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Business / Re: Worst Days Over For Nigerias Economy, Says Tony Elumelu by DreamersVille24(m): 1:17pm On Oct 24, 2018

No pain, no gain....

Naija can't continue on the path to perdition.... people use funds meant for infrastructures for the whole populace to build malls,buy cars, dash relatives & sponsor oloshos.... That's not a moving economy bros...

There will be pain now but soon gain will show... pele. embarassed


You honestly mean this?

Sometimes I wonder if na jazz dem do una.

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Romance / Re: Help!!! My Girlfriend Still Lives In Mud House...advice by DreamersVille24(m): 4:40pm On Oct 22, 2018
What has the type of house got to do with her personality


Hope your day's been.fantastic.

Please quote any of my other post to let me know you've seen this
Politics / Re: Kanu’s Disappearance, Resurfacing Prearranged By DSS – Uwazuruike by DreamersVille24(m): 4:10pm On Oct 22, 2018
Ipobs are terrorists, in saner climes Uwazuruike & Cownu could have been killed by the government. Our unity is non-negotiable.
They will be shouting Biafra or Death but cry foul after our gallant soldiers stage a Show Of Force.
Sai Baba 2019 though

Why is Nigeria's unity non negotiable if I may ask?

I find that line of thought immensely disturbing.

Every agreement or relationship should always be negotiable as that's the only way for peace to reign; positive peace that is.

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Politics / Re: Nigerian Army Came To Kill Me And My Family - Nnamdi Kanu On Live Broadcast by DreamersVille24(m): 12:59pm On Oct 22, 2018
This coward is here again to confuse his people soon to desert them and run into hiding as usual once he pushes them off the cliff.

"Everyone appears to be courageous until bad weather arrives and then we know the true leaders" - Israelmore Ayivor

So you want him to remain and be killed by the Nigerian army who only have power over civilians?

Moses fled Egypt for a reason, same with Mohammed and so many other brave and wise leaders in the annals of history.

You're Yoruba and your people have an adage that a living dog is better than a dead lion so why can't it be applied here?

If he's killed you'll still be the first to jubilate.

If you don't know, Nigeria cannot work the way it is currently structured. Regionalism is the only way nigeria will work for the good of the common man.

You Yorubas can be too tribalistic for one's liking sometimes honestly. It can be nauseating and I say this without being denigrating.

Nigeria isn't working and we must restructure or agitation will never go away.

Go figure.
Politics / Re: Nigerian Army Came To Kill Me And My Family - Nnamdi Kanu On Live Broadcast by DreamersVille24(m): 12:45pm On Oct 22, 2018
Lol..So in summary,No lefelendum No Erection na PDP go suffer am. But I was told the dude escaped Nigeria dressed in skirt and blouse like a woman why is he now forming messiah to his dumb disciples all of a sudden?If Nigerian government means to deal with you I bet you wouldn't stand a chance go ask the likes of brave people like fela, femi falana, gani fawemi, Ken saro wiwa who stood their ground and some payed with their lives, but they knew the coward will be useful in the future so they allowed him flee...chai buhari get sense die.

You dare mention names of people who were killed by criminals and thugs on power?

People who truly fought for the masses and you're ridiculing them?


What a country!
Politics / Re: Live Broadcast: Nnamdi Kanu's World Press Broadcast From Jerusalem by DreamersVille24(m): 11:00am On Oct 21, 2018
When will they drag this idiot back to Nigeria to pay for his impish activities? Why is Israel protecting him? Are they aware that he is wanted here? Stupid man beguiling gullible folks

IPOB is proscribed only in a country where the president hates a section of the country and free speech; not same for the international community.


Politics / Re: Live Broadcast: Nnamdi Kanu's World Press Broadcast From Jerusalem by DreamersVille24(m): 10:59am On Oct 21, 2018

My brother tell them ooo mumu people grin grin grin

You and jabioro cannot unlearn and relearn.

Typical of most Buhari worshippers anyway.

We have the same time with London right now.

Open your minds today.

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Romance / Re: Yoruba Names And Their Funny Translation. by DreamersVille24(m): 9:21am On Oct 21, 2018
I'm not on twitter

drop yours,


I'll quote you with my digits in one of your more obscure posts cos some demons don follow us come here lol.
Romance / Re: Yoruba Names And Their Funny Translation. by DreamersVille24(m): 9:16am On Oct 21, 2018
no problem


So how can I reach You?

Should I drop my digits or would you rather drop yours?

Are you on Twitter?
Romance / Re: Yoruba Names And Their Funny Translation. by DreamersVille24(m): 8:32am On Oct 21, 2018
Translate oluwashindara


I'd like to be friends with you offline...if you're cool with that let me know.

I'm a cool guy with a great sense of humour so you got nothing to worry about...

And that's me on the dp...
Romance / Re: Your Opinion Is Needed. by DreamersVille24(m): 7:59am On Oct 21, 2018
we are.... so what's the excuse

Well you should start doing yours too and see his reaction.

When a call comes in pretend you have to move away to talk, act fishy and all... if he doesn't budge then know it's time to walk away...if he protests then tell him that's how you've been feeling since and he must stop whatever he has with the other babe if he still wants you...

They can't be just platonic friends and he can't talk to her I your presence.

Just start withdrawing emotionally from that relationship to save yourself from heartache.

Can I send you a pm?
Romance / Re: Your Opinion Is Needed. by DreamersVille24(m): 7:46am On Oct 21, 2018
Good morning house, I'm sorry for typing this on a Sunday morning.

There's this lady that is always calling my boyfriend. He told me not to bother about her that she is not important.

He doesn't answer her calls whenever he's with me but I got to know he always calls her back immediately he leaves.

One day, we were in his house when her calls started coming in. He went with his phone to ease himself and I overheard him talking on the phone. I got hold of his phone and called the lady, I wanted to know the relationship between them and she insisted I ask him after I told her we are dating.

After that call, the calls reduced for a while but there are now back to what it was.

Whenever I complain, boify says I shouldn't bother about the people around him that his feelings for me Is what matters.

I'm not comfortable with the calls, I feel hurt and tired of the situation.

Am I paranoid? or are my reservations justified.?
What do you suggest I do?

Are you guys involved intimately?

If not then that babe is his go to when he needs a woman's touch.
Romance / Re: 5 Reasons You Should Never Date A Broke Girl by DreamersVille24(m): 6:56am On Oct 21, 2018

For me, it is not about material (financial) brokenness but the mental one. Poor people have a predatory mindset developed over a sustained period of scarcity. Any sign of abundance (e.g, rich boyfriend) is seen as a fleeting resource to exploit, ransack and parasite from. Their personal responsibility will be projected to the other party and made to feel guilty if he refuses to accept such conditions in a relationship. Their family problem becomes yours to carry with pressure coming from different angles like sharp bullet forcing you to comply. Poor people usually do not understand the concept of a mutual relationship, its all about what they will benefit only.

Ultimately, the difference between the rich and the poor is their mindset. A rich person going for a broke woman is like throwing foods to hungry fish, you will be devoured. While the smart one realizes to leave poor people alone and let them date each other, seems they understand themselves better. Different mindset.

You captured it aptly man.

I call it poverty mentality.

Never date anyone with poverty mentality which makes them think that a relationship is an opportunity to grab all they can while it lasts.

Very toxic something.

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Romance / Re: 5 Reasons You Should Never Date A Broke Girl by DreamersVille24(m): 6:54am On Oct 21, 2018
can relate bro. met one last month in unilag she ask me for 5k to repair her phone I was broke then so I couldn't give since then I ni see her again.

Give me her number make I help you deal.with her cheesy
Family / Re: Lady Sues Father For Banning Her From Marrying Christian Boyfriend In Kaduna by DreamersVille24(m): 8:49am On Oct 17, 2018
It is not matter of hatred but Allah's command that Muslims women are allowed not to marry non Muslims

Allah's command?

So what happens if she goes ahead to marry the non Muslim?

She is to be stoned to death?

Closeted terrorists everywhere.

Family / Re: Lady Sues Father For Banning Her From Marrying Christian Boyfriend In Kaduna by DreamersVille24(m): 8:47am On Oct 17, 2018
No any and I repeat No any full Hausa Fulani northern girl will EVER marry a None Muslim. Its against our religion, culture and tradition. Infact its an abomination. That is the bitter truth most of you will not love to hear. There is decorum guiding all aspects of our lives. For those that knows they know

Your religion might be closer to extremism then.

What happened to individual thinking? No wonder you lots up there have that disgusting herd mentality.
Politics / Re: Boko Haram Executes Hauwa Liman, An Aid Worker by DreamersVille24(m): 5:07pm On Oct 16, 2018

When you get to USA extend my greetings to the terrorist and killer Bush but ensure you ask him to lecture you about the christian god.

Why not condemn these killings being done in the name of Allah and move on?

Bush and co invading the middle East was never done in the name of God or Christianity and so your retorts hold no water.

Stop defending the indefensible using the fallacy of tu quo que.

May Allah deliver you.

Career / Re: Access Bank Aptitude Test by DreamersVille24(m): 2:04pm On Oct 16, 2018
Good morning house, Happy sunday please I have been scheduled for access bank aptitude test on thursday, anybody with idea on access bank test/format should kindly enlighten me on it plus if it is gmat, kindly forward it to my mail at arinolamorufat@gmail.com. Thank you

So how did the test Go dear?
Health / Re: Woman Narrates Ordeal After Suffering 35 Miscarriages In 7 Years by DreamersVille24(m): 2:20pm On Oct 15, 2018
At 40 now, she apparently had her first miscarriage at 33yrs.

Sometimes the cause of miscarriages may be unknown, sometimes it's due to co-existing medical conditions or declining female hormones. But one thing is sure, the older a woman gets above 30yrs, the more she is likely to either give birth to a child with an anomaly or have a miscarriage which more often than not, are nature's way of getting rid of a foetus which would have been born with an anomaly.

Dear ladies, it's good to be career minded and want your husband to be established before marriage, it's also good to join the feminist bandwagon, but if you know you would cherish to have a child at some point in life, do it early.

Oga shut up and stop misinforming people jare.

What nonsense are you talking about?


Celebrities / Re: 'why I Performed Semi-Unclad In London' - Brymo Explains by DreamersVille24(m): 10:01am On Oct 08, 2018
Fela wannabe, you can't just be like fela the more you try the more it makes you awkward just be yourself,great respect to the real Abami Eda
. whatever happens to brymo musical career ..after his hit song Ara nbe have not heard any hit song from him again maybe performing semi unclad will raise is downturn musical career.Made FTC ,may the good lord shine his face upon every nairalander this week.

check my siggy,your electronics at flat rates(payment on delivery), buy4me services also available from Alaba market

Shut up!

Don't disrespect Brymo for any reason.

He stated clearly that he does music for his fans and if you're not one steer clear of discussions concerning Brymo.

One of our underrated gems.

NP: Prick no get shoulder - Brymo


Romance / Re: "If You Are Single At 35+ And Still Celebrating Birthdays, Shame On You" - Lady by DreamersVille24(m): 9:11am On Sep 29, 2018

Since you are so productive and also not stagnant,what have done for Africa or are you not an African? Other continents that you are even trying to dissociate with Africa also value marriage,so drop your MENTALITY.Stop asslicking.Have you made the world a better place as you have claimed?

To answer your question, I'm actively working towards leaving my mark on earth.

And yes when I'm ready to settle down and have someone who definitely does not think like you, we'll tie the knot.

Asslicking you say?

Better drop this village mentality and be humble.

There are much more important things that should take up space in your grey matter and not marriage.


Romance / Re: "If You Are Single At 35+ And Still Celebrating Birthdays, Shame On You" - Lady by DreamersVille24(m): 3:24pm On Sep 28, 2018
As a matter of fact,marriage is an achievement in life most importantly a good marriage but most of you lot wont agree. There are a lot of women who wanna settle down,unfortunately for them,their wish didnt come true even though they tried.tell me why it is not an achievement for those who made it.

My dear change this mentality!!!

This is why Africa remains stagnant and mostly unproductive!

There are a lot of challenges in different spheres of life awaiting our conquest.

Marriage is only a choice which has even wrecked so many people and cut short their destinies.

You were not put on earth to wantonly make babies but to leave the world a better place.

Many of you end up frustrating yourselves after rushing into marriage for all the wrong reasons.

The world does not revolve around marriage.

Wake up and smell the coffee!!!


Romance / Re: "If You Are Single At 35+ And Still Celebrating Birthdays, Shame On You" - Lady by DreamersVille24(m): 3:19pm On Sep 28, 2018

Oga Delta State is living way below her potential. A state that has the likes of Jim Ovia, Tony Elumelu, The ibrus etc is not meant to be where she is. I watched udaghans interview on Chanel's recently, he was just twisting tongue when asked what he did as governor.

Look at a state like Lagos, doing extremely well. Delta is supposed to be better

Lagos doing well?

In what terms cos by all known standards Lagos is currently so so subpar.

And I'm talking as a lagosian.

Romance / Re: "If You Are Single At 35+ And Still Celebrating Birthdays, Shame On You" - Lady by DreamersVille24(m): 3:17pm On Sep 28, 2018
and so fucking what if she is over menopause..how is that your business. Hard working men dont have time for this crap that you have dedicated your whole lives in doing.You are definately a jobless slow poke that have been rejected by so many ladies and you have become this bitter man on nairaland, that is why you are here bad mouthing women...tell me what have they done to you that you will focus all your energy in this forum lashing out at women when your mate are out there making money and preparing for a better future for themselves...
Yes she is approaching Menopause, so am I and so others ladies. So, what if i get to 40 and dont get married how is that your business?..mind your business, go and get a job, work hard and look for a good woman to marry and let us be please.

Stop lazying around and expecting a girl to start soaking Garri with you while you spend half of your life online doing nothing meaningful but bad mouthing women because you had had a bitter experience with them..so oga..I am not getting married nor interested in having into kids..I might adopt though if i wish..maybe later..I have nieces and nephews..all over the place..and it is a choice..deal with it.

Ask most Nigerian married men and women how happy they are in their marriages..To me life goes beyond marriage and having kids but to some other, it very important..everybody with thier destiny and how they wish to live their lives..must everyone give birth? what happens to the children roaming street of Nigeria have they been properly taken care off?...Please if marriage is your sole achievement it is not for many people..so abeg mind your business and stop this menupause bla bla bla..It make you look bitter.

Great response to that oaf.

I'm unpleasantly surprised with the mentality on display by guys on NL on this matter.

There are greater issues in life to be more concerned with than marriage or children ultimately.
Crime / Re: Hisbah Board Destroys Trucks Of Beer Intercepted In Kano State. Photos by DreamersVille24(m): 8:36am On Sep 21, 2018

These Northerners think this rubbish they do will go on for ever bah. Are we in Saudi Arabia that they are copying. Nigeria is a secular nation.

No it's not actually.

Check the Nigerian army insignia.

About 7 states practise sharia.

You've been deceived all along.
Career / Re: 50% Slash In Salaries Of Heritage Bank Staff? by DreamersVille24(m): 8:18am On Sep 21, 2018


Bro do you do work with HBL?

Got some few questions. Thanks.
Education / Re: Muslim Girls Suspended From Isolo Secondary School Lagos For Wearing Hijab by DreamersVille24(m): 2:41pm On Sep 19, 2018
What religion and it's consequence will cost Nigeria would be too grave to imagine

WILL cost you say? Or has and continues to cost...

Without unity of purpose amongst a people progress will never be made.

This is so true of Nigeria and Nigeria will never progress because all the different sects will never come together in unity for the purpose of progress....

Why can't they come together you ask?

Well because the mostly chrisitan south can never trust the dominantly moslem north when it comes to sectional or regional issues.

So many religious riots and killings of Christians enmasse have occurred with anyone hardly made to pay for such heinous atrocities.

And we keep pretending all is well and every president tried to force unity down our throats without reconciling our ugly pasts.

It's deep man. Deep!
Food / Re: A Tale Of 2 Foodsellers And Their Attitudes In Yaba by DreamersVille24(m): 2:01pm On Sep 19, 2018
I can bet 20 pounds the first lady is of Igbo origins while the second lady is not.

From my many years of sojourn in Nigeria, Igbos take the crown when it comes to superb customer service in any business.

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Politics / Re: FG Seeks Loan From Japan After China - Sahara Reporters by DreamersVille24(m): 5:21pm On Sep 12, 2018

The government do not need to depend so much on tax.

Government should create a company tax heaven through economic free trade zones in every state with a promise that they should; generate more dollar inflows through export, reduce more imports which eats up our foreign reserve, create more jobs, invest in socioeconomic amenities and R & D.

Government should then give yearly at least #300b as business grants to 100,000 graduates at a rate of #3m per graduate with a promise to give any graduate #30m in 10years time, if he or she is able to generate at least 10 jobs, pay staff income taxes and refund back to the government #6m before the end of 10years.

Watch visualpolitiks on Uruguay, China, etc to learn more.

I mentioned many other sources of revenue generation bro, why the focus on tax?

I understand your points however, all developed nations have tax as one of the major sources of revenue and we can't deny this fact.

Politics / Re: FG Seeks Loan From Japan After China - Sahara Reporters by DreamersVille24(m): 1:28pm On Sep 12, 2018

Exactly. Money for infrastructural devt. has to come from somewhere.

This is a lazy man's view and shortcuts never helped anyone in life.

The problem is our rulers fail to think long-term and the feeding bottle system where everyone goes cap in hand to Abuja for federal allocations.

If we are to get serious Nigeria has to undergo economic and fiscal restructuring. This will force states to be more ingenious and make them think of ways to generate revenue.

There's taxation, there's a lot of other untapped mineral resources. We can even go back to big time exportation of agricultural products including marijuana.

Wake up and smell the coffee!


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