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NYSC / Re: “i’m Not In POS Business” – Man Who Became A Viral NYSC Meme Speaks by hardon1(m): 10:56am
Our mental attitude has kept most of us poor, imagine the kind of perception Nigerians have about POS business. I am a proud POS Operator and I make over 200k a month after paying my staff salary. My least staff is paid 10k while the highest receives up to 30k a month depending on the income made for that month. I can never do a job less than 300k because my POS business gives me time to still hustle for other things.

I think it's peoples level of exposure and their mindset. most people think it's just to wear tie and go to one office every morning.

The question is : "how much are you making"


Romance / Re: What Killed Your Feelings For Someone You Were Once Madly Inlove With by hardon1(m): 9:48am

I'm serious. I have my phone on the 24 hour clock mode, and she likes watching movies on my phone. If i asked what the time is, she wouldn't know, and she wasn't ready to learn.

Na wa o. Cos I even people that never went to primary sch sef do understand 24hr clock
Politics / Re: 2023: Femi Otedola Backs Bola Tinubu's Presidential Aspiration by hardon1(m): 9:19am
It's obvious most people dont read before they comment.

I don't see any support there, it's just normal good will one would wish anyone
Romance / Re: What Killed Your Feelings For Someone You Were Once Madly Inlove With by hardon1(m): 9:00am
She doesn't understand the 24 hour clock. I tried to teach her, but ego wouldn't allow her to learn.

Ur joking right grin

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Romance / Re: What Killed Your Feelings For Someone You Were Once Madly Inlove With by hardon1(m): 8:59am
She called bed sheet “baysheet”

grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin
Romance / Re: What Killed Your Feelings For Someone You Were Once Madly Inlove With by hardon1(m): 8:56am
There was no light and i didn't have fuel in my generator but this girl no gree me use her laptop charge my phone and we were not quarrelling or anything.

I thought she was joking then i plugged my phone and went out before i come back she don unplug am.

For my own house o, i give am better space.

This one shock me undecided
Crime / Re: Mob Sets Two Suspected Ritualists Ablaze In Enugu For Raping Girl To Death by hardon1(m): 10:24pm On Jul 04
Let's just hope they are really guilty o. And not innocent people killed
Health / Re: Natural Solution To Hair Loss, Stunted Growth, Dandruff, Itchy Scalp Etc (pics) by hardon1(m): 8:42pm On Jul 04

No scam zone here, at least am not selling any product to anyone. I have used it personally and know countless people that it worked for.

Try natural things before thinking of surgery, foods like boiled eggs help with hair growth as well.

Consistency is the key, no quick fix.

Na im u never go sell and to tuface and banky w.

See, a man with baldness in his gene, no formula on earth can rejuvenate it as he ages. Na only surgery
Health / Re: Natural Solution To Hair Loss, Stunted Growth, Dandruff, Itchy Scalp Etc (pics) by hardon1(m): 5:56pm On Jul 04
Does is restore receeding hairline in men. Does it cure baldness too.

I think it's surgery that is the only solution to this one. Most formulas you see na scam


Family / Re: A Law Banning Poor Men From Polygamy. by hardon1(m): 5:55pm On Jul 04
I watched Newsline on NTA yesterday. This man has four wives and 19 children. The family is poor and the kids beg on the streets.

1. There should be a law banning poor men from marrying more than 1 wife.

2. Another law that makes it a criminal offence for a poor man to have more than 2 kids.

Such a law will be demonic. Governments cam only introduce packages and schemes that will encourage people to have small families, you can not enforce it

Am more importantly children are gift(some persons will not agree with me on this though). There is a mystery behind sleeping with a woman and the woman conceiving. It's not because you are so fertile or healthy.

You will know children are gift when you have money and you and your spouse are healthy and doctor says both parties are ok yet pikin no dey enter, then you will understand that conception is beyond you pounding a woman hard

What china did many years ago was to give huge incentives to couple with Small families, you loose the incentive when you exceed certain a number of children. If our government can create a sustainable one, intending couples would key in
Romance / Re: Good Men Marry Bad Girls, Bad Girls Marry Good Men by hardon1(m): 2:10pm On Jul 04
nobody know you more than yourself.

I know, but it's other people that can really tell whether some one is good or bad, and not the person himself or herself

Even bad people justify thier actions as ok within themselves. Same ways a mad man never agrees or sees himself as mad.

Morover, nobody knows her husband's side of the story

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Romance / Re: Good Men Marry Bad Girls, Bad Girls Marry Good Men by hardon1(m): 12:59pm On Jul 04
Why does this always happen please?
Packing out soonest.
11years, 3kids.
Kudos to the successful ones out there.
This is my fate.
Am happy and unhappy

Why in your opinion do you think you are the good women here.


Family / Re: Side Chick Abandons Baby For Couple On Wedding Day In Akwa Ibom (Pix) by hardon1(m): 4:04am On Jul 03
Please i need help. Am deeply sorry bringing my personal issues here but am starving and depress. Pls for the sake of humanity i appeal to your conscience, help me so i can feed pls my brothers and sisters, someone pls send me help, so i can buy some food and eat. pls. My dad is sick and the factory work that am doing is not helping to settle rent and pay bills and feed me and my 3 brothers and sisters. I am tired and depress please help me in any little way please
Iyom Ubi

You opened a new account just to continue this your begging. Grow up please
Education / Re: Which Course Is Best To Study Among These by hardon1(m): 1:47pm On Jul 02
for every 1 hungry Pharmacist, doctor, nurse, radiographer, dentist, or opticians you will find 1 million hungry people in other fields. [b]No matter how hungry we are we can never open a POS stand or sell perfumes to make ends [/b]meet.

See Mr Man. By percentage, the joblessness is the same. Graduate for medicine from the whole universities nationwide may be 5000, when course like biz admin nationwide my be 30000
If 70% of them in both get employed . Biz admin would eventually have more leftover's . Both will be 1500 and 9000 unemployed respectively

So you are likely to see more of the remaining bis admin roaming the street. If medical courses should take in as much students as social science and arts then you will see it's actually the same

As for the bolded part, I will say it's your mind set. Running a bis is different from involving in a job, many people go into biz not because they didn't see job , but the pay the job offers can fit with present economic situation.

My elder sisters friend is a judge yet she runs a clothing boutique. I know a lab technologist in warri who has up to 15 pos stands,We attend same church. Does it mean they are unemployed?. I go into business doesn't mean I didn't see job in my field, perhaps the job is can't foot all my bills hence I have to augment with something

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Education / Re: Which Course Is Best To Study Among These by hardon1(m): 12:36pm On Jul 02
I studied Pharmacy n by God's grace I'm doing better than most of my colleagues in other fields. I'm not there yet it's a matter of time.

That's not enough reason to rubbish options listed by someone, everybody must not study pharmacy. Moreover we still have some hungry pharmacists too.

Only few people actually live by what they studied, and what you study does not limit what you will become. most bank employees never studied anything bank related.

GEJ is a graduate of zoology, I think atiku studied intl relation, peter obi sef studied philosophy and see what this men have become. So life is beyond paper certificate

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Education / Re: Which Course Is Best To Study Among These by hardon1(m): 12:16pm On Jul 02
you are a fool if you think art students can't digress to health related courses such a public health or even tech. Oga you are shallow minded, don't ever quote me again.

Try and have sense Oga and streamline your response to people questions. You that studied health or tech... How much have u made. EKPA!
Education / Re: Which Course Is Best To Study Among These by hardon1(m): 12:06pm On Jul 02
who is frustrated? Do you understand my comment or you want to reply because you have rubbish to say? I just gave my humble advice, it's up to him/her to take it or leave it.

You don't have sense, health and tech are science based and perhaps the poster did art. In your mind now the poster should go back to sec sch and do science even when the aptitude for science not there. He/she outlined those courses and wants the decision based on them simple

You talk as if there are no hungry tech and medic practitioners in Nigeria. The joblessness ness in this country cuts across all sectors. And moreover that fact that you studied a course doesn't mean you will eventually live off it
Romance / Re: My Girlfriend Aborted My Pregnancy! Can I Get Her Arrested? by hardon1(m): 11:58am On Jul 02
I have been seriously contemplating, she Aborted my pregnancy after we both went to hospital confirmed it and we both agreed to keep the baby.

Moreover I really need the child, she connived with her sister and they Aborted it. I'm thinking to go the Police station to make a report and arresther!!

Pls should I?
Many more things surrounded that Pregnancy. I really need a child.

Haven discovered she is pregnant, I believe if you had seen her parents and set a date for the marriage, she wouldn't have done so. Not every lady wanna be baby mama

If you want a child as a man, do the proper thing, even if money no dey. Start with paying bride Price first . The the lady will know you are serious
Education / Re: Which Course Is Best To Study Among These by hardon1(m): 11:50am On Jul 02
All of them are useless courses. In Nigeria if you don't have connection please go for health courses or tech. When I say health courses I don't mean anatomy, physiology.

Don't use your frustration to respond to questions, the person that posted it knows about health and tech,

those courses have same o-level requirements and that should tell you thats where the person has aptitude.
Politics / Re: Labour Party Benue State Rally In Pictures by hardon1(m): 11:21am On Jul 02
The fact that some of these campaigns are done voluntarily without obis financial involvement is something else. That's to show you the level of love and support

Let's see how it plays out though
Family / Re: How Do You Handle This Type Of Situation? by hardon1(m): 3:17am On Jul 02
I have been battling same thing with my childhood friend's girlfriend of 9yrs.

My friend is one of the Best Human being I have met. We have been through alot together yet haven't quarrelled OR fought since our childhood.

He started dating this girl I think since 2012 OR so and I got to be friends with her too.

Being that I am doing better than him, as my blossom friend without asking him I gave him a start up capital to start up a business and quit his poor job (he paid back though), I also gave him money to rent an accommodation and leave his parents house because I didn't like the fact that he was still squatting.

His girlfriend happens to be my friend too (got close to her through my friend) and to her I have also been supportive especially with her accommodation which I gave to my friend to give to her, somehow she got to know that I was the one that raised the money.

My problem is that she will come visit me to discuss issues bothering her, I always feel uncomfortable whenever she comes then I make sure we stay outside and not inside. Many atimes she seeks my opinion without even seeking her man's own then when I ask her if she has spoken with my friend she says he is busy.

I only go-to her side along with my friend and most times she will say, you no dey come find person unless your friend follow you.

Recently she was angry with me because she invited me to come eat what she prepared but I didn't go.

All these makes me uncomfortable, my friend is a great guy and I will be sad if he starts thinking otherwise.

I have my fiancee I love to the core and I pray she herself doesn't misunderstand what I am avoiding

Create a situation where your fiancee would be around when ever she is visiting. Introduce her to your fiancee and and vice versa and make sure during the few hours she would stay, you shower enough love and attention to your fiancee

When ever she invites you for dinner or launch, tell her your fiancee brought or cooked some, the she need not to border.

Do this repeatedly a couple of times or more and she will naturally withdraw
Family / Re: How Do You Handle This Type Of Situation? by hardon1(m): 3:05am On Jul 02
Poster, I know you are lying , but continue undecided undecided undecided undecided
Politics / Re: President Buhari Meets With Portuguese President Marcelo (Photos) by hardon1(m): 8:53pm On Jun 30
Buhari looks good here though
Crime / Re: N525m Fraud: Court Sentences Scales Olatunji To 235 Years In Prison by hardon1(m): 7:48pm On Jun 29
Which kind mumu judgment be that. Don't they have statutory penalties for financial crime convicts. These are the kind of sentences given convicts of serious felony, first degree murders etc
Career / Re: What Childhood Dream Did You Have? by hardon1(m): 4:46pm On Jun 29
Wanted to be a priest.
Went to the seminary..............................
I no know wetin come happen

Come and complete the story grin grin grin grin grin
Food / Re: How Much Do You Spend On Feeding Per Week? by hardon1(m): 1:13pm On Jun 28
Being the bread winner of the house isn't an easy task in present day Nigeria. Just noticed I spend an average of 40k per week to feed the family of six. Just wondering if things can get any better soon, or even get worse. How are you coping?

Na wa o, Dem never talk of utility bills, schools fees, rents, transport fare or car maintenance, family demands etc


Romance / Re: Went To My Ex Wedding And This Is What I Did by hardon1(m): 1:18pm On Jun 27
Good evening guys went to my ex wedding yesterday and I saw how happy her husband was I dance to congratulate them and as soon I shook hands with my ex
I remember those nights she will beg me to sex her, I remember the styles I use her to learn, I remember how she gave me bj , I remember how I use to smack her ass when she use to give me doggy , I remember the countless time I have Bleep her then I burst into laughter the husband was impress and taught my laughter was joy grin and he thank me after I shook his hands why my ex shook her head towards the ground grin

I want to tender my apology for falling the wife brea....st drastically and the pu ...ss y I have handle with aggression I tender my apology to the unborn children for the brea...st I have su ck beyond repair am sorry they should forgive me sad

Na so life be
Perhaps the person you married or they person you will eventually may have her pussy panelbeated by someone else
Sports / Re: Sadio Mane Is Transforming His Village Into A Beautiful Town by hardon1(m): 1:04pm On Jun 27
I perceive he is eying the presidential sit in future
Politics / Re: Ekweremadu Saga: Nwamini David Is 22 Years-old – Immigration Boss by hardon1(m): 12:56am On Jun 27
I was so happy staying in that house. After a week their told me my visa and passport are ready their told we are going to leave tomorrow, I was taken to airport from there we land in UK I was taken to a hospital in UK.

“When we landed in hospital in UK I was told I must went for a medical test to check my health status, if I’m fit for the job I accepted without any question. I thank God for doctor harry who told me everything and I told him why I’m here and he later called police for my rescued.”

According to this story, the boy got his visa in just one week. Is that really possible?

So you believe that Facebook message thing, something that the person who posted it couldn't put the link undecided undecided
Music/Radio / Re: Osinachi Nwachkwu Song Played To Evangelise In UK While Being Buried. Video. by hardon1(m): 7:33pm On Jun 25


So this morning, I woke up little tired and wanted to just be at home all day. But wiffey reminded me about my usual visit to Bilston Market centre in the UK here where I always buy fresh fruits from lovely farmers on Saturdays. I didn't want to go out but my sprit just encouraged me. Walking pass the open centre I started hearing the powerful song Ekwueme from a distance being used to evangelise to people by these two white people.

The lady told me she doesn't understand the song but she knows it is spirit filled song to minister to people. I had tears in my eyes telling them about the wonderful singer and had joy that even in death, her song is still working wonders.

We prayed together and encouraged each other briefly.

It's not out of place. if you understand Igbo, the song would send shivers down you whenever your hear it. Her choice of words and the way she uses it is out of this world

There was a day I was discussing with my elder sister that if it were to be one of these small gods that this woman praised like this; the god will be forced to appear

It's a powerful song any day anytime

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Romance / Re: Lady Shares Photo Of The Bundles Of Naira Notes A Nigerian Man Wrote His Number by hardon1(m): 5:32pm On Jun 24
Some men mumu... Though it many be a chicken change to the man, but OMO it's nit the right way to use money.

That amount na some children school fees
Romance / Re: Lady Shares Message From A Man Whose Marriage Proposal She Rejected 7 Years Ago by hardon1(m): 12:19pm On Jun 23
The man is not happy with the wife he married, he is still pained and not gotten over it. For him mind he thinks the doctor is unhappy because she isn't married yet.

It's a good thing the doctor didnt reply. It will pain him the more. Mumu man grin grin grin

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