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Romance / Re: My Brother And The Wife Had Sex In My Room, Why Won't She Wash The Sheets? by Anextin(f): 9:18am On Feb 15

I won't judge much on that one, it is their house and no one knew I will be coming back today, but why in heavens name won't she at least wash the bedsheet, I'm disgusted honestly,
And you don't think your brother should maybe do the washing?


Romance / Re: I Need Advise On What To Do About A Controversial Girlfriend by Anextin(f): 4:05pm On Dec 09, 2020
So you have turned her into a punching bag. Beating her mercilessly. Commando that you are. Go on, the day she faints and not wake up again, your body go tell you. .He goat, anuofia
[b]This girl is a very beautiful lady which i know would have lots of suitors on her head. I never even intended dating her until she converted our friendship to relationship.

When we started, i noticed her incessant calls and had to complain about them which got reduced with time. In most cases, i would bring up issues pertaining to her having an affair with some of those people which she would discard and even get angry enough as to quarrel with me.
So, because of the texts and calls she was getting i became suspicious and one evening when i read a text from a guy addressing her as "baby and luv" i finally vented my anger, she strolled out that evening while i waited at home, later on, i took her phone, old phone which she barely uses, i turned it on and went through her Whatsapp messages, it was then that i discovered she has had an affair with a boss she was working for and even got messed up without her salary being paid for that month.

Not just that, other guys too have had their pounds of flesh. I was messed up that evening because this lady would insist we have sex without condom. So messed up that when she came, for the first time in my life, i layed my hands on a woman and slapped her so bad, I even beat her till she was unconcious and when she finally gained conciousness, she started begging and explaining, she even pretended like she wants to drink hypo bleech due to heart break.

To cut the long story short, i got other texts too from guys in her phone, one in particular sent her "are we still seeing today ?" Which she told me she never made any arrangement with the guy.
Well, i have invested much on this girl and i don't want to let her go like that, she had turned me to a brutal guy. I don't know what to do, i don't want to break up with her because she would just shift to another guy the next day, so I need advise on the best medicine for this kind of lady.[/b]

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Family / Re: My Sister Want To Expose My Secret Life To My Husband by Anextin(f): 4:01pm On Dec 09, 2020
If it's the man, would you be this vehement. It's 11 fucking years.. anyone can do this. Even the husband had kids shortly after he got there. She didn't kill him for it she still accepted.

If ever there's a man in doubt as to the callousness and wickedness that lies buried deep in a woman's heart, look no further than this. Let me add quickly that even the devil himself cannot be this selfish and heartless. Now I understand why the devil is a man and not a woman, it would have been too bad, just too bad if he were a woman. It is a lot better to fill up a basket with water than to put your trust in a woman.
Family / Re: My Sister Want To Expose My Secret Life To My Husband by Anextin(f): 3:58pm On Dec 09, 2020
Forced her?? More lies. Nahhh the truth is better. No more lies.

Madam, pray and make your husband promise and even sign undertaken that you will tell him something and he won't feel bad about it. Then go ahead and tell him. Las las, he will find out and that will break your marriage. You should also be ready for the worse. But there's nothing prayers cannot do. You made a mistake. You can even tell him the man forced you, and you were in your most vulnerable state because you hadn't been touched by anyone. Your system will eventually blow your cover.
Family / Re: My Sister Want To Expose My Secret Life To My Husband by Anextin(f): 3:56pm On Dec 09, 2020
You should have added this from the start. See how These devilish sinful men an vilifying you like you have done the worst sun. While they do worst. Tell your husband now, he played away, you played same. Be repentant and tell him. But never ever be angry at your sister, the shame you brought is too much. Infact she almost deserves her daughter going there being sponsored by you. Don't ever hate her,she did what many would never do. And yes, tell your husband and still find a way to bring your sister daughter over when you can. She's your hero!!!!
let me add this : for those 11 years I waited for him , he has also had 2 children here , a girl born in 2006 and a boy 2010 but I didn’t know about those children until when I joined him in 2013. He has only told me about the boy born in 2010 buy he never told me about the girl born in 2006 , so I came to found out about the girl in 2018 via Facebook when the mother of the girl who is an African but not Nigerian messaged me on Facebook with the girl photo , she looks exactly like my husband in everything and she and my first daughter look alike too , I confronted my husband he did not denied he has told me if he had documents in this country , it was because of the girl because after having lots of rejection things were hard that’s why he decided to cheat on me and get the lady pregnant and after the daughter was born , he and the mother went to claiming that he now have a child born in this country so he was allow to get his documents through the child. After getting documents the mother started making his life miserable and he has to leave her and child and never looked back to her. I know him having children outside of our marriage is forgivable which I had also forgive him but I know when he found out about mine , he wouldn’t be the same , he will make it looks so bad forgetting that he has done the same which I forgive and forget about it.
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Your Best Caption For Juventus Vs. Barcelona Match? by Anextin(f): 3:42pm On Dec 09, 2020
Some weeks ago, Barcelona beat Juventus in this same UCL 2: 0, but we didn't see threads on it. But ordinary win of 3:0 of which 2 was even penalties, they will create 1 million and one threads on it and somehow one fan boy moderator will push it to front page. Penaldoooo fan boys are too insecure grin. Messi remains the GOAT and Penaldooo remains a penalty opportunist. 750 goals scored, maybe 600 were penalties, penalties won by other players grin grin grin

This is the stats for the match:

Possession: 59 / 41% Barca wins
Shots on target: 7 / 4 Barca wins
Shots missed: 10 / 4 Barca wins
Corners: 5 / 1 Barca wins
Goalkeeper saves: 1 / 7 Juventus wins

Barca had more shots both on target and off target = made Barca more attempts to score. But they were just unlucky yesterday night, plus their goalkeeper was just fumbling but Juventus goalkeeper did very well and saved them. Penaldooo did NOTHING special in that match. Mtchwwwww grin

You know the only thing that game counts is scores. And the scorelines is .............

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Celebrities / Re: Pretty Mike & His 6 Pregnant Girlfriends Appear In 30 Countries' Newspaper (Pics by Anextin(f): 5:03pm On Dec 02, 2020
Why allow you gf or bf cheat on you even your wife or husband get our hacked WhatsApp spy app at low rate quote the post to get my contact
After hacking their acct, will it stop the cheating and the thoughts of cheating?
Family / Re: My Wife Won't Cook For Our Guests. Please Advise Me by Anextin(f): 5:50am On Sep 04, 2020
All I Can Do Right now is to Pray For you!

Precious Daddy, I Pray thee, Touch the wife of My Brother to see the Need to Cooperate with Her Husband. Touch Her to Do it with Joy In Jesus Name.... Amen..

My Brother Calm down.. She will Do it...

Reading through the Comments, It's clear that People Have Lost what Marriage is all about!

Marriage is Cooperation
Marriage is Sacrifice
Marriage is Watching out for each other

It's sounds strange to me that a woman is not willing to Cooperate with her Husband and People are Supporting that!

Seriously! This Generation has lost it
Now that you know they have lost it. What will u do. Force her to do it? And if she doesn't? Threaten her with divorce? Or send her packing?
Family / Re: Need Your Advice On What To Do About My Late Sister Children by Anextin(f): 9:27pm On Aug 02, 2020
Poster, the only solution, is to ask your mom to go beg this man with all the tears she has to please allow her visit the kids. She should promise to never ever consider taking his kids yo any prophet let alone one that want to put tribal marks on them. You and your mom has no iota of right over them kids.
You can't do shit, only your mom can plead with his heart. Let her be remorseful and repentant. You will see that with time he might even bring the boy to come stay with her
Crime / Re: Dr Olufunmilayo Responds To Bola Aseyan Rape Allegation – We Had Sex Twice by Anextin(f): 10:40am On Jul 01, 2020
..."According to him, they had consensual sex, twice. The 1st being after they were both drunk, only for her to tell him the next day she didn’t give her consent to the sex they had"...

The above statement alone will get him in serious trouble. When she is drunk, you ain't suppose to sleep with her especially when not in an established relationship.
Guys be careful and know when to abort mission. Control your prick, don't let it control you. Yea it can be hard and strong but e no go break for sure.
No it won't, cos both were intoxicated
Politics / Re: President Buhari Nominates Okonjo-iweala For World Trade Organization DG Post by Anextin(f): 4:33am On Jun 05, 2020
He did what now
Family / Re: My Husband Doesn’t Want My Son To Come And Stay With Us by Anextin(f): 11:22am On Mar 13, 2020

Thanks for nice advice. You are right my son has become a thief due to the way my sister in law has being treating him , depriving him from food and many bad things the boy had no other choice than to steel. Since I’m alive I want him to be with me and I will take good care of him

Madam, you are the failure here not ur in-law. How can u be alive and well and let ur blood live with someone else. How can u claim to foot 70% of the bill yet ur own blood is starving. Yes, you need happiness and love in your life so I can't be against you for seeking for it. But u should be ashamed that your child is suffering when u are alive and happy. You can't choose anyone above your child.
And don't blame that man, he can't be forced to accept duties of an another man. Blame yourself for all the failures ur son is going through.
Now go and get your son, apologise to him for failing as a mother. Don't u dare bounce him off on another person not even his biological dad, that boy needs his mom. As for ur husband, u have to chose, I pray u make the right decision

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Crime / Re: 38-Year-Old Man Caught Raping A 13-Year-Old Girl In Opolo, Bayelsa State by Anextin(f): 10:12am On Feb 27, 2020
Whether she's 10 , 13 or 25, oga should be castrated!!!

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Romance / Re: "What Happened When I Followed My Boyfriend To Germany" by Anextin(f): 6:43am On Feb 24, 2020
All these fools blaming these girls and calling them names, are you well. Didnt you read that they were promised a better life of job and family. Don't our men go out there and marry grandmothers just to survive. One said she left her job at Glo because she felt something better was coming her way.
You evil tongued lots, brandishing them names and spewing rubbish should go and drown. Stupid people.

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Family / Re: I Am Sex Starved, My Marriage Is Falling Apart by Anextin(f): 5:33pm On Jan 24, 2020

It’s important to read and understand what you are responding to before your actual response.

Someone complained of two months of “very poor sleep”, but you don’t think it’s sufficient reason enough to seek other sleeping arrangements.

Secondly, he hasn’t said he’s not been parenting. Wtf
Do u think the wife is getting any sleep at all. Raising kids requires parents forfeiting much sleep till they come of age. One just have to deal with it.
Family / Re: I Hit My Wife by Anextin(f): 12:13pm On Dec 16, 2019
I bet you didn't call to tell her where u were, or the stupid invitation. The problem with abusers like you is that, it always starts with a first slap, followed with repeated apology, then the torrents of beatings sets in. Except she does something drastic n deep, You will continue. Its in you man. The only solution is for her to take you to army guys for proper beatings n flogging. That way, any day you want to raise your stupid hand, you will recall d beating n hold back!!!!


Religion / Re: Lady Twerks In Church During Tithe And Offering by Anextin(f): 4:48pm On Dec 02, 2019
When you hear David danced like crazy and didn't care, even.pulled clothes!! Pls what comes to mind
Romance / Re: She Keeps Insisting On Having Sex Without Protection by Anextin(f): 9:59am On Nov 21, 2019
Its obvious, she wants to have a child, not necessarily a husband. She choose you to father the her baby but not with any conditions. That woman will only sleep with you whenever she's ovulating.
Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu Replies Justice Binta Nyako Suggesting Prison To Be Safest For Him by Anextin(f): 8:00pm On Nov 01, 2019
You coward! What are you afraid of?Or is prison not meant for beings?. Come out from your shell and be a Man.No country is safe (inclusive the western world) idiot!!!
Kai e pain m
Romance / Re: An Ex Posted My Picture Tagging It RIP Pls I Need A Legal Or Best Advice by Anextin(f): 12:48pm On Oct 28, 2019
wait till she's engage and is ready for marriage, then create a fake account, message her with her nude and tell her to pay a certain amount of money or else you will release it to her prospective groom and his family and if she doesn't u then release it publicly and Tag all her Facebook friends along
Do you realise he will be behind bars if he dares to post her nudes without her consent?? Police are looking for such people to make example of them
Family / Re: My Husband Always Tells Me To Leave His House During Quarrel by Anextin(f): 10:09am On Oct 14, 2019
You see this your statement is the reason many marriages are crashing, its not a woman who builds a home, its both parties. If a man and wife doesn't agree to make a marriage work, then it won't. One person doesn't carry a relationship successfully. If the woman study's her man, the man should equally study his wife..it takes two to tango. Ask men who have happy and fulfilling homes, ask them their secret. Not just being married for the sake of it and the kids, I mean being happy in your marriage.


Is that how you were raised, do you even know the number of times couples fight in there lifetime ... for how long will he come begging.
There is no perfect marriage anywhere, these as nothing to do with sentiment, only a woman can build a home, men are not as difficult as women think ... if only they can just take there time out to study there man. men are door buh we get key


Crime / Re: El Chapo Jailed For Life by Anextin(f): 9:29pm On Jul 17, 2019
It took the feds years, resources ,time and more to build a solid case against this man. Drug and crime rate in the US would not have been this highly if everyone stayed in their countries. But, no, they come into yours with baggage full of shit and damages.


Family / Re: Dad Catches 12-Year-Old Daughter Having Sex, Beats Her Mercilessly by Anextin(f): 7:25pm On Jul 17, 2019
Daddy daddy...that beating will only send our girl out and away from home to go join her many peers on the streets slaying and being celebrated as instapreneurs.

Las las you'd be left with no choice than to forget this heartbreaking and shameful episode and even join in celebrating your lovely daughter in whom you'd say 'you are well pleased'.

No be your fault o na just the condition of where we find ourselves as a people.

A little father to daughter talk just to figure out how she graduated to this level would have gone a long way, if for nothing at all but to help in guarding against a recurrence with your other daughters if any.

It is well
No ma, he did ok though extreme. The talk will come later, she need to feel the wrath of such wrong. There are things you excuse a child and have heart to heart, not this level of wrong. She won't be going anywhere, he will have that heart to heart after her penance. Hope he dealth with the boy too.

Wish that other guy who posted how he caught his 8 year old involved with their 14 years old house help in a compromising position, flogged the boy his size of cane. Then when its time for heart to heart, he will understand that for you to hit him means, he bleeped up big time!!!!


Education / Re: Dr. Chinenye Nwabueze: Anambra Lecturer Honoured For Creative Teaching Technique by Anextin(f): 11:28am On Jul 16, 2019
Warped devilish satanic minds of the lazy idiotic Nigerian youths. You complain how many lectures can't impact knowledge. Here you see a man who went beyond teaching, to innovation so the students will be grounded in the course , yet here you are spewing sex and ladies. Big fools

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Family / Re: I Caught My Housemaid Sexually Assaulting My Son by Anextin(f): 10:49am On Jul 16, 2019
This is the mistake we parents do that cost us so much. You don't hit your kids yes you correct with love. But there are some wrongs you walk into and the only thing you do to arrest and stop such wrongs is beating them hard, and immediately, so they know how bad what they did is. You saw yours kids in such situation and you waka pass, how After you beat, they nurse their wounds or the hurt, you give them space, then talk to them after you have calm down and their tears too has subside.. They will never forget the rage and sadness they saw in your eyes, . Hence they wont go back to it. Send the girl back to her parents, tell them what happened so they take it with her , then deal with son, he's old enough to understand some sex basics.
Don't ever walk away again when you see your child doing something this extreme. You must take immediate and intense action!!!!!
BTW don't ever let these fools make you think having a help is wrong, they are also same fools who believe a woman should contribute financially to the home growth, yet when the woman picks up , they complains how the kids are left. Ignore those confused morons. Nothing wrong with your woman having a little help while she's out there helping the home make a little extra


Romance / Re: I Don't Want To Marry Her. Should I Reject The Job? by Anextin(f): 3:21pm On Jul 14, 2019
Op you don't what the woman is doing to help get you the job, if shes using her hard earned money cos she's already seeing you as part of the family.
Pls stop deceiving the lady, move on, you will surely find your own. Marriage is not to be toyed with, don't waste the girls time and her family resources!!!!


Religion / Biodun Vs Bukola:: My Take by Anextin(f): 1:09pm On Jul 04, 2019
Biodun Vs Bukola Rape Sage:: My Take

I do believe the first sex was not consensual. He did rape her the very first time. Maybe the shock, fear and respect kept her mute. The subsequent ones were followed with this mantra "he has had it, whats there to hide again, coupled with maybe threats, fear, respect, admiration and intimidation.
Timi is a brand. He has name to protect, a legacy to defend, he wouldn't just support his wife in this madness if there's no gleam of light somewhere. Timi is a man who by virtue of his song, performs in presidential functions, inaugurations. He's a national man. He has everything to loose. So why rubbish his career and name for an alleged rape that took place years ago.
Biodun has pondered on this over and over, he knew they have no evidence, and as Nigerians rightly pointed out, the woman continued to worship in his church, her said rapist wedded her, bought them a gifts which they gladly accepted. Even their kids where probably named by her alleged rapist. So why come forward now. Why ruin their names for this. No!!! Something is amiss here, something fishy is going on. Someone is dancing to a beat that Biodun is not seeing. Yes, there's a higher game plan than the accusation. They didn't go court,they want to provoke him into going to court to sue them for defamation.
Then it dawned in him, there might be victim/victims, who has concrete evidence that would be undeniable. Solid evidence both from those he took forcefully and the numerous ones he had affairs with.. It dawned on him, that they want him to sue them, so they can present overwhelming evidence of crimes untold.!!!!
No wonder Timi can risk his career and family for this, its a course worthy of pursuit. Their plan is very simple, if he sues, he can't withdraw the case, cos that will nail him in all the wrong places,the media will have a field day. The international community already has started liking him to the Catholic rape case that took decades to uncover, even the Cosby and R Kelly case are now being linked to him.

Pastor Suleiman was accused by otebor. He knew he was innocent, he fought day and night, always speaking to clear his name. He didn't leave it for God to fight, he didn't quote bibles up-and-down. He came out with his lawyers, and cleared his name. Because he knew he was innocent, that they dont have anything on him.

But Biodun approach will be biblical,cos he knows he can't sue them for fear of playing into their hands. He knows they are lying in wait. He will use the bible to buy his way like " the battle is of the lord, vengeance is of the lord, how 10000 will come for him from one way and flee in 1M ways. How God admonished us to always pursue peace with all men. How forgiveness is key to Gods kingdom"" Biodun will definitely use the bible to defend his not pursuing this case in court.

The slapping sinator is a narcissist. He derives joy in putting people down and intimidating them. If he wasnt caught on camera assaulting a someone,he would have denied all these, never would have apologised. Infact he was already denying and giving excuses if not for Atiku who admonished him to take responsibility for his action and face the music. Heck, the sinator would have threatened anyone who dares to make such accusations, and even turn it into an APC/ PDP war. Just as they are turning this into a church war.

Biodun is trying to uncover those that has what on him. The real victims who couldn't use their faces cos of stigmatization and fear. So Bukola is the face, but she is not the one biodun is scared of. No!! There are people behind the scene with gory details, and i fear some might just be underaged!!!, he knows. Wait for his sermons of leaving it all to God to fight. Its coming soon!!!
Crime / Re: Protest In Asaba As A 52-Year-Old Man Rapes A 2-Year-Old Girl (Pictures) by Anextin(f): 10:47am On Jun 18, 2019
That's no longer rape. It's pure insanity.

Women should learn to satisfy their husbands to avoid taboos as this from occurring. When a man is well-satisfied, his mind won't wonder to "unknown places".

And if you refuse to satisfy your husband, you sef go suffer am las las!

Oh shut up, how can dare you put the blame on a woman, how stupid can you be. A grown man rapes a baby and you are looking for whom to blame!!!
Celebrities / Re: I Use Bikes When I'm Late To Airport, Nina Ivy Defends Bobrisky. by Anextin(f): 1:39pm On Jun 16, 2019
So who exactly does Nina think she is? A celeb?
At least most Nigerians including you knows her face and name. You, who the Bleep are you, who knows you. Stupid
Celebrities / Re: E-money And Wife, Juliet Okonkwo Made Grand Entry To Funnybone Comedy Show by Anextin(f): 9:09pm On Jun 14, 2019
Please what's Emoney's business? Record label owner? Only?
keep asking questions, the uncle had a reserved seat in the just concluded presidential swearing in. Did you hear, a reserved seat!!!!!
Celebrities / Re: E-money And Wife, Juliet Okonkwo Made Grand Entry To Funnybone Comedy Show by Anextin(f): 9:57pm On Jun 12, 2019
Meanwhile.....E-Money is always with his wife. Is it that he doesn't cheat on her or what? Guy is too rich to be fvcking only one pvssy na! lipsrsealed lipsrsealed
Hediot, good you noticed he's always with his beautiful wife. That's how real men roll. No time for chickens!!!!!!


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