, 2013
i wonder why so people hv taken today's match too far even to d point of denying themselve of crucial meetings slated for today and praying dat arsenal will drop point...bar owners will make a lots of cash today. no bi small thing oh !!!
Sports / Re: Mexico Vs Nigeria FIFA U17 WC Final (0 - 3) On 8th November 2013 by cbjonstage: 3:07pm On Nov 08, 2013
Its not up to 6hrs to d match...this thread has already been opened. i hail my naija pple them. no wonder they say: DELAY IS DANGEROUS. i see this site as an engine room
Sports / Re: Nigeria Vs Iran: Fifa U17 WC (4 - 1) On 29th October 2013 by cbjonstage: 4:51pm On Oct 29, 2013
there are WORDS you reading my post dont have to use in the media. words like this one below:

Iran will fall today - Manu Garba

Iraq'll suffer tomorrow - Manu Garba


wot does he think he is in this tournament ? someone shod tap him
Religion / Re: Its Sunday: What Are You Asking God For? by cbjonstage: 2:25pm On Aug 11, 2013
where is my missing rib? and God said she is not far from u....i believe i ve track her position...brethren she smiles when i said nice things to her hearing...she agreed we shod meet & discuss any of d week days
Religion / Re: Post A Comment From Your Pastor That Is Worthy Of Quote by cbjonstage: 11:32am On Jul 02, 2013
holding God’s inheritance is the most important thing to have in your belly - Pastor Paul Adefarasin (House on the Rock)

Humanistic life very dangerous ideology which expunges God's intervention in our lives - Rev. G. G. Uche (Assemblies of God, Abuja)
Entertainment / Re: 21 Pictures That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity by cbjonstage: 8:24am On Jun 23, 2013
among these pictures, none was Africana....does dat mean there is nothing good about d black or blacks do not take photography as a serious biz..i recalled a friend once told me "i no get work where ever i go". since we blacks dnt keep memories alive (indifferent to snap) dat be maybe d reason why u hardly see clips of sorts
Fashion / Re: Guys, Can You Wear This On Your Wedding Day? by cbjonstage: 5:54am On Feb 17, 2013
i wish every woman goodluck jona on ur wedding day in dis kind of ur groom's color
Sports / Re: Sunday Mba Seeks Dream Europe Move by cbjonstage: 11:54pm On Feb 12, 2013
Arsenal football scouts should come and pick our Sunday who save our as*s for afcon b4 chelski people will come and snatch him from us
Sports / Re: Women Praying And Holding TV For Eagles Victory by cbjonstage: 11:10am On Feb 11, 2013

yeah!!!!!!!!!! on point bruv, FANATICS & MYOPIC even those who plays football for fun
Sports / Re: Women Praying And Holding TV For Eagles Victory by cbjonstage: 11:06am On Feb 11, 2013
Welder: lol @ Topic

Are you high or something, how dare you call a man Messiah. Just so you know Orji Kalu also predicted that Nigeria will win even before the first ball was kicked in South Africa.

the day we defeated ivory coast....in my facebook page, i said "WE DON CARRY THE CUP" ...i wondered why some folks comes here and talk shi*ts calling someone a messiah
Sports / Re: Nigeria Vs Burkina Faso - AFCON 2013 Final (1 - 0) - On 10th February 2013 by cbjonstage: 12:40pm On Feb 08, 2013
finally, Pitroipa is set to play in FINAL....so burkinabe should not run their mouths and complain about dia key player anymore. below is the report:

Burkina Faso's star striker Jonathan Pitroipa, who picked up a red card in Wednesday's semifinal, is set to play in Sunday's Africa Cup of Nations final after all.
For Pitroipa to be able to take part the referee in Wednesday's game had to admit he had made a mistake in booking the player for a second time for diving, something Tunisian Slim Jdidi has now done, CAf president Issa Hayatou said.

"Everyone realised that this referee did not officiate well," Hayatou announced here on Friday.
"They've told me the referee has sent a letter saying he got it wrong.
"From this moment, the CAF executive committee will pass on the matter to the disciplinary commission, who will announce their decision today (Friday).
"The referee admitted his error in his report given to the (CAF) secretary general (Hicham El Amrani) – he recognised that he had got it wrong."
Jdidi's admission that he had erred paves the way for the red card to be rescinded and for Pitroipa to take his place in the Burkina Faso side to face Nigeria at Soccer City on Sunday.
Pitroipa produced the only goal in the 1-0 extra-time quarterfinal win over Togo.
He has helped lighten the blow of the Burkinabe losing their best striker Alain Traore to injury.
Jdidi, who has been suspended for his poor performance in Wednesday's game, sent off the Rennes forward in the 117th minute of the game that Burkina won on penalties against Ghana.

Sports / Re: Nigeria Vs Mali (AFCON 2013) - (4 - 1) On 6th February 2013 by cbjonstage: 7:59pm On Feb 05, 2013
match na tomorrow dis thread don reach 6th page shoiu !!!!
up muki
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Imagine This Cover Letter: Can It Work Here in Nigeria? by cbjonstage: 11:09am On Jan 17, 2013
phlamy: Wall Street Bosses Are Calling This 'The Best Cover Letter Ever' - But Not Everyone Agrees - Forbes
Shocker. It seems that ‘humble’ could actually work on Wall Street. Well, at least for the brutally honest and hilariously self-deprecating young student, whose cover letter publicized on Business Insider, has generated a ton of positive interest amongst investment banking bosses. Perhaps unsurprisi…


i find myself in the exact position of where the writer hope to find himself/herself
Now as an associate of engineers, surveyors, town planners, geology....NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD. it is by the grace of God i find myself here - NO CONNECTION FELLAS
It all depends on ur physical presentation and humility.
Now i think and reason with these professionals i am working with. while am awaiting the end of my degree programme, i hoping to get some cash to purpchase ICAN form. if all things being equal by June i should be through

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