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Business / Re: Starting Up A Filling Station: How Much Capital Is Needed? by AmAlone: 10:55am On Jan 29, 2012

1.Land for the feeling station how much?
2.How many tanker is needed,How much each?
3.A truck for conveying the fuel.
4.Building the structure how much?
5.Other things involved and joining the union,How much

There is definitely no specific amount required to build you a filling station.
But I can give a very close estimate.

*** Depending on the land. If you want quick return, then you need to consider having 2plots together by a (very) busy road
For land 22 to 25million upward(2plots). Which I learnt you can't use less than a plot to build a filling station again on a very busy road.
other documents to process your full ownership of the land can cost you and extra 4million(omonile,lawyer charge, and the others)

*** Since you own the filling station and its on a major road, you need around 11,000 litres tanker 10 to 12m and you need atleast 2.
One big one and one small one. The small one cost around 5 to 6.5m

*** The underground tank can cost your 4.5m to 5.5m(for 4. Kerosine, diesel and 2 for fuel) Depending the quality/size you want and the workmen involved though.
*** The structure will cost you nothing less than 16million upward.
*** Other thing involved can cost you much extra. 3m may do!!!!

3years ago when I made this enquiry  I was told 80M.

Though it depends on your location and the size. A small one can cost half this price(on a plot. but cannot be built on a busy road)
You can go for a land costing 500k to 5m. Build your filling station,
but be ready to drink you fuel. . .  .


Jokes Etc / Re: Correct Me And Tell A Bigger Lie! by AmAlone: 10:20am On Jan 29, 2012
lol!!! @ bb nokia 5110s comes with a windows 7.5, man, it is actually called Vx Iphone 4.
Anyone here know where i can repair my range rover sport 2015 model(animal edition)?? Please advice grin grin
What I love about this car is the bonnet that looks like a shark, and it interior leather was made of a white man's skin
Not too dull, not too shiny!!!! Comes with a brazillian hair too!!!
Properties / Re: The Finishing Of My House (Oluwa Champion) by AmAlone: 10:34am On Jan 28, 2012

AM ALONE, i am thanking u for the wonderful time u hve brought to make this forum to be successfully.
I also tank u for the gud Hand work of ur House frm foundation to this finishing level.Is not easy and u hve fight like a Man.
GOD WILL BE UR STRENGTH.i learnt a lot frm this forum.tanks once again.OLUWA CHAMPION.

Thanks OLUWA4SUR3!!!


Am Alone, feel free to share information but do not give out contact of your artisan. Every private and commercial builder should be able to find reputable craftsman to work with. Let's see how far you have gone.

Can you post the total cost of installing the tiles, electrical fittings and plumbing.

Again, feel free to share but be security conscious. What you have installed are basic things a hardworking fellow should be able to afford but poverty and bad belle plenty for una country.



@ am alone,

Thanks, I quite understand your fear but you can check my profile n post to get more detail about. Wishing you the very best.

I will check and see about that. You resides in Lagos?


Is electricity cable supposed to be magnetic? I thought copper was the ideal material for making electric cables. Please enlighten us my brother.

NO MAN!!! They are not. That is y it is good to go with magnet to know if they are magnetic

Properties / Re: Building A Large Duplex In Enugu by AmAlone: 9:15am On Jan 28, 2012

Nice points guys, wish I saw this when I was at home, this handheld will not allow me see the posted pictures or post some others. Is there some way we can chain the floor on one single level since the floor cannot be on one level due to the slope?

Yes you can/could. When if you check my first pic you would c how.
After raising the backside of the building to the level of the fronside, then you can chain up!!!!

Good news is that the decking will be on same level. Its a very good news my man!!!
Jokes Etc / Re: Correct Me And Tell A Bigger Lie! by AmAlone: 9:04am On Jan 28, 2012
Guys beware beause BOKO HARAM has got no offcial website, I am just coming from their head office @ Iju Ishaga, Lagos.
They confirmed this to me!!!! Anyone who is intrested in joining boko go to iju ishaga, lagos. opposite white house,
before you get sto that place they sells point and kill, just after that taxi pack. yh! Thats their head office there!!!!
Jokes Etc / Re: Correct Me And Tell A Bigger Lie! by AmAlone: 1:26am On Jan 28, 2012
You are very big liar!!!! there is no way you can cheat on BB liar!!!!
I'll explain to you when I get home because right now I'm still in the UK
waiting for a bike to drop me in front of my duplex in California.
Properties / Re: Building A Large Duplex In Enugu by AmAlone: 12:32am On Jan 28, 2012
Bros Spyder, my take is that you have at least two different building you are building together.
To make them one, I think you need to chain them up. Otherwise  in a space of 6 months or so.
you will notice that the building will start to seperate at that joint(because of the rotation of the earth) & because just chalking it will not hold it back.



Again, I don't know how you plan to do the decking, but please dont make same mistake as you did with the german floor.
since you are building this house as a building, let the decking make them one!!!!!

That is the best solution I can offer.


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Properties / Re: Building A Large Duplex In Enugu by AmAlone: 12:15am On Jan 28, 2012
So the solution to the above mistake done buy this guy(base on my experience), would have been a raft foundation and a chain-up(like brabus did for his house).
Now let me not forget to tell you that you're doing a very wonderful job here, and I've always admired your work. Again I'm glad to see that
you still in the business till now. Spyder what you gave to us as cost of building is very reasonable and workable(in your area/end). I confess and stick to the fact thatcost of construction over there is very fair though u still added some maggi to the soup grin grin grin. Unlike some others that tells us they can do it very very cheap here in lagos. Its laughable to see that they've faded away. deception won't take any man far.
So Mr. Spyder, i noticed the that yours has got no raft at all(correct me if i'm wrong. Because you the one seeing the whole thing for real).

So I'll just outline the problems I think I noticed. Again, I may be wrong!!! Besides, we learn everyday. . .

* I noticed when you do chain-ups you don't put them all on same line? Please you need to make sure it goes round and on the same line.

Properties / Re: Building A Large Duplex In Enugu by AmAlone: 11:42pm On Jan 27, 2012
@Spyder, Well done my man,
I hardly visit the property section this days. . . . .

Honestly, I have a guy thaat did 8blocks of 2bedroom flat on (a storey building, 4 up 4 down).

it was a very sloppy ground(like the one you have here. Or yours may be worst).
I know it is very good to save money, but I thinks its always better not to be pound foolish(ABEG I NO MEAN INSULT O).

***Please note I'm not saying you must do this o. But I think from experience, you should consider.
I will take time to post some of the picture of the house you are building, edit to display my point.
I wanted to take permission from u before i do so, but i think its is just too urgent, i can't risk it.****

So back to the guy dat build the 8flat. After his German floor, the building/German floor started cracking real bad Like one part
of it was falling back into the slop. NOTE: His building process was not as fast as yours. And it was during the raining season.
So he was lucky to see that there was a mistake somewhere. . . .

In fact his land was not as sloppy as your, yet he took an extra measures. YET the damn German floor cracked. So he corrected it
at the top.(which is not always the best option. But i think it's even better to correct).

Before I go further, I like to introduce to you the picture of his foundation, for your reference. So you can see the measures that was taken to correct the defect!!!!!

P.S. 1.1million was what he used to fill the foundation.

NOTE: the big pillars that was used at the end where the slope reached and building stopped. It stands as a bigger and stronger column to help the building from shifting in the nearest future. After this, a chain-up was done before the German floor(will still confirm from him tomorrow). After they did the German floor, 2 months later when he came back to continue his work, he noticed that the German floor has cracked/shared into 2 parts.

Jokes Etc / Re: Correct Me And Tell A Bigger Lie! by AmAlone: 8:31pm On Jan 27, 2012
Stewpid gurl, dont know all blackberry fone comes with its pin!!!
it is very obvious you don't have blackberry.
Anyways,I don't like blackberry,I prefer BB  cheesy cheesy
Jokes Etc / Correct Me And Tell A Bigger Lie! by AmAlone: 8:31pm On Jan 27, 2012
Hi guys, I've noticed somethings about some peeps on NL
In a way they are always very 'forward' trying to correct other people
when they(the people/person) posts certain things on NL that are wrong or mistaken.
But sometimes it happens that while they're in such an hurry to
correct/mess-up this people they ended up messing up themselves even more. . .

So I'm proposing this same thing to everyone who visits this thread.
Lets mess-up the poster above us, then why trying to be a professionals
mess-up ourselves more grin grin grin grin

So I'm gonna let this begin with me

I just got my blackberry,I will buy my pin next week  wink
Jokes Etc / Re: The Taxi Driver Lynched Me! (projan) by AmAlone: 7:51pm On Jan 27, 2012
Properties / Re: The Finishing Of My House (Oluwa Champion) by AmAlone: 2:22pm On Jan 27, 2012

Thanks Am alone I understand

Man I went with my electrician to get my cable and electrical fitting from Island(around balogun market. There is another one there the concentrate fully on electrical stuff. If you can ask a bike-man, they will take you there from balogun market.)

Please beware as there are too many fake cables this days. U can go with you magnet to check the wires to see if they are not copper. You electrician should know this, but you should confirm yourself with you BIG MAGNET!!! grin grin grin
Properties / Re: The Finishing Of My House (Oluwa Champion) by AmAlone: 2:13pm On Jan 27, 2012

My friend, sorry to say, but for security reasons, I cannot share such informations again.
Please refer to post #474(Page 15)
where I outline how to get a good workman.
I'm sure if you follow the instructions you can help yourself get a very good artisan

Peace for the 'good'
Crime / Re: Mechanic Sentenced To Death For Stealing Car Stereo by AmAlone: 12:07pm On Jan 27, 2012
So easy sentencing a mechanic for stealing a car stereo to death by hanging

But People Stealing Billions With A 'Nuclear-Bomb-Of-Lies/Corruption' Gets only 6months in an hospital tha seems like a 5 Star Hotel!!!!

Niaja u are so cursed!!
Properties / Re: The Finishing Of My House (Oluwa Champion) by AmAlone: 8:54pm On Jan 26, 2012
Just passing I say make i drop this 2pictures!!!!

The screading cost me 700 per square meter.


Properties / Re: The Finishing Of My House (Oluwa Champion) by AmAlone: 8:51pm On Jan 26, 2012


I used around 85 bags of cement. Becaused i used mostly security doors. The guy who fixed them took them too high
costing me more cement and sand.

Properties / Re: The Real Cost Of Building A 6 Bedroom Duplex (reloaded) by AmAlone: 8:50pm On Jan 26, 2012
Spyder well done oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


Make I say SP Cool J!!!
Politics / Re: Nigeria President Urges Boko Haram To Come Out And Talk by AmAlone: 8:43pm On Jan 26, 2012
saw this this afternoon. I have already bought myself enough Gallas and Pure-water.
Immediately this boko boys come out for negotiation with this Inbecilious-imbe.ci.le,
I'm on the next ship(stoneway) going to Mali or Ghana or sayTogo or even Benin-republic
lard!!! Just to leave this larwd forsaken country!!!!!!!!!!!
Politics / Re: Support The Call For Jonathan's Resignation by AmAlone: 8:04pm On Jan 26, 2012
supporting non-stop!!!!
Nairaland / General / Re: Please Help Nairalander Perx - And She Went Home: RIP Perx by AmAlone: 7:20pm On Jan 26, 2012

Thes[b]These questions need to be answered before I part with my widows mite, especially the question with regard to sourcing medication for her from abroad.

If this story is true, and has been confirmed to be true, then I will suggest that an online mechanism should be set up whereby the 800,000+ members of Nairaland are morally motivated to donate £1 each. That way £800,000 (about 200 million Naira) can be raised for her.[/b]

Some people have up to 25,000 ID's here on NL
Some nearly double that number.
Other no longer uses theirs. Are you saying one pound for every one ID's?
because I have 3 ID's Intotal. the 1st was banned, the second I forgot PWord
The third said it all . . . .

Not everyone is generous you know. And nos all NL members can afford to help.
Lastly, some people here to collect the little we are willing to donate
Nairaland / General / Re: Please Help Nairalander Perx - And She Went Home: RIP Perx by AmAlone: 7:15pm On Jan 26, 2012
Account Number Pleaseeeeee
Politics / Re: Beware! Bomb Blast At New Road Park, Sabon Gari, Kano. by AmAlone: 2:47pm On Jan 26, 2012
diluminati or illuminati or whatever you name is must you always spit trash?

Seriously, don't you have something doing at all?
if so why I not try fishing? I see you've got a brain like theirs!!!!

Sure this will help!!!!
Romance / Re: The Devil I Love by AmAlone: 8:16am On Jan 26, 2012
**Scratch head***
Properties / Re: Bungalow by AmAlone: 7:38pm On Jan 25, 2012
Thanks Cinzo,

I never knew vetrified tiles have more value than granite and marbles until today.
Food / Re: Kefee Opens Own Restaurant, Calls It Branama Kitchen by AmAlone: 7:24pm On Jan 25, 2012
I voted for you, but have changed my mind
Can I have my vote back?
Better-still, give it to kefee!! lol!!
Romance / Re: Pls How Would U Feel by AmAlone: 7:16pm On Jan 25, 2012
Maybe he don't want to be too 'forward'
Noo worry sha, this night thing will change
Jokes Etc / Re: Funny/dirty Words Used In Nigerian News Papers by AmAlone: 1:57pm On Jan 25, 2012
Obasanjo is Satanic; Worst Than Lucifa  grin grin grin


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Health / Re: What's The Best Insecticide For Lagosian Mosquitoes? by AmAlone: 1:41pm On Jan 25, 2012
Try "Yuki Maton" Sells for around 500 to 600 naira. It it not made in Nigeria
But works alot. Infact the last time I sprayed it was 4days ago. I don't have mosquito nets @home
but no disturbance at all. If i notice just one again, I will spray it again.
I guess that will be for another 5 to 6 days. Assuming I use mosquito nets, then i guess 1 spray can last for eternity. . .
Jokes Etc / Re: Funny/dirty Words Used In Nigerian News Papers by AmAlone: 1:29pm On Jan 25, 2012
wow!!!! Thanks alot
I've really learnt alot from this one thread alone!!!!
Celebrities / Re: John Okafor (Mr Ibu) Loses His 2 Year Old Son by AmAlone: 1:13pm On Jan 25, 2012
yeah take heart
Politics / Re: Another Bomb Explosion At Sheka Police Station In Kano by AmAlone: 7:46am On Jan 25, 2012

My quote: The 9/11 bombing in America by the notorious Osama Bin Laden

You are just saying. I said bombing and never mention how it was bombed. And you come here to say what I didn't and still correct me for saying what I didnot? grin grin grin

Like someone said earlier, you need to consult a/your structural engineer before posting ****
No matter how small/tall or short a building needs be. it need pillars/columns to carry it.
you can break the whole building for all I care so long as the right columns are not altered the building still stands.
Osama was a mastermind who don't have time beating around the bush. The hit the right column(s), and the whole building fell apart.

And as for the 'Madrid fire of 2005', if I may ask, can fire burn steel? Can it burn Columns made of concrete? Fire burn only flammable substance(s)
as a result, if the 'Madrid fire of 2005' was built with steel, the fire can last for twice more than it lasted, but just a fire cannot bring down a building built of steel.

P.S: A proposal of Intelligence is much more advanced than a civilization of stupidity - Oluwa4Sure

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