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Celebrities / Re: What Rita Dominic, Funke Akindele, Others Wore To AMAA 2021 (Photos) by drealzum(m): 3:34pm On Nov 29

Ladies be dressing the most to get our attention yet paying the least attention to what matters the most; their personal hygiene.

One in every 4 ladies smell horribly down below and with this statistics, I no longer get moved by how angelic they appear.

What shall it profit a woman if you look like a goddess yet your kpekus stinks like dead fish.
1 in 4 ladies is high.
25% is a real cause to worry.
Politics / Re: Why Do People Use Right Honorable Title by drealzum(m): 8:42am On Nov 19
Right honorable is a title used for someone who is a speaker in a State house of assembly or Federal house of representative.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: FG Announces The Commencement Of N-knowledge Programme In 6 Geo-political Zones by drealzum(m): 9:11am On Nov 06
Are you sure this is the site? Because it says can't be reached.
Health / Re: I'm experiencing Unproductive Cough That has Lasted For 7days And Loss Of Voice. by drealzum(m): 2:34pm On Oct 13
It could be tuberculosis. Go to the nearest DOT site close to you. The earlier the better. Tuberculosis can be cured.
Sports / Re: World Cup Qualifier: Nigeria Vs Central African Republic 0 - 1 On 7th Oct 2021 by drealzum(m): 7:27pm On Oct 07
I have been watching soccer since 1981. There is nothing I have not seen in this game. I know the trajectory of a team when I see one. And I have said it ceaselessly that the Nigeria game at all levels is in decline.

Moreso the Super Eagles is become a shadow of itself under Pinnick and his lap dog, a certain gaffer Rohr.

This is a man that showed his sheer incompetence at the biggest stage of all, the World Cup in Russia and should never have been allowed to continue beyond that.

To think he has survived four years of abject mediocrity after that shows the abysmal state of our game and the basement expectations we are quagmired in as a proud soccer loving nation.

Just a pity.
True. Nigeria did not lose today because the players were poor but because the coach had no idea how to crack open a defense.


Travel / Re: Pictures From The Lagos-Ibadan Train by drealzum(m): 7:24pm On Oct 07
lagos ibadan has more population, more spending power, more closer, related historically, more companies.
You are right. Lagos- Ibadan will be second. When the trains start movings across the whole country, I don't see any where that will beat it. Why Kaduna-Abuja route has more volume of passengers and will continue to have more than Lagos is because of insecurity along the road. People don't follow the train out of luxury like they do in Lagos but they follow it because they have no option. Abuja and Kaduna are also populated cities with huge trade going on in between them.
Travel / Re: Pictures From The Lagos-Ibadan Train by drealzum(m): 11:25am On Oct 07
I doubt if any train route in this country will ever have more volume of people utilizing it more than the Kaduna-Abuja route.
Romance / Re: Toyota Yaris Somersaults As Couple Having Sex Inside Knocks The Handbrake (pic by drealzum(m): 5:25pm On Sep 25
Sex is highly overated, that's all I can say.
Why do we take drugs for it?
Why all the risky desires? People who love pains with sex, taking crazy stuff, mating in risky places, cheating and spreading STDs.

Omo it's just not worth it.
You are a wise man �
Politics / Re: This Is The Most Beautiful And Hottest Nigerian Newscaster Ever by drealzum(m): 8:06pm On Sep 16
No Amina Nujaimin or what her name is. She also work's in NTA
Politics / Re: This Is The Most Beautiful And Hottest Nigerian Newscaster Ever by drealzum(m): 8:06pm On Sep 16
No Amina Nujaimin or what her name is. She also work's in NTA
Amina Noujaim is the most beautiful lady I have ever watch cast news. She left NTA kaduna 12 years ago to NTA Abuja. I don't know where she is now.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Who Has Successfully Completed The Application Of NJFP? by drealzum(m): 2:38pm On Sep 12
Mine still says application status under review after I have submitted.
Is it just me or that's what it shows everyone?
Politics / Re: Gunmen Break Into Abuja Home, Kidnap Father And Son by drealzum(m): 8:04pm On Sep 03
But Kwali is not Abuja, just in the FCT.
And Yangoji is even just a village in kwali.
The kwali main town starts from market junction on the express on your way to abaji upto the their local government secreteriat.
Yangoji is the next village after the Kwali main town.
Politics / Re: Gunmen Break Into Abuja Home, Kidnap Father And Son by drealzum(m): 7:59pm On Sep 03

Na. You are mixing it up. The Federal Capital Territory is the larger expanse belonging to the Federal Government which includes Abuja and the aforesaid Kwali. Abuja is a very, very small place believe me.
You are correct. It was during my NYSC then that I knew the difference. There are 6 area councils that make up FCT. Kuje area council, Bwari area council, Abuja municipal area council(AMAC), Gwagwalada area council, Kwali area council and Abaji area council.
The city centre people refer to as Abuja is just AMAC area council. Part of Bwari area council like kubwa and part of Gwagwalada area council like Zuba are also part of the Abuja city centre. I enjoyed Abuja.

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Politics / Re: We Were Not Ordered To Stop Attacks - Soldiers Tell Plateau Monarch, Ronku Aka by drealzum(m): 5:16pm On Aug 08

Plateau people have always supported the core North in all the evil the North has been doing against the South. They have been saying there is only one United North. When you hear these so called Middle Belt people talking negative about Southerners, you will think they are talking about animals. Let them continue killing themselves, it's a population control strategy.
I know why you wrote this. You want a middle belter to come and say is not true and massage your ego. I won't do that. Nobody needs your bloody sympathy. We have survived without you. Hausa Fulani, Igbo's and Yorubas are all the same. Selfish and entitled. The main problem of Nigeria. You are not different from the Hausa Fulanis you hate. Others may be deceived, but I am not. I just pray one day Nigeria gets a leader like Gideon Orkar that will come and push these so-called 3 major tribes aside. Then we will progress.
Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu Seeks Speedy Trial Despite Court Vacation by drealzum(m): 9:04pm On Jul 30

This life is just a pot of beans.

Nnamdi Kanu the almighty terrorist being held for treasonable offences can comfortably walk into USA to a heroic welcome if he is released tomorrow.

Abba Kyari the celebrated supercop doesn't need to pay for his flight, he doesn't need a visa, he will be housed by the US government as their guest. Yet he is scared to go to the USA.

Isn't it ironic that the man who is popular in Nigeria for being a crime solver doesn't want to help USA solve a crime.
He has worked with the FBI before and helped them. When an American soldier was kidnapped during vacation in the south east, it was Abba Kyari who found the kidnappers.


Politics / Re: Fulaniman In Austria Attacks Nigerian Olympic Team, Says They Support Terrorism by drealzum(m): 6:37am On Jul 22
That's not the way to make a statement. He was aggressive, abusive and hostile. In USA, he will be charged.
He is not even a wise man.
Politics / Re: Fulaniman In Austria Attacks Nigerian Olympic Team, Says They Support Terrorism by drealzum(m): 6:34am On Jul 22

OP, this man is not a Fulani man. Rather he was identifying and insulting the Hausa-Fulani man there.
You and the Mod have misinformed millions of people this morning.
This man here is most likely from Plateau, Nasarawa, Southern Kaduna, Adamawa, Southern Bauchi, Taraba or other parts of the country with Christian minority groups who speak Hausa' as a 2nd language.

If you didn't understand Hausa', you would have asked for interpretation from someone who understood.

Make another thread, signify the mods and correct yourself and the people you misinformed.
Don't mind them.
Before I watched the video, I had heard people say a hausa man verbally attacked the ladies in Vienna.
Then I watched the video.
This man is not even from the north.
He had horrible hausa accent and couldn't even pronounce certain words properly.
Politics / Re: Dino Melaye Reacts To Onochie's Rejection (Video) by drealzum(m): 1:22pm On Jul 14

Character is not everything.
Capacity is everything.

My mechanic is a chronic womanizer who lies, but he does the job.
In this case, I don't care about his character, my only concern is his capacity to get the job done.
Will you also feel indifferent if your mechanic had a character of stealing and selling motor spare parts?
Sports / Re: Enyimba Players Mercilessly Beaten By Plateau United Fans (Photos) by drealzum(m): 9:37am On Jun 29
I will keep calling you out to substantiate your claims or you prove with evidence that Rivers United represented Nigeria in the 2020/2021 champions league. I have given you more than three evidence to show plateau United and Enyimba were the clubs the represented Nigeria. You can't call me a liar without proof when indeed you are the liar and the sore loser who go about beating opposition teams. Show evidence or forever remain a fool.
Sports / Re: Enyimba Players Mercilessly Beaten By Plateau United Fans (Photos) by drealzum(m): 5:47am On Jun 29

Football is a game of tricks,tactics,et all...
Only referee determines what form of penalty to give.
Hope you are not justifying anything.
Nothing. Not in support of violence. Just giving report of what happened.
Sports / Re: Enyimba Players Mercilessly Beaten By Plateau United Fans (Photos) by drealzum(m): 6:40pm On Jun 28
You are a big olodo. A foolish fool. Your reasoning is so so low. I asked you to show/give me one evidence to collaborate your claim that plateau United won the league but you ending writing nonsense. I attached an evidence to show they didn't but you were too blind to see it. 2019/2020 season was cancelled due to the covid 19 pandemic. Mind you, Nigeria was not the only country to do so. Plateau United and Enyimba were the top two teams at the time of the cancellation. They were thus asked to represent Nigeria in the CAF champions league. That's contrary to your claim Enyimba represented in the confederation cup. It was when they were knocked out of the champions league that they went into the confederation cup. Stop exposing your ignorance. All you know how to do best is to beat opposition team.
Lies!! This will be my last time replying you.
Enyimba were 6th when the league came to a halt. Their argument then was that they had games at hand to play. 1st was Plateau, second was Rivers and 3rd was Lobi. But LMC came up with this point thing and said Enyimba were to finish 3rd. Lobi stars were furious.
You are either a shameless liar or an ignorant man without shame.
Plateau united and Rivers represented Nigeria at the CAF champions league. Enyimba who were manipulated to be 3rd went for CAF confederation cup. Kano Pillars also had a chance to represent Nigeria at confederation cup because they were winner of AITEO cup.
My last time replying you. Bliss in your ignorance.
Sports / Re: Enyimba Players Mercilessly Beaten By Plateau United Fans (Photos) by drealzum(m): 6:11pm On Jun 28
It is easy to hide behind your keyboard and try to deceive some people. I waited for you to answer me since but obviously you don't have any evidence to show that Plateau United are the defending champion. See attached and stop making a fool of yourself.
Hahahaha. You know when we were young, we were advised not to prattle, that way we hid our ignorance from strangers. You know nothing. Let me teach you. When it comes to continental football, because of Nigeria's recent poor performance, Nigeria just have two slots. Two teams qualifie for the CAF champions league and another qualifie for
CAF confederation cup (That is like our EUROPA). What that means is that unlike England were 4 teams can go for the Champions league, in Nigeria only the winner of the league and second go for Champions league. The third position goes for the tier 2 competition(CAF Confederation cup).
Plateau united was the club from Nigeria that represented Nigeria at the CAF champions league this season. When you asked what evidence I had that Plateau won, I told you. That was it.
Enyimba represented Nigeria at the CAF confederation cup.
Sports / Re: Enyimba Players Mercilessly Beaten By Plateau United Fans (Photos) by drealzum(m): 1:16pm On Jun 28
Go back and read your posts. At what point did you condemn the attack? At what point did you call out the attackers? You were busy telling us about 4-0, calling Enyimba time wasters and parking the bus. To you, it was a justification for your people attacking them.
I was only giving a report of all that transpired. I never said the attack was justified. You are free to make what so ever deduction you desire from my post.
Sports / Re: Enyimba Players Mercilessly Beaten By Plateau United Fans (Photos) by drealzum(m): 1:02pm On Jun 28

so does that justify ASSAULTING THEM?

E mean say Mourinho no fit coach for Naija e go just die like fowl
At all. Not justifying it bro. Just giving a report of what transpired. You can make what so ever deduction you so desire from my report. But my intent was never to justify violence.
Sports / Re: Enyimba Players Mercilessly Beaten By Plateau United Fans (Photos) by drealzum(m): 1:00pm On Jun 28
Can you prove this? Can you show us one evidence to show plateau United is the current champions of the NPFL? I am waiting.
Who then topped the table? Who represented Nigeria at the CAF champions league this season? I no get strength for this kind talk walai.
Sports / Re: Enyimba Players Mercilessly Beaten By Plateau United Fans (Photos) by drealzum(m): 12:57pm On Jun 28

This is nonsense. Enyimba has drawn about 4 home games this season. Opposition teams have deployed same delay tactics when playing Enyimba but after the draw, we haven't witnessed any Enyimba fan descending on the opposition players. So this your defense of the barbaric act doesn't make any sense. This same Enyimba has also won 5 away games this season, the highest by any team so far but the fans of the home team didn't descend on them.

I'm not supporting violence. The little few who were involved should be punished. But I was only giving a whole report of all that transpired. I never said the violence was justified.

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Sports / Re: Enyimba Players Mercilessly Beaten By Plateau United Fans (Photos) by drealzum(m): 12:55pm On Jun 28
I don't think I have ever read a more senseless post on nairaland. You have justified assault and battery by this comment. No player or team should be assaulted and brutalised for any reason. Whether Enyimba deserve the draw or not is immaterial. Whether they did time wasting is nonsense. That was their tactics. Plateau United could have used their own tactics to win fair and square. Going by this your report, it is obvious you were at the stadium. You are a suspect too. Violence has no place in football and sports as a whole.
Have I said I supported violence? You are a funny guy.
Sports / Re: Enyimba Players Mercilessly Beaten By Plateau United Fans (Photos) by drealzum(m): 12:18pm On Jun 28

Ogbeni sharrap there did plateau united score? Or don't u know almost all away teams park bus. Let dem just pray they jejely loose in aba. If nor d debt will be paid in full. No matter how mad they are, they are still learning work Wem it comes to aba
Tell us that Enyimba park the bus and not all away teams. That is why Enyimba have not won the league in years. Plateau united the current champions of the league were no champions by parking the bus. They won away match. Plateau united have scored at Aba. Last time Enyimba were in Jos, they were hammered 4 - 0. To prevent a defeat, they did what all cowards do, cluster themselves in their half for 90 minutes to prevent Plateau from scoring.
Sports / Re: Enyimba Players Mercilessly Beaten By Plateau United Fans (Photos) by drealzum(m): 12:15pm On Jun 28
So you want to compare eyimba of Aba to plataue United, when it comes to football in Nigeria and Africa? Even Kanu pillars no reach
You are funny guy. Plateau united are the current champions of the league. Last season when Enyimba were in Jos, they were beat silly 4 - 0. Yesterday, they decided to park the bus to the annoyance of Plateau fans to get a point which they later did. Get your facts right man and stop living in the past.
Sports / Re: Enyimba Players Mercilessly Beaten By Plateau United Fans (Photos) by drealzum(m): 10:23am On Jun 28
Last time Enyimba came to Jos, they were flogged 4 - 0.
Yesterday, Plateau had more possesion. Enyimba were parking the bus. They feared repeat of what had happened in the past. They were rough, they were deploying all kind of tactics like cowards to waste time. The ref gave an Enyimba player red card for a mindless tackle at 80 something minute. He refused to go out. He was walking slowly and sluggishly like an Elephant. The fans were furious. His coach supported his dubious antic. As the final whistle was blown, they fans in lost of temper jumped on the pitch an pounced on him. Enyimba were not deserving of the single point they got in Jos.
TV/Movies / Re: 8 Hollywood Movies That Spoke About Nigeria by drealzum(m): 6:40am On May 04
The blacklist also
Travel / Re: People Who Live Or Know About Jos Please Help by drealzum(m): 1:32pm On Apr 29

Thanks a lot for the info you provided.
I'm keen on moving to Jos before the end of the year as a fresh graduate to begin life there.
How would you rate the cost of living for someone like me considering housing, feeding etc? Also, how about job or business opportunities?
Jos is nice. Although I left there 3 years ago. You will find a 2 bedroom flat around 200k or so. Feeding is fair compared to Lagos. I don't know if there are many job opportunities there. You know as the country is now na. But you can do business sha. The whole country right now sef, money no too dey.

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