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Romance / Re: I Am Scared Of Marriage, Advise Me Please by chima4UK(m): 1:05pm On Jul 08
I come from a very strict background.
I grew up in fear, submission and obedience to my parents, elders and relatives. I am well mannered. I have anger and temper issues but it never goes beyond sulking and crying silently to get it off my chest. I find it difficult to let go when aggravated but in trcent times, i have worked on myself so much that i channel my displeasure to free tears flowing down my cheeks after which i let go of everything.
I am always looking for excuses to run away from any form of marriage discussion whenever its comes to that, i don't give room to premarital sex. I don't know how to overcome this. When my potential suitor seems so nice and with good disposition and everything worth craving for , then i ask myself " who are these people that end up enemies suddenly and what on earth can cause someone to become so horrible that a once lovely marriage turns into chaos "

Honestly, i believe that with my tolerance level that i can manage a home and marriage but then,how can you tell that of your potential partner?

Sometimes, i just want to remain like this and grow old and still be very happy but then societal and family pressure to get married and have your own kids keeps getting higher which results to my running away more and more. To make it worse, i don't keep friends.
Who knows how to overcome this and how can it be ok?
Well done for seeking help. It’s a great thing that you are trying to discover your personality. I think some of the issues you mentioned were due to emotional damages caused by strict parenting in a typical African setting. When I was in a similar situation, I had to save some money and travel to a new location where I was challenged to live and act independently. This could buy you time to repair your emotions as well as reduce family/societal pressure on you.
Romance / Re: My Girlfriend Cheated On Me What Should I Do? by chima4UK(m): 12:55pm On Jun 30
Be a gentle man. Buy some drink and meet the real man to show you the way.
Romance / Re: So, What's Your Plan If Nobody Marries You? by chima4UK(m): 3:51pm On Jun 09
I will donate all my dorm account savings to an Orphanage charity.

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Romance / Re: I Mistakenly Sent 100k To My Girlfriend's Dad Account by chima4UK(m): 12:43pm On Apr 03
Use the money as her bride price, shikena grin

Bride price advance payment...lol
Health / Re: Port Harcourt Pollution Endangers Residents' Health - BBC by chima4UK(m): 8:39am On Feb 01
If I don't know Rivers State I would have passed. But let me tell you something about rivers State.

2005 February 17th I bought 50 speed boat with double engine,for Bonny Island, wholesale price, I never made profit from that business,

The old boat owners saw me as a threat, they sabotaged my boat, my boat was sinking on every trip, similar thing happening to Peace motors, thousands of people still died after I held prayer and fasting.

Just Forget these people, they are their own problems, they don't want to go to school, they don't have hand work. only bunkering and cultism. and sex

they always claim "son of the soil title" . inshort most of them are wasted. every month Oil companies does cleanup because they won't work, they prefer breaking pipes

that is why they hardly travel to other states, they feel rivers State is the center of the universe

Will you keep quiet and stop this nonsense generalisation/stereotypical statement?
Education / Re: White Teacher Who Threatened To Kneel On Students' Necks Fired In South Africa by chima4UK(m): 7:46pm On Jun 27, 2020
not only she should be sacked but must be prosecuted for altering such words
Uttering, I guess. Seems that the autocorrect feature is really dealing with everyone.
Business / Re: 10 Banks Earn N22bn On Account Maintenance Charges (Names) by chima4UK(m): 12:06pm On Jun 04, 2020

You don't need a safe bro, keep your money in USD!
Hmmm..Don’t even go there. Their eyes dey red for dollars. I have already given up on one Nigerian bank for deducting $22 annually for card maintenance on a domiciliary account. I have severally reported that the card is broken and no longer in use for over 2 years. I think a legal action may settle some of these day-light robberies.

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Health / Re: What's The First Thing You Will Do After The COVID-19 Pandemic? by chima4UK(m): 6:41pm On May 16, 2020
Buy and consume Suya worth 5000NGN.
Health / Re: 288 New COVID-19 Cases, 1240 Tested, 140 Discharged And 3 Deaths On May 15 by chima4UK(m): 3:55pm On May 16, 2020
Not quite correct.

Lockdown without testing isn't entirely useless.

It prevents infected people from massively infecting other people.

In this case we rely on infected persons falling sick from corona symptoms as an evidence of them having the virus.

As soon as someone falls sick, they come pick the person and also everyone they have contacted.

We should be testing massively I concur;

But my point is that the lockdown is not useless.
Please read my comment again. I never mentioned that the lockdown strategy is useless. My major concern is the testing effort geared towards assessing the efficiency of the lockdown measures. How can you model the rate of spread without knowing the actual/current number of people infected?
Health / Re: 288 New COVID-19 Cases, 1240 Tested, 140 Discharged And 3 Deaths On May 15 by chima4UK(m): 1:37pm On May 16, 2020
We are not looking at the big picture here, lockdown without testing is useless,will not work, and is a foolish waste of time, pls the 8weeks lockdown we had what was the outcome? Nigeria can't do anything unless we increase testing capacity, another lockdown is not wise
Thanks for the observation. I think massive testing is an integral part of the scientific model adopted by the Nations using the lockdown strategy. If we are not serious with the testing, how can we predict the rate of the infection and know when the so-called curve is flattened ?
Health / Re: 288 New COVID-19 Cases, 1240 Tested, 140 Discharged And 3 Deaths On May 15 by chima4UK(m): 1:26pm On May 16, 2020
What's happening in Lagos. We all are in trouble ooo. The shut down should be reinstated immediately pls.

Apart from the population density, I think the testing effort is concentrated in Lagos. Distribute the testing efforts equally among the states and see if other states won’t show similar results.
Romance / Re: I Can't Stop Thinking About Him by chima4UK(m): 4:25pm On May 07, 2020
it'll end in tears...
Lol...end-time prophet of doom....
Properties / Re: Abbco Towers Sharjah, UAE Gutted By Fire (Video) by chima4UK(m): 6:21am On May 06, 2020
Eishhhh, Been it is in UAE, it will be well taken care of, not like our obodo Nigeria.
Must you bring Nigeria into this? Please, show some patriotism.
Health / Re: Bassey Offiong Dies Of Coronavirus In USA After Being Refused Test by chima4UK(m): 11:38am On Mar 30, 2020
I am just here thinking of what will befall illegal migrants if they get this virus embarassed

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Romance / Re: What Qualities Do You Look Out For Before Agreeing On A Date? by chima4UK(m): 5:19pm On Mar 14, 2020
Be smart.

Have goals

I love the sounds of guitar, be able to play one.

And lately, I love money and also I can manage it.

I think I am too hard on broke guys, yes, I am hard on them because they are damn broke, can't afford nothing except presenting their smelling dicks.

God help you broke guys.

Provided that you aren’t broke both financially and intellectually, your date with rich guys will go well.

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Family / Re: Banker's Wife Pregnant For Lesson Teacher Hired By Husband For The Children by chima4UK(m): 9:35pm On Feb 22, 2020

Lie lie report. You can only get this information through participant observation. Or it's entirely false.
A true researcher has spoken. An evidence is required to validate the information.
Investment / Re: "Option C" Investors Storm Oko Oloyun’s Office To Demand Their Money by chima4UK(m): 1:30pm On Jan 25, 2020
Tens of Lagosians stormed the LASU Road office of late Alhaji Fatai Yusuf, popularly known as Oko Oloyun, to demand the money they invested in his Ponzi scheme.

Oko Oloyun, a popular Lagos-based trado-medical expert, was murdered on Thursday 23 January 2020 around 4:30pm on the road while travelling to Iseyin, Oyo State. He was reportedly attacked by some hoodlums at Igboora.

Following his demise, people who invested money in his Ponzi scheme, known as “Option C” stormed the Head office of his company to demand how to retrieve their money. The investors were the more confused as his two offices at Egba Idowu along Igando road in Lagos were shut with no one to provide information.

The investors, however, vowed to take drastic measures if a statement was not issued by the organization as soon as possible. Just like the day MMM folded up, the investors in “Option C” programme narrated how much they had invested and insisted they could not afford to lose their hard-earned money.

An investor, who chose to be called Emmanuel explained that Option C is a money-making programme that promised 10% return in two months. Emmanuel, who was trembling while speaking, added that he invested in the scheme in July 2019 and had only received returns once, contrary to the agreement of two months which was stated.

Mrs Bunmi (first name withheld), a retired teacher, who was clearly in shock, stated that she had invested millions having joined the programme in December 2018. She said she had only received N500,000 from her investment and that she was not sure of her fate with the death of Oko Oloyun.

Clutching her investment documents, she said that she filed to pull out after inconsistency in payment but rescinded her decision when she was told that she could not get her investment back in full.

Mr Azeez, another investor, said he invested N1 million in September 2019 and had decided to pull out after he was not paid in November. He, however, vowed to pursue his profit with all his ability.

Mrs Bisola (second name withheld) said she invested the money sent to her by her military husband who is fighting insurgents in North East. She said she could not afford to lose the money. She urged the management to speak up and address the investment programme issue quickly.

Mrs. Sulaimon, an investor, said she aborted her trip to travel down from Badagry to Igando when she heard about the assassination of Oko Oloyun. She noted with tears that she had invested a lot and could not afford to lose her investment. She was however optimistic that the returns would be paid after meeting her co-investors who cheered her up.

However, in the midst of the lamentation, some investors who had visited the house of the late Oko Oloyun in Lagos alleged that they were denied access by the security men, with the statement that “Alhaja said we should not allow anybody to come in, they are all in Ibadan.”

After the outcry, the investors agreed among themselves to visit the house of the deceased in Lagos during the Fidau prayers on the eighth day to demand their returns.

However, a security man at Oko Oloyun’s Egan Idowu office alleged that one of the rooms in the head office was intentionally burnt by unknown men prior to Oko Oloyun’s death. He said the workers who were on duty had been arrested.

SOURCE: https://www.pmnewsnigeria.com/2020/01/24/investors-storm-oko-oloyuns-office-to-demand-their-money/

If people still patronize Ponzi schemes after the MMM episode, they should be called “Gamblers” instead of investors. I think calling them “investors” makes Ponzi scheme more honorable.


Family / Re: Dad Killed 15ft Python Trying To Swallow His Son In Australia(Pics) by chima4UK(m): 2:48pm On Dec 27, 2019
That boy will remain scarred with that memory for life. Such a brave father! That's the kind of man I want. Brave, fearless and courageous to shield me from the dangers of the world. smiley

That's one reason I hate Australia. Too many snakes. I don't think killing that snake was the best idea, though. Snakes will soon go extinct if they're being killed this way. Let's save the snakes. smiley

Hmmm, hope you read the part where his wife summoned courage and brought the sledgehammer and tools for the husband. You have to be brave as well to attract this type of man.
Family / Re: Dad Killed 15ft Python Trying To Swallow His Son In Australia(Pics) by chima4UK(m): 2:46pm On Dec 27, 2019
Travel / Re: No AC On The Plane Arik Air Put Us - Man Laments by chima4UK(m): 5:32pm On Dec 24, 2019
I prefer this no AC flight o the last one i flew with AC i was almost frozen before i alighted from the flight
You can easily adjust the AC using the knobs. That’s not a reason for Arik to continue in this nonsense. This was exactly my experience in 2014 when they were operating their long haul flight, LON - LAG. Thought they have improved.
Romance / Re: He Wants To Propose To Her Before Traveling Abroad, Please Advise. by chima4UK(m): 4:55pm On Dec 18, 2019
I met this beautiful girl sometimes two years ago. She's intelligent, smart and well mannered. I professed my love for her some two months into our friendship but she outrightly said NO.

I decided not to give up on her but to show her more love and care. As days went by, our friendship grew stronger, my love for her grew as well. Our life's goals are so similar that I find it very difficult to let her go.

I made sure I took the center stage in her life by doing everything necessary to help her build her dreams and its working perfectly.

I started showing her off on my social media handles just to test her reaction but contrary to my expectations, she loved it. I was proud that somehow I have perforated her defences.

Along the line, she started professing love to me too and that was the best moment of my emotional life. Then I decided to propose to her again but alas, she said NO and I was very sad and frustrated and she noticed it. At that point, I decided to give up on her and focus on other goals in life. She pleaded with me not to let our friendship die because she's afraid of losing me. I didn't bother to ask her for explanation on why I should still remain her friend without knowing where it will lead to in the end. I didn't also bother to ask her reasons for turning me down two times. I just agreed to her plea and ended the conversation.

I tactically started avoiding her to enable me heal but she would complain and plead with me to keep the friendship. I sucumbed because this girl has almost all the qualities I need in a wife and because of my standard, it's really difficult for me to find someone else that matches my preferences.

I know almost all her secrets and she knows mine too except my plans to travel abroad, preferably Canada. I made sure I did not let her know about this for some reasons.

Then, I found myself being obsessed with her again and she's been all over me too.

Now the crux of the matter is that I have perfected my plans to travel on or before February next year and I want to give her the last chance and propose to her again. I've conditioned my mind to accept whatever response she will give me and move on with or without her.

My major problem is whether to tell her about my travel plans before I propose to her or vice-versa. I know she also nurses the dream of living abroad. I'm afraid she might accept my proposal if I let her know about my Canada plans if I let her know about it before proposing to her.

Kindly advise me on this please cos I don't want to make any mistakes. I LOVE THIS GIRL and I'm certain that will make a good wife for me.

Follow your heart bro. What makes you think that she’s not aware of your travel plans?
Politics / Re: Boniface Igbeneghu: Bukola Saraki Reacts To UNILAG Lecturer's Sex Scandal by chima4UK(m): 3:39am On Oct 08, 2019
Bros...corruption and sex for marks are same thing...both destroys mankind.

Exactly my thought. The corrupt political office holders may not be spared and could be the next target for BBC documentary. This wind must extend and expose the atrocities in all sectors in the country. Although, it’s so unfortunate that our dirty linens are exposed by a foreign media.
Business / Re: What Viable Business Can N500k Start In Port Harcourt? by chima4UK(m): 7:59pm On Aug 28, 2019

Yes guy. Just onevturns u around.here is my. Llife history in brief. I was doing a 300k job in lekki as a project manager but i pay 900k for my flat per annum.youll say why i no go mainland. Yea was there bf but stress was much with my work. Well our project ended salary not forth coming.told my guys is time to go home.my wife was scared but i told her if my mates are doing well in east ill do better.we found a truck packed all our properties zoom to enugu.
Yea was not easy we stayed in one room in d family house for three years.first one year was rough very rough no inflow just eating my savings till finished.next sold my wife car.

I tried contracts federal jobs those fanillar know of what is called compliance.None i have and ur firm must be a year bf u get.once i got them in 2015 i hussled my first contract job.my gain was2.....million after supply. Im an engineer so i was also into consultancy.well my contacts grew in enugu.i penetrated alp govt firms and today im cool.
People are selfish is wat most guys do but no body tellls u.look for constituency projects and make sure u see a copy of federal tender journal out every two weeks in federal secretariat near you

Please Sir, can I learn the skills for project management and consultancy services from you ?
Business / Re: Working In Mortuary Same Experience With Working As Banker – Female Mortician by chima4UK(m): 10:32am On Aug 13, 2019
All these Bet9ja scammers and sex position demons deserve mortuary work

Please respect these Morticians. There is a dignity in labour. You shouldn’t disrespect any of them by relating their job with scammers.
Romance / Re: Lady Moves Boyfriend To Tears With Fried Plantain And Eggs (photo) by chima4UK(m): 11:18pm On Aug 09, 2019
[quote author=chiommy123 post=81092430]If you come prepare fufu/ eba with correct ukazi soup wetin he go do?
Marriage proposal on the spot. This guy go too like food.
Politics / Re: Fresh Hurdles Against Minimum Wage Takeoff by chima4UK(m): 10:58pm On Jul 25, 2019
I want to migrate out of this koutry tongue

Please can you buy a flight ticket for two? I want to join you abeg.
Romance / Re: Pre-wedding Photo Of Chelsea Fan And His Fiancee Who Is Man United Fan by chima4UK(m): 12:40pm On Jul 06, 2019

Couple who are football club lovers are set to tie the knot. The man is a Chelsea fan while his wife-to-be is a Manchester United fan as the rock their club Jersey in pre-wedding photoshoot.

Who will win this marriage?

See more here; http://gistmore.com/pre-wedding-photo-of-chelsea-fan-and-his-fiancee-who-is-man-united-fan

When Chelsea FC and Man U collabo and marry, na Arsenal pikin dey go born.
Travel / Re: Air Peace Begins Dubai Flight Today by chima4UK(m): 8:43pm On Jul 05, 2019

Source: https://www.dailytrust.com.ng/air-peace-begins-dubai-flight-today.html

A welcome development. Hopefully, they will replace the National carrier we were promised.
Romance / Re: Man Proposes To His Girlfriend Of 5 Years On A Plane (Photos) by chima4UK(m): 9:35pm On Jun 26, 2019
A risky venture in my opinion. What if a turbulence started during the proposal?

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Romance / Re: Man Proposes To His Girlfriend Of 5 Years On A Plane (Photos) by chima4UK(m): 9:34pm On Jun 26, 2019
Adorable Moment A Man Proposed To His Girlfriend Of 5 Years On A Plane (Photos)

Here is an adorable moment a man proposed to his girlfriend on a passengers plane.

According to the man, they've already dated for 5 years and during thick and thin, the lady was there for him.

A risky venture in my opinion. What if a turbulence started during the proposal ?

Watch the video

Crime / Re: Jeffrey Apkovweta Ewohime Destroyed Cars At Nigerian High Commission London by chima4UK(m): 7:59am On Jun 18, 2019
dats why londoners dont like ss people, too much violence and thuggery, london is not the Niger delta where wanton destruction of lives and property is celebrated

Are u alright. Why make such a generalisation and negative branding on the Niger Delta ??.

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