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Romance / Re: Should I Still Continue With This Relationship? I'm really fed up. by Allwility: 7:33am On May 30, 2021
Hi guys

Please i really need your sincere advice concerning my relationship, we have been dating for the past two years, but honestly speaking i am not enjoying the relationship, i dont know what is wrong with my man, at times, he would travel for three month without giving me any notice, and throughout that time, his number will be switch off, for the past two years that we have started dating, he has done that for over 5times, and i am getting confuse if i am not in the wrong hand, he wouldnt give me any good excuse and i am getting fed up with him, i dont want to break up with him all because we have gone a long way, but with his attitude, i dont think i can cope again, time is going...

Please i want the whole house to advice me because i dont know how to cope again, he has gone again and dont knw when he will be coming back.

Your man is a sailor.

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Romance / Re: Did I Push Him Away With My Attitude? by Allwility: 2:21pm On Jan 10, 2020
Nairalanders, this is a long post but please read till the end.

My bf just broke up with me over what he termed incompatibility. This guy and I have been together for two years and we both loved each other. It was a long-distance relationship, he stays in Lagos while I schooled in another town in the west. I had no problem with the distance because I'm not the attention-craving type and I like my space.

He's a complete extrovert, while I'm an introvert(not to the extreme though) and this has been an issue most of the time. He complains that I'm too quiet and not on the same social level as him. I don't do social media like that while he's uploading new pictures every minute. I also didn't like the fact that he relates too well with girls; he had a lot of female friends and easily socializes with new ones. Well, I blended with that so well as I didn't see any trace of unfaithfulness in him.

Fast forward to late last year, there was a breakdown in our communication, he stopped calling and chatting as he used to, I asked him what the matter was but he said there's nothing. I was a bit scared if something went wrong with him and I asked again after some days, that was when he said he would tell me when the time comes, so I stopped asking. With all the signs he showed me, my mind was telling me he wanted a breakup but I didn't ask him further as I was preparing for my final exam and him breaking up with me that period would leave me devastated so I focused on my exam with the hope that after then, we would talk about it.

After my exam, I sent him a text apologizing and asked us to continue as we were but he didn't reply. He invited me over to his place and that was when he told me he's no longer interested in the relationship, that he has no feelings for me again. He gave one thousand and one reasons for us not to be together anymore. He said I'm less expressive, I agree with anything he says and does and that during the break in our communication, I didn't make efforts to find out why he did so and challenge him. Funnily enough, I didn't react when he told me, I just said it's all right as I envisaged it earlier. With the reasons he gave me, my heart was broken and felt there was no need to push further. He was surprised with how calm I was when he told me, personally, I don't believe in forcing someone to love me.

I moved on well but after a week when I was alone and reflecting, the feeling of guilt overwhelmed me that I probably pushed him away with my seemingly “not too caring” attitude. I see myself with him and I never thought we could separate. I showed love and care in my how way and in the best way, I know-how. I did love him wholeheartedly and he knew it but he seemed unable to cope with my private/ less emotional lifestyle.
Nairalanders, did I actually push him away?

I hardly post on here but had to make an exception to your case. Firstly, sorry your relationship did not pan out as you may have wanted it. The feeling of disappointment isn't something any one would like to experience.

But you have to understand this. You did nothing wrong. You didn't push your ex bf away. You guys were INCOMPATIBLE and that isn't something to be apologetic or feel guilty about.

I've come to realize that as men grow older and more matured, they tend to prefer women that are less extrovertive in nature.

Keep being you, love yourself more, hold your heads up and someday you'd meet someone that loves you just the way you are.

Cheers and stay lifted.

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Sports / Re: Stay Calm, Pochettino Tells Players After 7-2 Champions League Defeat by Allwility: 10:18am On Oct 02, 2019
EPL is overrated!!


Crime / Re: EFCC Arrests 58 Oil Thieves In Port Harcourt (photos) by Allwility: 7:20pm On Sep 09, 2019
These are no oil thieves.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Kenya Hotel Attack: Special Forces Taking Position (More Pics) by Allwility: 9:35pm On Jan 16, 2019

This their gun no be child play. Na wetin I dey see for call of duty. No be M16 be that? Chai. Never seen that before im Nigeria. Only AK47.

Nigerian special forces like the Navy SBS use Tavor rifles and by the way, that's not an M16. The weapons you see here are mostly suitable for CQB. For instance, this guy in hood mask below is carrying a L119A2 by Colt Canada + suppressor used mostly by Canadian Forces and UKSF. Well give or take, the AK47 is still a good assault rifle but you need something more when fighting in buildup areas esp in a hostage situation.

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Politics / Re: Zamfara Donates 8.5million Naira To Families Of Fallen Nigerien Soldiers by Allwility: 9:01am On Jan 01, 2019
N8.5million for the families of the fallen Nigerien soldiers is good but what about those Nigerian soldiers killed as well?? Who is going to take care of their families??


Sports / Re: Italian Club, Palermo Sold For 10 Euros To London Company by Allwility: 4:58pm On Dec 01, 2018
There's something fishy underneath. Perhaps he have milked the club into serious debts and then gave it to the English guys. Perhaps the English guys are also part of the deal, they also took their personal cut which further indebted the club. Now they are using their corporate organisation to purchase the heavily indebted club with shareholders money.

There's nothing fishy here sir. This is one way companies are bought and sold if the seller doesn't want to be taxed for capital gains he makes from the company.

Dangote once did same in 2015 when he bought back Dangote flour from Tiger Food brand for $1. Here's a link to that buyout.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Why Is Beard Not Allowed In Military But Moustache Is Allowed? by Allwility: 12:29pm On Nov 27, 2018
You can keep a beard in the NA but you must have a pass to do so. We call it excuse shave.


Celebrities / Re: Photos From Lalasticlala's Child Naming Ceremony by Allwility: 7:51am On Nov 08, 2018
Lala aka Papa Chidinma, congrats.

But it's not up to nine months since you invited us for your wedding.


Hehehehehe angry angry

We must invite the elders to look into your case Mynd44, Seun.
Politics / Re: My Credentials Still With Military, Buhari Tells INEC by Allwility: 4:04am On Oct 26, 2018
INEC shouldn't accept this crappy excuse again. The military should present the said documents or INEC declare Buhari ineligible to run for office of President.

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Politics / Re: Buhari Signs Voluntary Offshore Assets Regularisation Scheme (VOARS) by Allwility: 10:05pm On Oct 10, 2018
We arent the US that tax citizens worldwide for jeez sakes! What happens to all our tax treaties? This will lead to double taxation!


Crime / Banksy Painting Self-destructs After Fetching $1.4 Million At Sotheby’s by Allwility: 9:45am On Oct 07, 2018
By Scott Reyburn
Oct. 6, 2018

LONDON — The British street artist Banksy pulled off one of his most spectacular pranks on Friday night, when one of his trademark paintings appeared to self-destruct at Sotheby’s in London after selling for $1.4 million at auction.

The work, “Girl With Balloon,” a 2006 spray paint on canvas, was the last lot of Sotheby’s “Frieze Week” evening contemporary art sale. After competition between two telephone bidders, it was hammered down by the auctioneer Oliver Barker for 1 million pounds, more than three times the estimate and a new auction high for a work solely by the artist, according to Sotheby’s.

“Then we heard an alarm go off,” Morgan Long, the head of art investment at the London-based advisory firm Fine Art Group, who was sitting in the front row of the room, said in an interview on Saturday. “Everyone turned round, and the picture had slipped through its frame.”

The painting, mounted on a wall close to a row of Sotheby’s staff members, had been shredded, or at least partially shredded, by a remote-control mechanism on the back of the frame.

A photo posted on the private Instagram account of Caroline Lang, the chairman of Sotheby’s Switzerland, showed a man in the salesroom operating an electronic device hidden inside a bag. Ms. Long said that she later saw a man being removed from the building by Sotheby’s security staff.

“We’ve been Banksy-ed,” Alex Branczik, Sotheby’s head of contemporary art in Europe, said at a news conference afterward.

“I’ll be quite honest,” Mr. Branczik continued, “we have not experienced this situation in the past, where a painting is spontaneously shredded upon achieving a record for the artist.”

Mr. Branczik added that he was “not in on the ruse.”

Sotheby’s has not named the client whose $1.4 million purchase was destroyed. International auction houses do not divulge the identities of their buyers unless the person requests it.

But Sotheby’s said in a statement on Saturday: “The successful bidder was a private collector, bidding through a Sotheby’s staff member on the phone. We are currently in discussions about next steps.”
Joanna Brooks, the director of JBPR, who answers media enquiries on behalf of Banksy, declined to comment on whether the artist himself had been removed from the salesroom.

On Saturday afternoon Banksy posted a video on his Instagram account, recording the confusion at Sotheby’s auction, following a sequence purporting to show the artist hiding a shredder inside a gilt-wood picture frame.

“A few years ago I secretly built a shredder into a painting,” Banksy wrote in the video. “In case it was ever put up for auction.” By Saturday afternoon, the video had attracted nearly two million views.

Sotheby’s did not divulge the identity of the seller. According to the catalog, “Girl With Balloon” had been “acquired directly from the artist by the present owner in 2006.”

But suspicious minds wondered whether Sotheby’s was completely taken by surprise.

The frame would presumably have been rather heavy and thick for its size, something an auction house specialist or art handler might have noticed. Detailed condition reports are routinely requested by the would-be buyers of high-value artworks. Unusually, this relatively small Banksy had been hung on a wall, rather than placed by porters on a podium for the moment of sale. And the artwork was also the last lot in the auction.
“If it had been offered earlier in the sale, it would have caused disruption and sellers would have complained about that,” Ms. Long said. “And Sotheby’s let a man with a bag into the building. They must have known.”

For more than a decade, Banksy has created headlines with his daring, politically subversive artistic stunts. In 2005, the artist hung one of his “modified canvases,” showing a 19th-century beauty wearing a 20th-century gas mask, in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York for two hours.

The prank was one of several recorded in his best-selling book “Wall and Piece.” The following year, he left an inflatable doll dressed as a Guantánamo Bay prisoner in Disneyland.

The identity of the artist remains a secret. In 2008, the newspaper The Mail on Sunday suggested that Banksy was in fact Robin Gunningham, who was born in Bristol in the west of England and dropped out of private school at age 16 to dabble in street art, a theory for which academic researchers have found corroboration. Banksy and the Gunningham family in Bristol have denied the connection.

“We never comment on identity issues,” said Ms. Brooks, Banksy’s public relations manager.

As the artwork shredded itself, a seemingly unperturbed Mr. Barker, the auctioneer and Sotheby’s European chairman, said, “It’s a brilliant Banksy moment, this. You couldn’t make it up, could you?”

It was an unexpected finale — at least to those in the room — to a $90 million auction in which “Propped,” a monumental 1992 canvas of a female nude by the Scottish painter Jenny Saville, sold for £9.5 million, or about $12.4 million, setting an auction high for an artwork by a living female artist.
Perhaps the shredded “Girl With Balloon” might eventually also prove a lucrative investment.

Banksy pronounced the painting “going, going, gone” on his Instagram account, quoting Picasso: “The urge to destroy is also a creative urge.” (The quote is often attributed to Picasso, but also to Mikhail Bakunin, the Russian anarchist who died five years before Picasso was born.)

But the painting was neatly shredded and could easily be backed on another canvas by a competent conservator. Thanks to the publicity of this stunt, could the painting now be even more desirable as a piece of auction history?

Source: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/10/06/arts/design/uk-banksy-painting-sothebys.html

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Education / Re: Dramatic Moment Kids Fight Off Massive Snake As It Tries To Kill Their Pet Dog by Allwility: 9:12pm On Oct 04, 2018
This thread won't make front page.

Lala go just pretend say him no see this post.

Seun right now:


Culture / Re: She Wants To Marry Him, Legal Or Illegal? by Allwility: 4:32pm On Sep 24, 2018
I don't know about Tiv traditions but I see nothing wrong here. Aondosor and Shidoo aren't related by blood unless I'm mistaken here. They can definitely get married.

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Education / Re: Muslim Girls Suspended From Isolo Secondary School Lagos For Wearing Hijab by Allwility: 12:00pm On Sep 19, 2018
Politics / Re: Ali Baba Speaks On Kemi Adeosun’s Resignation Saga Over NYSC Certificate Scandal by Allwility: 8:19pm On Sep 17, 2018

Nigerian by descent automatically?
You don't obtain citizenship of any country automatically except you apply for it. I guess you meant criteria or eligibility criteria for citizenship.
This isn't correct. Go and read our country's citizenship Act again.

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Politics / Re: Ali Baba Speaks On Kemi Adeosun’s Resignation Saga Over NYSC Certificate Scandal by Allwility: 11:27am On Sep 17, 2018

No it is not a crime and I know she worked there just as many expatriates working in Nigeria.

Or is she not Briton?

Infact, I know of a Nigerian who schooled up till university level in Nigeria, then went on to Canada for Master's and got his immigration papers there. He later came to work with his multinational oil firm who redeployed him to Nigeria to work and live with the benefits accorded to expatriates.

So yes she can work in any private firm in Nigeria as an expatriate that she was.
She obtained her passport and worked as a Nigerian at Chapel Hill. She's a Nigerian by descent automatically besides the time at which you get your international passport isn't when you become a Nigerian.


Politics / Re: Ali Baba Speaks On Kemi Adeosun’s Resignation Saga Over NYSC Certificate Scandal by Allwility: 9:00am On Sep 17, 2018

Are you too daft to understand what she wrote in her resignation? Or did you read that she left Nigeria as a teenager to go study in a university abroad, thereby necessitating the customary return to Nigeria that only exist in your own imagination?

She only visited Nigeria with her British passport on occasions. She was never a resident of Nigeria until she was 34yrs. Till today, her parents still reside in the UK where she was born.

Her interests in Nigeria only began long after she had passed the age to serve. Many Nigerians born and resident in the UK have graduated below the age of 30yrs, yet they do not come to Nigeria for any NYSC because they do not have any business with Nigeria besides visiting when a grandparent died or a cousin was wedding.

That they do not have any interest with Nigeria now does not mean they might not show an interest later.

These are the same type of Nigerians that are daily celebrated here on this forum, as working with Google or Facebook or NASA or the White House. Nigerians in the diaspora, like the ones that were on hand to receive the vice president when he visited Google in the US. Nigerians that don't even know that anything called NYSC exist as it remains irrelevant to them, until the day they decide they want to be Nigerians and not American or Briton.

So by default she made enquires about securing an exemption, and one was certainly obtained through her associates from NYSC but fake. It was not obtained under the bridge at Obalende. It was certainly obtained from NYSC officials who gave a document that was not the legitimate issue.

Many Nigerians currently hold particulars that they think is legitimate having been obtained at the legitimate relevant government office, yet they are invalid.
What are you even saying? She worked at Chapel Hill Dunham from 2002 even without the forged certificate. Do you know that's a crime? Keep defending impunity.


Health / Re: This Ambulance Drone Is Designed To Save Your Life During Emergencies. (PHOTOS) by Allwility: 7:56am On Sep 16, 2018
Wao.... Technology keeps advancing... I really wonder what we do wrong in this region called Africa...
Drones are already being used to deliver blood in Rewanda so stop the "backward Africa" narrative.
Politics / Re: Joe Igbokwe Reacts To Kemi Adeosun's Resignation Over NYSC Certificate Scandal by Allwility: 10:00am On Sep 15, 2018
Kemi Adeosun's crime wasn't just that she obtained forged NYSC certificate but worked at Chapel Hill Dunham in 2002 without an NYSC certificate or exempt. This is against the laws of our country.

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Celebrities / Re: Kaka: Emilia Samuel Accusing Theo Ukpaa Of Rape Surprised Me by Allwility: 1:45pm On Sep 09, 2018
Oga ,finish honeymoon fast and come and tell your own part.If in truth that's what you did,may your p..is shrink.

Madam,you don't know a rapist by mere physical appearance.you are just trying to exonerate yourself.

He's already done that. Read it up here:


Politics / Re: Northern Muslims Still Under Colonisation – Emir Sanusi by Allwility: 5:23pm On Sep 01, 2018
I think the Emir got it wrong on this one. Most of the Islamic teachers aren't literate in Arabic. Dont get it twisted, yes they can recite the Quran and Hadith but give them a technical write up in Arabic and see them fumble.

The children are still worse off IMO. Indeed the rate of out-of-school children in the North is alarming. Learning to recite the Quran isnt a proper education. Before anyone argues, the key word in the previous sentence is RECITE.

The Northern elite has to brace up to the realities on ground. They are sitting on a time bomb

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Politics / Re: Buhari Mourns Kofi Annan by Allwility: 2:47pm On Aug 18, 2018
There will always be that idi*t on facebook that will type RIP Kofi Annan with Morgan Freeman's picture.


Here's the difference once and for all.


Romance / Re: How Often Should A Guy Call A Lady? by Allwility: 1:09pm On Aug 18, 2018
Call her just like your doctor's prescription. angry

Two times in the morning,
Two times in the afternoon,
Two times before going to bed.

Nonsense, grin because you dont have anything else to do.

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Politics / Re: Shake Up Looms At DSS As President Buhari Decides Acting DG's Fate. by Allwility: 8:10am On Aug 15, 2018
Now that Daura is no longer in charge of the DSS, what's stopping the release of Dasuki, El Zakzaky, and Abiri Jones from custody if truly it was Daura that's been disobeying the court's orders all this while?

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Sports / Re: France Vs Croatia: Russia 2018 Final (4 - 2) On 15th July 2018 by Allwility: 5:23pm On Jul 15, 2018
Those pitch invaders will never be seen or heard from again.


Celebrities / Re: My Kissing RMD Comes With The Job - Dakore Akande by Allwility: 7:20am On Jul 13, 2018

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European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: AC Milan Banned From European Football By UEFA by Allwility: 10:33pm On Jun 27, 2018

My Rossoneri!!! My heart aches... sad

Anyway, Forza Milan we will come out of all this.
Phones / Re: Trump Is Frustrating Chinese Tech Companies And See How It May Affect Nigerians by Allwility: 3:22pm On Jun 27, 2018
This is an interesting piece coming from you TechCapon and its gives another insight to the impending trade war between the US and China. However I'm of a different opinion as per the outcome of a full scale trade war.

Firstly, I don't think Chinese companies will be the eventual losers in this case. Yes China may lose market share, obviously because the US is a major trading partner, but they will source for new customers. South East Asia, Latin America, SSA and MENA are other market options that could be readily developed. Also, even if Google play is eventually removed from ZTE phones, that will make ZTE come up with its own services and possibly OS! I wouldn't underestimate a country that came up with weibo, wechat, baidu and alibaba. Besides, I dont think Google Apps work in China. My point is a total ban on Chinese Techs will only make them innovate and create better products. Remember, Fanta was born in Germany because there was no trade between Nazi Germany and the US during WW2 and people couldn't get to drink Coca Cola.

Secondly, Nigeria and other countries can benefit from the trade war by increasing their technological know-how. If Nigeria can develop as much as India iand create technology clusters we could become an outsourcing hotspot instead of any of the two warring parties.

My humble take.

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Sports / Re: Nigeria Vs Argentina: World Cup (1 - 2) On 26th June 2018 by Allwility: 7:16pm On Jun 26, 2018
Crime / Re: Lady Battered By Soldier For Refusing To Pay Him, After Bashing Her Car (Photo) by Allwility: 7:15pm On Jun 24, 2018
Business / Re: Short Man Climbs Chair At First Bank Ikotun, Lagos To Transact Business- Picture by Allwility: 9:13am On Jun 12, 2018
Give the man his due respect.

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