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Religion / Re: Inibehe Effiong On Fasting Enforcement: Why Sharia Police Is Illegal – Lawyer by adelee777: 7:05am On May 05, 2019
Those bonehead hisbah mooks will destroy crates of beer and alcoholic drinks, while their equally boneheaded governors will happily share in the VAT accruing from the sales of those same drinks. Northern Muslims take hypocrisy and stupidity to new glorious levels.
Religion / Re: Inibehe Effiong On Fasting Enforcement: Why Sharia Police Is Illegal – Lawyer by adelee777: 9:26pm On May 04, 2019
This lawyer guy is trying to reason with Northern muslins using law and logic. Law and logic are alien to these people.


Politics / Re: I KNOW I WILL ONE DAY BECOME OBI OF ONITSHA - Obasanjo brags by adelee777: 9:07pm On Apr 26, 2019
OK. Next is Mandela is from Umuleri. His father was an Igbo fisherman that impregnated a Xhosa woman before he was asked back to Igbo land to mind his father's provision store.
Politics / Re: Akin Alabi Says Man Who Rejected House For Borehole Didn’t Make A Wise Decision by adelee777: 8:43pm On Apr 26, 2019
Akin Alabi is a business man, his thinking is business oriented. He should not blame the poor man because most uneducated northerner don't know anything about maximising profit
This is what you get when a whole country is handed over to a bunch of retards that normally would not be given a f**king poultry farm to run. In saner climes this clown will not win any election against for being publicly idiotic.
Religion / Re: Muslim Man Destroys Statue Of Holy Mary Mother Of God - Pictures by adelee777: 6:51am On Apr 22, 2019
I condemn this act of intolerance.

People should not judge Islam based on the misbehaviour of few muslims. The tolerant and peaceful ones are in the majority.


"Few" Muslims indeed. Hope you know the definition of majority, cos your claims up there don't have the numbers to back it up.
Politics / Re: Third Mainland Bridge Is Safe – Works Ministry by adelee777: 6:46pm On Apr 21, 2019
The confirmation has come! If a Nigerian govt agency say something is safe know that is the most dangerous thing on earth.
Religion / Re: Should A Non-tither Take Up Leadership Position In A Tithe Paying Church? by adelee777: 1:44pm On Apr 21, 2019
The way pro-tithers react to issues involving tithes shows either they have been so brainwashed, or they are dubious.

Back to your question, I am in the same situation as you. Found out the ruse around 5 years ago too. I am a minister in my church. Been ordained in a church is not the only way to serve God. You serve God in spirit and in truth. not by man-made ordination, hierarchical position etc. You don't need to serve God through organised religion. True religion acceptable unto God is helping people and not being tainted by the world.


Politics / Re: "Buhari, The Friend Of The Poor" - Festus Keyamo Hails President Buhari by adelee777: 10:07am On Apr 18, 2019
The president is the friend of the poor. And as it's natural with a man, he'd rather make more friends than enemies. That truly explains his economic policies.


Crime / Re: Canadian, Kyliuk Morris Kidnapped In Ogun: Police Delivered N2.5m Ransom by adelee777: 9:23am On Apr 18, 2019
The Nigerian Police Farce.


Politics / Re: Atiku Has Qualifications To Become A Customs Officer Not "President" - Keyamo by adelee777: 8:32am On Apr 15, 2019

This is the most stupid statement of the week.... how does a Nation open its mouth to say a former VP is not Nigerian?

Do you even know the weight of signals you send to the outside world?

Weight of signals to the outside world? You think those in the outside world gives two bleeps about Nigeria? There are enough things already to show them that Nigeria is a joke.
Religion / Re: Did The Bible Really Say That A Woman Must Marry Her Rapist? by adelee777: 6:42pm On Apr 13, 2019

There is no error here.

Satan often gets special permission from God to harm believers. We see this in the example of Job and King Saul, at least (other examples abound).

In other words, Satan can be a tool in God's Hand for both testing and punishment for His Children. So, both verses are stating the same truth in two different but legitimate ways.

Wow! Thanks for this explanation. Never thought of it that way. God bless you in Jesus Name bro.
Religion / Re: Did The Bible Really Say That A Woman Must Marry Her Rapist? by adelee777: 6:36pm On Apr 13, 2019
You failed to state which verses

Read the stories in those chapters with emphasis on their first verses.
Religion / Re: Did The Bible Really Say That A Woman Must Marry Her Rapist? by adelee777: 8:34am On Apr 13, 2019

how stubborn can your kind be?

Even when shown the multitude of errors contained in these modern Bible versions that deliberately omit key verses and even called Jesus the fallen satan, you still stick to those books. You want to tell me that God doesn't have his perfect word in English that is why so many versions are popping out?

Keeping allowing Satan to deceive you with fake Bibles

You confuse tradition with true worship. Your type are the ones that will say reading bible on an electronic gadget is a sin. No error in your KJV? Read 2Samuel 24 and 1Chronicles 21 in your KJV and see how you have no errors in your KJV.


Religion / Re: Did The Bible Really Say That A Woman Must Marry Her Rapist? by adelee777: 10:36am On Apr 08, 2019

I agree that the Bible does not teach that according to the Mosaic Law a raped woman must marry her rapist. It clearly teaches rather that the rapist is the one who is forced to marry the woman and treat her honorably, never divorcing her as long as he lives.

But I strongly disagree on two things here:

1. That the NIV is substantively different from the KJV here. In Early Modern English (the language in which the KJV was translated), "lay hold on" almost always implies force in a violent context. The exceptions would imply determination in the absence of violence.

Also there are four different situations here:

i. Man rapes unbetrothed virgin (Deuteronomy 22:28-29)

ii. Man seduces unbetrothed virgin (Exodus 22:16-17)

iii. Man rapes betrothed virgin (Deuteronomy 22:25-27)

iv. Man seduces betrothed virgin (Deuteronomy 22:23-24)

In (iii) and (iv), the man is killed because this is really adultery. In (iv), the woman is killed too because she consented despite being betrothed to another man. That is adultery.

In (i) and (ii), the woman is a free agent, so the rules are different. If it is rape, as in (i), the man is forced to marry her because he has insulted the woman and made it hard for her to find a husband (see Deuteronomy 22:13-21). If she were to marry someone else, she would be risking her life because the evidence of her virginity would be lacking on the marriage night. Note also that he cannot divorce her anymore. This law was made to protect women and guarantee marriage for them if anyone violated them. Compare 2 Samuel 13:1-22, especially verse 16. Then, as now, virginity was a great pride for the woman.

If it is seduction, as in (ii), the man must pay her dowry, also to make clear that another man has already had her. Because there was mutual consent here, the woman may not be compensated with an actual marriage: it is up to her father to decide whether to accept the rapist as his son-in-law or not. But the dowry is paid for her protection still, and the seducer has no choice but to marry her, if her father consents to the marriage. Any other man who marries her would know that she was taken by another man before him. He would also know that it was consensual. So, he would be getting into the marriage fully aware of her past history, and therefore unable to do her any further harm because of it (see Deuteronomy 22:13-21 again).

Both translations can be different, but not so much that one would consider them different Bibles. Neither is a perfect translation either - although both are among the very best translations available - so it is wise to compare them to each other as one studies.

2. That the Mosaic Law is still in force. Nearly all of Paul's letters addressed this. Romans, Galatians, the two letters to the Corinthians (especially in their address of circumcision), Colossians and especially Hebrews were devoted to teaching vigorously that the Law is no longer in force in the Church Age. This is made more emphatic by both the total absence of the Temple in Jerusalem throughout the period of the Church Age as well as the non-existence of the priesthood in Israel. There can be no more emphatic a way to show the removal of the Law than these witnesses.

The New Testament is chock-full of its own laws that we are responsible to adhere to, not least that there should be no sexual immorality, and everyone who lacks the gift of celibacy should have their own spouse and be faithful to them. In the New Testament, the hopes and expectations of the Old Testament are brought to fruition. It is not only foolishness, but also blasphemy against the Cross of Jesus Christ to return to the Mosaic Law in any form (Galatians 5:2; Hebrews 6:4-6; 10:26). We study that Law now in order to more completely understand the New Testament, because in that Law the New Testament is found in shadows.

I am always happy when I see Christians with the knowledge of what Christianity is all about. People always confuse traditions with true Christianity. When I see somebody praising the KJV to high heavens I just smh on such ignorance. God bless you bro for this writeup.
Religion / Re: Why Is RCCG And Adeboye So Tribalistic? by adelee777: 6:26pm On Apr 05, 2019

You cant dispute the fact that there are few Yoruba Reverend fathers in d Catholic Church. Probably because majority of Catholics in Nigeria are Igbo. Also in Christ embassy the members of the central executive council are all from Edo state like pastor Chris oyakhilome, because they were foundational members & have been in the ministry longer working with him.
Only a twisted person will start bringing tribe into d matter.
Trying to use logic with an Ibo person? I wish you good luck.

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Religion / Re: Why Is RCCG And Adeboye So Tribalistic? by adelee777: 6:23pm On Apr 05, 2019
I know many branches that are headed by Igbos.
Ibos always see tribalism in everything. And they are the most tribalistic.


Religion / Re: Pastor Kumuyi: Women Who Wear Men’s Clothes Are An Abomination Unto God by adelee777: 8:37pm On Apr 01, 2019
The Bible says so not pastor Kumuyi

How about not mixing materials in a single attire? Tassels at the edges of male clothes? The Bible says all these too. Never heard anybody preaching about these.
Politics / Re: 9th NASS: Why The Devilish Plot To Ridicule And Humiliate Ndigbo Must Fail by adelee777: 11:13pm On Mar 31, 2019
B-b-but I thought you guys are not Nigerian and you don't want to have anything to do with the zoo?


Politics / Re: Northern Hospitality At Its Best. by adelee777: 2:13pm On Mar 31, 2019
Tell us,why are you yorubas not building business in north,

are hausa not selling land to you people too.
How many Americans or Britons do you see living in Nigeria as compared to the number of Nigerians in those countries? It is the law of migration that humans migrate to places that are more developed and good for trade, not the other way round. Wonder why there are more Ibos in Yorubaland than vice versa?


Politics / Re: Northern Hospitality At Its Best. by adelee777: 1:53pm On Mar 31, 2019
I live in the north. Apart from their religious madness, Hausas are the best people to live with and have around. Very trustworthy, trusting, simple, straightforward and nice. And they (alongside other northern tribes) have the most beautiful girls in Nigeria.


Politics / Re: Who Remembers This Guy. He Is Now 70. by adelee777: 10:00pm On Mar 29, 2019

O God! Now I know what you are referring to!

Big nosed ✅

Comedy ✅



Late 1970s and early '80s✅

Banana Split

Banana Split was a puppet show, so to say. I was talking about a comedy program in the mould of Love Thy Neighbour. Only the opening or closing theme featured still cartoons with instrumentals playing.
Politics / Re: Who Remembers This Guy. He Is Now 70. by adelee777: 9:56pm On Mar 29, 2019

grin You just listed two of my favourite programmes back to back. Sunday night Brazilian Soccer and Football Made In Germany (with Tobi Charles as commentator).

Ok, based on the year that those shows were shown, I think you are talking about Secret Service.

Late 1970s and early 1980s on the NTA



OK thanks bro. Will check it out. How CME nobody brought in Telematch?
Politics / Re: Who Remembers This Guy. He Is Now 70. by adelee777: 7:45pm On Mar 29, 2019

Were they dogs?

What year was it shown?

They were like human caricatures. Used to watch it from early 80s to mid 80s.My dad loved it. I hated it (apart from the opening theme) cos it aired just before Brazilian Soccer (which used to start by 10pm Sunday nights on NTA 10. Hated any program that preceded Brazilian Soccer, Big League Soccer and Soccer in Germany, as those programs seemed to stretch the time I had to wait before watching my football.
Politics / Re: Who Remembers This Guy. He Is Now 70. by adelee777: 7:21pm On Mar 29, 2019

Do you remember LWT?
7pm Friday evening till 7am Monday morning (1980-1985).
Ernie Watts - Chariots of Fire (1982).

I nearly exploded with nostalgia at playing this. Wow! Good times.
Politics / Re: Who Remembers This Guy. He Is Now 70. by adelee777: 7:17pm On Mar 29, 2019
Who remembers a British comedy show that has big nosed cartoons and instrumentals as its opening theme? Those cartoons looked like the types in old Readers Digest. It usually aired on NTA 10 Lagos and NTA 2 Channel 5.
Politics / Re: Nigeria Has 4G Networks, Skype, Why NOT Electronic Voting? By Oranina by adelee777: 7:00pm On Mar 29, 2019

You're part of Nigerian problem. Advising a nation not to move forward. You didn't consider lives that were lost, much more the amount of money spent on each election.

How you fail to see the sarcasm in his statement beats me.
Religion / Re: Pastor Wole Oladiyun: Payment Of Tithe Is For Every Christian by adelee777: 9:53am On Mar 26, 2019

The Apostles paid more than tithe. They sold their properties and use the money for GOD's work.

Always give to GOD what belongs to GOD.

A good church uses your tithes for evangelism, helping the congregation and . not for pastor's enrichment

Seems you guys are still confused about what tithe is. The apostles sold all and gave it as OFFERING. Many people complaining about tithes pay offerings that are more than tithes. What many complain about is the dubious way people are being manipulated in the tithes issue. It is not wrong to pay tithes. What is wrong is a preacher saying it is compulsory for a christian.

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Politics / Re: Onnoghen: Why We Blamed SW by adelee777: 7:24am On Mar 23, 2019
Sorry to say this bruv, but you are not smart

Yorubas have ruled Nigeria in their capacity as president and vice president more than other tribe in southern part of Nigeria.

Nearly 15 years and counting.

Yet, you are asking for a successful political alliance!

Bro please think before you make some random post.

Think? What do you mean think? The guy is probably Ibo. Thinking is not part of their culture.

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Politics / Re: Why Do We Send Generated Power To National Grid And Receive A Fraction? by adelee777: 11:44am On Mar 20, 2019
If our Brothers up North seize mambilla dam and Kanji dam,you people down south bragging will be the 1st ones who will start the begging.
I think someone said something about the North using their backward thinking to hold Nigeria back. Your comment is a great example of this. So, the only source of power is hydropower? Or maybe your brothers in the North can also seize their abundant supply of natural gas too?

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Politics / Re: Why Do We Send Generated Power To National Grid And Receive A Fraction? by adelee777: 11:37am On Mar 20, 2019
I think power generation is actually in d exclusive list just like natl Defence, police, aviation, customs, state creation etc.

Infact almost all critical components of development in Nigeria is in the exclusive list. It's all intended to besically to gather more power n control in d center so that no matter how any region or state pushes, other week regions will be carried along.
It's actually counterproductive now.
That's y many bouyant states are not really interested in providing there own power.
Because if u generate? U can't distribute it urself

Any, what do u expect when the Constitution was literally written by a northern controlled military.
I think if power must be generated by government the sensible thing to do is for each state government to generate their own power. But "sensible" and "government" in Nigeria are two mutually exclusive expressions.


Politics / Re: The Fulanis Planning To Retain Power Through Kwankwaso In 2023 Under PDP? by adelee777: 11:32am On Mar 20, 2019
We are cool with this if Kwankwaso is the best man for the job irrespective of where he comes from.
Best man for the job. Fulani man. You have to choose one.

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