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Politics / Re: Jonathan Hits Back At APC, Kwankwaso, Others by deshclones(m): 1:16pm On Jan 10, 2014
GEJ is such a calm understanding and humble man...

@ajas baby...mehn u beat me to it walahi...


Autos / Re: Clean Use V Booth Last. Model With C.class Engine by deshclones(m): 8:21am On Jan 10, 2014
bros, where my wedding Cake? No IV for November or anytthing? Na wa o. Which Kain bros u b?

Happy Year sha. cool

Nwanne,nobi so...na trad ur brother do...u go everly get the white weddding I.V...no shakes....

Happy new year bro

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Politics / Re: Lagos/ibadan Express Way , Rehabilitation & Expansion (Pictures) by deshclones(m): 5:41pm On Jan 09, 2014
ilugunboy: The stretch of the road under abandoned construction due to paucity of funds is less than 5KM of the entire stretch of Lag-Ib express road.

You are extremely lucky i can not see you physically to land a hot angry backhand slap on that chubby cheeks of yours filled with lies ,bigotry and immense rubbish you chew from your APC's masters table.....

Same road a bonafide yoruba man OBJ(though his paternity is in doubt) could not fix in 8years that he was president...same road that obat,conoil,forte oil ,etc all owned by the western guys (although through illegitimate acquisitions) which also contribute to the roads breakdown and leaving it in its sorry state couldnt fix...you are here badmouthing a president all the way from the ND...who has human kindness in him and is fixing it for you guys....

You are really despicable and without any iota of gratitude in you...God and nature will forever punish gowon for keeping me in the same country with you people...and i mean every word of it. angry angry angry


Politics / Re: See What Senator Nkechi Nworgu Does In Abuja by deshclones(m): 4:41pm On Jan 09, 2014
so sad...if this patrikobi named op gets hit by a car or truck people will be saying eeyah...feeling sorry for him...not knowing he is such a moronic irresponsible insignifcant wayward lowlife sucking up the air and meager resources needed by sane people...so sad. cry cry cry

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Celebrities / Re: "It’s Not Me" – Banky W Denies Risque Picture Making Rounds Online by deshclones(m): 2:03pm On Jan 09, 2014
Thats him jor....undiluted picture of banky...why he dey lie..

choi...see the other girl face and mouth...sucking the boobi as if her life depended on it...choi....devil is and will always be a useless man walahi. grin grin grin
Autos / Re: Clean Use V Booth Last. Model With C.class Engine by deshclones(m): 6:40pm On Jan 08, 2014
mileage and vin please grin grin grin grin
Nairaland / General / Re: My Experience With A Native Doctor by deshclones(m): 10:49am On Jan 07, 2014

This guy is an embodiment of hatred and tribalism. His type stinks.
May you not die before you time


You have been noticed....
Now go roll tyre for street.
Politics / Re: My Stand On Who APC Should Field For The Presidency/VP - Femi Fani-kayode by deshclones(m): 7:15pm On Jan 06, 2014
N1ggah spewing thrash like his mundane opinion counts...rubbish upon ingredients...
Celebrities / Re: Jude Okoye Shows Off His Gun Collection by deshclones(m): 6:24pm On Jan 06, 2014
i believe his account was hacked....dude can't be this childish jor....desh refuses to believe a grown man like jude can stoop this low...nah.
Nairaland / General / Re: My Experience With A Native Doctor by deshclones(m): 1:35pm On Jan 06, 2014
ndidibabe: Racist, will you shut your dirty mouth up?? Which village do you live? I am born and bred in Lagos, married a Yoruba Man, have so many yoruba friends and colleagues and I am glad to say Yorubas are very great people. Racism is a result of hunger, depression, insanity and isolation. Why will a sane person hate another because of his or her race. Reason isn't far fetched- an hungry man is an angry man. Let's wipe poverty away in our land. People like deshclones need help...

Are you okay?? hope all is well with you nne?

Its not late to seek for help from your numerous affliction....its the beginning of the year. wink wink
Nairaland / General / Re: My Experience With A Native Doctor by deshclones(m): 1:00pm On Jan 06, 2014
All these kids from the western land of cowards.....mtshew....

Thunder fire gowon for refusing my people exit from this contraption called nigeria....for keeping me in the same country with these western cowards...imagine the maga no get shame dey talk anyhow....

you were ripped morafuchker. grin grin grin grin


Politics / Re: Dino Melaye Campaign Posters And Calendars Flood Kogi West(photos) by deshclones(m): 6:07pm On Jan 03, 2014
Mr Aboki:

Dont you dare bet on that...

Who you think say dey vote for Senate elections?!

Nigerians wey get sense only vote in two elections;

1. Governorship Election..

2. Presidential Elections..

The remaining offices are left to riff raffs.. Thats why I am afraid thet Dino might be able to win if he does his runs well..

Even I dont know the name of the Senator, nor Rep, nor Assembly man representing my area.. I dont even know what senetorial district I belong to..

lmfao grin grin grin

I got to know it was that short man ngige that represents me in the senate just last xmas....i dont even know the rep member ....naija i hail thee
Crime / Re: OAU Graduate Hangs Himself Because Of Refusal By His Fiancee’s Parent! by deshclones(m): 5:24pm On Jan 03, 2014
Niggah should be shot and his naked body dragged all over the town to teach young upcoming mumu love filled boys a lesson that cowardice has never and will never pay...

coward from the land of cowards...why am i not surprised?? undecided undecided undecided
Autos / Re: Reg. 08 Toyota Corolla For Sale. 1.1M Asking Price by deshclones(m): 7:22pm On Jan 02, 2014
ogbeni post the pictures here...resize the photos and post the pictures here for all to see...

this might be a stolen car for all we know....post the pictures...nairalanders should beware of this kind of sales....
Politics / Re: Cramjones Threatened Via Email Over His Expose Of PDP Election Strategy by deshclones(m): 12:28pm On Jan 02, 2014

You are a fool son. The biatch that conceive you must be the most unfortunate witch to give birth to a misfortune like you. I don't have nada to tell you product of beastiality. Take this three words GO AND DIE.

Can you go give your momma from behind and get the answer from her witch like oozing clitorial hood.

This guy is so so crass and ill mannered...lacking every form of good parental tutelage....dang....see what you wrote about someone's parents...your stout fingers didnt prick or give you goose pimples while you typed and you still clicked on the send button...such vulgar words that experienced motorpark touts won't even use ....mehn you are way way despicable...very despicable.....all cos you disagreed with someone on a public forum....God have mercy on you....immense mercy at that.

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Celebrities / Re: Rev Chris Okotie Shows Off His Exotic & Very Expensive Cars[photos] by deshclones(m): 8:17am On Jan 02, 2014
Temismith: u don talk finish? Its my opinion,its my business, so face ur front or go and set urself ablaze!

Temismith: unfortunate pig!

so much venom coming out from a supposed christian....its really sad....no self control...no good words even in the face of provocation....you are not a christian...nah...far from it...you are a mere church goer like the other 99.9% nigerians that attend church services,pray till they go hoarse but still do not live like christ.

Chris ma n1ggah...flex ma geee....you only live once man...not your fault people fall for your antics...if mugu no falll how chris wan chop??
Politics / Re: APC Drops Buhari & Picks Tambuwal As Presidential Candidate? by deshclones(m): 4:18pm On Dec 31, 2013
Goodluck really needs to explain to nigerians the kind of luck following him since birth...the guy is extremely lucky walahi...

if this is all the opposition can come up with...then i can confidently say GEJ till 2019...no shakes...infact GEJ doesn't need to campaign self...his victory is so sure if this is all APC can come up with....its like taking a candy from a child....


Politics / Re: Patience Jonathan's Alleged Billion Naira Hotel Under Construction (PHOTOS) by deshclones(m): 4:49pm On Dec 30, 2013

see diversion!!!

you left the hotel and concentrated on the house shocked shocked shocked

you didn't mention that she's also the owner of Udeme Hotel at Goodluck jonathan road in opolo, yenagoa o cheesy

pls how much is the hotel worth??...worse case 40m...divide it in dollars...now see how s1lly you sound...40m that ordinary nigerians without the perks and power that comes with politics can quietly afford thats what is giving you famed progressives orgasm...smh...next issue pls.
Politics / Re: Patience Jonathan's Alleged Billion Naira Hotel Under Construction (PHOTOS) by deshclones(m): 4:39pm On Dec 30, 2013
undecided undecided
rubbish article by a wasted online news agency with lil or no credibility.....am just disappointed in GEJ for real....see the mushroom house the guy built in his village of all places...this guy gat no taste one bit...my fathers house is way way better than this dingy,ill painted,un-spaced piece of concrete.....and dad was not a politician self...small igbo boys that are into import business have more befitting edifice not to talk of someone that has been a local govt chairman,dep.gov,gov,v.p and president...mehn this guy is humble and modest....

GEJ pls grow some impressive architectural taste bud
Politics / Re: Anyone Seen The Massive Hotel Build By Mrs.patience GEJ In Bayelsa by deshclones(m): 3:08pm On Dec 30, 2013
gullible nigerians...no no no gullibe APC progressives....you all will believe hook line and sinker as long as its allegedly owned by the goodluck family....no investigative journalism...no nothing...anything to bring him down and you will all rejoice...niggahs....nobody is saying anything reasonable or asking questions as how sahara got the information....i spit on you all...

btw...Goodluck lacks good architectural taste if those dingy houses in the video are truly his country home...tufia..ordinary me with half of his power and financial clout cant even spend a night in such poorly painted and constructed house...not to talk of a sitting president...the guy humble sha...but lacks taste

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Autos / Re: Import Duty Proposal Halt by deshclones(m): 8:48pm On Dec 23, 2013

when YOU put a slowpoke/mediocre who does not know what he doing in the highest helm of affairs in a country, 1+2 is like rocket science to such an individual

and you are ruled by a slow poke in spite of ur supposed famed intelligence and brilliance .you are an 1diot...you are indeed very insipid and outright s1lly for making this baseless statement...ridiculing someone your 7th generation combined can never equal..idiot
Autos / Re: Import Duty Proposal Halt by deshclones(m): 6:12pm On Dec 23, 2013
phew....wow...this is good news...pls gej should soft pedal on this import duty increase abeg
Politics / Re: Bombshell: Obasanjo Killed Bola Ige - Lam Confess by deshclones(m): 5:46pm On Dec 23, 2013

Do away with the personal insults or else you won't enjoy your day....

and what are you going to do you inconsequential dimwit...talking as if your baseless opinion matter anyway....rubbish...go pick fights with your fellow low lives that depend heavily on the crumbs that drop off the apc heavily corrupted table...u r no match for me...in every known ramification good or bad....now run along.


Politics / Re: Bombshell: Obasanjo Killed Bola Ige - Lam Confess by deshclones(m): 12:59pm On Dec 23, 2013
ilugunboy: I thought for a minute that Lam Adesina resurrected.....

The usual scavenging on the internet looking for something to divert attention...

mehn you guys are indeed shamelessly shameless...so obj is the best thing now all cos he joined apc...we truly get the kind of leaders we deserve...guess once gej declares for apc you nitwits will hail him as the new messaih...nonsense progrethieves.


Religion / Re: Orimiri Jordan In Enugu, Heals Mad Man by deshclones(m): 11:15am On Dec 19, 2013
Yes, African spirits are always evil.

Let's worship Yahweh, the father of his son and himself Jesus, the blue-eyed Israelite.

don't mind the brainwashed niggress...everything black is evil...while they cling,worship and adore the whiteman...people reeking of low self esteem...everything black is evil..the only continent that abandoned their fore fathers ways and clanged to the whiteman's ish neglecting the laws,culture and ways of our land...same way some mofos dont see anything wrong in giving their kids english,arabic and jewish names while neglecting the rich meaningful african names.....twats...monumental s1lly twats....

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Politics / Re: What Do You Make Of This Picture? by deshclones(m): 1:27pm On Dec 18, 2013
grin grin grin grin grin and thats someone's dad kneeling for his fellow man...so sad....so so sad.
Politics / Re: Labour Party Chairman’s Wife Kidnapped By Gunmen by deshclones(m): 10:17am On Dec 18, 2013
Niggah man..using ifeanyi ubah's money to build house...he go vomit am ...all of it...no penny spared.....lol...never dine with the devil...


Politics / Re: FAYEMI WINS 2billion In Case Against Compass Newspaper by deshclones(m): 1:19pm On Dec 17, 2013
nobi naija...they won't pay

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Politics / Re: Abia Distributes 202 Cars To Youths by deshclones(m): 5:40pm On Dec 12, 2013

guy you must be joking,,,huh? tell me you ain't serious about what you just typed,,,,chaiiii,,, see wetin poverty de coz,, if i were you i wouldn't have stated the amount I was charged in that hotel,,guy you fall my hand ehh,,,

c dude, am from afikpo north ok? you can't tell me that there's no better hotel there,or you want me to start counting for you?

Bro you just need to grow up!

i never lie bro...that was the exact amount i was charged...this is to show you that there is a dearth of basic modern facilities in your said afikpo lga....no modern hotel,hospitals,schools etc....dude ur lga sucks....deal with it

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