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Crime / Re: Panic As Armed Robbers Invade Three Communities In Ibadan by Bennysam: 6:27pm On Sep 05
Tinubu should declare state of emergency in ibadan
Romance / Re: Who Was The Best Romantic Actor Between These Two Actors Back Then? by Bennysam: 6:20pm On Sep 05
None they are very lazy actors

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Family / Re: My Wife's Sudden Change After Childbirth is driving me nuts! by Bennysam: 5:51pm On Sep 05
(1) This is the right time to show her more love.
(2) Hope what you want as submission is not that of a house help.
(3) She may be stressed, emotionally and psychologically drained.
(4) Redpill is not good all the time. If your redpill is toxic, then it is bad, but if your redpill is that of a romantic, mature, available, lively and in charge guy, then it is fine.
(5) Hope you have not been treating her badly, while providing all her needs. Money is not everything!!
(6) Calm her down and thrash things out. Ask her where you failed and why she is acting that way.
(7) Please try not to be selfish. Do nice things that will make her willing to submit, don't force submission.

Are you married? Some women don't need all those this you wrote, they need strong hand

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Romance / Re: The Foolishness Of 'who Virginity Epp'. by Bennysam: 5:48pm On Sep 05
It's because in the long run, virginity does not really guarantee anything. Your virgin woman can be an expert at MouthAction and anal sex, she could also be waiting for the one to pop the cherry and set her free while married.
Human behavior is so dynamic and unpredictable that it can not be based on a piece of flesh covering an opening.

Nevertheless it's a great achievement finding one who is truly pure on all levels and filled with goodness and kindness. I mean this for both men and women.
You just consoled yourself

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Travel / Re: Can This Truly Happen In Lagos - Photo by Bennysam: 5:31pm On Sep 05
I saw this tweet and i feel this are one of features of Lagos Danfo Driver (i mean exaggerating), am not a Lagosians, i was born in Lagos State and i left Lagos when i was 9years, i don't think they will go to extent of asking someone to help them use there leg to hold break.

To Lagos based, have you ever witness something like this? can this be true?
This is small on what they're capable of doing

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Family / Re: Should Marital Advice Be Taken From An Unmarried(single) Person by Bennysam: 5:06pm On Sep 05
Why not?
The single person could be a God sent.
You don't have sense, you can never give what you don't have

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Crime / Re: Two Kidnapped Lagos Teenagers Dumped Near River In Ogun by Bennysam: 7:48am On Sep 05
Thank GOD for their life, useless skull miners have never see them
Romance / Re: Have You Dated A Lady That's Full Of Pride Including Her Family? by Bennysam: 10:43pm On Sep 04
I said you perfectly describe my wife, bro, I blame myself because I saw all the signs when I was dating her but I ignore, her mother always set traps for me, any little misunderstanding, they will plan and take away my kids, this is happening for the 5th time, I always go to child right to claim my kids, she will return claiming she wants to be with her children, they were waiting for me to divorce her but I refused and I know why, now she's no longer working in the. Bank where I can easily track her, she disappear with my kids and blocked every means, I don't know where to start from. Her family were in Maiduguri when I married her because we both graduated from university of maiduguri, I suspect she might have to an to maiduguri, and I'm not planning to emback on that journey for now.
Why are you bothering yourself unnecessarily? Your children will look for you when they grow


Romance / Re: Have You Dated A Lady That's Full Of Pride Including Her Family? by Bennysam: 10:40pm On Sep 04
I thank God for you oh, hmmmm, I'm in the soup right now because I marry exactly what you describe. Now she and her mother connive and ran away with my kids, I couldn't get intouch with them for the past 6months
Relax Your mind they will come back, but make sure you stand your ground then
Romance / Re: Which Of These Is Worse: Masturbation Or Premarital Sex by Bennysam: 1:12pm On Sep 04
Where did I say premarital sex doesn't have negative effects? I wonder how you guys twist simple statements to suit your narrative.
Go back to your comment
Romance / Re: Which Of These Is Worse: Masturbation Or Premarital Sex by Bennysam: 10:20am On Sep 04
The negative consequences of masturbation are many. One thing about masturbation is that it's addictive. Once you start, it's difficult to stop. It causes lack of focus, and stagnation. Financial problems will abound, but not in all cases. I will prepare fornication to masturbation any day any time.
And premarital sex don't have negative effects? Wow Nigeria their way of think
Romance / Re: Religious Differences In Marriage by Bennysam: 7:28am On Sep 03
The problem with the relegion folks is the moment you tell them you don't believe in their religions they immediately tag u a devil, bad man or criminal. My man the rate at which our people are brainwashed they now think without their religion your marriage, business or life will not prosper and it is will bad. This people don't know that success don't have anything to do with religion rather it is hard work and connection..
I think there are women who are ready to marry if you don't force your atheism on them 100%, but as for me i don't like any woman who behave as if all her life and success depend on the church.
You should advice him to marry someone like him not brainwashed people as you guy believe? It will be foolish of him or you to marry a brainwashed person
Romance / Re: Religious Differences In Marriage by Bennysam: 7:25am On Sep 03
Do you think religious differences is a big factor in marriage? Personally, I tend to lean towards atheism and I may end up with a devout Christian. What's the possibility of having a smooth marriage without issues relating to religion? I also do not want my children to be religiously brainwashed. In this part of the world, its really hard to find a female atheist. I can cope with this, but the problem is if my future wife would be able to cope too. I was having a conversation with a girl the other day and she said that one of the things she looks out for in a guy is being a strong Christian. She advised I look for a Caucasian but I'm not buying into the Caucasian stuff because I'm not cut out for that and the chances are remote. And then, she let me know that if I should go for a Christian, her pastor might be an obstacle to us getting married. Currently, I'm flowing well with this Christian girl and would love to settle down with her.

Those who have faced this challenge should contribute to the discourse. Those who are of a different religions with their spouse should tell us how they manage to cope.
You should look for your type , look for who understand you, look for people that's sick in the head like you , it will be stupid of you to marry someone that's brainwashed as you said

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Romance / Re: “no Man Wants To Marry A Single Mother” – Nigerian Woman Says by Bennysam: 6:56am On Sep 02

I don't understand.
You're not making any sense here .

If Miss A B C D E F deny the entry, won't your gender leave her to search for sex from Miss G down to Z?. Luckily two or six of them will give in. It can be J M O or W, don't forget about the Men that lik to keep ladies as baby mamas.

The cause of single parent is this : Many people are not mature enough to take responsibilities .
You won't understand because you're Nigeria girl without sense

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Romance / Re: “no Man Wants To Marry A Single Mother” – Nigerian Woman Says by Bennysam: 6:27pm On Sep 01
Same goes to single fathers, they're at worst. No sane lady go after them because of the same fates single mothers are passing through.
If a lady does that, just know she's there for benefits.

It takes two to tango. I'm just stating the fact.

Why can't they say no? Nobody force them


Romance / Re: Why Is It That Southern Ladies Hardly Marry As Virgins? by Bennysam: 2:00pm On Sep 01
By southern women I mean tribes and ethnic groups like Yoruba/calabar, Igbo/idoma/tiv, SS and the like. Many even commit several abortions b4 marriage with others bringing strange pregnancies to their new marital homes
Is that why idiot from northern Nigeria marry them as a kid?

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Romance / Re: “no Man Wants To Marry A Single Mother” – Nigerian Woman Says by Bennysam: 1:58pm On Sep 01
Abortion should be legalize since 90 % of Men can't pocket the dick /and ar3 allergic to condom. And some Women can't close their legs.
Take blame once for your mistake, stop blaming men because you were never been forced

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Romance / Re: “no Man Wants To Marry A Single Mother” – Nigerian Woman Says by Bennysam: 1:56pm On Sep 01
I can't settle for left a over

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Politics / Re: Senate President Akpabio Arrives Anambra Airport (photos) by Bennysam: 5:24pm On Aug 31
That's Anambra Airport?? Quite Pathetic

An Average ware house in the SW is more developed than this thing they refer to as Airport.

P A T H E T I C sad
Painful soul beware of heart attack
Crime / Re: Anambra Rescues Newborn Dumped In Pit Toilet, Arrests Mother by Bennysam: 5:18pm On Aug 31
The father should be invited too for questioning
On what ground?
Family / Re: It Takes Stupidity To Remain Married - Nigerian Man Married For 38 Years (Video) by Bennysam: 4:23pm On Aug 31
Yen yen yen!! Indeed you’re really stupid!! undecided.

So women should keep tolerating and enduring physical abuse and rape in their marriage undecided.

The men we have today in Nigeria are rapist and murderers!
Painful soul as usual
Family / Re: My Daughter Is Nowhere To Be Found And My Parents Won't Tell Me The Truth by Bennysam: 5:18pm On Aug 30
Whether a child was abandoned or not, it is still a life and answers need be provided. Sadly, consent of even an irresponsible parent is necessary before a family member can do anything to or with such a child. undecided
You should know that her parents won't harm the child , she should calm down they will provide the kid
Family / Re: My Daughter Is Nowhere To Be Found And My Parents Won't Tell Me The Truth by Bennysam: 5:16pm On Aug 30

She should take things easy when she's literally going insane for not being able to know whereabouts of her daughter? Some are plain stupid!d!
She's going insane now but she abandoned the same child and left for almost three years
Family / Re: My Daughter Is Nowhere To Be Found And My Parents Won't Tell Me The Truth by Bennysam: 5:15pm On Aug 30

Are you stupid? You expect her to keep shut when her child is missing in her parents custody? If you kept your child with your parents and coming back you cant find her, are you going to keep shut like a fool and do nothing? A human life? Are you okay in the head?
I'm not stupid but you should ask her why she abandon the child and left for almost three years, if you have sense
Foreign Affairs / Re: Brice Nguema, The Man Behind The Gabon Coup, Celebrated By Soldiers by Bennysam: 5:13pm On Aug 30
But why are Ipobs happy on Coup happenings in Africa and wishing same on Nigeria??

Oh they think they'll live much better under Military rule?? A sect of people who cheer a domestic terrorism called "Sit at home" who in turn became a Nemesis to affect their well being can mean nothing to be but a Foolish people
You are such an idiot, you are afraid because mandate thief has not know his fate yet
Foreign Affairs / Re: Marie Madeleine Mborantsuo: President Of Constitutional Court In Gabon Arrested by Bennysam: 5:05pm On Aug 30

Abi, not even their candidates cos democracy would no longer exists.

That's what election loss can cause, chronic bitterness and hatred for their own country.

Spits on all the enemies of Nigeria
Why are you crying instead of people that lose the election
Family / Re: My Daughter Is Nowhere To Be Found And My Parents Won't Tell Me The Truth by Bennysam: 1:15pm On Aug 30
Involve the police.

Maybe they've given her to her dad's family.
Involved police on a child she abandoned?
Family / Re: My Daughter Is Nowhere To Be Found And My Parents Won't Tell Me The Truth by Bennysam: 1:14pm On Aug 30
Your parents owe you the whereabouts of your daughter. You gave birth to that child, and left her under their care, so regardless of whether you're responsible enough to cater for her or not, they owe you her whereabouts.

I'll suggest that you sit them down and ask them one last time. If they try to shut you down, tell them that you'll involve the police and other human rights groups.

This isn't money you gave them to keep, we're talking about a human being here. How can a human being just disappear and you feel keeping shut is the best approach because they're your parents. My dear take action and take it now. If she's dead let them show you where they buried her.
Before you spit trash you think, she abandoned that child against her parents wish, they ask her not to travel in fact they are against her leaving the child to travel

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Family / Re: My Daughter Is Nowhere To Be Found And My Parents Won't Tell Me The Truth by Bennysam: 1:13pm On Aug 30
Involve welfare...
If that fails....involve police
For a child she abandoned? If I'm her father I will teach her a lesson of her life if she involved any other person

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Family / Re: My Daughter Is Nowhere To Be Found And My Parents Won't Tell Me The Truth by Bennysam: 1:11pm On Aug 30
Involve the law enforcement agents.
Dad and mum will start singing like a canary.
But please, don't lay hands on your parents.
Against her father and siblings? What will she tell the police? Why did she left the kid as young as three years and go, she will make the case worst

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