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Romance / Re: Who Mistakenly Saw Your unclothedness And What Was The Reaction? by Frankicent(m): 6:39am On Dec 02
During my university days..... I rented an apartment off-campus and it was the usual face me I face you compound..... everyone shares the toilet and the bathroom

So I had this girl, she was very reserved and very pretty...had a light skin and was an introvert that will scatter the compound with sweet aroma from her room...

Sometimes like that, I returned from home and I decided not to go to school..It was in the afternoon and I never knew anyone was in the compound and I went to the bathroom to take my shower...I was just pulling down my trousers to hang them when I saw the door opened and she was staring down at my erected third leg. She closed the door speechless and was unable to say sorry. I didn't say anything either..

After I was done at the bathroom, I decided to leave for lectures or go to school to read or something...then she came and knock at my door... Ask her to come in and she did... She said she was sorry about what happened and I said it was fine..but that I have to see hers too... I was trying to be funny and she took it serious. But said, if I wanted a revenge that she will let me have it but only when she'd return from school.

Then that even passed, we couldn't see, after a week letter, she called me from her window and I turned to the backyard to see her.... She was naked... and my dick stood up immediately and I knew she noticed it...

Well, long story cut short.... we never had sex.. I wasn't possible... I failed myself.

Celebrities / Re: I Have It All At 27 - BBNaija's Ka3na Brags (Photos) by Frankicent(m): 11:29pm On Dec 01
A real simp
Career / Re: Should I Join Police Or Continue With My Degree by Frankicent(m): 6:39am On Nov 27
Abeg is the Police recruiting for Officer cadre? Make i dust my BSC certificate go apply, under-employment is a bad thing cry

Which year you finish?
Romance / Re: Why Are Women In A Rush To Get Married? by Frankicent(m): 10:49am On Nov 22
You’re delusional bro. “Good girls” don’t leave their BF to marry another MFer. You’re standards are real low, like on the ground low.

Good one bro. That man has low self-esteem. He was probably the woman in the relationship. Ok, fine. Let's assure she was a good girl. And now that she left. This guy shouldn't be crying. Move on.


Romance / Re: Why Are Women In A Rush To Get Married? by Frankicent(m): 10:47am On Nov 22
oga nobody presured her stop talkin nonsense,dat girl neva planed building her life,una just graduate,she done find man already,wats the rush,her cries is it changing the fact,she is hurtin u,bro that girl knows her mind,all her calls na scam...and u talk like a boy,she asured u she wont do anytin til everytin is done and u trust her...how has that got to do wit that she is marrying a man she barely knws after being wit u 4 4 years,if na me i go change am 4 am,u be simp,stupid supporter

Correct bro. That guy na mum* . That girl don get side guy right from when Dem dey school.
She never saw a future with him. And the guy loved her more than she does. This guy na simp. A great one.

Nigga just dey cry na pikin.


Romance / Re: Why Are Women In A Rush To Get Married? by Frankicent(m): 10:44am On Nov 22
I sincerely appreciate all of your comments, and words of encouragement, the criticism too helps a lot
Let me reassure you guys that I'm fine, relaxed and mild. I feel bad for myself a bit because I lost a wonderful woman, but I'm sincerely gleeful for her. I won't cut her off communications, I will stand by her, support whenever. One thing I understood about love is this. If you genuinely love someone, their happiness should be your first preeminence. Allow them to do what ever makes them happy, and still love them regardless.

Yes we spoke lengthy tonight, and I understood exactly how she feels, I understood deeply how our parents and guidance keeps pressuring their children, pupils and siblings against their wish, not just in marriage, but even in careers and others. And also how parents are forcing children into marriage in other to help in assisting the family burden. How is this right?

Life is love, so I have decided that I'm never going to cut her off, or act as if she never exist, she deserves better. But I will never get involved with her again. I'm mentally strong, and I built it on love. Right now i'm so concerned about her happiness, not her leaving me. I just want her to be happy and fine, that's all. We should never criticize people when they make decisions, maybe we would have made worst decisions in that same position.

Yes, I had intention of marrying her, she knew. She is not a cheat, she's a very good girl and I respect her. The main reason why I brought up this post was because lots of girls are after marriage, some are forced into it without having nothing to offer. I personally asked what's her plans after school, and she said she will open a shop (Food items) until after her Masters programs. I was ready and willing to support her.

I told her to hold on until we're done with our Nysc which should be next year by God's grace.

And those asking why I didn't marry or engage her... Even if I had billions in my account, I still wouldn't have married until I'm done with my Nysc. You don't rush it, we were students for 4years and that's our love duration, we needed at least some time outside school to see how ideal we were.

And to some persons saying she doesn't have time... I pleaded for just one more year, for our Nysc..
Don't encourage people to rush into marriage because of age, she just met this guy, they don't know and haven't tolerate themselves. This is one of the major reasons why marriage keep failing because it can lead to trust issues, violence and others. I understood her very well, she's a very jealous individual, and I can tell you that the new guy doesn't know this, now how about if he doesn't want a woman who is loaded with jealousy? But it's fine, many read to criticize, not to understand and learn.

My advice to every girl out there, try and add value to yourself, this won't just make your husband respect you, it will also stop your parents and guidance from going against your preferred wish.

Bro you too talk. You're suffering from oneitis. This left you for a man who she think is much better than you. Instead of you to cut ties with her. You dey write formal letter.

Let her go emotional and physically. Find another girl and move on.

You're just pained because you think she's a good girl. And maybe cause you aren't getting younger.

No vex me bro. Your b!tch has been playing the victim. She don already plan this game right from school . Quit been Stup!d

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Romance / Re: Why Are Women In A Rush To Get Married? by Frankicent(m): 10:34am On Nov 22
I've been there done that... Very traumatising experience.
if not that I cut all ties with her, she would have pinned several pregnancies from me on her hubby.

Though it's been over 8 years now and she's got 2 kids, She's still desperately seeking me by all means necessary but I won't bulge.

Nawa. Why women be like this?


Romance / Re: Why Are Women In A Rush To Get Married? by Frankicent(m): 10:38pm On Nov 21
In my final year in school, I was attracted to one of my classmates and she too was attracted to me. When I wanted us to get serious, the lady bluntly told me it won't work that she is looking forward to getting married asap and that it will take me years to be ready financially for marriage. I left her and moved on to someone else. 4 years later i was ready for marriage and I got married she is till yet to get married

Like seriously? She never marry.
Romance / Re: My Girlfriend Doesn't Call Me by Frankicent(m): 7:57am On Nov 21
If she doesn't call you call her, it as simple as that or you buy her airtime for her to call you, i personally can stay a month without calling anybody maybe she's that type of person.

D*umb @ss. So na your bf go buy card for you.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Double Salary, Ippis And Revenue Generating Agency by Frankicent(m): 1:11pm On Nov 19
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Salary Earners- What Is The Highest Amount A Salary Job Has Paid You. by Frankicent(m): 5:02am On Nov 03
180k but I make up to at least 250k monthly apart from salary.

What job is it?
Crime / Re: My Girlfriend Was Raped In Lagos By A Fat Elderly Man With A Pot Belly by Frankicent(m): 1:02pm On Nov 02
All these epistle just to discredit a rape story.
Im scared for the women around you,including your female family members.

Shut the F. You talking as if you've not heard women do worst. If you don't understand my post. Read it again.
Crime / Re: My Girlfriend Was Raped In Lagos By A Fat Elderly Man With A Pot Belly by Frankicent(m): 11:16am On Nov 02
She might be raped for real. And she might have cheated and she's dieing of guilt.

Trust not a woman, when she weeps. Too much red flag in your post. I'll highlight them. A woman will change ways depending on the man she's with.

Me I don't trust women a bit. Even my gf, I no trust her. That same angel you glorified might be a hard bitch to another man. Talking from experience

1: You can tell a woman by the type of friends she keeps. If she's a church goer. You'll know though her friend. Your own case is difficult. She has friends who club and party. That's she's one of them. She'd been pretending too you all along. Your friends can influence you with you knowing.

2: You two had issues, and she came back with a rape cases. Lol.

3: The only information she gave you was the man was an elder man and he wore a nose mask. Nose mask. Nose mask for rape. Lwkmd.

4: She didn't see his face. This man didn't put on a face mask. Just a nose mask

5: She knows the type of guy you are. If you're a hard guy and she loves and respect you. Trust me she'll fear and respect you. Cause by your words and action. She know you don't take shit.

6: It's obvious you love her far more than she does to you.

7: Guy sit her down and ask her to give you her phone. If she's innocent, she wouldn't panic.

To me it's easy to catch cheating and lying women. They can't answer technical questions. Because it drives them angry.

8: You forgetting her for rape means you'll forgive her for any shit she does. Since she claimed she was raped. It's not something you'll overlooked or forget. Don't use the word "I forget her" for serious issues.

By using the word "I forget it, It means if she cheat she'll use the rape story again and again"

9" there's a loophole in your story.

10: You need to be a Sabi boy.

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Crime / Re: My Girlfriend Was Raped In Lagos By A Fat Elderly Man With A Pot Belly by Frankicent(m): 11:00am On Nov 02

I am afraid I don't believe that story one bit.

Ask her technical questions

1: Check her phone
2: Play mind games on her. Jokely, tell her the police has found the man. And soon you'll be allowed to go see him. Watch her facial expressions and reaction
3: Ask her about the cloth she wore. Rape is mostly violent and forcefully entry always take in.

4: Tell her you have a doctor friend and his ready to examine her for damage and STD.

If she was indeed rape. You'll know.

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Crime / Re: My Girlfriend Was Raped In Lagos By A Fat Elderly Man With A Pot Belly by Frankicent(m): 10:53am On Nov 02
I met my ex girl, and she told me she was a virgin. I completely believed her. Tried to break her, but she begged me not to.

Meanwhile, she was busy going to a Corper house and performing the roles of a wife.

How did you know? Abi she later had sex with the corper or she confess
Crime / Re: My Girlfriend Was Raped In Lagos By A Fat Elderly Man With A Pot Belly by Frankicent(m): 10:51am On Nov 02
She could have come up with this rape story! This is a simple story that works-

After you guys quarreled, she went wild and hung out with some of her friends who introduced her to a man, she slept with the man and started feeling guilty. She had to give you a story that works!

You bought the story hook, line and sinker.

I too don't believe this crap story. For a lady who has wild friends. He should go through her phone

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Properties / Re: Ikoyi Building Collapse: LASEMA Rescue Another Person by Frankicent(m): 8:30am On Nov 02
Shey this people get rescue dogs?. It will make there job easy.
Career / Re: Should I Chase The Money Or Focus On School by Frankicent(m): 5:34pm On Oct 25

It's just hard for me

I'm sure it's academic issue. Just change your department.
Career / Re: Should I Chase The Money Or Focus On School by Frankicent(m): 5:33pm On Oct 25
Dear Nairalanders,

My name is Kayode Sherif, I'm a 300L student of a state university in the country studying a 5 year course.

Last year, (during the lockdown).... I was hell broke(so broke I couldn't even feed)

I had heard of this online business, but I didn't have any guidance on how to go about it, AND I didn't even have money to buy the course available for it.

I decided I was going to find a way to buy the course, so I took a job as a fuel station attendant (I worked there for 6 months) I saved up some money.

I bought the course and started studying and implementing all I had learnt, day and night...

It was as if nothing was working "I was desperate! I wasn't making money."

But I kept on...

Finally this year, I got the breakthrough. I got my first payment.

Fast forward to today, I have been making at least 250k in a month but I can't keep up with my school.

I'm thinking of terminating my school but I don't want to make a decision that will affect me for the rest of my life so I'm seeking for your honest opinion.

Should I quit school and focus more on my online business?

Combine school and making money together e get why. Anyway, can you put me through this course of your's?
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: 70k Operation Executive Job In Edu-training Or 140k Store Manager Hotel Job. by Frankicent(m): 3:13pm On Oct 10

grin grin grin U are a prophet

No I'm not. It's normal for woman
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: 70k Operation Executive Job In Edu-training Or 140k Store Manager Hotel Job. by Frankicent(m): 10:17am On Oct 10

How much is your rate for dollar on payoneer?

Chat me on Whatsapp . My number is on the banner
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: 70k Operation Executive Job In Edu-training Or 140k Store Manager Hotel Job. by Frankicent(m): 10:17am On Oct 10

You right partially baba grin.... we dey work on one project and will be getting fresh students and na me dey incharge tongue

Lol that's good. But I smell oneitis.

You better free her and go get your job. You think if she has same opportunity. She wouldn't go? She will without looking back.

Go for the new job and control her.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: 70k Operation Executive Job In Edu-training Or 140k Store Manager Hotel Job. by Frankicent(m): 10:03pm On Oct 09
So because you're already bonding. You've decided not to take this big opportunity.

Baba, just tell us. You've seen a beautiful lady and you're already bonding with her. wink Which one be "My Mind is with the Edu-training but my body is with the hotel" abi you be James Bond?

For this kind economy. Nobody refuse a job offer with good opportunities.

Anyway, I buy payoneer $$ and USDT. Send a DM

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Romance / Re: Video: Nigerian Lady Laughs Sarcastically After Sleeping With Ex's Father by Frankicent(m): 1:43pm On Oct 07
This one think she just murdered the guy.
Business / Re: Naira's Free Fall Continues, Now Exchanging At ₦550 To $1 by Frankicent(m): 8:09am On Sep 15
These days I sell 2kusdt for just 1 million

Being a naira millionaire is over rated

DM if you have for sell. I'll buy.
Health / Re: My Narrow Escape from Incurable Sti by Frankicent(m): 1:58am On Sep 15
You no dey use CD?
Health / Re: My Narrow Escape from Incurable Sti by Frankicent(m): 1:56am On Sep 15
Skin to Skin sweet but na infection spoil am.

During my first year in the university, my serious girlfriend then was a coded olosho, while me was the lover boy, i was entering her
without condom, cause i trust her words, that she's fvcking only me, i was even giving her head, na so i get infection o, i couldn't tell anyone about it o, i was going true my pains alone, drinking all soughts of native herbs, English drugs, i was laughing with people but crying inside of me, na God deliver me that year. I broke up with the bitch later....

Na church girl?
Romance / Re: Why Guys Hardly Forgive Cheating? by Frankicent(m): 7:14pm On Sep 13
There is no pain like it especially if you still use the old software that tells you if your woman cheats you are not man enough.

For me if you cheat it can't disturb my sleep, your fussy you broblem!

The amount of STD out there now a days will shock you... I have once upon a time had to treat stds I never even knew existed because a woman brought it to me. It was a dark period of my life, even with a condom you can still contract it..

Which kind STD be that
Romance / Re: . by Frankicent(m): 11:55pm On Sep 09
Gimme her number
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: What Is The Highest Salary You Have Ever Received by Frankicent(m): 7:32am On Sep 07
300k+ from working remotely online
Religion / Re: Fashion Styles Of Deborah Enenche, Pastor Paul Enenche's Daughter (Photos) by Frankicent(m): 5:21pm On Aug 30
She dress like a south African
Phones / Re: Kindly Advice On Which Phone To Buy, Target Price Is 70,000 Naira by Frankicent(m): 11:42am On Aug 07
Computer village? where guys can package fufu for u and call it a phone?

At your age. You still dey talk rubbish.
It's obvious you don't go out. Na why you dey talk sh!t

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