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Business / Re: GTBank's Internet Banking Services...totally OVER-HYPED! by DeepSoul(f): 2:59pm On Sep 09, 2014
Everyone who knows me knows I'm a GTB Voltron. I have been using the internet banking for 2years now, almost on a daily basis and they are fantastic!

I don't even want to hear what anyone has to say about any other bank because they can't come close to GT.

However, GT has disappointed me a few times o!

I once paid for something on aliexpress and my account was debited, yet payment was not made. It took almost 3 weeks for me to get my money back. I think that's the worst experience I've had with them.

I also noticed this week that buying airtime has become almost impossible and I'm hoping they fix this.

Despite these, I still rate them very high. I like that I can walk into any branch and use the fastrack service (with my atm card) to deposit or withdraw without queuing up. I also like that I can call their customer service number during weekends and after working hours and they are usually efficient.

GT internet banking definitely makes life easier despite the occasional glitch here and there. And this is coming from a REGULAR user.

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Business / Re: My Experience With Gtbank by DeepSoul(f): 12:24pm On Sep 03, 2014
Check your transaction history on your internet banking profile. It usually shows all incoming and outgoing transfers.

I use GT bank internet service and I always boast about their efficiency and reliability. I'm quite surprised to hear this story o!
Business / Re: Online Stores In Nigeria: What Is Your Experience? by DeepSoul(f): 8:20pm On Apr 06, 2013
Oh yeah, I forgot one more.

I paid for a spa session for my husband on dealdey.com. I also paid via GTB internet banking to their GTB account.

They confirmed my payment immediately and I printed out the voucher which he took to spa and served as some form of receipt.

I am pretty impressed with their business model. They strike deals with different business owners, offering some sort of discount to potential customers, hereby driving sales and increasing revenue for that business. And they make their money from charging a commission, or something close to that.

It's kinda different from the regular online store.

The only downside is - they are not directly responsible for poor service or low quality goods.
Business / Re: Online Stores In Nigeria: What Is Your Experience? by DeepSoul(f): 8:11pm On Apr 06, 2013
I ordered baby boots and breas.t pads (testing testing) from konga.com. I paid into their GT bank account via GT internet banking.

After a week, I still hadn't gotten the items. I called customer care and they informed me I had to send an email informing them of my payment.

I found that odd, considering the money had already hit their account a week ago. Anyways, call I did and the items were delivered within 2 days.

I wasn't super impressed but I was happy I could now order things from a an online Nigerian store. It's a start, I guess

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Health / Re: Pregnancy Are You Pregnant Or Going Through A High Risk Pregnancy,,lets Talk by DeepSoul(f): 12:39am On Jan 20, 2013
Gr8 to have found this tHREAD.

I'm in my 34th week and it just struck me that I have JUST 6 weeks to go!! WOW!

Reading through all the posts, I realise that I very well may be the luckiest pregnant woman alive!

I have not had any issues in all of my 34 weeks. Not even any episode of throwing up in the dreaded first trimester.

I have not added as much weight as I feared I would have. Somebody shout hallelujah grin

My only wahala is the incessant need to EAT. That I'm not fat is truly truly a miracle.

I have way too much energy and I do everything I used to before I got pregnant. Including "unpregnant sex". The only thing I stopped is going to the gym. Although, I'm toying with the idea of using the treadmill.

I'd advise all pregnant women to get some sort of exercise from time to time. For me, I take walks (45mins - 1.5hrs) according to my power for the day grin

I hear swimming is also good.

I take all my drugs regularly. Never miss a hospital appointment. Eat loads of fruits every other day Read a shit load of stuff about pregnancy (thank u Google!). Had to reduce the over reading sha because I started getting paranoid at some point.

But it helps to arm yourself with information especially in 9ja where the doctors and nurses don't seem thorough enough!

I'm currently enjoying the joy of being kicked and watching my baby move in my tummy like she's taking swimming lessons cheesy

This is my first baby and I am super excited! Whilst I've been blessed with an uneventful pregnancy, I can't wait to have this baby and start sleeping on my tummy again!

Thinking about eventually holding her in my arms gives me a rush you can't get from cocaine! I'm even afraid I might go crazy for a few hours just from sheer JOY!

I can't wait!!!

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Family / Re: The Name You Used To Store Your Mother's Phone Number? by DeepSoul(f): 11:52am On Dec 21, 2012
Nairaland / General / Re: When Was The Last Time You Shed A Tear? by DeepSoul(f): 4:12pm On Nov 28, 2012
Last night. My dad sent me a sweet text message. I just had to tear up. . .
Events / Re: Wedding Mistakes ~ What Would You Have Done Differently? by DeepSoul(f): 8:08pm On Nov 06, 2012
To all the single people talking abt 50 guests, that'll NEVER work if u fall under the ff category:

1) You live in 9ja
2) Your parents are both alive
3) Your parents-in-law are both alive

Sorry o. Nothing for u grin


Events / Re: Wedding Mistakes ~ What Would You Have Done Differently? by DeepSoul(f): 7:34pm On Nov 06, 2012
1) I would have made sure I saw the wedding reception venue before I paid for it
2) I wouldnt have fought with my parents so much about the number of guests (the heavy rain/mini storm was enough crowd control) grin
3) I wouldn't have spent so much money on the traditional wedding attire that i'll probably never wear for the next 20yrs
4) I would have given the DJ an idea of songs I wanted. Guy didnt impress at all

Things I'm glad I did:
1) Braided my hair for white wedding (cant stand cliche brazillian wedding hair)
2) Did not stress about making souvenirs. Why shd I give u gifts for attending my wedding?
3) Reception lasted less than 2hrs. No long thing
4) Ate well well before I entered reception
5) Did not wear high heels


Romance / Re: Name One Bad Habit Your Partner Has? by DeepSoul(f): 1:46pm On Oct 15, 2012
Peeing on the freaking toilet bowl! angry


Travel / Re: Working Class Beggers In Owerri Int'l Airport by DeepSoul(f): 12:23pm On Oct 15, 2012
I flew from Owerri to Abuja 2 weeks ago and I was as nauseated as you are. The scanning lady all but asked me to "dash" her my liquid soap which was in my bag. The one who checked luggages asked me "anything for breakfast?"

This happens everywhere. Lagos Airport is No1 in begging. What got me sooo infuriated about the Owerri case was the state of the airport. I had gotten there 2hrs before my flight and I was made to sit in the hottest departure lounge ever.

I was soooo irritated, I drew the attention of airport officials to the heat and to my utter dismay, NONE of the fans were working. Forget about ACs, those ones na decoration. Worst airport I've been in a lonnnnng time!
Crime / Re: Three "one Chance" Suspects Mobbed In Abuja (warning: Pictures Too Detailed)! by DeepSoul(f): 4:52pm On Aug 07, 2012
Robbing people in taxis has become so popular in Abuja, it's crazy. To think that they now do it in broad daylight is even more shocking. It shows their methods have been advanced.

They not only rob and rape, they have also added kidnapping innocent people for as little as N200,000.

In as much as I do not support this level of jungle justice, I think this will act as a deterrent to a lot of people in the same "trade" and also to those thinking about joining!

Abuja is not as safe as seems!
[font=Lucida Sans Unicode][/font]
Romance / Re: My Boyfriend Said He Needs A Break by DeepSoul(f): 12:47pm On Jul 23, 2012
I have a feeling OP is related to Patience Jonathan
Celebrities / Re: RMD Warns Linda Ikeji Over N250M Home Story by DeepSoul(f): 10:56am On Jul 09, 2012

If this matter were to go to court, RMD has already lost the case.

Linda Ikeji wrote "said to be valued at N250m". It was not stated as a fact.
She has given each reader the option to believe it or not.

For all those saying she's seeking attention, think again! She doesn't need your recognition of her as a person, she needs you to recognise her blog and GENERATE REVENUE.

As for RMD, his reply to her is quite disappointing and immature. It reeks of "classlessness" and total lack of composure and that is puttin it very mildly. "Dignified career path"! Smh!

Last i checked, acting and being a politician in Nigeria are by no means careers (my opinion), not to talk of them being dignified

She's simply generating traffic to her blog and making money from it and legally too! Same thing cannot be said about RMD. Let's call a shovel a shovel!
Celebrities / Re: Linda Ikeji Thinks Mark Zuckerberg's Wedding Was Cheap by DeepSoul(f): 10:07pm On May 25, 2012

Who are these people calling Linda Ikeji hungry?? Huh? check well oh!

THe girl is raking in millions every month and you people are here knacking your collective heads on a big wall.

Her comment on the wedding is obviously DRIPPING with buckets of sarcasm and some self-righteous human beings are here insulting someone who makes millions by airing her comments.

Abeg, make "oona" park well, look bush!

P.S: I love Linda Ikeji. After google, her blog is the most visited site on my PC. And i'm sure, thousands of others. I don't even remember that Nairaland exists anymore. That, my people, has gotta be something!
Crime / Re: Tanker Explosion At Mile 2 Kills 30 In Lagos. by DeepSoul(f): 3:07pm On Feb 20, 2012

Are u trying to be witty or something, if u dont know where mile 2 is, "say u dont know where mile 2 is" and someone will tell u.
this is serious news

Mister NRC:

In all fairness, bros are you Nigerian? angry and you assumed its not identifiable by "Nigerian" angry. oh please!!
If they haven't complete the expansion of that expressway still ongoing, I can only imagine which part of the area this is affecting as the link provided did not shed much information.
Damn!! I ~gats~ call my people for area!

* Not everybody who comes to Nairaland is Nigerian
* Not every Nigerian lives in Nigeria and is conversant with locations
* Not every Nigerian in Nigeria knows that Mile 2 is located in Lagos State
* Lagos State is not the only state with an area called "Mile 2". There's Mile 2 in Rivers State

RIP to all those who lost their lives

Education / Re: Ss3 Student Opts For Pidgin At Oyo Assembly Probe by DeepSoul(f): 11:48am On Feb 17, 2012
The father should be dismissed fro Customs. An important question was asked - WHat if a STRAY BULLET had hit and KILLED an innocent student?

How do you enter a school and start shooting sporadically?? A school??!!!

The teacher, the student and the father are ALL offenders in this matter.

But IMO, the father's offense is the WORST.
Education / Re: Ss3 Student Opts For Pidgin At Oyo Assembly Probe by DeepSoul(f): 10:34am On Feb 16, 2012

How did this thrash[b] made[/b] it to the front page.
This Nairalan moderators are somethinf else!

Nna mehn, if you cannot write SIMPLE English, do not post!!!!
These days, people write so badly I start to wonder if English Language was an OPTIONAL subject in Primary and Secondary schools. Sheesh!

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Family / Re: How Do Career Women Cope With Domestic Chores? - Help! by DeepSoul(f): 11:50am On Feb 15, 2012

^^ *vomits*

The rate at which you've been vomitting all over this thread, you sure say you never carry belle?

You carry style lazy small sha  grin
But then, you live in LAGOS. For those who live or have ever lived in LAGOS, the word 'stress' takes on a whole NEW MEANING.

So yeah, I understand - you have to leave home very early to beat TRAFFIC, work for 10hrs, get into TRAFFIC again. . .and by the time you finally get home, you are knocked out!

The solution to your "problem" is to work out a strategy that works for you. SO many people her have proffered practical solutions already.

For food, simply cook soups and stews and keep them in the freezer! Other foods like rice or yam can be easily made.
For washing, get a washing machine. Or get someone to come wash and iron every weekend
For cleaning, I don't think that should be too much of a chore if done regularly. But if it is, you can get a weekend cleaning person.

I'm not married but I also have those very "too-tired-from-work days". There have been times when all i eat is OATS. There have been times when I have bought like 3 packs of soup from a restaurant and put in my freezer to be eaten for one week. Sue me!! I have my lazy days weeks

P.S: It doesn't mean I wasn't brought up properly (according to the "angels" here)

So yeah, I understand. . .especially if you're just newly married. . .it'll take a little while for you to adjust. . .but you WILL after a while. Just try out different options and decide which best works for u

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Celebrities / Re: 2face Idibia Proposes To Annie Macauley by DeepSoul(f): 11:21am On Feb 15, 2012

. . .But who are we to judge. . . ?

My take on this:

*He could have atleast waited for the pregnant woman to have the baby. She's 8months gone. Imagine how she'd be feeling right now. This sort of news might even affect her health. There's something called Empathy!!

*I can't understand why ANYONE would agree to MARRY Tuface, given his situation. Marriage is not a joke. But then, as they say, Love is Blind
Romance / Re: Who Met His/her Current Bf/gf Or Life Partner Through Nl? by DeepSoul(f): 3:35pm On Feb 13, 2012

There are loads of gr8 people on NL. I haven't met a BF or Biz partner. But I have made LIFELONG friends here. I have even totally forgotten I met some of them here.
Family / Re: How Long Is Too Long For An Inlaw To Stay? by DeepSoul(f): 12:22pm On Feb 08, 2012

I do not have any inlaws yet. But growing up, there were ALWAYS relatives living with us (mostly from my mum's side!).

My paternal grand dad lived with us for a few years before he passed on
My maternal grand mum lived with us for a few years before she passed on
My mum's younger sister lived with us for about 7yrs before she ran away and scattered her life
My mum's 2 younger brothers lived with us for yearsssssssss b4 they moved out
My maternal grand dad lived with us before he got bored and left

My mum's younger sister came from Lagos to live with us with her newborn baby because she had issues with her husband. . .the next thing we knew, he came to "beg" to take her back and the next thing we knew, they ALL moved in and lived with us for more than ONE YEAR. A full family living with us

At different times, we have had different cousins and relations "holidaying". My dad is just too much of an angel and had a heart too big for lazy adults.

It seemed normal then. But now that I'm all grown up. . . I wouldn't tolerate that. Firstly, thank God all my siblings are educated and will be doing something useful with their lives rather than "perching" with me. My parents are, thankfully, more enlightened than their parents. . .so it's so hard to imagine them living with me. . .except in special conditions where they might need to be taken care of.

Another factor is age. When you get married and have kids early, by the time they're ready to get married and start a family, you'd still be young enough to have interests in enjoying your life rather than moving to their house permanently and causing wahala


Business / Re: CAC To Register Businesses In 48 Hours - Aganga by DeepSoul(f): 10:48am On Feb 08, 2012

Oga o. Stop writing what you dont know nah, Limited liability company should not cost more than N35,000-N40,000 FOR 1Million share capital.And Incorporated trustee should not be more than N50,000-70,000(max.) to finish everything, And normally everything(plus name search) should take like 2weeks,that is if your job was done properly without any QUARY from CAC.   
I am talking from PERSONAL experience and you are telling me not to write what I don't know. Smh. I registered an Incorporated Trustee for N120k. And you CANNOT do it for less than that amount. I started the process more than 3 months ago and I stilll haven't gotten my certificate!


And did you really tried to understand and consider those 'flimsiest reasons' they gave you before applyin for the next search? Or you just kept makin same mistake by selectin names that can never scale through.

I am not dumb and I perfectly understood and considered their reasons and even when I changed the name to suit their reasons, they still rejected it. Eventually, I had to settle for something totally "off" that was no way in line with any reasons given before.

I don't know why this thing is paining you. Or are you one of those 'charge n bail' lawyers who hang around CAC to chop our money? Kpele oh
Business / Re: CAC To Register Businesses In 48 Hours - Aganga by DeepSoul(f): 2:00pm On Feb 07, 2012
Yours was just three?? I gave up to 10 names and I'm not at all exaggerating. CAC kept rejecting them, giving the flimsiest "reasons" ever. Meanwhile these searches are NOT FREE. For each time you search, you pay for it.
Business / Re: CAC To Register Businesses In 48 Hours - Aganga by DeepSoul(f): 11:15am On Feb 07, 2012

lets get our facts together. i[b]t does NOT cos $600 to register a limited liability company in Nigeria[/b], You probably just overpaid your lawyer or whoever did it for you. Seconly if it takes you 3 months the fault is not from the government its from whoever you hired to register it for you. The longest I have ever heard of was 3 weeks.

Wrong. The cheapest you can get a Limited Liability Company registered for is N60,000. Getting an incorporated trustee registered can also not be done for less than N120,000. It is never done for less than that amount. If it takes three months, it's very much the Govt's fault as they haven't put in place the necessary modalities required for it to be done faster.

Why must I hire a lawyer to conduct a simple name search and register it after approval?

CAC is just about the most frustrating Govt agency I know!!!
Religion / Re: Paul Ado Bayero: Kano Emir's Grandson Who Converted To Christianity by DeepSoul(f): 10:18am On Feb 07, 2012

You souldn't be confused because because a book that is corrupted itself cannot confirm the corruptness of other books.
And Paul is not alone in this I am from Sokoto state, even though i do not belong to the royal family like my brother Paul i was brought up in a very reverted Shiekh's family where i received Quaranic. infact in my family you cannot even think of Primary school without memorising the quaran which i did. I read alot of Hadiths and all sort of Islamic books u can think of. One thing is true about what Paul said that we were never thought to love and forgive Christian but rather we were always fed with hatred, we see Christian as our enemies. for instance in  Shagari Low cost where lived there is an Assemblies of God church there near the Mosque we prayed then, the always told us the brings weapons in Night during there night vigil and therefore we should always be prepared for  war. I never understood how sweet Jesus is until i found one faithful Tuesday morning. I live to imagine what happened since then i was hunted by my own for the past 10 years i have not set mine eyes on my biological parents because they rather kill me than live with shame of me being a Christian. But thanks be to God because he has given me a new family of God's children and i am happy!

Glory be to God smiley
Crime / Re: Ndlea Arrests Man With Drugs Stuffed Inside Tin Tomato by DeepSoul(f): 10:34am On Feb 03, 2012

You see, the problem you have is not English; rather it's low intelligence for someone who claims to be deep (I wonder what part of your body is deep). Several people referred to him being executed (afam4eva and namfav). But they need to explicitly say it for you to realize they thought he was caught in Malaysia.

Dear Einstein,
You are quick to judge my level of intelligence as "low" just from a few lines I wrote. Very typical. I wont even bother to stoop low to the level of exchanging insults with you.
Travel / Re: Arik Air Stewardess Jailed For Cocaine Smuggling by DeepSoul(f): 10:21am On Feb 03, 2012

it beats my imagination how silly some people could be.
why i would i take that kind of risk for just £250,000 approximately N6,500,000. Which is basically no money. she should be meets festac babes that carry drugs worth of N100,000,000. when caught they will use 1/3 to bail themselves and still make enough cash. unfortunately, the business did not work. she will spend 5.5 years in prison , by the time she comes out, she will be 34.5 years, daft

Firstly, you got ur calculations wrong, it's over N60,000,000.

Secondly, it sounds to me like you're trying to justify criminality on the basis of its "profitability". So when people carry drugs worth N100 mil, it's worth the risk? Smh

This was caused by just ONE thing! GREED! I hope she learns her lesson at the end of her jail term
Crime / Re: Ndlea Arrests Man With Drugs Stuffed Inside Tin Tomato by DeepSoul(f): 4:23pm On Feb 02, 2012

Is it some people can't read? He was caught in Lagos (MMIA) and not Malaysia.

Err. . . oga, no1 said he was caught in Malaysia. It's ur reading skills that should be questioned

@ Topic:

Not like this is any justification but errr. . . I can guess this was largely induced by poverty. And the Nigerian Govt is partially responsible for this man's troubles
Sports / Re: National Sports Commission Allocated N1.2m For A Facebook Account by DeepSoul(f): 12:32pm On Jan 30, 2012

"He will also defend the spending of N182, 124,179,000 on the rehabilitation the National Stadium in Lagos, and another N117,875,820.95 on the Obafemi Awolowo Stadium (Liberty Stadium) Ibadan."

And yet we wonder why we have such crappy stadiums.
Politics / Re: Anti-bomb Squad Detonates A Bomb In Port Harcourt by DeepSoul(f): 11:04am On Jan 30, 2012

The spread of false news is sickening.

[i]"Rivers State Command has said that the improvised explosive device recovered by its men in the Diobu Area of PortHarcourt was fake" ~ [/i]NigerianNewsDesk Twitter Handle

There are two sets of goats in this story:

a) The ones who just spread news of doom before it is verified
b) The ones who plant "fake bombs" to scare people and attract undue attention.
Politics / Re: Wife Of The New Igp Has Passed Away by DeepSoul(f): 10:32am On Jan 30, 2012

Che ya. She didnt stay alive long enough to enjoy the new money. May her soul RIP (if she was a good person)

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