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Romance / Re: In 20 Years Christianity Will NO Longer Be Relevant by Bennysam: 3:10pm On Feb 25

Continue decieving yourself
Oldies fear God pass Americans wey no send God.
But the same oldies live in horrible conditions while Americans have decent welfare, electricity, and more.
If it is by fearing God, the oldies would have been more developed and advanced than Americans that dont fear God.
American no send GOD but all their currencies says in GOD we trust, my brother talk for yourself
Romance / Re: I'm A 21 Year Old Virgin And This Sucks by Bennysam: 2:58pm On Feb 25
Go and kill yourself with Nigerian girls filled with STD

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Romance / Re: True Story: Why Do Nigerians See Sex Topics As A Sin...such Hypocrisy! by Bennysam: 2:57pm On Feb 25
They're mostly here
Romance / Re: When A Girl Is Always Telling You About Her Boyfriend What Does She Want? by Bennysam: 2:54pm On Feb 25
Some girls is open minded while some are not, she maybe inviting you into her life or maybe not, just calm down and watch how things unfold

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Romance / Re: Men Should Quit Saying This. It's Dumb Af by Bennysam: 2:51pm On Feb 25
What an intelligent guy you are.. wink
The only people praise here is idiots like op
Family / Re: Men, Would You Consider Being Househusbands? by Bennysam: 9:54pm On Dec 12, 2021

That's exactly what you are
Are you still fooling around? Your mother is indeed childless if you're her only child
Family / Re: Men, Would You Consider Being Househusbands? by Bennysam: 9:17pm On Dec 12, 2021

Lol, people like you won't understand the meaning
Hahahaha educated illiterate
Romance / Re: Can't Get Over Her by Bennysam: 5:38pm On Dec 12, 2021
I and my babe had issue for the past 5 months, each time I try beg her, she would just tell me free me..... this is the lady I have been faithful to for the past four years. I left Lagos for her, left my church for her, I cancelled my international graduate admission in University of Michigan USA. I have been begging her. She doesn't want to have anything to do with me no more. Now, people think I'm going crazy. Please help me. I think of her and time spent together
You're a very weak man, get up and dust yourself and move on
Family / Re: Men, Would You Consider Being Househusbands? by Bennysam: 5:26pm On Dec 12, 2021

Any man that can't provide for his family, should willingly submit himself to be house-husband

Anything short of that will lead to trouble marriage
Who even like this your comment?
Romance / Re: Worthless Guys Are Taking The Redpill Shi Too Serious* by Bennysam: 2:09pm On Dec 12, 2021
You're a _______ man
A . stupid
B .foolish
C . senseless
Op pick one angry
He is all of them above

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Health / Re: Help! I Got Bitten By A Local Dog by Bennysam: 2:00pm On Dec 12, 2021
Please if you opened this thread just to ask me if this is a clinic or you want to ask why I went near the dog kindly close the thread.
I visited someone, the dog was lying close to the door, I tried to touch it so it could go away it just bit me. Small bite with scratches on my fingers(I guess the scratches are from its nails) I went to the clinic and took tetenus injection and they also gave me anti-rabies injection too (5k per one) and said I'm supposed to take it 3 times but I'm strapped for cash currently.
I heard if a dog transmit rabies, it would die after few days. Should I still be worried if the dog doesn't die?
I mean if the dog is healthy and alive does it means it couldn't have had rabies infection to transmit during bite?
I need advice from only those with knowledge of the matter
No matter what go and see a doctor or pharmacist for your own good
Health / Re: Help! I Got Bitten By A Local Dog by Bennysam: 2:00pm On Dec 12, 2021
Why don't u ask the owner if the dog was vaccinated.

I urge u to try and take full rabies vaccination.

Your life is worth more than N15k.
Let him go to hospital before it's too late
Politics / Re: FFK Released Video Of Kids Hours After Chinwendu Cried To See Them by Bennysam: 1:54pm On Dec 12, 2021
Return them to their mother. Or better still give her two and you have too. You both gave birth to them
They're better one place, she have access to those kids anytime but she choose to go on social media to look for a pity

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Politics / Re: FFK Released Video Of Kids Hours After Chinwendu Cried To See Them by Bennysam: 1:49pm On Dec 12, 2021
So that woman was just lying and shedding tears. Fear woman.

Though FFK na mumu man too.
Why will a reasonable person believe a woman in this situation
Politics / Re: "I Want To See My Children" – Precious Chikwendu Pleads Tearfully (Video) by Bennysam: 1:46pm On Dec 12, 2021
Come on will you shut up there. Just open mouth waaaaaaa.
She/ he or whatever you are see statements from
FFK ... never judge a case with one person statements

Religion / Re: Should A Christian Also Read The "Sixth And Seventh Books Of Moses"? by Bennysam: 1:34pm On Dec 12, 2021
I opened the book once before, just one time
It was a pdf version which was very hard to me to find but I got it.
All I found there were names of angels, insignia to draw for rituals, time to do these rituals and how to do them
Some rituals requires you to be sexually pure for a long time before the ritual (by sexually pure, I mean very sexually pure)
Some requires a long period of fasting
And so on.
If you fail to meet these requirements and still do these rituals anyways, you’re in for some pretty bad consequences
Also, if I remember correctly, the rituals are about summoning “angels”. I put quotation marks cause I myself still doubt if the rituals summon actual angels of God or just demons disguising as angels of light

I just skimmed through it with trepidation, and deleted it shortly after. It’s been more than 3 years now. Nothing do me
All of them that run mad are those who try to do the ritual without been pure
Romance / Re: Why Are Nigeria Girls Wicked by Bennysam: 1:16pm On Dec 12, 2021

Love is about sacrifice you know.
I know my brother but for now focus on what you went there to do please, it will help your soul
Romance / Re: Why Are Nigeria Girls Wicked by Bennysam: 6:17am On Dec 12, 2021
Sorry if i unsult you , you're a fool , you're in Canada and keep Nigeria girl at home and be telling her about love even when you were in Nigeria she and that her husband were Bleep mate


Romance / Re: My Debtor Paid Me 10k I Use All The Money Fccck Toto Finish by Bennysam: 6:12am On Dec 12, 2021
guy you like bad things oh, something wey don die some 2017 you revive am.
Hahahaha i don't even check date, i wonder why Nairaland owner will leave news of 2017 here
Romance / Re: Are There Lovers Who Met On Nairaland And End Up In Marriage? by Bennysam: 1:45am On Dec 12, 2021
Kriss216 why don't you post your real picture here, and Siofra will post hers so that we can compare?

Ugly, bitter thing.
We all know who you're, bitter soul siofra
Politics / Re: "I Want To See My Children" – Precious Chikwendu Pleads Tearfully (Video) by Bennysam: 11:19pm On Dec 11, 2021
Come on will you shut up there. Just open mouth waaaaaaa.
People like you hate truth but i will keep on telling you people the truth
Romance / Re: My Debtor Paid Me 10k I Use All The Money Fccck Toto Finish by Bennysam: 11:10pm On Dec 11, 2021
Yesterday, I was at a friends wedding drinking and eating all that shiit. Then I call came in I checked my phone Its andrew the guy owing me 10k for like a month. He was like "santana where you at? I have your money with me now. come get it." Omo na so I tell my guy wey dey do wedding say I don move Ooo. As I collect the money na so. I dey one hotel wey dem open newly for my area, na so I call my my boys say make we Ball in na so we begin shack up. After I do drink like 7bottles of 33' lager beer na so my prick begin dance alanta inside my trouser. I say nothing go make me no put prick for toto this night..........
You did well brother clap for yourself

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Romance / Re: Lady In Tears As Boyfriend’s Father Rejected Their Union For Wearing Trousers by Bennysam: 10:55pm On Dec 11, 2021
Tomorrow you will be hearing men are scum

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Romance / Re: I Ruined My Relationship, by Bennysam: 10:52pm On Dec 11, 2021
Good Day everyone I need your thought and advice and some bashing too,

I have been dating my girlfriend for about 3 years, we have had our ups and down, she is helpful in every way, she has her own job and doesn't ask much from me, she helps me financially when ever I am broke,

Trouble started when I met my sister's friend I told my sister that I liked her friend and she should help me talk to her just for the flings oh nothing serious because of my girlfriend at home please, she said no problems she did her job and the friend agreed, we started talking and getting to know each other, she comes to visit me over the weekends ( we live in different town but not so far from each other) I will lodge her in a nice hotel room while I sneak out from the house when my girl is probably sleeping or sometimes I just make up stories, anything for me to get out of the house just to be with my new babe.

My new girl is sweet, her head game is scecond to none, she gives me Olosho vibes
When ever we do the other things,
I kept her in that hotel for 3 weeks,
When our little vacation was over she went back to her home and called me to tell me she is pregnant for me, I did my calculations and I might be the father of the unborn baby,

My girlfriend at home has never been pregnant for me before now,
While my new girl is full of drama since she got pregnant, she calls me every night, I asked her not to call she refused to listen, she said I can't get her pregnant and stay far from her she is suggesting she moves in with me or I relocate to her town and that is impossible because if my business and my girl.

My sister that introduced her to me is not helping at all she is fighting and pushing her friend to me, she doesn't like my girl, my sister said my girlfriend insulted told her that her hair smells(women) She also said my girlfriend told her she wont have a baby until I her dowry, my sister also said my girlfriend has been pregnant in the past and had an abortion without my knowledge. My sister my mother want this new girl all my mother wants is a child from me because I am her only son.

One day my sister brought the pregnant girl to my house this happened this Monday I lied to my girlfriend that she is a family friend, my girl been the nice person she is she made food for her to eat. I didn't even sleep that night.
Things has not been the same for me I I stress alot I can't function like I used to I have lost alot of weight, I managed to open up to my girl tho, I am willing to pay her dowry now if she gives me the concenst, I don't want to lose her, the pregnant girl is willing to keep the baby while I make plans for a new apartment, right now she is in a new hotel, my girl has left me and and her number is not connecting, Dear friends please what do I do? Help
You won't the value of a thing you have until you lose it

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Politics / Re: "I Want To See My Children" – Precious Chikwendu Pleads Tearfully (Video) by Bennysam: 10:43pm On Dec 11, 2021
Custody case…. No be joke…

Women Dey show men … shege… first time in a long time table turning

Overall. Children are the victims…
And you see how all woman on nairaland is call him all sorts of names

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Politics / Re: "I Want To See My Children" – Precious Chikwendu Pleads Tearfully (Video) by Bennysam: 10:42pm On Dec 11, 2021
You and FFK should stop disturbing us with your issues abeg.....
Mods should stop pushing their family problem to FP.
Seun, kindly take note
She should stop disturbing people, stop beating around the bush. This is why things is not going normal in Nigeria because people like you will leave whom to blame and be blaming another person


Politics / Re: "I Want To See My Children" – Precious Chikwendu Pleads Tearfully (Video) by Bennysam: 10:40pm On Dec 11, 2021
"Getting a picture of my son in school with a scar on his face, and I got no explanation, I don't even know what was wrong with him..."

Nahhh, FFK is a demon with a heart of stone. Age is truly not a guarantee of maturity or wisdom. The fact that things didn't work out between you and your wife is no reason to deprive the children of their mother, or the mother of her babies. Those boys are so young, so vulnerable. What exactly is the rationale behind the wall he's putting up? Just to punish her?? If you love the boys so dearly as you claim, you'd realise how much they need their mother and not some over-bleached girlfriend playing stepmom.

So wicked. This is the difference between Nigeria and saner climes. Try this in the US and social workers will seize those kids before you say Jack. Praying for this girl, may her pain come to an end in no distant time.
You're too emotional for a family matters, you don't know what happened between this people but you have paint this man black because you're defending your own gender , they go court before he take hold of those kids

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Politics / Re: "I Want To See My Children" – Precious Chikwendu Pleads Tearfully (Video) by Bennysam: 10:36pm On Dec 11, 2021
Wicked man
Why are you people too emotional? You just judge this man without hearing him or even knowing what actually happened


Romance / Re: Why Is Child Marriage So Prevalent In The North? by Bennysam: 9:43pm On Dec 11, 2021

Idiots like you will just open mouth and say rubbish
Aren’t you ashamed of yourself?
Why will i shut my mouth ? You useless Muslim sleeping with kids in the name of religious

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Romance / Re: How My Sister Test Me With Her 5year Old Daughter by Bennysam: 6:21pm On Dec 11, 2021
Your sister is very foolish for trying to use her little daughter to test her pedophilic brother.
Are you really normal? What a foolish thing to say, you must be a female because by their words you shall know them ... idiot


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