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Family / Re: Nairalander Pay For My Wife's C/S Bill Yesterday. by GoldCircle: 9:36am On Jan 27
This is what should be making front page and not all the other meaningless nonsense about fake celebrities and snakes.

Congratulations and God bless Mr./Mrs. Anonymous Dada.

May your light never go dim!

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Family / Re: How Do I Forgive Him? by GoldCircle: 11:11am On Oct 20, 2022
The institution of marriage requires a lot of patience and perseverance. From your write up, it is obvious you haven't fully healed. Healing (from broken trust) is usually an organic process and not one to be rushed. I will advise that you take time to heal while bearing in mind that to err is human. Learn to forgive especially if he is remorseful. Make a conscious effort to pray to God to give you the spirit of forgiveness. It helps.

Your kids indeed need their father around them. he hasn't offended them. BTW, every person has his/her own palava. What is the guarantee that the next man that you will meet wouldn't be worse than your husband.

Calm down and return to your husband. I believe he should have learnt his lessons.


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Politics / Re: Atiku Abubakar ARISE News Interview At 8:30am 22nd July by GoldCircle: 10:23am On Jul 22, 2022
Performance please

Rate is based on what? Quality of interview (questions) or the performance of Atiku (answers)?
Politics / Re: Atiku Abubakar ARISE News Interview At 8:30am 22nd July by GoldCircle: 9:41am On Jul 22, 2022
Please rate his performance on this interview on a scale of 0-10 (10 being the highest) if you watched it.

Click like for above 7/10
click share for below 5/10

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Politics / Re: Tinubu Congratulates Atiku, Welcomes Former VP To Presidential Contest by GoldCircle: 12:10am On May 29, 2022
Nonsense statement! See the lightning speed with which he issued his congratulatory message. I know his tactics, he’s trying play a smart one in case he doesn’t get the ticket in his party so he can use the same strategy he used with GEJ in 2011.

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Sports / Re: Rooney: Alex Ferguson Ordered Me Out Of His Office Over Ronaldo by GoldCircle: 8:56am On Feb 11, 2022
Manager with balls!

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Romance / Re: Could This Be Ordinary??? Please Help With Your Advice by GoldCircle: 11:58am On Nov 25, 2021
The guy knows what he is doing…if you’ve known him for 4 years as someone that is level headed, calm and straightforward, how can he just change overnight?

I dare say he had all of this ‘guy man’ traits all along, just maybe you didn’t notice. A babe can’t have such a strong hold on you within a very short time without you letting her. By letting her, I mean giving her the signs to say ‘ I’m yours for the taking’.

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Politics / Re: Drama As Ekiti Former Governor Climbs Bike In Lagos (photos) by GoldCircle: 10:45pm On Oct 19, 2021
See our police don turn baggage handler.
Travel / Re: Nigerians Who Returned From Abroad: Any Regret? by GoldCircle: 9:40pm On Aug 16, 2021
Eyaa..different strokes for different folks. While some will do everything within their powers to leave this country on a one-way ticket, others are pondering on returning back home.

Indeed, Home is where the heart is.

Which ever bucket you fall in, I wish you good luck. Please do not follow the crowd. Know what works best for you.


Politics / Re: Billionaire, Captain Hosa Okunbo Is Dead by GoldCircle: 11:22am On Aug 08, 2021
May his soul rest in perfect peace.

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NYSC / Re: Bodies Of 5 Corpers Who Died In Accident Flown To Akwa Ibom For Burial (Photos) by GoldCircle: 10:13pm On Aug 04, 2021
But why do we always do this as a people? It’s after poor souls have been wasted through sudden death as a result of bad road and poor infrastructure that we now FLY their dead bodies for state burial.

RIP to the dead. May God forgive their transgressions and accept their souls.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Who Killed Iniobong Ini Umoren? By David Hundeyin by GoldCircle: 4:29pm On May 11, 2021
Well done nairaland. It’s good this is put on the front page. Make whatever deductions you wish to make for yourself. I like what this chap Dave is doing within the space of journalism.

Well done Dave. Keep Disrupting the space.

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Properties / Re: The Making of Budget Duplexes with Cost And Pictures by GoldCircle: 11:47pm On May 01, 2021
Oga Deking,

Please why didn’t you opt for piling since the place appears to be waterlogged?

Kindly educate me. Thanks
Politics / Re: Where Are The Interlectuals Of Old Nairaland by GoldCircle: 7:42am On Mar 21, 2021
Many have withdrawn their comments and opinions and decided to keep quiet because of the numerous vituperations of the little ones.

There is wisdom in silence.

Many of us still follow occasionally.

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Family / Re: Things Every Guy Should Know Before 30 by GoldCircle: 2:05pm On Feb 22, 2021
30 years is even too far!

Every teenager between 15-19 should imbibe these principled if he/she wants to go far in life.
Family / Re: Relocating To Canada by GoldCircle: 4:11am On Dec 13, 2020
Please post this question in the travel section. Thank you

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Family / Re: Help My Niece Is Acting Insanely by GoldCircle: 8:23am On Dec 06, 2020
Family / Re: The Peak Time To Have Sex For A Baby Boy by GoldCircle: 4:07pm On Dec 01, 2020
Nothing we no go see for NL

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Politics / Re: Pls What Business Can I Start With 3 Million , Less Competitive Pls by GoldCircle: 11:50am On Nov 22, 2020
I have a good business plan to sell.
if you are serious and interested called me let talk
Say it here so everyone can benefit from it. Which one is ‘called me let’s talk’?

Na so kidnapping take dey start.
Family / Re: Does Dominos Pizza App Work In Nigeria? by GoldCircle: 8:31pm On Nov 20, 2020

Family / Re: Does Dominos Pizza App Work In Nigeria? by GoldCircle: 4:30pm On Nov 20, 2020
Yes please.
Family / Re: My Sad Experience With A Shady Logistics Company. by GoldCircle: 10:42pm On Nov 17, 2020
So sorry for the loss! You did the best you could, these guys are callous! Get a lawyer friend to write them formally giving then one-week notice to replace the tv or face the music.
Family / Re: Why Women Shouldn't Bother To Lose Weight by GoldCircle: 10:04pm On Nov 12, 2020
Sugary advice. Its sweet, but does no one good in the long run.

No matter how you slice it, being overweight bordering obesity is not healthy. Take men out of the equation but do it for yourself. It is true that the older one becomes, the more predisposed to adding weight due to decreased metabolism and heightened sedentary lifestyle, but still, it is about adjustment. Just as one do not do teenagers things anymore, one should not be eating like they used to when they were teenagers.

Every adult from their 20's should have a healthy relationship with food, and as a bonus, a ketogenic diet will keep most adults in perfect shape. Women such as genevieve nnaji and Omotola Ekeinde all have stressful jobs, raise kids, fly all over and still manage to keep a good weight even in their 40's. They ain't superwoman, they basically took responsibility of their life, understand how the body process food and form a good relationship with nutrition. Its hard, but try.

Very well said. It’s difficult like you’ve stated, but discipline, persistence and hard work will get you there. It’s not body shaming per se. The truth is African women have a higher propensity to gather fat in the right areas ( if you know what I mean).

Exercises get you in shape - 1,
Exercises also get you fit and sharp -2.


Politics / Re: US Special Forces Rescue American Citizen Held Hostage In Nigeria by GoldCircle: 4:09pm On Oct 31, 2020
Comments please...
Politics / US Special Forces Rescue American Citizen Held Hostage In Nigeria by GoldCircle: 4:08pm On Oct 31, 2020
U.S. forces conducted a hostage rescue operation during the early hours of 31 October in Northern Nigeria to recover an American citizen held hostage by a group of armed men. This American citizen is safe and is now in the care of the U.S. Department of State. No U.S military personnel were injured during the operation,” said Jonathan Hoffman, assistant to the secretary of Defense for public affairs.

“We appreciate the support of our international partners in conducting this operation. The United States will continue to protect our people and our interests anywhere in the world.”

Officials did not name the rescued U.S. citizen but multiple outlets identified the person as Philip Walton.

ABC News reported that the elite SEAL Team Six conducted the operation and killed all but one of the seven captors.

The White House did not immediately respond to a request for further details.

The State Department first confirmed on Tuesday that a U.S. citizen was kidnapped in Niger in an area near the Nigeria border where Al Qaeda-linked militants and the Islamic State's Boko Haram are known to operate.

Local media outlets said the kidnapped man was a missionary. Officials told ABC that the captors were likely from an armed group that they do not consider terror-related, though terrorist groups often buy hostages.

The Africa Center for Strategic Studies said in July that the Sahel region of Africa has seen a nearly sevenfold spike in terrorist attacks over the past three years.

The rescue gives Trump a positive news story to tout just three days before the Nov. 3 presidential election, with polls showing him trailing Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

Politics / Re: Edo 2020 Debate: Ize-Iyamu Rattles Obaseki On Performance by GoldCircle: 5:47am On Sep 14, 2020
Ize-Iyamu rattled Obaseki abi Ize-Iyamu started talking off point and attacking the person of Obaseki?
Nairaland owner and moderators with their leaning for APC.
So thiefnuubu and Buhari have also managed to influence nairaland owners?
Original lies from a known APC propaganda mouthpiece called thenationonlineng and straight to frontage?

This seriously calls to question the kind of characters running Nairaland. The best you could have done is to attribute the headline to The Nation Newspaper. E.g. Ize-iyamu rattles Obaseki on performance- The Nation newspaper.

Abi una don collect bribe?


Travel / Re: Is It Really Difficult To Find A Life Partner In US Or Canada? by GoldCircle: 11:55pm On Sep 08, 2020
The weird thing about this thread is that 99% of the guys here are in their face-me-I-face-you sheds in Ojuelegba typing rubbish and thirsting for things they will never have(white girls). The 'socalled' few abroad are either in Vietnam or India or somewhere remote also bashing Nigerian girls. Shame many of our men have condescended to this level. Honestly, from Nairaland posts, I can tell many Nigerian men suffer from extreme inferiority complex. You will think that their mothers and sisters are whites! No matter what you do, black men will continue to be at the lowest rung of the ladder....You are still a 'black monkey' to the average white man, unfortunately! Feel so ashamed reading some of these comments. I wonder how most black men married to whites truly feel. Imagine lying down next to your prized 'oyibo prized' wife and all she thinks in her heart is see this 'black monkey'. What a sad and condescending way to live your life. You will never be enough unfortunately. I have heard this conversations from white women themselves, who are married to black men. Imagine being ashamed to introduce you to family and the public. Unfortunately, white people generally are known to be polite no matter the situation and can hide what they truly think.....Black men that are supposed to be at the forefront of preserving heritage are willing to trade it for a morsel of bread today, just to impress your fellow blacks and villages people. Very sad.....lots of lost heritage! Shame

Don't be pissed off... I just said the truth and nothing but it! And before you come for me, I am very established where I am, not interested at all in lowlifes, especially those Nigerians living in their rat holes 'abroad'!�
So glad ladies on nairaland ignore you people most times. Very few ladies here and lots of inferior men on nairaland

Pointless post. You can do better girl. Put your thoughts together coherently and post something more intelligent.

Warm regards

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Family / Re: Where Do You Place Your Washing Machine In Your Home? by GoldCircle: 10:01am On Sep 01, 2020
It’s better to place it in your balcony if you have one. Especially a balcony that protects it from the elements of the weather.


Family / Re: Autistic Child: Please Help by GoldCircle: 11:30pm On Aug 13, 2020
I have an 8 year old son who was diagnosed as autistic and mentally handicapped at age 3.
He didn't talk till age 5 plus.
However now he is on a regular schol and his IQ is above average.
It was a long battle.
Please start by using the teaching aids that interest him.
People criticised me for letting him so long on the computer but that was the way i wsd able to reach him initially.
I have made a video where I spoke about my journey.


Well done madam. I actually took time out to listen to the whole clip. You are a strong woman! Your kind is rare.

I wish your son the very best.


Properties / Re: Wooden Flooring For Sale by GoldCircle: 3:12pm On Jul 08, 2020
how much per square meter sir ? the price will help to attract clients. Thank u

Please tell them.
Family / Re: Should I Walk Away? by GoldCircle: 7:45pm On Jun 22, 2020
Are you marrying the family or you are marrying the girl? If you were in Africa, it would have been a different story. Please don’t walk away, dive in.

..unless you aren’t telling us the whole story or you don’t love the girl.


Family / Re: I Just Bought This Refrigerator....please I Need Your Candid Advise by GoldCircle: 10:14pm On Jun 05, 2020
Return asap.
Why should he return it?

@op, it’s okay I guess. Modern fridges do not have external condensers. That’s the reason why the body is hot when it’s trying to attain maximum cooling.

Please enjoy your new product jare.


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